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To Relieve Rheumatism
the body-waste producing uric acid must be
gradually arrsste-J and the blood purified.
Correct diet is essential. Abstain from tea
and anything containing alcohol; eat meat only
once a day and take SCOTT'S EMUL
SION after every meal.
SCOTT'S EMULSION is rich in blood
makingqualitiesand makes new blood free
from the poisonous products which irritate
the joints and muscles; its wonder
ful powers relieve the enlarged, stif
fened joints; and more,
places body-weakness with
sound body-strength by its con
centrated nourishing properties.
Physicians everywhere prescribe
SCOTT'S EMULSION for rheumatism.
SCOTT & Bownk, Blootnfielcl, N. J.
National Bird Lower Here Now
Than on Other Southwestern
Markets; All Fowls Cheaper
Than in Fall of 1911,
Turkeys will .sell fur 2-S cents ;!
piiu ml. Ml tin- highest, mill perhaps
as low as 25 (Tilts, liy Thanksgiving.
That Pi th" nrediction of Alhuqucrouc
meat dealers. H(lfiW
Tin; nauoiiul bird now brings zt
cents, but all butchers concur in the
belief that the bottom price will be
perhaps as much as 3 cents lower by
the national feast day. This means
that they will be cheaper than they
were a year iikii. and that turkeys
may be bought here from 2 to 5 cents
lower than al many other markets ill
lh" soul Invest. Turkeys are ipiote at
30 eenls a pound ill Ml Paso now, anil
ilcaleis say there is not much hope for
a decline.
Several local dealers already have
purchased ibeir supply of turkeys,
ducks and geese from Kansas, where,
they are informed, the flocks are
plentiful. The price at which they
bought them will enable them to dis
pose of their stock of gobblers at a
1 1 In il price of 25 to 2X cents. Two
weeks ago turkeys brought from 3D
to 32 cents. 'and evidently the slide
abeadv has begun.
Pucks will sell at al"out 22 cents,
fcei se at" the same figure and hens at
Is cents, it Is said. All of these fowls
will cost less than they did a year
Judge George D, Allien, Lawyer,
Jurist, Humorist and Poet
Next Attraction of Star
(Slpflnt CttrrfHpunrlrnre to Mornlnff Journal.)
I'lovis, X. Al , Nov. If). The home
of V. II. Dougliten, one of the com
missioners of Curry county. waf
binned yesterday with all lis con
tents, with the exception of two
trunks. The home of Mr. Dougliten
was elegantly furnished, one of tht
best country residences in Curry
county, only a small amount of in
surance was carried.
"1 am pleased to recommend Cham
berlain's Cough liemedy as the. best
tiling I IcYiow of and safest remedy
f"r coughs, colds and bronchial trou
ble," writes Mrs. r.. I'.. Arnold, of Den-
ver, Colo. "We hove used it repoated
lv and it has never failed to give re
lief." For sale by all druggists.
Slnvi Car Wreck-, tiiirngo.
'iniaha. Neb., Xov. 1 a. A vvest
boiin Faruuni street ear late tonight
ran into a garage at Fortieth and Far
niun streets, fatallv injuring the nm
torinan, William Triver, and seriously
in.iuiiriiig five or six others. Twenty
more passengers were slightly hurt.
The committee which Is soliciting
funds for the erection of a linvs' or
phanage in A Ihuoueniuo was out yes
terday anil succeeded in getting sev
eral substantial subscriptions. This
loiiimillee is composeil of Key. FT. A.
M. Mandalari. S. J.. Ralbi .Monde!
Sillier and Mayor I). K. II. Sellers.
Craving Gone
ix :t iioi'its
"I drank steadily for years from
ihi'-e piets to two quarts of whit-key
la'lv. line sanatorium discharged me
after six weeks as incurable. Alto"
' hours of the Xcal treatment the
i rav ing was gone. Have worked hatd
" r since." From a genuine letter
among die scores we can show you,
proving absolutely th.it the
Drink Habit
' ii be overcome ly the NKAI, 3-lt.YY
'I III-'. ATMKXT. No hypodermics used,
lb suits absolutely certain. Call upon,
address or phone Tin- XcmI liltitut
-IB Vt Stocr Avenue, Albuquerque,
V M. Telephone 3.
The next attraction on the Star ICn
tertaiiiment Course is the lecture to
be delivered here on Tuesday. No
vember 20th, by Judge Ceorge 1 . Al
lien, lawyer, jurist, humorist and poet.
Judge Alden will deliver his famous
lecture entitled, "The Needs of the
It is indeed a magnificent lecture
and holds the audience spell-bound
for nearly two hour The judge is a
lawyer. Hirst, humorist and poet.
j using fill to wonderful advantage. He
docs not deal in the abstract but in
the concrete. To reform the nation
he would have us reform the indivi
dual, strike gtaft wherever found, as
well In the petty dishonesty of the
lowest as in the robbery of the one
who corners the market of any art
icle of commerce. Clean homes, hon
esty in business, can make n clean
nation, lie makes one of the strong
est pleas ever heard from any speak
er on the public platform. The people
are loud in their praise of him.
V. I,. Ferris, of Pekin, III., says:
"Judge Alden is magnetic, humor
ous, pathetic and inspiring. Tile ver
dict of the people was that it Has the
best lecture that the city ever had the
pleasure of hearing, He Uas a mar
velous' grasp of nn audience. lie is
master of the situation from start to
finish. He spoke, for one hour and fif
ty minutes and the people were in
the least bit tired. They would gluil-
lv have listened longer. All the while
I here were cheers, laughter, ami then
suddenly the compliment of a won
derful silence as far as the audience
was concerned, while he pictured with
dramatic eloquence the foicles and
shams of the day. The whole thing
was magnificent."
Remember the date of his coming
to Albuquerque is Tuesday, November
21 111. Tickets will be on sab- at Mat
son's on Saluiday morning. Novem
ber 23d. at S o'clock. Also season
tickets at reduced rates for the re
maining four very strong attractions.
Call early and get a good seat. Now
would be the very best time to get in
for the wonderful lb n Hreet Flayers
who will be greeted by an unheard of
house when they play here. Yes and
the Strollers Quartette and Kalph
Efforts of Solicitor McCabe,
Colonel Twitchell and Morn
ing Journal Result in Great
Thorough Campaign of Educa
tion for People Promised
Through Aid of Bureau of De
partment of Agriculture,
' Iron have been placed and quota-
nous n ru in in.
Ureal strength has I developed l;i
dry goods, manufacturers of texlili
being sold up ahead. Prints are sell
lug more freely mid reorders on shirt
ing mid sprPifc wasli rubrics me more
In woolens, stocks appeared to have
been cleaned up better than usual mid
business Is being offered 111 all Hues
with great freedom, but many mills
are Mo closely sold up that they can
not accept further orders. Wool Is in
meat demand.
Cotton markets are very steady,
while worsted yarns are firm.
Conditions in footwear are becom
ing steadily more satisfactory and
spring business is now up to the ave
rage in Volume. All kinds of shoe
leathers are In growing demand and
the market continues to display ex
ceptlonul strength.
Treasury Statement
Washington, Nov. 15. The condi
tion of the I'nlted States treasury at
the beginning of business today was:
Working balance, !M.:. 1 1 , 1 :t.
In banks and Philippine treasury.
Total of general fund, J 1 4 5,355,055.
Receipts yesterday. $2,750,5 T.'l.
D-shnrsenients, $3,4 ;.", 7 I 0.
The deficit this fiscal year was $5,
715,0(12, as axalnst a deficit of $25,
111,438 last year.
The figures for receipts, disburse
ments and leflcit exclude Panama ca
nal and public debt transactions.
Washington, II. ('., Nov. K.
(ieorge F. McCabe,
Solicitor, care Forest Service,
Albuquerque, N. M.
Acting Director Fierce advises
detail good roads engineer will
be made beginning Monday. !c-
eemlii r lUth. President state
good roads association should
lake up preliminary arrange-
incuts with Page at once.
.IONICS. Acting Solicitor.
'7 do not believe there Is any other
medicine so good for whooping cough
as Chamberlain 's Cough Remedy,
writes Mrs. Francis Turpi!!. Junction
City, Ore. This remedy is also unsur
passed for colds and croup. For sale
by all druggists.
Xinc .Iiirors Secured III Sliced u-e.
Fort Worth. Tex. Nov. 1".. -Four
jurors were secured out of fifty-two
talesmen examined today In the trial
ot John Pe:t Sneed. banker, accused
if having- murdered A. 1. Royce. Sr..
ranch owner. So far nine jurors have
l.e.n accented. All of the men are
farmers and ma ri led.
he $
A II 5
and all
Discharges in
Tiifl lines to York "II y.
Washington. Nov. 1 r.. president
Taft left at midnight for New York,
to be gone two days. The president
will spend Sunday in New York and
on Monday will attend a meeting of
the Yah- corporation. He will return
to Washington Monday night.
The above telegram is the result of
a scries of conferences between So
licitor Ceorge P. McCabe, Colonel 1!.
FC. Twitchell. president of the New
Mexico cloud Roads association, and a
IcprcKcntative of the Morning Jour
nal Thursday night anil today. It
promises gov eminent aid In the crea
tion of good roads sentiment through
out the state, anil only the roads
boosters who have so far had to work
single-handed can know Just how
wide its results will be.
Colonel Twitchell last night re
turned to his home ill I.as Vegas and
will at once take up the matter of
preliminary arrangements with the
good roads bureau from there.
It has been known ever since the
good roads movement became some
thing more substantial than a dream
In the minds of pioneer boosters that
the creation of public sentiment was
the one thing needed to get such
roads for New Mexico as would be a
credit to the state. Thanks to the
good offices of Mr. McCabe. the crea
tion of a large amount of this senti
ment is now but a matter of days.
Thursday night Solicitor McCabe
was given some insight into the roads
situation in the state, and at once of
fered to lend what assistance was in
his power. This proved to be a very
consldera hie amount.
The matter came up In the course
of an interview which he gave tho
Morning Journal, anil the representa
tive who was handling his statement
at once placed him In touch with the
president of the state good roads as
sociation. Colonel Twitchell. The two
put their heads together and the re
sult was a couple of telegrams to
Coionel Twitchell wired the Itureau
of Public Roads, requesting the assist
ance of the bureau in the creation of
public sentiment for good roads
through the medium of an expert who
should deliver a series of lectures,
illustrated with stereoptleon views, at
all the principal towns of the state
find as many of the smaller places as
might be uractiea ble.
Mr. McCabe wired Washington con
nections, urging that they see Logan
Waller Page, head of the bureau, and
make a strong personal recommenda
tion to him in Mr. MeCabe's behalf,
that an expert.be sent if It were pos
sible. The telegram above is (he result.
New York Money Markets.
New Yolk. Nov. IV Money on
acll, firm. 5iirti per cent: ruling rate.
5 percent; closing bid. 5 percent;
offered at 5 Vi Per cent.
Time loans, strong; sixty days, !i ru
fi i. per cent; ninety days, 5 ft t per
cent; six months, 5ii 'u 51. per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, li per com.
Sterling exchange, easy .with ac
tual business In hunkers' bills at
$4. SO. no for sixty days, and fit
$4.S.r.0.' for demand.
Commercial bills, $I.S0i:.. 0
Par silver, 62 U per cent.
Mexican dollars, ix cents.
OoveriiiiU'Mt bonds, so-.olv.
'Railroad bonds, lrrigular.
The Livestock Markets.
Klin sns City Livestock.
Kansas City. Nov. 15. Catll
cciptN 1 1,500, Including 20ii southerns.
Market strong. Native steels. $ ti . ,1 n ru)
10.75; southerns steers. t.LTi n li.fol;
southern cows and heifers, $ ;: . 5 0 at
5.25; native cows anil hellers, $.1. 50 if
8.00; Blockers and feeders, $t.r.iifu
7.50; bulls. 4.00ff('f.;0: calves, $5,511
Will. 00; western steers, $5. no (it S.50 ;
Western cows, $3. 0 (ii 11.75.
Hogs Receipts li.niui; market
5 to 10 cents lower. I'.ulk of sales.
$7.50fd 7.75; heavy, X (i. 7 5 Ui 7. 5u ; pack
ers and butchers, $7.55 m 7.75; light.
t 7.40 'iv 7.H5; pigs, $fi,00 'it 0.75.
Sheep Ueeelpts l.noo; market
10 cents higher, Muttons, $:i.S0 r,i 5.S5 ;
lambs, $11.00 (a 7.50; range wethers
and veil Mini's. lt.OOfrllt -r- t-rtnee
ewes. $3.00di ii.00.
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago, Nov. 15 C'attle Kecelpls
.1,500; market steady. Peeves. $5.:!5iii
111)11- Tex.-ia steel's t A HI r,i II II II -..kI.
j ern steers. $5. 50 ttv 0.00 ; slackers and
feeders. $ 4. 1 0 7. 1 5 : cows am! heif
ers, $2,734.1 7.40; calves, $ . f 1 1 (tv 1 It. 50.
Hogs Receipts 20,000; market
slow, 5 to 10 cents lower. Light. $7 :10
i'7.n;- mixed, $7.4nf(i 8. on- heavy,
$7.30di 8.00; rough, 1 7.:i0 tt 7.50 ; pigs,
$5.00(ii ti.HO; bulk of sales, $7.ti5ftf
7. SMI.
Sheep Receipts 1 2,000; market
strong to 10 rents higher. Native,
$.1.fi0rrM.ti5: western, $.1.60 'n 4.ti5;
yearlings, $4.75 fit ti.oo ; lambs, native,
$5.50foj 7. Go; western, $5.75 ft-7. 10.
plans roit i.ix ti i:i:s
While it Is, of course, a little too
early to arrange all the details of this
proposed lecture tour, yet It is un-ilersto-
; that the arrangements will
be si made as to send the lecturer to
all the large cities first, and then to
have him visit as many of the smaller
places as possible.'
The lectures will follow out the
commercial and industrial possibilities
of better roads. slid will surely
awaken the business men and mer
chants, at present the hardest type to
reach, on the matter of getting better
hlghwavs and more avenues of eom
munlea t ion.
The sli p is a long one in advance
of the work which has been done so
far and congratulations are due
Colonel Twitchell for his far-sightedness
In embracing It ami thanks are
due Mr. McCabe for his kindly offices
ill supporting it.
New York's latest fad. "The lllue
liird" pin. Clarke's Store.
Bradstreet's Weekly Review.
-P.radsl reel's
(Conlliiiieil From Pace Three.)
Dun's Weekly Review.
v.. UK, .Wtl
At A.
mm -
Tounn Mun Well, old mu, what Is
your Idea of prosperity?
Old Man Money,
and a good appetite.
clear eensrlenca i
New York. Nov. 15. It. i. Hun
i 'o.'s Weekly Rev iew of Trade lomor
row will sav ;
llusiriess continues to expand, iin
ehaeked by the I'.alkan war with lis
grave ICuropian complications. and
its remarkable development has fur
nished new proof that true national
prosperity springs from the soil. The
domestic and foreign demand for iron
and steel products is even larger than
liefori'. with all previous records
broken. The railroads are making
every effort to move promptly t he
tremendous traffic of the country and
at the same time are making due
preparations for the requirements of
the future There are signs of prepa
ration for the opening of the Pana
ma canal.
Convincing evidence of th. re
markable expansion in iron and steel
was furnished by the Increase of owr
l.niiii.nno tons in the unfilled orders
of the leading interest last mouth
Crude steel productions has rem lied
the maximum and there Is still n
scarcity of mater'al. with premium
asked for and small lots available.
Pittsburgh ear plants are booked
lo the limit of capacity for eight
months ahead and rail contracts this
week aggregate about llltl.noil tons,
w hile orders f..r close lo 4 1.Onn cars
ere pending. Ileavv oid.-rs for pig
New York, Nov.
tomorrow will say; ,
Activity is unabated. Practically all
avenues of trade are busy and the
post-election period has a pparcnt ly
witnessed nn Increase rather than a
decreased volume of business. Sec
ondary distributors report the re
ceipt of large mall orders, while at
some markets buyers in person have
operated quite freely. Ituylng for next
spring is expanding. Industrial opera
tions, are as active as heretofore, rail
way tonnage Is of large proportions,
goods are no overplenliful anywhere,
collections are Improving, old debts
are being liquidated, rail trade Is en
larging, holiday business is growing
a mi the railways continue to buy ma
terial in volume. The lion and ifeel
line continues to move at a rapid
rate, with some mills unable to prom
ise deliveries this side- of next August
and tile price situation is one of ex
ceptional firmness. The railways are
exerting their efforts to the utmost to
relieve the scarcllv of coal that ex
ists ill various parts of the country.
However, the car shortage Is more
pronounced and the net shortage is
double the surplus of a year iiro. Rb
turns from Texas and border terri
tory. Indicate thai collections are ex
cellent and that trade Is better than
It has been for years. Western advices
are uniformly good. while returns
from the northwesi iqieak of a- tlv tv,
though the weather has been too uiilil
for sale of seitHonahle goods at retail.
Musiness failures in the I'niled
States for the week yniling Novonihei
15th, were :Mi0, against L'lHI last week.
in the like week of 1 !l 1 1 , 24S In
I 1 0. 232 In I !MI and 273 in l!0s
Rsuiness failures in Canada for ihc
vveek number "3. which contrasts with
35 last week, and 3 1 in the like week
or nn i.
Wheat, Including Hour, expoits
from the Fnited Stales and Canada
for the w(ek iiding November I lib.
Miulveston exports not included!, ag
gregate 5.171.S(M bushels, again.-t
5.7KS.725 last week, and 3.51 3,007.
this week last year, l or the twenty
weeks ending Nov ember 1 4th. im
ports are x5. 41H.227 bushels against
KI.x7H.liN5 In the corresponding
period last year. Corn exports for tin
week sre 24.524 bushels against 22,
54 last week ami lM.'J.'R In Fill.
For tin- twenty weeks ending No
vember !4th. corn exports are I 153.
3a bushels, against I ii.So3.tiHS last
i i;;l oTick.
I-ast will and testament of Mrs. Lena
Ijoran, deceased.
To Kdniond Doran. xecutor, Frank
,M. Doran, I.erioia Oman, William
W. Doran and to sll whom ii may
You are hereby notified that the
alleged laat will and testament ot Mrs.
J.eiia Doran, late of the county of
I'ernalillo and state of New Mexico,
deceased, has been produced and read
In the probate court of the ouunt.Y
of Rernalillo, state of New Mexico, on
the 25th day of October. 1S12. and the
ilur of the proving of said alleged last
will and teslaineni was thereupon
fixed for .Monday, the luh day of c-
' n
Omit of Bysamess
owing to the fact that
the proprietors of THE
LEADER have inter
ests elsewhere, which
require their personal
attention, The entire
stock will be sold be
low cost until Christmas
Now is your chance to get holiday
goods, toys, dolls and household
goods at your own price : : : : :
The Leader
eember, A. I . 1SI2, at 10 o'clock In
the forenoon of said day.
filven under my hand and the seal
of this court, tills 25th day of October.
A. D. 1912.
(Seal) A. 10. WALK ICR.
Probate Clerk.
N icw m icx icjo yi. in : ti a i t v.
liiiltt Fur I'enriilMur.v Supplies.
Kids for furiiltdiiifg six moiiihs'
8UNMe's for.Jie stale yerritcnllary will
be. i'ntaf'veii'lii il o'clo,a. in., No
vciiibcvin, 1-V2. . v- .
.Supplies Aion1lt of "i rwrnfH meats,
hay and Iffsril!. lathing, le.'Or. etc.
A list of tlfiV sunMlvn u-.-intcT' -buib-
ii. .....I I.O.t.'ls i..,tvio.'i lu Ulll hetir-
y -Til- jf l-
! h"U pil ¬
lions and
.....k ., ,.',.. I ., Ill.t
losueii uiM.ii iifiiiM' .ur."
iiiieuueni. r ' v
fly order of Him P.pariLf Peniten
tiary Commissioners.
Superintendent. Ka i,J'e, N M.
In (ho District Court of the Second
Judicial District of the Slate of
New Mexico, 111 and for Reniallllo
'oimt v.
Nelson R. Swan. Plaintiff, vs All un
known clalmanlH of inierests or
title adverse to pl.ilnlllf ill the
premises hereinafter described, and
the unknown heirs of Manuel Rubl,
deceased, of Mariana de la Peiia do
Ruhi, deceased, of Juana Peiia do
Chavez. deceased, of Francisco
Chaves 1st, deceased, of Rafaela de
Chaves de orliz, deceased, of l-'lall-ciseo
Chaves. 2nd, deceased, ol Isi
dora Sarr.iciiuj de Chaves, deceased,
of Cuadaliipc Chaves de Turrieta,
deceased, and of Tomas Turriela,
deceased, claiming an Interest in
the said premises adverse to said
plaint il f. I icfendants.
The said defendants, and each of
tin-in, are hereby notified that said
plaintiff has brought su.t againsi
them in the said district court pray-
iig that his title to the premises
hereinafter d -scribed be forever
quieted and set Ht rest against any
dverse ilaims of said defendants;
that the premises, title to which is
ought to be quieted, are described as
Tract No. L A certain piece of
land in Pajaiita, described as lot
lows: P.iginning at the aoutlioa-'
corner, which Is a stake In the ai'i'.h
fence I ne of the property of Raiuo i
Ortiz, whiih point is north 82 de
grees. 5ii minutes, west 1.1 ml feet
from the west fence line of the Islcta
road; thence north 21 degrees. 00
minutes, east 2.7MS feet, said coins-'
being along a fence; thence nortii
degrees. 12 minutes, west l.ontl feet;
thence south 2 degrees, 11 minut. s.
west 2,(!H7 feet; thence south 811 de
grees, 12 minutes, cast 3,500 feet to
the polng of beginning. A thirty foot
road Is hereby conveyed with the
property above described from the
(sleta road along the south line of the
properly of I.uisa ortly, de Moya In a
straight line to the southeast corner
of I he abov e described property.
Tract. No. 2. A tract of land 111
Pa.laribi land grant, and described as
follows. Commencing at a point 1,023
feet cast of the northeast corner f
a tract of land purchased by JO. II
Fisher from Ramon orliz. d.ited Oc
tober 3, 19IU; thence running In a
northerly direction 1,1 IS feet, more
or less, to the southeast corner of
lands of the estate of Saliirino llal'boa;
thence along the fence oil the south
line of the said last uieiil lulled lands
in a westerly direction 1,117 feet,
more or less, to the lands of Silvester
Torres; thence In the southerly direc
tion along Hie fence on the east line
of the lands of said Torres 174 feet,
more or lo, to the nouiIi hue of said
lands of said Torres; thence west to
Iho footbilb; tlo -nee in a southerly
direction along said toolliills to a
point when- the noiih line of the said
Fisher lands extended w -st would in
tersect tile same; thence ill all easter
ly directi iloiig the Urn- so extended
and along Hie north line of Hie said
Fisher laud, and along the north line
of other lands formerly owned by said
Ortiz, to the place of beginning. The
said lands being a portion of Hie lands
owned by Francisco I'havcs 2nd. I--ceased.
at the lime of Ins death.
Tract No. 3. lb-ginning at a point
1172 feel east of Hie southeast Cornel
of the land owned by 10. H. I'isber.
and formerly owned bv Ramon ' I'
ll; theme Solllh l.T'.O (eel to .1 fela-e
on the sonlh line of land owned bv
Francis Turrieta, which is a part of
the land onvi-v i d ; Ih. n. e wesl along
said fence 2.HH feet. HollCe llorlil-
west 1.171 feci to an midsection of
a fence running north and south, -si
and west; thence west along s-iic
felloe to the fco thills; I lel.Ce llorHl to
Ihe south line of said l i-'u-r laud;
thence east along the south lil f
said Fisher land to the po nl of begin
ning. A load twenty I2ai feet w Ph
is granted to Jose Antonio Turrieta
along the south line of laud coiiveved;
beginning I .tool lect wesl of ihe south
east corner of the lands coiiveved;
thence west to tne western line.
Tract No. 4. A certain piece of
land in Pa.l-iMt.i. described as follows,
t-.-wil lb-ginning at the southwest
corner, which is a stake In the south
fence line of Hie property of Rau uii
Ortiz, whiih poini Is north X2 de
grees. 5f- minutes. v.st l.laO feet
from the west line of Islet i Mint;
I hence north 21 decrees, oil minutes.
cast 2.7iS feel, said course being
along a fence; thence In an easterly
direction 1.0M feet; thence along the
line of u zig-zag fence 111 the nouth
easterly direction 1,1100 feet; thence
easieily direction 540 feet, to tho land
of ICuteiina drill! de Chavez; tliencu
In a southerly direction 1,0!M) feet;
thence In a westerly direction 2T!l75
feet to tho point of beginning.
That unless the said defendants Cil
ler their appearance In said suit on
or before December 21, 1SI12. judg
ment by default will be entered there
in against them. That the name and
postolfico address of plaintiff's at
torney are Summers) liurkhart, of Al
buquerque, N M.
A. 10. WALK ICR,
Cler't of said District Court,
u m in -rs Itiirknari, attorney for
plaintiff. Albuquerque, N- M.
Stage and Auto Line
Leave Sliver City 7 a. m.
Arrive Mogollon 4 p. m.
Leave Mogollon 7 a. m.
Arrive Silver City 4 p. m.
Special tars nn Keenest. . ....
Call or Ail.lriM: V. V. Marrlett. rp.
Silver City. N. M.
ICffcclive January 211, 1912.
West hound.
Arrives Depart!
1, Cal. Express .. 7:2Up :10p
7. Men -Cal. 10xp. .lu:10p 11:05a
9, Cal. Fast Mall..lI:5Up 12:15a
2, Tourist Kxp 3:55p l:20p
4. Limited 5:35p :05p
K. Last Kxp ti:55p 7:25p
10, overland 10xp. . 8:U0a S:35p
I I Pa -o Trains.
SOS. Mex. Kxpreas 12:20p
XI5, KT Paso Pass 8:20a
MO, From Kl Paso :00a.
M6. From 101 Paso :20p
3, Cal. Limited ...11. 65a 11:25
Itoswell. lovls anil Amarlllo.
811. lVcoa Val. Exp 7:55p
812, Alhuq. Kxp... :15p
P. J. JOHNSON, Agent.

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