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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, September 07, 1911, Image 8

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Mot era, !:.ini-. lo- Iiiml-lilns .K "ml.-ry. Tl Iron Vipr,
lirsi)il lllliu- llun, l.iii, Heating, Tin ami 1 'T Work.
31 W. H MIUI. Wet. PlloK J1S.
Your Babies need the Cleanest Milk obtainable
MATTHEW has it
1900 N. 4th St
Wholesalers of Everything
White Pickling
This is the same vinegar
that Heinz uses in all his
bulk pickles and is one of
the secrets of Heinz's suc
cess with pickles.
60c a gallon
Ward's Store
noMKlt II. VAKI. Mp.
tt& Marble Ave, Plume 200
( orm-r 4 1 It St. A ;M A. Phone 13
Lwijiliing ii' Hint fresh, ix i t
the clerks. When tlreel of llf.i, rail
en ii.
H'llHI, ti ll VIION (.IVI A TO
rui ( uii'i ioNs.
i .. ... 1 1 ... i .
0. K. Transfer Company,
A feneial transfer bushiest
rnil'lm li d.
Phone 413.
PAI'l Y m; i::h. itoih.
ucinl e.iitracoi.
Figure unit workmanship rounl. We
urnte trior for your money than
nr other rntrr(lnic firm In Albu
quri" Office at the Superior Plan
In Mill Phone 77.
You want to be happy ?
Of course you do.
Everybody docs.
The": deck yourself out in one
of our new
Stein Bloch
for fall, and you will be proud
to I ve in the New State.
1 his season's fabrics are of un
usual design, and the styles
f ave more character.
A look will convince you. The
prices are right.
Stein Bloch Serges
$25 to $30
Ltc;n Bloch Cassimcrcs and
$22.50 to
Slcin Bloch Worsteds
$25 to $40
'.. Wa5!)lumtti.
i:j s siniiid st. i iu w. t.obi
aaii iii.ii MiiiiiiaiiijiiuuMilJ-eaaaai aim
Phone 420
Strong Brothers
Imlrrtakcr bihI Enibalmcra.
Prompt Service iHiy or Night.
Telephone "5. Ilesldence 608.
Strong lllk., Copiier and hwnil.
In the ar.ot that ton .houlel Bat
ruur morning pa par (-
Co. (lain mr Bam. mad u.lrw
and tha papar vlll l 4.11 .and. Of
apart.! maaaaeag ar. 7 b. t.c
pbiiaa U No. It.
I B.K-.r M
Tha iu raaaM will t paid
f-ef tha .r,-ai aod convlctl". of
an,e,ba rauffhl ataallnf r'ptaa f
l ha Morning J our a. I (rod tha
.f .ub.TllHiia
Weather He pen L
Knr the twenty-four hours ending
at G o'clock yesterday afternoon:
Mnxlimim temperature', k7; minl
muin, 17; lange, 40; t mpcriiture at
o'clock p. in , 72; west u Indi; clear.
Washington, Si pt. 6. New Mi xi'-j
inl Arizona fair Thuiaduy ami Fri
lay. West Tuin- Fair Thutsdny, mitl
probably Friday; cooler north portion
Mr Hunter. Illuminating nnjlnor
ami i Un expert of New Voik, It
p f t'f i n tr a few Hays in A ltmtn r'juo
with Ho AllMiiirr'ii4 (ius, KUmIhi
l.ii hl an, I'nwir lomp.iiiy. Mr. liim-
0 r Ii.ih J . i 1 in .t b ! ii t lri ult of all
tin' lnri:i r iltnn ot ihc runt niakliiK a
ili lalli'il ami ti'i hnltal ttudy of ino,
n ii ami up to-diilf iniKiiK'Hi Ki'ttinK
a.thti'iiiH ami a'lvi'i tliatnu iiiitliiiili. He
tin- in-ri t il to Hpi nil n lew (lay In
A llniiiiiriiii' at Hie ri'im-Ht of th
1 li'Mth linht l oinpaiiy In orilrr tu fat
IM an xpr i-nit'd di'MIM of tlir' loal
Iiiimih-sk mi ll wlio arc ( iiiilcinplatlnK
till' IiikH tlii I Ion ot aotiH' Mtrlctly up
to dntv ami iMi iiniic IhiiniiliHtlliK
ti'atiiirH Mix liimtir ai;i'"inpann"
In r lnihliaml on this trip and lilifi u on
for lii iHelf millc a ri Mitatloti hp a clp
hikiiit of ! t r Ii hUiim In paKtrrn
Mr llcin y Klnli h ii llllli' daunli
lii. of 7'i;i South Kdilh nil ret, Iiiim
ntiiniicl from a I hri r-if ontlm' viml
In mnilliiTti ('allfi)rnlii.
!; iollni of l.iiK 'ikiin aprnt yca
Iridiiy In tin- i lly
li. M M.i'ii'Hrx of MaKilalcna
i-pi'iit Msti-rday In the city.
S. .1. Power a In tin city jccttT-
dy Irom Ida hotnc In Wliialow, Ari..
I.. It Italiioik, a in t ii I ti k man id
ki lh. . M . anioiiK tlif arrlvula
i f-1 r t 1 1 .
Cliarli'K Nrii"tndt .Hid wife of San
llalaid hit spi'inlinit irvirnl ila In
A Millilti't ijllc.
I'' I.. Si llliridrr of til" KoM'milM'Ilt
m'l'v Ire. Iorati',1 at (IrantH, N. M , Im a
IHItnr 111 till' Cllv,
Iti-pnliln an Stale Chairman II
ItniHiini iim iiitiiimk Hie arrlMtls from
Santa f'e last Idnlit
Mr, and Mis. John K i 1 1 reliirion!
vefti'ldny from :i thi ee- erkf' tri
to pllllllx III HlillillH.
(iieoi paue, i ill iTik ri I politle!;in
of (lalliip. ns lu re Muteid.'iy cn route
home Irom Santa I'e.
Mihh l,oes Kilie reiiiriii'il eMenlav
alternooii Irom a tin ee-inonlhs' a
l alion s 1 1 1 1 1 In I'ulllotiila,
FitiI Sim in alined yi'Hteiday fmm
ParsoiiH, K.in. to aecept a position
with the II S .ihi;ov eom)i,in.
II. I,. Hi. kn i. i'. It KalluHmen,
John Moinm . 1 1 . , I perv Sin rwnod. all
id li.itoii . . 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 . 1 the di hum ratH
Move, Ship, Pack and Store
Pianos and Furniture.
pnRP.n wiwnnw Aivin nnnR strffwq wf ai sn ii
W I W e) I .W S IMIeV WWVSII Wlllaa.eBaa.IVW lib eTIteWW
eVaVaVVaVWkecv.aV-e-e - -BeBeHe cBaVcaca ca e ea m ..,..,, 4.4.M
(VrrtlliM Lump NAHM Cf I ffi Ortlloi BCob
(.allup I.niiip llrllll'l V-UrtL VVa (Jallup Stc.tB
phoni: l.
ATllllCITI Al l, MI S, SII.M Ctl,.
t (oke, Mill WimnI. Inclory WimmI,
J Itrlck, I'lrp liny, Santa I'c
with your
School Books
and Supplies
You will need the rules
and we want to sell you
the books and supplies.
Strong's Book Store
'-rntral committee meeting in the city
Judge W. K. Stili up of A la moKordo
l among the nimlnrs of the ilt-mo-eratic
central commlttie now rmetinK
Mm. Wyhler. w ire, of lr. Nf. K.
VVyldir of thin city, Iikh returin il tn
hir little dauKliter from a aiation
spent In California.
Lucius lulla, edilor of the Hoawtdl
New, wan In the city yentcnlay ut
tcndiiiK the eK.si"nn of the democrat
ic ct ntral committee.
Alfred Thclln Jr. returned the find
of the week from Karmas City and haa
Kone to Jtonwell to atlend the New
Mcxlto Military institute.
The dearer team of the IteUkah
hiilKe lll meet In I (. n. F hall this
eyenitin at fi to practh e the new work.
Ily order of the captain.
V. p. Harrington anil wife of Su
wante airlve, yenterday for a hrief
stay. Mr HarrliiKlon la u well known
Bltlcinan In t hat vicinity.
Mrs. Harry Van C leave of San An
tonio, Texan, accompanied by her
children, la lltur her Bister. Mn.
W. H. Mi Million, of 102 s. K.lid,
W. H. Jack, of Silver City, of the
New Mi Xico attic nanltary hoard, was
lore Jefcterd.iy In attendance upon
the democratic central committee
Mr. and Mia. John W. March left
Pint ntht for their home In Santa Fe,
after attendliiK the wcdduiK of their
eousin, J. llennon Ntwtll, in MiR
Mr. A. I.. ChrlKtophlne and daiifth
ler Iioroiln returned ' last niL-ht from
the Mn hiKan renortH w here they have
pent two month for the heni-flf of
the little kHI a health.
I'r J. M. 1'uiiiiltiKliam, pri aident of
the San MiKiiel National hank at l.a
Veira.a, i In Allni(pieriiie lasten
itiK returnlmr from a huaineaa trip
to noiithcrn New Mexico.
Mixs KtellH Kelly, daiiRhter of Mr.
and Mr. Marcus Kelly, left last nlulit
lor Mount Saint J oMph on t he -1 )h hi,
Cincinnati, where he will be a atu
dent for the entniliiK term.
News wan received in this city yea
terda of the birth of a daughter to
Mr, and Mr. Harold Moore, on Sun
day, September 3 Mrs Moore wna
formerly Mian Sara Hall of thla city.
Carl Spinner, nn of .Mr. ('. V.
Salford, arrived in the city trom
Caballo, Mexico, where he haa held
a reni.oiiHlble ..,ilion for the year
PM with the lr. F. S, Pearson avn
illuite. Arthur KcllKman of Santa Fe . Solo
nion S, hutz of Silver City, Charles
Fa.ev of Santa Fe and V. It. M' Hill
of l.a I.ande were anions the nuiner
ou out-of-town vlHilora in the city
i Kti rilay
Mr. and Mra ft C. lircharJ of He
len were in the city yesterday cn
naile to Spokane, Waah., where tiny
"ill Kpend twcl months. Mr. iirchard
11 n "ill known Santa Fe engineer on
the Cut (Hf.
Fein Martinez, once prominent in
New Mxlco demoiratli t 1 1 n i i 1 e. but
now a prominent cltuen of Fl Pami.
i in the ect iaitlri(t with lilt- many
IrieiulH ot the democratic central com
mittee How 111 aeaalou.
lii'lKe V.. A. Wright of AlamcKonl.i
mid Miilaiinaa Martinen of Tans,
mi int ers nl the committee appointed
to m cstlK.it.i tin. Hernallllo cnunly
republican eommlltee cotitroveray , al -I'lied
in Albuiueriue last iih;ht.
Mrc " i. Lane and Hons of San
M.iiiial h.ue aimed In the city to
sp "d tin w inter In order Hi.. I tin
1,11 f. niiiv take advuntnue of the fine
si lnvj'is In Albuiilerilli". Mr. Illn
l a piomiiicut c entral linn builder In
San Mar. i.il.
.lames llav l'axtoti. formerly iv pro
fessor id Ihe Cn! erslty o New MeXI
en. but now a practicing attorney of
I as Crm es, and a prominent demo
crat of lona Ana (ounty, Is In the
city attending the meetlnu of the
di nun r.Hi, i ommltlei' in Albuiiieripie.
Mrs. M c Me. hem. wife of Judkc
Mi . hem ol Sni orro, was in Ihe citv
I Ivc-ll-tlne mill I Ive-O-lwo
Ihe ViiiiiIn'-m that call our Messen
gers true-:
We deliver luireils, trunks anil hucIi,
Anil he-t of all, elo don't charge
lulu Ii.
Quick Parcel IM. and Mewngem,
orel Wiaal. Native Klnilllnff, Plr
Hrlck, Coinuioii llrlck, Mmei.
are arriving
The newest
such as
Felts, Etc.,
jettorday n route to tier home fro
the cast. She was acr'ompnniej by
Mlsa Margaret K. Mechem of Fort
Smith, Arkansas, a sister of Judne
Mechem, who will visit them In So
corro. The New- State hand will give their
regular Sunday concert at Kobinson
park on Sunday night.
All persons who have paid for the
"War Cry" and have not received It
are requested to notify Captain Wen
del of the Salvntlon army, which can
be done by telephoning 26s.
Miss Kdnn Starhlln, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. A, 1.. Staehlln, who was
Injured by a fall Irom her Horse las;
Monday while she was going to the
fiesta at Isleta, is reported ns getting
along as well as possible and will le .
out Ml a few davs. i
F.astbound passenger traffic- over I
Hie Santa Fe is now increasing in j
leaps and bounds with the return of j
the vacationers trom the coast of the I
Pacific- to their homes in the east, I
Kvery cl.iy'H limited tram seems to!
carry more passengers than the pre-j
c eding one. It is expected that the i
enstbourul limited w ill be obliged to i
Mill in two section'-' before vcrv long
In ac 'commodate the travel. Yester
day' train carried six standard pull
man cars In iiddition to the diner and
buffet cars.
If yon nel a eaoria-nter, telephone
llcttMet'ldcn, plione H77.
Jud.ne Abbott Refuses Rehear
ing in Case of Chas. N, Fow
ler vs. Continental Casualty
The se. in . i-tt'ort of the 'Vntiri' nl
al Casualty company to le-ope-n by
'notion the ease Charles N. Fow
ler. HLMinst (h,. company, a suit to
rec eiver :nilemnitii s for personal in
(urloa as sp'-' ified in the policy of the
company was vesterdav denied by
Jmlge AblKitl sitting In chambers.
Colon. -I i:. W. Ic.bscin. counsel for the
Insurance comp.inv. Immi'dlately filed
notice of appeal t.. the' supreme court
of New Mexico.
iri June 22 last Charles N. I'mv.
l'-r took .i detaiilt judgment against the
company In the sum of Jl.litiO, the de
fendant companv not appearing to
answer the complaint eif Fowler which
bad been filed oM ,,rll 19, 191 t.
Some time later Colonel Iiobson,
w ho had be'' n retained after the-jilde-'tiient
was Issued, moveel the c ourt
to set aside the judgment on the
ground that the company had not
be.n suffblen'lv notified of the Im
pending suit. This was denied.
Another motion was filed Rome three
weeks ago, and vestcrdHy this was al
so denied. The appcnl notice came
as a result of Judge Abbott s elenylnn
the motlnn.
Fifteen Union and Non-Union
Plumbers Work Side By Side
in Greatest Good Humor;
Picture Taken of Group.
The ap ta. le of fifteen plumbers
of all aces, union and non-union.
uorkiriK si'le by aide, laughinc and
jok'nn with the tst tod nature. ai
the somewhat strante spectacle pre
aetntej yesterday afternoon at the
final acion of the city plumberim;
evamining board. All the men in the
city, under the new ord, nance, who
wish to engage in the practice of the
trade of a plumber must stand an
examination of both written and prac
tical work to demonstrate their fit
ness. For the last three cjavs the commit
tee, consisting of J. V Steele, city
plumbing inspector. J. M. Vlckery and
F.arl liondich have bun busy with
this examination. The first day was
spent in arranging the questions tor
the written work, the second day in
Kivinx that part of the examination:
the third day was spent In fixinij for
holding the practical test, and It is
likely all day today will be spent in
makinis up the final reports and Is
suing the licenses to the men who
passed the examination.
The written work was pivell in the
Central school building, and consisted
in fpiestions upon the provisions of
the plumbing ordinance of the city,
with questions an, demonstrations
upon the ability of candidates to nr.
rante for the Installaton of plumbing
and drainage avstema In the houses
and buildings The handling of blue
print plans was also a part of the test.
The practical side of the work, how
ever, took place yesterday afterjioon
in the vacant store room at 115 West
Hold avenue. It consisted in wiping
four joints of lead pipe. These joints
are about all the kinds of joints used
nowadays, in the business, and are
known as 4-lrnh lead, " branch, and
water connection joints, the last
named comprising two actual joints.
So great was the- actual enjoyment
of the plumbers in the test that a
photeuncphcr was sent for and the
pictures, of the working group, exam
iners and all taken. This wns the
Hist examination under the new law.
Should any of the nun fail in their
attempts to pass this test, they are
under tiie ordinance allowed six
months In which to prepare for an
other examination. At the time of
the taking of the written test each
applicant was re'inlred to pay a :l.0J
examining fee.
Newspaper Man Here From
Chester Showing Successful
Contestants Sights of the
That ' Kgypt." the distrli t sur
rounding Cairo in southern Illinois, is
a mightv good conntrc In spite of t'le
vl.ir.ilers it receives. Is the testimony
of Thomas J. How-art c.r Chester. 111.,
who arrived in the city v eslerda v cn
route to the Pacilc coast. Mr. How -art.
who Is editor and publisher f
the Chester Tribune, is showing tin
sights i i the west to Miss iloldie V..
Woods ar d Mr. I.arv It Williams,
winners In a cir'Ulation nuitest re
cently held by his paper, there being
e leven prize winners in all. Five were
given . trip to Memphis, four a trip
to St. I.ouls and the remaining two
a trip to the coast They will viu , s
Angeles. San Francisco. Salt Lake
Citv ami Denver. Mr. Ilowarth vr-..
lerdav look his party down to see
the village of Islet. e. and thee- also
managed o se e about everv thing el-e
of intere-st while here,
Chester, sees tlie newspaper ii.on.
is a thriving town of S.r.fin people,
and has the' Illinois asylcm for the
crim'nal Insane and Ihe southern Il
linois penitentiary, the former brine
Hie only institution of its Kind in the
Mr, Howarth runs : republican pa
per in a re-publican ellstrl.-t although
he savs it ai c identallv went demo
cratic at the last election.
Rio Grande Republican to Be
come Twice a Week Paper;
Dally Not Yet, But Soon,
The following letter rir.-ular. re
ceived by this paper, shows that the
Fosters are keeping; up their lick:
Kditor Hear Kir:- The Fosters,
down at 1-as erne-en. have broken nut
In a fresh spot. This tim... the Md
Kin lirande Republican is to b.
changed from a weekly to a twice-u-week
paper. The plant has been Im
proved until we have the last simp in
a mar-daily town in the southwest.
I-ns cruecs really ought to have a
dully, but we are going to compromise
for a little while anil give them sem
weekly visits. The change will be
made Tomorrow September H. We
have tried to get all the newspaper
people of the territory on our ex
change list. We don't want to miss a
copy of your paper. If you are not
getting ours, drop tis a line nd we
will put you on.
With beat wishes, we are,
Sincerely yours,
rnuirn pi iimrnrn
The news that Paul Revere brought to his neighbors
was important to them; and to the whole world.
Our news is not quite so vital as his; but it's im
portant, just the same. You ought to be glad to know
Hart Schaffner & Marx
clothes are here, ready to wear; that you can step into
a store like this and get a suit or overcoat promptly; one
that is right in every way; fit, style, tailoring.
We'll be glad to show you any day you please Suits
$20 to $37.50.
New school shoes, hats, suits and furnishings in
our Boys Department. Have a look.
This store is the home
Marriase of Miss Josephine
Campfield to J. Benson New
ell and of Miss Madonna
Rankin to Albert P. Learn
ard Celebrated Last Night,
Mis (ampfleld ami Mr. Newell.
The marriage of Miss Josephine
Campfield, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
George Campfield. and one of the
most popular society girls of the
city, to J. Benson Neweli, took place
yesterday at 1.30 o'clock at the
Campflelcl home', on North Seventh
street. Archdeacon Warren of St.
John's Kpis. opal c hurc h pet tortneil
the impressive ceremony which wa-s
witnessed only by the relatives of the
joung couple.
Though a simple' home wedding,
the bride wor( a magnificently beau
tiful gown of white- meteor satin made
princess and entrain. The corsage
garniture w,w of due hiss lace- and the
exciiisite.' over waist effect of white
crystal net with a long white chiffon
scarf fringe bordered. Her traveling
gown was In one of the fashionable
reversible cloths In blue and gray worn
with a nobby hat In the .-ami. shade
and with shoes and pocket-book to
Immediately after the ceremony
luncheon was served. The decora
tions consisted of a profusion of
sweet peas in artistic arrangement.
Cover were laid for Mr, and Mrs.
Newell, Mr. and Mrs. March of San
ta Fe, Mr. and Mrs. Foraker and Mr.
and Mrs. Campfield.
The young couple left on the east
bound limited yesterday nfternemn for
a honeymoon trip through Colorado.
Mrs Newell is very prominent in so
cial circle here and is considered one
of the prettiest girls in Albucpic rcpie.
Her husband is a young attorney,
nephew eif ex-Senator Foraker "f
i ihio and I'nited States Marshal C.
N. Foraker of this it y. lie Is well
known in 'lib and uncial cirees. '!'h"'
will make tlp-ir home here.
Ml- ItaiiUin anil Mr. laaiiicd.
Marked with ma gnif ice-lit decora
tions and the presence of a hundred
or more friends and relatives of the
two families, the vv. 'deling last night
at X o'clock of Miss Madonna Kankiri
of this city and Mr. Albert P. Learn
ed of Warm, 'kin., was a brilliant
At the appoii.t.-d hour of ceremony
the bridal party advanced from the
rear drawing room into the big dining
room, the bay window of w hi. h. con
stituted the place of ceremony.
iStreauiers of asparagus fern formed
an exeiuisiic background and formed
portb'res half enclosing a huge? floral
bel of shasta daisies directly under
which the couple stood and pledged
the nuptial vows. The bride was a
pretty picture in her handsome- frnw n
i f w hite satin elaborated with pearly
passamentrle and rare lace. II. r at
tendant, Miss Jeanette Ibmkin, wore a
lovely empire gown of pale blue mes
saline and looked c harming tin rein.
Mr. Harry I'lnvlrison of San licrn.ir
(lino, Cal acted as best man to the
The ceremony was performed by
P,ev Haymond H. T. illicit of the
Congregational church. Alter the re
cessional and congratulations the brid
al party gathered In the wide veranda
which was enclosed for the occasion,
and lavishly decorated in asparagus
fern and sunfower formed a beauti
ful supper bower. I die large table
seating the bride and groom, the sev
enteen house guests and the immedi
ate; family was surrounded by small
er table where a buffet lunc h was
served. The 'young couple left on a
late tran for a honoynmon trip be
fore going to their home In Oklaho
ma. This wedeling la the culmination of
a round of prenuptial entertainment
for the hrldo, who Is th daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Don Itankin, who Is
well known in social circles. Mr.
Learned Is a c ivil engineer, formerly
of Lawrence, Kan., where at colege,
their romance had Its Inception.
The best saddle h.rse to be had In
the eity are at W. U Trlmblea, US
North second street. Phone I.
of Hart Schaffner & Marx
Secret Chlneis Industry.
Erer since Hongkong wns establish
ed Vermillion making. enMrely in the
bands of the Chinese, has been an Im
portant Industry. Tbe secret of manu
facture Is kept Inviolate from Euro
pean knowledge. The Chinese mad
artificial cinnabar Ions before Europe
ww a civilized country.
On nteount of th contract
mule governing the sale of
adopted Text Hooks, we are
compe lied to se ll Crade School
Hooks for cash only.
0. A. MATS ON & CO.
TKL. US5. TI L. 120.
French & Low be r
Funeral Directors
and Embalmed
I-nlv Assistant.
Office Phone r.HK.
As usual our blanket
stock for the fall season
opens up with a compre
hensive assortment, at
the reasonable prices you
will find here for dependa
ble qualities embracing
single bed, double bed and
cot blankets, in all wool,
part wool and all cotton.
Our facilities, for sup
plying the kind of com
forts needed in every
home, is up to our usual
standard, in a full range
of qualities and priccs-

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