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Nnsltl CtUnrrli nnd IikIIkpmUoii.
" 'Mr? James P. Braeketl, 43 W. 43d St., New York City, N. Y., writes:
"For nearly a dozen years catarrh has bothered me in one form or
nnother I was troubled -with nasal catarrh that had affected my stom-
ch which troubled me most In the morning. My apnettt-j was poor, and
I did not seem to relish my foott. Indigestion bothered me at times, also.
I was advised to take Peruna, and I look it ns prescribed for a month,
when my t'Ure wns almost complete. Today th'-ro Is not a trace of ca
tarrh in' my .System, and I can say without hesitation that Peruna cured
me.' ' ' f' - . ..'.
. Catarrfi i;if- 'nhil Ktoniaeh.
s Mr. Frank Utchter, 309 Kast Second
8t.,' Winona, Minn., writes:- "As a
remedy for qntarrtt 1 take pleasure in
recommending, i'cruna for catarrh of
liio slomnclt. . , '
"My entarrh.wiin principally located
In my head and stomach. 1 tried
many remedies without success. 1
tried several doctors, imt they were
unable to cure me. I read of Peruna
in the ihiuts and five bottles cured
System In Ilnd Condition.
Mr. Michael Itoonny, , 26 Firth St.,
Watervliet, NT. Y., writes:
"If I had known of Peruna years
avto I should have been saved mucn
soffcrinir, t'nder ,. tureloHsni'sa, and
i x(ioHiire In my younger years my sys
tem not Into a very bad condition bu
I'oro 1 was aware of it.
"My friends advised me to try Pe
runa, for which f am very thankful,
as it has cured me in two months.'.;
Prohibitionists in Mesilla Valley Former Deming Power Corn
Metropolis Will' Endeavor to pany Officials Financing New
Have :tho. Anti-Saloon Ticket Public Utility for Grant Coun
Elected. ' I ty Town.
Well ' Known Comedienne with
'I'Madame- Sherry" Gives
: few-Hints on This All IrapOrt
nnt Sub feet.
Many girls are In "bad form" with
out suspecting it, says Flo Irwin, the
well known coined lenno 'with "'Mad-
Millri! aik jour iru
4 liltkea-tfrt IMamon
I'lIU In Iftd
l.-nci, teaiett itii
1'..L .ik.
Ul X llO.MU IIIIAKI I'll.l.H, : VA
vetnlrnomi tt Bit. Safir t Always KH1 't
liluo RIMoa. Y
Hudson for Signs
Wall Paper
HUDSON " Fourth
for Picture Street and
Frames Copper Ave.
aine Sherry," which will be presented
at the Klks' theater next Friday
night. Here are a few tilings little
considered that are popular, but not
In good taste.
Ino,uisltiveness Have you never
pried into personal affairs , by Ues
lion? ,. '.
I lioisterous Noisy fun. especially In
publle, is common, In both sense of
the word. A girl can Mvc. i gooa
time -without laughing and talking at
a high pitch.
Practical Joking. What seems
pure wit to the perpetrator, to the
victim la sllipiu norsepiay ana down
right malice. ,
Intrusion Soma girls have no re
spect for privacy. They burst Into a
Closed room without knocking, offer
their society unasked and will Inter
rupt the most earnest conversation
I without even n perfunctory, "I beg
your pardon."
Disloyalty Tt is III bred. If nothing
else, to run down those' to whom you
owe fualty or to betray a friend's con
fidence. Even- worse Is It to discuss
family affairs with outsiders. .
Ilickering Girls may not mean
anything when they argue before a
third party, but the listener Is Just
us uncomfortable ns though the dis
putants were at daggers drawn. Es
pecially poor taste la it for one to
argua with her fiancee or husband In
publle. '
Ilrngging What if you ore a belle,
have hosts of suitors and trunks full
i,r flno clothes. The girl of Eoorl
taste allows the world to discover her
popularity and good fortune; she does
not thrust them upon it. . .
Slang There is a big reaction In
favor of the girl who can enjoy life
to the full, yet keep her respect for
good English. , - : 1,
Fibing Truth Is right, likewise
well bred. The girl whose word Is
worthless, who wiggles out of every
uncomfortable situation, who tells you
one thing and her next confident an
other is bad style.
Hot Springs
It cures, and you remain cured,
we know, and ypu will, if you try It
Considered the greatest Kidney
water on earth.
Why not vlsvt FAYWOOD nOT
SPRINGS first, since you will
eventually go there, anyway?
Large modern hotel. Perfect cli
mate. Booklet
"The Inrinil."
Fran Tart N. 12. 112
fnm Saa Frtacuc Ftfc. Z7. 1 I J
Wa m MaaWa. Stmrn. k. En.
r fw. ). w
UbaaY wdS Owriaad Ammm Taaa.
TQUU iMhsaJva
Duratioa 110 Days Each
r .. -
J02 MiTr .
r i i. irx im ii,
litxal Agent.
UpM of brain
u. du to
How Fat Affects tin Irnln.
.Tuat how fat af
feet, snd finally
troys th brain, is
not cttr knows:
raver, arfinTt-
and final coU
cant. Is rra
rmimt oocitrrance.
Head pal"". Sesvlsea whlcfc
ar. often eiperlenced by ft people,
mar mdlcata that thla denrtln
prooea. I. Imminent. Tha r.tr -f
thla fatty tlaain t S'emal hraln ab-n.n'-a.
may snd proh.hly will rewU
lh overpr.Klu.-t ln of fat hi atopped la
other parts t the h'-dr Thouaand. of
fat people hare depended entleely f'
re.luetinna ta normal welsht. nporn Mar
m. li prenerlptlon Tableta. whleh are
made after the eaaet formula, ft the
fnv.ue liql.t Preprint I.
While taklna theae tibleta f. the re
du.IL.n cf fst. n diet ins ercle
ire nerearr. aa a redi-lon nt ! t
1 ,. a day la aeompllahed by pee
venik.n aa well ae elimination of fn
Marmola rreorlptlon Tahleta are "!
at all draealala or the Marrnola C .
Farnwr mrtg . Ix-trolt. Mich . at the
unlf.fl-m prl.e ..f 3e for a lare eaae.
They rem-e the ft already f eme
prevent It. ref .r.-nlniu eleer the e..m ,
and tor up the entire yem
fftperlal r,reep,H(1en -e o- M,.ote .tMent
Imi ("rr.e:'S, X, M., Munh 2S.-I.ns
Crisses Is hK mlitit vevy -mitrti 'nfil
tatod over the sab i n question. The
city election will be btld n ,pr1 "d,
anj the nnll-i nl.-on nu n ni'e tndiav
orinj to elei t fie ittinrllnen who
will refuse to renew saloon Heenres.
Some weeks ngo several sntl-Fsloon
men met and dll ensued the coining
election wi:h a vli w t f closing the
'"kaloons. . A idhsm .tneetiii whs called
and on fxocuilve i.mmHteo elocit-d.
One hundred mn promised to sup
port the prohibiten movcilicnl. A
commluee win nppnluietl to confer
with democratic' find republican lead
ers to see If nn agreement could be
reached. The anti-saloon nun of
fered to vote for any five men who
would promise to,, abolish sitlor.na.
Saloon supporters nrgued that the city
is now iiiHtalllng a wnler works and
sewage system. nnd 'lliiU these en-
terprlsoH nre.th" paramfnt Issue. The
nntl-saloon men afRHe that business
men can be elected who will cIofo
the saloon nnd mumigu thirdly, af
fairs also. .
lloth the old parties are trying to
have 0 board consisting of two re
publicans.' two democrats and a non
partisan man.-"' flu far tftey have not
succeeded and the. situation Is be
coming somewhat tense. The election
will be held a week "from next Mon
day. Ilullillng Modern Homes.
Sine January 1 the progressive and
Enterprising cltl.ens of Las Cruees
have idiiekcned their pace on erecting
large business buildings and are glv
lng their attention lo the erection of
modern residences. Many residences
In all parts of the elty are now in the
course of construction.
Dr. Cornell has just completed o
fine $3, Slid brick bungalow. Mr.
Duxonberry will have another hand
some residence completed Soon.. .Ed
ward C, Wade, Jr., hn a location, on
the, Alameda near Cornell nDUxen
berry, and will soon erect ii modern
residence. ' '
J. M. Forbes recently bought sev
eral residence jites on the Alameda
and has contracted for four two-Htory
tatlldlngs. - . , -- - - '
Charles Hosmer has Just completed
an apartment house on Miranda
street. Miss Nick Oross and Pave
Chauvin iare .now building modern
residences on Miranda street. II. h.
Lesley has purchased tpn lots on
r.nx'o street and Is having a $3,800
residence erected. C. W. East has
Just completed a handsome residence
in Hlnton addition. Several smaller
cottages are being built.
W. M. Adair, who was recently
burned out, is erecting a large busi
ness building on the corner of Origgs
and Brownlee. The Martin Lohman
building, for many years an old land
mark, will soon be remodeled and
occupied by Martin May.
The churches of Las Cruces are by
no means behind In the building
movement. The Catholic church re
cently remodeled their building at a
cost of $5,000. The Methodist and
Presbyterian churches are now rais
ing funds for new building. The
Methodist church has raised several
thousand dollar and will erect a
new $10,000 building soon. The Map
trst church has a building site on the
Alameda and several thousand dol- j
lurs pledged. The Episcopal church
has a site and will build this year.
I Knee's' Oneree pon.lenr i Monties: Journal
wrair.E. .". .M.. March 22. Ijilrla-
I burg Is to have a new up (o date elee-
l lrlc light. Ice and water plant. Messrs
Murray and Layne, former proprle
i tors of the Ib-mlng electric and Ice
I plants are financing their new enter
j prise. Robert c. Cameron, who has
been general mnnager of the Denting
i plant, is to have charge of the plant
that Is to be Installed at I.ordsburg.
This plant win ,e equipped with ma
chinery that will be capable of fur
nishing , 300 horsepower. . The
plant Is to he located on the
eastern terminus of town on a
plot of ground adjoining the res
idence of Mrs. Simpson, and this will
Place the plant close to the railroad
right f way belonging to the. South
ern Faelftd Compiyny. The company
will furnish water to the Southern
Puelflc Company; this will amount to
u hum 300,000 gallons per day. A
(ontpteto water supply system Is to
be put in operation. Water
Is to . be secured from wells
lying one-half nt a mile north
of town. in addition to fur
nishing water, IIrIU nnd ice to the
town and railway company, arrange,
ments have been-perfected whereby
the mines In the Shukespeare district
are to be furnished with current for
light and power purposes. Work will
Commence on this plant within the
next fifteen days, nnd the construc
tion of the. plant will be pushed as
rapidly as possible.
Rev, H, M. Ilruce has returned
from a business trip to El Paso.1
Attorney It. Hamilton has returned
from Silver City, where be had been
attending court for several, days.
Mrs. Charles L. Hubbard has gone
to the Palmnaaj Hut Springs foi- u few
Mrs. L. .P. Tucker returned Thurs
day from I' (hopping trip to El rs(-
Lewis Ileal, a former resident of
Dealing, nV now of fturita Hita, ar
rived .In.ifjbptilng fy.dnesday evening
on a business trip. " 1
Joseph Leahy, n prominent mer
chant un iiainlng man of Lordsburg,
wild traniiuUng business In Deming
Thursday.) 5 ;
illss Jwlfe Field returned Thurs-
,duyt morrfliflti to, Wit Mme M.L Chicago.
shd had Mm vislltng here for some
time withjrv'atlves..
Mrs. Nejjll auinttjr departed Thurs
1ar".: morula for El ' Paso to visit
friends. "
R. II. "ve Is transacting business
atVEl Po Wile week, j
jdessrs faipton gnd Hound, of On
nrUo, Canada, reached Dcmlng last
night In an Overland runabout auto
mobile. They left .today for Les An
geles, The gentlemen are wealthy
mine owners and are spending the
winter touring the country.
' O. H. Peeler, of Manila, P. I Is
visiting for a. few days with his
friend. J. A. Kealy. Messrs. Peeler
and Keiily were In the same company
when they were In tne army of the
The track scales In the Southerh
Pacific freight yards are now being
repaired. The wooden beams are be
ing replaced .wit h . steel girders and
concrete- work.
(Relieves CATARRH off
I the 1
r mm a m mm aa.ee aw a
kiaWwn I
a .aa
ana an
Lu. swoons:
i: Will I IH)
r -w ' ' -
S y tVWj i VeVVVVeVyyW
The state educational board ys
terday completed the longest session
In its history, according to a state
ment made last night by Dr. C. M.
Lhtht. president of the Silver City
Normal School. Dr. Light whs In the
city on his wsy home. He discussed
the work of the noxrd at length.
"The state educational board at its
meeting In SanUt Fe. whkh was the
longest session on record." he snld.
"disctisaed v-ry thoroughly the mat
ter of a complete revision of the
xchiMil laws of the stale. The Idea of
the rtunty unit system awms to have
a good deal of support, hut I Cannot
say whether It will lie put .Into force
nr not..
"The governor has appoint t s mm-niitt-e
to recommend nv changes
needed In the school laws of the state.
neeetwary to put th-m In harmony
with the constitution, and this com
mute, will work all next we -k on the
matter, making a complete revision
of the laws If necessary. The week
following I will work on the matter,
and lale In that week, the sti,te eluea
tional twMrd, with t he cmrnlf tees on
e. lu.alion of both houeea, will mwt
and dim-tins It. The et.mmlttfe ap
pointed by the governor consists of
City Unperlnte-ndent J. fl. Ilof-. of
Tucttntenrl: County Superintendent M.
f. I x-n Maraia. of Veg:s: I T. M.
I. Taylor, of A Her: tate Superinten
dent A. N. White, snd myself."
fir. Ueht ssiid that the attorney
.Hi'Tti would render an opinion t
miirrnir on th- riuewlbrti of the. right
or duty of the hoard to recommend
s complete uniform n-vetem of hl(h
rhool text tKKiks for the at ate. a mat
tr nlw.ut whkh the board had some
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Socorro Mines at Mogollon
Prosecuting Work on Proper-
. ty Vigorously; Other Notes of
This District.
(Saeetal Carraapuaaime tm Merata Jeeraall
Silver City, N. M., March i'l. Fol
lowing Is a review of mining opera
tions In the Mogollons for the past
week: . ,
Socorro Mines. The new power
plant of le La Vergue oil entlnes Is
effecting a saving of $7,000 per month
over the wood fired plsnt. Th? three
romrmrtment vertical shnft has at
tained a depth of feet and has
been cutting through the vein since
retu-hlng 730 feet. Drifting on the1
ledge has been advanced e.ist nnd
west a total of tin feet on the seventh
level, 70it feet of which hits been in
excellent ore. One-half ,,f the pro
duction of 171 tons daily M being
mlaed from the km eat level.
Albtrta Mtninir Co. A good aver
age grade ore has lcen struck In the
east drift from the rrosarut tunnel at
depth of nearly 10 fet.
The Oaks Company. Two acts of
leaaers are developing and taking out
ore from the pacific. The grade de
livered to the M-nlwood mill Is im
proving with depth. The tunnel on
the Johnson mine Is being repaired
and advanced.
Mrd Lock. The level hss been
driven ea1 feet from the lM,ttom
of the shaft In the pnst two months, t
This l on the south branch of the!
Lnst Chance vain.
Krneetlne Mtnlng Co The bullion
and eon-entrate pr'tto-t flaor.-a
f,rt ten days of Mun h have n-t b--ni
compiled aa thla -oe to re. Thel
plant to maintaining Its ri'tular nallt
ore treatment of ! tons; ttw grade
rem-ilre higher than the usual aver-,
age of the dietriet on iicc-trril of he
large body of rich ore rece-n'lv dls-l
e,efed In the ndtt funnel. hi. h nasi
no4 dimlnlehed In ie or valne. i
N-ep Imwii, The b-t t srel
numplirpys' Seventy-Roven
Breaks up Colds nnd
CaiiKirvnttoh of bciilib.
tliei'o Is room for Improvement In
the treatment of - dlenM-and the
Conserving of lienltli -
"Severn j'.wven". meets thee condi
dltloiw In the treatment of tirlp nnd
Colds, iM'cBitst "Se only-seven" goes
illnvt to the nick spot, without ills
turblng the rest of tlio system,
A small vlnl of pb'nsant im-UcK (Its
tint vtxl iMM'ket, At Driijt Slores 2.1c,
or mnllitl.
Ilumplircys Ibinxvi Medicine Co,,
Cor. YVIIIInm ami Ann siii-i'Ih, New
Votk. ;
breaking ore and will start delivery
to Dcailwood mill as noon ns the latter
Is In operation, pending the Installa
tion of new crank shaft on engine.
Knterprlse Mining Co. It Ik report
ed that work will be resumed on this
property within the next thirty days.
Mogollon (lobl A Copper Co,
Leasers are sinking the winze and
taking out ore on the Llltle Charlie
Treasure Mining Mining Co.
The water power plnnt on White
Water creek Is furnishing ample
power for operation of both mine and
mill. The regular production of H
tons per day Is being maintained.
1 i f : if i I f ...
Old Joke About Two Cent Postal
Rates Being. in Force Hero
Perpetrated by Unusually
Dense Easterners .
If there is nnyi'hlng that will make
n loyal New-Mexican warm and per
spiring under his neck linen, It' Is to
have some well intentloiied, but In
nocent, easterner Inquire Whether New
Mexico is In the United States, and
the statement holds even ninri) trnfl
now that New Mexico Is a real state
than It did when Ii was merely a tcr
lltory. " -
Such nn Incident tnolt place j'esterJ
day at a, local telegraph offlco, nnd
that the telegrnph employe held his
temper nnd answered his Inquirer
courteously merely showed bow truly
courteous tct.'Klapli men art. .
After Inquiring the rate on tlflv
seven words lo a little tovn In Maine,
protesting against the extraordinary
chnrxes extorted from a lone woman
and borrowing a pencil ' from the
clerk, saying she could not write with
a pen, a middle aged lady, hearing all
the hall-mnrks of the tamed and ef
fete llinginwn-on-the-Mudson ladles'
tailor, Inquired In a calm nnd soothing
voice, "Are two-cent stamps good
The clerk had a fit of nervous pros
tration, concealing It through , long
experienced gained In forcing his face
rot to betray him when playing poker.
"Madam," ho said, "you nre still In
the United Slates."
"Iienlly," said the lady, with s
hniiKhty glance at the clerk. And
then she went off Into a garrulous fit
of gabfest about matters In general
and her message In particular,
not forgetting what she thought of
the telegraph company. All the time
Rhe wns unaware of the reporter
standing demurely by and absorbing
eastern accent through every pore.
"Come to think of It." murmured
the long-suffering clerk, ns she de
parted, "you may be 'yet' In the
United .States, but Ml be darned If
you're 'still' there or anywhere else,"
: Money
salesmen will show yon
how twenty years In this busi
ness has taught us your want,
and our aim Is .to satisfy them
The volume of business enables us to sell
ycu better goods at less money than you can buy
them elsewhere, and we want a chance to show
Don't fail to call on us when in need of Bug
gies, Harness, Wagons or anything in Farm Ma
chinery or Garden Tools.
We Make The Price
Carriage Co.
' ' -'-... '
' Cornrr I list nnt Tljcra.
(My William Frexnlus, Irrigation En
glneer, Helen, .V. M.)
This Is a problem that has revolved
the minds of many wise men and Is
not a new problem, but the same
question has been asked In nil gen
erations, perhaps It will be asked un
til the end of time.
Napoleon I. said ability without op
portitilly In dead and the reason in
low are siiccessiui in ousiiiess is uuc
Id tbe'fact Ihnt tunny urn Imperfectly
developed mentally or physically or
both.'' Many have not the power to
decldm for themselves; nwtny have
no Individuality; many belong to the
same church that their parents be
longed to) they know but little ahnut
their jcliurch and less or nothing
tilmui other churches, bul, of course,
ihey are sure their church Is the
trile one. Many belong to the same
political party their lathers did. They
do hot know why; but Ihey are sure
their party Is always 1'ln.ht In every
thing; tbey simply follow the foot
steps of their fathers; they live ns
their fathers did rind lived find think
n tbey thought nnd Invest ns . they
invested of course In nothing, nrirl
naturally nreiunpllsh no more than
their fathers accomplished. "s
Tho great. mass of people aenm to
be created to work for those who
htivo more brains than they have
themselves and ara contented to do
wlMrt they are told to do. Many tif
theso lalioriuK millions are quite
egotistical, think they have great
ability. If there only was ft chance,
and IC there wns a chance they would
accumulate as much money .is Hocke
feller nnd HcMIh tlreen has, but there
nevt r vns a chance. They never re
allxe the(r opportunities; many do
not appear to know when they have
an opportunity nnd lack in perception.
When some Investment Is called to
their attention It Is nt once not a gisml
Investment and drum up a plau
sible excuse why they should not In
vest nnd remain pessimists.
There Is one opportunity that pre
sents itself at present In New Mexico,
that will yield more money for the
lucky investor than anything that has
been brought before the business
worjd of public In general In many
years. This Is land that can be Irri
gated by means of pumping machin
ery from underground flows of water
oji.ahnlluw welts.' ir an Investment oil
such lund liovV bilmiH 18 per cent the
first' producing year on crops, II
surely will bring 30 nnd BO per cent
lbtor on and especially when It i
cultivated by . expwrleiiced farmer
who understand soil conditions. II
somebody hud Shown Y. ickel'tller ol
Motrin tJre'eil wbcro lliey cullld lulVB
1'i'nh mnklrtg 18 iicf cent In a sure
real .estate investment when they
Were .poor tin y . wold have traveled
all plight borrowing money at -10 lr
12 per' cent In order to invest nt 18
per t'tlnt-r-thl way, tbey made (belt
fortunes of improved iheir itpor
tunnies. '
$100 Reward, $100
Tlir t'in'MH f thin tHiHr ltl hp Til'-oxM (n
Ji'iirn flint llirr la at f'iit nnu rt,()ttl ilUt-riH
thut tolt'iiri him jpn nlilo to cur In all ll
fcirtKCN, Hiul t Ii it t U ('Nlarrh.- Iliilla Cntarrh u r
in thf only iwwltlvit cit rt' now know it tli nu
It'iil fintt-rnllv. rn(Hrrlt Wuvc tvmHUlul luiiul
ilWonNe, VLMjiiinn emiwi ttutlmiftl ircntiiK-til.
Vhill h Critiu'i-h rqit 1 tdlft'U ttitirnnl,.r. ntliiar
til reel ly iiii th tilmirl anil iiukhmin mirfiifin f
ttc j Ntt-m, tlirtN-hy il'Htr5-ttijr tlit fmi mint
of t)i flaM'tiKt', una ittvlnff tht puilt-iit HiKHi
hy liutldtiifr n' tin rki(rititut ttiii mul nWtlnjr tut
turn In dnlnii ll work. 'I'hi irti(irltttM tirtvi
an milch fnlih In Its -iirfltlvn pnww- that llif.r
tirfiT tinf Hiuulntt liolhii-H lot itny mm t hu t It
full to rMiif. Hi'ihI for lint nf d'HtliiiuiiluU.
Ailtln'Mi r. J. ( ItLNKV ft CO,, Toledo, O.
Hiil hr nil hnmtMn, TBt
Tkp 1 1 H a t'Hiiillf X'llli fur fonstlpatitoi.
Telephone J2'J tor
NOT K. (Jin nil Ave.
ThorsufM. oellmttss ( M IfM
a. and kih altltudaa M M
First class stock. TtuiMod or nrafted. WILL BK FaiCH DUO.
Ani.les 10c. Cherries 12 linms 15. reaches Hu. Concord O rapes
tlM I'er 100. Wi pay frelsht on $10 00 orders Of Nursery Btocg.
;.'..,. !),.. tlni Khrnlia lnea. Hull a. Rhnile Trees, etc.
"2 vrotTAilr ei Frhe fiw Last bummeh'8 CHOP
nun fiATALOO si jv:u vz;";:
ri.. i , ut.,. r,n a.rih. Trlan. taiiilnr an. I awant. For twnuty-alx yeara Hi name "CULLEN"
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There is no Remorse in "The
Cold Gray Dawn of the Morn
ing After" When You Drink
Glorieta Beer
Remorse Comes From Cheap Imitations
of Pure Beer
j Southwestern Brewery & Ice Co. j
; Phones 57 and 58 Albuquerque, N. A.
Albuquerque foundry and Machine Works Engineers, Founders, Machinists
Oil Engines
Electric Motors
Small Pumpers
Pipe and Fittings
Well Drilling Machines & Tools
Mechanical Draft
Brass Castings, Babbit Metal, Iron and Steel for Buildings, Hog and Cattle Titles.
Get Our Prices. Works and Offices, Albz-rczrcvz,

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