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The New Models in
Women's Tailored
Suits for Fall
Forcibly emphasize the supremacy of this section, as exempli
tied by the splendid showing of the many new style effects at
remarkably low prices.
We Particularly Feature
New Fall Suits at
As presenting the greatest economies In really good suit con
struction we have ever attempted. It is surprising when you
come to examine them, what excellent materials and substan
tial tailoring is embodied in these suits, Among the many ex
amples shown at these prices arc rich effects in Whipcords,
Diagonals and Mannish Serges, in all the most favored color
ings, plentifully intermingled with Browns, Tans, Greys and
Blues, in nobby English mixtures, becomingly trimmed with
braids, silk facings and buttons. The linings are of Skinner
Guaranteed Satin, Messaline and fine Taffeta, the coats aie
two and three button, square and cutaway styles, with pleated
bottom and plain skirts with panel and kick pleats. We don't
hesitate to say that nowhere will you find such really excep
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The Economist in Fall
gly maintained in these new
Tailored Hats
Seeing them in all their fresh
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Mannish Models and Dashing Large Shapes in
Felts and Stitched Velvets at
$2.50, $3.50, up to $7.50
Not a wanted weave which is not here. Not a weight, not a
staple or fashionable shade is lacking. This store has been
noted for the completeness and variety of its dress goods
stocks as well as for the fairness of price at which these dress
goods are sold.
Let us show you the new Zibelines and Eponge in
Biown and Black and Colors, 52 inches wide at.
$2.00 and $2,50,
Heather Tweeds, 54 inches wide at $1 ,35 and $1 ,50
a yard,
Stiiped Suitings in the new Bronze and Blues at
$1,75 a yard,
Reversible Coatings at $3.00 a yaid,
English Whip Cords fn two tone effects, 52 inches
wide, at $1 .75 and $2,50.
And a host of othei numbeis too numeious to mention
New Models in Wo
men's Tailored Skirts
$6.95 up to $10
Just one and two of a kind the makers' new models, sent in
advance of the regulai stocks, a glimpse into the future as it
were Whipcords, Brown Novelties and Blue Serges -economically
(Continued From Pngc One.)
(expected the firs I of September t, visit
I win, her daughters, Mrs. Arthur
Keith and Mrs. John strum, mist. She
"ill be accompanied by her grand
son, Houston Valkup, the eldesl son
of Mrs, Walkup, formerly Beatrice
' I Wilds, of this city.
dozen young fellows had attended the A
regular weekly dance, and despite th, I Rev, and .Mrs. llermon P, Williams
objections of Messrs. Mandell and I returned Friday from a month's visit
Qoldenburg, endeavored to Introduce
the lurkej trot with variations. They
were requested t, leave, but claiming
they had paid the price of admission,
refused to
tltclr right t
The dance
ly and well
i and further declared
dn as they pleased,
have always been order
onducted, so many of
at their old home in De Moines, la.
Mr. and Mrs. .Hover Mayo anil lit
tle daughter, Kllsnbeth, returned early
last week from Jemos Springs, where
they have spent several months. The
J, B. Mayos have none to California
to reside.
those attending, weni home, ami asj st
the Intruders persisted in their ' ran-, tiM u,n m , ..
in for I. os Angeles, where she will
ging" the music was finally stopped
and the dance summarily ended.
So, the dance Monday evening was
given free to all natrons of the dances,
who would conform to the rules of
the management and a pleasant affair
resulted. Xo further trouble in antici
pated as hereafter the "rough nceU"
crowd Will lie denied admittance.
Prtscllla ami Albert Newcomer are
expected home today alter an extend
ed visit with relatives in Iowa and
Ka nsas.
Miss Maud Mecklo, stenographer at
the American Lumber Company of
fices, left last night for a visit with
relatives and friends in different pails
"I Missouri.
rma Nichols, a charming young
girl, who remained eight months 'n
Albuquerque, attending high school
last term, left Monday nlghl for her
hom. in independence, Kan. While
horn Miss Nichols Was the guest of
h.-r aunt, Mrs. Edwin Sower, and
ma.ie numerous friends, a large num
ber ,,f whom were at the train Mon
day evening to hid her I, on voyage.
Mr. and Mrs. Bdwln Sower will
have Tuefday for a trip through the
east, including stops in Philadelphia,
New York, Niagara Kails, with Car
lisle, Pa., as the objective point of the
trip. Thoy will he gone six weeks.
Mrs. Don Sterling, her baby and
mother. Mrs. Bedding, will leave
within a few weeks to join .Mr. Ster
ling m Detroit, where they will make
their home. The Sterlings have miiiiv
friends here, who will l,e sorry to
know that they have decided to go
SftSl to hv e.
Mrs. Mary R. Wilrs. of Clarendon,
Ail... a former resident of this city, is
lion of the first Presbyterian church,
worshipping wiili us, Mr. Robert
Sewell will sing and the Choral So
ciety will render a selection,
Sunday school at 9:48 a. m. Ii. A.
Porterlield, superintendent, Epworth
League at 7 p. in.
a cordial welcome to anj or all of
these services.
attend school the ensuing term.
Miss Marjorle Stowell expects to
spend the winter in Tucson, Ariz.,
studying physical culture and taking
other courses in a school there.
Mrs. f. A. Watson, of 1905 forester
avenue, and her sister. Miss Amy
Sims, have returned from an extend
ed stay at the different coast resorts
in southern California.
Mrs. D. K. B. Sellers returned yes
terday from Chicago, where she has
been visiting her daughter, Mis. Harry
Judge Qeorge Craig and Mrs. Craig
left yesterday for Chicago, from
where they will go to fort MadlSOIl,
Iowa, lor a month's visit.
Arthur Rverttl and his tamil) have
returned from a several weeks' outing
on the Upper Pecos.
Miss Pearl Tompkins arrived home
Wednesday from l.as Vegas, where she
has been visiting friends.
Cor. Lead Ave. ami llroa.lway.
Rev. I. W. Longfellow, Pastor,
Bible school at l : 4 r a. m. Classei
suitable tor ail ages. Everyone invit
ed to come and .joint us in the Stud)
,,f i he w or.i oi God. Preaching at 11
a. in., and X p in., by the new pastor.
Dr. l. W. Longellow. Young People's
Service at 7 p. in. All whose dutj
does not .all them elsewhere. ale
most cordially invited to join us in tip'
Dr. i w. Longfellow ami family
have taken the house at 183 West
Walter street. Phone No. DIX5. The
pastor's study will be at the . hutch.
Christian Science services arc held
ill the Woman's club hull. ling at the
corner of Seventh street anil Hold
avenue, every Sunday morning at 11
o'clock. Subject for this week. "Mind."
Wednesday evening services are
held at s o'clock.
The pill, lie is cordially Invited to
attend these services.
Sunday school at la o'clock.
Committee in Charge of Parade
Proposes to Do Away will
Soliciting of Exhibits and
Displays for Pageant,
The Newcomer Art Shop Invites in
spection of the special make corsets,
the "American Queen' lor which
they are exclusive agents. A front
line model, this corset is distinctive
lor a perfection piece under the la-
cers, which insures absolute com
fort. Style, durability ami comfort
are admirably blended In the
American Queen a demonstrator
will call nt your house, or they may
he fitted at the New. inner Art Shop.
ItlM ( I I. V'l i; CONCEPTION.
North sixth street, between Copper
I and TIJeraa.
ltcv. A. M. Mamlalarl, s. ,I Pastor.
i Sodality Mass 7:ui( a. in.
Children'.. Mass B-.Irt , o,
High Mass ami Sermon 10:00 a.
Evening services, instiuctlon and
benediction of the Most Blessed Sac
ra ment- - i "n p. m.
Holy Mass 7:00 a. m.
Rev, I'. Ki'ctzwlimar, Optimo, . if.,
A week from this Sun, lav, Septem
ber 1st. the ii, xt Herman service will
he held in the Central Methodisl
church, corner Am,, ami Central ave
nue, nt 8:30 o'clock In the afternoon.
I Ml It, II.
tUbcre to tUorsDip today
Evangelist H, A. ironside. .,r Oak
land, Cat., will gtya two addresses to
day in tin North fourth street gospel
hull, at S.'IO and 7:30 p. m.
aii are welcome.
("or. W. Silver and Sixth St.
Rev. w. s. OberholtK-r, Pastor.
Sunday school at t.iS, frank C
Stubborn Colds May Lead
to Consumption
TM tou e t htttt n cold liiHt would '
not Iff o; i COUgh that pCtsltttff, t lint
prr rpfiifri sl(p. :mJ until w king hour! J
miM'cllr? K.Lmmi's Alterative Is the 1
tl . :t - r I t I aiuih - - - - I ',.,,. , nm '
Hm aimpie sdttlaa suy t rttorwn ; Keefer, superintendent,
wl.rra It Is tnly a ttckllag ta the thrust; i Morning worship at 11
feu wnea yi-ur eaest is aorp ana snapss i evening Service it 71(1
rsaieSles don't hi,-, : then take Bck- ' , ..." . .''.'.
msn's Alterative Neglect often leads ts ; N"xt undai evening, i hristian Bn-
more ae.-ioua trouble; 3 ease In point fol- I deavof at 1:20. preaching at . B
1o.": ., a!f!F Ka -'hil" - Pa on Thursday evening the monthly
i.ntlemen In Julv. Urn, I (lrst no- . . .
Ileeil the esadlttsaa that allowed 1 had I social 01 tne I . I. B. 1 . I-... ai ins
Caasaaetlsa 1 l,,t weight rapidly; had home of l. f. All.crs. 1s.u1 South s.-c-s
hallow .o,ih. hisaerraages sad very , street Lei every present
severe alglit sweats Mi brother re om ! , '
mealed K. kman s Alterative, la the nd Ur" 'beir frlen.le.
of 1 tM-ran t take it At this tune .
1 sm perfectly well and rolxist. My sp-
Jetite is g,N.i sad mv weiftht lis ts-
ireased froru tlo to 1 40 pounds. Not S
trs,e of my old trouPle remains I will
Corner Land Avenue and South
Third Street.
gladly eipre-s the merits of tbls medi
cine to snyone.
..Mtned, M. b QMIHABOT.
K, kman s AlteratlTe Is egectlre In Broa
rhlfU. Asthms. Hay feyer: Throat asd
Lang Troiihlea, and In uplmildiBg th
avstern Dees not contain poison opintes
or hst.it formlns dmga Ask f,,r booklet
of rared rje sad write to Brkatsa
llrtry. I'hlla.l...hia. PS . f.,r n,,,re ert
dei,, l'.,r sale by all leadins drusirists and
iiHi i. - nr Becksaan, Pastor,
Kdilh tSorby. Deaconess.
Public worship at 11 a. 11... and I
p. m.. with preaching by the pastor.
The pastor's mornlm: theme will be.
' Know ing Christ." Kvenlnc eubjei t.
"The Healthy of Hod." The MbaMS
franrls Slroine anil Catherine Jrnn-
mcr il favor the 111, , rain-; r-oagl 1 ga-
Altarailo I'haniia, y ami Highland 1 Hon with a duel In th, evening, whli
rharmac) In Albuquerque. it ItBl Utrto iili Um BfTtfi
Central and Arno,
Samuel B. Allison, Pastor.
Set vies conducted by the pastor at
1 1 a. m., ami H p. in.
It is the quarterly meeting occasion
and Rev. .1. II. Meaner, presiding elder
of the Albuquerque .iistri.t, will
preach morning ami evening.
Text for the morning hour. Psalms
17 il.J, ' shall be satisfied when I
awak. with thy likeness."
Topi,- ,,r the evening service. "Si
mon, the So,, erer."
.Miss franklin will sing it both the
morning ami evening services,
Sunday school at 1:19 a. 111. T. M.
Horns, leader.
Devotional meeting ,,r the Senior
BpWOrth League at 7 p. III.
A cordial welcome I,, all, and
pe. lally to strangers.
GOLD M iti:oi i in i;( n
norm,,., r. U IIHasms Mia hater.
Bible study at 9:4.", a. m., .1. 11.
w,ar. superintendent
A general invitation was issued yes
terday by the committee in charge ol
the Hades display p.,iad, which :.
he held here during the state lair thll
fall, lo enter displays and exhibits.
The committee this vear will not so
licit exhibit, by a direct appeal, hut
will send letters to every manufactur
er and the lo ad of every local indus
try, requesting an exhibit, it Is fell
that 111 this Way it Will he possible to
leach everyone an, I there will be no
friction because of some unintention
al omission lo call upon anybody.
The invitation sent out yesterday
was as follow -:
The committee on Industrial parade
for the coming slate fail-, appointed
at its last meeting, respectfully re
quests that all firms or Individuals
who arc willing to take pall in the
parade at that time, to make the
same Known lo the chairman ol tne
parade committee, Mr. George P.
Lcarnard, al once, so the committee
can make its plans accordingly, The
same can he done personally, "t- h.v
letter. The time is getting short and
the committee desires to mak, Hie
parade this year the best in the Ins
lory of Albuquerque lairs. Do not say
you had ma thought of it or forgot
ten it. hill gel busy at on, e to plan for
it, ami ho notify the chairman.
This is something everyone who
has the Interest of Albuquerque and
the fair at heart should lake an In
terest in. The parade has become a
regular feature of the fair, and youi
out-of-town friends will I"' lookin,"
for It. So get your think tanks busy,
ami he prepared to spring something
new that will he of benefit to your
selves, and of interest to our visit., is.
(Sign. . 1 1 Till-: COMMITTER,
The committee propose- to follow
this up with a campaign of letters'
to every Interested person.
Kvery manufacturer or local mer
chant or other Interested person Is
leolleste.l to iioif tlo- chairman of
the commiii, . OeOrge
i some member of th,
ou.e. ,,f his Intention t
the Idg prizes w hu h ai
I, so Hint H
Sidiaco Guerrero Only Mamher
of Paity Which Engaged in
Knife Baffle l ast Sunday lo
be Released Yesterday.
Except for Slielch fiom This
City to Laguna There is Fx
i client Highway All the Way
lo Grand Canyon,
following a preliminary Hearing
before Justice of Ho Peace Jos,
E. Romero at the court house In
, on Albuquerqiie yesterday afternoon,
Sidiaco Guerrero was released from
further custody. The other three
member of the quartel win, en
gaged In a knife battle Sunday af
ternoon near the Swastika saloon, on
Ilic saw mill road, Juan Calderon, Ml-
guel Bedillo and Celso Hedlllo, were
hound over to the grand Jury iu the
sum of $.",1111 each. The charge was
assault with Intent to kill.
Tiie tour tried prettj successfully,
it is said, lo carve each other up in
the fight, and MlKUBl Bedillo Was so
badly hurl thai Ills life was despair
ed for a tune. There were no wit
nesses except the lour inch them
selves. Th, hearing took oq considerable
importance anil I lie court stenograph
,-r, Harry P, Owen, was called upon
in take a record of the proceedings,
it. rtuppe, official curt Interpreter,
officiated as translator.
aii th,- men but Guerrero suatalned
severe cuts and bruises in the fight
and will hear the resultant scars for
a good road west from Albuquet
iiue is badly needed al present, ac
cording to a statement made y.-stci
day hv Col. 0. K. B, Sellers, of III
Cod Roads' association, cimi
Ids declares that there Is a good
load all Hie vvav to liranil Canvon,
Arts., excepl for a small Hlrctoh be
tween here and Lftgunn, which would
require only a moderate amount of
work to iilac, it iii shape,
Colonel Sellers was visited yester
day h.v Ft, Creasy .Masters, of FUtllSh,
who declared the roads weal were in
fine co a, in after leaving Uranls.
,l r. Masl, I s .-a id I hat I he III, Mali
agent ' Kamah. although he had
mole than .fl.iiiiii on hand for road
expenditure, could find no place
where thai inonej need be spent ami
was forced to return it.
Mr. Masters Is vice president for
McKlnlsy county, for tin- state fair,
ami said yesterday thai his section
Would send In a flu,- exhibit of local
products and resources, lie was much
interested in the cow pony stake race
and promised to use his best efforts
to secure a good horse as an entrant
from thai county.
(Mp'l.l niapati'h In th Morions Joiirnnl.)
SOCOITO, N. Mo Aug. 14. This
morning at S o'clock, at the Sisters,
hV-pll.ll III tills city, 1,1, IIITcd the
death of Alts. I'. A. Allaire, wife of
Hie senior member of the well know n
III in 01 Allaire .Si Mclntvie. operating
a large stoic at Sail Antonio. Death
followed an attack of acute tubci'cu-
.Mis. Allaire was well Known both
here and at San Antonio and Magda
I. ha. She was beloved for her many
W anly qualities and her demise Is
a severe blow to her husband and
Passers-by on Central avenue, near
Sc. on, i street, yesterday afternoon
wct'e amused hv as funny a dog light
as ever happened, The participants in
the duel were two toy pops of the
sort thai women carry around and
pel Indiscriminately. Bach of the two
spoile, i darlings was running on the
Sidewalk at the lime of their escapade
and when I he J showed their teeth and
started a hit of a friendly turn-up
LeSmard, I their respective owners glared dag-
mmlttee, at I trers ..' eacn other nerore iney at
omi.cte fori tempted to rescue their petted little
oil tile teloclolls initios ol
ing brute.
(17,000 Toss)
From Ntw York Oct. 19. IIZ
Fiaai Saa Fraacuca Fab. 6, 1913
W,ll rial SaUii. Saaia. tub. Fatal.
laa'ia. f aploa. Straili StttlaMati, Ja.
rk.l.pp,... Ckiaa. Jaaaa. Hawaii.
will, OyanMa Amncao lou,
TOURS I I Payi la Jmm
I tier,, i- i,,rr , alarri, in iraa aii-tln t.t Ilia
cottalrj tiinn nit otbor dtaaaaaa put tagetbsr, ami
until thl la-t ft'w yssnt lasa ssppsaaj ta bn
lueutabk,, Ki a kichi uumy yssri dectora
pronouiiaad It n local dlMaaa nun prVScrttHM tonal
ri.iue4lea, boS by ooSttsStly (iiiiihk n. esro arltu
local lo.iiiuri.i. pn,sNlscas It InaunUa, Hclenca
baa proves I nhaib 10 I..' i. ,-, u-tuuilotti.t dlacaan.
ami Mi, 'iff, ii- rcqslroa ootiaUtailonal ItrstBiMiit,
Mali'a I'atarrli cur... SMQursctsteS by i .1.
. Uoiipj Co., ToltSn, otil,,. Is Hi,, only Cssatltu
llonal ,iir lUc Bisrkfft. H la tsfesS Inter,,,, Hr
iii aSaas Ii pi ,lrt'a I" n l,'i,tiiifiil. It affts
.Hi, , Mr ii ii,,' bloor mill msnnia aiirfacca of
ih tyatrm TOoj oKrt ona boiiilrvd ilollsri for
any u talla i euro, Brad fdr ctrfulara mid
Addrna; t .1 CttEXET CO., lidaio, Olio,
s 'l, by phttS'ata, 7.',.
Taka Hull's family Pflla for latlriatkin,
Duration 110 Daya Each
llai U Silt Mrf
V HP )
KnortH am slo .
railwtr. riolfl. hot CKuffKiM, am
snaa, fUllisa., Uft PlC.
Writ for -Jlooklit
'Mil' i lh i SI .
St. Lout-. Mi.
Nollimo better cxptossrs the
lenlimenl ol tin- nivcr or more
lufel) pleases the recipient.
()iii Inns lie new and Up-to T
dale and we take pleasure in T
slum in,' them.
I li"li grade repair work
i pet iglty.
203 W. Central Ave.
Ing offer- oeiisiK i
max have ' the uppi
some idea of what is necessary to ar
range for
The oomnilttee is pom posed ol
Qeorge P. Lcarnard, chairman: Dr.
C. R. Eller, M. U Btern, . Cush
man. Dr. I., ii. Chamberlain ami Col
John Horro.i , lie,
'file buttle Was
Doll, e Interferenc
l iiiiii . te.l SlthOUl
III fact, the only
;hl was lauglllug too
Recauae her husband abandoned
her ami her hildrea ami she applied
fori, divorce upon that ground, Marin
Hamora de tlabaldon yesterda)
An orillnnrr caae or .llarrtioea ran,
as a rule, be cured liy a single .loae
,,r Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, ami
Diarrhoea Remedy, This remedy has
no superior for bowel complaints. l',,r
sale by all druggists.
A hln of Beauty la a Joy Forever.
,R, T. F ', Qouraud's Oriental
' Craim or MaK'oal Baautirier.
The minister. II. 1'. Williams, has cetved a decree of absolute divorce d
returned f,, his vacation and will fl ,: ' . Sf"'
...... , , sentenced In Mix months in M Hi thelBIa
pre.,, i, boin morning and creating. ,,, f .,. .,,.., ,,,,, f... gl
The s.rmon at II IS .. m., will he slat intoning his Wlf. 'on apparently 13. jg
on "Th,- Work of a Preacher." fail,,! to learn from Hi.- sen ten iii s
Tiie evening theme win be "Th, lesson. The wife waa given the custody laVfil
I iospej ,'M, heal.''
'hristian Kmle.,
. m.
A general invitat
tend these s.o v Ices.
ling at i
Vcn to at
"Advent ores .f a Tourist in ah.u-
,iierUe." Iti,,grah film. ,'rvlat.
Sunday and Monday. Mulinces, 3:30.
VVfJktaga T.3U, l:fla H.to,
of three mln "i children, Ida. Jose and
The , it allowed her a Judgm. nt
for tf.n tot fees, eosHs and other ex
penditures ii, the prosecution of he)
"Advent urea of a Tourist In Albll
itleraiOe." in, .graph film. I'tysial.
V chili.
,,l .,n, lav MHtlllees,
S.35, 'J. ii.
Rt.novai Tan. rimplaa, I
r,rLkll, M"llt I'a.rhM, I
Hull, aao skia IHaaaaaa,
: , vary inn b
n . . 1 . nd lit
Sm Oflfcactl ,n. It '
baa at aaa tht taat
ot 63 ftrn. aofl 1
aa ' m. .. wt j
,.. ' I..I-. .'IT. i
la properly n.a-la.
A sal I ' cr .joiar- 1
tut ol laiilai
ran,.. Pr L. A. .
Say. a .. to a
lady of tli- haut- 1
t"D la pat.aotlt (
"At aa laaiaa
wtU uaa ttt-n,
I n.,,, ti,4 l
oaa,..d'i f 'raaaa aa .ha l-at karnif c at ail tha I
akin Dranaranun. ' F"r aala Ly all Jruaatiti tA taaca I
Oooaa l.alf ra in Iht i:alt,l Slaiaa. c,. i ar, l a jropa.
Jt V Baa
Funding the Future
m h quentlon timi ooMK.li Bttoiition from rvny priiiieiM uinn ut
wdiiuiii, Im Uij iIm bftailwliiurr ol u fajulti it liave -hni iltrir
nun lfjil- to LDtlflitkT. "Iht ICftlll I n ami "Old Mti lli
piH-nrickii of pi inlrm i.
i Banking by Mail
l ii ouni'iili'iii',' of this hank that I- especially a.hipl, ,1 lo those
arhai live In the country or in small totrng vvhcc adeipiatc banking
facilities b, not . i-t it i- Mife and easy, Write for instructions
on How lo Hank by Mail.
State National Bank I
fLRO. I.HDPIilS, fr;,, 3 tVstl Jssei stmt, IwTkL j H

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