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Valentines Are
Yet to Come
0 Ji fit
o o I Co o o q o n 71 '
ear Trimmed Season ana Cherry Decked Anniversary Expected to Enliven Social Life
8 Pitying Auction Bridge and Promoting Church Benefits Present Pastime of Local Elite
(By 'iral Clyee.) (thati I was "heading oil" in my usual
tJPID was put "on the vague and meaningless way, suiiii?
carpet by St. Valen- less to the paragraph, than usual,
tine yesterday. perhaps, you notieed. jw actual
See here, Dan, my, words in regard to suffragists and cig-
, , , , , , , , i (ii ill n' .1 , i . incur.
l no
buquerque has been a
bad one. Your com
petitor. Dick Divorce.
has ou skinned. Are your business
methods weakening, or are those ot
the young scapegout improving?"
Cupid fidgeted, digging his- toes
nervously into the carpet
St. Valentine, auditor of love ac
counts, on his annual tour of Investi
gation, was plainly out of humor, and
Ills frown deepened, as he turned the
ledger leaves.
"What's' this? That young couple
quarreling already. Why they've only
been murried two or three months.
Let's see; where do they live? Went
Silver. Ah, yes, 1 remember. Better
stick arouiid, Cupid; wo don't want
anything worse to come of that mar
riage than lover's tilts.
lipid agreed silently, with a mean
ing look at his arrows.
"Come here, Cupid," said St. Valen
tine, presently, as he frowned at a
page, whereon was printed the his
tory of marriage of a year, blotted
with its marital difficulties. "Can't
we fix it up?" Cupid looked dubious.
"Do your best," said St. Valentine,
as he turned the page. "Now this
oik-.' and St. Valentine iointed to the
record of divorce proceedings, "had
beller run Its course. No good can
come of Interfering In that case. You
played the girl a mean trick, young
fellow. "'
"The separation out on West Cen
''i'lJL'U we lu naught, I think," con
TitiuYiT St. liilhnlfne. The wife "will
return, I'm !iilte sure."
"As for this one.'l St. Valentin
sighed, "it look had. The wife is
young ainl beautiful and is staying too
long uvvuy. Ami say, Cupid, keep your
eyes on that young society woman out
in the west end. I've a little 'Inside
info.' on the case, and It looks as
though h:r devotion to husband ami
home Is wavering ut bit. .Maybe not.
She enjoys an evident popularity with
both sexes, and may just like a good
St. Valentine closed the book.
"These lovers' qu.-irrds," anil St.
Valentine winked, whereupon Cupid
grinned broadly, "are more simple of
adjustment, eh Dan?
St. Valentine's Day will fix 'em. Do
you know Cupid, we want to get busy.
Humane1 i.-n't getting a fair show, this
day and time. What with commer
cialism, i omnopolitanlsni anil other
"isms" of modern existence. It's a hard
fight. They can't beat us. though,
lint tome, the sale of valentine Is
to be promoted. We need the money"
and then and there, they went over
to the enemy.
It Isn't the first time, nor yet, the
last, that Love and Commerce haw
shaken hands.
"Ah, a vexed question Is that
suffragist would discriminate in her
wild clamor for women's rights, She
would ursurp one of the privileges,
but will hue none ot the lesser evils.
Our HUi'fraglstlc sister will vote with,
mankind, hi t is unimpressed- vr h his
privilege to smoke or drink.
Please notice X said our sur'fr&gistlc
sister Is VNl.Mf'RCSSICD with man
kind's privilege to smoke or drink.
Out never mind. 1 had "one coming -for
touching on the stiff ra;;e question
at all. Sitt'ng "on the fence" 1 answer
with Kate Douglas Wiggin who, when
asked how she stood on the votes-for-women
question, replied slie didn't
"stand at all.'! The famous novelist
told the story of a New England
farmer's wife who had no very ro
mantic ideas about the opposite sex,
and who, hurrying from churn to sink,
from sink to shed, and back to thu
kitchen stove, was asked if she want
ed to vote. "No. 1 cor.alnly don't. 1
say, if there's one little thing that' the
men folks can ih alone, for giod.iess
sake, let "em do it!" She replied.
"Amen," say. I and the anils,''
And in mv humble opinion evry
woman want ii VOTF.R, not VOTEd.
So there!
"How natural for the unin
formed to blunder when assum
ing knowledge they have not.
All know the story of the young
woman at a congressional din
ner who discoursed on English
literature. Her partner askeij If
she liked Scott's novels. "I adore
them." was the reply. "Do you
like Scott's 'Ijuly of the l.nke?"
he queried. "It is Just too dear,"
was Hie rapturous response.
"And Scott's Marmlon?" "That Is
grand," she asserted. Then, sus
piciously, "And how do you like
Seotr Emulsion?" "Oh, that is
sublime: The best thing Scott
1'ier wrote," was the ready reply.
And the best part of the yarn Is
ih never knew she blundered.
A case in iHiltit is the asserva
limis ot a local writer, a self-st-led
anti-suffragist to the ef
fect that women clamor for the
ballot and political rights in or
l r to openly take on the Ices
of men."
Well I don't know whether the
Women here are going in for the vur-
Jous iefoi ma, but, I dp k no w that Ihe
town is dead socially. Tliey may he
trying to go Archimedes one better
and lo up-lilt tb world without lev
erage. If so, they proceed silently.
At any rate, tea grows cold and curd
tables dusty, so' to speak. A surpris
ing Interest is manifest in church af
fairs. Quite a number of the society
women are rushed to death, actively
promoting these benefit affairs. It
smuts a sort of fever. The ladies of
one church start something and all
th. i.lntcr soil -ties fall right In line.
It's the real Lenten spirit in advance.
Truly, It Is a bit eany for the piety
game, but its well lo get the habit,
pel haps.
Valentine parties should be in or
der, this week. The decorative pos
sibilities ot Valentine day invite fes
tivity, and annually. It is murked with
hea rt -trl mined a f fairs.
And next week ushers In Washing
ton's birthday, also a gala day, when
hatchets and cherries predominate in
the decorations.
Somebody may start something.
iTTiiiv biudoe
i hi; latlst fad.
worth of real love, if the genuine tti-If
can be measured, and I mink It can
not, found connubial culmination, in
our good old town.
'Twas the wedding of Harriet Floyd
M'Adoo, daughter of William G.
M'Adoo, one of the greatest railway
presidents and financiers in America,
and Charles Tabor Martin, son , of
of Charles H. Martin, banker and
well-known capitalist of New York.
Of course, it was a lovo affair of
the effete east. Of the beautiful Hud
son on the banks of which the
M'Adoo and Martin families have pal
atial estates. Moving in the same se
lect social circles, the girl, a popular
society girl of New York, and the man
a prominent club man and banker, the
romance had natural inception. Well
suited in every way, their announced
engagement came as no surprise to
hundreds of friends In the New York
"400." '
But a few months ago the young
man's health failed and he was order
ed to the southwest. Though steadily
Improving, his stay was ordered pro
longed. A physician's decree that in
terfered seriously with love"s Inclina
tions and a wedding planned. The se
quel is told In the wedding perform
ed in the Kpiscopal church. Thursday
afternoon at ii o'clock, by Archdeacon
A marriage In the southwest where
the honeymoon is to he spent. Mr.
and Mrs. Martin will live in Prescott,
Ariz., until his health is completely re
stored. They will then go abroad to
spend year or so in travel.
A pretty romunce. indeed. HelreBSes
have hearts, and hearts are trumps.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Mctlaffey wit
nessed this simple wedding of inter
est to fashionable society In New
York and financial circles, since two
big fortunes were united. Also Mr.
Harton Keller, who was a college mat.;
of Mr. Martin's, and Mr C. K. Low
lier, warden of the church.
Mr. and Mrs. .Martin remained two
Hk in AlbuquiMque, leaving only yes
terday for Prescott.
ji vlxilf s.
To be perfectly truthful, I know noth
ing of the complications regarding
the consummation of the new hospital
And truly the most Important thing
In life for everyone to realize, first
and foremost, Is what he or she does
not know. But It takes much know
ledge to reach that point. Few are
clever enough ever to get there. The
controversial imbroglio, notwithstand
ing, the benefit entertainments for the
Anthony Cottage Sanitarium continue,
the best of which is to be the dance
next Wednesday night. A list of pat
ronesses for the affair was never pub
lished, becausa of the fight preelpttat
ed by the establishment of the new
hospital. But a number of really
prominent society folk are at work
on the Valentine ball, and several
young fellows have gime on a ticket
selling campaign, that has resulted in
the accumulation of the needed coin.
Whether the ball Is entirely successful
remains to be seen.
Auction bridge is the latest pastime
of tba local elite, and one or two
tables are being played daily by the
enthusiasts, who have already spent
several weeks mastering the intricacies
of t It' "society" game. So Interested
are they In the new fnd. that one
prominent society woman declares It
Is Ihe real reason no large parties are
being given.
At .Mrs. Strlcklers Tuesday: at Mrs.
Rodey's Wednesday: and at Mrs.
Klock's last night, and elsewhere dur
ing the later week, the new game, Is
coming in for a fair share of at
tention. Auction Prldge parties are to be the
popular form of entertainment this
spring, and next season, likely as not
or so it looks now. from the strenuous
efforts of the society folk to becoms
pro! idem players.
How di
that u neat little brickbat"?
you like the frame? That's
consider a really artistic g-t
Rather huge anil really smart was
the "afternoon at cards" that Mrs.
IH. M. Hav "edged ill" between the var
ious occupations and dull monotony of
present social life, duosts from Mich
igan, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Macomber
iand HUP; daughter. I,oretto, who spent
several days at the Hay home enroute
to California, were mainly responsible
I for the beautifully appointed party.
"P "f printers' ink. 'Twas discovered I which was rec herche In every detail.
the word picture, not the frame j, Mr. .M;ieoiiiber. by the way. Is in east-
' -"ling off a rabid, not to say militant. em capitalist of s'rtne note, w ho Is
' f r.s,. of suffrage on a rival society touring the nest with his family. His
'ot. wife was honor guest at Mrs. Itay's
"Assert'on of a loial writer. self- party and Mrs. Macotnbor's charm of
')lcd ant'-suffragist (get thstTi to the manner and pleasing appearance, quite
tf-ii that women clamor for the lal- captivated the local society folk, who
'"' and political rights in order to were Invited to mc-t her.
"I- rdy take en the vices of men." Did The dining room was decorated with
' that? Tsar, dear: How care- nink carnations and smllax and the
l,,f- ! color heme throughout was pink.
W.-ll ,i fve t,,d von. I a'ways , si tied out with a profusion of roses
J I" iik of suffrage in fer and treuib- and en million" The card game was
I quake Ml the thought of the waged t six table, resulting In Mrs.
"'t'rsgists. Tbev are alw:i con- (ov Melninuld winning first prize and
Miicingly right, you snow. Honestly. Mrs I . A. Matson. the M.finil. Those
I ain mortally afraid of them, and invited to rr -el Mrs. Macomber were
t i-ir excellent srgun en's thev are Mesdatnes Maricsret .M dlcr. Joseph
uiar.surrahle. Homl's and powrt-rs Htown Kred Kent. J. S Mcl juiilrw
r" exidostvrn. o are the reasonings 'o A Mals..n lur Albright. J. H.
"' 'lie stiffrgist; and explosive have l.othv.-Kov McDonald. I . A ltittner.
" iv of doing the unexpected. To ( Herns, d lliulrv, Raymond Ptsmm.
- sure, no one. not even a near-sight-! ValdrldKe. I'-rr-- !.'". !:olert Pol-
H-ron. i i ..iii!..-l)e.l to irnite l,b. nirri K lock Jarrett. I. If.
snd then a", and wrutinifn -faro. A K. Walker. A. K. MeMillen.
Mircgor. Im UsnKn. M. E. Hlekey,
i.ouzellu Allen, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Allen, Jr., of 615 Weal Ti
jeras, celebrated her ninth birthday
yesterday afternoon, with as prettily
decorated and appointed party, as one
could well wish lo see. The Aliens
arr only recently here from Chicago,
and their Utile daughter has become
quite a favorite with the youngsters.
l'lnk and while made an effective
color scheme for the paj-ty, carried
out with a profusion of carnations and
crepe paper decorations. Dainty fav
ors, candy filled and in their design,
well calculated to pleace Ihe childish
mind, were given the little guests and
pretty prizes were awarded In the Jol
ly games played. Music and darning
further enlivened proceedings for the
children who had the time of their
young lives. The participants in the
gay fracas were Marcella Matson, l-'av
Strong, Juliette Fleischer, Oertrude
Stone, Katherlne and Dorothv War
ren, Anna belle Flournoy, Loraine
Maharam, Margaret Combs, Huth
Jacobson, Katherine and Hubert
Washburn, Francis Fergusson, Jlcr
bert LaDriere and Wanda Standiford
Circumstances alter valentines.
Sending only the one girl a valen
tine Is the best policy.
The ways of the anonymous Valen
tine are past finding out.
People who have faults of their own
shouldn't send valentines.
Too many valentines spoil the whole
day for us. -
No man is a hern to his valentine.
It's a wis valentine that knows its
own sender.
The Jilted man clutches at a valen
tine. Valentines are sent Just to show us
what hypocrites we are.
The comic valentine covers a mul
titude of sins.
A little valentine is a danavrous
Send a comic valentine in haste mi l
repent at I ensure.
Heautv continues to be her own
best valentine.
We love only once, but we manage
to find a new girl to send a valen
line to every year.
The fool and his valentine are soon
mailed. J. J. O'Cnnnell In Judge.
At the home of Mrs. John A. White,
521 North Fifth street, the ladies' Aid
society of the First Methodist church
will give a St. Valentine's teu Wednes
day afternoon. February 14. The
ladles are requested to bring their
needlework, and It is further sug
gested that there will be plenty of the
lunch for the men folk, and of a qual
ity suited to masculine taste. The
members of this society are making
active preparations for the ante
Fainter bazaur which Is to bn held Just
before Kaster, thus their faithfulness
to needlework.
Mrs. White will be assisted by Mes-
dames Edwin Livingstone, D. A. Por
tertleld, O. T. Casper, C.
K. O. Strong and Kdward
ll...Aii OX ,
A. Watson
Of Valentine affairs, however, nun"
will get a belter crowd, or be better
fun than the bazaar. Card party and
dance, to lie given. Thursday evening,
February l.'i, in Odd Fellows hall by
tile Young Ijulies Stability of the Im
maculate Conception church. There
hus been no lack of expressed social
patronag'. since the most active work
ers on the affair ure Mrs. J, H.
D'llbdly, Mrs. O. N. Marron. Mrs. D. A.
MacPherson. Mrs. Charles White, Mrr.
H. It. llerndon and Mrs.- J. Kngiand
Smilhers, Candy booths and another
devoted to the sale of aprons, will lie
In charge of these ladles, who will be
assisted by the young ladies of the
Catholic church.
For the card sharks, there will be
cards played under the direction of
Mr. T. J. Na Ion, and the Fuhrmeyer-
Cavanaugh orchestra will be on hand
with their best In the way of terslchor-
ean melody.
All In all. It promises to be the big
gest function of the week, and Is ex
pected to prove a finunclal, na well us
social success.
IX .It'XK.
an Informal musical program, includ
ing a piano boIo by Mrs. Charles Sul
livan, a reading hy Mrs. Gilbert Fisher
and other piano solos by Harry Patch
in. Mr. barnes. chief clers at Wichita,
Kas., was a guest and made a brief
and entertaining talk. Following an
hour or so at cards a fine supper was
served bv Mrs. Frank, assisted by Mrs
Curtis Allard and Miss Mogrs. The
guests were: Messrs and Mesdames
Allard, Sullivan, Feedler, Means,
Patchin, Lathrop, Fisher, Frank; Mes
dames Kogors, Darrow, Graham, AI
bers, Cook, Miss Hogers. Messrs
Leekley, Matthews, Barnes.
A i.Y
The Thirty club had a delightful
dancing party Wednesday night, last.
This aggregation of young bloods
keeps right to the front in the way of
"society stunts" and the functions of
the "Thirty" are keenly anticipated by
their girl friends. A bully good time
was enjoyed by these at the last dance:
Misses Lillian Hesselden, Margaret
Kelehor, Kugenla Keleher, Aline Stern,
Kthel Saint, May McMlllin, May Clos
son of Sunta Fe, Sue Dobson, Bernlee
Hesselden, Irene Borders, Huby Peel,
Haxel Cox, Clarice Ptigh, Jean Huhbs.
Huth Simpler, Lola Neher anil Miss
Duval; Messrs Will McMlllin, llert
Skinner, T. J. Naylon, Will White.
John Tlerney. Walter Plaque, Hulph
Keleher. Oscar Ulueher, John McKee.
Oscar Oosch, rtoy Rtrome, Bob
Crews, It, P. A. Johnson, James
Skinner, Russell Hutchison and
Charles Lembke.
The daughters and daughler-ln-luw
ot Judge Fall 1 think that's right,
haven't It quite straight in my own
mind were ut the Alvurudo all week,
attracting the attention of Hie popu
lation, noticeably that of masculine
variety. They Miss Jeanelte Fall,
Mrs. Jack Chase and Mrs. Kverharl
Fall were seen at a box parly at
the Oamble concert Thursday night.
accompanied both limes, by well
known local men.
Tuesday afternoon Miss Lela Ar-
mljo entertained informally In honor
of Mrs. A. B. Fall and the three young
women. At 6 o'clock the fellows drop
ped in for a cup of ten and the after
noon was Jolly clear through. Those
enjoying the Informality were Mes
dames A. H. Full, Jack Fall, Chuse,
Margaret Medler, Joseph Brown, Solo
man Luna, Jacobo Yrlssarrl, Sr., Jac
olm Yrlsarrl, Jr., Miss Yrisarri. Miss
Fall, Lillian Hesselden. Polly Mct'lel
len and Messrs. Jameson, Diet,
Strong, lingers and Crews,
AXI A i).xci:.
day afternoon in celebration of her
sixth birthday. The usual In games,
and an unusually good time, resulted
from this gathering of wee tots, ut the
home of the young hostess. Htm West
Hunlng avenue.
XI Chapter of Phi Mil, I'nlversity of
New Mexico, have Invitations out for
an "at home'' ut Uodey Hall, Saturday
evening, February 17. 8; SO o'clock Is
the hour designated, and the favored
ones. In possession of the classy, mono
grammed invitations, are expecting
something very especial In the way oi
a good time.
rteba Conner was hostess, last night.
to the Satin-day Musical club, ol
which sho is a member. A picture
show Jaunt down town, was followed
by a valentine p arty, at the hand
some Conner home, where games and
good things to eat, whiled the hours
The Sens of the American devolu
tion were entertained, Friday night, at
the home of Mr. (leorgo S. Klock,
when preliminary plans were made
for the annual (leorge Washington
celebration. On the uflernoon ot the
22nd, the election of ofllcers will
be held, and that evening a big ban
quet will be given at the Alvarudo. As
there are twenty-mid memliers ot tne
local Sons of the Revolution, and
ineir wivch arc ta -..w .,.
banquet, It may be expected us quite
an affair. The evening at the Klock
home was not given up wholly to nr
ranxemeuts of the annual social it f
fair, but was an enjoyable event with
the usual pleasures, incident to a stag
w m m
v i.i:xtik
i i yxt-t ii. rnr.
. ' , . i. ...v. il ii. .,.. r,-H xi i. .1
"i kinn with a mome-le. ut tiioutrh It
a tni' rM oi'ie eiM-coneti. It
"rr to ran. Hut who ever hestd of j stc-n Hlmoe. A I Fr-M; Misses Kth.-1
-onn foregoing the last word? So, j Hi ke- and Nell WHtr This delieht
1 e ransacked my stor. word for j fo ert partv and luncheon wss given
"rd. f,, fiti ov mhat I re:.tly did Thursd.iv afternoon, and the Macomb
v. t,, r,-, r,,, !h. suff n.K'tic ire ,ters -ontinued their trip next ly.
'or friend aoci'tr Mlltor. I red it
"f'o-gh .-T.reti,Pv an. Mn "U ;
''l me d the hlotter. I cl t f t- .
V "i t ti,t k,i i tr U.v to r-t
J "?nn.iihimt iinroitm eorMrsi's I A iir prettv romance. Involvirf
fc'riif.. K ,4h,.r ,hir Use I nii'imns f-t dollars and ev-a s;.!icn
pttViiMiv lOVr; M IT
Even comic valentines sometimes
are humorous.
Valentines ale a first aid to weak
hearted suitors.
on Valentine day we see "oursils as
it her- see us."
Men have been hanged for the per
petration f crimes fur less offensive
thsn aientirie verses.
Delivering valentines In the stone
age nfusl have been a man s Job.
It takes a comic valentine to pierce
the armor tif dignity. Varce C. Crls
in Judge.
hit. II K
t t.lKMY.
There's a big dance Valentine sight,
at the Ainiorv. In which the dancing
contingent both young and old. have
innRifested an Interest that assures a
gfMel crowd.
This affair is to te fiar the benefit
of the Anthonv Cottage Sanitarium, a
proponed or established Institution that
has become a bone of contention
among the medical fraternity and re
ligtoe4 e"H, thsr Ttistntsin hosoitals
in this cltv. Ttiey proably do not be-
liee that
of irt."
An engagement. Just announced, is
of Interest to a large circle of friends.
It is that of .Miss Henrietta Mandell
to Mr. Karl liockenhelmer of Kl Paso.
The bride-tlect is the sister of Leon
and Julius Mandell, and brothers of
this city, and will be wedded in Juno
to Mr. Hockenheimer, who is a well
known commercial man of the Pass
Quite a bit of entertainment hus
been inaugurated In Miss Mandell's
honor. Wednesday night Uladys Man
dell gave a family dinner party In
her honor with decorations of white
and yellow.
Mrs. C. Benjamin entertained In
formally for the young couple Mr.
Hockenheimer Is spending several days
In the city Thursday night and Mrs.1
Julius Mandell Is to tie hostess at an
elaborately appointed luncheon today.
hlte and pink are to be the colors
used In the decoration scheme, de
veloped with flowers, ribbon and pink
paper hearts; the same decorations to
prevail In the sitting room as In th2
Mnlng room.
The ladles of St. John's tlulld, ever
on tne alert ror a cnance 10 mas
money for the church, have "big
doings" framed up for a week from to
morrow, Monday, rebruary l. Ma
sonic temple will be the place, the
time has already been designated and
the "girls'' uro Mesdames C. II. Brad
ford, A. 8. Morrissette, John Milne.
W. Y. Walton, Oeorge Klock, S. Vann,
W. H. King and C. Barnes.
That Is, these ladles are actively In
terested In the entertainment. Sup
per, a good home-oooked supper, with
all Hk. trimmings, will be served from
6 to 8 o'clock and that will get the
crowd. A musical entertainment, "An
Old Tyme rilnging School," will bo next
on the program, then dancing, to con
tinue all evening. It promises very
well, Indeed, for a good time. ,
Oi l H UBS
f.i.ix ti;i.
Mr. and Mrs. J, K. Sinltbers plan
a trill to the lira nil Canyon the lat
ter part of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Putney and
Mrs. Itlffle spent the week past In Kl
Paso Inking in the racing at J Hares.
Mr. and Mrs. C. . kiiin have as
guests their daughter and her hus
band. Mr. and Airs. Price of Van
couver, H, C.
Mrs. Pearl Snyder, formerly Miss
Anita Lewis, left during the week for
Boise, Idaho, to Join her husband.
Miss May Closson. daughter of Mr.
ami Mra Charles Closson of Santa
Fe, and a popular girl of the Capital
city, Is visiting friends In Albuquerqtc.
m m m
Mrs. H. It. Orummnml of Detroit.
Mich., Is In the city, the guest of Mrs.
Oeorge Klock and her mother, .Mrs.
Though the big Shiiners' ball is not
until the magic 29th of Lap Year, al
ready preparations are complete to
have It the. biggest social blow-out. In
these parts, since the proverbial Heck
was a miahtv small dog.
Becoming alive to the fact that the!
Khrlners were not doing their part The "A Tempo'' tub hud one of
in the way of "society" affairs, and the gavesl times of Its brief but sue
fiitlv Imuressed with the solendid i,o- c. ssiul existence Thursday night when
slbilitlea of entertainment now that Kstherine (irlmmer slid r ranees
An Important meeting of the Y. W.
A. directors w as held. Tuesday night
at which tne following oincers were
elected: President. Mrs. . L. Brooks;
vice president, Mr. D. S. Itosettwald;
secretary. Dr. J. II. Ileald; treasurer,
Mr. (leorge S. Klock. The reports sub
mitted ut this meeting, proved the as
sociation In a very' flourishing condi
tion as more than $ 3.000 has already
loin collected on the 15,0110 pledged
during the recent financial campaign.
Mr. Joshua Kaynolds. who had
promised 1 1,000, to hi payable In sum
of $:.i0 for four years, paid the entire
amount, and other prompt payments
have placed the Institution on a firm
Ci.ani lal basis
The Qulckel hisme, corner of Fourth
and Fruit, wus' the scene of a very
oretlv and entirely profitable tea
Thursday afternoon, for benefit ol
St. John's parish.
The refreshments, exceedingly good
ami in great ablindunce, were donated
bv Mrs. K. B. Qulckel. and daughter
In-law. Mrs. Curl Qulckel. so the
amount realised from sale of the lunch
was a net profit for St. John's guild.
It wus a neat sum as the crowd wus
Assisting the Mesdames Qulckel
were Mesdanies I'oraker, W. II. King,
H tirletta Myers, Fayette A. Jones,
C. W. Kunz. tiny Hogers, Nye Martin.
Clifford Huydcn and Miss Lisle
M vers.
HUM X'H I LI 11.
latum had turned out Friday night for
the double-header basket hall contest
between the two Imh Vegas teams, and
the girls' and buys' team of the local
High Hchoo1. om of the biggest
crowds ever gathered in the Armory
witnessed the exciting games, and
could nut but be cuught by tho wild
spirit ot enthusiasm, made manifest
with horns, shouts and the shriller
feminine screams. Jt was as noisy
a. demonstration of elemental enthus
iasm as was ever heard in the Armory
or elsewhere about town, and the raft
ers rang with tho unsuppressed ex
citement The mob went wild when Al
buquerque came out victor in both
games. There is a charm about tho
uancis topping oft the basket ball
games, that lovers of the amusement
cannot gainsay. They always go Willi
a snap not noted at other social af
fairs here. Probably It is the entire
informality, and lack of party attire
and manners.
Tim Fuhrmeyer-Cuvanaugh orches
tra played and all the college belles,
und lots of the social swells. Joined in
the merrv whirl of the dance. Inci
dentally the boys realized ti pllo t
money off tho affair, the paironugd
far exceeding all expectations.
ri pils
Mlrs Ionise Nichols gave a pupils'
recital ut her home Thursday evening,
which brought out the parents und
Lunula of the performers In goodly
The piogram rendered was difficult,
ind vnrnuged In a manner, which re
flected the highest credit on the abili
ties of the teacher and th talents of
the young pupils. The music class
was usslsted by Mr. )roy Volt, who
delighted his hearers with skilled vio
lin Interpretations. Among tho pupils
who ucqullted themselves, particularly
well, were Juliet Fleischer. Francis
Fergusson, Winifred Doyle, Alice
llerndon, Lillian Hammond. StelU
Cupola ml. Fay .earing. Franklin Min-
r, Florence i large, v una
Olndys Hayden, lirace Boquct, Alberta
Hawthorne, Dorothy Brown, rieunor
tlvde and Mrs. Mute.
Washington's birthday
celebration of the Daughters of tho
American Revolution, will be held tills
,eur at the home of Mrs. Hay Boruff.
It Is to be an evening function, and
not uu open affair, as has been the
custom of Hie local chapter for sev
eral years. That Is, it will for thu
members of the D. A,. It., and their
families, each member to have the
privilege of inviting two additional
Mrs. McLundress Is chairman of the
committee on entertainment and ar
rangements are being completed to
have Ihe affair b"!h elaborate and en
joyable The Boruff home the old
.Nil t tin ii llarth place Is Ideuily ar
ranged for Just such a function, and
It will be one of the social events ot
the late winter season.
i t i;.
the msgntflcent Temple Is an estab
Itshed fai t, the Masons are determined
to have the lcup Year event a glor
ious success and a staggering sur
prise. All sorts of plans are being
made and kept secret, but the big club
room for non-dancers. Is being adver
tised, as the management want It un
derstood that those past age or Inclina
tion for dancing will find entertain
ment to their liking, of course, there
will be lots of good things to est and
the very best music procurable, not
to mention decorations and other
things that go to make a rmce a bril- ;
usnt success. A nig nignt and a tog I ,,r,M iv ui Tuesday
lime and .Masonic cirei are on the rh.iin home. First
Strome eniertainen at a leap year
partv ut the (Irlmmer home.
There was music, games and gmal
things to eat, and the evening was one
of unalloyed merriment
Those participating in the general
good time wer. Misses Khea. Matta
more. Stewart. Anderson, (irlmmer.
Sirom" snd Mrs Bradford: Messrs
Orimnier. Strome, Ithes, McCIanahan.
l'erv car and Pi line v.
Florence Thelin and Lucy Baca en
tertained a nuniler of the lads and
Isssies of school age, and fun-loving
night at (be
on t he program
vice of exiwieiion ror the event n a trip to the Crystal theater.
Inhere a Mix partv s held, Mrs. Ke-
CHD .i Baca doing the chaperonlsl hon-
PltTY. ' 'or. Cards, eats and then dancing
1 I made the evening one well calculated
One of the most delightful aortal
affairs of the past wtk was an even
ing- at cards the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Kdward Frank. Tio-sdsv niaht
competition Is the eoul the Railway Post at clerks and
I 1o not presume to e- thai- ah., wore a-tieota Th rlr
press sn ofonion n the controvry.vel,int , pleasantly passed with
to please the student crown. Some
thlrtv-od.l young folks were Invited
f'jr ttds merrv- telehratlon.
Another children party of big
moment to the Invited was the blrth
dy party f Kherne Thomas, nn-
The head monkey in Pulls puts on
a cap and all t h rnOTUj s in Airnricu
do tne same.77fi' Koliieune, a man, vt
coiise, puts it. ,
F.quallv,, of course, lie was 'alkiog
about fakbloiis. The Woman's club
discussed the vagaries of fashion, und
ihdr effect on womankind ami com
merce at the meeting Frlduy. Mrs.
Kodev was leader and a most Inter
esting seesion was held.
Discussion hinged alsuit Carlisle's
essay. "Sartor Itesartus," read by Mrs
Keiihcn Perry, which provoked much
spirited comment.
The musical numbers Included piano
solos bv .Miss Beryl Kenworthy, and
songs by Mrs. J. S. Collins, aicoinpan
ied on the piano bv Mrs. Bradford,
Next Friday Is Domestic Science day
and an Interesting program has been
arranged. Puper Bag Cookery Is the
topic and practical demonstration
will be made. The program Is as
riano Solo "Allegro Sonsta K
Minor Slaiiley Seder
Reading "The Plain Paper Hag."
Mrs. S. Vann.
'ixal Solo "Norwegian Iaivc Song"
Mrs. K. V. Winchester.
'Pafer Bag Cookery"
Mrs. A. K. Stroup.
Song ' Iear Little Paper Bag"...
Mrs. Winchester.
Prsctlcal demonstration:; b; M."-- rr:.-x
Dun liar. Bittner, Wroth, stroup.
Katun snd V ann of the folio lug
Wafers Olives
Abide Dumpling Coffee
M l( S.
As gay and festive event as the week;
past boasted, was tile bull in Odd I' el-
lows hall. Thursday night at which
the Orand International Auxiliary of
the Brotherhood of Locomotive Rn-
glneers were hostesses. And right
famously they acquitted themselves as
entertainers, the evening being In
every way an unqualified success.
A big crowd turned out tor tne
event and made the most of the fine
music, good lloor und other amuse
ments provided. . One of tlio largest
rowds ever gatlwred In Odd rellows
hall, 'twas said, and certainly one or
the gayest. 'The committee on ar
rangements, to whom tho splendid
success or tile ounce was one, wero
Mesdames John Bowman, J. II. Ilol-
nian. J. It rentier, nyuney iiocacii
snd Hurley Pangborn.
The Ijoyul Order of
organized in this cllv
Moose, recently
will give their
(Continued on 1'agc Six.
No piece with
out this Trade
Mark on it is
have more
In slock than we deem it prudent In
carry at this time of the year and
during the comim: v ei k w-e sh'ill of
fer it st OMVIHIKII Ilt.liOW
At this prlco every hit
old. Iteiiieinber our (IT
II tW hs" and either fin
Talking of dance sod a good time.
looked though the tot ire popvi
Should te-
I vs is
ma kes.
aph a low as
....... INK!
as low
Mater Set -lug anil six glaa-es $f.0tt
llotl-s -inch, as Ion as .
Iis N and lit Incites,
dii:m: kki.s.
. a r n i ii si
luClil-UKtits & JVXZIZS

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