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Swing a Flag to the Breeze To-day in
Honor of the Birthday of "Old Glory."
Makes It Easy for You fo Secure a Flag,
Ride on, proud flag, while angel song
Breaks on the hills from sea to sea;
Thy stars are symbols of tho skies,
Thy stripes are tokens of the free!
There are many flags in many lands,
There are flags of every hue,
But there is no flag, however grand,
Like our own 'Red, White and Blue.'
- lU
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Get a Flag for Flag Day--Have It Ready for the 4th
Lad is Sent After "Left Handed
Meat Auger" and Has Merry
Time Finding It in Several
Employes at the Alvarado yester
day perpetrated an aged joke on one
of the now bell boys there when they
sent the lad after a left-handed meat
auger. Which one of the lads It was,
the remainder declined to toll, loyally
refusing to make any statements
which might Implicate ono of their
number In an Investigation. But the
boy went. What is more to the point,
he found the needed article.
"Hoy," suld the employe who start
ed the Joke, "I want the left-tiunae-t
meat auger. Go back to the kitchen
and get it."
The youngster started for the
kitchen, und on meeting ono of the
riishweahers, asked for the desired
"Nothln" doing,'" said the dish
washer, "chefs been lookln" for tt
for a week. Try the storehouse."
Back to tjie storehouse rambled
the youth. "Where's the left-handed
meat auger?" he blithely inquired of
the commissary man. ,. 1
"The which?" asked that worthy.
' "Left-handed meat auger; thef
says you got It." said the bell boy.
"Give me air," murmured the com
missarian. "Try the curio room. I
ain't got it."
So the boy tried the curio room.
"Nix," said the curio employes. "What
would we be doing with that? Try
the express office."
He tried the express office. Noth
ing happened. Then he tried . the
baggage office, the ticket office, the
lunch room, and forty or fifty other
places. Finally, some one sent him
back to the store room and there he
was given one of the reamer-like con
traptions which are used to bore holes
in vinegar barrels.
Gaily he started back with this,
glad that his tiresome quest was at
an end. Just as he rounded the cor
ner, he met Manager J. E. Smithers.
This gentleman asked him where he
had been.
Then the expected happened.
and for the next Ion days, !
ptmn you rut out drinking tea
aoa corrr nnd In tliclr place
have a steaming cup of well
Sccnis a IHUc tiling, lint IL
has meant a great deal to tlu
satuli ttho were on tlic verge of
nervous prostration from tea r
rorrre yd did aot know tlic
ICa the fine trade powJbto
to quit tea and coffee and get
"There's a Reason
Puvtum Cereal Company. Lim
ited. Battle Creek. Mica.
unseating of
Receive First News of Repub
lican National Committee's
Action on Nearing Gallup
Yesterday Morning.
Eighteen Local Men Taken Into
Popular Order at Well At
tended Session Yesterday!
The local lodge tf Moote last nlKht
Initiated a . large class of candidates
into the mysteries of this popular pa
triotic order, elishteen local men le
Ing taken In. The lift was as follows:
F. M. Maldonado, H. 1 Cooper. C.
N. Barker. J. C. Ames. Fred Hane
l.erg. R. E. Peters, W. E. Bush. W.
E. Frank, F. O. Rrassell. E. Ro
mero, Jr.. O. E. Cobb, H. A. Foster.
W. D. Rolrfnson. W. E. Prnvlnwa. V.
Battle. R. W. Weidlion. D. W. Woods,
Charles Quier.
There are but two more meetings
to ie held by this lodge Ixfore the
charter closes, on June 23. 1
Chicago. June 1J. Mrs. Delia Law
rence, a aea matresa, 25 years old. to
day aided five prisoners to eecape
from the guard house at Fort Fheri
dan. where they were held awaiting
a trsnsfer tomorrow at Fort Leaven
worth. She rented an automobile and
drove It near to the guard ho us at
an appointed time. When the pris
oners saw the machine coming they
broke down 'a door, eluded " the
guards, leaped Into the machine and
sped away.
u i kA,M l t after a com
pany of soldiers had ten called out.
in p UT9 U 1 I, nm - -
n an elevated train bound for Chl-
fshe attempiea in (cap in.m
v m - - -
a wlfcUow to avoia arreu
Representatives to Chicago
: Convention Hold Indignation
Meeting Aboard Special Train
and Talk Over Plans.
California's delegation to the repub
lican national convention, which was
here for ten minutes last night on
its way to Chicago, Is up in arms over
the unseating of two of Its delegates
by the central committee. They de
clare that whenever a national com
mittee can abrogate the laws of a state
governing the election of delegates, it
la time for a change.
When they got the news yesterday
they were went of Gallup, and a hasty
meeting waa called In the rear car of
their special train. At this meetiriK.
strong resolutions of protest against
the action of the national committee
were adopted, and the chairman waa
authorised to have them wired tJ the
Loa Angclea Express, with the request
to place the statement on the wire.
Word was recolved last night by tht
delegation that this had been done. ,
The resolutions were se follows:
The California delegation to the re
publican national convention indig
nantly protests against the action 1
the republican national committee In
denying recognition to two :f Its merr.
Iers, Charles S. Wheeler and Philip
Bancroft, who were regularly elected
delegates under the law of California.
It cannot be and is not disputed that
In the Fourth congressional district of
California, the election precincts were
snllt bv the lines of the congressional
district, so that neither the registrar
of voters of Han Francisco nor the
aecretary of state of California could
determine which delegates received n
majority for this district; and these
two officials have so certified to the
republican national committee.
Consequently the right asserted to
set aside a rtate laT if It fails to con
form In any respect to the call for
the national convention, does not ap
ply In this ease even under the most
technical construction of the rail.
There . however, a greater princi
ple at flake. This outrage lr more
than a mere theft of two delegates.
It Is an assault on the whole system
of direct presidential primaries und
is, therefore, a vital national issue. It
is not disputed that .these delegates
were selected under the state law ty
77.000 plurality, and that those sought
to be seated in their places were de
feated und.-r the laws of California.
The o.uortion at issue is this. Can
a sovereign state determine by law
how its primaries shall be conduc ted
to elect delegates to represent It In
the nutlonal conventions of the vari
ous parties of the United Mates? Un
der the view taken by the national
republican committee, ho state law is
A ruling acuinst delegates elected
by such a state law as that of Cali
fornia, and accredited to a convention
by a secretary of state can therefore
be considered only as an arbitrary rul
ing of a national committee against
the enactment of any presidential pri
mary law whatever.
Any party call Is certain to bo In-'
consistent with the laws of some of
tho stntes, and any uniform state law
is likely to be inconsistent with the
convention call of one or another
imrtv. Unless the law Is to prevail
In such cases It becomes futile to pass
any laws, and the whole system of i
legally regulated presidential primar
ies falls to the ground. This is a mow
Intentionally struck at tho national
primary system, and it call for a na
tional protest.
The California delegation therefore
calls on the representatives of all the
states which hiive passed or which
hope to puss, presidential preference I
primary laws, ana on perrons no
believe in such laws, to resist this first
attempt to undermine the new system.
The square issue Is here raised for
tho first time whether the republican
party shall l ruled by its members
or by fifty-three holdover members of
national committee, a large part of
whom have already been repudiated
by the state which they protess to
represent. The settlement of this Is
sue now Is a crisis In tho life of the
republican party. Let It be met and
settled now In this, the first caso In
which it Is raised. I
The California delegation promptly;
met the action of the national com-!
mlttee In unseating Charles S. Wheel-,
er and I'hilip Bancroft by electing I
Wheeler vice chairman or tn Delega
tion to preside In the absence of Gov
ernor Johnson, who Is In Chicago.
Bancroft, the other rejected delegate,!
was already secretary, so that two of
ficers of tho delegation aro the two!
rejected memlwrs.
Much lnli;natlon was expressed at.
this new inversion of the -steam I
roller" from the fl.ntenlnw out of
delegates to the smashing of state,
laws. I
Chester H. Unwell. Charles K.
Simon and C. Young were app"i"t- '
ed a committee to draft the reaolu-;
tie- e-f protest. !
Secretary Bancroft was authorised:
to communicate by telegraph with -Governor
Johnson In Chicago, and
ask him to keep the delegates on
the train Informed of the progress of (
Dal'y meetings are to he held en
route, nnd a complete plan of action
In hoped to ba ready on arrival at ;
Chicago. i
DH f fiATIJi TALK t n
All afternoon yesterday the dele
gates met in the rear car of their
palatial trln and discussed the plana
which might I Incorporated Into the
national platform. The leading sub
jects discussed aere direct presidential
primaries, conservation, aorklngmn's
compulsory compensation law. plan
of making the federal constitution
raster of amendment, the Initlntlve.
referendum and recall, the recall ofj
judicial decisions, Income, and Inheri
tance taxes.
An eloquent speech In favor of t-he
recall of Judicial decisions was made
by Chairman Wheeler, who is one of
the most ardent opponents of the re
rail of the Judjlclury In California, He
declared that ha would apply this
principle even to the decisions of the
supreme court, with n limitation, pro
viding that It should only apply to
cast's where the question wan whether
congress had the right to pass cer
tain legislation.
The discussions, of course, are pure
ly informal, and cannot bind the dele
gallon to anything. The delcipitlon Is
not in such n position that It desires
to muke ttflf appear to dictate the
national platform, but It Is felt that
wholesome discussion of probable
planks will be of material old In de
termining what the real sentiment of
the delegates may be on particular
questions, und will probably save tlmo
in Chicago.
No final expression of onlnlon was
taken on any question except that of
amendments to the constitution, which
was favored by a majority of the dele
gates. -The vote on this wn twenty
to six.
Cither plana will be discussed each
day until the train arrives at Its des
tination. The discussion will fully
educate California's representative on
the resolutions committee as to what
Is most desired by his constituency.
Meyer Llssnr, chairman of the state
republican committee, was chairman
of the platform committee and led
the discussion yesterday.
While this session was In progress
In the rear car, the Indies of the
party held a tea In the forward car,
at which many of the members of
ilia uttiuaou--' families, and others
not strictly delegates were present.
The only womei who will be seated
Jn the republican national conven
tion, as resularly accredited dele
gates, were with the party which was
here yestorday. They are Mesdamee
Charles D. Blatiey, of Han Jose, and
Florence Collins I'nrtor, of I.on An
geles. Both were ilected. as were the
other delegates, by a vote of the en
tire republican , population of the
state, by a majority of about 77.0UU.
The delegation received special at
tention from the Hanta Fe In everv
particular. The equipment of their
special train was that of the famous
Santa Fe Ie Luxe, now retired for
the summer, and extra care was used
to soe that the special got through on
time. At Albuquerque, where It ar
rived ten minutes after the castbot.nd
California ilmlted, the special was
"run around" that train, and sent on
east as second No. 2, running on a
schedule much fuster than that of
the limited. The train was held here
only ten minutes for change of en
gines and regular terminal work, and
that was a comparltively long stop.
The Hanta Fe was apparently de
termined to demonstrate Its best time
and best equipment to the Call
fornlans. and they seemed well
pleased yes'erday.
There were twenty-six delegates,
twenty-six alternates, and enough
wives and families to bring the total
up to seventy-six nbop.rd the train. -
Statement of Receipts and Expenditures of
Bernalillo County from January 1, 1911,
to January 6, 1912.
receipt. Jar-iary I, 1SII, to January 0. 1912.
Balance cash on hand Jur.unry 1, lll...t HB.S73
Tnxc SS8.4D3.19
Merchandise licenses , 7MI.00
poll tax ....I.'.:...., fc'Jii.tO
Fines, District court 1,293.110
Fines, Justice of Peace court 6aD.H0
Pullumn tax - 77.67
Institute K2.G1
Bent of court house 150.00
Interest from Handoval county 4.SJ7.00
IJquor licenses 1. 920.00
(leni ral rmid 2u.oo
Itoad. District No. 1 SSS.OO
Koad, District No. 1 1
Forest reserve 1 L t
Caso of lloaven. et. al. vs. Territory ... ' 97.
hale School District No. 14 . I0.&Q
Return premium Insurance on Iridic ... Zh.in
Bcrund School District No. tl &.
Common school S.StM.kO
Luis, lullliir.-., January 1, IBM. to January , ll12.
(leneral county fund. If 10 $ 1,019-13
Clcneriil county fund, 1911 ZO.o.8J
Court fund 9.939.03
Interest fund J4.8S0.19
Hchool fund
Animal bounty fund
Court house and Jail fund
(Kneral road fund
District attorney fund
Territorial treasurer
Treasurer's commission
Assessor's commission, 1901-1902
Assessor's commission, 1903-10
Assessor's commission, 107-190U
Assessor's commission, 1909-1911
Ceneral county deficiency fund
School District No. 22. building fund
Flood fjnd
Boarding prisoners fund
City of Alliuquerqu i 1 ...... .
Itomi, District No. 1 ...
Uoad. District No. 3
Road. District No. 3
Institute fund .
Hchool districts .
Balance cash on hand January (. 1913...
THjKjvsrBus or rufii-Ds
Transfer rom I'smk
leneral rud . . ?
Tressurer's commission
Assessor's commission, I903-194 ....
Assessor's commission, 1909-1919
Ceneral county, I
(general county, 19"9
Ceneral school ....f
Road. District No. 1
Ceneral county deficiency
S. hx.l District No. 22. building
t I.S29.M
22 11
. 43.11913
I 9,7.t7
i Transfers to l umls.
Court house and Jail
tieneral school
(leneral county, 1919
Road, District No. 2
timers I county, 1901-I90C
(leneral county deficiency
hVhool dlrtricts
Road. District No. 1
Institute '
801. Ml
4,154 93
. S7.63
. 97.B6(.C9
1388. 128.54
79 84
150. 0J
2.488 74
$ 49.974.17

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