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Ringgold Lady Makes a State
merit That Deserves Prompt
Investigation by Every Wo-
' man in This Country.
- 'V
in is
Cold. Records Tor Many Years
Broken' in Country East of
Rockies; Lake Superior Com
pletely Frozen Over,-
B Morula .ursl Sia-rlal -r Wirr
Washington, Feb. . 1 I. The most
Severe and pratrscted cold ' spell of
many years probably will b Proven
Ihl week mid the unusual winter
which has partly paralysed trsnapor
tstlon or It.tid mill sea, taken ninny
lives and caused ii ii l 1 1 1 nulforliiK 1"
all part of tin country, will K I vc
way to more seasonable tempera
tures, .
Observer of the weather bureau
flo nnl promise there will be no more
cold waves till winter, lint Ihev pre-
(11(1 initt till' lll'Xl WCIR 1I lll ll.ljr.
will be the forerunner of spell of
miwhrate weather.
film.' the lull week In tc ember,
save for short periods. In H I1"'
country east of the I lock y inoiinlalnn
new rcioiilH fur citticiiie low temper
ature have been set, While It was
extremely cold in the east, hnwcvrr,
temperature were above norintil n
the Pacific slope.
At time below iwrn was recorded
Inr win l h a Tennessee. Arkansas,
northern Texas and Oklahoma and
frost were recordi il In Miami, Flu.,
where they rarely mrur.
I, jikt Huperlor In reported fmwn
over frnm shore to shore, something
never heretofore recorded. In the
pi cn. nl month I In- mercury at Sinilt
Ste. Maria him touched il below; ill
Noi l hltifl.l, VI . 2H below; while I"
Fan Francisco II him never been cold
er Ihiin 4 ileareo above.
lint the weather nmp nf the north'
irn hemisphere a Il louku toiliiv
show u general change lowiird mod
eration nnd the weather bureau looks
for warmer weather from no on.
The precipitation will ho light except
In the Itorlh Pacific alute.
(xii, i wm i: iiiihfa i
Oltllll ll M W MHIK
New York. Kih. 11 The fold snap
In ill eastern part of the country
which sent the mercury In manv
places to lower llgures thiin Imvo pre
vailed for eiiii. ' niHHBurfiilily
broken 1odny when the mcriury rone
In ner lh norniHl winter nyerune.
Till iffecm of (lie lilinollllHl (ein
pprntiirfii wer mill I' ll. Iiowtyer. for
Irnln iloi kidi In upKlnle -'i lloiiij,
where unnw Hecompimleil lln cold,
were onlv purilnlly mlncil, while l'i
hurrlem in hnrhom hIoiik the ckI
timde niivlnnilon difficult mid In iom,
pl en Impoiwllile.
MoililiiK tempi riitnre rendlntto W"i-
mill low. Iicluw ni ro repoitu coinlim
from Alhnnv. whern 1" recrdcl ;
Itnffahi 2. I 'ii-l In ml. Me.. H, and I'roy
Idctice. H. I., t: while Ciiiil.r. N. A'..
Wim the roldeKt Hpol In the n ill fs
with Tl below. Thin i lly'a low rcccnl
wmh one below.
'reinperHtiiri Nlowly rune dni'iiK
the iliiy and ionu;hl were Keiicr.illv
from Id to lb degreca abme the cil
Icr liRiirea. i
New York hiirbor lodiv m.'o:l
an ncorlv Ire-bound im It ever a '.
The anifiicp of the Imv W"" thhk
with heavv lee lloeii hiuI imyiMuo
wim difficult. I'ort of.lura h'i'1.
trouble III bonruln liicoiiilnn
throuffh th idiiRo-lyln cuke, wh'eh
Kiniiud hni on i lie How of 111.' ir'.i
with Irrexmiitile force.
II. me block ,,f b'e piled up on the
chorea a the tldo receded, I. in tk
were doi ked wlib dlillciiiiy mi. I li ri y
aeri'lea W'a ileuiorullaed.
The Imiu luliind eiiinilue to 111-'
i:t rlvi r wii nil but lnipoaalbh'. it
liikhiR leiceia Mcyiral hour to
l.rciik IhroiiMh the he off ThroRita
Hufferiim In the poun r nuiirti1 a ""
the ellv l in lii the liltld uluht :i
Intenae, Two dealba from the o! I
and ninny colliipic I rum enpoei e
were reported.
ryeii peraona were i.. n lime by
f.. mid reMiitecn horn-a were
drowneil lod.iv u the reMiili of Hie
loimtiiK of .m ami w.il. r m.ilna In ,
Upper Went Side alri'i'l.
Apartment hnuae. within r.'idhis i
of il l.bu k w ere eMicuat. d. The l"!i. i
nnd other, r.-. ue.l lin n p tonij
n crcome in their rooiua from (-. .ip
ln K. I
The miicr mid w mipp'v of u
sl.lir.hle -.. u..n of the in hi
be (HI ofr for a-W'tnl bourn whit
I.Mkn wi re IjcIhk ieplteii.
c-oi -id
I In
l it UN 11$ I I H II l I'l llV
Allmnv. N. V . Feb. II. The lialn
rarrvlna a lbinirt. il inmiiaiu and
forty other m.engeia, whicli w.-n
mailed In bi nnmv en the New V 1 1
fintriil rmiil tn iiilun t of (iw
Rii, wh l.leaneil at mien tod I'M' 1
hallne I een heal Ihllll -am tioilt.
To l-l. int.-iry nnow pn.w n hiid to
tunnel thri'iich huiie duttn ' etie. 1
the rem in-. Never lnf..ie In railroad
hlniory In I'mi atnie. e ti- tain .iy, h.ia
n like condition tti'd.
Tun other imw-nmi ir.irn wbbb
had been mll. I ti l t eni - lour
finlira at Iter. I freek. n. ..r o.. 8...
W're ploiVi te.l out Ins! H .it.
t K.tllllN T M MIIII I
iitoi 1 m: mhiik.w
Orand lt ..ld" M b I . n. II -It.
fNirt reiel.(t hi-le I" li ght llelo M
tnnt all the enr li ren n-Ttnl -t.
rdav an f.mt in the i. r lo l.ke Mb h
Igin. ha. t'l-en riiiKe.l. ..nigTtt.n
however, la .it.l to t... at a tn.i,iil
All the atran.lid ln.i.in ,uc well pr
vlaioned and no hnr.I'Mn- 1 1
.erlence.t. It w.. w.noo r 1) r v h
.Ut thl BiTt Ion "I the ft ite t 'I'l'
Application for uranium np mi
lhr Ha I'll so fr.int during Ihe . -on
ItlS. will bari epled, I.inl.. rt
er rent l.iat araaon. floo.l tui
Klrinni. of or water travrtne ihe
tract, l mllr long. Kr-a r-aan-
ble. Kirt mm'. 0i ed. Ad-
crrtm l.tsi a. I. KHII l lS,
Albnqnrnine. K. !
Try a Journi' Want Ad, Results
Warrant Sworn Out By E. D.
Tittman, Who Assorts De
fendant Cast Ballot in Sierra
(RprrUI CarrapB4rBra M Murnlnc Annul
illllKboro, ,. At., J''eb. IK. Uemnl-
mo K. Clinch. lunt alierlff of Socorro
coiiniy under the territorial form of
Ko ernincnl. wua nrreated In Kocorro
on Mondny by Hherllf Kendall of
sierra county on a wurrunt charln
him with lllegul yolliiK Ht lh lual
el. i lion. The ni.rr.inl wna awmn out
In Kdwurd I . Tillmiinn, an attorney
of illll.'dioio, who iiamertM thiit Kunchex
mo. d hi .Monticcllo, riierrj connly.
while u rcaldetil of Kocorro county. It
la iiiiderKlood th.it other ctiui'Kea
iiKiiinal Mr. Sunchiz will be brought.
Saiichex lormelly lived ill Motitlcellii
w hich la prei In. I No.' 7. and ne(ir the
Him orro cuiinty line, lie baa a limit
dial of Influence there and Im ha
been making It a pracllcn for aoine
year to come down to Monticcllo it
lew weeka before election nnd UP hla
iiilliniice In favor of the republican
ticket. Inirlnit the IiihI elecllon he
arrive,! In Montleelln three weeka be
fore election ilny and worked day and
night lor Hie republican ticket. Afri
davila have been aeciired from a
number of votera at the Monticcllo
polia, nllealtm that Mr. Hiinche n"l
otilv voted there, but Ihiit he uai'd In
timiibitlon and threata of violet lo
keep democriila from voting nt ine
polla it n reault of which ii hirite num
ber or lawful votera wcr nrruld to ile
pofil their Imllota and a Ida majority
lor Ihe rfpuhlican ticket waa rolled
The elcilb.ti at Monticcllo wna any
thing but n fnlr election, according lo
wllncraca, find II la Ihe Intention oi Ihe
ilcmiK iMta or Hlerra county to probe
I hlM matter to the bottom li rut lo pre
vent auch thlnga from occulting In
Hlerra county hi the future.
Chaiinian McKiiiley to Open
llcadquatters in WashiiiAto'i
Hotel; Hides Supplies Data
From Most of the States.
Mnralai Ji.liraal Nprelal Trawil Hire. I
Wiifhlngton, I'cli. II. At a confer
ence today between ('barb I . Mil
leu. aecr.rry to I'l ehldriit Tall, mil
Hrprcaetiiaiive William It. Mi Klnb-y
of IIIiIioIn, pinna were coiliplele.l for
opening tomorrow ' Tuft hcaibiuar
li m in u ib.wu-lown hotel. "I'lio head
iiio i tci M will lie known aa Ihe Tilt
ri-iioinliiiitlon bureau, and .Mr. Mc
K iilev will Hauni chal'Kc.
. Mr. Milieu tiirnul over to Mr. M
Kinh'v data deaillig with tile politi
cal Hit tin I Inn in nearly every elate. Thii
bail been collected during Hie laHl few
weeka and it will li.liu the PimIs f..r
ail inillodlale bcuillllillu of Hie cam
pnlga to will Tall d. lcgiileM.
foloin l Wallet I.. Mound-, mnnag. r"
l.f the prealdelili.il camialKII of Sell,
nlor l. i I'oll. tl . . led Wanhiiiglon
nli'ht fur Noith lukota where In .s
lelllcil by I. ill l. lie adhelelllM 11) 1 1
then. In danger oi tin l.uV..Mil.
Belli llliellt being tl ansTerred
ltoone ell.
I would like lo contract for com
plete pumping plntiM -tut dialling nl!
machinery, pnuipa nnd other material
Finking the well, and Kiiariintcelng liny
amount of water call. at lor, running hi
Hiii din h, bvfote one cent in paid.
In Ihe VP Inlty of Alhiiinientiie.
A. li. .liiMNsSiiN'
Mournois Rctuinins Fiom
Cemetery Attack Police With!
Pain;; Stones: Rain Dis-i
poises Moh.
Vdi, l-'ili. 'nii.uw.uuN i(
ii;tlift, r "hitioii.tf f nntl Htitm ti
IMN Htlt'tldt 'l thr ttti'tnt I.iUmII ttxliiy tf
thr - iHlti-.Tiat Afin.iilt. who
.rnii in-m in t ht 1 .. lor i n h! h-r
rfvrttil u ami wh whtl
t 'fit; Ill . itHt tt-hn,r latiMlitii in
A(rt. it.
The ri rm i nv k i t (h
I.t hnifr' i-iiu-li-i Mtul lhr ,l,tii
otioiritun vim th I'lktft'iit of ii.
k i ft t fnn Hi,- f a ru i tl ! I .on !$
Mtih.l. tlw i.ri)mnmM tn! T .l ii -inrMi
nt'it.itr wim tu-i In !".'.
Thf, .miiM hiHi tnte rt iurtitiiK inn
1h- v inl.M jlt i- thf iftittt ultrt
t i ti if ifii HU'i K-rtMiii rioiimi r mi-
I'tiirtllv . h-v run !rn ( A m
Motive iii in th Hhi t himI th mt t
A btiti' iinin.'-r if iHnnn n
ue .f y hf ri.t.-i t rr mi-. .
Resu'ts From Journal Want Ads
Loss to Creditors and Depos
itors Will Run From $8,000
to $14,000; Warrant Out for
W. F. Buchanan,
Hr-lal CnrrewndMC to Muroluf JuunulJ
Tuciimcari, N. M., Kcli, II. Slate
Hunk Kximitner John Joerna han coni
pleted hla examination of the failed
International Hank of Coinmoree. At
a meeting of the atockholdera the
follow Ing peraona wera prisaent: M.
II. MeKlrny, t'. M. l'uraotia, Klorcnciti
Miirtltici, Kdwurd t'ndy, Merman Oer
harilt, (,', II, liankln and K. M. t'lough.
At the meeting, Hank Kxuminer
Joorna ireaented a alntement aa to
the condition or th bank which
ahowed that the entire capital atock
had been diaalpated, and that there
were additional loaaea aggregating; n
the neighborhood -of Ifil.uiH), not In
cluding loiina coiiHldcred doubtful f
acproxiiiiHlely 12.0un. The amount
( capital atock laaued wan $4:1. MUD.
The approximate loan to creditora uud
di poMitorn, not Incliiding : duubtt'ul
loiina, will be alioiit $n,0iin, condl
tloned on the pnaaiblllly of coll ethn
of dolibtftil loiina. II la thi.ui;'.!! Hint
5U per cent of the doubtful 1...II.H (.ill
be collected, and It In ijiille pohsnde,
Iherclore, that Hie tola! lo: a to irnl
llora 11 ml deponltora will reach $11,
liiin. The approximnto lin hlltth-a an'
$21.1.11111), and the net lliibllltica to
credltora otitalde of the atockholdcrn,
will be bun Hie capital atock of
It leaked out at thin meeting that
Hank Kxuminer Joertm had aworn
nut a warrant for the arreat of for
mer I'realdent W. K. lltichnnan.
charging him with enilies!nlemcnt.
Itiichunan'H whereabonla me not
known. A reward of $200 la offcrcil
for hla capture. Hank Kxiimiiii r
Joni'iia him 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 ) M. II. Jouet as
deputy bunk examiner to lake charge
of the Hf fit Ira of the bank until :i re
celver in apiiointed.
Tim Adler-l-ka hook, telling how
you can KASHA Kiiiird airainat appen
dlcltlii and net INSTANT relief from
conatipation or gun on the stomach, li
being; read with much Intereat by Al
biHiuerQiie f.eople. It la given wuy
riea by O'Hlelly l)ruT Co.
dead: affinity
Murder and Attempted Suicide
in Seattle Home; Wronged
Husband Makes Horrible Dis
covery, llr Manila .Imirnut Niiei-iul l.eH.ril Vire.
Peattlc. I'eb. 11. J. t ironamuiii, 11
I ii 1 li r, returning- home toniKghl found
the body of hla twcnty-lour-yoar-ohl
will- I.Mni; on the dining room flo.ir
with a bullet hole In Ihe bit temple
I'pal.iir h' fotind I'billp Itromherg,
".a ye.iia obi, 11 deab r in aecniid hand
Hi thllrj. 'ylng 111 the bed with a bul
let hi le in I hi. nhl ,-lde of bin head.
1 111 the floor was a revolver with two
eli.pu sll. lb'.
I'.i'i'inl'i it, wan taUitt to the
In. -itiit. il w liere phvHiciiinn aaid
l it v
hid 11 slight (bailee lo rocoM-r.
Tlic i nn. iii r i of the 1. pinion thai
1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 n'T it klli u Mm. 1 ii oanmiilx nnd
ti.eii nil. .1 hlni.-eil.
Mm. Hi onstti in .' tcn-nni!itha-old
lub wan lonnd plininn llt the floor.
On (ennuis a.iid lirombrrg had llvi'd
vitn liun i r the in hi nine niotithn
Mini lereiuU wan a-ke.l to move, lie
i-.i i they inxcr h ,1 had trouble.
Attorney General Finds Grow
ing Tendency to Eliminate
Fawnitism and Politics From
the Couits,
III.- W..rlnt J,.Hranl 1,-. Ul I riiknl Wire
New lii.ehelle. X. V.. hill. 1 I.- Al
t''! in v b n.-ral Wlek, rnbam apoke he
lore a laise ainlieiie. at the IVoiile'a
t Forum here todav on ' The Adnilnia
II III. 'II ,. I'eil. r.ll .lllstlec."
I ' It a men lilt that a Mutation of
I the law would be followid bv aeedy.
rialu hiiiI aipr.ipi Uite pLiilnhiii. nl '
be a i'.l " rio.e wuiild creatlv d-H-reane
' In i.duiiie. imr priM-ediire la ao itM'h
, ii'inl and i uoil.i rsiune that it afrurdn
, manv opnoi tiinlt len for earape from
.(ilMlei-. Il,,) ihe leitel.il prmi-dure i
ir. i r from thm r. proa, h ihnri that of
m..M .imin.
" I'lelituoie ltv there bus ln-n ,ln th
pil. in the eiiforcemi-nt of boih atate
and i-.iii..iial lawn tar loo much
t.iM ritini iin.l point, .il Intluenre ha
I Hen lni.if.r.,1 with the cft.-e.
live nilin in nil. ill. mi ,.f the law. Hut
of bit.- ,Hra h treaier aiteniion on
lb,, pirt ..f h,. public han led to mn b
inolr linp.itlial .in.l iu,,i..iin admln
iMr t...n of Jn-il,-,.
' widi in i.-ilei iinx ii.on any other.
I mm thai iu,.-- ihe ,Tr'iIt'
..dmliiir.Hi..n ihe .ttort ..f ihe d. -i.tlnier.
,,f Juntier him lM-rn til III
r. sat,. . ir. lnllv nnd impartially all
e..op to,: . f 4 lolalliina o lhi feder
al aiaiut.w baoMKht to II attention."
Starts at
1 i
Congress Expected to Appro
priate Thirteen Hundred
Thousand Dollars For Ex
penses of Big Encampments.
lllr Mnrninr Jonraiil Hnreliil lrn.,,1 Wll
Washington, eb. 11. In anticipn-
Hon of an allowance bv congress of w'ill not work tnia wccr wilu ..
the war department's t-stimate ot $1,- iff. arbitration treaties. genatoriiil
Sr,0,0ii0 for the Joint maneuvers next I elections and uriny nnd asnculturrt!
summer of the reKulur army and the
oixanlzen mlhtla. JirlKiidier. . General
Kvims, flilef of the division of militnry
afluirs, has conferred with the adlu -
taut Kcnorals of (California. Orearon.
V'ash Iiil! t on . Iilaho Ariuinn Mew
Mexico and definitely to ascertain the
number and the kind of troops each
tate wl be able to furnish.
The small npproprlatlon available
for the transportation of the regular
Hoops limits the number that can I
take part but the war department Is'
hopeful that if can find n way later to
increase the number, perhaps throURh
the Kovcrnors of Ihe states mentioned
to aupplant the amount supplied bv
the federal government.
nn the Pacific coast the purpose Is
to iirraime two maneuver camps, one!
near San Francisco, the other In the
I'nuet Sound reKlon. The first named
wtil be manned by troops from the
prer.ldlo of Sun Franciaco nnd Monte-
rev, with the militia of California,
I'tah, Arizona and possibly New M ex-
leo, nnd Ihe luat vill be supidied with
regular troops from Vancouver Mar-
rucks, Holse llurracks, Forts OeorKe
WrlKht and Uiwton, reinforced by the
national uuaril of Orciton, Washinvt- will. reduce duties on chemicals useu
ton, Idaho and Montana. Moth camps in paints and for other common pur
nomiiially will he commanded by Ma-1 poses, hut raise the tariff on soaps.
Jor lienetal Arthur Murray, command-
liiH the i'ucllie division, but each will
diieclly under Us department cum-
inaiiilei', llriKadiet-Ceiieral Ilrush In
ilifornia nnd Hriniidler-deneral M.l(,Ver army re-oritnlzat!on and con
, Maus Iii Waahinnton; ilcneral Mur- j a,iiatinn. After that the nurioultur-
ruy in Una: as chief umpire.
In each camp there will be twoi
contcndlntr armies, each composed ol
i reinforced hrimide of both reKUl.irs
tind militia. The red army will act ns
defenders. The blue will represent it
I'orulKii force aafely lunded on the
coast and seekins to penetrate tne
coast. The navy may take part nom
ollenslvely and defensively, with IhChiii Wn be neiratively reported by the
theoretical attacks
the seacoaat '
The maneuvers will continue elnt
days, but are resinned aa camps or in
struction for oi l leers and men rather
than aa tests of endurance. Marches
will be limited to ten miles a day una
Hie men will have rest at nltiht.
11 is Ihe intention of the Renerai
staff to make the maneuvers a proli-1
lem In Mirser tncties, opcrntlnff '. tne
forces over as Jarae an area of coun-,
try as possible. Kvcry laciuty win oe
lven olt'ieiTS of the lower arnues 10
profit by practice in workinw out sman
la. lical problems, and even enlisted
men will lie encouniKi'd in bhow in. ..
initiative, while experience of Ihe ut
most value In handling supplies anu
lin troops will be gained by tne
staff departments, nut above nil wiv
be afforded the much needed ipir-
unliv for nractlee to commanders in
handliiitt luine bodies In ihe Held.
As the necessity for auch exercises is
Impiralive and as the seriousness oi
such mlM.ikes arise In the handling or
inrue forces In the Held can be learned
only by personal experience, every ei-
fort to Induce congress to make tne
nocessnrv annrnprlatlon will tin iirued
bv military experts and all who are In
leresited in the nation's defense.
ice-President W, B, Storey,
Jr., Will Make Decision, Fol
lowing Conference With
Picsident Ripley,
OperalinK officials of the Santa FV
In Albuquerque are of the opinion th it
Hie o'ifii'e of superintendent of mo
tive power, held by the late V. F.
Iltick, may be abollsbd. The mat
er is expected to la ilHlinitely sei
ned this week, following; s conference
et ween Vice President Storey and
President !:. P. Itipley, at the wint?r
home of the latter at Pasadena. Oil.
Following; the recent conference of
Santa Fe officials in this city, Mr.
Storey proceeded west, maklnx his
annual insectliin of the system en
The plan Raid to be under eonsi.l
ratlon la to make the mechanical
superintendents of the various grand
divisions supreme in their territory,
they reporting only to their a neril
luanaKcrs. Such a move, it Is i-
lalned. would organise the rnc( ban
al department on the same lines is
the transportation department, th"
General superintendents of which re
port it'reelly to their general man
agers and not to any system official.
In addition to reporting to the gon
ial managers of their res i.e. tlve
grand divisions, th mei hanlral supiT
t.n.lenls under the present arrange
ment, work under the .llretf..n of the
superintendent of mntive powir. a
sistem official.
There are four grand division on
Ihe Santa Fe. the Kastern lines, th-
Western lines, the CouM limn snd the
ulf lines, eaeh of which la head I
bv a general manager. The nuchnn-
I. nl department of eaeh has a me
chanical superintendent, with the ex
ception of ihe western bni-s which
have tun of in l.ils.
The oiiicome of Mr.
,m with Mr. Itipl
Storey's eonfer
' is eagi rlv
awiilteil l.v lm-a i.tfi. jnls.
XgCll I i I ilC Ill-ail-
Winnipeg, Man.. Felt. I 1. Itev I
Iw.n.ihl Cordon, f 'lh.-r of v. C. W. 'day issue would sell on the street for
liordon. the novelist, known as' lUlph ! one cent instead of two rents as here
l oiinnr." died herv lunighl aaed jtfre. The morning t.ap.-r will sell
aa at present at one cent,
Tariff, Arbitration Treaties,
Senatorial Elections and Ap
propriation Bills On Program
For Coming Week, 1
! IRr Miirnlas Journal Sperlal I.caed Wlr.l
. WushinKton, Vl.. XI. Conmvtiaj
I controA'erslcs.
ttcpumicnns uuo iu"""
locking sharply ahead to the cominw
1 national campalKii. The presence of
presidaiilial caiulnlatea on uoin am
nt the c.itittol lends kcon Interest to
the Increased consre.sslonal activity,
rioth parties In the house are tlli-
ins for udvantuue with nearly evei.v
niove aimed nt the el tuft on the pot. a
next November. The problem in ine
senate is the exact position which tlic
progressive flank of the republican
putty Hie balance of power in tn
senate lit this and the recent extra
set-sion "ill iissumo when the test
comes on tariff revision measures,
The exoneration of Senator Kteph-
enson from the charges ot corruption
in Ihe use ol iltw.uuu in ine primary
which resulted in his election, inn tie
reported to the senate possibly tomor-
row. Senator Heyburn, chairman ot
the sub-committee which conducted
the inquiry, will make tne majoruy
renort. Five members of the cominit-
tee will unite Jn a minority dissenting
report to be presented later,
House democrats will caucus thi
week on the chemical tariff bill, whicn
perfumes and other luxuries. l!ut he-
: fore the rnilcua the nous,, is expeci-
rd to dispoRe of Ihe army npproprt-
.,tioii Ijill with Its train of controvery
j ul appropriation bill w'ill lie tnkekn up.
James J. Hill, chairman of tne ai-
: rcctorate of the (Jreat Northern road,
wm ,)C the star witness tomorrow ne-
fre t,e Stanley steel committee. Ihe.
'sugar trust Inquiry committee will re-
Bume its hearings on the house steel.
tariff revision bill on Tuesdny. ine
henrinas may continue two weeks. -i nc
The democratic and proRrcssivc re
publican leaders have discussed the
possibility of KettiiiR together on the
vote when the bill reaches the senate
but there have been no definite assur
Permission Granted By Czar
Hedged About With Restric
tions as to Cost of Site, Con
trol and Carriculum.
lllr Miirnlog Journid 8perlal I.eim'il Wlre.l
New York. Feb. 1 1. The Kev. Dr.
Ttobcrt S. MaeAtihtir, president of the
Baptist World Alliance, who has Just
returned from St. Petersburn, an
nounced loniKht from the pulpit of the
Calvary llaptist church that he had
obtained permission of the llusslan
emperor to build the proposed Hnplist
colb'ite In St. Petersburg.
Four conditions, however, had been
imposed before permission was finally
obtained, ho said; namely that the.
college, be built under the protector
ate of a Hussiiin church; that il should
not he controlled by either an Ameri
can or Hritlah hoard oi trustees; nun
no politics should be taught and no
art course Included In the curriculum
and that the site, for the building
should not nt present cost more than
tL'.iuia. this sum to be increased later
if the jot-eminent raw fit.
Ir. MacArthur said at first the
minister of the interior refused to al
low him to speak at the dedication of
the new llaptist church In St. Peters
burg, minting the law of the lund, he
said, that no foreigners tvere allowed
to make public addresses, but he fin
ally consented on a condition that IT.
MacArthur should not speak of bap
tism or poliliea and make only a non
sectarian address.
Oklahoma City. Feb. 11. Cnoffi-
cla returns to the Oklahoman from
forty-six out of the- seveny-six tKia
homa counties In which primary con
ventions were held yesterday, Indi
cated tonight that Woodrow Wilson
rmiuld control twentv-flve and Champ
Clark fourteen of the county conten
New Tork. Feb. It. Fire tonight
wept along a row- of brick structures
occupied by various business firms
on Vessey street, causing a loss
rooehlr estimated at f.T.O.OOft.
The hlaze originated In No. S4 Ves
aey street. The loss is divided among
many firms. The building where the
tire started was occupied by the
Ixiw Kle trie company. Ilathbun A
I'ii.. machinists; the Pan-lli ilenlc, n
(Ireek weekly newpner. and others.
Kansa 1lw Mar Ct PrW.
Kansas City. Feb. II. Ileginning
with its issue of today the Kansas City
Slur rot Ihe nrie. t.t It Rnn,P i.,m.
Itrnm f,v. In l-n rli A n n..i.nm am I
was nlm m .rl.. lht it nfi. m.-.n m w.L
Itltmgold, C!n. Mrs. Clarissa niiick,
of this place .r.a.va: "l Buttered an from
womanly' troubled., that I could nut
ataiid on my feet Inns tit a time.
I had palm; In my Hunt aide, nnd In
my back, and 1 would take Nick apclla
ut limes Unit laatod piKht or ten days.
The doctors treated me, hut I failed
to obtain relict, and I tried varioua
olhr rcmiulics without benefit.
It seemed I was growing worse.
At lust, 1 commenced URintf Cardul,
the woman's tonic, and before the first
buttle "whs B"ne, I felt better.
Ily continuing its use for a while,
I (tin now entirely dliri'd.
I am in 'better health than I have
been In a lona: time. 1 am fttt'limt just
I am Rrateful for what Cardul has
done for me and -wish every poor, suf
feritiK woman would take Cardul, and
be wyll aiiain."
If you suffer from any of Ihe trou
blca ao common to weak women, what
reason could there be for your nol
Kivltijj Cardul at least a fair trial.
For more than fifty years, Cardul
has been used with entire, satisfaction,
by thousands of weak and ailinu
women. It will surely help you too.
X. n. Write lo: LnilleV Advisory
lh pt i'luitianooftil Mellii-iili' Co., Chin.
luiiiMitil, Ten ii., for Sh'iIiiI Inst rue.
lions, ami (ll-iae laaik, "Home Treat
ment tor Women," hciiI in plain vrnp
lier, on Hipicst.
Nebraskan Open in Opposition
to Harmon But Declines to
State His Preference For
Democratic Nominee.
By Morning Journal Siwrlul Leased Wlrr.l
F. Paso, Tex., Feb. 11. Colonel
William J. Bryan, en route to Tucson,
Ariz., arrived here tonittht. Discuss
ln the outlook for the democratic
parly, he sad prospects had been good
for 1912, until the institution of so
callcd Investigation of the "money
trust," which in its present status lin
believes to be an inspiration of Wall
street and calculated to product dem
ocratic disaster if it results In ft
while-wash, it would put the party
in the attitude of beinK i iraid to at
tack the moat offensive of all rusts,
the money trtiat, he said. Ho de dined
to stule whether or not he would at
tend the Investigation, but say.i Wall
sreet cost he democraie party ' nil
lion and a quarer votes by rurnin
the democratic convention in Hint.
He expressed his opposition to Jud
son Harmon, but declined1 to otato bis
preference for tho prospective party
presidential nominee. He says ho will
attend the Ualtimore convention as a
delegate from Nebraska.
Florence Leroy Locked Up Fol
lowing Her Arrest With Two
Men in Rooming House is Se
cretly Released.
Following her arrest nt J:30 "''
tcrday morning In a North First
street rooming houso with two men,
giving their names ns Van J. (iforl
and IL S. Terry. Florence Lcmy. a
girl, after being a prist ner all ''
yratrrday, was seiretly releasd from
the woman's qunrters in the my J"i'
lust night. Tnoueh under 'o. l. J,,a
ky. some one either picked the lis k
or used a skeleton key, bin ruHn-f lh
The diseovi rv that the girl Jrns miss
ing was made by one of t'.ie :il;:hl
oflleers about 10:20 when he went to
the Jail to see that the prisoners ere
all iigbt. An Investigation was ht
once Hartcd. but up to ao early hour
this morning the mystery of the girl
release had not been solved.
ne of the men prisoners, Tere.
was released yesterday on a cash
hi nil. w hile the other man. nxfud.
is still in jail. Thev will have - -ine
No trace of the cnped prlM-l-er
had been found up to 2:30 this oii'rti
New Tork, Feh. 11. A H borer at
work In the ruins of the Kquitable
building whirh was burned January .
today found pio-lion of a human
liody which it is bi ed are the re
mains of Frank J.a-'h NVWr. Ih
watchman w ho was l. fd la he
vaults of the Men sm J,. Vfc.fe IVpoJ"'
company at th time f flre- Th'"
recovery r.f parts or the U f f aerooi'
tor a total of six Uvea losu t" th f'rA

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