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Committee Makes . t Recognizing Mann as Head of
the Republican County Organization; Barefaced Attempt to
Force Voters of Bernalillo County to Bow to Dictation of
Discredited Bunch of Bolters.
Tlie New Mexico State Central Committee has deliberately vio
lated every principle of Republican party nsae by attempting to fur
ther the effort of a few men to restore Frank A. llubbcll to control
in Bernalillo county.
Its sub-committee lias flatly ignored party rules and sworn tes
timony in an effort to give Frank
the county.
It declares that Frank A. 1 lubbell and his henchmen constitute
the regular republican organization
It recognizes Judge Mann as the chairman, but does not recog
nize the legality of the meeting at which be secured his pretended
title to the office.
.tter recognizing . ii. tiiiicnwater, (lining tue nearmg, as
the legally elected and regular chairman of the county committee,
it gives the title to the office to Judge Mann. ! l
It arrogantly assumes the power to take 4'rotn tlie sovereign
republican voters of Bernalillo county the riglit to regulate their own
affairs and settle their controversies in a manner satisfactory to
The sub-committee of the State Central committee bv its ac
tion lias deliberately taken the step which forever renders repub
lican harmony impossible in this county unless the 1 lubbell ele
ment is eliminated, rout and branch, from the party councils.
In violation of (ill accepted, written
nnd unwritten tenets of the repub
lican party und party usage, the spec
In I Htih-eominlttoo of the state central
republican eommlltee of New Mex
ico yesterday submitted a report to
the Mate chairman which atteinpeil to
force Francisco Uuhhcll, his men tin I
his methods again, upon the soveiign
voters of , ttcrnallllo county.
The committee finds that Judge
Kdward A. Mann, Huhliell leader,
ho illegally attempted to seine the
hairmarishlp of the county commit
tee, Is in truth chairman' of that
committee.. It comes "to this con
clusion notwithstanding that it does
not sanction the method by which
Judge Maim pretends to seize that
oliice. lt'finds in brief that the Hub
hell bolters' meeting was illegally
called, but that its action iH legal.
Notwithstanding Its recognition of
Judge Mann, the commltee further
linds that his appointments were not
As u beai'tiful ipceinion of con
sistency and cUcrt to restore "har
mony," the report if this committee
is a Rem.
Notwithstanding that during the
hearing the fact was recognized that
W. M. Cillenwater was chairman,
regularly elected and recognized It
"ke,i him at that time to nullify his
own regular appointments to com
mittee vacancies; and then In Its re
port finds on the contrary that Capl.
jlillcn water is not chairman at all.
The committee declares that the
oiiiity organization as constituted by
the county convention Is now the reg
ular organization; knowing mean
while that the majority of tlie old
committee absolutely refuses to rec
ognize. Judge Maun us chairman and
tins to secure "harmony."
Mr. Cillenwater submitted affidav
its showing beyond the shadow of a
doubt that he heads a majority of the
' Id committee; Judge Mann submit
ted his unsupported statement that
ie had a majority of the old eoinmit
' and the peace committee ignores
the nwiirn affidavits find takes Judge
Mann's word for it.
Attempting to dictate to the voters
f this county, tlie suh-commlitee as
sumes to direct that the iHuhbcll
'"nunlttee meet on Monday as the re
1'iihlicnn organization of this county;
tid attempts to give a rank holt, the
"landing of regularity by directing Its
members to call the county conven
tion and primaries.
T this nctlon ; upheld by the state
"Mitral committee. It will not he rec
ognized by the republican voters or
'he county as anything else than a
I'.'irc-raecrl und deliberate attempt to
restore to power the undesirable ele
j"nt of the republican party which
has heen thrown out of control and
" hli h will he kept out.
the state . central committee en
dorses this action. It will directly re
rse the prurient It set when Frank
T Chairman During Hearing,
A. 1 lubbell and his gang control of
in this county.
llubbcll had control of the party or
ganization here. At that time the
state committee refused to help the
forces of good government In this
county In their (ask of weeding out
Huhbolllsm, declaring It had no Juris
diction In local controversies.
Oiling tins precedent, tlie county
republicans as represented by the rog
ular ciiiiiiiiiUec, passed a resolution
denying the Jurisdiction of the state
committee;, notwithstanding this de
nial the sub-committee, holding a
hearing which was practically ex
parte, assumes power to Ignore the
county committee and arrive at ft
Under no circumstances can the
"good offices" of the state committee
be of effect unless both part leu to
the controversy consented to its
The decision of the sub-committee
Is void und wmiout effectt.
The republicans of the county rec
ognize neither Its authority nor Its
Frank Huhliell, Judge Mann and
their followers are not and will
not be tho regular republican organ
ization in this county.
If the state committee attempts to
uphold them it Is taking the unrest
means of making harmony In this
county Impossible, and the state
committee knows It. If it supports
its sub-committee It will be taking an
action which will be disastrous, not
only her.-, i'tit in its effect, through
out the sirtte,
Following is the report of the sub
committee as handed to State Chair
man it. t). Hursuni yesterday.
Albuquerque, N. M., Kept. S, 1911.
To Hon. H. O. Mursum. Chairman,
Terr itorial Republican Central
I'pon arriving at Albuquerque, tlie
conumUi"' t.t f'Vi: appointed by the
Territorial Central committee, to con
sider the Hcri-allllo county controver
sy, found that Mr. I'dward Clihooti, a
member :t the uimlttte, was unable
t be present. Tfc j remaining mem
bers of the comUtct proceeded to tho
Investigation outlined in the ugree
eiit signed hy Mr. W. ,H. Cillenwater
and KJwji-J A. Mi. mi. which Is here
to attached and made a Hurt of this
report, marl.iil exh'blt 1.
At the first session of the com
mittee held Thursday afternoon at
tho Commercial club rooms. Mr. W.
II. Cillenwater appeared and present
Ki a letter and a resolv'.on adopted
by his committee, which ara hereto
attached and marked exhibits t
This resolution Ir. effect denying
the Jurisdiction of this committee to
act in the premises and that commit
tee refut-ing to appear cr submit their
side id tl'.e controversy to the Jurts
dldiri, of this committee, the com
mit.ie m pi teed In a very embarras
sing ., Kltiot., but fter considering
the n hi r decided that It was test
to proceed aiut take su h evidence as
might be . reduced, and upon request
of the . -.nnllte Mr. Cillenwater
agreed to appear b f ore tha commlt-
tee as a nitness ind submit his evi
dence. reiorO f the entire pro
ceeding vns made and such record,
together with the varioua exhibits and
affidavits Introduced before the com
mittee Is nude a part of this repor.
I'pon th,- "losing day of the hearing
Judge Mani presented to the com
mittee his resignation. Iteqtiest was
made ip,ii Mr. tJUIenwater. In the In
terest of pally harmoi.y. to do like
wise. Mr. Cillenwater stated to the
commit t -m that hi resignation was lif
the hantii of his committee and sub
ject .o their orders and declined for
that reisoii to place h!s resignation In
the hands o' tlds committee. Then
desiring to obtain Inrmony in the
party of .!,! count . the committee
desired to proposed to Mr. Cillenwater
as a method of settlement of the dis
putes, that he continue as chairman
of the committee until the county
convention; that the committee should
consist of the original members of the
committee as It stood on the 2th day
of January, 1911, with power to fill
all vacancies caused by death or res
ignation: that the committee should
permit Mr. tiiiicnwater to continue as
such chairman, and the question as
to who shall finally be recognized as
chairman should be determined by
the delegates of the county conven
tion selected by the republican voters
of the several precincts. Upon In
quiry of Mr. Ulllenw'er he refused
to sg."e,. to auch a prpoiltlon.
After a public hearing this torn
rri'tci went into executive session and
consldi-rcd all of the -vidcnr. affi
davits and exh bits offered, and came
tj tho follow im: cf'iicii'sii'ps:
First -Tii.n cn the ?Stl dav of
January, 1911. W. H. Cillenwater
was the duly elected, acting and rec
ognized chairman of the republican
county central committee of Hernal
lllo county, having been elected by
the members of the committee as
such chairman subsequent to the
county convention In S90S; That
there was conflicting evidence Intro
duced as to whether or not Mr. Oll
Inewater and his committee were con
tinued In effect as a permanent com
mittee by a resolution offered t tho
convention for the nomination Of del
egates to the constitutional conven
tion held in August, 1910.
Second That from all of the evi
dence introduced we are unable to
determine just what was the action
of such ((invention of August, 1910.
Third That on the l!th day of
January, 1911, t a meeting of the
Hernallllo county central committee
called by a majority of the then mem
bers of the committee W, 11. Uilleii
ivater was removed as chairman of
the republican county central com
mittee of Bernalillo county and Ed
ward A. Mann elected in his place.
, Fourth That while your commit
tee does not approve of the manner
of giving notice of the holding of
sdeh meeting, because such practices
tend to promote discord and dissatis
faction tn the republican party, yet
w find that there was n majority of
the committee as then constituted
'present ut such meeting, either in
person or by proxy, and that more
than a majority of the committee as
it then exUfcl voted to unseat Mr.
OUIrriVHter a'ln to Beat Kdward A.
Mann as Omit man; and we further
find tha4. on the 4th day of February
such action was ratified by more than
a ma.iorily of the 1m n living members
of the committee.
Fifth Wo furtlur find that since
said 28th day of lanuary, two of the
original .netnbois if the committee
have died, and that two more have
resigned resigning to Kdward A.
Mann, na chairman. In view of the
controversies which have arisen, we
think It for tho lest Interest of party
harmony thnt the appointments made
to fill the nbove mentioned four va
cancies be Set uslde, and the sami are
set aside.
Sixth You committee finds that
the membership of the republican
county central committee of Hcrnal
lllo county as now constituted Is as
Precinct No. 1, I.ois Trujlllo, Hen
Igno Anaya.
rreclnrt No. !, Antonio Harcia.
Precinct No. 3, Francisco Lucero y
Precinct No. t.
Precinct No. G, J. ft, Sanchez,
Elesoo C. Chaveit.
Precinct No. . Rariion Piidilla.
Precinct No.-7,Dflrto Chaves.
Precinct No. 8, Juan Olguln.
Precinct No. , Polioaiplo Arniljo.
Precinct No. 10, Filomeno Mora.
Precinct No. 11.
Precinct No. 13, Tom Duran, Juli
an Perea, Jesus Romero.
Precinct No. 14, Nicolas Hen-era.
Precinct No. 22, Carlos Crlego.
Precinct No. 23, Manuel Uonzales
y Lopez,
Precinct No. 28, Jose Savedra.
Precinct 84. Anastaclo Outierret.
Precinct No. 3I, Melquiades Chavea,
Precinct No. 12, I). M. Fewisson, A,
K. Walker, A. B. Stroup, Oeorgo 8.
Klock. I). 8. Rosen wa Id.
Precinct 28, II. F. Reynolds, T. J.
Kawler. W. II. Cillenwater, W. W.
Strong ,r. A, Uoatrlght.
At large, Henry Uramlett.
And that the foregoing mentioned
persona are the republican central
committee of Bernalillo county at this
Hoventh. During the hearing had
by this committee Kdward A. Mann
presented and filed with this com
mlttee hl resignation as chairman of
such committee: This resignation
we respoctfully transmit ajul refer to
the republican central commlttoe of
the county of Rernallllo, constituted
ag above set out, for them to accept
or reject as they may deem best In thi
interest of party harmony in the
county of Rernallllo:
Klgnth. Inasmuch as It la the opin
ion of thla committee that under the
resolution appointing this commutes
we might prescribe the rules for hold
ing the primaries In event we deem
ed It best for the Interest of party
harmony in Hernallllo county, we dl
rect that the republican county central
committee as herein set out shall
meet In the city of Albuquerque up
on Monday, the 11th day of Beptem
her, A. I). 1911, at 2 o'clock p. m.,
of said day, at the Commercial club
rooms In said city of Albuquerque;
(( oiilloiiiMl On Page I, Col. 5.)
Multitude Posessed of Idea
That Authorities Contem
plate Putting to Death Vic
tims of Quarantine.
(Br Morulas; Jnaraal Brfst ljurt Wliw.)
Chiasso, SwitxerUnd. Sept. 9.
Cloa Del Colle a city with a popula
tion of 211.000 in the Italian irovlnce
of Rarl Ie La Pugll, has been the
scene of aavage excesses In conse
quence of the cholera epidemic now
raging In Italy.
The authorities ordered that all
persons attacked by cholera should
be taken to a hospital and that those
who had been In contact with cholera
victims lie isolated In a neighboring
building. The population convinced
that it was the intention of the au
thorltles to kill the patients and also
those under observation, gathered to
the number of several hundred, to
liberate their relatives and friends.
The hospital was stormed and the
building threatened with Incendiary
destruction, should the mob be In
terefed with In releasing the cholera
stricken people.
The police attempted to awe the
crowds but were unsuccessful. The
crowds brought out the cholera
stricken patients and carried them
through the streets.
The Italian government has dis
patched troops to the scene.
Scenes Mimilur to those witnessed at
(lioa de Colle are also ir ported from
Massafra, a town In the Italian pro
vince of Lecce.
While the municipal council of I.ec
ce was in session today discussing the
best measures for combatting the
cholera, thousands of demonstrants
howling "death,'' "death," gathered
about thu city haH. TN mayor and
councillors suspended the meeting and
escaped from the building. The mob
then moved toward the cholera hos
pital, keeping up a running fight with
the police, who were unable to stop
the marching crowd. Heveral police
men snd Home of the . townspeople
were dangerously Injured.
The mob entered the hospital, and
after carrying the patients out com
menced to smash the furniture, later
setting fire to the building. The pa
tients, some of them lir a dying con
dition, were carried triumphantly
through the streets. The general be
lief of the people is that the doctors
Inoecnlate cholera stricken persons
with poison. Alien troops have been
ordered to Massafra.
turther details from Massafra dis
close the terrifying nature of the riots.
A mad crowd attacked the hospital
and overthrew barricades erected
BKiiinst them. The crowd piled burn-
Inir wood against the building and
smashed in the doors with ease. When
further resistance was impossible, the
doctors and nurses escaped from rear
windows by ropes, but were pursued
bv the rioters, Stones were thrown
and one of the doctors was dangerous-
tv wounded, ail however, escaping on
engines found al the station. Although
the police and carbineers olteieii on
ly passive resistance to the mob, hix
cif them were wounded. When the
rioters entered the hospital several of
the wards were already afire. A wom
an patient was crying desperate,
which further excited the fury of the
mob. who Interpreted the cries as
proof or the cruelty practlceo ny me
reprtsentatives of the "tyrannical
government." Smoke and flames add
ed to the terror and distress or ine
iiatlents, Some were picked up and
transported on mattresses; others
we' laid on carts, i wo women jm
tlents left in the flaming wards were.
incinerated, while other patients wno
were carried to their homes, died be
fore reaching them. 1 he gnasuy
horror of the scene would Ik" impos
sible to describe. Fortunately the
rioters forgot to cut the teiogiapu
wires, and the authorities were In
formed Police, soldiers carabineers
and even sailors were rushed to tho
burning hospital, tney succeeoeu m
quelling tne noiein ami 'i"'ni
tv-tlve of the leader. They Included
nine women. An announcement was
then Issued that order had been re
established but all the measures that
have been taken to check the cholera
now have been without avail tor It
Is certain to ravage the country round
about Massafra for some time to
Cklah, Cat.. Sept. 9. Trouble has
broken out on Alder creek, where It
Is reported an armed force Is at
tempting to dispossess settlers ou
what are known at. the other creek
i i iir., Ttw. land In dlsoute. con-
slating of 3,000 acres of virgin red
wood, Is claimed ny me i,. r..
Lumber company, under an assign
ment from F. K. H ''!. who had filed
forest reserve lien land scrip upon It
some davs ago. Settlers filed upon the
land under the homestead entry and
the commissioner of the general land
office decided recently against the
Heveral years ago, a number or cab
ins belonging to settlers on the dis
puted land, were destroyed by myster
lous fires. It was reported here today
that several cabins were similarly de
stroyed last night.
Joseph Hlshop. ' "f 'N 'l,,rs'
declared that he returned to his rttb
in while armed men were ransacking
it. that he "got the drop" on the vis
itors and chased them off the place.
Marriage and Divorce, the
Trusts, Supreme Couit De
cisions atid Other General
Subjects to Be Discussed.
(By Moralaf Joaraal Spertal Laa Win.)
Heverly. Mass., Sept. 9 President
Taft Is going west to educate the
country. His 13, 000 mile "swing
around the circle" that begins next
Friday and winds up forty-six days
later. Is to be marked as little us pos
sible with politics and la to be brou''
lv Instructive of vital questions of gov
ernment as he can make it. The presi
dent Intends t.i deliver a personal
message to the thousands) who will
heT him speak. He told callers at
Parramatta today that the trip will
afford i.im little opportunity for po
litical speech-making aside from his
live or fix announced set addresses
The rest of the trip will lie as educa
tional s he can make it. To the si t
tpeech of the trip, the president to
day added :nore than a doxen general
subjects and this list may be In
creased. Two of the subjects, the pres
ident discussed today with callers were
those of uniform divorce laws and
trusts, particularly with reference to
the supreme court's Standard Oil
and Tobacco company decisions.
On the question of marriage and dl
voce the president has very decided
rnnvlctlons, which have been greatly
strengthened by the numerous recent
separations between well known peo
ple. The president believes that
person who has been divorced In on
state should not be allowed to re
marry In another state. He regard
re-ir.nrrlages In such cases as bigamy
and Is of the opinion that through like
legislation In all the stales they can
be prevented. The president's position
with regard to tho standard oil and
Tobacco decisions was explained by
him In a speech at the Vale com
mencement exercises In Juno and he
probable will expand upon the Ideas
there expressed. He thinks the deci
sions are good and remarked then
that business should find In them a
guiding Btar., other subjects, the
president said today will take In all
sorts of governmental problems.
Speeches' on such subjects, the presi
dent let Is he can well make at any
place to which the arrangement com
mittees have assigned him and poli
tics can be confined to political or
ganizations.. LITTLE GIRL VICTIM
Madison, Wis.. Sept. 8. That little
Annie Leinbei ger. the seven-year-old
child, whose body was found In Lake
Monona today, was murdered. In the
opinion of nr. H K. I'ureell and Dr.
Joseph Dean, who made an examina
tion of tlie body today. The physi
cians opinion Is based upon the
ground that there was absence of
water In the lungs. A further exami
nation also revealed that the child
had heen attacked. In a nude and dis
colored state the body was discovered
by Ceorge Younger, a laborer. Prac
tically the only clue which tho police
have to work upon so far ib a the
ory that two Italians who appears
greatly excited, purchased tickets for
Chicago shortly alter the crime Is
supposed to have been committed..
Kansas City. Mo Kept. . Theo
dore Krysi htofovieh, government ag
ricultural commissioner of Russia,
will represent his government at the
national conservation congress In this
city. In a letter to the local bend
quarters, received today he writes:
"Being a convinced partisan. of con
servation, I shall participate, with
great pleasure In the sessions of the
congress to be held In Kansas City
September 23-27.'
Alfred W. Carter of Honolulu, will
represent the territorial conservation
,.r,,,iuuwoi of Hawaii. Mr. Carter
I ,.., ,.r Ihfi men i list ru men tat In
devising the present forest law of
A meeting of the Bernalillo County Republican Cen
tral and Executive Committees is hereby called to be held
at the court house on Saturday, the 16th day of Septem
ber, 1 91 1 , at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m., for the purpose
of calling precinct primaries and the county convention to
name delegates to the state and various other conven
tions, and to transact such other business as may come
before it.
Attest: W. H. GILLENWATER, Chairman.
A. E. WALKER, Secretary.
ATANASIO MONTOYA,' Asst. Secretary.
Albuquerque, N. M., September 9, 1 91 1 .
Fiends Who Applied Tar and
Feathers to Young Woman
Will Be Given Limit of Law
Declares Prosecutor.
f B Moraine Journal aolul if 4 Wtm.1
Sandy Hem!. Kan.,, Sept St. The
fifteen men and bos, all of 'them
members of wealthy Lincoln county
families, who on the night of August
T, dragged Miss Mary Chamberlain
twenty-six years old, s. ) teacher
and daughter of a wealthy farmer,
from a buggy In which she was rid
ing with Kdward Rleord. and applied
s coat of tar to her body, will go lo
prison If V. W. MoCanlos. county
attorney, can possibly send them
Mr. MeCanlea made ibis statement
today. He declared he hail more
than enough evidence to obtain con
victions in all the cases and that h
would accept nothing but lail sen
tences tor the men found guilty.
"While the Kansas law does no
provide punishment for this foul
crime and wp have to prosecute under
mi assault and buttery charge," k
said today "I will Insist on a Jail
sentence. Assault and batten Is nun
ishable by a fine or a year In lail
I won't aland for n fine as a penalty
The guilty men must all go to jail."
Mr. McCanlen and Stuart C. Wnl
ford, sheriff ui Lincoln county, hav
thoroughly Investigated rumors ill
ciliated about Miss Chamberlain. Roth
inen declare the report groundless
'We have found absolutely not oni
fact to substantiate charges against
Miss Chamberlain." said Mr. McCan
les today.
I he accused men are preparing to
spend eveiytning they have to escape
Leading Men hi Wool Business
Claim That Fi eight Charge
On Staple is Too High,
By Morning Journal nperlal ImhI Win)
Chicago, Sept. 11.- F. S. flooding,
former governor of Idaho, represent
lllg the National Wind (irowclV as
sociation, test Hied before Interstate
Commerce Commissioner I'roiity, that
the railroad rate on wool Is unjustly
New methods of rnlsliitr sheep have
come Into use In the last lew years
and the expense Is greater, ho said.
The range being well occupied, herds
as large as formerly cannot he ban
Mr Hooding occupied the stand a
greater part of the day. H told of
establishing fi wool warehouse In Chi
cago, alter haling failed In attempts
lo start one In Huston.
"Three years ago Ihe wool growers
oT the western states attempted to es
tablish a wool warehouse In Itosloii,"
he said, "but were unable to do so be
cause Huston bankers rcliiHcd to ad
vance tlie wind growers any money
on their shipments, The warehouse
then was established In Chicago
through Ihe aid of flmmclnl men here
an It has been a blessing to the
wool growers of the west."
Frank C. Hegbarthaii of Idaho lest
Ifled that Ihe cost of producing wool
since 1IMI2 had Increased 82 per cent.
He said the cost ol' raising sheep had
Increased since 1H02. In that year,
he said, the cost tier head was l fi4,
while in I ! 1 0. It amounted to :i.:!0.
The healing closed tonight and will
he resumed here on October 21. It
will he continued next Tuesday In A I
huituerquc. N. M. Commissioner
Primly and most of the witnesses left
here tonight.
Denounces Verdict as Unfair
and Clings to Hope of New
Tiial; Pathetic Scene When
Aged Father Visits Jail.
fBr Morning Journal MpwUI !. Wlra 1
Chesterfield Court House. V Sept.
9, Thought of Impending doom
death In tlie electric chair on Novem
ber :4 did not break the steel-bound
composure of Henry Clay lleattle, Jr.,
today, as he spent his first day in a
cell here, convicted of the murder of
his wife.
In a matter of fact way ho dis
cusscd the case with friends who call
ed to express sympathy but to the.
newspaper men he bitterly denounced
the vardict as unfnir.
F.xpectlng that Judge Watson would
not order his removal to the stuta
penitentiary for several days, young
lleattle began to make his cell mora
habitable. His window faces thu coun
try road and from It he ran view all
Chesterfield in Us simple stillness.
Newspapers, particularly those which
feature sports, were sent to him, to
day, ami on these he lingered.
Heulali lllnford his relations with
whom shocked the Jurymen waa a
frequent name on 1 lout tie lips today
but she probably never before, receiv
ed from him such deep condemnation.
'lime and again ho complained tho
Jury had tried him for hla relations
with the girl of the underworld rath
er than upon tho circumstantial evi
dence pertaining to thu murder.
A w hltn haired luun rodu out to the
Jail today, Jostled over three miles of
a rough road from the nearest tnter
urban station. It was Henry Clay
lleattle, Sr., father of the young man.
As he entered the dim chamber, where
his convicted son stood, he pressed a
kiss on his forehead, ft was at thla
moment, as In previous moments In
the trial that the fortitude of Hie boy
crumpled, his face flushed and tears
trickled down his cheeks.
In the mind of falher and son still
flickers ono hope the granting by
Hie court of appeals of a new trial,
through a writ of error. Hut, the pre
vailing opinion In Virginia's bar la
tiiat It Is a vain hope.
In contrast to the peaceful sceno In
the Jail was a little homo In lllehmond,
seventeen miles away, where I'aul
lleattle, cousin of the convicted man,
sat with his wife and babe, glad In
his freedom from the weary days o(
detention as the commonwealth's
principal witness, yet sympathetic for
the man for whom be bought the fil
ial gun, all Ignorant of the evil pur
pose that It was to till four days later.
"What 1 did In testifying," said
Paul. "I did from a sense of duty. It
was hard at first to nervo myself to
tellltU all I knew; but I am relieved
since I have done It."
Sir Wilfi ed Lauiicr Defends Re
ciprocity Treaty and Blames
United States For Delay in
(Iy Morning Journal Soeetal fonaeil Wlra.l
Windsor, out., Sept. It. Illuming
Ihe I'lillod Slates for delaying the
proposed reciprocity agreement nnd
sutliixitig talk of annexation, Sit
Wilfrid Laurler, premier of Canada,
pleaded before 10,000 people In this
city today lor the adoption of the re
dproeltv agreement. He announced
thai II was his last meeting In Ontario
and tomorrow ho will leave to cam
paign In ijuebec,
"There should be belter trade rela
tions bet ween us and the American
republic than there has been In th
la-t sixteen .years," he said. "The fault
Is not with us but with our neighbors.
Two limes we went to Washington
lor n cognition and were unsuccess
ful. "Last year's pilgrimage, was not
from Ottawa to Washington, however.
It was from Washington to Ottawa
and Iicsldent Taft make offers of
what so often bad been refused. To
refuse them would have been a crimo
against civilization. I denounce any
opponents as traitors and deserters
from tho best spirit of their own par
ty. "There Is a cry that the pact will
bad to annexation. How could this
country In. joined lo the Cnlted
Slates? It must be done by war or
persuasion. Hut this ngrement Js a
bond of friendship and amity be
tween the two countries. A treatv
has already been signed frecludlng
war between the Culled Plates and
Ureal Itrltaln and quarrels ahull now
be settled bv arbitration,"
The talk of annexation hall no foun
dation lie declared.
Washington, Sept. 9. Nevr
Mexico. Arizona, West Texas
tlenerally fair Sunduy and, Monday.

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