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meriting Journal
(Of flrLl Jipwaaps at w Masks))
rMtoa4 b
J AM K.4 I'.I.VK ...
rti-m ltrrrftatHe,
J. AMt:itMM.
Marquette ItutUling, U.i-ao,
la -tern lteniiliit)f,
It M I'll It. MI UJiAN.
SS lrk Uw. ew Vwk.
Knir4 M'nl -im natter at taa mom or leaa mdniloua Institution
.utne t ihr K M, c(whrn Kuroiwan diplomac y watch.-a
inlPVtl. g THg
Ul","ll"fA M' k'
MI LK OK THK i,;".,,i
khiiiiiiaI fABTY VHa.Jipene
inn akk mi.ur I
I .ri-r rfrralaUn" af ether pap"
la N Mr.iro. Ihe aair imp to e
Mel Uaaed ererjr a la ! jrear.
tr.Kdt ur at bk Birrios.
r.ll. Ir nail, uaa avmia
IMalir. r
carrier, ene mtiala
Te Marntac 4amal aa a Mhf elr.
ihw e"lr la Mulra." lUe Aaxrl.
aa . ! sNraciarr.
Aintyi r-yt Mtw meico
William (". Mi Donald,
firnt (tovir
imr of the plate of New
51 turn of t!i. He nhp
Mrxlco, is
born on a
farm In Herkimer (omity.
New York
in 15r. II ik mother died whin he
aiiout four yciira old and lil
nrlv vi-ura were anent lit ork on
the frm and In attending the coun
try achool In the nrlnhliorhood of hi"
home. At the at of 17 he wita em
ployed m a i Iiool teacher and atudled
turn durliiK hln ai'flre nmmenla.
fomlim -M In inn . Mr. Mi lmioild
waa iidmlltid to the Imr at Kort
Hi-ott, Kantua, and the eimie year he
came to New Mexico, Journeying. "V
erlnnd from Veaaa to VVhlt
tMk, which waa then the ene of
coneldi rulile e'lement on account of
gold dlncovcrlca which ha, been made
ArrKlt'g at White Onka the future
governor eccired einploymciit In the.
atore of A. If. Jonea and later look up
mining HiKlneerlmt and purveying
which he followed aucceaafully until
the aummer of l9l, when he took
charge of the I'nrrlmizi Cuttle com
phny, alnce which time he hna been
practically In ahaolute control of the
matiagenient of IIP affair.
Mr. McI)onaId acrved aa aHdceaortif
Mncoln county during 1SS5 and lxHtt
and rved aa a member of the
twenty-ninth b Klflatlve aeecmhly, be
ing clectid 111 the full of IMHI, repri
aentlntf the rountlea of l.lncoln,
( have and Kddy. r"or four )cnr Mr.
Mclioioild eerved hp a member of tin1
board of county rotnmlaHlonera of Lin
coln county and wap chairman of the
bourd for three yeara.
I.axt Pcccinber he wap rlmaen
chulrtnan of the democratic atate cen
tral committee, pervlng In that capac
ity until hla nomination for K'lViriior
curly in (Mober f'f I hla year.
tiovcrior-i'lect Mi 'liotinld has rcald.
tfd for many years at the ranch head
quarter of the c'MrrUoKo Cattle com.
pany, clone lo the town of Can l-zimn,
He la married ainl bap one daughter,
20 yeara of nM
ins out: n stii.i, rou waii.
Anybody who la fond of delicate
iniKKlniiP, and who In on Intimate
lirma Willi Theodore linum vi !t, ha"
a fine chance to do a little diplomatic
plant at (Meter Hay, The end Ik to
pcoumlc Mr. HooHevclt not In write
Uli) mme about the HI hill ill Ion trout
lea. The men up to thin end Ih to pet-
Rllaite Mr. KooKi Vell that the puhlint
tiiiii of Kin h an article an "Arbltra
linn. Tri ti-npe ntid Iti it lit In llkcl, lo
tatiwe iSei linep 111 Hinmeclt coniinoii
and pnli-iied. Thla iirgtimcnt could
Hot be un-d In lip tiakt'dncaa cxecpt
by a Mi) c.ii'iliil friend. H would
hate to be draped and veiled.
Not, howivir, that the argument
need be huhaiin il of lip itakedncpa. It
Imputep no niotlver to Mr. Itonaevelt.
It merely ,ii that his ne of con
tempnraiy vi nt, lip a proof of the
uller folly and Iniquity of the urbl
tr.itlon ircHtlep, jieenip Jnt a little
flabby. Wl ul p bappi iiIhk in China
prmea 1 1 lit t a power Hem which tulll
tarl'iu If. abnetil iiinst lai k the
nieiuiB or keepiiin order within lis
own boundnrlea. What lp hapnqiluK
ro'iir Tripoli "provea the til t .r Inel'-
licletlc) of paper 1 1 .'Iti MX wllelllheV
rue Ulilao 'keil b b.r. e. All of wllicll
we ri fn i tfullv (oibinlt, ha.i lodhlim
to do with the cane Hup iiuyhody
aiiryoti-d that the nt 'ill rat b-n troalb-p
win i'i' a i,,iieu ttorKitot subHiltute for
the l ulled St tea liavj '.' Nobody,
far up w e know.
I. it up be Iralik, binvi ver. aiul ud-
lult that we blue niiether intpon for
wisbiiu', Mr. ltoocevelt would nop
v.rltltiK Ht'tb b s ngiiliiKt the nibiua
lloil tieuliei. Koolii-'i a we think
them, these nrtleleP Will do the treat
lea harm, will b-Kt-eli their I ham c of
gctlinu ratltlnl. Mr. Koom vcIi hit
not S' l HeniiM.Mil hip influence tipnn
publl.' f,ploon. Tl'.ut ltifluiiice p
atill irroat. opinion would be Infin
eon d by an nrliele nun h no. re fool-li-h
than any lie hup written, protlded
it Were uleiud Theodore liooM-Vrlt.
The illmoury that the Chinese
navy was uppl,.( by none contract
or with woodin shells Is proimhlv
another vvldenre that tile Chinese are
adopting Western habits.
Long experience
tlon business ought
the Insurrec
be an aid to
ITesldeiil Mudero of Mexb o In sup -
i'rcenltig the Zapa'tlsia movement.
imep.tai.n oinioxs i.v
fan the Chintm? revulutionarlrp t
lip an.) iiiMinUin rtld govern
ment? Thla Ip thi nuiptli.n hiw
aiiprr Ihe clWUird rlJ anxlmiply
awalta. If the unpwrr huld rove
to l In the fflrmllv that result
would b muKt aatiafactorjr to the
Amrrli n pcoi'le BU Irn"ip m r.ur.
ope, HhouKh thin l not no certain.
A ptalde iiovcrnmirit in Chln would
mean an il.lltln i the roll of the
wtirld'a Kret pnwera and the rlw of
n nittlon of uri'lrful ntnUaIltli-
in war anil nace. It would once
more diaturb the balanca of power, a
witn nmrn com rn aim jiif.
(in the other hand, a ctmuition r
l"lned dlaorder In a country now
eonpplcuouply weag in a military
would mean partition of the
empire, with the great European pow.
er and Japan all clamoring for a
The prejent aituatlon appeara in
ctmalderahle meaaura to hinge on the
peraonal weight and Influence of
Yuan fhlh Kal. He nppenrp to be
port of middleman, not committed to
either able In thla conflict, but one
In that position may eaally full be
tween two ptools and fail lo aceom
plleh anything of value. There are.
In f.tct. minora that the revolullon
nrlea are dippoacd to dlptriiMt him.
It appeara to lie certain that the
Muni hit dynaaty haa practically com
mitted Pulclde and it la unite doubt
ful whether European Intervention
could now be micceKuful in reatorlng
It to power. The Chlncae people have
,l,.,.iiviy repudiated Mnnchu rule
and the obligation reata on them to
pubatitute pomethlng tatter. A paper
court Itutlon I promlaed it ml parlia
mentary government, but It la quite
doubtful whether free Inatltutlona ure
popeible or aafn for a peoide wholly
unpntctlced In atu h thlnga. There la.
no dotilit, a leaven or eituiateii anu
Intelligent leadera, but It la quite un
certain whether they are able to
cominand the obedience of the ecml-
hlllaed muppep.
now Tin: in ri ui:ii m woiiks.
It lg annoiiiiieil by authority that
petltlonp for a refert nilum of n con
stitutional amendment to reverae the
recent verdict In favor of woman
hood miffruge will he circulated im
mediately In Cnllfornla. Douhtlesa the
neciaaury number of Hlgnalurea tit a
petition of thla character can bo oh
Kilned wllhout other illf flculty than
that of pay I n;,' the aollcltora who make
n busmen of thla form of Imluptry.
H la riiKy money that aollcltora In
thin field earn, although It la possible
Ihut with the liiullliillcatlon of iru-
pimod referenilit qualified persona will
be more inclined to aeriiUnlic petltlonp
that may be aald to pledge them Im
plicitly to the purpose of the propotl
i nla. Hut as it general proposition
Hie compilation of it Icxal and com
petent petition, duly algiieil, will be
moptly a qucKtioti of money, and it Ip
underptood that thla extraordinary
movement to rcVerae a popular Judg
ment before 1M cold la Well llnanceil.
Though It la generally conceded
that the prcaent movement has not
the ptuallept chance of aiicccpa, the
fact that It ahoiild be act afoot wllhln
Ichh than a month from the vole
makep by llnelf it atraniie an tire on
popular government aa it la regarded
In certain clrclca. They might at leant
pity the people of California. Ihe corn
pllment of permitting the menaure to
be tented by experience.
Asking for it referendum to reverae
the verdict before It hiul been an
nounced by the pecrclary of alate
iiinoiiiilp to telling the majority of the
voters at the recent clci lion that the
cut ol f half cm ki d.
The lloolh Titrkltrgton divorce case
Is scheduled for the latter pint of the
present, week. tieorge Randolph
Chester has Just come hack from
rls wlih a new w ife, and Kb hard
I.e liallletihe has married his thelrd
helpmate. If Nat llouilnln doesnf
again come to the rescue, the writer
fellow may soon get ahead of the
actor chaps In the matrimonial Mara-
I lion.
The persistent report of alleged
atrocities by Italian soldier In Tripoli
are not pleasant reading. The massa
cres committed by the Chinese on
one another are another matter, for
we like to believe that Christian na
tion ure less barliaroup In tvurfare
than nation that are not Christian.
It Is to be hoped that the reports of
Italian (fUcHlcs wilt be found to be
fals when the facts become known.
That California won Ihe first
fur It cotton exhibits ut the Hit
bind show 1 mi Important lie
lens Competing with growers
pl i.e
t'niin; I
u of i
from i
all the fcoutlieni states, tlic k rowers
of the Imperial and lower .Sin Joaquin
t alley lame off with first honors.
f Util'.i
would seem to bo a
far cotton growing in
isui'i r of tin
Meil!i o.., K ,1
of New Ymk
metropolis Is
sup that th
great health
rcmrt. '1 w i ut y-llve persons, he
found, tlod there last .tear nt n
oir I fill. They mlKlit be still al!
tiny bad i oinc to New Mexi. o.
Hodmen declare that there Is no
fl.mger In strali'.hlawiiy living. Like
the maloiliy ,,f disasters the uv lutimt
aci blent appear to be due to misplac
ed Pclf-cntif lilcnce.
The cause of universal peace ii
gulihes sllishily owing to the fact that
(Mr. Carnegie due not sptak Italian,
I Amble or Chinese.
The Commercial Travclera" Nation
al leatue la undoubtedly rlht in n4
puming that It will have the pympathy
of the great ludy of the public in it
deti rmlriatfon to radicate the tipping
abuae. It Ip right, also, in character
izing It a aan un-American develop
ment of foreign origin that rhould
never have taken root In thia country,
but haa grown w ith the weakening of
public moral from tha knowledge of
graft In political and othtr linep. It U
a ppeclt-a of beggary that ought to be
abhorrent to any aelf-respet tin-:
American, no matter what position he
oecuple. It ia an abject aubmlwion
to a holdup that ahould be Inatlnctlve-
ly resented by any American. It U
all wrong any way it Is considered.
From an economic plandpolnt it la In
(iefenaible because Ha tendency la to
lower wagct to the vaniahmg point.
From a hiiPineaa ptaiulpoliit it la con
trary to all rules and venae, alnce it
meuna paying a M-cona lime ior er
vtcea abundantly paid for.
liut it may be nuktd, what can b
done about It now that the aystem h
po deeply roti d here? The Travelers'
League believes that It can make most
headway by notifying the proprietor
of place where tipping ia allowed
that mile the practice Is abolished
and the help la paid living wages to
perforin the services for which the
proprietor charge their Rueats the
league will in aof-dcfcne Beck other
accommodation. If it can convince
them that It mean business In this
warning, there can be mi doubt of the
rcpult. Hut tan it?
Commenting on William J. Krynn'p
crltlclam of llrltlnh ruie In India, Oli
ver Ilnlnbrldge, the traveler and lec
turer, ay that liryan has become
"world famed through always being
on the wrong track." There la some
truth iu this, .strange aa It may ap
pear, fame la sometimes won by be
ing always wrong.
r.aymond Duncan, leaving for Eur
ope, says Americans do not regard art
seriously enough. He has been of
this opinion ever since he was m rest
ed for not putting enough warm
clothea on his little son, Mennlkits,
Duncan believes In the umlruped In
The price of cranberries In some
part of the country la said to have
more than doubled recently owing to
the control of the market by n truat.
Homo Thanksgiving turkeys may nave
to go without their customary dress
ing this year.
Among all the old and new mime
that emerge from the story of the
Chinese war that of Wu Ting Fung
loea not appear. Where can the gen
ial aiul Inquisitive former minister to
the l ulled Nlales be hiding himself?
Some encouragement may be felt by
Tie Chinese emperor In noting that
scvcnt I uioimrcha have granted con
stitutions wllhout causing any radical
changes In the form of government.
Hefore the Chinese definitely decide
nhout that proposed new constitution
had they Hot better (Iron a postal re
quest for ml vice to the contribqting
editor of The outlook?
Th effort to disqualify a prominent
official from voting has a certain spec
tacular Interest, but Is not of much
mathematical importance when the re
turns arc figured.
It Is triiij that an airship enables a
man to see n football game free of
charge. Hut counting risk and gaso
line ll would be cheaper to walk up
mid buy a ticket.
Repoitod New York Capitalists
Aie Negotiating For Purchase
of Famous Property in Mo
gollon Country,
INpeelal Corrappondear ta Morning Journal)
Siher cily, Nov. 1 a. There is n
rumor of a big mining deal on hand
and it i onu s In such a way that much
reliance can be placed on It. The re
port has it that prominent, vve-'ithv
ac,i experienced mining i.ieu oT New
Yolk and other places nio ne.'oil
aiiiut with the owners of the Ernestine
go, iiiiiielii the Moiiollona to lake
ci i r Hint valuable property, one of
the biugi st producer of Pie ui'cci-
oua metal In New Mexico, Engineers,
representing Ihe but els. are now on
(the ground making a close Insii-efan
the minis and it Is quite probable
ileal win be consummate 1 with
l w a weeks.
, In
lit M VKi: M l) ON
I II Hill) Hit M II SANTA I I .
Another big ore train waa ladly
vt reeked at l'lerro yesterday. Sever
al i or were hinashed and two hun
dred feel of track torn up. No one
waa hurl.
Write NOW to The Knight-Camp-I
el) Music Co., Denver, Colo., for
their illustrated catalogue, prices and
tern., and blir list of -Special Ilar
R iinp in alinhtly used planes and
l'la er-Hano.
Results From Journal Want Acfygiving Sale.
Government Reclamation Ser
vice Workers in Sierra Coun
ty Give McDonald Majority of
14 in a Total of 224 Votes,
ISneelal rrraaada'
Klvphsnt Hutle. N. M.. Nov. 9 Tho
victory in this precinct was for the
democrats at the recent election.
When the vote were counted late the
dav follow loa- election It was found
that McDonuM had received lis and
Rursum 105. ISiea 11" and Martinet
107. J urines Frank Parker and ex
Oovernor Curry ran ahead of their
tickets at this pl.oe. Cunsidi ruble In
terest was manti'est in the race for
sheriff of this county. The present
sheriff, Kendall, received the largest
number of Votes at this place.
The democratic candMate for rep
resentative. Tucker, and the demo
cratic candidate for state senator
Titman were In the lead in this pre
.lnct. Work began Thursday morning on
the A tower o" the west side of the
river. Three towers will be built on
either side of the river. The tow
trs on the w.st side of the river will
be 125 feet In h'dght while those on
the east aide will be 88 feet. A con
siderable force of men has been em
pli yed most of the summer grading
for these towers and the site for one
of them la not yet completed and will
be as Boon as it is needed. A hoist
ing engine has been transported to
the site of the A tower and will tie
used in handling the heavy timbers
to be used In the construction of the
towers. Home of these timbers will
be a foot In diameter anil 44 feet In
length. A road almost one-half mile
in length had to be constructed In or
di r that the materials could be haul
ed In for the towers on the west elde
of the river, while on the eat side
inly a short road was constructed
to haul the materials for the east tow
ers. mi iii iiiiiiii ii ' ii iii iii ii in ii inn
In Lighter Vein
Domestic Fractions.
Utile Tommy evinced Inordinato
pride In his knowledge of "fractions,"
and not long iigo an opportunity waa
afforded him to demonstrate the fact.
His mother asked whether the little
neighbor was an only child.
A look of triumph Immediately
came lo Tommy's face as he replied:
"He got just one sister, lie tried to
fool me by telling me that ho had tw o
half-slsterc, but I knew too much of
fractions to be caught that way."
Harper's Magaalno.
Importance of llclng Correct.
The Sunday school teacher was tell
ing her td.-iss about the wicked chll
ilrcn mocking the good prophet, and
how two she beurs came out of the
mountains and "nte up" over forty of
the wicked children. "Now, boys," she
i iitu liideil, "what lesson docs this
teach us?" :
"I know,'' said one youngster; "It
teaches us how many children a she
bear can hold." Huston Trunscrlpt,
"Fri'd iiiecred himself with Mayme
when he tried to pay her a compli
ment on her hands, of whose slimli
ne she I very proud."
"What did he say?"
"She led the conversation adroitly
n .i--'al to the subject of little hands,
lira.", he told her that hers were simp
ly great. "-Hulllii'or Star.
Airy Halmcnt.
Since little l'aul' wrote hi cnnipo
lliou on snow his mother hopes thai
ho may- l u a poet.
"I don t really know w hat snow Is"
he began, "but I think it may be air
with clothes on." Youth's oompan-
r.usliifsis-l.lke Hoi;.
"Thai mi-a rablo III tie dog of your
conns up behind one, gives a one
and then run. He's a mean beast."
"on the contrary. I consider him a
first-class business model.''
"How so?"
"There Is so much snap and RO
about him." Halllmore American.
An Fxplanallon.
-How old are you, my poor
fellow ?
1'risoner Fifty. .
VlHltor (thoughtfully) Didn't
say 45 at the trial?
Prisoner Y'es: but the Judge, gave
me live years' Puck.
Not surprising.
Ti e Man nt the Moor Madam, I'm
the piano tuner.
The Woman I didn't send for a
piano tuner.
The Man I know It. lady; the
neighbor did. Chlcnuo News.
Terrible Suffering.
Hi Ami dUI yui suffer much when
ton had appendicitis?
She Suffer? I thought I should
tuner live to tell the tale.
lie All, that must have been suf
f' ring, indeed. Philadelphia Itecord.
No More Worry.
"Party that lost purse containing
;o need worry no longer; It has been
found." r.rookl) n l.lfo.
Obvious Fxplunnllon.
I'.ritislo r The cably said the fee t
itfcieil him was shy about a half.
What did he mean by "shy?"
Huhhite He meant you had offer
ed him too modest a sum. Huston
Special Glove Values, special
Silk Values, special Ribbon
Values Golden Rule Thanks-
Woman School Superintendent
Victorious in Luna County;
Desperate Jail Breakers Still
at Liberty.
(Spwaal rrtaaaaef ta Mania Jaarmal J
IVmins. N. M-. Nov. . A. A.
Pouslaa left yesterday for Howie,
Ariz., on a business trip.
T. W. Webb returned to his home
at Phoenix yesterday after visitin?
for several weeks with relative in
iHiuing. He will return here In Jan
uary to take up his permanent resi
dence. C. G. Lynch, general manager of
the Hlinn Lumber company, of Lis
Angeles, was transacting business in
Doming Tuesday. He was the guest
of his Vricnd, Ilenjiimiii Titus, while
J. T. Stevens, agent for the South
ern Pacific company, of Oage, was
transactlng.buslnets here Wednesday,
returning- to his home Thursday.
Daniel .Hathaway, who has been at
Henson, Ariz., for some time, re
turned to Doming lust Tuesday.
The desperadoes who held up the
Jail last Tuesday night and released
the prisoner, John Gates, are still at
large. A large posse ure In the field
giving them a hot chase. The potse
will no doubt overtake the outlaws
Lwlthin a few days, but It is expected
that the outlaws will put up a hard
fight before being taken prisoners by
the officers.
. The property of A. M. Little that
was destroyed by ftre a few weeks
ago is to be entirely rebuilt. Contract
or W. C. Kkcels has a force of twen
ty men atwork clearing the debris.
He expects to have the five store
buildings ready, for occupancy within
thirty day. The buildings will give
an ti titled appearance to Silver avenue
when completed as they ure all to
be unlTorm with plate glass frontB.
The former occupants will occupy
these stores when completed.
The real estate firm of Hon, Wet
more and Kern has leased the lot
on .Silver avenue belonging to Mrs.
Klltt Bloom anil ure having erected
an adobe building that Is to be used
for a garage and machine shop.
Dr. S. P. Siviipn left today for the
Mogollon mountains on a two weeks'
hunting I rip. He will be Joined nt
Silver City by Irs. Turner and Wor
sham of Kl l'nso.
All returns are In for Luna county,
all olVlccra t in ted were of the demo
cratic party with the exceptions of
the following: D. H. Stephens was re
elected as sheriff; Chris liuithel was
re-elected as treasurer; Miss Grace
(lobel was elected us superintendent
of schools.
Thomas Crowley, a businesfi man
of (lUymun, Okla., relurned to his
horn,, yesterday ulter looking Into his
Intcri'Hls In Luna county.
Chester I!. Welsh of Lodl, Cal., who
has Invested In property in this val
ley, has moved his Validly here. He
has accepted a position with J. A.
Al .1. Watklns, the "76," the
"Mashed O," and Wamel brothers
have sold to tho cattle buyers, J. C
Hall, five hundred head of yearlings
and two-years-old steers. They were
shipped to the Panhandle country,
where they are to be fed this winter.
This i the first shipment of stock
from here lo the Panhandle country.
Scllgmnn Llndauer, an old-time
placer miner, now residing at Chi
cago, Is visiting for two weeks with
friends In Doming.
John C. Kchlin of Clifton, Ariz... Is
transacting business in Doming for
ii few days.
A, II. Snyder and wife have return
ed from a two weeks' trip at an
Sun Diego, Cal.
Messrs. Wells and putt berg have
opened up a real estate office In the
Fielder niock on Pine street.
Mrs. P. K. Ponnnway and mother,
Mrs. Widenjan, are visiting this week
In Kl Paso with Mrs. w. L. Fox
worth. Mrs. J. D. Tlnsley of Santa Fe, Is
$3.50 Recipe Free,
For Weak Kidneys
Iti'lleves rriiinry anil Kidney Trou
bles, Hacknclie, Straining,
Swelling, Etc.
Stops Pain in the Bladder,
Kidneys and Back .
Wouldn't It ba nlca within a wek or o to
boRln tn tny goad by forpvrr to thp urnld
Ing. dribbling, ptralnlng or too frrqurnt
! ir of lit urlno: the forehead soil the
hpik-uf-lhe-hesil pelies: th Hitches pnt)
fialna In Ihe hack; thp prowlni ntuacla
wenknopp; epota before the eyre; yellow
kin, sluggish bowels: wellon eyelids or an
kiep: leg i-ritmne: tinnptiiral short breatbj
sft-eplemness and the despondency T
I have a rerlpe fnr these troubles thpt you
can depend on. and If you want to mke p
quick recovery you ought to write pud tel
a copy of it. Many a doctor would chares
you 13 50 Just for writing this prescription,
but I hnve it and will be find to send it to
you entirely free, .lust drop me a line bks
thla: nr. A. E Hnblneon. K1 244 buck llulbl
ln. Detroit. Mich., and I will send It by re
turn mall In a plain envelope. As you will
see when you set II, this reelpa contains only
pure, harmless remedirp. but It haa (real
healing and Pln conquering power.
It will quickly show Its power one yon
nee It. ao I think you had better pep what It
ip without delay. I will peml you a copy
free you can use It and turp yourself at
... , , .nj.i III I i . nalPl.J U -1-M.it 1 V .
Tiffm fFlJBf 'Pi es s &m
Would you rather be the log inert,
powerless, without will, without purpose, or
swift-flowing, vigorousthe pulse of life
urging constantly onward?
vlsltnac this week with Janus Ii.
Waddlll and family.
T wont iik I dm; "i i :i. tii mvs-
t.lYIX' DAV.
Hobble, gobble, Turkey Snout!
Can't you pit yer Robbie out?
You'll be Rohblin' 'nuthir way
'T won't be Ions 'id Thanksgivin'
Gobble, gobble, while you strut,
On eye open one eye phut.
P.ctter be listemn' u -. l-.it T ...'.'
'T won't be loiitf 'tol Thanksgivin'
Po piuf yer feathers, Turkey Snout,
Kn' gobble, gobble, while you strut
Rut you'll be done up nice en' brown
By tho time Thanksgivin' gits
You kin Koh'do now, en' chase roc
Flit I'll pit even, Turkey Snout!
You think. I'm Trald when 1 run this
I'ut you Jos' wi'.it 'loll Thsnkpulvin'
Hut while you nrc Koblilln' lids boast
ful way,
I'm thlnkin' how booiI you'll hi?
ThiinksRivIn day.'
With cranberry raiu-e an' pumpkin
Jes' Bo ahead a-Roblilln', en' blink
in' yer eyes.
You're a niluhty bad turkey, with yer
gobblin' an' ycf bluffln'.
Put you Jcs' wall 'tcl you're filled
full cr Ktul'fiir
You jcs' listen' an' I'll tell yer tho
Thet "'II f;it even Thanksiuvin'
I'll carve yer aroun' an' croim',
An' aroun' iifcain, then ui an down,
An' wlnns an' feet will so the same
I'll Kit even I'll cat yer up
Thnnksfiivln' day,
M A lit IA I'. UT P.. WKIOIIT,
Arlesia, X. M.
Special Glove Values, special
Silk Values, special Ribbon
Values Golden Rule Thanks
giving Sale.
1. 1. loose i,r. p ir.Moii i)rM, pint i: imkks. etc-
Ms -A
Health gives one the
spirit' of the current.
Your duty to your family
to yourself, is to keep
nerves nourished, bleed
muscies strong.
1 CT
v-a, Dr nw.
is like sea-air bracing, in
vigorating, giving out tonic-
and health.
3 ciin-i Mriutf mans o-0
ti Pis. Pol a loci .
Pnrly June Pens bk;
II bar-i Sunny Monday Soap o-t,
( alil'oinia Toinntoct UK:
Aiaerii tin t'ream I'liifsp 2do
:r bottle of Salmi Ortxlnac i:.e
;I lbs. of Sal S'o.in iiii
10 I'w. of I .a I'll t'iniHnmil ikj
(i iiin-i of lU'tih il l! i:n 2.')C
AYM. KII Ki:. Prop.
211 Sout!i I'lrst Street.
H. -'ri
t i
PHONE 1143
319 West Gold Ave.
YOCIt SI-IT Kither Sti
YOli; BUT Either Sex
yoril HAT Either Sex He
pairoil or Pluokcil.
VOnt f;i.OYI'.S,.Ne Utlc, Ciir
tHins, Dn.pci-li-s Slatlo like new
samtaisy r::oci'ssES
PDPll.uVll 1-KICES
W e Cnll l or nml Deliver Gooils.
j rito.Airr siatvicr
the answer to
every Bakir6 Problem.
It's Rrxer,-Whiter
arvd More Urviforrn.
(Wholesale Grocers.)
AllMiquprqiie, Tncumrnrl, K r. VrRMi f
i'cwa, Kowe, Corona. lrlnJdud, tw

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