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By MU, 60 Cent m Mouth; Single 1 1. -to, it
llv f'nrrlr. tin Vni a
t im t.
Orozco Intimates That a For
ward Movement is Contem
plated Within a Few Days
Toward Enemy's Country,
About Six Thousand Federals
with Ample Artillery and Two
Monoplanes Are Awaiting the
ij7 Morning .loiimnl Spri-lal Ii-am-d Wlr.l
Chihuahua, Mexico, April 13. P.eti
er.il I'asciial Orozco said today that
an iiclvanc of thi federal force which
for three weeks has been mobilizing
at Mnpitui. would not surprise him if
It occurs within the next three or four
days. As In the previous- campaign,
which ended disastrously for the bv
eminent troops, the rebels will make
their first stand at Kscaloh, If pres
ent plans are not changed.
(ieneral Kmillo Pampu, concerning
thus:' status there has been much
speculation since his defeat by an
inferior force at Parr.il, w ill be at the
head of his old column. Central Oroz
co says that his laith in Campa was
"General pampas trip to Juarez
was not due. to any dissatisfaction felt
with him," said the reb -1 leader, "but
to the fact that one of his feet needed
medical a ttention.''
itiu ii:ii;i:ai. i oi: k is
i.at iiikim. I OK 1K.HT.
Kl I'iiho, Tex., April 13. Ccneral
Ornzco's statement that a battle at
Eseulun In the next few days would
Met surprise him, agrees with recent
statements, niadu by agents of the
llailero government In this city. Ac
cording to them 3,200 federal rcgu
v, ijintf-c-1- uv: ."ibU;:e,; at
Mitpiini, with a Cull company of ar
tillery and two monoplanes, and that
other forces enroute or stationed in
small garrisons in tin- district would
bring the total force up to li.nho by I t
finiiorrovv. They have been pre
dicting that the federals, led by Cen
tral ll'icitii, would advance tomor
row or very soon thereafter.
('. A. Helnilein, the American en
gineer, who was held prisoner by the
rebels at Jimincz for five days, sus
pected of being a spy, and who was
uciiiittcd of the charge, arrived here
tonight, indignant but otherwise pom
the worse for his experience.
When Mr. Hcbcrh-in visited Consul
Letcher at Chihuahua yesterday he
learned for the first time that his
telegram to the t'nitMl Slates official
informing the latter of his arrest, had
never been delivered.
When Mr. Hobcrlciu was arrested
h Informed Ccneral orozco that he
declined tn recognize the act as legal.
"I am an American citizen and I'm
going to see Just how much that
menus in Mexico,'' the engineer de
clared, u her -at there was a great
palaver among the Jefes and the order
"f arrest was formally Issued. It con
tained in. charge, however, nor was
me ever made, exept verbally to the
prisoner, that he was a spy.
Th.- jail at .limitless, like most M.-x-li'an
jails, has never been notcjj for
iiaiuiiiilliiiiMicsM or sanitation. Mr.
lli l.i'il -in mis thrown Into a small cell
with five others, all Mexicans, and for
fnrlv -eh;!! hours was held incom
municado. In all that trine he was
given Just two drinks of water, on
the third day he' secured an order
from a H i iur officer for better si op
ing on. in, is, but this vim counter
mand, .d ,,. whi-re "higher up."
t Was through the good offices i(
an American newspaper correspondent
that tn"s of ihe hit st reached Con
sol I., ;, hi r. There was never any real
trial of ih,. American. Apparently the
"i il lead.. ig fin:, Hv came t the e.in-
tbat i hey h id ov m ai lied
he and the prisoner was iti-
thal he had been ' ac, lilted."
N"t only Americans. but other
'"'"'-'rs in Chihuahua are now renl
l f,'-iful as to ev ntualities. Th"
T-! of r. n,..r,.n , his treat
ment uhile H prisoner, the shootma ol
Pountain ami the breach be
"tisul I.etiher and Ocn.-ral
all hav e cont, ll'Ote.l to the
"f ins..i-,irity. on top of this
lis that Ihe rebels -.re sro-rt
t ,.,. ,
"To?, i,
nr.- r-p.
unition and funds. In the
f their d.-fiat in the Ininend-
:i''"'i-n, foreigners fear anarchy .
'he troops will follow, indlvi-l
Hem and detachment seelin,'
alt i.i.Mslhh- loot l..-fore dis- I
1 so;
til S.. ,
tt. Ht
to the hill. Nor I thi the '
f-.ir thev f.-el. for tlw-r- is'
'he lt.e..r ..t .... , ....,....- -
hiM ,lL'in..f in.,t-i..i.n r.M-..nt
"'I'1' ami iK.vnmt K.nln.l ..f thir of- '.
fr- i, i-nniiiii, n,urd-r attd mil- .
to ,,
' a '.
" h st
the f.;.r
ate may n -ver come
of It is prewfit now
""f never
felt ln-l-r.
IM Ml I I I l It
l'H:s IMHItM I- NT.
Tx.. April 1311 Is
n iir,i', ni auThi rity thiit i n
""I auuinsi one the fi.rc-
ni.t ,,-
nibra .f ihe Miii, .n nvolii-
lion, i
" residing Kl San Anli.oi...
tiri4ir onit.riMn b the
1 MH1horitt- in ihn, .iit- Tli i m
in n. t,.. nt. .,.(. i, , mi,i, will
be based principally on an alleged
confession by K. H. Dean to h fed
eral Brand Jury In this city last week,
and will change conspiracy to
smuggle arms and ammunition across
the Mexican border In violation of
the neutrality lawn. Two Indictments
agaim-t prominent Mexican are said
to have been voted In this city se
eral days Hmi, and suppressed for
service. One of the men said to
have been named. Is a rebel customs
official at Juarez. The arrest of tin
more prominent of the two men was
expected to lake place upon his ar
rival in Washington on a semi-official
mission for the liberal party.
It Is now- feared that a hint of thi
fate In store for him reached hit
ears prematurely and that he has es
taped temporarily, a' least.
Irt th Pnited States district court
here today Wylie .M. PhilUns. a mem
bcr of the Texas National guard, and
J, H. Talbot, both charged with
smuggling ammunition Into Juarez,
were sentenced to a year and a day
In the federal prison at Kurt Leaven
worth. Dean, said to be the prill
clpal witness against the Mexican' ,
alleged to hove been Implicated, wi I
sentenced to six months.
lr. Kafael Molina and eight other I
Mexicans .connected with the 111
starred Reyes revolt, were sentenced :
to a year, and a day at Fort l.envctis
roii:i;i:i:s itisi.vr .vit.vck.
Mexico City, April 13.- Mexican
bandits who beat Mrs. C. A. Auld, a
Pllllsh subject, on the soles of hci
feet in order to make her divulge
the hiding place of her Jewels Thurs
day night w hile she was a passeit-vci
on a train near Sildo, seemingly
have cooked up a large measure of
trouble for the Madero government.
When the Incident became know
her.- the foreign colony held an In
dignation meeting and petitioned
the I
liritish minister to investigate, and i
tin- facts ar.c found as reported t
make viuoroiiu representations to th
Mexican government. The minister.
has made no statenu nt.
According to the story of one o
the passengers. Mrs. Auld bid her
Jewels and refused to give them up.
(J'he bandits threw her on the floor,
seized her feet and beat a painful
tattoo ot. bji- solos. Whether this
treatment resulted In Pie delivery of
the jewels is not known.
The woman, however, was ' highly
indignant, deeply humiliated and
pnUfully Injured.
'Hie bandits stopped the train by
removing " couple ol rails and then
fired Into the couches, wounding :
number of persona, reports say six.
.one of whom, an American named
Kane, afterward died.
The bandits, it Is stated, demanded
n large nun of miui-y from Kane,
and when he declared hia inability -produce
It. Khot him in the mouth.
President Madero today notified
i-.en Truev Auhcrt at M.jpinl by
b graph that several i r Ins menu.-
.... - . ,
In this city has subscribed .'n.nno
pesos to buy a house in appro- i
cialion of his work In the north dur-j
ing the present campaign.
Chihuahua, April 1 It. Ccneral An
tonio Kojas, tried today on a charge
of insubordination in declining to wag.
a campaign against ojinnun, was
found guilty and sentenced to live
years- imprisonment.
I API . Al.
)l' SIN I.OA
IS TAKI-.N I1Y I! M1, .
.Mexico City, April 13. Culiacan.
capital of the slate of Slnaloa, and
Tcpico, capital of the territory of
that name, fell into the hands of
revolutionists yesterday, according to
orivate dispatches received in Mex
ico City today and published
bv 1:1
mow n:.
in session at 1' p. m.
Senator Williams is to prepare
minority report of finance commit
tee advocating house steel tariff re
vision bill.
Koieign relations eoioniittoe post
polled action on Honduras and Nic
aragua loan treaties until It was de
termined how far the government
should go in establishing a policy on
such questions.
Adopted ;-. concurrent resolution
co n g ra t u i a , i , i s no , im..--.
upon their assumption i powe,.
Senator N.-wlands offered amend,
nieiit to river and harbors appropria
tion bill Increasing by tt ..-.mi.ntiO tin
appropriation for iinprov, in, lit ot
tower Mississippi river.
Adjourned ut
a. in. until nooi-
uoi si:.
Me, at noon. j
Cont'nued debate on postolfioc
proprlation hill. 1
Appropriated $ -'"..In,,1 for use o ,
banking committee I" its
lion of money trust."
Thomas K. Cob-, of Dniulh. v
tesllniony probablv will colt
steel trust Inv estigation, lestl; i' d
Hill rr lease was taken l-y
i host
corp. ration as an exploration experi
ment and not to effect monoplv.
Representative Austin d-Iivcidl
eulogy on Thomas Jefferson.
Ailopted res.l,, lion sotting aside
Sunday. May U'th. for eulogies or
Ihe late Uepres.nt.itive Cordon.
Tonm '.
I -..mmillif on ebltioll of i resident
and vice preidnt unaniiiiou-ly voted
,.. r.nort f.,vor.tblv th- Henry bit
i for publii ily of all ,ontribiittoi,s t I
I pr sldent'nl catnpaign fund .
t their disbtirseiiH nt. !
;. is. imiti w ilrahao, biMmled,
a "'iliit,-lv and tmoiialifie.lly j
f .be." Pepri . Motive Manns charge I
of l'tiiittiii!v ixrmtMinc woman,
loblolsl In shape legislation. "n,i 1
bitter l.i-ale follmv.-d.
Adjouined H! i -'" P- '
SuinLy. wh-n euioiiit''
livere.l on Ihe la'e P
Madison, of K.n'.
n. n j
pre ntal i
William J, Bryan, Woodrow
Wilson, John A, Dix, Senator
O'Gorman and Mayor Gaynor
Among Speakers,
Brilliant Eulogies are Pro
i ounced Upon Patron Saint
of Party by Men Who Are In
troduced as Next President,
Hv Mnrnln .l.iurn-il ftnerliil LpflMpd Wire.)
Xcw York, April Kb ! iciuocra ts
high In the councils of the party in
the nation anil state were guests to
night of the National Democratic
club at a dinner given at the Waldorf-Astoria
in celebration of the
16.it h birthday of Thomas Jof I'ersoji.
The speakers Included William J.
lit yan. Oovcrnor Woiidrow Wilson,
tor A
Jersey,, Oovcrnor John A.
of New York, Senator James
rinan and Mayor William J.
High tribute was paid to the mem-
I ory of Jefferson, founder of the
democratic party, and the speakers
asserted ijliat were he- alive today he
would advocate the principles for
.which the present day democracy
"What would Jcflerson do?" was
the subject of Cov ernor Wilson's ud
Iress, while Mayor Caynor took as
is text "What Would Jefferson
Colonel liryan was received with
'much applause when he came into
the bamiiiot hall. Poth Oovcrnor
Wilson and Mayor Caynor were
greeted as "our next president."
Thomas K. Donnelly, president of
Ihe National Democratic club, read
ft letter from Speaker Clark, who
"You may rest assured that It i;
with very great regret t discovered
my official duties require my pros-
etice just ut the lime when I hoped,
in company with the gallant demo
crats of die Kmpire. state, to be al
j low i'il to add my humble tribute t,
I tlie Imperishable services that
jiThomas Jefferson rendered not only
to American democracy, but to the
sacred cause of free government
throughout the world,
j "My regret at my enforced absence
I from your dinner Is th" greater bc
I cause I had hoped to extend a hand
of cordial good fellowship to your
other guests, whose names like m.
own will b.- presented at Pultiinor-
for the nomination by the demo
cratic party as its candidate for th
'preshbney. It is not for us to pap
.judgment on our respective merits.
That belongs rind may be safely hf;
lo the delegates o.-h'Cted for that
put pose by the v ast army of faithful
ileinociiils throughout the union.
"To the standard bearer tints
chosin ami to the platform adopted
y that convention all loyal demo
crats will rally as otic mall, forget
ting all past differences In snpport
of the standard bearer ami tile ban
tu r confided to him to carry to
U ry."
Mayor Cavnor was givin an
ovation. Applause continued at In
tervals throughout bJs speech, which
I was chiefly in criticism of judicial
i decisions. Colonel Pryan was clo.i--!
ly attentive to ,he mayor's address
I'lHl often participated in the n , , -j
I Cov truer Dix spoko on "Tar'ff lb -(form."
Coventor Wilson was likened
i to Jefferson by th-- toasltuastcr i lt'
I t roditctot y. IK- was receiv ed w'lb
Ia, 'platise.
Mr. Pryan was- i"'ci lce,t ii i-li a bi;
j o it hir-d of app.MOc tt h" ai-o-t t
! address ,'n hanip,..t. lie said:
'The speech of oil,, of Ihe gin sis
lore tonight Illustrates the fact that
ith, cdiiirtcd men ..to lollowlug
Th-,., i:s Jellerop our-' cl.Md, t, ,i ,v
j than ever b-fore a n.l I in, si tn. t
ltbi.s will be but the lorei u;. to-r ,,f an
iitti'V of learned men v. no -ttal'
r ' ognye Dial the In art nd not ;lie
toiiol is the moving lull, ten.-,- if
man. I nave la-en I-. .x vv t ih k t't-
tut,-, hut never
ntiiii r otch lav or-
j a tir c-indil iotin.
j "My Hllbjeel I.'
, poilunities,' but
j Whit Jefferson
hat J-flersoit
D"inoi racv t p
ailcr heating cf
Would S.iv,' ami
Woil.l Do.' I fe-l
like changinK II to 'What Would) thel,
j People do ... J,ffe,,on if he We, - 1 I """ '1 Tr .'.7 '
I. . , , ... Kome, April I.!. - lor a month Ihe
jh.re now. I kno.v what Hoy M.I to ,. nH . ,,,.M1 , rem.h m(
men wh. iric.l ,llV , , iniimi,. WHm,, ,,. , ,..,,..v... ,
1 J. ffeis.,1,. iin.l I w r what Hie, l..v Turkey could b. !, ,.proa, hed
-W.llld do lo JelfelSO,, I.I New Yolk ;,,, ref..re,... ,.. M.t , eIMel.t or ,h
j today. w ,r w(tn ,;llv Th,. hil, ,.
i What greater tribute coubl I- ready ask.-.l ,h ., what cn.llli.e,
il.al.l to Ihe de,ocr.t!c ,,aily lhHlllgM wotibl l ready t . ulve peace The
I Ihe fact that in defeat tl ha d.-mi- , ,,ari ,.,.ndlil..i.s did not ,,rove a.-.
nat.-d the ..pinion of a nation?" c,,iable to Tttrkei to nhtch ..v.im
I Mr. Piyan said he would Hit lire , , .fll thPV ,. at.-, un.f.
the prediction th,t Ihe n.xl presl-j ( UUy n ,.,,. i I. nt to Ihe p.. -. -j
ri. i.i would l- nominal, d by the J,.r-, that an offi. i;.! i-r. entali..,, ,1
pie ami ete.I.,1 ,. Ille Iopie. l,. ...lolllioli to TerkeV Would e-
" v :iFte of ti.,,.. Th- . ln.r.f..r-. .--
lr.K.i-0 (i,B- fr.HH I'ldllppln... 'cid.-o lo dopt a t,. ,nr ,,.! ...k
WasbinKion. April 13. Instead .fjr,-. l on h., , ..,,.lu i..n-. h. ...,l-l
HallillK Ulltil S. ptetnber l-.lh to COTIl-.
pl.te the wlth-lrawal of infantry si; 1 j t
. -,.!? - reditu v fr-n it.. phi.:,.-j
pines nn.l.-r the reorKaniAati..,, pl..ic. , i: -
Ihe last of ill.. coming home will l : n,
mlotrU. .1 June litli. Ihrre.
Minority Leader Mann and
Chairman Graham Engage in
Acrimonious Discussion on
Floor of House.
Alton ey Is Alleged to Have
Received Money from Demo
cratic Committee on Interior
Department Disbursements,
llv Momlnii Joiirnni iial Itd Wlra.1
Washington, April Pb The lie was
passed upon the lloor of the house to
day and a very bitter debate was pre
cipitated between Minority lander
Mann and ilopresontatlv e Crahnin, of
Illinois, chairman of the interior de
partment expenditures committee,
over the case of Mrs. Helen Pierce
Cray, said to lie a lobbyist on Indian
affairs. Mr. Mann sabl In lieu of tin
explanation, all investigation should
be made of the case.
Yesterday, on the lloor, Mr. Mann
had declared that Mrs. Cray, upon
the advice of Mr. (irahain. had re
fused to return to an Indian client a
protested fee. Today, when Mr. Gra
ham discovered Mr. Mann's remarks
tin the Uecord, the storm broke. Mr.
Mann was not In the chamber when
Mr. Crahain began a statement in
which he branded Jn bitter terms Mr.
Mann's declaration .as Untrue.
As he ont"red, Mr. Crahuin called
upon him lo produce the proofs of
his cliHige. The minority lender read
a number of letters mid telegram
bearing on the connection ot Mrs.
Cray with the committee.
Mr. Crn ha m reiterated thai Mrs.
Cray was not einplov-l by the com
mittee and never had'; wn a penny
of public, funds so far afc his com
mittee was concerned.
Mr. Mann retorted by reading a let
ter written recently by Mr. drahain
to Secretary Fisher introducing Mrs.
Cray, and asking that she be given
access to certain tiles In the general
land office for the purpose of gath
ering intortnalii.il "for the ( , i, 1 1 1 1 1 -tee."
.Mr. Mann also declared that a cer
tain attorney had appeared before the
committee in the Controller bay case
and, although It was denied that he
appeared for the commit lee, he had
filed a bill lor $l,iu,o and had received
ll'OO on account.
"The attorney In question did not
receive one cent from Ihe commit
tee." should Mr. Cruliam, jumping lo
his feet.
"It is passing strange," returned
Mr. .Mann, "but the committee on ac
counts Informs me that It paid out
-" to this attorney lor services ren
dered before the committee. Who H
paying these people?"
During the colbii Itepreseiitallv e
linker, of California, took u seat be
tween. Mr. Craham and Mr. Mann,
who was immediatelv across the aisle.
His broad shoulders blot ki d Mr. Cla
llam's egress.
Kopreseiitatlv,. Powhr. with sin. lied
Indifference, look up his place Inn
dlalely In front ,,r .Mr. Mann.
Iti-publican 1,-lldel'S. afler the clash
was over, asserted privately that Mrs.
Cray had been reimbursed for her
activities by the democratic congres-
sional column I,.,, and that the truth
of their ail, gallon v e would be.
brought out.
Efforts are Made for Basis of
Peace Propositions to End
Struggle Between Italy and
H.ly to di( ,IS
1M , ..It.-, ttv r. .
e,.. t,..i. j,ui w i,.-il..
inert to lh ii-i k
'SSNII..I. f ho.
t ha l. n for.
i.l. 1-el. .'.i-
t I n.4 know n ,
General Belief Prevails That
Solomon Lima Has Succeed
ed in Putting Screws to Baca
and His Insurgents,
Report Current He Will Not Re
turn to Santa Fe at
Time; Members
from Constituents,
gpei'lnl IMapHtrh lo thf mrliltl( Joarnal
Santa Pe, N. M.. Apl'l', '. . All
,,ulet ululig the Potomac tonight,"
sizes up the senatorial and legislative
situation In a fairly accurate way.
What Is going on behind the curtain
only the actor themselves know,
as the same mysterious secrecy pre
vail that has characterized every
thing they have done during the last
few days.
The return of Hon. Solomon I. una
to Santa Fe has had a vital hearln.'?
on tile situation. Prom the moment
that Mr. I. una reached the city
thing lagan to look brighter for the
republican organization, and Its
leader, who had become disheart
ened mid ilt'inoriillzed. took fresh
iiope and began working with re
newed energy and dct, rtiilnaHnn to
straighten out Ihe tangle. Mr. I. una
Is complete master of the situation,
and whatever is accoir.ullshed for
the organisation will undoubtedly be
due to his efforts.
Kviiletices arc mil lacking that tin
deal between the organisation and
the Insurgent P.aoa republicans has
already been arranged and the terms
fixed, ami thai when the house meets
Monday i-fleritoon the trade will be
eonsomniatctl. 't i "ot likely, how
ever, that there will be ntiv sti. h
spectacular . cue as have occurred
during the past week. Whatever Is
il.in,. will be done with -hat calm
serenity and dignified urbanity oha
acterlstlc of statesmen who have
come in an understanding.
The committee of thirty continue
to take up Its full hare of the spot
light. The creation of six siib-com
mlltees to he designated bv number,
and not by name, and to be unham
pered by any limitation as to their
Jurisdiction or authority, opens the
way to unlimited possibilities ami bus
caused much speculation among the
political know-nils. Tills step I.
generally taken to mean that Mr
Paca Is far from sure of Ihe com
niilt.e as a whole, and that by split
ling it up In this manner be wll
in a short while be able to ascer
tain lust which one of the sub-coin
niillees can most surely be relied oi
I, serve Ills put poses.
A strong file has been concen
trate, I on Ihe f-omiiillt ut ways
and means, Hml it Is apt t" prove a
very fertile sour, e of news In Ihe
days to come. Also, ther,. are great
possibilities for trouble lo Mr. Pa,
In this Manic committee. It remain
tu lie so li w in Hot in- ha the strut;
compelling hand to direct It and
make It subservient to hi will. I
h,. has. the power which It will gb
him it lilrolling the deslln. of
Ihe bouse will he almost unlimited,
and Willi b- aid of Hie rub- whbh
roiUlre u two thirds majority I
overrule any . r his decisions he wll'
be able to say with truth: The
house. It is I " If the cot III.-.'
should t: I away Iroi-i him. however.
II may r-,v. anoth. r prank, nstelii
lo .b-v-Kiif bis political hopes.
Another ,,,iisiinii 111 it Is b. Ing
asked bv the illipilstHv e Is as lo w hat
Will become of the committee of thir
ty in Hi, deal which pi nctlealU . v . rv -body
feels sure has already boot,
framed up A well known republican
p.. Illli I;. n w lo, I ib-ehl. -illy mill loudly
lo Speaker I. a, a, sal, I litis liliilllltli!.
"The on Iv way the speaker could ever
have tonne. I such a commute.- th it
would be of any use to li I id wit '.,
pa.k II witlt linn who are looking l"i
som.lhiiii; in the way either of ap
propriation or olh.-r polltle.il b. nell-M
for iheniKlve or th.-lr co onti' mil
who think the Mtr.-si way lo gel what
Ihov MH is lo train with Mr. lima
and do hi bidding. A soon as the
di al between Mr. Paca an. I Ihe ot .
uai,i..,tion is put On o null. Co s.- no ,,
will be I..I.I that it i impossible to
give tin 111 what lll' V want and Will
he tell Will, the h.tlC P hold."
Wloih.r I In-re t anvllting in this
lipl, it I impossible lo S.ll. II I one
titan's i. pinion and I (tiv.-n p.r what it
I worth.
A itri.ttanc feeling of dissatisfaction
I l.elll- l.iil lilt. Sle.l by Oletlib.l ot
In.lh bl ..II In cf the ee,b,lure over
the I act lhal thai l,.lv, alt.r IS'
Week of H'.l' . ha done lul.-:
lo .th im in Hie w.n ..f no. .! d l.-klsl .
tn.ii. and I" apparently a far liotv
doing afi-thiliK now as Ml any llfo. tt,
the p.Bt. It is bell. V. I lllat llte.i. t
hmi. I-, ii loaiing from I heir ...i.it-
neTil". Mtlrt 'hi ma h.ve a . I.-. Irt. -I
launilC on the I Hole oure of even!.
Ir th- lem-l re.
Th jMiieic ha fioin the I tiniiii.K
le-.-n V.fl well Im hand bi II I. .!.!
ami ha m . .,i,.li.h.-. some, hint; in the
. . ..f ...Ik. tin from Ihe fust rt.,1
ot tt.e leiwl.ilile .11 I tie Hoi,'
jh.ii tx-en m e -think chlron of o)ttt .
'intrigue, i-l. .t and ..iini'tpM. iih Ih
result that Ihe peoples basilless has
I. coll subordinated to the ambition
and personal uuarrels of ihe im mh -r.
And It Is a foregone conclusion that
no business wilt be transacted by the
house until Its leader begin to lead
and lo think more al t legislation
and less about sellling th -If petty dis
putes. It I now positively staled on very
good authority that Senator .'all will
not come to Santa l-'c at this time, but
will remain in Washington for the
present. Whether or not an attempt
will be made to bring about a joint
session for the election of llis
successor ill the near future is a mat
ter about which mote can be told
when the house meets Mondav alti-r-noon
than at pros nt. There are Hume
Who believe that such an attempt wilt
be made during Die coming week,
while there are other who think that
the mailer will lie ,1 laved for a sea
son so that tin- bluer a ti I most t i es of
the last few day can he foruoltoti. ,
Still others have Insisted that loriner
Delegate Andrews has all along b 'eti
a party to the deal between Mr. I'.aea '
and that not until matters have been j
arranged to his sa t isl act ion Is there j
any hope for a Joint session mi Hi',
senalorshlp. I
However all this may lie. it is a c,-r- I
laintv that llo legislation will lie ac-
coliipllslleil until after the trollhh'-
some setiatorship race is disposed ol
one mil or th.- oilier.
Expert Testifies That Trust
Has Shown Itself Great Pub
lic Benefactor in Developing
Resources of Business.
ltr Morning J.iurnal Mpei-lal !. lined Wlre.l
Washington. April I? The Pulled
State Steel corporation today has fa
cllltle for turning out eighty per cent
mme finish d steel than when organ
ize, I In mm, according to Thomas K.
t'ole, formerly lit ohnre of Hie cor
poration milling operations. who
testified today before the houso steel
invest Iga ting coin mitt.-".
"The renin i kuble rise In the produc
tion of steel In a period of a little more
thuh ten enrs,' said Ml. Pole, "has
been fore -d on the steel corporation
by the dcmaiid of the public. The
public demand ha forced the steel
corporation to spend millions and mil
lion of dollar In Improvement and
materials In order to fill tin- old
for steel.
"The public ilcnlaiid has forced Ho
sted corporation to be In a position
with its ore bodies, It transportation
facilities. Its blast furnace and linls.ll-
lng mills to turn out enormous no ti
ll II I,h of steel, and to turn It out when
It Is needed.''
Mr. t'ole pre, lie. .-.I a rosy future lor
the steel business In this country and
prophesied that ill the uieat west, In
Ptah and In t'allfornla particularly,
immense ore bed soon would be uti
lized and tecl mills erected to supply
Hie western demand. He also saw the
rtuy coming when coke would not be
necessary in lite manufacture of steel,
electricity to be ulillzei lit It place.
Discisslut: Hn- Hill ore lease which
the steel corpora I Ion has .then notice
of cance'l.itlon In I Hi:,, Mr. Pole de
clared no such bodies ot ore as w er
expected when the lease was made
vv ere found.
Th Hill engineer before the lease
estimated as 1 1 1 : ; 1 1 a 7 nn, mi u. n mi ten
of me. Had any such amount been
discovered ,,s was pi .dieted. Mr. t'ole
added, tin- steel c ,l pot a t ion Hovel
Would have clillcell-il the lease,
cause of Ihe enormous Krowth of
steel business ill litis oollllllV.
Mr t'ol declared he did not
Hove the I "lilt d States St. , I col p
Hon was a iiidiiopolv . I.nl he I. ell
llo be
ll. , -
il i
it had sorted lo rhi'i k desirn, til e j
coll, petition and to steady Ihe ste.ll
trade of Ihe country.
At the , .inclusion of Mr t'ob 's t.-sti-ntotiv
-he comu.ittee a dji i ii r nod The
committee report Wil, probal.lv Ho, be
relldv for six Week. 'I'll republican
ut. -tub. r will likely make ., minority
vel'g.'ln e III
on. April 1.1 Wide
Hie . l ii, OS of ple.lL-e.
a .111 let el.ee uf ftlMco
I. I
I, .1
egales Hlld
Iwe.-tl the t
.IlllS of .1. I. e. It.-S e
II). lo (lite.
Ilia, mat ked
.vbisivc of P
the llv , state.
IftlSV IV .1
i. -tits is
ill man
sued bv th
T.ift alol lb.....,
a I lo.lav
'I'he Taft malinger claim.. I 'J 4
I'i'csid.-ui 'lift and . on. ,l.. ID; to
Itoos.ielt. 'I'll.' l:ooe,. Illn:l7' T
. I. .Inn, I I '.I and on. e.le.l 4 ' to 1 .ft
Ill Hi,
Veil Stale,,,. Ill 1 4 We,.
St I II. I
1 he
I, ! d
It... -e
Taft i
a ml 1 "i I 1. 1 1 1 - i
total itiiiot.er
tip lo dale a
.It tiaget
,-. , il shot o
of .1. I. --., I.-
pr.'Selll'-.l t
I :,n. hlb
oil 4'M.
Working ! f Dike.
p.. tl Mig in. '..l . April 13.
j ii.-ii are woikuig tomghi t. ir.o
I I. fa l. in the dike at J.oks.-li I
an Irrigation tnn-rour, tw.ntv
j i .iiiai'l of lu-re. , h! n, ih--
I. - k ,1 i- s .- o n I i . Ii ,.-. s
UK the blgtt wind if 1-..la.
r.U j-tiiif t-tttu mi i lii- i
on niHn hr- Mlr . i h-
nttrut til.
! Returns Indicate Ex-President
Has Can if d Two-thirds of
Congressional Districts and
Will Control State,
Is Believed Colonel Has
About Sixty-two of Those
Who Will go to National Con
vention from Pennsylvania,
Illy M.irnlni .1..iiriml Hnselal Penned Wlf.
Philadelphia, April 14. The pl'l
mary election In Petins.v Iv aula resuli
ed In II landslide for Itoos.-velt. s
the returns continue to come In Ihe
Victory for tile Roosevelt lldherellts
becomes mot'.- Colllplele.
I If the sixty-four delegates elected
In lb.- thiry-tvvo districts fully fifty
are ph-ilui-d to vote for lioosevclt.
Added to this Is tin- probability that
the republican state convention which
: will chose twelve delegates at large to
I the national convention will be con
trolled by the null-Tan ii'ini'iil, in
suring ut least sixty-two delegates for
Uooscv.-lt from this state,
The republican organization lead
ers are stunned by the ov erw helming
defeat of the Tall cattdldales and have
nothing to say regal, Una the result.
I'liiled Slates Senator Penrose, the
reongnly.ed leader of the republican
ot ganl.atloti and the leading Tnl t
boomer In this state, left the city early
In the afternoon and boarded hi
yacht at Atlantic I'lly, where he l
afe from Interviewer.
Tonight Hie Poosevelt campaign
manager arc claiming' more titan
the slMv-two delegates the returns so
far giv e t lu-in.
With he exception of otto orlw.i'
districts, the Woodrow Wilson (1c le
gale will win.
In this city Taft got eveli of Hni
twelve national delegate. liellben l .
Moon, who lias been a leader on Ilia
I republican aide of congress for sev
eral season, was decisively defeated
for r.iiouilniitlon. Hi successful op
poneiit Is lieorge W. PdiuohdH, repub
lican Keystone candidal,-.
I 'onui'essuiau .Michael pollohoc,
ili-iiii.i rat. accomplished the remark
able lent of winning Hie republican
as well as the ,b tuooralio and Key
stone nomination In tin- I'll t h Phllu
d, iphla district. This district Is large
ly peopled by w ol'k I ng ,11 ell.
I!, I, litis received up to 2 o'clock In
dicate that the Poosevelt delegate in
Alleghany county, including Pilts
bugb. to the ritlcuuo rottv entioli had
I II elei -led Willi the possible excep
tion of one, Stale Highway Commis
sioner plgelnw lending his opponent.
John Dalell appear lo have I n
renominated lor congress In the Thlr-'
teentli district bv a small margin, but
the reiionilnallon ol Dr. Patchfeld In
the Thli t.v -second is doubtful.
Ill'- billowing candidate for con
gress are Known to have In
ailed al today's primaries:
plrsi District -William
'it noml-
Sec unl Distil, t -Hcoige S. lira
haul, repii l.lii a II.
Third Disti l, t .1. Hampton Monro
, u
pour I h
mi, da, r
I lsirlct - i i
.ubliean, renominated,
1 ilsit I. I -- ' s, nr 1 1. llctin,
I'l lioltlitl.l tell.
W. Hricst
I put. 11. an. tell..
I ti lliJcl . del
j Si V elitei-lll it
. fl publican, I.
! Pighlcenlll
t..-i '!: Hobi-I'l P.
: : . i"iion , ma ' t il.
I. .si-:, i - p. K. 1 uobt,
I ilsti 1,1 W. '. Free.
f in . It. r publican.
! Tint loci, th I list 1 1. I
- John
Ho, ,el DO I, I ello Oil 11.) led.
Tw nt v -sivi Ii Distriil A. Mitchell
' p.iht'.i . b i. oa r it. i enoiiiin.itcil.
I th:hiooiith pisirl't William P.
I't . i man. i . piii'lici n: Milton II.
i I 'I.. ,,k. ileiio,. I a 1 .
VII p,.ni.s (...lav nominated can
Mi. bit-.- for eolo'.less 111 the t!llrty-tW"l
i . .uurcs.iioii.il .Msire Is of Peiiusyl-
v . ma. lb i hi ii .
1 1 1 1 1 1 w ing r. suit .
T. nl It I o-1 , i.
,o, I.Ik an telo-li
, iilib v . del l a
lived sh'w I 111)
a rr.
nl v -1 it -
Isl in t -- 'ha rl- K.
i.t. rein-initiated;
l,tt- II,
J 1IIK s .
Tw. otv
I, IS. .11, lie
tilth Ins
t - - Stephen
noil. unite. 1.
a in. Kniii-
Pol 1. I . I'epll bile. 1 1
lilt t- f II si listl I. I
I ' 111 t, . . I epll I'M' ,
ila.1. !.hiit, Ai-iil It.-- ITtxIim
ti i.n.iMf thi.H f r r,uh a finn!
i in ut. t lit Mlt(nintiit- hi h
1 1 it t li f ! ' ( MJt .n tnicaltl
lit lulw'-.ii h Mi-!ir;ullH
i ; i fniriPti n tnl t,-r;i tr. t"Mi i
. ,; iht.i Mtt-nMn to in.M-t in .Y
V-rk Ttt. i. Th- f..M(Jr i H;r"
.iftt-r ihrti. ili' 1 1 . iIim. tw
M'fMfi Omt hit h U.in urr tl. hut
1M d-.i tu il11 11 It A li il 1 oilillttllft -
oiin I rr'il in tt t itite r vn li
f -( tl. mt-m f..r ill- fntlrr htir-J cihI

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