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morning journal
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"The Mn( JuaniHl has a higher rlr
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aim qt ERqt B
Mr. If. O. Ilursiim, Mr. Solomon
Luna, Mr. Francisco Hubhell and
cithers through the columns of the
local evening pnper In which all are
financially Interexted, are cotnpliiln
lnit bitterly that they are the object
of "personal attacks."
We teg leave to state that nothing
has been snld about these gentlemen
or their randiiWra in lliia paper, save
a relates to their public character.
The men are not before the people
as private citizens; they come before
tha 100,000 pe.jpli) of the hew stnte
nd aak that they be given the high
est positions of trust and honor ami
Influence, taking control of the des
tinies of New Mexico,
Not a single charge has been muds
against these men, save as it affects
their fitness or unfitness for position
of trust and responsibility. Not an
allegation has been made but whose
correctness or error, vitally affects thu
administration of the government of
New Mexico. In the rase of Mr. llur
um, every charge that has been made
hna affected In some way the admin
istration of state Institutions; the ad
ministration of the stale lauds; the
purity of the. ballot; the meting out
of Justice to law breakers; the pana
atta of laws In the Interest of the peo
ple; the recognition of equal rights
as between the small homesteader
Bhd the land and sheep baron; and In
short, government by the people and
for the people os against government
for political bosses and In thu interest
of corporate wealth and special In
terests. Mr, Itiirsum's private character has
not been attacked. Worn he content
to remain a private citizen, he would
be allowed to go his way In peace.
On the onntrnry, bo demands that the
people give him the highest offlro in
their gift.
lie demands that they do this with
out regard to the uuestlon of his fit
ness or unfitness. He declares that
the exposure of his record Is 'u per
sonal attack." J)ld Mr. Ilursiim think
for a moment when he deliberately
Inflicted his nomination on tho party
that the Intelligent people of New
Mexico were going to Ignore his own
record and confine themselves to tho
dlsrusslon of platform platitudes mid
glittering generalities? Mr. liursuni's
record Is not clear; he knew that It
was not clear when ho forced, through
the power of hi mnclilno, the conven
tion to nominate lilm. Ho knew that
Ills nomination, when there were
other men In tho party ranks of un
bleinlshed record and ability, would
disrupt the party and make the cam
paign a defensive one from Btait to
A iiiun who declares that he !h pre
eminently fit among sixty thousand
voters to bo made head of a great
state government, must produce the
proof. Huch a man may expect the
ruthless searchlight of publicity to
be thrown Into every corner of his
record. If It will not bear Inspection,
let him take his rejection like a man
and not wall that he is the victim of
"personal abuse."
Mr. Ihirsuin has failed to show
here, In any public rapacity, ho has
made a showing which entitles blm
to the support of the people for their
highest honor. Instead, ho points,
with tears In his voice to bis "st nig
gling youth" and ' ideal homo llle."
It Is Mr. Ilursiim who H bringing
up the matter of private ehn racter,
not the people, 1 hey are Judging him
by his public career. The publication
of the facts of that career, which ull
tho people are entitled to know, baa
been met by Mr. lnusiini with the
charge that ho Is the victim of "vltn-
peratloii." The majority of the counts
against him ho has left uimswored;
In other cases bis defense tins I, ecu
evasive, equivocal; he has dodged the
charges; bis rambling explanations
linv wandered away from the, point
at Issue; the burden of proof Is on
him and be bus failed to rise to the
Mr. Hursuni's public career in New
Mexico condemns blm as unfit to be
governor of' the new state.
In the case of Mr. Luna, who la
ments he ulso Is the victim of "per
onalltics" the case la the same. Tor
many years Mr. Luna has been the
hesd and front of tho New Mexico
republican machine. Vnder his control
it has brought republicanism into
dlsgraca, In New Mexico, I'nd. r his
managemeut tha party l as betrayed
the people. Vnder his Influence, the
republican territorial orgunUatlon ha
Income iiynonyniout with vicious law.
Kith etilcn elections, with making
mate graft out t.f a public office.
For many yearn Sir. Luna ha twn
th ahuolute government of Valencia
county, one of the richest in the
state. Vnder his domination, there
tin t-en no proKr-: there hai been
m popular government; there have
hre ii no public improverninU; there
nv htrt r' fconeft fleet ion; the
county funds which ehoulj be tx
which ehoulJ he
pended on rotirt houses and Jails and
si hoolst and roads, have bevn reposing
in a bank In whhh Mr. I. una is Inter
ested. In short, unibr Mr. Luna's ab
(Into control, Valencia rounty has
had the worst tiiisK.ivernnicnt In New
Mcilco. aalng only that in Itcrnallllo
I county under the ( z.irim of Krancls
ico Ilubbell. No action of Mr. Luna's
Warn V 1. 1 mnl K . . tt-Klflh
vitally affect the welfare of the neo-
. . , , ..
!' of his own county and of tha
,.,. II. i... nn. .,H ,( now. r and
I his Influrnce In the intercut of the
people, but In the Interest of the ma
chine with which he Is Identified. Mr.
I. una has not proved faithful to his
trust. When he asks that the people
of New Mexico alluw hlrn to continue
to dominate the government of the
state, he must take his medicine with
a good grace If his record does not
J.iMlfy his demands.
Francisco Ilubbell weeps in his per
annul newspaper organ that he has
been "abused and misrepresented"
and asks the people of Itcrnallllo
county to turn the government of their
county over to him and his personal
candidates. There has been no more
amazing exhibition In New Mexico
thau the spectacle of this man, whose
absolute rule practically bankrupted
Itcrnallllo county, coming before the
people year after year and demand
Ing that they let lilm do it again. The
effrontery of It Is unpttjalUilltJ, Jlr,
Ilubbell has had his chance; he has
betrayed a public trust, ha hah used
his power In tho Interest of himself,
of his fellow politicians and of his
fellow political bankers; he hus prov
en that ho Is unfit to be trusted with
any position of public responsibility
or political Influence. Let Mr. Hub
bell take his medicine like a man, No
attack has ever been made on Mr.
Ilubbell savo lis directly and vitally
affected the welfare of every taxpayer
in Ilerniillllo county.
The wall of "libel" and "vitupera
tion," Is puerile and pusillanimous.
The records of these men are open far
Inspection despite their desperate ef
forts and tho effort of their henchmen
to hldo them, Their records brand
them as unfit to lead tho republican
party In New Mexico; unfit to admin
ister the affairs of tho people; not to
bu trusted with public responsibility
and us the representatives, not of the
people, but of a political oligarchy
which has been tho means of delay
ing statehood for New Mexico ten
years and of disgracing New Mexico
before the union. They have been
weighed In the, balance find found
wanting; they have had absolute con
trol of the territory and have not
iniidn good; now let them step down
and out.
"The Morning Journal Is hurting
Albuiuerqiio niul New Mexico," cry
Mr. Ilursiim and his friends.
If exposure of tho records ot Mr.
Ilursiim and his friends Is hurting New
Mexico, It will be tho most beneficial
hurt the territory ever received. The
people, will not lie long In deckling
who Is responsible for tho damagd to
the reputation of New Mexico; the
men who have misgoverned her or
the men who uru exposing that ml
governmelit. The surgeon who removes tho can
cer Is hurting thu pal lent; the sur
geon's knife, however, ia preferable to
death by the cancer.
A lancer of mleruTo nnd corrup
tion has been eating ut the heart of
New Mexico for a good many years;
it Is tlmo to cut It out. Mr. Itiirsum
should have worried about "hurting
New Mexico" when lie mismanaged
the penitentiary nnd forced the pass-
ago of such measures as the Hawkins
bill over the veto of the governor.
This one single vicious law, annulled
by congress, while the nation hoot
ed, has done more damage to tho fair
name of this commonwealth than can
be estimated. Probably Mr. llursum's
idea would be to leave thut Infamous
law on the statuto books, rather than
"Injure the territory" by having t
annulled by congress.
Mr. ltursum and his crowd have
sowed the wind; now let them reap
the whirlwind.
Tin: cask or hkknaliu.o.
The election of V. C, McDonald, ail
honorable citizen nnd successful busi
ness man to tho office of governor Is
vitally important to tho state of New
The repudiation of Francisco Ilub
bell is the matter that comes direct
ly and Immediately homo to every cit
izen of the city of Albuquerque nnd
the county.
It Is a matter which strikes ut the
poikcthnok of every taxpayer. For
several years Itcrnallllo county tins en
)oe,) a progressive bueliiess govern
ment. She has paid off ruinous bills
left from Mr, HubbeU's regime; she
has re-established her credit, has
vindicated her citizenship, has com
menced an era of public Improvement
and orficlal honesty, has made a
strong start In living down the dis
grace of marly a decade of Ilubbell
misrule. She has a ret of honest men
as commissioners. They have admin
istered the county affairs for tho peo
ple. 1'hey have paid off Frank Hub
bell's bills. They have wiped out the
ass.ssmeiit elm h and the looting of
school and the corruption of courts,
.Thcy have, built road and bridge and
hocds and have put money by in tha
bank. Tb. y have managed the busi
ness of the county as a business man
would his private business; they have
earned re-election and should hava
a vote of appreciation from the peo
ple. The Morning Journal la confi
dent they will get it. It is beyond the
bounds of possibility that after their
disastrous experience with Francisco
Ilubbell and his government, any In
telligent men should deliberately vote
to re-tore him to power.
If you perhaps think that there is
a man on Mr. HubbeU's ticket who
will be his own boss, forget it. Tast
experience has Infallibly demonstrat
ed that a Ilubbell candidate, however
Independent he may appear or how
ever sure of himself, must be bent
and will be bent to the will of the
dictator. To elect Frank Ilubbell'
ticket means to put the money back
into the power of Frank Ilubbell. The
cltisens know what that means. The
taxpayer, who sees the Ilubbell label,
haa learned to avoid It, pass not by it,
turn from It and puss away.
This corrupt political boss should
get a rebuke from the voters this year
beside which his former series of re
pudiations w ill look like votes of con
fidence. He will get it.
"The Lands of I'tah." Is the title of
a Valuable booklet Just issued by the
passenger department of the Denver
& Klo Grande railroad. It contains a
description of V'tnh'a agricultural de
velopment and gives special mention
of the principal private and govern
ment reclamation projects now under
way and completed; is handsomely il
lustrated with orchard and dairy
scenes and an up-to-date map of the
tate of Vtah, giving counties, adds
materially to the value of the publi
cation. Mr. Bursum's Sheep
Versus the Settler.
Editor Morning Journal:.
Having heard Mr. llursum's grand
speech In which he maintained that
corn could be rained In tho Ulo
(1 rande valley, In large quantities on
tho "thousands of ucres of land" In
tho valley, 1 wish to stutn a few facts
and let the people decide for them
selves how badly Mr. Ilursiim and
somo of his Hocorro county friends
want that part of tho Klo Grnndo val
ley settled up by tho American actuul
settler or big corn grower. Thrye
years ago last August I was seeking
a homo In tho ltlo t) ramie valley, i
went as far south us the Elephant
liutto dam, then came up tho river
to San Antonio In Hocorro county. 1
was told there was no vacant land
there. Finally I wub told that a man
had filed on some land on the east
side of the river. I went to see him
nnd be confirmed the report. He said
some Mexicans did live on tho land,
but Mr. Ilursiim had bought them out.
so ho would have u way to bring his
sheep to tho river for water, He said
however, that It was government land
and that ho had filed on some of it.
At that time there were some natives
working whore he told me had filed.
few days later was them and
there worn somo natives there put
ting up Homo fences. Whether they
were tho same ones who had been
there before or whether Mr. llnrsuni
had sent them there to work 1 am un
whether or not tho actual settler got
able to say. Neither do I know
tho land, but 1 would slake my hut
quick Unit the actual settler nev er got
it. I until t got the land I filed on there.
linn Mr. Mclntyro claimed he hail a
deed to n tract of land from Mr. Hil
ton giving the boundary lines as the
Mosque del Apacho grant on tho Bouth,
the ltlo (jramlo on tho east, the Mon-
toyu land on the north and the foot
hills on tho west. These lands sur
rounded tho land I had filed on, ulao
the land which a Mr. Iteagan had fll-
I on. I had been notified bv the
hind office nt Las Cruccs that nil this
and more was vacant land and sub
ject to entry. Mince I received that
information from Ijis Cruccs, a small
miming claim has boon put on the
land 1 filed on, and I would not be
surprised to loam that a small hold
ing flu I in had been nut on tho land
which was filed on where Mr. Hitrsum
waineii to water his sheep. That tip
pears to bo a safe plan for everv man
that has a stand In.
It Is my opinion that when Hia
American "big corn grower" comes to
settle up that part of the klo Grande
valley thev hud better colon about
five hundred strong and bring their
guns with them If Mr. Hursum is go-
iiik in no governor.
Ibis Is the wav Mr. Ilursiim limits
after the rights of the senior and the
small homesteaders.
Yours truly,
I Hi wild rnrmpomlrnr to Murnlng Journal)
Silver Cilv IC M X,e ) r..n
lug is the weekly review of mining
oi'cruuoiis in the Mogoiions:
FriicMlInc Mining Co.
Two morlars for new liit.,t i.u..o
been delivered ni mill nn.l l....i .,in ii
and fly-wheel for one of tho oil en
gines Will arrive nt Works nln.nt tha
middle of this week. The balance of
new machinery will bo rushed out
from Sliver Cilv as fust m. ,,uii.i
Last week 742 tons of ore were treat
ed. Hulllon product for second 10-day
clean-up In October was 9,240 ounces
troy of gold and stiver; 4 4 tons con
centrates were shipped for the period.
1 110 oaks 1 ompiiny,
The llevv Mhntl him l.een unt.l. t,..Ali.v,
feet at the north end of the 1'uoific
mine ami itmiierliiK the south shaft
has been started.
Ucnduootl Mines.
A shirt unit miiil., I. u ...,.i
handling custom ores, which will be
cuiiunueu iiuring the Interval of
pushing mine development In lower
Treasurer Mining Itedueilon Co.
The president of the company has
been on tho ground for two weeks,
luring which iierlmt in rinui ..........
for gravity wire rope tramway was
made, White Water ("reek Is furnish
ing amide Hotter to nnrmla luiih min
and mill. A steady production 1 be
ing maintained.
viogolion (old A topper Co.
ore is now being delivered dally
to the lleadwond mill from th., 1
Try a Journal Want Ad, Results
The Sandwich Man.
Wins First Honors in New Mex
ico Military Institute Con
test; $5,000 On McDonald On
(Rpeelsl CorrMpoDa'eiiM to nornlBf Joonur
Itoswell, M, Nov. 4. Miguel A.
ntero, Jr., son of the former New
Mexico Military Institute, last night
won first honors In the nnnuul ora
torical contest of the school, with
which goes the right to represent the
Institute in the annual territorial ora
torlcul context for higher educational
Institutions, w'h'ich will be held along
with the Territorial Educational asso
ciation at KniiTu" Fe on November 18.
Tho subject of Cadet Otero's oration
was "Transformation of OenliiH Into
Efficiency." There was but one other
oontestnnt, Cadet Sergeant Voorhees,
who spoke on "The Influence of
J. Phelps White, the millionaire
cattle man, has placed on deposit in
tho First National bank of Itoswell
the sum of J 5.000 that he will bet on
the election of McDonald us govern
or. He and James V. Stockard put
up $1,000 against unknown parties,
supposed to be the republican state
committee, on this little controversy.
Some oT the newspapers of the ter
ritory declared that While and Stock
ard "crawfished" on tho bet when It
was called, after offering a reward of
1 25 for tho bet. For this reason the
big deposit has been made. Wrjlte
now puta tho bet open to the world.
J. J. Beck today finished packing
7,0n0 apples from his fouiteen-acre
iinple orchard. He sold $250 worth
Of peaches from twenty-four trees
this season also.
Captain Charles do Bremond today
shipped 5,100 choice lambs in nine
teen double-deck cars to tho Kansas
City market. They came from his
ranch In the Pajarlto mountains west
of Itosw ell,
A light freer.o visited lloswill this
morning, following last night's sleet,
nnd in many orchards tho apples
have a coat of Ice. W. fl. t'rton, the
veteran orchurdlst, states that he
st II t has five carloads on tho trees
and that thev are tho Into varieties
and are not hurt.
A Few Shots From
The Editors
X'ntvvllllMlnnilln w. nri t,-t linen
" e ..... v
state government and a larger meas
ure of self-government than ever he
fore, the governor has the appoint
ment of a great member of tho min
or offices. Some of them are quite
Important superintendent of the
penitentiary for instance. We ran
illdue the ehiiviieter of tlw.u.. i,,!n..
officials by the character of the gov
ernor, w e can form nn idea of the
kind of luen Hnruiim will m.iw.ti.t l.
thp mnko-up of his "personally con-
uin ieo ncKet in pocorro county, now
running for office.
1 llll t',t 11,,, rtlln fll ir..1...,a ..nn
dldates for county commissioner, was
on October 6, 1906, after full investi
gation, removed from the office of
sheriff of Socorro county by Govern
or Hagermun for malfeasance In of
On Sclitemhor 22. l!)0fi. P.nvernnr
Hagermun visited Socorro countv to
Investigate the Huca matter. The
people of Socorro made due prepara
tion to welcome the governor. Henry
Dreyfus, then probate Judge of Socor-
ro Coliritv t,. ulijtur hta Invuttv ., Ihn
county in which he lives, his respect
for the executive of the territory and
his endorsement of the governor's
mission, tore down and trampled un
der his ftiitrl..l1 l.rotruna nnn i.r
I'nlted States flags, which had been
eiecien ny mo people or Socorro In
honor of the rhlef executive of ihn
territory. Drevfus is lliirsniii's can
didate for sheriff. Possibly the re
nort Ihni Yi.o.v. hn. a Ann ni iM
lerest In Henry's welt being may have
..in. ..on,, weigni hi ino niaiier.
Itoswell News.
A Voto (icttcr.
T stories ot how ITugermnn
7 r, m
"gobbled" the land In the recos val
ley that are being printed In the
stand pat republican newspapers will
be entertaining reading- for the resi
dents of eastern New Mexico and
will aid materially in muklng the
vote of that section of the state prac
tically solid for the democratic ticket
Tho residents of eastern New Mexico
are familiar with the Hagermans,
father and son, from the time the eld
er Hagermun started in to reclaim
that great waste of land between the
Texas line and Itoswell down to the
present and no amount of prevarica
tion on the part of the plunderbund
press of New Mexico will alter the
facts Klncon Kecorder.
Ileal Shivery.
It borders too much on slavery
when a group of individuals who
have the power of self-government
ullow a small group of politicians to
control elections, elect the men they
desire, collect taxes from those who
arc least In a position to pay it ove
to those who are multl-mlllionalres
and pay a thousand per cent less In
proportion, and then distribute the
money for their own benefit and for
the benefit of tho already rich Tlnl
lup Independent. (New und hustling
uiui-gang paper. )
Wc Wonder.
Nero fiddled while Home burned;
wonder If Itnrsum Oh, you finish
this out yourself. Rincon Kecorder.
f Solos i
I'.y the
t i
MEANWHir.K we also rise to In
quire if Mr. J. K. Tunes, Air. iiur
Hiim'8 perpetual treasurer in Socorro
county, was Indicted and jailed In
Socorro county for violation of the
Sunday saloon-closing law? And did
Mr. Hursum get him out?
MR. HAGEUMAN'S latest expose
of Clover Vindicator Sal'ford really
leaves little more to bo said.
IT IS iaTMOni:i) the omlu.jnt bar
rister is reserving the rest of his
pernicious activity for olc.-iion dav-.
"AS I SAID HKFOKK .the para
mount Issue is whether you desire
New Mexico to be placed within the
Republican column.'' Speech of Mr.
Ruisum. You ure u poor giiesser on
paramount issues, Mr. Hursum, The
paramount Issue which is chiefly
PHONE 1143
319 West Gold Ave,
LLtAN Nli & I
VOl K CLOTHING Either hi
YOVU SlIT Either Sc
l leaned.
VOI R SlIT Either Sex
YOVU HAT Either Sei He
paired or Mocked.
YOVU GLOVES, Xerktlrs, Cur
tains, lrnpcrtoi Mado like new
iiji'v uvu rmcES
We Call Eor nail Deliver Goods.
You can save money
by drinking
in preference to any other. None mere pure and whole,
Phone 57 or 58, and
will have it at your door.
I Southwestern Brewery & Ice Co. I
paramounting just at present is
whether New Mexico shall be ruled
by the people or the Amalgamated
Association of Mutual Vindicators.
with the goods, the Hursum Hck'
after attempting to drag tho head cf
the Catholic chur.a Into politic ic
bolster up its cause had better "ie
chary of referring further to Iho in
cident. Pin MR. RVRSl'M f?ll the truth'.'
"Read the Record. '
als are the same its those of thj 'Ion.
THEY SAY NOW that H m Sir:-. up
captured the audience of 6V with
MAYF.E THE HOSS had already
promised the toy marshal a nomina
tion when the latter failed to arros:
THE CASE OF die McKlnloy coun
ty coal camps is another shining dem
onstration of the earnest dvsiro of
the gang to have honest 'elections.
published circular says :hu if elect
ed he will work for the "protection
of labor." Mr. Kaseman is a. stock
holder In some thirty-two corpora
tions and the original coal burin.
THE SIMPLEST way would be. to
Just declare a recess at the penitenti
ary and take all the convicts on an
automobile excursion to the polling
booths of Socorro and Valencia coun
ties. THEY ARE TELLING a funny
one now on George Armijo, Mr. Hur
sum'H candidate for corporation com
missioner, and a bounty of $2,000
charged against Santa Fe county for
tho pelts of a bunch of coyotes bought
up by a citizen. The bounty on a
coyote Is about $2; on a wolf $!!.
With that remarkable carelessness
which has characterized several of
his official actions, it is said, the re
doubtable George took them for
wolves although two wolves Is a
liberal estimate for the whole coun
ty. The county, salth deponent, foot
ed the bill. How much of the $2,000
the coyote-buyer got, is not stated.
Incidentally the law provides only for
the payment of bounty on animals
killed by tho applicant.
THE EVENING paper's compto
meter places the present cost of feeding-
county prisoners nt $fi,000. This
represents a net saving of some $4,
000 to $8,000 or about 40 or 50 per
cent over the $10,000 to $12,000 ex
pended by Mr. HubbeU's last sheriff
for satiating the appetites of the
nrlsoncrs. This would not appear to
he a particularly strong argument
for electing another Iluhnell sheriff.
If the Trib-CIt wanted to do business
with the tax-payer it should have
geared tho comptometer up higher.
PERHAPS Henry Dreyfus has for
gotten about desecrating the flag. All
of Mr. Rursinn's candidates ure noted
for nhftctit-mindeducsH and loss of
second fiddler doesn't seem to be get-
ling as much Joy as he nntieloated
over his fight on Tom McMlllin."
Tribune-Citizen. We must confess It
is much tamer sport than the paper
anticipated. Making an issue out of
the toy marshal is a hard job; for to
do so one would have to take him
seriously. We, however, request his
careful perusal of the grand jury re
port appearing In this Issue. It may
Interest him,
a poor exhibition of gratitude for the
Kooa roaus tne county commissioners
have given him.
INCIDENTALLY, none of the pros- 1
as well as your good health I
one of our courteous drivers
New Mexico
ent county commissioners have turn
ed any books.
IP THE EMINENT barrister Is giv
ing us a-fair sample of Tammany
methods, we fear that Tammany has
been over-rated.
I. K. PARSONS, philanthropist ,i,t
the age of 91 has decided to sw ear off
chawlii' tobacker and use raisins and
candy. It is a good thing he aban
doned the deadly habit in time.
DOES MR. HUH HELL care to deny
that none of his candidates for coun
ty commissioner is under indictment
for failing to keep minors out of his
saloon? Or that this indictment was
drawn bv his own office bov. Edward
A. Mann?
Jennings Hryan, whom Nestor Men
toya supported lustily in ills first
campaign, is very much put out at
the defection of Mr. Montoya this
year. Oh, Regularity ,thou art a
At Present Rate Democratic
Candidate May Sweep North
west By Six Hundred Votes;
Republicans Bolting,
(gpeelal DUnntch la tbt Moral's Jonnnll
Furmington, N. M., Nov. 4. A
special effort hus been made here to
obtain an accurate estimate of the
vote that will be cast in this county
next Tuesday, and the estimate Is that
the blue ballot will poll three-fourth
of all the votes cast In the county
and will have a majority of at least
r.ao. Mr. McDonald will poll all the
democratic Votes and at least one
third of tho republican votes of the
county. The Aztec Index, the repub
lican newspaper that Is supporting the
democratic state ticket and the blue
ballot. Is having great influence among
thinking honest republicans, In one
precinct where there are 12S votcrl
and 40 republicans, a prominent re
publican states Mr. Hursum will not
get to exceed 15 votes and probably
not more than ten, McDonald will
' ast 400 majority and it may
reach 600,
A Card to the Railroad
The only candidate for office
here In former elections from
among railroad men was Kd-
ward Pinney for counly treas
urer, who was elected by an
overwhelming majority. We
have it on good nuthoritv that
Mr. Prank Ilubbell said before
the nominations were made that
"Pinney had nothing and did not
amount to anything."
Not let the railroad men
show Mr Hubbell their strength
by not only voting for th e re
publican progressive ticket, but
by getting out on election day
and worklne for the ticket.
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the answer to
every Baking Problem.
It's. Fiiw.-Whiter
arvd More Uniform.
(Wholesale Grocers,)
AUniqncrque, Tuciuiicarl, K. I.an Vcp N.
I ceoa, Uowe, Corona. . Trinidad, Colo.

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