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lilornina Journal
(Official -p w Mle
It-l-4 ky Ik
jAkKf a HI.At'K Msa-fln .Mu
Mcrn Itcprew-nUlive,
C. J. AMKltM.,
Harquctie, lluUilius, Lhicafo, -
Eautrrn ReprenrnUtlT,
RAM'), il. Ml IXIGA.V,
ts 1'ark Row, New Vork.
who later will have Vote (or I'Bited
Stt entor.
Th next county reached la Luna
Here tlu-rc l a thane of electing a
rcptihiiran to the legislature and five
huiiikrrd dolUrs is turned loose, in
(.rant, where one republican waa
.lected to the leilslature. "another
thousand dollars was contributed to
th cause.
In Otero county on gentleman run
nlng fur the legislature lit-"IJ 1500.
He I ill to have gotten it, but Just
a hat he did with the amount does
notappear, and there are men who
insist that liegat Andrew never
spent a cent In Otero county. Among
thee, it In understood, ia tha man
who la mtd to huv acquired the
IE0O. "
In Torrance county a couple of
candidate needed helo. One of these
t"i"lTiiM'l hiIOn riuKR or MCW gentlemen was given 1500, so a I) wo
Tn'mi Mcna.-elsas ur at Ike
i"ffi- mt itui-ry- N. aL. aader act
af Comraaa at March i, Hi. I
riiiM or in it Mr rini l At PbtT
FMIiV AKK IliOllt.
I-rrr elmUllna tha a aaf taper
New Meilea. IB wt paper ia new
la Ui.
Halle laaaea arary day
tkbm or KinarRirTioN.
Dally. r " UB " k
bally, by -wrier, aea asoatk
the other, though there are rumors
that the second man received MOO
and went touth with the 1300. Thl
story cannot be substantiated, but It
li known that the candidate boast
that hia campaign only coat him ISO.
I In Guadalupe It waa found neces
..! mTY t0 h,.p out .the local committee
with a contribution of I&00 and about
taa Maraiag Jnaraal kaa a nick air- the aame amount waa given In Me
ZLTIZ? " !Klnley. tnion and on. or two other
New.papae IHeaetoey. 'count lea In mime Instance the
' minee anu in omert 10 ine U'Kiam-
IntoreKtlng In view of hia camlldticy
for the I'nlti'd Ptatea yennte la the
trail of I)eleKute Andrt-wa vlnce the
extraordinary ecuiion of
Convened lust Anrll,
When the conKreHa met the iircsi
derit waa j'Trimri J to ai'tnl in n mca
aage giving hi vi. ua on tha Arizona
cunxtltutlon. Mr. Tuft hnd about miulu
up lia mlnJ thai tho Hiirovnl of rejec
tion of thl wonderful liiHtrument
waa ft mutter for the conni-cua alone
to di'ido, tlioutli he wu nlao conaid
erliig -ndlnK lit a moawign of dlanp
rovn). Thla waa the atittua when
Mr. Andrewa arrivtd ut the While
Home. The New Mexico dclegiite,
who waa accominuiled by another
live candidates Individually,
Heturnlng to hia home county of
Hernatlllo, the delegate found condi
tion far from roay. To improve
them he contributed $5,000 in nl"e
cleen billa to the ao-callcd regular
coiigrens yrpubllrHn committee. Mr. Andrews
afterward lenrned with dlamay that
thla contrlbiitlun waa a aheer waate
of money aa the candidate for the
leglMluture on both the "regnlnr" and
"progreaalva" ticket were bitterly
opiioaed to hint for aentitor or any
thing t-lne.
Ilia personal survey of the altuailon
finlehcd, the delegate thought It ubout
time to vlalt Santa. Fe and tell the
atate committee about hia venture In
to the haunt of the eastern politl
clnna and money bug. lie therefore
Journeyed to Hanta Ke and turned
. ..t . L. 1 I I
v,,,,,n UI urK,'u!over aomethlnir more than $10,000 to
upon the preHd. nt the political ad- ; ,. .,.
vantnge tliot would accrue to th rtc
puhllcnn party If he waited until the
New Mexico atutchood rcKohillnn waa
dlcpnaed of before iucln Ilia Ariz
ona comttltutlun befiue congress at
all. The wily delegate preaented hia
argumi nt to atich puipnae that the
prealdent wna convinced and no inea.
aage Concerning the Arlaona conatl
tutlon wna ever aent to the congreaa
until after the Instrument had been
approved by both houses.
The Immediate reault of Mr. And
rews' lutlvlilea woa the coupling of
New Mexico and Arlaoim In one reao
lutlon which ctiuiw within a hair
breadth of defeating both, and which
was the purpose of the deletiete who
had conceived an Irrealatabln fascina
tion for his $7.1.00 nnimul aalary aa
delegate, a ailary which would con
tinue so limg us he could keep thii
iIh I ih nod nieiiaiire In the air,
All IhroiiKh the light In 'congroaa
for the piiRHUKe of the bill tho dele
gate, whllo piihing us Its friend, fought
It bitterly, hia ukuiiI method being to
atronsl)' advocate some, form of reso
lution that had not the remoteal
chance of meeting the approval of
both houses, aa wltnea hia advocacy
of the Nelson resolution. Hut hia
effort were vain, the statehood reso
lution was adopted nnd this president
finally approved It.
We next find the delegate traveling
up and down the earth seeking funds
to finance hia camjialKii for senator
from the new state. Ho dues not ftp
Pour to have been much of a success
ub a tolli'llor but he did succeed In
getting $5,(100 from the National
I,liiior Dealers association, which as
soi lutlon bad been anxious to con
tribute to the New Mexico campaign
and did not know exactly to whom It
should turn over the money. The
delcKute alim sucreeitcd In raining
Mil Imis small sunia from oilier
sources and dually reached I .a Vegna
on the , morning of the republican
state convention with exactly $7,0115.
He at once announced hlmmdf as the
Woes who would lend IiIh party out
of the wilderness, and the patty be
ing so deeply In the wilderness and
So stixInuH to be led out, welcomed him.
The delegate, however, used Ills $7,025
to pay off aome pressing personal ob
ligations. Next we find the "Man Who I hies
Thiims" In Puiita Ke. He' Is urging
on the republican slate central com
mittee the nci'fKNlty of having cash
(it once If the campaign Is to be pro
perly hmiiii't'il. lie suggests that a
reprcsilitallve, armed with proper
credentials, be sent to the National
And now it develops that there la
a certain coldness between the com
mittee nnd tho delegate. Whether or
not the committee thought It wui en
titled to more money is not known,
but the coldness, la real.
SBftllng of
From time to time we hear about
a universal one-cent letter postage
rate for the whole country. Knthti
alusta say that droit t llrltaln has a
"penny postuge," and we "also"
ought to have a one-cent rale. The
"nlso" expressed or understood la
an essential part of the thought.
Hut a penny Is twn cents, and Great
Britain la a small nnd densely popu
lated country.The prollt jif the post
office department la In the letter post
age nnd we cannot reduce that rate
without Increasing the rates on other
postal matter.
In ull countries circulars, news
papers and merchandise hvo lower
rates than letter postage, but aa one
cent Is our smallest coin, we cannot
reduce the rate on circulars. If the
rnt on circulars and letters were the
same, circular would be sent senled
and would have to receive the same
care and prompt delivery that letters
receive, which would cause no end of
trouble tit Christmas, election time
and other congested aeaaons
Moreover, the general
circulars would make it Impossible to
know how much real Increase In let
ter willing resulted from the reduc
tion of letter iiosluge.
All know that an enormous number
of circular are now mulled us letters,
especially for city delivery. The
chances are that most householders
now receive more circulars In scaled
envelopes carrying tho two-cent rate
than actual written letters. It Is
doubtful whether there Is any sound
reason for reducing the rate on that
form of advertising.
It Is said that the Increase of letter
writing would aixm bring up the pos
tal receipts to their present volume.
It would have to 1o a good deal more
than that, for the Increased bulk
could not be handled without greatly
Increased expense, and it is morally
certain that tho Increase In actual
written letters would not neatly eiiial
the number of circular the rale of
which would be reduced from two
cents to one cent.
The letter postage is mainly a tax
on business, for no "poor man" re
frains from writing a letter because
the postage Is two Cents. Alul while
It Is desirable that taxes on business
committee to plead for support. He should be reduced, there Is no object
also sugKesle that Delegate Andrews, . in taking off the tsg In one place.
In tho c:iNt nnd where the payer by prudence can rc-
duce his taxation, and tacking It on
i In another lax w lib it must be paid
In full anyhow.
Certainly we nil desire the cheapest
who is "well liiicwn In the
popular with the Pennsylvania dele
gation In congress," Is the proper man
to make the touch.
The st.ile committee yields. Mr.
Andrews Is provided with a touching
letter, sinned by the national com
mltteeiiiMii and the candidate for gov
ernor. "Help us ere we perish" is
the burden of the plea, and the plea
brought remits.
Home three weeks later the dele
gate returns to New Mexico. This
possible postage, but the postal ser
vice should pay Its way, and we have
nr at areas over w hich w e deliver all
mull at a Ions.
The Imus fitred badly at the hand
of the w omen In those I'm Itlo cities
commlsalonlsm. prohlbltlonlsm and
lime he has $31,000, whbh you must ; socialism. It ahows thai common
admit is some money, ftefore report-' use and erUnl suffrage may not be
Ing to the committee the delegate de- . Incompatible,
i idee Hint he w ill survey the Held In
person and distribute somo of the! The navy la now 0 percent A merl
rash wheir it is most badly needed and n,n respects native-born enllsled
where It will do the most good, as- men In the service nnd prelty nearly
prcUliy to the delegate. '00 percent American In the popular
Wending hia way down the Illo estimate of It efficiency and prepur
Grande the delegate find a serious cdneas.
situation In Iona Ana county. The
old gourd republican need help and rut It down to the credit of the In
r.eed It badly. One thousand dollars dieted meat packer that they are
Is handed over to the county com- willing to be tried within the range of
mlttee and another thousand la given the atock yard mell. They might
to one of the legislative candidate hv fairly naked change of venue.
Gooii-iivt io Gt t:t;xnEli.
Simon Guggenheim, of Clorad
ha announced that he will not seek
re-ele. tion to the United State sen
ate. The reason he gives ts that he
cannot afford any longer to sacrifice
his pertonal interest end the bus;
nes Interests he 1 connected with I'l
order to erve the country.
But that la not the real reason.
There i nothing to show that hi
servlie In the senate has caused him
to make any business or pcrs-jiv sac
rifices. On the contrary there Is
very well-defined and widespread Im
pression to the effect that ni prea
ence In the senate ha teen of decid
ed advantage to him and to hi busi
ness associates. The truth probably I
that Senator Guggenheim either has
come to the conclusion that he can
not be elected again or fears the con
tinuance of the attacks of enemies of
special privilege and commercial In
dustrial rapacity.
Kenator Guggenheim ha undoubt
edly long fipind his position uncom
fortable. He is regarded a the most
conspicuous personification In the
mountain state of capitalistic ftrecd
and treated there accordingly. He la
a standpatter of standpatter and the
reactionary I not popular In the
wet and I likely to come In for more
hard knock In the senate than have
been administered to him there in the
I.Ike some of hi former colleagues
In the upper house, Senator Guggen
heim ha become tired and ha decid
ed to quit. The sign Is a good one.
Men of his stump are, to put It mild
ly, out of harmony with the country.
The day of Vnlted fttatca senators of
hia cles't 1 drawing rapidly to a elosi .
The nation la going on t newer mid
better things than the Ideas and
method they represent.
The I Angel woman voter who
left the polls before casting her ballot
to look out for the bread in he r oven
at home l perhaps as good a citizen
a If he b-J stayed to exercise her
suffrage rtgl-'s while the bread burned.
TIlAliR WITH riiiurriXES.
Kxports from the Philippine In tho
lust fiscal year totaled $.19,7"i,t!Si.
The Imports Were $49,833,782, of
which a considerable part was United
State government supplies. Apart
from these supplies, this Country -old
to the Island consumers goods worth
$4,192,289, Grout Hrltntn coming
second with $3,C2. 1,224.
This was the first year when com
mefclal imports from this country
exceeded those from Great llrltaln.
It is not a very large trade that we
huve with the Philippine, but Is Im
prove. Yet It Is still trltllnff when
compared with our trade with the
Hawaiian group.
In this connection ome recent e
tlmnto of the cost of military occu
pation of the Philippines are of In
terest. All sorts of Kuese on thl
subject hnve been current from time
to time. As long ugo aa 104 Ed
ward Atkinson put the cost up to that
time at the Stupendou total of $1,
200,000,000. About tho same time
Judge Alton Parker, then running for
president on an antl-lmperlulist plat
form, guessed that the cost might bo
$070,000,000, but the republicans
were of the opinion that It wag loss
than a quarter of that amount, poll
tic Is no promoter of truth.
Now, It appears. If the war depart
ment may bo trusted, that all these
estimates, even the lowest, exceeded
the facts. The department puts the
cost of military occupation since the
treaty of peace was signed at $167,
486,403. There are many Items of
expense not Included in this total
and altogether it is evident that the
Philippine investment has not yet be
gun to pay It way.
Admiral Perry' flagship In tho bat
tle of Put-ln-Itay is to be raised from
the bottom of I,ake Erie and taken
on a tour of tho Great Lakes. Pat
riotic Canadian who were thrilled by
the pictures of tho battle of Chateau
guay during coronation week In Lon
don w 111 then bo able to see reminders
of another aide of the story.
An Iowa Judge has decided that
farmers' co-operative compunle can
not enforce special requirements from
the membership, but must enter the
open market for business the same as
uny other concern. Otherwise such
companies are monopolies In restraint
of trade. What ia the world coming
The Infanta Eulallii of Hpnln says
her book is Very little and very harm
less for all the fuss to be made about
It; in America it would not be regard
ed as "advanced" at all. Neverthe
less, with ull this advertising we con
fidently look for It to become one of
"the six best sellers.''
A softer aide of J. H. McNamara'a
nature Is touchlngly revealed by his
handing the orchestra leader in the
Sun Francisco cafe $10 or $20 to play
the "Traumercl." That was not the
worst use to which "secret-service"
money could be put.
. Since Senator tA Follette ha been
Indorsed for the presidency by Colon
el Itryan, not much has been heard
of him outside of the pages of the
magazine that is running his autobiog
raphy, U was a cruel blow that the
Nebraskan struck.
Emperor William or Germany says
that the black man (meaning the
blavk man In Africa) should be
taught religion, but that it ia "not
necessary that he become extremely
pious." Even some white men are
not that.
An "Incalculable turn of the wheel
of fortune" I what Governor Wood
row Wilson aya the life of a politi
cian depend on. The governor
(should have thought of that before.
He had a good Job. at Trlnceton.
"t'ndorwood Isn't under anything
elae." And perhap If a ladder.
Now that Mr. Hnekefeller I out of
standard oil. he will be able to de
vote more time to gulf. The worry
of attending so strictly to business
these latter years must have been
quite a burdtn to hint.
Hut Ir. C!!f.t is mM likely to
lengthen his five-foot book shelf to
accommodate the works of Emma
Goldman, even if the latter did sit at
table with his grandson.
"No", says Detective Hums, "we
hava never trailed President Gom
per. He makes tracks so deep and
eorse that we could follow them any
time." Well, well!
Aviator Powers say he probably
will go for a while on the vaudeville
stage. Even the men of the air can
not resist the lure of the vaudeville
muhager'a gold.
If tha tariff board doe not hurry
up with it long-promised repqrt, the
house committee on way and means
may again overlook Its existence.
Can it le that Mr. Taft has his
eye on a certain contributing editor
ship that may possibly be vacant on
March 4. HIS?
Kaiser Wllhelm should take warn
ing before It Is too lute or Hudyard
Kipling may turn himself loose on
Is the "annual crime-wave" which
Chicago' Mayor apologizes for pecu
liar to December or the whole yeur?
At least the president didn't fall
Into the error of making hi message
a long us bis western tour.
I'ct'sia evidently wishes to drag
the Manket of the Monroe Doctrine
over to her side of the bed.
"Stone out for Champ Clark," Bay
a headline. Ilut "Stone out of the
senate" would be better.
Having exhausted ull other means
to escape trial, the meat-packers
might now try confession.
Probably the men best pleased with
the McNamara sentence were the
3 I
People of Town and Entire Pe
cos Valley Lined Up in Favor
of Locating Institution
That Place,
(Hlieelnl Corrfwpnudruee to Miirnlns .Ioui-dhI)
Carlsbad. N. M., Dec. 8. The live
topic of the day In Carlsbad is the
location of the new state normal
school. The people of the town and
the Carlsbad project are unanimous
in favor of having the school located
here. For many weeks a commit
tee haa been at work getting the val
ley lined up In favor of Carlsbad. G.
M. Cooke, the chairman of this com
mlttee, stated yesterday that the bat
tle Is won, as the entire valley is giv
ing Carlsbad most cordial support.
He says that the sentiment in the
valley Is much more favorable to
Carlsbad than he had any reason to
The committee la so well satisfied
with tho outlook that it haa given the
matter of suitable site careful con
sideration and has several very desir
able site already selected to offer
the school. Without question Carls-1
bad can offer as fine sites as nny
place In New Mexico. The low alti
tude of Carlsbad and the fine winter
climate are also advantages worth
be 1'iillory directly tributary to
Carlsbad Is settled with progressive
people and .education Is receiving
clone attention. Tho Pecor. valley has
reason to be proud of Its schools and
with a normal In Its midst condi
tions will be still better.
Treasury Department Taking
Special Interest in New Mex
ico Institution; Many Im
provements Made.
(Carrizozo Outlook.)
The United States marine hospital
at Fort Stunton, although not a very
old Institution, has accomplished
much for the tubercular sailor and
marine. The institution haa been re
cently reorganized by the treasury de
partment and several new officials
put in charge. Dr. Smith Is the officer
in command of the fort at the pres
ent time.
Briefly reviewing the history of th
Fort Stanton sunitorium. it was es
tablished in 1SS9. At thut time the
nearest railroad was in Alamogordo,
which will show how much stress the
bureau of public health and marine
hospital service places on the ad
vantage of this location, since sup
plies, business material und the pttti
ents themselves gained access to the
place at the time only by long wagon
journey. The wisdom of the move
ment, however, hus since been sub
stantiated by the success of the in
stitution nnd the plan has since been
Indorse by the selection of Port
liayard as a eanitorlum for the armv
and the removal of the United States
naval sunitorium irom Florida to a
spot in Colorado not far from the New
Mexico border, both of these move
ment being in line with the progress
of medical opinion.
Fort Stunton has spent over a mil
lion dollars and the buildings left by
the army when It abandoned this
post have nil been remodeled and Im
proved. All the collateral interests of
the saiiiU rttiin, the dairy, farm, beef
herd, garden, poultry yard and swine
have beeu developed us an auxiliary
in the treatment of 200 patients. The
secretary of tho treasury has recently
added to the force of officers at the
station an expert farmer at a rulary
of $1,500 a year to tend olely to the
co-ordination of all the outside forces
of the station, leaving the medical
officer in command free to devote all
his time to the relations of the sana
torium proper. The benefits of this
order cannot "be exaggerated as the
outside Interests, although purely In
cidental to the functions of the sana
torium were so numerous and involv
ed BUch responsibility that they have
diverted the attention of the doctor
in charge, doubtless to the detriment
of the medical work. As further evi
dence of the Interest of the secretary
and o'xo In line with current medical
teachings, a dietitian at $1,000 a year
haa been added to the official staff.
Shu is a professional, a graduate of a
domestic science school and also a
trained nurse, nnd devote her entire
time to the Instruction of the waiters
and cooks, the selection of food ma
terials and tho arrangement of tho
menus In regard to palatability und
variety, paying special attention to
the very sick and thosd with caprici
ous appetites, and the satisfaction ex
pressed by the patients is sufficient
guarantee of her success. Two train
ed female nurses fnr the Infirmary
have been authorized by the depart
ment and are expected to arrive
shortly and bring with them those re
finements of nurHlng which charac
terise the American trained female
nurse. :
It ts understood at the Sanatorium
that other und even more important
Improvements are contemplated, all
with the single view of Increasing tha
efficiency of the station and the com
fort of Its beneficiaries. Some of
them will doubtless add to the ex- ,
pense of the station but the Interest I
manifested In the Institution by the
secretary of the treasury is enough to
insure that the plans will be carried
out. I
A Gift Suggestion
Give a Universal Coffee Percolator. It always makes got
Coffee and will daily remind the receiver of your good jurr
ment in selecting so useful a gift.
Other Useful gifts such as Carvers, Focket Knives, SafetJ
Razors, Fancy Scissors, Razor Hone, Strops, etc.
laabe & Mauger
115-117 North First St.
of agriculture to regulate the num
..f iri!.e.i within each dis
trict, and sets n minimum yearly fee
i f four centa per acre, for the first
ten years. A committee representa
tive of the stockmen in each district
is to be appointed by the stockmen
themselves. This committee will rule,
subject to the approval of the secre
tary of agriculture, on all Important
questions immediately Hffecllng the
use cf the range in the district.
The bill in no way retards or pre
vents settlement within the grazing
districts by homesteaders, or nny
other occupancy und use under the
public land laws, and contains u spe
cific clause to thut effect. It also
expressly provides that all water on
the lands affected by the bill, al
ready subject to the Jurisdiction of the
United States, may be used as here
tofore, for domestic, mining, milling
anl irrigation purposes.
Twenty-five per cent of the pro
ceeds from grazing fees will go to the
states in which the grazing iiiri ,J
are situated. The bill provides th l
mepo icini-io sii,iii Dp UflpJ f J
school and roads, and for the alj
vuoceioeiii v-i usnvuuurai edUcatlo'i
as the state legislature may provide
The prime purpose of this liin'i
the improvement of the public ran,
greatly Impairing the foriicu
which over considerable areas haj
been rendered practically worthies,!
The range is now carrying about on.J
nair ir.e siock ii is capatnc of carJ
Tying u u were improved bv regu.
ufo und by reseding. Senator UKoi.
lute's bill Is thus of great Inipurtaiu
not only K the nation, but tu ni.
vldual citizens. The currying rapt.
city ot tna puune range directly aiJ
lects the price of mutton, beef anil
w ool. Jf this measure, the result cl
muny years of studying. Is pasned, is
will put on end to range wars, pr, .
vent ranga monopoly, and perptuJ
ate and Improve a great natural rcl
Successors to Whitson Music Co.
The One Price Piano Store
Everything Pertaining to Music. Factory Representative
for Baldwin Line of Pianos. Write us or Call.
114 South Second Street
Albuquerque, N. M.
' Expert Piano Tuning. Give us Your Orders.
Mi 0
Making; Hay In December.
Haling hay out of the field In De
cember Is not the usual thing, even
under the Carlsbad project. Hut thla
year farmers are mill getting their
hay of the 'field the first week In
December, The work In the hayfleld
ts about over for this year, however.
Moat of th corn has nlso boett gath
ered. The cotton planter, however,
If, etill In the midst of picking. Hoth
gins are running full capacity and
will not finish for many weeks.
Hoad CommlHMion to Meet.
The Malaga to Uoswell road com
pilation will meet December 20, in
Carlsbad to take full action on the
building of the road through Eddy
county. The county commissioners o,
Chavoa county have deridod to build
the road through Chaves county. H.
M. Thorno, the secretary, bailed the
call today. " The members of the
e.ni,iiiin nru. W. K. Gilbert. Ar-
tesia; Dr. Culpepper, Dayton; H, F.
Pearmen, Lakewood; It. M. Thome,
Carlsbad; W. W. Cmtton, mis; P. J.
McShane, Loving, and J. Hise Myers,
Malaga; W. M. Atkinson of Koswell,
l8 chairman.
This Is the verdict of H. J. Howell,
Tracy. O., who bought Foley's Honey
and Tar Compound for his wife.
"Her case was the worst I have ever
seen, and looked like a sure case of
consumption. Her lungs were sore
and she coughed almost lncessant'y
and her voice was hoarse and weak.
Folev' Honey and Tar Compound
brought relief st once end less than
three bottle effected a complete
cure." J, H. O1 Welly.
Senator LaFollette Has Intro
duced Bill in Senate Provid
ing for Reseeding of Denuded
Special eorreopomlrnre 1,1 Kornln JiMimnlJ
Washington, Dec. 10. Senator La- I
Follette has introduced In the senat i I
ft bill providing for the improvement
Of the public range by the regulation
of grazing. . This Is a conservation
measure of enormous Importance, and .
baa the approval cf the National Cofi-
servatlon association of which Clifford ,
Plnohot is president. It affect an
area of over three hundred million
acres, or about one-sixth of the Unit
ed States, and Is of great and direct
importance to sixteen states.
Tho bill provides for the division
of the public ranne Into grazing dis
tricts, to be fixed through proclama
tion by the president. Worn out
areas are to be reseeded nnd poison
ous plant eradicated. Wolves, moun
tain Hons and other wild animals
which Pr'y upon live stock are to bo
exterminated, as well as destructive
rodents like the prairie dogs which
tender useless In the aggregate vast
ares of grazing land.
The bill authorises the secretary
j Out Of The Ordinary
Christmas Gifts
l TIT Till iiiiiniiiM t iii'm
. A delight to every woman
Who Cooks.
Easier to handle than the
old fashioned cook book.
Cloth covered box, $1.25.
Oak box, $2.00.
Pocket Rubber Stamps, each 25c.
Engraved Cards and Plate, per hundred, $1.65.
Conductor's Train Book Covers, full Russia leather $1.50
Coal and Second.
Monday Night
The Two Murrays
Novelty Western act Master Leon
und Little Virginia and the
Chorus Two Songs.
Every Mflit 7:3u.
Matinees Saturday and Sunday S p. m.
- the answer to
every Baking Problem
It's Firxer,-Whiter
arvd More Uniform.
(Wholesale Grocers.)
Alhuuuerqne, Tucunirarl, E. Ij Vcgn
Pecos, Uowe, Cortina, TrinlUud, Col-

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