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Experienced Saleswomen CAUGHT AT L05
Indigrant at Interference with
Their Handling of Social
Evil, City. Fathers Annul Ex
isting City Regulations'.
Indignant nt Hip inli'i fi'i i iH O uf a
number of members of (lie reform ele
ment In their handling of the soda!
evil itieston by means of a restricted
jcdlight district, the city council last
night repealed every ordinance and
section of nil ordinance In any way
Kffnilng the question and will pro
' ceed io enact new regulation as they
limy be needed. Probably the first
new ordinance will ho presented wh.'ti
tlie council meets again, which will
he tomorrow night.
Several other matters were dis
cussed, lint the meeting wns hricf ami
accomplished comparatively little.
The meeting was presided over by
folonel D. K. B. Sellers, mayor, with
Councllmen Clarke, lieidy, Thomas,
jvhrrwood, Coen and Crunsfeld prey-,
put. '
The first business was the authnl
jntlon of the signature of a new note
for $:i,000 for the balance due op thij
new auto fire engine, and the piiy.ient
of the Interest on the old note.
!lhe city had title to nil the width of
I street shown on the first plat of the
place. Mr. Curke urged that the mat
ter be fixed definitely at once, either
In court or out of court.
The council authorized a commit
tee to take entire charge of the af
fair, and the mayor named Counoll
nien Isherwood and Clarke, himself
being cx-offlelo chairman. Tills coin-
mlttee was given power to take all
necessary steps toward the definite
:i till permanent settlement of the dis
pute. Probably lit will arrange a
friendly suit to quiet the claims.
The treasurer reported the general
fund overdrawn $14ti.:! at the close
of yesterday's business. The city
clerk reported that he had ready
for deposit, which would relieve the
pressure somewhat, anil would navei
$700 more for deposit by tonight. Me
said that he would have about $s,nno
to turn in within the nest few weeks
from Ibiuor licenses.
A communication from the Ceme
tery Realty Company. In relation to
the establishment of a cemetery here
by that concern was read and recom
mended to the attention of the council
by tlie mayor.
Demecio Delgadillo, Accused
of Killing Paramour in Old
Albuquerque Saturday, is
Brought Back to City,
or cm' poi.k i: m atkox
A letter was received from a Mrs.
Irene Wiggin, asking that she be ap
pointed police matron of the city dur
ing fair week. It was referred to the
police committee, but the sentiment
was that' Albuquerque did not need a
police matron Just yet.
The.mayor brought up the qne.'ition
of the need of a change In several of
the ordinances passed by the councils
of former years, anil suggested that
they he repealed anil newer ones
emietod In their place.
The city attorney prepnred an ordi
nance repealing sections 542, 547. ")S,
5"in,'n.ri2, t.53, n.ri4, of the revised or
dinances of 1911. This was read (be
first time, then under suspension f
the rules, read the second and third
times, passed and ordered published.
.Mi the members of the council pres
ent voted for these steps, consent of
two-thirds of the entire council being
necessary for suspension of the rules.
Mavor Sellers asked that the chair
man of
An ordinance providing for the cre
ation of famlv- liquor dealers and
their licensing at a rate of $300 a year.
payable quarterly, was read the first
time. This ordinance expressly pro
hibits dealers licensed under It from
selling goods In (Uantilies or less than
one pint or more than five gallons,
and from allowing poods to be opened
or drunk on their premises. It also
repeals section 732 the city ordi
nances, which excepted drug stores
from Its provisions. Drug stores must
now pay the same license as a family
liquor dealer or ns a retail llqiiorxb-.-il'-er,
according to the class of busi
ness they do.
The council adjourned to meet
Wednesday evening, when this ordi
nance will again come before It.
"T have n world of confidence In
Chamberlain".! Cough Remedy for 1
have used It with perfect success,"
writes Mrs. M. I, Basford. rooles
vllle. Md. For sale by all druggists.
Edgar CariwriRhl. the young son of
Or. .Margaret Curtwrlght, yesterday
received a sentence of $10 or ten days
for driving an automobile without a
license. The boy is under the mini
mum age for the granting of a dri
ver's license, hut Saturday afternoon
Policeman J. II. Oalushu caught him
driving a car downtown, lie arrested
the lad, and yesterday morning's sen
tence was the result.
Special permission for a driver's
license to be issued to the boy had
the various committees call j been refused by the city council sonie-
upon members of their organizations
for advice and assistance In city af
fairs with greater frequency.
m-:w AimxFMi:T roii
He then urged that some arrange
ment be made by which the fire
whistle should blow the number of
the box nearest the place from which
nn alarm is telephoned. Fire Chief
Klein differed with Manager Graham
of the clephone company, ns quoted
bv the mayor, about the practicability
ji'f the scheme proposed, but consented
in attend a conference or the mayor,
fire committee, Mr. C.raham and him
self to the end that some scheme be
... nii.i Mr. f'irit hum's Plan was
to have the man who blows
whistle provided with a chart of
city and after blowlm
screech upon the siren,
the usual
to blow the
number of the box shown '
chart to be nearest the alarm
The mayor reported that a confer
ence of the people Interested In the
eitvs rights on Eighth street hud
been held and that he believed that
the coune1! and mayor would be un-
hi to settle the matter satisfactorily
lie reported the opinion expressed
Vormer Cltv Attorney Hugh
n.,o thni Hie cltv had no rights
any greater width' of street than was
now open. Councilman Clarke de
..i...i .h:,t C.eoriie S. Klock, another
attorney, had held the opposite,
time iign, when application was maoe
to that body.
New pictures.
Pastime and Crystal.
nissoi.vr.D rAiiTxratsiiip.
Jleineclo Ilelgadlllo, actus, d of kill
ing Solidad Zarrizlno, with whom he
was In love, and whose Hctions are
supposed to have awakened in him a
jealous frenzy, was brought back to
the city late yesterday afternoon from
I.os I. nnas, where he had been cap
tured by Vcneesludo Jaraniillo, a dep
uty sheriff, ami brother of Sheriff Itu
perlo Jaraniillo. Delgadillo was re
cognized by means of descriptions of
him sent out by I'nder Sheriff Dick
Lewis, of this city. - Ilelgadlllo was
captured at l.os l.uuas Sunday night,
lie was held over night and yesterday
morning the local officers wire noti
fied of his capture.
Deputy Sheriff A. C. llurtl.SN and
Jose l.ucero were started for the Va
lencia county seal at once, and got
back with the man, whom they Iden
tified positively as the one wanted
here for the murder, at 6:110 o'clock
yesterday afternoon.
Delgadillo hail slept the nighl be
fore his capture at Isleta, seemingly
blind to the danger of capture, lie Is
said to have been drinking Saturday
nighl, when, lie is alleged to have com
mitted he crime, and was probably
hardly able to continue to walk.
Dclcadlllo had borne, a good repu
U'.tion here and seemed to lie n quiet
and well behaved boy. Since his ar
rest It has developed that he Is very
probably Agaplto Delgadillo. who Is
wanted at Flagstaff, Ariz., for murder,
(le answers the description of this per
son and follows the same sort of work,
that is, lumber mill work, Also, at
the lime the crime was committed at
Flagstaff, in which he Is supposed to
have been a principal, he was absent
from this city.
Placed In the county Jail yesterday,
Delgadillo refused to talk at first but
later became quite loquacious, lie
told a number of stories, none of them
agreeing with tlie others, but did not
admit that he had killed Mrs. Zarrn
zino. In all probability Delgadillo will be
brought before the grand Jury today
to testify regarding her death.
There is a strong net of circum
stantial evidence about him, and it Is
likely he will have considerable diffi
culty In clearing himself.
Delgadillo was the last person to bo
seen with the woman. He was known
to be jealous of another man, Frank
l.ucero, and it Is alleged had told the
woman he would kill her If she per
sisted in going with l.ucero. Mrs.
Zarrazlno had told her undo, a man
named Chavez, of this, but he thought
the story was not worth regarding and
paid little attention to It. although the
woman took it with some seriousness.
l.ucero had an engagement with the
woman on the evening when she met
her death. She was to have married
him yesterday, according to a story
which became current last night.
Come and see what's what In Mill
fiery and Kradv -to-Wear opening dis
play at the Fconoiiiisf.
. Gallup, X. M August 1, 1912
S. E. Aldrlch and Henry Dodge, of
the -firm of Aldrlch & Dodge, doing
business at Round Rock, Navajo In
dian reservation, have this day dis
solved partnership. S. E. Aldrich
will assume all outstanding1 accounts
and collect all bills due the firm of
Aldrlch & Dodge.
(Signed) S. E. ALDRICH.
New pictures. Pastime and Crystal.
To get on a jag Is bad enough, but
to walk Into the police station with it
Is worse. This is exactly what a man,
named Tori'. Preston, did about 11
o'clock last night. Ilatless and minus
a coat. Preston presented a dilapidat
ed appearance, and as he turned to
walk out, Night Captain o'Crady
nabbed him and he was lucked up that
he might explain In police court this
morning the reason for his conduct.
According to letters tound on Pres
ton's person, he has been in jail
1 1
You men and women who can't set
feeling right who have headache,
coated tongue, foul taste and foul
breath, dizziness, can t sleep, are ner
vous and upset, bothered with a sick,
gassy, disordered stomach, and are all
worn out.
Are you keeping your bowels clean
with Cascarcts or merely dosing
yourself every few days with salts,
cathartic pills, castor oil and other
harsh Irritants?
Cascarcts Immediately cleanse and
sw eeten the stomach, remove the sour,
unligested and fermenting food and
foul gases; take the excess bile from
the liver and carry off the constipated
waste matter Hnd poison from the
A Cascaret tonight will straighten
v. u out by moriing a 10-ccnt box
will keep your head clear, stomach
sweet, liver and bowels regular and
make you feel cheerful and bully for
months. Don't forget the children
their little insides need a good, gentle
I cleansing, too.
7W YT) Tti
?0 iVi:.ia '
Digestion anil Assimilation.
It is not the quantity of food taken
but the amount digested and assimi
lated that gives strength and vitality
to the system. Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Liver Tablets Invigorate the
stomach and liver and enable them
to perform their functions naturally.
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land Without Population is a
Population Without Land is a Mob
The climate and health conditions in this valley cannot be surpassed,
known as the health resort of the country and this section has all
delicious breezes and dry, pure air that has made the state famous,
center and
New Mexico is
the bright sunshine,
Albuquerque is the
its most attractive suburb, where you can take life easy and make money in small farm
ing if you wish while you are renewing your health and vigor.
Beautiful Building and Garden
at from $50 to $100 each, or two and one half acre farming tracts on easy terms.
Telephone us and our auto will call for you, or see any real estate dealer in town for plats and prices.
Suburban Realty Company, Owners
ho a guild one and illl take surclv.
The boys will decorate I heir uiachiiif s,
too, for there will be prizes for thepi."
.Mi. i , oi ill tit 'b had many "I'irr si i'e
h'llits ..bout the parade on 1 1 : .i M
il.l 1:1 ions, but said be Wanted to sa
son, i i f bis thunder for m xt time.
Force of Electricians at Work
- Placiir Sockets All ' Over
Alvaracio Hotel' as Prelimin
ary to - Beautiful Display,
of Heavyweights at
on September 28th
May Develop Genuine White
(Sperlnl Corrrannmlrnre tu Mnrnlng JouronU
Clovis, X. M., Sept. 2',i. Interest is
keen in the ten round boxing match
to be staged here before the Coyote
club on Saturday nlsht, September
iSth, between Cass Tnrver, the Anson,
TexaB, heavyweight, and John Wllle,
of Chicago, who calls himself the "de
stroyer of white holies."
Willie is doing his training for thu
l.oi.t at Porta les. fifteen miles from
here. Only recently lie completed a
siege of hard training for a eont"t
with Jim Nelson at Sparta, Wis., but
called off that bout in order t" come
to Clovis and meet Tarver, who as
pires to the white heavyweight cham
pionship of the win Id, and who thus
far In his brief career has been unde
feated. W'ille is a big man physically, and
has fought some of the best heavy
weights in the country, lie expresses
confidence in his ability to put Tarver
away inside the ten round limit. On
the other hand. Tarver. who is train
ing as he never has for a previous
bout, d-clares that Wllle will meet hiu
Waterloo on the HSIh, and be forced
to take the count before the end of
the contest. Wllle expects to weigh
21" pounds the night he enters the
ring, while Tarver will probably tip
the scales at
The big new arena, which partially
collapsed under the Immense crowd
last month, and slightly Injured two
or three people, is being rebuilt anil
enlarged, and will be fully insured i-v
the owners againtt accidents of any
character. Klght fans from vario-is
parts of the state are already com'-ig
in. and Judging from the lame nuinb-r
of seat reservations being received by
the Coyote club, the unusual enthusi
asm leltiir displayed by local busjness
men In the Snio-it-Tow ns fight on the
2ith, and the "pumpkin fair, rop
ing, trotting,
races on the
Preparation tor one of the most
sulking and beautiful sights of the
state1 fair were begun yesterday by a
big force of electricians, who com
menced work preparliiK for the elec
tric Illumination of the Alvarado ho
tel. Kor several 'years past the Santa
l-'e has outlined this building with
electric lamps all along Its northern
and eastern facades. The result Is
brilliant and pleasing. The display Is
one of the best shown at the fair, and
the arrangement's repetition tills year
is a distinct triumph for the fair of
ficers, for it has been found that the
Illumination causes a great deal of
trouble through the workmen crack
ing the roof tile and en using leaks. Ii
costs fevcral thousand dollars lo put
up the display, as much more to main-1
tain it during the fair, and about tlu
same amount to take it down and re
pair the roof, so that II can be easily
seen that the Santa l-'e does a gener
ous thing In making II.
Committee Spends Busy Af
ternoon Yesterday Soliciting
Prizes and Entries and Meets
with Hearty Co-Operation.
Engineers Being Made at Rapid
Rate by Board of Examiners
Who Are Here for Three Day
MiiBlneers, or what is pracllcnlly
the same thing, fiieioeii who are com
petent to become engineers, ale being
tunic. I out at a rapid rale by the ex
amining board which is In session
here. The board met yesterday for the
first session, and will examine two
other classes before Its member re
turn to their homes. It Is composed
of l-'rank Union, of San llernardlno;
Ccoruc A n.b-r.soii, of l.a Junta, and
Charles Jlrd, of this city. Mr. llyr.l
Is mad foreman of engines for the
Santa l-'e here, and tin- others an- con
nected with the me. hani' il deparl
icent. Mr. (Iiilnn Ik accompanied li
his wife. , ' '
The i-xh ill Ilia I Inn consists of a num
ber of oral and written ipiestlons re
lating to train liandliiiK, orders, me
chanical matlers, the car- of a loeo
mollvn and other lllln-; necesHury.
Thou- who were examined yester
day were Frank Hoatright, l-'red Male.
.1. II. ilaviile, )-'. l:pps and U. J. Kllin
W'ood. Today the board will examine I:, C.
Zimmerman, Fred Ciimmlngs, .lean .1.
Itobells, lieolge Patterson and A. Ii
Tomorrow 's class has not he settled
upon, 1 ut likely w ill include I.. A
King, Arthur Caddis, "Hed" Me.uil
leii, and poslby two others.
Work lo be Undci taken Jointly
by United States Geological
Survey and the State Engineer.
(Sl.erlHt rurrin.1ni-e I" Mnmlu .Idarnnl!
Santa 1-V. X. .M., Sept. '.','.- As a re
sult of I be action of the recent session
of the lei-isla I in e III appropriating I '
inn i a nn nn Uy for studying the sti'eani
flow of New Mexico (one of the niosl
valuable of the stale's resources), co
op, ration has been effected between
the stale engineer, James A. French,
aetin;? on behalf of the state of New
.Mexico, and tin- I'lillcd States geologi
cal survey. Ily this co-operation the
work Is to bo carried op under the
general nupei'vlslon of the State engi
neer and the Inniieillal.i supervision of
I he 1 tilted Stales geological survey,
using the standard methods of the
laller oi'ganlv.allon, A new office has
been established by the I'niled .Stales
geological survey in the capltol build
ing at Santa l-'e, In charge of (!, A.
(iray, assistant engineer.
KncordM wi the following si renins
are being compiled:
Animas, at Aztec; Arroyo Hondo,
near Arroyo .Hondo; liluovvater, near
Hluewaler; Cameron, at Ft. liayald;
Cameron, near Hurley; Canadian, near
Logan; Canadian, at Hell ranch; Chico
Kieo, near Kuton; Cimarron, ut t'le
Park; lielaware, near Keel llluff; Cal
linas (S. Flo.. LI Porv.-nlr; (ilia, near
I'eil P.. ick : illla, near Silver City; Horn,
near ('million; l.ambrlght draw, mar
Santa l:ita; Lake McMillan, near
l.altewood; La Plata, at l.a Plata;
Mlmbres, near Fa wood; i'ajarlto,
near llanley; Pecos, near Anton
Chlco; Peons, at Cowb-K; Pecos, near
Mayloli. Uayailo. at Abren's ranch
near Cimarron; Itayiulo. near Abreu's
ranch near Cimarron; l:lo Colorado,
above yuestii; Km Colorado, below
tjucHla; Itlo liraiide, near Hickman: j
Klo l.a I. nit, at l.a Lux; Kio l.ucero,
near Taos; Itlo Pueblo de Taos, I.os
Cordovas; Itio Pueblo do Taos, nenr
Taos; Itio Puerco, at Itlo l'uel'co; Kio
Pnerco, at It Joya; Itlo Tularosu, near
Kent: Klo San Antonio, at San A. It. S.;
Itio Vallecllos, at Vallecltos; Hull
Francisco, near Allium; San Jose, nt
Suwanee; Kan Jtinn, near liloomflcld:
San Juan, near Shiprock; Stephens,
near Ft. Ilayard; t'nu del Onto, near
Katun: I'te creek, near Lofcan: AVhia
key, near Hurley; Whitewater, at Hur
ley; Whitewater, near Mogolloti.
The data obtained from the. fore
K lug stations will furnish Informa
tion of especial Importance lo Irri
gation enterprises, putting future pro
jects of this kind on a firmer basis
regarding the avaihihlo water supply.
As there are valuable water power
sites In the statu which will be de
veloped as the murketii for power are
created, the records of stream flow
will be of Importance in this connec
tion. This will also be used In connec
tion with plans lor flood control and
pre ventlon.
Pa the Weekly. Crystal.
H .Hi
Jack How very easily Kilty gets era
karma-ietl. Ever tiutic It?
Fred Oh I my. y. Why stiu'd blush
crbnuun If tlie saw a 1)1 1 of undresstJ
It seems that this year, when ev
erything else Is going forward at a
most satisfactory ml; the b.-.-t Il
luminated aulii parade that was ever
h Id will be xlven Wednesday night of
fair week. This parade is to be a real
one. a suceessf til one in every sense .
ff the wold. The committee in charge.
Sol pen ianiln, A. W. (loodiieh
ami Jay Hubbs juit In a busy
allernoon est-rday soliciting price-,
and mi l with uniform sicoc-s. i
There will be prizes enough to offer!
one for almost every sort of tm.i bin -driv.
n. for the best decorated, best il
luminated, best exhibit made by a
woman own.-r and coiinilc-s others.
And tin- ears will be there to gel
them. The committee lias a list of all
the agio owners in Die city rfnd vicin
ity and Is going after each one per
soiiallv. II time permits, to K"t tli -m
linto -.he parade.
In ili-. as-onu the affair yesterday.
Mr. (ioodrieh said: "The atito parade
has been a joke in former attempts.
This our w.- are out to make It a suc
cess in every sense .if the wonl. We
Haul a real auto parade. It is time
that this tiling of having Iv.o cars
ciiim- down the street burning spark
b rs and (hen having i-vi i vlmily go
home, was put to an end. 1 wotil-l-i'l
va Ik across the slreet to see such a
l!i' lit- and neither would von.
I "What we WHnt is a real parade.
running and cow boy 'well oiKanized, coming down the
27th nn,! 2Mb I "lovls 1 st I'-et all at one time. In a parade
will contain the largest crowd e cr rmation. Ann this year the coni-asf-.
mbled in the new stale, on the i mittee is going to get It or bust a h"in-
nlght of the
Tsrver-Wllle Hunt.
Try a Journal Want Ad. Results
Sinn-- That s all there Is lo that.
"We have already promises of neur
Iv (o niotorcvcle t. be in Hrr- f r
this parade. That feature is (joins I1
r v. ii
When you open a Blatz bottle there will be
satisfaction and health in store for you and
yours. Partake of it as freely as you like, you
cannot help but have faith in its merits as an
honest, delightful beverage of rare tonic properties.
It should be in your home- for hospitality's tcll
sake, at least. Phone for a case. 'lvO
&&Tfi ' Di.tribt.r. W
. Copper Avt.
Albuquerque, R.

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