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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, November 10, 1911, Image 4

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I he
mhmhiiiimmiiiii ' tmmi 1 1 1 nn
This is a real Golden Rule Sale the kind of sale for which the Big Store is famous,
AH departments are at their best Table Linens and Napkins, Dress Goods, Silks,
Ready-to-Wear Garments all are here in profusion and at money-saving prices
i Results in Transacts of X
Larze Aren't
Relative to Estates.
Kid Gloves
69c pair
F.xtra vai'ifs arwl Oti.-ilify Kil
r.! vfi in Brown, Tan Gray, al-i
Uiifk awl WJrte. in sici 5 J-4 to
7 a h' ici.! at
69c pair
; Table Linen Value No. 1
10 Piecr Choice Table Linens Bleach!,
ft inch wiile, latent ilcirn awl all Pure
I.inen, worth 7:c a yar.I, on ilc jt
I yard -Pc
Table Linen Value No.2
One I' it FiwrM l!k aciiC'l Table Linens, "U
inch wide, viy cit'd jiattcrm, extra fine
quality, values ti .'1.50 yar.l . . c Is. ice of
Black Taffeta Silk
Yarl wi-le C'luiimis IU;nk Taffeta Silk,
fine ki-I firm!i. extra weight ami tia'ity,
jj-fnine 2? l.S'lyanl kiwi, n sale fur. .'.'He
Black Satin Messaline
V."rl wi-!e I'iaik Satin Mev-aime, extra
na il ty, fnif lu-drr, k-IN fur $1.50 van, mi
fait f'ir 'ic
Colored Dress Silks
50 pieces Cullri'-e Wi.l nv I'unuee Silks, 2
4 indies i'!e. stnclv a i k. a s hade1, con-
i!cred clieap at $1,0!) yarl ; all on sale
for S'k
Extra Special
b'iv.t: Drrs (VU for SI a unl. Gran'!
Clean l -n Olds ami Endi cf il-h
Grade Dre s GwN. ( hir Grand G r..L na-ti-.ri
I ,t of I'.roadcloth ?:c:l:an M'v
bair. Farcy Check and Screes, value t
SJ.OOyar-1.. on sale f-,r SlUyd
TVeu; Cream Serges
Sjx-c; at tallies in ery desirable re , 43
inch Cream St.nn Serge. SI 25 ard aliS
reduced t Wc yard.. 50 inch Cream
Twd! Ser'e, SI A') yard value, reduced to
Sl.lOa ard: 50 inch Cream Heavy Twill
Ser?e. 175 yard value, reduced to $1.30
a yard; 56 inch Cream Diagonal Suiting,
$2.50 a yard value, reduced to S 1.90 yd.
Danish Popular Cloth
.56 inch Danish Popular Cloth, in Cream
W hite, Ltt-ht Blue. Pink. Brown, Reeda.
Navy and Black at 29c yd
Dress Goods For
Evening Wear
30 inch Wool Dress Goods in delicate
shade' fur evening wear of Ba'.Mes. Al
foatros and Cashmeres in Eight Blue. Pink.
Hclio and Green, on sale for 40c yd
Habit Cloths
5Vinc!i Habit Cloths, extra weight, half
wool, gives splendid wear; conies in
Browns, Grays, Reds. Navy and Black,
worth 5c a yard ; on sale for 40c yd
5Vii.cIi Be.-t Sturm Serges in Plain Navy
extra mialitv, fine fnih,
and B!ak.
.v l, worth'? 1. 51 a v.ird.'oiT i.il,- three
days only Thuridav. IYiday awf Satur
day fur ' ' OXc yd
White Wool Dress
Special lot White Wool Drcs Goods, 36
inch w ide, in plain and cream Alhatros,
Batiste, Mohair; also Fancy Polka Dot
and Stripe Mohairs and Black and White
Strii Fancies; values to 75c a yard; bitf
special values, choice 40c yd
Fancy Ribbons
1 9c yard
A social as-ortment of h:gh grade
Ril,'.n in Dre-den. Moire
Plaids etc.. 4 to 6 ind wide,
values up to :0c a yard; sale
19c yard
Special Sale of Samples of
New Battenberg Pieces
Just Received Very elegant and select
line of samples of New Battenberg Scarfs.
Center Pieces, Doylits, etc. A rare opportunity-
to buy at low prices. This entire
line 'm sale at S EARLY OSE-llAU-REGULAR
New Tailored Suits
An elegant lot of Women's New Tailored
Suits, all sizes, in Tan, Navy and Black, in
best quality rge, also- f:4xj wool mix
tures in Tan Brown. Green and Gray,
b-.ught to e!l at $17.50; all reduced for
this a!e, your choice $1 1.05
Messaline Petticoats
For $2.95
Our line of Mealine ?atni- and Taffeta
Silk Petticoats at $2.05. caniuit lie equaled
in t!;is city. Over a hundred of the-e Iieau
tiful Petticoats just received in all tl.e lead
ing shades; al.u delicate .shades as well.
These Skirts a bargain at $4.00; on sale
now at $2.05
Redfern Corsets
Special Closing out Sale of all High Class
Redfern Corsets, all sizes; values $3.50 to
$S.00; choice now $2.15
Typnr.raph'ral Error Gives the
Candidate For Suptc ne J ud: ,c
Shddo the Worst of It,
A !" )! iT!i-til' nl i rri.r In tlu. Mrn
! Jmiriiiil vont-r-lav mvb Sir.
NiimtMin I'm kliiirt, f noi'hi l mi Hit'
ilr-rniM rail,- l. I f. r buim .hu
'"iTt. ii In hm '.nii.iy iif L',3I,
muKlig It iiti.ei.r th.it I,.- v. ii lull
llllij ri.tc -14, ial.lv ,ui. it,,- iht r
tw., t'i'i'.H lux is ii.iai.jli, , mi,)
On Ilt-iii, ;.lI,iii.l Inn,- . n z.S'M.
Tin- Al 111 "ii. '0 " h.. A K ,i,l.. I','
1: .:!;! ( -iirj .si,-, I, i . . ,i ,r...
i'f ') ir tin. .i .. wiih.i, i,,- a
HI hiM.I ,i,y i,f (,.! in l;l,y lljHllI, I,
! II i,r I t l- t,l, t hf I 1 1 1 i I Mi 1 1 , K ,
tlitf,ii!li ),I.' U," ii,,, lint i I m, ii
li.iln .1. 'I i.ia hi. I, i.l. . it...
ION) If. 1 1 ' r. ,f AHpihiu. I. l.lv. 'Hir Mil..
Ji t t (if Ihc enay In to tie "Tim Vlrlln'
or th n riiun t ru t I-jii Truln fri.tn tut
l;i1ii''tli.rml VU'W in. Int."
Twrnlv lB ilolii.rn '- in ), inlil for
On- (hkiv whlih iiuikn Ki-fiiml, un, I
tl' f-,r lli- i,iv whi, li iiiiiK" thif.l.
Ttw rp will be llw- rl?..ii cf (5 ou h
lur the I'fuiy wlili h tunkM thlr.t.
Tln-re will ,p tivp ).ri.oi of ITi in, h
f.r tin- vmn til h vnfik fi.iitlh tn
I 't htli Itn liis., i , una ti n l.tizin i.f
f J.t' i.'i'h for ih wiiii'M rxnk
frnin ninth to lKht.'1-n'h, In.rt itntvi.
Tin. mitii rliit.-nil. tit of ki tioi.ln, or
lti- pr'n. or the t. a. lii r, or n-lmt-
H'T till' liunl of tllr . Illllll KN(.I I
(ttlll'll, Hill Kl-lrrl III,. Iii-Kt KKKHV Hllll-
mltli.,1 liy piiil'H III hl or hir iIIh
ttli t, timn or illy, nml mtnl It to J.
. Ji.rrt.ll, nili -Ity hr. tit of tin- Him
In l'i In Tupi'kn, Kuiihus. Tht i-
imvii linn will 1.8 Ju.li', by All.irl
MH.-ltu of Clilcnito, cilltor of th.'
FtititH l.tiiiiloycM' MaKHiliif; I'hlllp
laiHtiiuiii, miinunliiT dUinr of tin' Tn.
pi kii IihiI) 1'iii'llHl, mihI I,. I., ki. .tun',
tliiinn4liiK i-.lltnr of the Toirkii ,-iliiln
Join nal.
t'llz.H will In- . . t t ii...ii tin' r.i..rl
of tin- J iul , i;v-,i a muHt not run
ovi r I . o oo w.,r.li,
Thi- iLiiiniiHlriitlon truln, wlil.h l
I"' III T. MiH Will r till II til To.tk:i,
N.n i uilir '.T., n In n tin tour o t n
o k will I lilt. It H l-htlllllltl'll tliul
H ilill'ii.n mo I n half p. 1 1 1 1 . hiivi dcin
Hit- II 'in. Tl.i. Mulii-t ,.r.iiii,i(i', ,.
whiih i 1 1 ni i t.-.l no iiiiuli iill.iilloii
wl'l n,, i, ,rlf.'in for f ri Ik lit .r-
III ttuft foil half y If you t
Iniurre our nnKin i
Hot Springs
It curtu, nml von rpnmh rurr.l
know, mot ,,,i will tf vnil tr It
; "I" i ill . I lh fcll'iti-lll kllnt
mu on rurlli.
Why n,i vlult Fayouil Hot
""l"lt fust, !ni you ivriii.
I'.i'ly no ( Ii f-r- nni wHy.
I.ki hum), in h.al I'm tft ell-
nii( f.,.,kl'.
! f . Mi li.-rmoM, "Tin. I wl '
I)mxI. S. M
City Official Made a Member of
the American Society of Civil
Jniiii'N N. (iliulilliiK, city niKlni i r
nf A I On. iit-r. i un. Iiiih ri'i i U i il a tmtrh
opprivliilt'il mill wi-ll (li-ni.rvvij honor,
lui!iig Junt r. i t'ls i"il notice of his
vliTlloti to nii'intuThlii In Hf Aiiur
Irntt Horli'ty of Civil Knulni i r. Thin
oIKiinlatlon Iniliiil.n thn uri'Htist
iikIiii'i r In tin' l oniiiry un.l to lu'
i oiiii" it iiuinliir un Hiilliiint in nut
h ivi- th,. itiilniNi ini nt of flu. imni
l.i'iN of ilio n!iiiil.tiiin. It Ih iimlil
Mloi.,1 thin, iiro only oin or two othi r
i'I'KH in in thin tuition wlm hi'lmiK
to llll' Morh'tv.
only to find Hhrlff Franrln lhlnd s
Wlm hiiitir n.iltinsr for th.-m. Thi'y
wtrn unarmi-il and without food whi-n
rauKht. Two of thorn had !( n run
nlnK the open tr lunch foimti-r on
Hnn FYiiniln.o tlri-t foiv day hf
fore thi-lr foolhardy venture.
Th thrr younit min rnj tnnd wre
t'lvrn a nrollmlnnrr hi-nrlric t fore
Juilci1 J. . IliirririRtiin Tmiiflav and
wi'ti- hound i.v.-r under h;OI of t'.'.ftf'
i-B. h to uait thn aitlon of thu urand
I IllV II la ...,.!..- I. In ...1 U.
J j " i" I" -'"."i.j ioi, "t-in, miju.'ii
rid-handi'd with the ntrn horm sHnd
Duddloa, thoy will (.lead guilty to the
f horic" a itiift thutn.
i "
1 M
I '.u t .i (T Ai if. . Nov. :,- lli n Mir
'i v'1", loan mI. .ait i,irw of
... wim kh k.,( In lh" tin i- I. -i inuli'
I 1. 1 .,.'. Ill 1 1 v I ..i mi M ..ii.l.i v
ii, an, k.' .ri-ly mji'ri-,1.
t n . . I .- I, .dl liri'll IlKtltllii all. I
'l, lo . 1 1 1 -1 1 Kill llhttUI I.HIII i' llh
ii.i.iv.. in. I,, .ii, hiils of nml nuili
' Ii: i-lil- of th- fa.-.-.
('.., r.-ii, ; ni.imii; hu pp. i,i.,1 t.. I.,
,111 I hi- limi i i ttii. tlnm un, l..,ir,l
. i roium all, r lh.. i!:tui t ..una' an I
:li "Ii'.l to tho l.oy'a Hiit,aiu-i'. At
jl.tfl ,1 w.i a ilioiiKht Mlndi-r hiil li.-.-n
, kllhal i.iin-U'hl, I, lit BftlT HI) rxuMll-
l alloti It wm foiiuil Mu liijurlia w.ie
fi-iloiiB hut to.t ilaiigi-roiia.
try a Journal Want Ad, Results
I'liiKiIalf. Ariz., Nov. K ...Th.' thr.'C
lairKiam who hrokf Int., I:l,ikr' har
n. nhoi nnd s-inli- nohllon mid
I'lii'iio ni, then Hath. ii, l in thr.-c ..f
JuiIki' llarriiiKloii'a hotn.H IhhI wii k,
Will. .ii,lui,, Sittiinl.i lit ihc irofs
llIK oil Un' I.lttlo ColotM hl hy Shi-rilf
I r.iii,i. Th.'y prinid P. he Harry
r.ohihsoii, hii' haint, vns cut off ,y
a MilPhliiK rrclKht triuii Ii.tc u a-w-tnontha
,111, mi, I two Mount tinti
nmii.'d Mill. I- anil Sinilh. Kot.'tiHon
i luion hu. home I" In Ii. nvir and the
other ti.o i hum A1I,ii.(h r pu. as their
plioea of rCHldenee,
Tin-v were ii Notry Imn, h of ilesper
in. a when taken In ly thi nhcrlff.
and H.liiiilleii they wii,. real Horry
On y I. a. I tai Uled the joh.
W'omI i iiiiic In to the nhcrlff a offli-p
ili-il tl.rie men ntiw.rliiit the dim rlp
tinn of the men wanted, were Keen
c-irllei- that day on the Tuha road
and Sh. rirr Prancia hooked up hiaau-
tolliohile, IcuvlllK leillty Sheriff
Uo"il 1,11,1 County Kaiuer Frank
Kiilnhild li p.'ddlr loim after en
harm hi k.
The thlrvig turned nut and hid when
the until went hy and finlurdiy nnsrn
lug tin y . aitif tin (o thtt river croaainK
P in nernnnlino, f'al , Nov. k Two
enuln.'H were rtcmollched. fifteen earn
piled In a h.ap and Cornlii. tor It. N.
l.an.loii of the Salt Lake railroad a
hadly Injured tonight, in a eoliion
of a Santa Fe work train and a Salt
Lake rrt-ifht tr.iin (in the Joint track
or the two railrnada fit Vlrtonillo,
near here. Telegraph polea near the
track wan K,iiiter'd and the win
put out of i -mnmiaalon. I.andori was
phiceii ao.,i. n (.(mine here and ini
III. dial. y taken to I. OS AtiKclcn.
W'rei k.-ra w ilt nut to clear the main
line which It wan rxpe. ted wnuhl (.
i.'o. k. .1 iiniil sum, lime tomorrow.
The i a .isc ,,f the w re k was n't il
ti riiiiiie,! tonUht.
Th ?-r -aiori of th protatt
coart t:r.r --t.trr:hi'r was h!d In th
court hou in 'id A:buqumu
t-rdar wtrh Jud FHomeno Mora of
f ChitUt tr-ni inn. M E. U. Gar
actir.f aa tntrprtr.r.
A nurr.Wr of pnat matter! were
j taken up ty the court among them
j bfring the rp- rt of the hoard of ap-
prasr rf the utate of the late
Frank E. Sfjra. This report show
ed that Mr. S?ura died leavirs real
eatate to the an.'.unt of H.J per
aonal profity. IT.TT. and Muck in
corr.rt!..r: l the amount of 14.500.
Vp"n her own petition the honj of
Mm. Sofia Hu'hII. a IrTiinijuritrti of
the estate .f Thorcaa iv Muhhell. de-r-.nu-4.
was char,ewt from a person
al bond t" a surety l-ond. The I'nlt
ed States Fideitfy and fluaranty com
pany thercLpx.n. prrsnte,l a bond for
Mrs. HiMtil in the ixim cf ll'.OO".
wh'ch a approved and filed.
The petition cf John F. Urown to
he appointed administrator of the es
tate of the late James Engiefiai w, wai
l Ol. .... ued until today a rsti,n of the
G. Badaracco presented a petition
to be appointed administrator of the
estate of Pedro and Louis Badarac
co. which was laid over until today.
Mr. and Mrs. L. T Delaney petition
ed the court to be alt owed to adopt
Ernest Well, a minor child, and to
j change his name to Paul Delaney.
The court granted the petition.
I Manuel A. Garcia wa appointed
administrator of the estate of Vener-
ahda liuix de Garcia to serve without
Arthur C. Culver was appointed
administrator of the estate of Charles
M. Guinn, under a bond of SSOO
which was filed and approved.
Vpon the petition of Ilasa Toti to
have Otto Liieckmann appointed ad
ministrator or the eatate of Batista
Toti, and the i-ond was ,'ixed at 1300.
Dolores Garcia de Apodara was ap
pointed the guardian of Juan San
chez under a bond of JiOO.
Francis G.-irri.t was appointed
Ktiardtan of Feiiclta Sam hes under a
bond of 1 2 Of.
The final report of A. Borders, ad
ministrator of the ey'e of Isaac
Kuckej", was received and the hearing
thtreon set ;or the firt Monday in
The final report of Fram ed DraKoie
administratrix of the estate of Maria
firagoie. was received, approved, and
the administratrix ilis harmed.
Lloyd Hunaaker was appointed
guardian of Mary and Kliz-ibtth Hun
aaker under a bond of I.'.UO. He was
also appointed administrator of the
"state of Nellie Nash Hunsaker un
der a bond ol t-00.
H. N. Fackert petitioned the court
for an order to compel F. W. .Sehmal
niack administrator of the partnership
estate of the Williams Drug company,
to turn over to the administrator of
the estate the assets now in his
hands. An order was Issued as re
quested. The petition of Deil A. Georges to
be appointed guardian of the person
and estate of Maria J. Sayn-s an in
sane person was granted and the
bond fixed at $20,000. The court
thereupon adjourned until this morn
fapeetal CarrMpnadenra u Mocatnf Jottraal
Koswell. N. M., Nov. ).Anson H.
Coleman, Jr., a pout office employe
at Matuohen. X. J., writes a Koswell
newspaper that he wants to walk
from New York city to Unrweii and
bring a message from Mayor Gaynor
to Mayor Veal of Hoswell. Tile xew
Jersey pedehtrlan is romlntr west and
will locate in Koswell on a, count of
the wonders of the fees vall.-y, con
cerning which he Im heard o much.
He will walk the entire dintance and
carry the iiuaxane, pr,ui,.., ioiffi, ,.nf
Interest In the enterprise h k1i,,um i.
. i. , . . . . . -
io" ernes ai me t wo ciols
propose, trip.
You can save money as well as ycur good health X
by drinking
Glorieta Beer
in preference to any ether. None more pure and whole
some. JUST TRY IT ,
Phone 57 or 58, and one of our courteous drivers
will have it at your door.
Southwestern Brewery & Ice Co.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
7,ll)tll II""'"""
let the usual number cf three
r are earnestly hoping that at
this time the old adage will
ep-;tt itself.
F nur.att y in neither wreck was
r.vore hurt. i
Becoming Confused While R Id-1
ing in Taxicab, Kansas City
Resident Maims Himself Fcr
Br Marahig Jaara.il Sporlxl teaa4 Wlr
. Kansas City, Mo-. Nov. S. A tap
finir on the window of hia taxicab
canned a chauffeur to stop the con
veyance suddenly on a crowded down
down street here today and allow his
pasvenger, Georse R. Andrews, a real
estate deater, to get out. Wood
streamed from Andrews left hand as
he stepped from the car and rushed
into a drug store crying. "My hand Is
cut off." The Injured member hung
limp fr.m the wrist, almost severed.
In the bottom of the taxioal; lay a
sharp hatchet covered with blood. The
hack seat and door were smeared with
blood, on the front seat, spread as to
protect the cushion was a blood stain
ed het.
Andrews was taken to a hospital,
where physicians said his hand would
have tn be amputated.
'I became confused while riiiine in
the ta vic-ah," Andrews said. "When
1 regained my senses; I found my Inmd
nearly seven d. I often carry a hatchet
arout with me to tack up real estate
si urns."
1'n.l.TH.nwl Fetd (Vvnfhlrnt.
r.irmir.gh am, Ala., Nov. I. Con
gressman o.n-ar W. Cnderwood sail
regarding yesterday's election:
It is very eratifyir.g to know that
the most decisive democratic vktor
i.s were achieved in Kentucky and m
M.i--ivhus. tts, w here the tarfff wHs
made the paramount issue. The re
suits in New York. Maryland and New
Jersey were caused by local Issues. I
thir.k the eVtirnt returns show the
democratic party to be In a stronger
position than ever."
(Willarj Record
A northbound freight on the Cen
tral Friday afternoon in charge oi
Engineer Irvin and Conductor Angle,
was wrecked seven miles aouth of
Willard which tied up traffic on that
line for a few hours.
Just after cominc over the top "t
the hill at mile post 88, the engine
was shut oh and the train was drift
ing slowly down the hill when the
engine tank left the rails, turning on
Its side. The first four cars were
heavily loaded with tin plate and
when they ran into the tank, they
were thrown from the track and
scattered over the right of way. The
four cars were badly smashed up hut.
the contents were not damaged. 150
yards of track was torn un around
which a shoo-fly track was built and
traffic was resumed Saturday even
ing. Sunday morning the northbound
papseneer was several hours late,
caused by their gett'ng the engine
tank off the track while passing over
the shoo-lly.
There is a general belief among
railroad men that if the road has one
wreck that there will be two moro
following In a short time. This is
being verified to a certain etcnt this
week on the X. M. C. Iist Friday
they had a bad wreck of freight cars,
Monday the northbound train ran
over a cow in a brhlee It tniles south
of Panta Fe, derailing several cars
and tearing up 300 feet of track and
the bridge. Now the men arc watch
ing for the third and last wreck to
Heartburn, Headache, Gas and
Dyspepsia Go Five Minutes
After Takkng a Little Dia-pepsin,
The nuestion ay to how long you ara
going to continue a sufferer from In
digestion. Dyspepsia or out-of-order
.stomach la merely a matter of how
soot, you begin taking some tdapep
sin. if your Stomach is lacking In di
gestive pow er, why not help the stom
ach to do its work, not the drastic
drugs, but u re-enforcement of diges
tive agents, such as are naturally at
work in the stomach.
I'eople with weak .Stomachs should
take a little Diapepsin occasionally,
and there w ill be no more Indigestion,
no feeling like a lump of lead in the
stomach, no heartburn, Sour risings,
Gas on Stomach or Belching of undi
gested food, Headaches, Dizziness or
Sick Stomach, and, besides, what you
eat will not ferment and poison your
breath with nauseous odors. All these
symptoms resulting from a aour, out-of-order
stomach and dyspepsia are
generally relieved in five minutes af
ter taking a little Diapepsin.
Go to your druggist and get a 50-
cetit case bf Pape's Diapepsin now,
and you will always -go to the table
with a hearty appetite, and what you
eat will taste good, because your
stomach and intestines will be clean
and fresh, and you will know there
are not going to he any more bad
nights and miserable days for you.
Tiny freshen you and make you feel
like life is worth living.
Annual lire w Great.
St. Paul. Minn., Nov. 8. The an
nuul loss due to fire in the I'nlted
States, Its prevention and comparison
showing a much smaller annual loss
In F.uropean countries, were discussed
tonight before the Minnesota Fire
Prevention congress.
Governor Kherhardt of Minnesota,
produced a table to show that In ru
les of America, the 'fire loss per caf-Ua
In 1910 was S..39, as compared with
4 4 cents in England, 92 cents In
France and 19 cents in Germany.
, 4-
Miirdcrrr lOscapos From lrlson.
Columbus, ()., ov. 8. Wllllnm
IliiKsell, under life sentence from III
ron county for murder, escaped from
th,, penitentiary this afternoon.
Try q Journal Want Ad. Results
The First Methodist i-hurdi of Ros.
w-ll will open a rcvhal n ting Fri
day night with ltcv. Martin Arm
strong as the evangelist, ,, wjth
speilai musical dire. tor. The meet
ings will continue Indefinltelv,
Anyone l,,liT.te. In tae car nf Ten
auiii,tin lniiilit get one of the In,h,i
telling of reciocries bj the ue nf t k
iii n AltemilTe.
Ci.urflis, Mtulilmni Told, and Pneu
monia may he tbe liemiiuiiik' of mom
eil,,n troubles-KekBiau s A Iterntli e la
tti. rff.-ctlve rented. Ilea J Mr. K.nm!) a
aiiiieii,. nt - Sural, .ii, S V
' iciitli men: For five or nil yeni I ,
n t'oiil'le-l with much anil H!'.t..ia
tl'.n I !.i Ii.nl a hlsh fever. My . n - 1
Wli ih-'-hir.-.l roiiatiiiipllnu Iit iiiv .liv-. j
rliui I win. k'lven Cod Uver Oil. I ri a.iti
ami ether inciliclue. all without ln.iirtu !
"At l hr i -1 oiu a time, lll. I win mil
ri.e. t,, ., iyr (slllng lir It II M, .
.inliy. be n hlae.1 the e of K' kiiian
Al'.-intive, which I took with rieellt-iit re
aii'ta nml a. entirely rureil.
"Inirlng tin. iit jfar 1 Imve gsln.il
l.'i P. I ii.i out III all wemUei. am)
have h,ol ti,, -mih or eol.t wlmteu-r.
I Kin. th,.,. r.o-ta i.i eiti'oiij'Hg.' nlUeia to
Me V.. kmi.fi Alterative."
Hl;,e, Affi.hivitl J AM, W, KANAI.Y.
: km in Alterntlve ta ettectlvr hi llnm
chili., AHthmii, Hut Krier: Threat Mel
I mot - I r..,i!,... un.l In ii.l.iil.ln( the
i hi Ilhh not riintaiti tn,u..na, opli..a
r h.il.ii finmieg ihniia Ak for himalet
nf iiiie.1 , n. - and wilta to Kiknian
I nlniuo iy, I'hiiaileli'hlB, I'a . for mere r.l
.ten f..r ante by all leiulliif dnigulnta mil
Highland Pharmacy and AI,,..i,o
Pharmacy in Albuquernua.
The twelfth annual mv
naptist ((invention opens her.- tonight
and continues tn Sunday night. Mes
senger from all parts of .W Mexico
an, many prominent visitors from
other states- are arriving on I1 trains
for the big event. The program cm,,
t.ilna three sessions daily thut are fill
ed with numerous events.
Tripoli, Nov. 8. General Cuneva
explained today that the forward
tii"v.in,nt which has Just commenc
ed, is a Rim pie policy measure to
clear the outskirts of the city and
strengthen the positions of the Ital
ians, lie will contine the advance, he
said, to the limits of the oasis of Zora
which I the rallying point and sup
ply center of the Turks and Arabs.
Iiuiln,r the winter, General Caneva
added, he would prepare an expedi
tion for the Interior which would
probably be ready to start in the
tnc rwym
! Leaf v
Ledger A ; I Saves
1 ! P Worry,
V Energy.
'" iP f'-TxX
L ie , ViSr 1
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