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' " en , y- . ....
C;nT'fte Returns Show
'"No "a: Off in Size of Ma
jor': es For Candidates On
tt State Ticket.
Deiocrats and Progressives
Llect Judges in Five of the
Eight Judicial Districts; The
Result in Detail.
Returns from the state election
continue to come in Blowly. The fig
ures received Indicate the election of
McDonald anil the entire democratic
itute anj judicial ticket by majorities
In excess of 4.0U0.
Yesterday afternoon, for the first
time, the republican state central
committee at Santa Ke conceded the
election of Melhmalu ' ' two thou
sand majority. The reptnilleans, how
ever, are still hopeful that one or
two men on their state ticket muti
nied to secure a majority.
Reports from the eight Judicial
districts seem to Indicate the election
of four democratic judges, one pro
gressive and three regular republi
cans: E. C. Abbott, regular repub
lican, carried the first dlHtrlet, tha
counties of Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and
San Juan. In the second district, thj
counties of Bernalillo, McKinley and
Sandoval, Herbert V. Raynoldn, pro
irenslve republican, has an over
whelming majority. In the third
district. John Y. Hewitt, democrat,
appears to have a majority, though
E. ,U Medler, the republican candi
date, la not yet prepared to conced
tfefeat. This district Includes the,
counties of Dona Ana, Otero, Lincoln
and Torrance. In the fourth dlH
trlet, the counties of Sun Miguel,
Hora and Guadalupe, I). J. Ieahy
and C. W. O. Ward, republicans, are
the successful candidates tor Judge
and district attorney. In the fifth
district, Chaves, Eddy, Roosevelt and
Curry, John T. McCluro and K. K.
fcott, democrats, are elected. In the
lixth district, Grant and Luna coun
ties, Colin Xeblett, democrat, Is elect
ed. In the seventh district, Socorro.
Valencia and Sierra, M. C. Mechern
and John Griffith, republicans, for
Judge and district attorney, had no
exposition. In the eighth district.
Tans. Colfax, Union and Quay, T. D.
I.eib, democrat, Is probably elected,
though Reed Holloman, his republi
can opponent, ran him a close race
ana it may take the official count
to decide. George T. Remley, repub
lican, for district attorney, is prob
ably elected.
f.nta Rosa, N. M.. Nov. 9. Twen
tMli out of twenty-seven precincts
In Guadalupe county give Bursum.
McDonald 1013, a majority of
on for Bkirsum. The precinct to b
tifari from is uiually democratic and
My five McDonald a majority of
aH:' fi;ten. The democrats lose the
linee 0f the state ticket and the leg
itiw ticktt. Tranrjuilino Labadle,
Ci'iiican. is elected to the house.
Tlie Vm ballot was ratified In th
miesr tj ::. The county ticket is
Cimarron, X. H., Xw, . Two
ir-.d majority for McDonald In
Coifix county is Eh statement gtveo
by tb,e democrat. here bsi on
"turns from th various precinct.
Ths dmoor.ittir county ticket
DBar r., 'ru son throuab with a
'ii'i'ss. rid, running for judg in
.'.larri.:., h.a di.tta.noed Reed HoU
'"naa in rh;g county badly.
Icr.iix-T. v. Xciv. 9. Ct lit be-.-l
it, ,:wUAtt now that Mi.won
majority in Coif a cnantr in 22 S.
! ilmoer:i!.i haw elect! th ooiin-
:Ww?sr. school auperint.nienB and
''i flaunt y (Mmmiamoners out of
1,111 r!i pa other eounty offt-
a 1 n.
"trminutun r .r t..,. a
!"it amif!'icial rururna from
aii' 1",'i''':ll,'r in tfan J'liaa county.
'"V illa I'.illmv'.tur maiorttieu for Uie
i'il,ltu,.s .in tin d.,mocivu:i; sum
On'ra. ,;kf"rj,"n,l'. ' sovarnor, 3H3;
ill' f:'"';""'' for wiTrtfary at stare,
t-lB- i !'"r atTomey general, 171;
n "' ,v"' "aia auditor, I'.bt: White,
Bm ""'""''""""tent of wtlmolH. 1.12;
'MiilaT'- ""m",'H,,,',","' P'lHIIlt
r ' ''' MaiTun. for stan traimur-
"'"niiRMim, foe ennnroHH. Hun
Z ""tao-ll- i , ....
t in,.. ., ''.imy in. i.n (ivr
, . l . i
'Tdo. fur (i(minmuu t.,ia .
'if ZI'A fU', tPlC.rr.. Tr.,n.
itf "'"""'""tl! eamtlilaias fr juHt leas
n' domoamla oandl-1
p77se Vote For Governor'
f f . iftrsJ i ltf.s.j r ijTiv; .vrr:-
j Wie i-li;r:.s re.-e.x ed t v tt M.-rn.T.f
JourT.il vji to n.iir,.vht sk r.ijht:
4cIVr1d lii.rsar.
JV-rniii:rt ut ....
:!x ....
ivrr Ml
Don Asa J T . .
Kdly 1S ....
CrfcEt Si ....
Gu5lue II ...
Lir.cr-ln lis ....
Lur ITS ....
Mckinley .... t
Mors. 5
t'tcro if.
Quay tit
Rio Arriba M
Roossevelt 5i ....
Sandoval JJd
Ran Juan ttt ....
San Miguel !.
Santa Fe tS
Sierra, 1P9 ....
Socorro ISA
Taos Hi
Torranc ....
fnlon ' J5 ....
Valencia .... H0
McDonald's majority 4J2J
dates for the corporation commission
carried the county by IS.
For Judge of th Ftrat judicial dis
trict. E. S. Whitehead had a majority
of S6S. J. II. Crist, for district at
torney, carried the county by its.
These officers, however, cannot be
elected, on account of the large re
publican majorities In Santa K and
Rio Arriba, th other counties In the
For the state senate, J. K. Sulaerof
Hernalillo county, received a major
ity of 189.
The blue ballot amendment to tho
constitution was ratified by a majority
of 1061.
Aztec, N. M Nov. 9. Returns
from ten out of eleven precincts give
Hursum 421, McDonald, "85; McDon
ald's majority, 364. The remainder
of the republican stnte ticket sve
rages a vote of 616. Chrlstman, pro-gresslve-republlcuri,
Is elected to the
house. The small precinct missing
will increase the democratic majori
ties by about thirty votes.
On the blue ballot, eight out of
eleven precincts give 1,110 In favor
and 83 against.
Stilzer gels S7 votes, t'orwt, f0;
Abbott, 473; Whitehead, 478; Curry,
iOZ; Muca, 484 ; FergiiHson, 736; Val
verde, 676.
Silver ("Ity, N. M., Nov, 9. Com
plete returns from Grant county show
tho following votes fur the governor
and legislative and Judicial tickets:
McDonald, 1,405; Muraum, 1.0GS;
McDonald's majority, 350.
For the state senate: W, H, Walton,
democrat, 1,293; W. D. Murray, re
publican, 1,176; Walton's niujorlty,
For flouting senator, 13th dlstrld;
E. I). Tlttmann dcmofTatlc, 1.17S; C. J.
McLaughlin, republican, 1,134; Tltt
mann's majority, 41.
For district Judge, Colin Neblett,
democrat, 1,240; J'erey Wilson, re
publican, 1,119; Neblett's majirlly,
For representatives: A. K. Ooodell,
republican, 1.354; John T. M'Abe,
republican, 1,043; Robert Houlwar",
democrat. 1,407; Frank VesUy, demo
crat. 1,070. This shows tho election
o-f Goodell and Roulware, one repub
lican and on democrat.
The blue ballot carried by a lar?
Judges Re hi rut Ticket.
The Morning Journal rceivd the
following telegram yesterday from W.
is. Walton at Silver City.
"Following Is the vote on Juda;p
BurkhArt, 1,IS; Uunn, 1.17. Ifinna,
1.1M; Parker, 1.027; Roberts, :
Wright, 971. One republican and one
democratic! member at the honsw. (a
elected. No returns from Luna e.oun
ty ha.ve been received here. Titt
mann leads tn Grant counfr. We
hse" not fail returns frcirn all our
prc tacts."
EflttnciA, N" M., Xnv. 9. With fh
returns in from every Torrance c.mm'y
precinct c.pt fad ma, fcursiim h.s
a majority of 4. fIm will llkel
add I to 3 o th majoriry. makinaj
tt cloff r..v t'lil.
Th. rpuhiicana elct all the coun
ty tic.wef. except Juiii Mvi", prc,
gremaiv republican, sheriff. f,orn
Zamora, prosrresatve republican, coun
ty conmiiSwloner, Juan CfnX Slanehea,
deimwrat. eounty eww missions. Th
majorities on th county candidates
tf ail ry small with the exception
.if 4ll for Z)v. C. I. AmlMe.
W"iTlv,ut Palm precinct the bhf
hali.it win by 111,
Tn tha T'lrranc county district
Ch.tvea, republican,. Is) sleere.J fo the
Stoime lay ifll;. and tahadL ft.i a
small lead rtvstt fcael Tor the Itoune
from the T-rranc-flanta-ilv';'iada-hu.
districf. Mci'loy, rep-mlicart,
lea.in in tlta connvy for rlio st.ua sen
te. ffrt However, loat Hia homo pr-e.nu-t.
'JT.ir diaiiMct Jndg ad atrorttey
riie rapulilican nandidiilesj ace .sliithf
ly in Ilia tea.t.
WT")"? r f f AR ftTFJ TR P:
COrNTT BT SlMAf.r. aOrHVr?
(riuvton. N W., v. !. With nvry
nrnolnct etvapr l heanl from, and
tile vol known to hava gone demo
(ratio ill thow itnrnpnrtwit,. McDonald
for governor, and the ntir slate
(.;nlluuml on' Pago 2, Ciilumn t
i JliflQRS
in nn.nn
Court Determined That the Ven
Who S!t in Celebrated Trial
Shall Net Ee Subied to Out-
tr MxittK mrtu SWtnl ( mnl 1r
Ar.gTioa, N,v liM : .
f-m liitcrrrvtoe cr rt herwlMy t
discuss t', McXamsrsi Minder Hse
with prospects e talesmen. reeived
cognisance frvm Judge Walter 1'ord
well, speaking fnm th bench late to.
Speaking to the three Jurors and
three accepted talesmen tn the trial
of James R McNamara, the Judge ad
monished them not to discuss the
esse among themselves nor to men
tion It any way. Then he spoke st
some length as to outsl.tei-m,
"The court particularly admonishes
you pot t, tuix with any ouuide per'
son, or to allow any outride person
to talk about this case." he said.
"Should such attempt be mud", you
must Instantly rebuke the person
speaking to you. If you can antlcl
pnt It, It Is your duty to warn hint
In advance, and It Is your duty to re
port to th,, court any such attempt,
which may have grave conseiUence
to the maker,"
, Clark McLuin, n t'nsadcna bunker,
today joined llrewster C. Kenyon, a
reputed capltallat, as a talesman ac
cepted by both sides as to cause, and
J. R. Sexton, a retired farmer, made
the third. Jurors Robert Raker, F, t.
Green alld Kyroli l.lsk, already sworn,
appeared In court only at the begin
ning and end of each session being nl
lovved lo remain Hie rest of the time
In the July room,
The spectre of sickness In tile Jury
box confronted participants In the
McNamnnv murder trial again today,
and It was said might lead to fur
ther nlterallons In th method of car
ing for Ibe Jurors.
,. M. llryle, a talesman passing his
first night In lite dormitory on the
tenth floor of the Mall of Records, re
ported this morning (but he whs III
and uiuilde In walk to breikfasl. lie
was taken in a slreel ear. While
(style's slight lllneM was not held of
moment In Itself, but II tins followed
Several case nnomg talenoioti In Hie
four weeks that Hi trial bus lasted,
Court nllliches suggested thai It
might be this In part lo mental Im
pression, ( King the case of hiloxuiau
William F, Clark, oxctisi d yesterday
for 111 health, who broke down and
Weflt lifter Ills release,
"lis like getting out of Jail," be
"1 can't tell you how I
Commerce Court Grants Tem
porary Injunction Against In
terstate Commission's Ruling
in Pacific Coast Cases,
wnshlngton, .Vor, K,jrpecf) re
dictlnn r,f frnscontinn'l railroad
freight rate was htd up tods!' when
the court of commerce grantsd lem
ttTrj Injiiftctlon in.t. ths ordr of
the Intersfafs commercs tiifrinmfrn
in what are popularly knowri as the
MjT.okana ahel other 'c.fi points ffs
The frdr i made ,f if 21 and
ws tfi hr heeomat sffcti-e revf
vVadnasdsy, The eases nvcl" nof
inly the "Rack Haul"' freighf face
tffiffi Stpokan sncf other infr-morin-rain
piint.-! tcy I'ac-ific ro-n fermiciais
hut ai.c( fh sppiiarion of fb long
and short haivi clau of the la. Th
order of the fCitn mission1 fisrHCTilafiy
in fii F!n.v caa,a toM' do-wrv tn prin
ciples formula fed1 by fh commission.
TV. effect f.f fh comiriinlO'!'.' orler
to rdo" tMA fffiithf. r.tf fcom
Atlantic pciiinn fo inter-Rivky mum
rain deatinnfMns, tn th redncrlon of
th ti-artscontinAnfai rates, th rom
miiwiort reeoirniiired' th ef!'' of w
f,r emnptlfiAn on th piicifi coar,
hnt held, substantially, fhaf Ih rat
(mm tn sr t.v cities iie Spokart
ind R.no, shculd' h o.r tlian rh
-rfint irt rat'..
Th fi'anacnnrtrtenlal railroads) a
pealiod fo th commer ' c.inrt, rtiaih
ialinr that th order wis practieatfy
rtia today th iMnrV insned th ord
er iraiitiitsr trt prehminwry injunction
and miMpondinur fit operarion of fh
,iM,r iMHtied uy fh coiuiwiHsion,. Th
eanrt's flttdtmts) leaven rii Frartseontlrt
atnal1 fretithf ati'itciae art it is a pres
ent. TiViv (tilled In rolllHlort.
.f,(lie1ll. pful,. AlU.'fia, .VoV. 9, Art
a rnsitie of tli fanadlan Pae.ifi pan
rteniriir train No; 4r ciMnhunr int'.v the
reai' and of a fi'.'tght tram af Red
r.llt'i'i early tviday, iMfemw- Wahop
and livjiK.'itiail ftegiii Vr instantly
killed; Tho cans,, of thrt collision
lta not hoeil determined,
EXPLAIN 110001
cf Illinois Lcshtvic (,;c?
t o;n1 as to roso;c oi d
$100 Bank Notes.
tsv lMhtt Jwl seel tww4 'es
chior. Nov. -inabniix to -
plain the n'n'( of a sinml ti- ifi
bills wht. h l.e ors.4 !e sum
mer ot lrtt, char. teMrea, i
mohy of farmer ftale Hep.-ew,nta-the
John . IVWolf, of Cs'M. n. Ills ,
tela, bet ore the evonertitti-e of V 'rnted
Mates senators, which Is ieves. .rat
ing the allegation of ctrr''on ir
toun.ling the elevtton tt Fcnstor Wil
liam l.oiimer o liltnoss.
IVWolr was the democratic mem
ber or the legislator he t-e.tp.
tate.t the so-called 'Hopkins mnri,''
which caused Roger Cullhan. dem
octailc national eommtiieeemo, ,
mske a hurried Irlp frmi i liicmii to
Ppringneld during the 1 l.gislatlv
The Canton man lob! (ho commll
lee that he started the tumor that
there to be a democratic ln
sllde to Senator Hopkins simply e a
ptacll.al loke.
"V waiile.l to lmV U.'r lnlll
van come down io Hp'ritiiiUeM and
buy us some of Ihoss big, bla.k
cigars," sal, tipWtdf.
I,ed bv Setintor Kern, memhrrs of
the commute nulpsed lpVof te
gardlng his personal flnaii. let tnal
tets until the witness S.pnVelly ve
came confused , 1
James Keeley, genstal Innnsser of
the Chicago Tribune, said tonUhC
"To those vliu knew tor. It, V.
raltelsoti, editor of (he Ttllume,
there Is no need lo stamp as utterly
false and mendacious the ItislnMM
tlotis cast mi his t hairtl'ler .v the tes
llmoliy of Waller lAhts bpfote the
cotniiiltteB of Culled Nlalei1 seliatots
Investlastlng the lir'lttier ease. Mr.
I'nltersoii ciitinoi ansWet lie Is Hi
rest In tlta.elati.l cemelmv.
"He lold toe n si'ot Of limes when
bis lianio was being Used by cheap
polltl. liihs who thought by Ibis tiienbs
to curry favor with him Ilia! under
no l ire umslMiiees or eulidltlolis Would
he, even If tha sentoijii luitiilnnt loll
wnte Immtecl to him, rteeept that or
IthV other (JOlille irff'; Ilia heatt
was In his work, Slid when he ceased
active work he did so to enti.y n er
Inil of resl esitital br bis llilrty vents
or iititlrlng gelH'llles on Hip Ttli.utie.
"To think for tooment ibt Mr.
Patterson, even If be had bad a.tl
U'hI mill. III.. n would have ennsetited
to, coiinlved at, or permuted any one
to snggept the us of miitiev to Recurs
Off lie, IS ' prt'f.iiBtef o.m. The lltlellv
of the Insinuation sprestl broHdenoi
4ody WHS llitetislfied by rti.f In
tuotlng the lentlmi.t.y of tMs,
"Mr, 'orwitt, who I see gives a flat
denial to finis's eHiiumy, bss hot
been employed by tb Trllonio slnee
1903, mil) In 1909, Whh the fonvef
sallon allegedly look place, Mr. I'at
(erson, f believe, wus Ift ftntnii st.d
had been for some dine."
injurious to red men
Washington, N'.v. 9 -If Is for tb
ecoriomlc snd social gowi tit ttis in
rtiatis, offidals of the Indlfiii Murn
here fllred foday, that ,becfio(i
has been msde to tl.f Sun, liuffslo.
Wlllf.w fid s'.me of the Other f,ro.
longed dances In wNih Ihs members
of certain tribes Indaieed
"fiffefi these orgrs, t'tt fhst Is what
he dances prscflcsil Arn'oifitfo, con
sume several weeks of th ffifliefis'
fime at s. season when bis turrit needs
his attention," sld an offtefst. "Th
Inferior department 'iir' (trtnit li
0'i""t to these rtafi'."
efysk, fy.n Wolf, 'Uhfit -W
ftftd f'oif otner rnmt.r.f fh KircWs.
nr4 Cccnfisnche frii'.e t hef no-w.
While fbey fia r.eer, emmtftiftg about
fh dafic protests, th!' prlfif ifrfil tnr
pos 'ss tn ssk ffiar th money ap
propriafecl for their relief at th ex
'faorrtinaYy session of eongres b glv-c-if
In larger surfis.
fh department I
m,k any char-.g in
in oof fh monv
' said, y-ill not
ponVy of deal
fnotithly pa'V-
Kansas Mr v.- vr-. .
tniorary juryman w
fh ffyd murder rr.-i
Vc.v.- t.- Vhre
w.r ffmiifid in
. I roday and ti-nw
d.d- fo com (VW
sWfeen more ar r.
fh nsr of ferry nev. fn of fhoo
vti Ciiia H Tied today evefttv fr. ffar
rlwart. ft is a menief of l'h sam
lodif as ttt. K Mn ' ffyd; th ac
eiis,f man and fh .i-r mad a d!
per'af fiar'vf to diso aa:itV him. f
sdmlfrd helng a subscriber f.v a
Irtd'g paiier" which r.'cenfiy contain
ed art arncie ,tef,nd'!vr fr. ffy.1. hnt'
said' h had not fend it
Vw Tennea-ee
JfemphiK, Tenn.,
( oiofeesutMnn.
'o'. !.--Kenneth
afcKeilar, of Memph.s. -Vas elected to
comer. as represent at'iv fr.vm fh
T1h- Tennessee dsai-;ef fo complete
fh im.Y,ted term of ih lat (f.ner
al fims7 W. -fjordon. W. A. W.vai Her
ri it II, soclnlluf, Mr McK.'liar's rtnpon
nt',. polled' a unvart eie.
.iVI,rtnn fl-iro in hteStM.
Chicago; Xw. 9 --fir litnighe d
stroved Ih llHrtt of in Chicago frioitr
.vfilla enmpartv, caobl--r a- leaw of
ahont' l-hlit.rt'Vrt'. Th fir sioetwl on
ih. strteitf floor to'iir a icancltv of
ij,rvmmn itae.i for niih'iBir purposes.
WirC IS i ll FOR
(vves Tc-ct'nvi.y at iw-'
Oath i-t H e fath?!.
eeet ws.l Sirl mmA tit- 1
. '. -o V,'. s s A.
leanest tc'v c-,-r the bc, ot .T.-v
olrn. who vio c.'o, hot to ,..ii
in Ms horn rcr t'e citshots ct tke
city iVcx-ember ?. if ..s.irnoex shifc
thyesteeed . i ,). t'e slatw
Kite. The w enn (s Vein held b
the olt.e In !ne--.ifli1ori similar
to the eee ece.lrf in .h ervcittxa cse
v'harlc K. Vh.f,- a step-wow b'
the woman's v,-d miiti I'Md cf
thte mayvlavs t,, vn..,. .... s,
trailed, Ihoush b.a ciieer tctn.en
S.-Vnowledg,! cnl two be ..dd.-d thit
he sitspeetol Mi .Ju.nn, then M.
Thorpe, f havlen m.d his rathev.
since, h said the hneb-.nd end v if
alone were In the h.mse si the tt.
The testimony tod-tr -Md t'-e iel
lowing as facts linohlnu Mrs tj.onn
"That she had msvvled three times
"That her second hnsband, alien
Thorpe, who she married within l
months after ibe deat't ot bey tbt
had been shot lo death under eltemn
stances hot hulls. liulmt s death.
''That Thorpe, on Ibe day ot hi
death nnanslna lo dee.t, his 1i
fat m to a son, bill vs shol while ..t
ting ready lo so lo a notary lth h'
' That she United Thorpe's home he
fore her first hnsbntid Was dead
'That she anil ilansbtet were held
III etlslodv iitlet- l'hoi pe s death, but
Wele released."
Mis. tjulnn lold the police llial she
SS ahelieil lit the lllehl by S pis
to report and finilid her lulsbn nd sho(
In bed beside her: that Ibe tntm nf g
man Whs dlseetitahle In Hi tllnt Ugh
flout stieel lamps, and that the fdtiiti
ger tons soitiethlua llhe IIRH from
beneath (he murdered limit s tillb'tt
A revolver belonging In one of bet
milliters tttid missed by him Siotn-
time before (lie tragedy Was folou
behind a balli lull, Itttwevet, hti'l ctu
of Ih idiiintbeis nf lite let olier loo
been illsebataed I bis pud setersl ml
nur delalls of the wimian's suit?
grottserl sus.eoti
Uliitlc Jwi hli")S li I Hgltt.
I'hleiigii, NoV. .--Wli"tl .lafties
Mirm Was sc. n sled suddenly fast
iiishl by a uniformed .i.eeii.Hti, lie
was so f I lgblei.. be lost bis Vide
It vn tt was locked lip ami fot bums
lb" pollen tiled lo ge( hint to Spcnh,
but w It hunt hvfiII. I.al'-r llrati
voice tetuitied under tteaioief.t.
-. ,
Govornor-Eloct f.nr.rivn.n Tnle-
crams from txer,ufivc5 of
Massaclmfietls and Ne Jer
sey; Aho From W, R, Mnarst
fsV tilmlrh tn th Mnfeteg .festf
Csrrlnoj!,, ,vj. M., V'n'. 9. fiocetri-
f,r-le W. ('. M'f'.''Sld, lrtf fh
r,sffial fs!i r,f fh Mlfi
ele'.fifrn m're sfifioune'-d, showing b's
elecfl-.n by a Isrg ms .rlfy, haf
been del!i1 wifh feitram from
friends irr rbe nev sfsfe and promi
nent dernocrafie and f.rogressfv lend
ers ancT governors fhrcmghotif fh
Among fh felegrsrns t I :'?t1 by
Vfr. Mcr.onald wer n-, .-: from
linvth(f Foss of Massachusetts', f
elecfe on' 'fndav ar. from ftov
ernc.r WoodCcv Wilson of V"-w ,fer
sV; fly- frovernor pv.lif of sourl;
'Jovrw.i-rlet f"" o' K erf-
fa It y. an-1 William ft. ff.v.i-st cf w
t -upturn W'foriab1 fcioronr'nly an-jsrv-lfls
this ev0ii-.i'',n of eoYiff
dnc m him, and evfec-ts tc f iHv
merit it s,v Jr.'.'ing ,v'-.e .vTyico a clean,
ivivttvv,s.lj!tA and pr .a-lfifn-isffa'ion
a Its -frrst sra' nflv.
(HrU Wiftij Abeao of iftcrieif rrle.
Chica.-,, Nov. :.. -Fit .Velson.
Xannv r.nndn' and p .. fceehn nd
d their mil .ciir from R.irling
tori, la., today ha1'' a hv ahead of
rnSf sehed.il. The.- syenr last night
in a ,WTyh Ins'1 rcysi.i tn ciry Itrn
itg fatner than f.f,:-m rr.n ffift on
mrecf aV.
TH w.tlif froni th s.,!M,rhs fo fh
heart of the rhv jm in aslivn for
it series of rtvaftoi'-s l''r tn yiunir
ffrU farU W.rh Toy fVroT.
Santa Parliara, Cat., .V !.- Arm
ed NVith ,1 aper ca pO'tcl. -.vnlch fh
ifiiai'da mitooif for a d-vuVv wapon,
T.vnt Ct ft,,rti' ft. on of 'he )arreT and
sironirv men ever confined in the
eo'inty jail, escaped todav. iVftrlen
t'led. hnl! iViH soon cap'ored lV f'ep
ty Sheriff Pool, who led an xclt
ibf chns in an itmomohibv before he
eci'lld' ilefetad ,' itrien1 to return to
(ail, Pool found it necessary to fire
seycr.a! times.
V " C , r-
1 V . .
'tlTt-t i . !
1 .,.
n t-T i ft if. rm- t'---r"!
'A 1 V,. pty.r . r r-
1 A ( IV , Vhi -i
" v W r 't-ri i .l t v
-A r1T flfSft-rTVTl , :
;. 1 41 , -rt 1.- Vf
V. VcmU if) n.'.t 1 M , , . . . .
MIE0 0U1 ON Sit,!
I1ei..i. . , , .-.- A . ,1,
t-,i,-t,'Mn cf t-i in., , nf
, f ile 1n.t-vrt1nat ' , , 1. ,
". H.'f..i- union, te.vt ..m,m!;
,1. . !.,, , , a ii, r ,,B.,,, ,i, .i.,,.,
cf te i,'Vh-n l.iwwi .i. . . n
pnr. h.Mtt ..! m. n i"nv.,t,
e, hne...d. hmond V'"b...t
tn,l Menii.nt wtt . n'.li .'r.l
the hoib-tmnVt'si at h HnnMiV
plant baie net nciti.d Id , i.ial
..!., th.- vt ns,, ( , do Welti en
"))' M, ni th., ,,, I ,n h I'.yvnl
. m ,i..ve (i,. hotbvmnhe.s Ivm.
b.-.-n .' int..- sin.e Inst )"cbnntt
"1 Ih- rOi. ials !!! ! eupon closed the
tiius In c.v cinnn
WlmH-iv. Wnn,, Via 9. lib Ibe
thmiHinnn.t v. i i , ii.j helim ?i vo.
tlielt vatl-oi ,i.nim. i, ., n, th,.
pVlee nt e.eil 94 a (on. I,,l,.,, ,,f 1,.
M I 91, sniiiixp ,.,.t ,i,.4 n the
MlieVtrt ipsil lrt s.n la, leu a ll.il'S
tltl t1ell. The e-OO '! ,'lv e i nn,.p
"I mines 'Hid Ppevitevs stMl itul
leg si 9'.ph. but pie net , , t , . ad to
report. I'lie towns am p-iit "lied by
mo.mled pelb'e.
- -- -..
Nniwny, Swrdrii n'ml Opimnity
Foiinnlly Invob f nvoird U
tinn (;,in?pj ripslthit lt-
'f(:lnl In l'(1 I'll OiinMmii
Wsftttng lntfftl SneHsl lease! tTlf
Ivneblns'iin .N or. 9, - tlon-tCftienls
nf i'otopi nf" cl'iltidn the treaty
rlpllf fit file (fen ftdtillot1 IMo til
I'nlter) Plates nf nm pulp ntif) (.tint
Slot other fcjof '.fffiie find S'vre
dert and, II Is lififb"'d"nii, Meftnanv,
have formnll Intnlt'-d the ttmsf f'ir
tiferi tifitlnti clmsf nf thMr fespecl,
lvB t-'imnierebil Iff-atle with (bis
eoiififry br fe-ison nf the fact thnf
"foiifl fmlp arid Its 'foilucts nre pri-iy
,,,Im- ,(,.. us .1,,, I. ,,l,, tftmi f'.aH-
Bdit Info Hie t'tillcd Ptnl'-K free of Irn-
fo.rf charge.
The ftecfhtnt Ins nf stsl and (he
Ireiisufi' and fbe ntforney pfnerfil fire
f'tifisldef Ing Ibe fri'i ttc-r. whl'-ft iv'!
sio.tf be laid f.efor fbe fircsifent ff
the- P'dnf Involved Is an Interpreta
tion' of frenfv f 'rf.is. fbe ptoMcfri v!
fio( be referred to cf.figreos, but -fl
he snl.-ed t the ereeHftc. ilfh'i'tgri
)! M ndmiffef fhtf the fmporfts
mtr ffrrn-T f tt r 'pies'lf.fi info the
emtrfs ff tfio pf eldfif ' dnei'iinh f"
f'anada enfo-s this fnriff adcnnf-'ir
tffidef Seeffort T.vo of the re'l nr '.ci v
agremfit. As this firttr was rit.f
feperid'-rit upon t'hf".ttt'-'it ''.on be
Csnnd.t It not i f f ,-c-r rf tv the re
cent re.o'-f(ofi of reciprocity he fbe
people of fhe flofnlnlofi. .ccfo.fi 'f .vh
f.roi'lfles fhaf vei.,-,d pulp oof from
lands on fh product f -hich there
wore no restrictions Rftrl paper rnan-f-faefureff
fr'.m och .vooff fmlfi sfio.tfff
be arlrf.ftfe.'f in'o the fnlte.-f Pftfes
f 'firing fh last fe iveefrs a fntm-
her cf irofior-ers of f.af.er hn'e flaifn-
iCf free eptry .if rhe effsroms houses
Ofi fh A ftanti
The freas.ir,. fic(,irffrrr,t Inrfrnet
e,f tfie eoiiecfors f.i Irriprts flf usual
cliffy' and f.-.r.varl fo W.-xhlrrs-fofi alt
profesfs ffie.-e nae neen folicr; nf
ntiflf fn'n" there i- a rmmber aa'ainng
tb fleeiston tt ft. gc.yerorTirif
Aeeordinir fo .isoms prfs fhere
is no pfeeecf 'nf tn Amerteffi eofnrir-
eiai reia'ier-- fo go rn a e) .., -i -1 ,-, ri
Poon ffffer tn re.-iefocjf ,, nefeemerf;
tjrr-isr sined f"f the f ei'e.'f .'rf.res tttil I
Canada mere a- .s reee.eed frcm on
P.nf.'.peafi eti'rv, premntr a.-iy ffef. !
p-anf -n hn ii.,' f.s fr, .vnether rne i
most fa ..red n-vi u ei,s -.vmiIT u '
fornai'i.'-a i ly lever tn tarl'f bars tn
fh icoiM.t in eae rb pact vera ruf
fled This was reef be the rfmnf
bar rh frt".atr f policy of tn
f'nitefl Sfafe h''d beer, fe, reffarf fe.
eiproeify .irrm?H-i.''firj as tiarfratns
whfff rl'itrles e'cro ahonhed or (v.Cer-
ed is, fpidr.ricri of rimit.tr ffctf-
mnr hv the f.rh.r pari v.
fVipsf)itnt!y if c "' deelareit, f.ay.
rd nafien tre.-tr.ccrir Coiid not be
r la trr1 and the cnN' ay in ivhich
th !"fe-.i 'i from ot her eonpiriea
CO tld hi' .y.'fccreil ,e.a. thfoitS'h s'rrdliif
reeiprce if rreanc?, the rc.leerton of
reeipro 'i"y f.y 1 1 ma.1i heveever.
ch.inges i'he efifire .'ifuifion as this
ep.tnrry eannor row put forward fh
theory Of a bargain.
S'fanfry ffefarns fo f apFt.af.
Wai-hirii-'ion, Xov. !. - f;cpr'nia
flve sttanfer, of Kennies-,, ehairman
of tho spcclaf home cftrnmit fee,- ifi-
.v'igatlng the f corporation, re- i
forned to WHshlngton today after a
-trenuous pBrtlclimilon In the iccn
tucky eampttlyn. Ib' said rhnr when
the committee re im s itrf work on
November 20, It probably would con
tinue lis sesalong uiittt the Christmas
hotldavs. Tlie cotnmlt.liso will give spe
cial attention to the relation of the
steel corporation to tha reread,
100 IIP IS
ill II!,
!'i v.Vo -.i Oi'vi ?v' ?j I -1
1 Iv'Y, j ) 'v r-t!' , .
! f . r i t"l.-M r 1 U i i r i : i -i J .f
hii'f'i ri.'i.M.-i Whn Av
'm? of Uhiii'.vili1 Masacie.
(ft, M,-.nln .sitstnl Scc-tll Yre4 Wht
Mitn, Vet lii- li-.i1! n, m)-p.
n'v. Is "til ?i.i!Mi:, ft-., intic.arh nf
the fr!,, ft the V
with vain. I W
, I,,, tit . r'
!' I"lr rv-t
hate V.'"t lei""
tt hb h. sti npelt
... ,..t,
!-V d .
1 i-o, fa 1U,-,
i-i1'. and "th
,ytn nltl-'n
nt.'.,, n pvrt I ,i'.'is
eel t,.,1 to l:-. ( !!:..,
tll!Hdi-'l, hi tr'VU t"f
It Slice.
A "lllc pteynftlops for 'that a ron.
shirt i d the In. I ipit'l" t--;'jit nroti the
capital, are opa on within the hya..
tlett guatt't- l"l It la to n i ' 1
Itflt the M'ltiilnl djnnstt til') be (5t!3-
ed. V iii.le,tet It W nsefti-d, will be
Inllv pfilei tt d. hut t Tp. th tn e hrs
talipbt tbot the teippef of 1 1, p people
Is not tn be tt noted ttben vt'olntlnti
ttj mmetttettts nrc In ( t ' i
The tart that T!.ti '1"ln did ttnl fall
5 f.-lef tiny as as i rpci ti d. Is n h"l't
ttl s'etl, beo'tuve It liolb-atea t'lrt t
nha'ett'f ntct'S the vrt olitHonlsts ttte
l-iltine in ih.. not Id nnd tiv't, tbcvtite
pt oeeedlmj nlnt" ral et'il ilnrj nti,i nrf.
ncHng ttltlt i ottoiilefillbtl ntirt without
lifi-tc, VVIille teltifofeijttients linte
rearlieil I'elilli, frpnrt hue becrj te
'it "d e n u met ens rlcfectlons of tl'
S M Milt H foldleis III the rebel !do. Tile
eot i t nmetit ttonnv nrc ;tn ntvettaln
'lit'ititliy: (oil tin te :irc still Inynl fegl-
tttfttlS illtllMttB i"t the tbtttIRt.
tt Mutt Rltic, where Kin f ct nllttliiti-
l"ls niittnjiiilief t"i t!'n jtntii't'allst.s tlve
to one. the l:ite plUI hold J'titple
MoiHltalit. .'I hey hf" sifonely etj
ttcmheil tt ttd lite sal 'I to limp ttbtttid
attt sitppiii.s.
,t tifrele illafateti has fe'ti tO-
t-tlvcd (rout the American, (.nimol f;d-
mini f. I'atti t n ho bat fttrlied
Mattltfitr. ftooi i-fhring. The Con
fi Hi ft I Hte t'liffoiiis n nil ether fnt
elett nftlehl"! rife let y Inn ('hittipr r?lfig,
ill fiff I'hUetf f.Mtclrtf e, nhenrp (lie
Htlil-h coti'iol sends reports tliftt Hi
Sit lift Hntt la cil(lc"l. The fonrj jieffteet)
I rhatpT ttntl IdiuttR King Is tttinrtfe
find there (i-ttiget frritrl fbhher
ftfa rt rl , ,
A.tt Atpetlerttl Who It Hi bios inlfrtt
with the !')'!! TH rebels says they
ife lib tcd fllfli two farMi'ipt. 'I hi)
foftnef vafh e faction pf nimbly wilt
f-i.f.ifoi linn ait until Hicfe ) rt rtiji -
H-flal fotce bchlfid ttjetil before tatt
ing fter the cfy. At PfO'cnt btily
s.Sttft ft"!lee . ttliin ttte city, support
Hip fehel'l,
'Ibe fittltttrl hf forelltfibts ts cfltt
Iftg ftfitU-fv ititi tll'i'ritft ft wort"; the;
rebels, 'if' rebel leaders m.ffjr bitt
that the cofinh have per miffed Hifl
pf.cerbfncftf tfi bflfie th f?iflcrs coft-
frarc to Hie nfofoefd ff t f t f fin ft
(,,,.,(. f,beefe,t fo (leneral Chiing hrfriR-
Ititr In froof.s Fnrelprt pK-vav of(l
efafs. thev sac. provide frtlpg ft I th?
poeerpmefi' o nr-f.'-f1, b'ff per at ';en-
raf fttcnes. ,t t e't f ee 'esr letter, fe-
ferrlne to .tc h In- l.fcpte .if m-f bcinif
.ftraf h," hef f. ccecl f.t f.y thp con-
solftf borb- a f Tien 'fif) The fefftrt-tfafff-o
railroad (iff feints fife IHtewfRe
(irfe ll'lfl' l1!.
cl-ffftl . v 1 1 f .fi'.s neat ens car
ried ft.Vflv fiffef Ms naspffffitjffofl fi
feiv fifghts nrn, ca o.-i-nf (he belief Ifi
certain fpiaffcrs
been offered for
(.,-. bea.'f fi-is t,ee
hiff.'P f'lfc hoi
ha been Iri-'efi'
fhaf feivnrd, h.al
ff. (t I fnfnoreil that
i fTOaehf to the fnf.
the sferv ccfdenttr
'f.'ef bv rehets, who'
fr-e corripllclfy of thn
s-..verrtffinf cvldfifly
'lef Of fofetepefs fblf
bO(,e fo pr;.-.
f'al'l.'e IP fhc
f f. f'bmc
h . r , f b e f
ft,- n ' 'tppfr
" uhfi.a t'ten ef.nfreits fbe
.If .i i ftofi In
rib I 'hfna And ff la
1 1 a r f'
I - I' . '
- ecery p-e-lfiip rri'ans fo rrain
nipporf fleneraf f'f'Oht?, however,
roan of rtrong caricletions and ftr
,fiffcr,.fit fvi.e than fh, ordinary
,-enf!y c:.-n, raf f'bane fn spcift.
fo a cor'-e'-eoridont. .aslcecf what
r-trn !bone.hf of th trtf ifien.
; f M" men desired pea' and
i in
peace meapa be
it this great tro-ibv
or' rbtntc so- niuch
Fat.1 ('.an Vuan
tO'ldl to
' Why do
fyf finn
"!-'. rriai-
n rf'-crrtn;?- fo
ami (o'f.oritl W
rat f'han-r ernr
"a .'erfimnf.
-no raj fain, iv;
, f ifi'roef
; n
hi '
filft earn In
reached f". l
r '!" Fa The rc
'ciieved ro h,-
The f'bfne .,. foe, .
i f of the J''eh:)a
fcporfpd Mo.-feit
soon bo elearef
''- ,t('c'Klon a
i : ' n c fa ! ('h.aritT,
. I'd arinoiinoes
Ay. ivtif.-.h wftg
the r-t'ClS. Wilt
Tff'V fTV -"fff 1,
f 'tV tf
Tien Ti''l. v.o'. ?.
In th avowed Inter.'!
i ft tllttO.VK
'..n ct the tev
it Hie city tu-
nl'lMonttts to fii(,
day an,( ibe finding 111 Hie Ilrltlali
eoneeinn of a pro.' I.iiii.itl.iu to Unit
ci'eet, Tien T'dti r' ln.'ilns nulct tn-mft-af
IS tiit !oj al lo Uio la tptilng
d'iia-iy , fr.-nch Kilnlioilt, In atlttc
lDt:on of ir oii io, tiiid iiiovcil up tha
river fo pro!,o r tlie f'.illioUc mlsst.Ui,
The Coii'inls biivc coiisljeryd the
vi crov a jv. ni ;t (hilt t'o'V lsjtud
0roflaruaHc.il forlililditig uJJIUoniit
ir .op;, parilcularly those from Lun
ch.au, from entering th InUrdliti.d
area, within neven miles of Tien Tain.
The consuls also have boon Indirectly
approached by an emissary from Oen
era I Chang, the Ijinchnu commander
who desired to MCert-'-i t..e,r ttl
iCuuliiiued uit f l 4.)

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