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tbt Jflbuquerque
morning journal
(Offlrlal Jlaw-tJapaa at Km Motes)
fsulukea by kv
j All eh a hi.ack ...
........ .Prft.lil.nt
.Managing nan.
ltd ma-
U'raliril Ilcprcwiilatlve,
C. J. AMKltHN,
Marquette Hulldtng, Chicago, lit
Kastcrn lU-prcacntatlwa,
ItAI.I'll It. MI1.1JOA.V,
8 1'ark How, New York.
Entr.d s.tvnd-MaM miiur at th.
foauiffli-a l Aii.uuurqua, N. M.. undor act
at Conir.H of Mama i, 1(71.
daiiii. uri'i'OK rixi tiik rwin. I
l.ar-r rlrroiatlna tnaa any othar Miwf '
la Now MmIm. lb only pan la Maw
Mnlia laaaaa day la Ui. ysar.
Pally, by mall. on. mmitrt
Dallr. by earrl.f. ona month
"Tba Moraine Journal ka a htshar elr
aalalioa raiina tl.a I. reocrt.J la aay
Uar oapar la Vrw M.itaa." '1 b aVaaarl
aaa Ksw.papar Ulrarlury. ..
i i;tivi:s nut Tin-: hi:x.
Among the bandits iillrlbiituble I"
a rec.tif poultry show must be pliirnl
th renewal of the eonllileiirn of ilia
iimut.-iir hen owner In the hkkI lH II y
of securing eRgs from Unit variety if
fowls, says the Chicago Inter Ocean.
It In no nrrri't Unit mimy amateurs,
ii ft it limit and exhaustive rxprrimctilK
with hens, IihiI iilinnl come t.i lln eon
elusion thHt the stories ubout hens lay
IllK egg Were niytlia Hint the rggs
were secured from some independent
source mill for the suiim Inscrutable
reaaon generally nnrrllu.il to I lie hen
Ami It was, lifter iOI. not iintialiirul
for thrm t jump to such it conrlu
nlon. AfliT tiuy Insx expensive hen,
providing thrm with nil the romfnrtii
'of homo, and, In particular, feeding
, thrm tiny In ami day out ape.ial guar
anteed egg-lujing In n f !, ami "till
mining no eggs, tney rrriiiiniy nun
ground for Incredulity.
However, there ran be no rpirallon
of the fHCt that rggs wore liilil liy hen
at I In' poultry show, l.ilil unilrr snrh
circumstance that there waa not the
slightest possibility of ilrrrptlon, laid
Willi It cheerful readiness which real-
protectorates are called by even gent
ler name ore rrforred to as "jonti
of inllurnrr," but "zone of Influence"
uiul "prolcrtorntr" are wortln uarj to
Uusrrllir trrritor' destined for nnnrxa
lii.ij. kh) the JarksonviUu Tinira -I'nlon.
Jt U Hnnounreil tint Mongolia and
Cliliuae Tartary will become Independ
ent of China und K" under Kiihhiu
protei'tlort. HuhsIii la ulxo extenilliiK
a "scone of tnllurnie" OVrr tho imrtll
eiu iiirt of KuMHiu. Jf all theau plarK
are rurried out the ciiar will rxtond hl
power over ferrltorj' K'eater than that
or u II Kurojie outaiUr of JtuHla.
In 1'ernla llrra't Ilrltaln la coming up
from the aou'Jl to meet KunKla. lu
lu rxtemlini; er "zone of inMurnro"
northward. Jt la wife to any that if
KuhhIi! tel rimtrol of MofiKolla i.'id
Chlnene Tartary Urcut Hrltaln will take
charjfo of Tlilh"t In the two reRinna
rxteiiiliiiK In r Inlluence over nearly a
nillllon rrillrM of territory.
W hile KiiHKiii and Great Hrltala nre
KriihlilriK Japan will not alt Idly by.
Hhe will probably axaumu full rontioi
of .Munehtiriu more populous thoi uh
not aa exienalve an MonKolla uh the
prii'O of her a'iulerenre.
China will thua ho Htriiprd of .ill
her ilrpi iiilenrirM with Krunre, and
tirrmany unprovldrd for. ltuly la too
loiny in Tripoli to uttempt unytliing
line nml AtiKtrla-HiihKury baa never
xiiown any ilexim for dlHtmit poHara-
vIoiih. h'ranrn Ih In ulliuni'n with
lirriit 1'iilaln and HuHHtit and may
eoiiHi nt without romprnHiition to thrlr
proJrrtH. It Ih not probuhle, howeve,.
Hint (lirtnany will wlllliiKly fonaeiit
without KettliiK a Khiiie of the prey.
IT Uormany l to derive benefit from
Urn divlHlon, bowrvir, l-'rance would
hr iilinoKt rrrtaln to rlalm a Hhure.
(lermuny mlxht claim territory In
North China where tlm republican
liropiiKapila haa not Npread but Kranrr,
If aim niinexrd any territory at nil,
would Imve to take II from Houth
China, the urea III revoll,
It la not probahlo that Japan would
ronarnl for rirrmuny to arqulra terri
tory in Nontli China and if nno grub
followa another uh they generally do
there Ih (bunco of 1111 ulmoxt world
wide war. Vndrr the new Amerlrlu
Ideiia wo would have to take Homo part
or other Jutit to hIiow that our coun
try In a world power.
Mr. Lawrence Abbott, prealdent of
tho Outlook company, the man who
ha the diatlngulahpd honor of alien
ing the pay check for the Contribut
ing Kdltor, at a hundred plunki a
word, anxwera the world's greateat
riddle by declaring that even Colonel
(tooaevelt hlmxclf doran't know
whether he l willing to be a can
didate for the presidential nomina
tion. T'hla ia probably the real heart of
the tragedy. Torn with conflict InK
emotion, the Colonel doesn't know
hlmaelf whether or not he In will
ing to answer the call of his fellow
countrymen. Worst of all, he doesn't
know whether they are going to call
him or not. It i all an enigma to
fh fnl,.rw.l Ilia mnla1 im.lii.l.allnn
. ' . ,, i , . . . , ' I ISperlal CorrnpnadcDre to Mornlnf Jonraall
, . . , ; , """"""j Waahington, I). C. Jan. 6. Interest
1 . . .. ,,, 'in tho approaching PXhTal Aid (Jootl
Widespread Interest in Federal
Aid Good Roads Convention
Assures Large Attendance
at Meeting,-
president or not!
No wonder the Colonel's utteran
ces on the subject have been a bit
Irascible. Any man wouid have
a grouch In such a case. If be knew
that he would nnd couldn't, or was
punitive that he could anil wouldn't,
or bad decided fully that he couldn't
and shouldn't, It rniKht be different
Hut to have absolutely no Idea as to
whethrr he would accept the noml
nation If offered no wonder Mr.
ItooHevelt ia non-rommltlal in twen
ty-flve dally Interview.
The politeness with which that
ediicuted bandiL held up a Southern
f'uiifle train and the in born reflne-
mrnt with which hr hoved the fret
of the clrrks into the mall sacks,
demonstrate in a xtriklng manner
the Inestimable value of a college ed
Willi all Kun.pi' in competition, 011
American firm has been arlected to
furnish the royal bath tub for the
new summer palures of the royal fam
liy of Hpain at Hantander. Thia ought
to make the bosom of every honest
patriot wcill -with pride.
More than 1.2U0 poxtrarda and let
ter have been received by James
Whlti'omli Kllry during thn recent
CbriHtma season, carrying to him the
greeting and good will of aa many
friends and admirers. There Isn't
much doubt that the great majority of
the. gift were from men and woman
who know the port and rare for him
through hi wrltlngH nnd not from per
aoniil iinpialntiinee.
How many of the great and power
ful men of America received 1,200
ChliHtmas tokens? of the few who
may have bin ao honored ami-so sin
ali'd out front among their fellow,
bow many owed such intentions to a
Ikl.I lint rum' ilr.iuniH I In. f.l, I, . 1. 1.11
' ifi'i.llnir n 1,1,1, I.., .1 .... ...1.... ....
amate ur during the eorlv dav of his ' ' " mm
' experiment. !flllv n"1"' r lt"1" or "ny "I'ertatlon of
,, . .'. , , , . . '. .1 Isrrlng him or hrarlng him again, un
Itut even this significant proof of the ... .,,.. , . , , ,
..... . , ' ,, , I'-ss they happen to be very near lliigli-
Wttmt lliu I iiiiil.i fn 11. . 1 .1 1w.11.lil lii.iu
.... y .,... I,,,,, ,,r extremely close frlwiid.
The Hlley ChrlHimaa mull wag aim-
hen will respond to the mil of duty
and present their ow ner with the long
experted and miirh deserved i-gg doe
not solve the amateur' 1 1 11 1 problem.
The question still remains of how Is it
posaihle lor him to aeciiie, In Hie quiet
of bis own domestic hennery, the re
aulta which iiiiule thotiKiinila ailmlre
at the poultry show?
Obviously, (f the hell were stimu
lated to lay fgiis by the Importance of
the nrrtmlon, the bunds, the crowd,
ply proof of the charm and the grip
of song. It showed how poelry louche
Hie heart, even in this mute riallatlr age
and country. It brings to the true
I t of Hie people what wealth can
not buy or power compel.
If the Ananias lub wishrn to be a
exclusive a It dignity and position
call for, It will nt once send out the
announcement that those who grate
fully acknowledged unappreciated
Christmas presents will not be admit
ted to membership, .
A sympathising friend of president
Taft ha aent him a beautifully bound
copy of the Hook of Job. Jt la to be
feared that this will convey to some
wicked Insurgent the suggestion to
send to him the Jlook of Jonah.
After all, however, It simmers
down to the question as to whether
or not the proposed new Incumbent
of the higher bench Is satisfactory
to Mr, Hoosevelt,
Lincoln Hteffena will oblige every
body by going to Persia right awny
and settling the trouble caused by
thorp healthy and good-hearted beys
from Itiissln.
Why that Kentucky man should
have killed the gentleman who gave
hi wife a pair of shoes is not at once
evident miles the slayer needed the
shoe himself.
n in: iimi:mm.i.
If the report that Julian Haw
thorne, or the famoua novelist
the pri'si lire of competing hrn of arts-1 bit made use of that rrlehrated name
tormtle lineage from all over the In order to promote a stork swindle
ranntty, und by Hint alone, the nma-jand milling confident e game, be true,
tenr I still In a woeful case. He can-'be In entitled to all the ptiiilKhmcul
tint hope to Htirrouml bis private hcnxjtliat the law provltlex. A film Ham
with all these expensive Imitation to j name I bail enough under ordinary
taring. . cirev'ns'.ance. but the narve 111 id"
Hut we are Inclined to think that i aninst Hawthorn. Iiule .tten .in tm
thia reatly response to the demand ot i usual degree of depravity; for the
the occasion was not caused by the; reason that the alleged pam.ihlct,
aurrounding so much a by the fact "Srrrrta of Solomon.'- bold out be
that the hens wi re laying for a trophy! f,, re Mriiggllng journalists of all
wuu uh y ii nnzeii mat their earnest j.ersotiB- chunre
endeavor might be rewarded by the! uK,,oi ,,ri.
liver cop whh h this newnpiiprr of
fered to the best laving hen tram.
If thia liuli rd be true, and every
thing point that w iv. the amateur
tired have no further frar of indulg
ing M taalra in the il I r.ct Ion of
chUi.i 11 farming All that be needs
to do It to furnish hU bins with Hie
Incentive if a nice ,i.i..nt
to make Teal
Not to mention
the reprehenxlhlllty of prostituting a
noble name o the end of fleering the
widows and orphans.
A Topek.i milliliter took his own
lltV the other day by rutting his throat
with a aafity ta.-.rr. Wln-n a man
fully 111l1vr1s.ini with the use of Hie
Chain nrmor Is recommended for
future pence conference delegate and
doubtleaa Mr. Carnegla would be will
ing lo supply the steel at 11 reasonable
Tilt) Oklahoma governor is acrap
ling with the court. Oklahoma
would be lost without a governor
who could scrap with aome one.
The bank at Monte Carlo la the only
one to achieve a currency system ao
that It survives all rumors that some
body has managed to break It.
If T It. is really a friend to pro
grcfalvelsni. It Is natural that LaFol
lette should wish him to advance and
give the roiintc ratgn.
f aome ' ,t, (,, t i hi . I. saw
Und or i.ibi-r s..m. t b mg that la ml- plain- tutus ,si
minted to npp.-al to thnr ptnl.- ami uis the sil.-lv
Cnphhiv as hi n
nrrlal ( orfwanonilnic to Mornlna Jaaraall
Clovls. N. M., Jan. r Judge Trr-
r..ll I.. It r - 1.
In. If.. ,.! "" re. iierr
hnlfe ami h ,.,,,,.. , . ..
lr fr.-m all these and In the raxe of O. I.. Owens against
ramir. It Ja up to thrl'li-orge Van Ktone for corporation
f the nllrgr t rut -Iras ' 'onimll..ner In the recent etertlrin.
.111,1.7 i..r-1-..ii Ihl.l,. l... H.,ti 1
r I, 11 ntilstk-r . r . I ..r ... ... ,.l.,i.. 1 . T.111 imvr no
j, ,u wniiiiiiK mr riixi lor nis
riiein as me otrtciai count allow
liianutiii tuli ts
Now Hint vv in., to think
reallv i nun li to i vpnt a Io n t
do ,i r b. t w of k w itli 1,. thing in i.ros The Cb-vrl.iiid leader fiv: 'Ni-w'Hixt 1.CJS votes tdari-d uooti the of
pi-it ri..t t I .,i,. 1, Mining n,l thi-M.xico is biiving trouble i. r Its rlrr-LM'1"1 denim Title ballots were acttial-
Liwisur.. of l n,t. ti.....i .. 1.. 1. 1 1 ! f"- Owens, nnd the
owni 1- and t he 11, 11 l,l..,i j t a. v li.ing bis three thousand xhe. p.
disi 'timing uv r tin- I. a. k f. -n. -. H. lis work, or there wouldn't be any trim
Roads convention to be held In Wash
ington, by tho American Automobile
association, has proven to bo much
more widespread and cnthusinstlc
than hd been anticipated. The Indi
cations now are for an attendance
that will represent every Section, and
neurlv every atate, and include large
delegations of farmers, business men,
motorials and other classes to whom
the question nf road improvement Is
u vital one.
That many of the state governments
are ready for the consideration of the
Federal Aid plan Is indicated by the
action of a number of governors In
appointing delegations lo represent
their states at the convention. Among
those who have already named dele
gates are Governors Nhiifroth of Colo
rado, McOovcrn of Wisconsin, Mann
of Virginia, Dencen of Illinois, lileasc
of Hoiith Curollnn, Allen ot Montana,
and Hilrhriat of Florida, othrrs who
have promised to name delegates are
Governors Mills of New Mexico, oa
horn of Michigan nnd Harmon of
Ohio. Most of the other governor:;
are expected ulo to name delegates.
The response of the business organ
izations of the country him also been
gratifying. Among the associations!
of this kind that have promised to
send delegates are the l'.irminghiiin,
Ala., board of trade; the Ureensboro,
N. C.. chamber of commerce, the
Danville, 111., , Industrial club, the
Nashville, 'J'enn., board of trade, the
Toledo, (i., commercial club, and oth
er representative bodies of merchant."
und manufacturers.
A considerable percentage of statu
highway commissioners will be In au
tendance, as well as representatives of
several national and state organiza
tions of farmers. An addition to the
list of speakers at the convention Is
the Hon. M. K. Springes of Oklaho
ma City. Mr. Springer will attend
an delegate from the state of Okla
homa, and has prepared a paper on
methods of financing road building
which contains some Interesting new
mggestlons for combined federal
state and county aid.
As illustrating the Interest felt in
congress on the subject of federal aid
and the extent to which members are
favorable to the general Idea, a poll
was recently taken of tho Ohio dele
gation consisting of two senators and
twenty-one representatives. Fifty
per cent of the Jninators were in favor
of federtl Hid, ftofiator Pomerene de
daring uiiijUullftrtlly for such appro
priations' In preference to xpemiliiR
money for battleships, while Senator
llurton vvits emphatically opposed to
any suggestion of federal nii Of the
21 representative, 14 per cent de
clined to state their posijion, and
another 14 per cent, while approving
the general proposition, added condi
tions to their approbation. The re
maining 72 per cent or 15 out of the
total of 21 congressmen, declared 1111-
iiialifiedlv for federal co-operation
with the states in highway improve
ment. This poll is especially slgnifl-
ant because Ohio is not only central
ly located between the east and west,
so that its sentiment may he consider
ed fairly typical of that of the wholn
otintry, hut Its population is almost
equally divided between city and
country, while the balance between
the two great political parties In the
state, and In Its congressional delega
tion, is almost equal. While It is pos
sible that among the entire memlier
shlp of the federal congress the ma.
Jorltv In favor of federal aid would
not be found to b so overwhelmingly
large, yet letter:! received at A. A. A.
national headquarters show that con
xlderahly more than half
beard from are favorable.
The first session of the convention
will he hold in the Hotel Kalelgh,
Washington, 0n the morning of Tues
day, January 16, with afternoon and
evening sessions on the same day, and
morning and afternoon sessions on
the following day,
WW the.
(Note It may be explained that
our ex-delegate In congress rendered
this composition Friday just after il
was announced statehood would go
over for a week.)
One more week on the pay-roll;
One more brief delay;
One more lease of velvet
At twenty-three per day. ,
Seven days more at the pie counter
Another breathing space;
A Job in the hand Is always worth
Two some other place.
One more call at the White House
Kven tho' Solomon's gone;
( me more batch of pensions
One more siren song.
One more week to "do things;" ,
Another of fate's reprieves;
Onu more grist of 'Shekels
The anxious heart relieves.
One more glimpse of Penrose;
More pasture for the Hull;
Him of the Noiseless Gumshoe
And the Senatorial pull.
Take no thought for the morrow;
What ho get busy today;
Oh life is great In Washington
I'll be a long time away!
(From Judge.)
When Emily went out to shop
A year or so ago.
A tiny leather purse
She dangled to and fro.
She wore a hat so wide of brim
It hid her pretty face,
And in her skirt a dozen yards
Were pleated into place.
Hut, lo! a brimlesa bonnet now
Adorns her golden hair,
And skirts but half u yard urmtnd.
1 in mo Fushion bids her wear;
For nil tho stuff that made her hat
And dresses once so wide
Has gone Into the funcy bag
Shu curries at her side.
Minna Irving.
TIIR BATH ROHF. Gown or Towel
Dress Is the latest. Next we may ex
pect but let us not borrow trouble.
THE HAPPY SMALL boy. buried In
his delightful study of arithmetic and
jogerfy, will soon forget that there
ever was such a thing as holidays.
MISS C LA It A BARTON admits she
is DO years old. Hut she didn't admit
sho was 40 fifty years ago.
York county is now battling with a
rush of women who want to be made
deputy sheriffs. We estimate that hla
name before he is through with this,
will be changed to Hamburger.
a disposition to forget the Colonel We
takes occasion to state that he is still
out of politics.
"E have sold our
Dry g Store to Mr. Ghas.
Mc Clanahan. We ask our
patrons to give this gentleman their bus
iness, feeling sure they will be satisfied.
All bills due and payable at our store,
2 1 4 W. Central Ave:
To the Consumers of
Glorieta Beer
By courtesy of the Management of tho South western Brewery ft
Ice Co., a beautiful tray will be given free with every case of "Glori
eta Beer" purchased from now until January 1, 1S12.
Tills tray ts not an ornament, but a useful and serviceable article
which will be a creditable addition to any liouseliold.
Bo not let tills opportunity go by, but order early.
53 T
Southwestern Brewery & Ice Co.
Phones 57 and 58
THE STRAW vote fiend is again at
THE MEDICINE HAT weather fac
tory appears to be doing business at
the old stand this vear.
AN ENGLISH magazine says:
"Americans are a hard, materialistic.
merciless, lawless people." Aside from
this, an Arizona exchange says they
are probably all right.
WITH NEITHER an army nor a
weapon, it hardly seems necessary to
have arrested General Reyes.
WE WILL WATCH for the exDres-
sion on the ground hog's face.
Miner: Following are the winners of
or tnose ;'",.""rull" ft Da 'ln ,ly. "someone has taken a big piece of
ginger cake out of tne pantry
Tommy blushed guiltily.
of the Christmas cigars the women
gave us.
MR. ROOSEVELT may yet be
tempted to declare himself a candidate
as an anti-peace demonstration.
THE FREE AND unlimited coinage
of political fakes has never been at
tacked by the currency sharps.
,,-.-- e - t -
been completely outdistanced both by
the Outlook and the Commoner. If it
wants to keep In the competition it
will have to smoke up.
"GO SOUTH, young man, "says
Champ Clark. Naturally he recom
mends a district where the electoral
votes are sure.
liarly infamous falsehood!" Is the lat
est detonation from the office of the
contributing editor. It is utterly need
less to repeat that he Is the same old
A NEW MEXICO paper has an edi
torial headed "Mistakes of Editors."
Throw him out. We have no use for
an editor who admits that editors ever
make mistakes. It isn't ethical.
Washington, Jan.. 6. Secretary.-, of
the Interior Fisher )f day authorised
the reclamation service to negotiate
for the purchase of privately owned
Franklin canal, for which 1120,000 Is
asked, to provide Irrigating land In
the vleifilfy of El Pao under the Rio
Grande project. No plan was made
for distributing water to lands In Tex
as under the Rio Grande irrigation
project bemuse ..it wag thought the
people In the valley bMovv would dis
tribute the water at their own ex
pense. The opinion now is that to In
sure the success of the project the
government must carry the water, to
each Irrigator's farm. ,
IT LOOKS as If the University of
New Mexico were going to have tho
best athletic season In Its history.
Good work. It is a good plan to de
velop the brawn with the brain.
"THOMAS," said the mother, severe-
no ib'i.bf have thir pri.-,n tl d.slti
And If thav that the r - -1 r -1 .
cl'lot:' give, a thought ! their pel
H'tiul l uiw f. r pntt Unlit-, th,
fiatlif ,ll!v I'll.- .til it 1 1 it u , I .- . it
difTi r. n t -w.iid his .-,n ini,t ' i fr
qurrit .
The r p r inn ut
liver mug or a r.-d ! k ribbon 1.1 ior..im proMratlon. evidently Ihlr
aome liit;,- Kilt t al. ult.-.t t. i.ipe.il t ,, I ,pon i.al apt II binding must be a
the up..,.. I., tin- ton that i th. oust "tun on the vstem of the binder
diligent in l-r ! itiiaa la rt.un'i -ll as the hanind.
Worth triiiiu. And i.iiVs. th. b-a-on J . , ,
t (lie Mlltn- !. i :v.- -.:- a-a tllKilll'l t TI..V bad ptr'e.llv aa rlV uf-
atooil in linn a.rttt e the t - i ale.. 1. 1 fr if lu.. tun; out in i slilarma. ad
le etoim nt t,.ti-tu l -r alt .-.! .v that a harming FnrU-a
IlirinaT HI- thut hit nth... Vn..M M...a !
Coarse , a ramll.blle ttir anv olftre on nn- I
tlaka-t. Thi he believe will Dlnre
Almost n a r,.are a aome a.fl",n'' Intent'' of the Voter beyond!
that work in Adams ra.iintv in th- It.- ' rumored here today
ni.-u .vr
People of New Mexico Cannot
Stay On Water Wagon Unless
Worm is Eradicated From
the Fruit.
p. Mil slut.. In which Cleveland Is it-
ti it. t. Next gellt.
With Champ Clark 111 with uneu
llaolll.l atol I -a Full. .It, mif r..rlnar Iftllhl
f a. P.. ling . ri.at.a unipli. atton of atotua h-arhe and
w ill
Van stone has il. -.hired he
enter no drfenar in Hie ron-
I IMi I. It lltliM. IN l
1.. I
rt-..n. .;i. t, a hatoW.itiie a.'i"r
a kn..v and with ... n,,,. tt tempera-
.f. !
( t i
AiO't It.
..III a a I
a n. I mi I
tlifrn'f f,
I '4 ! ' i
I I aft t.ft a a
l. .it a i,i.
Il M I!.. I . '
la.. '-r
I - . I I I . I ,
.a i. , . .. e , 4
.t,4 .. ,
The W. C. T. V. organisation of
this rlt. which now numbers more
than one hundred member. Is to
sue Its annual reception to husbands
anal hr..! tier, tonight. Large prepara
tion la lia-iin made and tt la -xpa-ted
to be a brilliant nrfalr
Terrell Anh and wife of Tucson,
Arn.. who have been vixiiing rela
tive, here during the holidava, lelt
loaUy i.tr their home.
Mrs. J II Willi of Fvrt Worth,
wb.. p, nt the paal tn week her
tisiimg h.r aiait-r. Mr. John Stroud.
r l ill Oral home toal.l.
ii, a ih.
I I h la fa la mla I
I .. . a .a II .4.1
i. i, I t . lt,
II ....
I. H b a. Ol. a I,. II,, ,. t Wlh
alfid at haarii.h-a a III liar mr fi t
! atlr j Iti.llv foMod .-j
te. i t. I r'lia i II Mania
I i i .i I. il, ll,. W t.lt. I
. I.
..i I
I .111 a . a f la
I - I a . I'taf I .'
I a j a.
I I I'.... Trs , J.n t. A band et
i.iatf.iirra a iata iej in ilta M.u.
Ill i I ata.lala !, ill ,. It u I. a vat baa la
-I I. In a ala .1 II I. .(lt il,, (put ,.
II. I lei. ,l,l.. .1.1, .11.. 1.1. ,. (,
a.. i.i. a. i .at,, I U tin
. . -I in ! aal.i la., ,.,a 1 1, i
a 4 . i. ,..!. ..,,,,,.,.1,1.. ., (x .... I
I, .1.1. .4 tl. il.la Wir ul.j iiil liil
noted them:
Mrs. Adler Shave and haircuts, 12.
Gem barber shop.
Mrs. German Shaves and haircuts,
12. I'loneer barber shop.
Mrs. Krau Seven-dollar meer
schaum pipe, Ingam & Bush.
Jack Nelson Two-dollar silk kim
ono. Owl Drug company.
Oh. Thomas," she exclaimed, "1
didn't think it was in you!"
"It ain't all," replied Tommy, "part
of It's in Elsie."
It is reported to be rumored that
the Intelligence has reached New
Mexico that it is stated on good au
thority that the president Is believed
to have been alleged to have signed
the statehood proclamation yester
day, whereby It Is understood that
New Mexico, In case no adverse cir
cumstances prevent, and unless the
proclamation is lost en route, and
providing that the president really
did sign It. become what ia believed
to be a state of the alleged union,
The Morning Journal has received
the following letter:
l'ua rto de Luna. N. M., Jan. S. 1912.
F.dltor AlbtiqurrtiUfi Morning Journal:
Hear Sir: Your recent article on
"Kat Apple nd Get on the Water
Wagon." ta not new over here where
every apple Iihk its worm, which dis
tills enough of the desired iimnlitni
lo satisfy the appetite of the man
who must be stimulated, and also de
strnya the apple. Now down at lt..
wel where Hie prohibition element ia
largely in the majority, the Fruit as
saKlHtiaiii .if the 'vos vallev of Chav
ea county. It. uung every effort to kill
If the worm, ao that a man who earn
a gaaal Sound N.ata will 11. t llJVe hi
appetite ltlale.l.
The govern., i
aaked t i lia.iaa- Hie
lulal law So Itial everv lillltf ol u n
oi.ii. id win ,, ,-..iiip-llrd to pra I A HosToN prf-a.r aa ihildrra
nn tl, r ro.i.linig moth which pre. do not like tlra that air puroly Unas
ilu.ea th worm thai annually dttia ( '. I'aaailaly th .r..r.-a..r rrall
i.tora than Hit . .. ta.urtn. ut tha ap- j ihmhI Ih inta4 ol cl.ll.li an
pir ra p of N.n Mcalatf and ta-1
l,n. Ml 'tt 11 A N K aa ha la abl la get
1 la rl Het.rv Walt) Heratiraal4 l'i".i m ol II.. aa.iu. Il la .t !
Thai a . .. I ...n, applr a ...! ! ! Itial II la ll.'l Ibe .w l-.llil lUr
I ..I -I.. I. ill ), ll.r 4.) ' II,. I a lol.l M.HUo 14. II..!.. . Oill a II.
I... all II, .lit. at.al lUilaaae 1 1. I '
,1 ., . ,i, . ,.p tautaalO.la ( i I llll'll IT ) I a. I Hi. .nW ,
I I. . i. -., I..I, if 4 l:tm l-' l ailla.k.1 ai.i ..( l.-ll.ll.
I l.iMi I I' A 1. 1. II. ..I I 'i Hiii) .iih ah im.iiiiei' ..
COMMENTING on the fact that the
horse originated in Europe, an ex
change wants to know where the mule
originally came from. Bray-zll, per
haps; or Ass-cot No?
woman's hair may be her crowning
glory, but we want her to comb It out
and twist It up tight before sho makes
biscuits for us."
A SUGGESTION has been made to"
change the name of the automobile This report Is passed along for what
ciiuuiteur io aiiiommi. nun.. wop,k t,.- .-n,-..---, nr (he
what autowotnan be called who runs I worm, tne experience 01 tne
the machine? .past few days ha made us conserva-
A TEXAS Judge haa decided that I
the tahle fa.rk la not a deadly weapon.
However, from the way aome people
r.-frain from using tt they undoubtedly
think it is.
THOMAS A. Edison admits that
aome pieces of his cement furniture
will require a.. me upliolsterlng. Any
one who has had the misfortune to sit
down hard on a cement sidewalk will
agree with him.
A LITTLE GIRL at Great Totham.
Kaaex, Kngland. when asked to write
about wild animals and the countries
they inhabit, wrote: "Wild animal
uaed to abound In Kngland. hut now
they are only to be found in Theologi
cal Gardens."
A CLEVELAND woman recently
kiaaed a burglar In the .lark thinking
he was h.r hualmnd. and diarovereal
her mlatake bv reaaon of the fart that
the burglar did not have a muataehe.
r-A . A
SPECIAL TRIP trsnutlantle Ham
tti UrrMt a4 stoat luorlota ttaaaar af
tka Hautiari-Amerlcaa MrTlcat. Equlttraal
with Klts-Carlton Hrataiuut, Paha Oaftfta.
OjmnaitiiBi, Klertrie Matlia. Banataaa,
WUI isar N Vurk
fnr Maarlra. Gibraltar. Aliea
Vliurraurhe ( Mea), Cieaaa, aa
plea, and Port Said.
Tlm Jar Ifbt-aMlof at Mob pact.
To ar from Port Ratal. (IAS Bad aft.
To or from all otber pm-fi. $1 15 a aa.
Alto Calm lo lar Urtaat. S'Ml Imttm,
Month iaaaHew, arma4 tto irorM. .
Sand fur lllu.tr. aooalat
002 Olive Rt., St. Louis, Mo., or
l'At'L TETliClI. Ixx-al Agent.
il legialainre will be!'" "'her wa.ida. ahe waa led as tick tod
.e ,,r-.,l horn, til ! J ' el"M-led to be. h, A !
TubercDiosh Medidnc
Saved Ikis Man's life
riaruui.niia la a aerawa dlaeaae, od
flea ha toe fuuialaia.a lor .-Uruuic
luug tr.ml.lea aometiaM- Talarn-uluai re
sult.. After 1'iaei.B.a.nia. tir antr wrtua
ur t iil.lH.ru cold. It Is wise lu take Kck-n.-ti.'.
Ix.ii t wall to Ind ont wbettaer the
tru.il.Ur ia s'tllof worar. but lake K. k
luau a Aileratlte la tlu.e sn.l a....d 1 1
1auBa-a of iltarsee. kr.d of tbe recurery
la thia rase:
:.H Nu. 41t tt.. i'hlltdelpbia. Pi.
' at levea. I a.u getiis rry
k-ely aud galalng atreugth all tbe time.
I nuar weiaJi uuau. a guia aiu-
fO-pieaitwr Itt. I'7, of .tl uu. arnre
lluiu wbea I arat llirtnl In lake tbe
Allrrattre. I w lab I bail ' tkowu of It
ta year ago aa It wimiM kae aave.1
Wi- tuu- h SUM-. anal dlatreaa
"I waa auRerms fraMO a ery setiou
Slweaard I ..cat a bleb fa.lloard a bad
aitaefc f pueuinoiiia Mr pkraxiaa aaa
aav-Uilal Oea-iareai any rwae boiel4aa
I raiiaul l.ut lie r lkaukf.il In yim
a4 (Im Almiskf ..! f Ibap great
l.ira.1.,! aa.l .babga ajf bealtk It hat
brw.itflat sua '
-atu. arilu.f Ilia ala atatrurat 1
law la aa IL.t I I,.., full, r. sVared
a.r bealik kat.ag Ua rJ in aef
lkra ma "
igla4 M.t., Tlla.a II IT
r- ku.a . Aoartailt la igr.ii y iti.m
.ilia A.IV.U.. ., J.,.,, t utm I aad
I w. S leM .r-a .. li, b I wl.iOb. ll.r
... a. a.,fM.a ....,, , i,ia.,a
. aa. H ....!.., ...... A,, .
j' !- f I.I.U....
I .iaai -I I i . . . . ..j
I ut mm i , ... i.. i.,.( ...a...... fc4
HlI.U4 1'I.Sfn.sry ., l4
I t.iu.s I Ut AibbaMaw
Monday, January 8
The Merry Musical Comedy
"The Girl, the
Man and the
35 Clever People. 80 oercent
Brimful of Lauohs. NOT
18Tuneful Catchy SonQi18
Special After Holiday Prices.
75c, $1,00, $1.50.
Seats at Matton's. Get tours

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