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J I wJi.
11)- Mull, 50 (ciiU . Month) hlnictri Oilo 0 'iit
. Ity Currier, 00 Cent it Monili.
passed over
Senate Takes Prompt Action in
Putting It Through, Follow
ing Receipt of Disapproval
Message of Executive,
Pull Shows It is Two Shy of
Necessaiy Two-Thirds Ma
joiity; Prohibition Resolution
i:mi! m:smo or
1 1 (.im n i.iui.i.v
Santa Kc. Feb. 2H. It was
; stated excellent authority
l.il,' tonight Hint plans had been
drawn by (lemuorntlc leaders III
."ll-llltatinll With til,' governor
lull, IV 111 i, II 1111 CXtl'U Session nf
tin- legislature tix .m, ii us the
i,ri''jit ngular mil' has closed,
j in case tin1 solons i h' una l,i' ti,
pii-K i, vi r ihf executive vi'io tin'
salary mesurc which today re-
leVed Ills dlsil ppt'OVal.
Fill' libliollS 1 ; I H 11 K till' state
ment In diflicult of ee rillontion,
Imt It In h:i i ti to hi' Imsiil mi
f." I. SeVcl.ll (if t hi' legislators
heard thi' story as i-iirly as yes
t' rday afternoon, and It Is be
lieved to have been iartly re.
s,olisible fur th' lark of oppo
sition to cons, I, 'ration of the
measure when It was brought 1 1 1 1
in tlif house later In tin' after
ii'i'iii. Htnlf Capilitl Itiirrtiu of !..ri.'.ltr J.iirOHl-T
Santa Fe. I', K US,--Te,e wltu tu
Illy pass, d thi' salary i 1 1 1 over tho
u li, uf the governor, l,y a Vol,' of I 'J
In j. Tin- In, use took up anil coiisid-i-ri-il
t Ii,' measure for n similar pur
lins,', but adjourned before It was
fit trie, out. Tile passage of the i i 1 1 In
tlif s nab- took place a short tlini' uf
liT the receipt of a message from thi'
i , i uti ,, tiniinuiiolng tluit it was
"v.iih mingled regret anil satisfaction
tli.it hi' Vetoed Senate Mill 104, rt'lat
iis to county salaries." Senators
I'..ift h ami Miiliry made strong
S ' rllrs lotest Illg UgalllSt till' .St'll-
It- action ami Senators I loll, Ilinkle,
l 14111 jilnii ami I'oopp spoke just us
Mr,, ugly in suiiport of il. In the house
Messrs. 1,1,-vv ellyu, Chrisman, liurg
fill 1:!;, mini iii spoke for tin- passage
nf the imnMiiv, Xo on,' opposed it.
Tlii' linns,, today passed llulisi; Joint
Ili'S.iluiion providing for tin- sub
m rfsiim to thr people of Ihf iiiestloii
"f stale-vv i,li' prohibition. It ulso pass
ed tlii' l!io (Jrntidc Improvement Mil.
Shortly after tlio message from thr
Ipivcriior had been announced, tlif
small' reverted to that order of busi
ness and hi-ard tho incssaKc ri'iiil In
'"II. It was as follow:
"I r, turn herewith, without
approval, Semite Mill No. 104, en
titled 'An Act Relative to Sal
"ili'H of County Hfloers.' This ae-
ti"ii is taken with nimlt reunt,
Nonie satisfaction and a full reul
iziilluil of the responsilillity
wliieh t involves. The r(f;ret Is
H"t only on aei oiiiit of the tem
perary disapiiointment to county
iifl'icers, hut also been use of my
'I'sin. to avoid Hitch a disagree
ment with the legislative branch'
"I' on,- state government. The
satisfai'tlon iH from the fact that
tile issue is now clear cut, dis-"
lini-t ami definite.
"With the exception of the
i liallKes 111 the salaries of the of
ficers in Sandoval county, thin in
l"'uitirally the same bill us Was
passed last June, and which I then
f' il it my duty to disapprove af
ter tin. most cartful considefa
' ''in. jiy responsibility, an I un
derstand it, i,s to ull the people of
cw Alcxi. o, rather than to a few
win, are Kpeoiully interested in
tliis IclslatiiAt The Issue, as it
"Ppi'ins to me, Is shall all the
'ouniy officers serve the people
fur proper and reasonable com
pensation, or shall the taxpayers
'' compelled to contribute unfair
ly, in some cas.es, to those w hom
"icy hae selected as their ser
vants? ' Im inw the constitutional con
tention and afterwards In the
campaign for the adoption of the
constitution, it was Henerally
' laiiuei) that the salary system for
county officers would be a nood
fuviiijr uV(,r nt f,,,, sypteni.
When the people adopted the
"institution It was with tht un
'lerstdiidiiifr and belief. The pro
vilon of this bill must, us It
"ccnis to mi', be u disappointment
,r them becau.-e, instead of the
expenses of the county suvern
""iit beliiK rcd,,ced, they will be
considerably inireascil.
"In view of te ureal lax bur
'' n under whi,;h the people are
'''""ilnx, and ii which they blt
' l ly coniplain, . it seems to me
that we me not Instilled In pro
viding' Jlii.iiini nniiuiilly for cotin
ty officers In excess of liberal
coinpciissiion for the wi k pei -foriiuil,
which In done by this
bill. This occur chiefly In coun
ties of the first snd second classes
ultlmuKh there Is considerable of
It III the third class counties.
Assessors alone, In all the
counties would obtain $1S,ikhi
morn than Justice and fairness
would Rive them.
"In first class counties $ 4.00m
Is provided for treasurer, while Ii
Is well known that In four of the
six counties In this class, the work
Is practli ally entirely done hy
deputies who receive from II.UUO
to t2.tiilil, leaving n net sum for
the treasurer of from fl.mn) to
J J. M't) for beariiiK the honor con
ferred by the people.
"Sheriffs In first class coun
ties would receive 1:1, jmi salary,
In second class counties .1. (",
and In third class counilcs i.ildu.
Tinier the head of Jailer, third
class counties arc allowed only
Men, which Is not sufficient to
employ n man win, can be con
sidered :if" for h.imllini4 prison
ers; iiml at the same time ISDii is
provided to pay a deputy district
clerk in each of these counties,
when it Is a well known fact that,
except during terms of the dis
trict court, there Is very little
work to be done.
"The county of I leers nn
slimed to r.'Vc their entire
time to the performance of the duties
of their offices, and In counties
where a competent man Is lin
nble to perform all the duties of
his office, provision should be
made for deputies whose com
pensation should oe distinct ami
separate from that of the coun
ty officers.
I believe this bill Is wrong In
principle and unfair In the de
tails lis llli'V have been' Worked
out. A ni t salary should be pro
vided, so far s practicable, for ail
county officers and compensation
in each eauc should be commen
surate Wi'h the services to be
Senator Holt moved that lite senate
pass Senate Hill int. the aovcrnor s
veto to the contrary notwithstand
ing. I'pon this iiicstion. Mr. I artlt
made the first speech since his recent
newspaper notoriety, lie declined that
the reasons given l.v the governor for
the veto of the bill were ample, lie
Intimated that those so strongly fur
the bill wanted to reward some or their
friends now In office. It" decl.init
that the measure had not been suf
ficiently consul, -led in public, nndtli.it
the majority members had pel form, d
most of what considering there had
been, in caucus. He asserted that the
governor should not be supported
Ihcrcly ln'cause ho Win governor, 'Ut
I m I a us til" oplniop.j of such an ,
titive as Wllliim Mcl,.iiald were
worthy of support.
Mr. Illhlilc cxpiosseil great dislike
for having to take the position he
proposed to take against the gover
nor, but said that the bill had heeii
iigrced upon by fifty of the seventy
three members In tin- legislature as
the best th"y could frame, and that
he was going to support It, even
though he d'd not feel entirely salls
lled with It.
Mr, abry said that the work of
iiiaklrg a salary bill was a tremend
ous task and that while he did not
charge polities in the framliiK of the
present 1)111, he did believe the peo
ple had not been sufficiently listened
"nut the pic w ill he heard from
when they pav their taxes." he said.
He characterized the 1,111
Int'lv high and asserted tin
lis exceed
it the colin-
tv nchool superintendents
llad , been
unfairly treated in It.
Mr. frampton called Hie statements
of Senator llartli 'ludicrous," and in
sisted that the bill was not a political
one, luil a incisure framed as I lie
best efforts of fifty men in the two
Mr. Holt declared that the veto was
unjustified and that the measure was
not "an officeholders" b'll." He said
that only th" co'inty superintendents
of two or three counties lulil asked to
appear before the committer, while
the bill was being framed and that
i ther county officers who had appear
ed, had been called In by the com
mittee to give Information they pos
sessed, lie asserted that the hill 'id
Vocatcd by the governor (Senate Hill
12!). by Mr. Md'oy), was $2.10 hlsher
in the aggregate than the present one
and that this one was specific, while
the Mct'ov bill opened the door for
endless expense In tile hiring of depu
ties hy the county commissioners. He
warned the legislature that If thi
measure were not passed there would
lie nothing else don,, this session ex
cept the drafting of salary bills and
that this would hinder consider
ation of many important measures'
still to come up. lie said the majority
members were willing to vote upon
this bill and then leave It. to the people
to Judge If they had acted Well.
Senator tHiepp spoke for the bill In
strong terms, declaring it was the l"-st
one that could be framed at present
After Mr, liarth had suggested that
the members of the committees had
been influenced, though unconscious
ly, by the officeholders in the fram
ing of this measure, and after Mr.
Mabry had said the arguments of the
majority were unfair, the roll call was
The following was the vote:
Abeytia. How-man, I'.ur ,
'rampton, Iloepp. CiHllegos,
H inkle. Holt. Ilfeld. I.aughren,
Navarro. I'age, I'unkey, Hniiiern, Sul
zer and Walton. Total IH. Against
Alldredge, liarth. Kvans, McCoy and
Mabry.- Total, 6.
A large crowd was present to wit
ness the bill's passage, most of the
house members being included. They
had come over from the lower bode
during recess, taken when they heard
of I he u'overnor's veto.
At the conclusion of the debate and
(Continued u !"fe Three).
After Voting Down Motion to
Postpone Action, Mcasuie is
Immediately Taken Up; Car
ries 63 to 21,
Senator Fall Votes with Ma
jority Members, While Sena
tor Catron Was for Sustain
ing President,
ill; li,r.tli.B .l.i.iri.i.l S.peli.l I r..s,', Hlr.'.l
Wasllingloll, Fell. :'..- The Weld.
,iior bill, prohibiting the shtpuielit
of llutlor into dry" stales, was re
passed In the sennit- today, ov, r Presi
dent Tail's veto, within two hours
from the time the president's message
of disappprov a I had I. ecu laid before
that body. A short debate ill vv Id, h
the advocates of the bill vol,,) down
a motion I,, postpone action until to
morrow ami In which thev leaifii iiietl
their belief that the measure is con
stitutional, ended vvith the 1 epassaue I
ol the bill by the large majority of j
till to :-. j
Th,. Webb bill pascd both houses of 1
congress and Weill to the president (
ten days ago. His veto
reached the'senate by " ,,', I,
accompanied by an opinion
torney lb neial U'e k 1 I sha 111.
ale took lip the hill al one.
nev tbneral Wlckersli, mi's
was not rcinl. A motion nun
Kohn tn postpone the vole
o'clock tomorrow was del,
ek today,
from At
The sell-Attor-opinion
ie by Mr.
until I
atetl, 71
to !, Kl forts " ill be mad
to ov en tile the veto III the
e torn
t row
senators wiled as follows;
To override the president's veto;
Ashuist. Ilorah, I'.rudv, Hristow,
Hii.vvn, I'.ryiin, I'.iirnhani. Hnrton,
t'hamberlain, t'hlllon, fhipp. Clarke
of Arkansas, Crawford. Culbeison,
C11II0111, Cummins, Curtis, I lillinglia 111.
Oixon, rail, Klcli her, Cailiiiger. Cain-
lile, liatdliel, Hole, (.lolma, J.lllonll.
Johniicn, Johnstone, Jones, Kavan
augh, Keiiy on, K i n. I.ca. I.o.lge, M,
Climber. M.iiiln, Myers. Nelson. New
lands, Oliver, tlveliuan, Owen. I'age,
I'ittman, I'olnili xt. r, Sheppard, fhive
y. Simmons, Smith of Arizona, Smith
of UeorKui, Smith of Maryland, Smith
of Michigan. Smith of South Carolina,
vv ansoii, Thomas, Thornton. Tillman,
Townsend, Webb, Williams, Works
Total. .l.
To sustain the president
Htandegee, Cali',,11, Crane
I mpont,
Foster, ( I itggeliheiin, M
tine, overman, I'avnt
Lean. Mat
er, Penrose,
I't I'C.V, Perkins, piunel elle, Hiehlird
smi, Hoot. Stephenson, Sutherland,
Warren, Walker Total, lit.
Vice President-Elect Reaches I
Capital and is Gieetcd by j
Senators, Representatives!
and Citizens, !
(Ity Morning .Iimii-i.iiI Spi'i
rasfit t ire.)
Washington. Feb. :".
.Marshall, of Indiana, n
ington today, ready lo
piesiib nl of tlio I'nil,
noon next Tuesday. Ac,
Mrs. .Marshall, tlif. fiiiu
Thomas H.
ached Wash
become vice
I States at
oiitpaitied by
, v h-o presi-
dt nl was met al the rnilma.l station
hy a colllllliltee of sollatolS. re,l'-ell
taliv f-s and citizens. The first Ilia .fil
iation ceremony over, the members if
the Inaugural committee turned their
attention to the llnishing touches for
the reception ol tlie president-elect.
A reiiuesl from Mr. Wilson necessi
tated ipiick action. The president-elect
l'e,Ue.ste,l that ten seats be reserved
on the floor of the senate for mem
bers of his caglnel during tile Vice
presidential ina ugiiral loii and that
ten seals for their wives be reserved
ill the senate gallery. This indicates
an early announcement of his cabi
net. The president-elect and Mrs. Wil
son will arrive in Washington Monday
afternoon. -Mr. Marshall said tonight
that while he was aware of the per
sonnel of President-elect Wilson's
cabinet, lie )it efei red nol to give an
intimation regarding Mr. Wilson s se
lections , fj . .
Two Negroes Siiiiiiimill.v l.yiiclicil.
Cornelia, tla., Feb. UN. -Two un
identified negro tramps, charged with
killing' Policeman John (libbv. of Cor
nelia, were taken from a posc slid
ly nched near here early tonight hy a
moli of -masked men.
Oil. by. was killed as he attempted
to handcuff two negroes he hud arrested.
TO 0
All Mexican Prisoneis in Amer
ican Jails for Political Of
fenses Aic Ordered Rt hn
hy Seeietaiy Knox,
Death of Eniolio Mnuru Re-;
warded as Favoialc: 'n Or- Puveediiu:: as Fame, Injmi
der Removing as It Drs an ons to Bush ess and Unjust
Implacable RevolutioM. to Wall Stiect,
ill Vlniiil.tii .laiirnil Smm-IiiI I,'., ,l Ire 1 lit M,,rull! Jul, tint s,., ,, rnu-il Wire. I
WashiUs ton, Keh. JS. The .11I111111- Washington. Feb. Js. -Thiee di
Isllalion 111 two actions todav eV 111, 1 d j v el K'Ut reports Were plisetited to Hi,.
Its belief ill th" stability of th" C'lei - house todav bv the no nib, ! s ,,f the
ta gov eminent of Mexico, f"t Hit I coinmlitee which conducted the it 1 .11 -,fseit
m ha.-l. Fiist. iii.l' 1.. w ie(v trust Investigation. The inaioiilv
sent loth ililarv conilii tli'i.i s fnou 1 1 , poi t. signed hv Chaiiniaii I'uio and
California t" Texas to ideas. ,, ot . six other democratic mciiibi is of
the Mexican refugee c.ipt 111 1 ,1 ,,n the'ihe committee, found that a inoi" v !
Ameilcan side of the line Ibis wasjint-l exists according to their under-!
done because these pi IS. 'In Is, ft W j standing of the term. This I'epolti
ill number, can in, longer ! 1 . u 11 di d 1 ua no s as the "nmsi in tlvf ageiils In 1
as rebels 111 view of the stu 1 essfiil In inglng about the concent 1 a I Ion of,
revolution In Mexico. Sound, a safe 1 nn, in v and , relit.'' J. I". Morgan
conduct was granted to Colon. I lie I.I I Coinpaiiv First National hii.I National j
Fin nte and 1 b,
now s, anew h, i
llieltl I, el A
ill till
ecd lo S.
Itant colli'
1 the Mei
f Ills pa I t ,
vicinity of
Ii A I . I ' 1 1 1 1 ' .
I , lice Is lo
an factions
! Jtiaie. " pi,,,
(when a 11 111 pi
1 In- In Id belvv e,
(ill t he lilt, I est
of g
1 1 ioll
tlel.ll 'pea 1
ol the fir
The t out II 111
t a-
pol ls of th
tile third
killing 1 I 1 ! 1 1 . 1 1 1
Ma b I"
pay the
I as an
el p.- n e
1 I nl a ml
of the l.lllllly 'o
'iiallv, is regard,
' ill I lie 1 1 i ft' t b'll
is it do, s a resoui
extreme 1
j other inov
1 1 emov ing
I illllllai able I, bet I
I lolls u'lllliels tame Icpo.lS i l the l l
I liesioll of lel" l chiefs t" the III vv gov -
ct titiu ill. Campos, 1, a,, of ( ifoz, 11's
ablest lieiii, 11. , nts with 7 imi former
rebel-, , nt, n il ,',iiine; I'al.o ii, today
In a, conl vviih and i n oil, d by fed
eral Hoops Consul Maiiim tele
giaphol flout Inuango thai ihe local
situation is vastly i,iiir'.yeil, that the
n.'W a ' 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 ist 1 . , 1 1 1 ,11 is v. 1 v popular
tilth the betio t !s.s.m-s, v !'o, though
llelelolole holding al,, ol from polilh s,
now. have lli tet'llli I to co-operate
Willi tlie provisional government to
restore order. .
Though tin- six warships now in
Mexiean polls will conliniie lliere foi
the present, the tension has so re
laxed that Admiral lladger was aulli
ori'., d todav to resiune the routim
drills and mnueiiveis vvith th
fleet off ( ilia nta nanio, which for til
last Week Ills heell kept under hanked
fires In readiness for instant depar
tine for Mexico.
Tlie announcement of tlie ei.ndi-
,1:,,.,. .1 :...,.., i,',.ii in,... f..,. . I,..
presidency, though expected, has
cited some interest here, as It s fell
that the ih v elopmeti t of his campaign
speedily will disclose the existence of
any rival candidates and apply th
acid test (o ilm existing friendly com
pact between )iaz ami llucita.
com i:i:i: i: p.itw i i: hf.iu.i.s
AMI III I IM A At.l VTS ( Al l I I).
Ml Paso, Texas, Feb. I'M. A confer
eii. e between northern rebel lend. rs
ami delegates from the lliierta
eminent at ilexbo City has be ,
calhl at San Antonio, Texas. T!'
dale of (he eolllerellee has mil be
set. bill it Is l-Xpecled II Will be llehl
soon. American consuls in north, -in
'" received tei.-gra,s se,-j
reiary Ivimv Inila v insi r uel ing them
tn assure (lie rebel chiefs that they
may alien, I Ihe conference vviihofit
fear of arrest by l'nili-,1 Slates aiitli
orilies. Secretary Knox, through the
consuls, a.-siii',,l iiie former revolu
lionisls that all charges held against
Ihelll by the depa ll luellts of slale,
war. Justice and euminerce and labor,
will l,e considered void, during the
conference, except such as appertain
to criminal, not political, offenses
Consul T. 1 1. Kilvvartls at Juarez, is
attempting lo eoiiiuiunicate the nn's-
za r.
to the
Pnsc tia I
, I'!,, .las.
I )!,,.'
dels, Inez sin la -junior,
and An-
Industrial Conilict Involving
150,000 War.r; Earners Ends
When Unionists Accept the
Terms of Manufacturers,
(ll tturniiiK .ton run I S.,eil I .rux-il tVlrp.)
New York, Feb -- The garment
workers' strike in prugros here since
early In Janu
heights l Ml. (in, I
licia lly w as dee
workers aci.pt
terms, which in
Ivltig at its
workers, of.
tonight. The
raise In pay,
tig conditions,
ami tin- open
oi- limn
, red off
,, iiie n
In. led 11
revision of
shop nt n'
. p. n
v oi k
Chaiiman Holds Views el Sam -
uel Unteimyci That Money j
and Oi edit Compilations Must
he Rmhtly Restiained, j
Whole i
One Memher Rounds
City banks and
piny of New V,
Company, and
Company, of I'.,
Kiihn, l.oeb - Com
ik Ije lligi;lnson
Kidder. I'eabody -istoii.
'I'vv o hills at -
1 oin pa niol 1 he repot I,
fm bidding
the use of tile mall
sto, k e- !
, I V e pre- j
s as to the ;
changes w hi, Ii fail to t
scribed stringent 1 gu lat i
oiidu, t ,,r
t In r pi 1 -oitdiii
t ot
els and 1
lb, ii business and the
tilling iii;id rules for the
national hanks, their ofll
ieainm house associations
to vv Iii
b th
b, long
Is substantia
'Ibis npoit
conl vvith the
to the commit
layer, tonus,!.
poll, Slglletl by
lly In in-
, oiti lusioiis pi i'si mi d
ee bv Samuel Filler
'I'he fiist mluoritv I,-
I lepl esclltal IV e Hay i'
it Calilornia
of lielavval,
I illel lisey, of
loith thai th
disclosed the
called itouiev
Kepl'i sellblln e llellld.
and III pi eselllatlv e
Maine, republicans, set
Investigation "has in, I
existence of nnv so
li list." but nbbd, "il
i ll'ts, bovvev
I colicclltr.lll
cilv and to
,!', disclosed a dangerous
HI of credit ill N'eW Vol ll
some extent 111 Hnstnn tlll'l
1 "WI11I
agreeing substantially with
the majority said the report, "oil
many of the abuses 'to be corrected in
the finait. ial system, the slin k cx-i
changes and the clearing house as-
g I social Ions, Ihe undersigned have
iloitiits as to iiie wisuom oi some oi
ihe remedies proposed by Ih
mi, jot -
. . , ... i
II, v.
This report
belief ttl.lt
iniiieiidiiig any
fui titer sets I'm Hi
before llcllllltcly
remedial leglsla-
lid he ia ken cover-
I I io". testimony sh
nn ire fully the effect of the vat -
I I,
s changes In Ih.. laws that have I
ll suggested. "II manifestly is im
possible," the report colli liub s, "Unit
liny of the proposed legislation call
be considered by this congress, ami
it seems to US wise to leave the mai
ler of recommending complete reme
dial legislation lo those who will be
, liaig. d Willi the r.s sibililv ot
foi niiijaling and reporting sin h legis
lation I" congress.
An Imliv hliiul mlnni ity r, port filed
hy lleprcseiitfllive MeMoiian. of I'hl
l ,, 1 e 1 1 II h I i C 11 n , was 11 flat, detailed
I disagreement Willi the recoiniiieiidn -nitidis
and findings of the ma J.u il y.
'While I believe that II t I ell I b , II has
a called in grave tb-l'l, ieiu b s in
I in. i
li -Ial laws, I also believe that
r light lias In en thrown over
backing practi' e.s vv Inch
was mil ns-
tilled by the fa, ts; thai n
lloil lias
been mad" to show Ihe n
as, ma I, Ie a ml
i oiitim aula hie explanations of these
pi a, t ices, ami that in many eases an
impression has been given to the
- hi ii 1 1 ,v as lo the character ami mo
li, ,s of leading bankers, which Is al
p. gel hoi unfair. A sentiment lia- been
, 1 1 a led t ll r ,u g ho ll I the count ry
against Wall street ami many of mil
g i oti.ens do nol realize what it
. i hat New Vol It has become
f the win Id's leading money
-is. and Hint til, banks of N'.w
and their associates now an-
mat ia
Vol k
able I
handle large
y were unable
1 1 a iisa, tiom
In hand!,
VV lllcll
Hi ly
vv y ears sin, e.
I hat every Am,
, proud of the
ity where Iheto
o handle tlie-,
aid tain' pride
and integrity
,1 Ihe head of
I I,
halt c ini n
,, t that wo
is sill l ieii-lll
i a ,i
, ha I
rpi Is, s
also in Ihe
of t he n, ll
ils 1 1 tia in ial
vv ho ai ,
insi i i ii I ie
Mr. M
i'JIui'i'.iii declared Ihe pin.
posed s,
, himges,
land thai
illlel l. I
The a
heme for rcglllu! Illg sto, k eX-
.li astie ami u n vv a ri ii nte, I,"
I lie! e Was "till I'f a I t'V I I" 111
.ing dire, lotah s.
tajorltv report, alter declar-
evlsb ii, e of ii money trust.
Ing th,
said "III.
or coiiii
boil IL
r omi'i'lii
live haul
cons, 'lid;
been I lo
I Ih
I consideration I
l nioilev and el edit haiij
,1 pllll'-ll
or pot
lily as follows: !
, olisolldat ioll ol (
lit la 11 v . mn pel i
ti ust companies, w hicb
lions in turn have neeiilly
Iglll unili-l sy lllpa I In I i,' ma ll-
Through tin
e-ls he, omin
i potentially
trust enmpu
same power
large stock
eolllp, titive
ies, Tills IS
plil'illg COII-
i the largest
is Ihe least
Invest tuelits
the inie
bolders il
l-anks and
the simplesi wav of aci
Irol, I, til sin, ,- It reipilr, i
Invest meiit of capital, il
used, although the re, cut
In that direction for that appivnni
pui pes, .nn, Mint to tens of millions of
li.'il.H- in pt, s.-iit market values.
) "Thud- Through the confederal ion
I ef poti ntiallv , .aiipet itiv e hanks and
(trust companies hv means of the m
bill n Intel bii king till ectoi ales,
"Keiii th '1 In ongh th" Iniliii re,
v hi, h the mole powerful hankiiu'
heu'es, banks and tiust cuiipaiiic'
have "toiled ill tile II I a 11 , 1 III' i in ii t of
in-male nii;i nte-., I a I ll'i i.t ils, pi.,
tiiiciii'. and Hilling col poratious mil
public titiltlv , "I pel a I lens, hv iin.nu
of st, klioltlings. voting trn-ts, II" , il
..gen. i i ontiai ts or i epi , sent itiuh
up, in Ho ii Co, n ,1s of dn i i t"i - i"
llllotlgll .Ipplvim; the lllollev I 1 1 1 1 ' -
i, i, 'iits of i, uli. i, id, iiul u-i i la I and piii,-
le i "I p"l 1 1 lolls a lid then in
I tllig aide to 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 I pa t e 111 t lli II
tin un i ,1 and business p.dl, i. s
"I Mill Thron :h p.n pel ship oi
joint ,i , a I I a tin, III, Ills betwiin
a few of the i'.t.lii; : banking h.. uses,
t anks and ti u. i , .iiii,,aiii, s in the ptil -
'o e of ., , til ih I sue. of he , eat
let el slate I " I a it . 1 1 l , , I , s, ., lid
I V lili'b'l -I iti.l.ii - ., I o , nl j.l "VV I II
solilel i Hies i, !!-.! l.alikilti; 'lilies'--
lllcll ha V e ,. I Ii. ,ai,., ,. ,11 eet ,.(,1
IV dcsllovilm i mi i'i t'ti.ui lal'teen
sllcll b.lllklle I -. . I . II I... and tlli-l
1 '""i1""" "' "" """ '"' ,,"M"i(i(
CSS Or 111 tile pUl.ll.fa . , 1 1 1 1 .'ale of
l.i rue Irs, i. of - n, b ..', u u u s
The I , p"i t. so: lie, I la I ,11 ICa II i
I'tllo, was ae, olllplllll' ii l lltii I'l'l ,!
one to lel'.tllate stoil, t it a ' . t; , .' i
through lot bidding the in. ils to . '
1 . h. times w bich do not 1 ,,tupl.
11 !l .
.., t"'
. 1 1, ,u - '
ks I"
do ii :
; 1 1 ti' r.t I rcgiila lions and On olli
'lotilate clearing house a-soo.
Iht"iigli forldtblim; uallona! I ,.1 n
ii.iit sucii associations unless b
1 I o tilat pots are observed. Ill th,
lat I
I ii r Mil propi'sol, as an aiiicndiiieitt to
jlli,. 11, 1 1 1 11 1 1 I,. inking int, the conduit;
I .I U ili.'ii.tl bank "lib el's and directors j
is eli'Selv lestii, led I 111 the , II est I , , II :
of the , Xlst, lie.'
I 1 pel I is sp. , lie
"Il Would of
said the I , pot t,
tl" oi Ihe bulk
uli d vv , a It h of
lollalli'l bv on.
f a in. hi v t rust, the
and tb t. tiled,
oiil-e be absurd."
to siigg, s that con
f the w blely dlstrlb-
a gnat
:, -el of
.1 I.t bv
I Xlst, I,,
niitltlt, e
ol Inov,
ol nail
nation can be
men. If that j
he g, lllletll, II I
' of a llloll, v !
ilia','! s w ith j
I I', llecessa I'V
! is vv hat is no .
: vv ho din. t he
.trust, the
I I Item, It Is 11.
til, it a group 1
l nit I to) t he sma
a ll shall dlle, llv j
V illgs III I he I 'il ll U s '
I, I,', ", ot the
o niollopoll.e tile I
! Ilor the scatt, I
' eotllitt v ill ol d
1 g 1 1 at hua it, ia 1 Ira iisa,
! aide to di, tale I I . ibis
ol' withheld 1 1 011 I
j pi l-, s '
I The gn at hi, nk or Is
; cess to t lie Ina luspi In
1 eet 1 a led res. nil ol
j in. un v ," 1 he report
lions ol' to be I
to be 1 -Mended
IISHiess ellt. I'-
in.'.er "w Ith ni
l's of the , on
other p. ople S
,1, elates, "call
h, 111, lie Ihe V
now t b ma in I
and iiidiistrl.
I ollllll , Imt
I si Issues of seelllllles
,1 I y llle I omlllelelal
I development of Ihe
the lank reserve sys-
lent," it is further contended, "c
centralis a large part of Hie t n inls.
the stiialh i banks in New York, w h
a Kinup of oon v, slieiu'li
their illleles
"ir. Ihelcf
llieallt 'all f
I Iii the various banking
The ,p,,it said
Hi', l.v a 'money trusl' Is
ta bli-.heil and w ell-ih iincd
Id, iitllv and ,
between a f,n'
which has been
grthiT Ihiollgli
- of
lib, I and he
am I ml her
iiaiiks, trust
Id to- 1
llllel .
I onus
locking ilireetoral,
of doiiiln.itioii ov , I
, i. ,n. i, s iii nn s, imi'll
rvice and
w hl.-li has
...a,,,,, , . I , ,.,.,,,,.,11 1
I i ti )l .-.I in a vast and glowing fine
i ci nl ration of the control of money
jaml i ii , III in the hands of a coinpala
i lively few m, ii, your eotiiiiilltee has
!no hesitation In a-sciinm that Ihe
condition thus d, scrlb.nl exists
in this
country today.
"To say that the domination of Ibis
group over the iiioio v and credit of
the country . ontroll. il by our largest
Milan. 'ial institutions and If what Is j
available for llnuneiiK; large seeiirllvj
issues for the cui ient needs of our j
m ill, in al Interstate i ol poratious and1
of the individuals conducting great
eiilorp rises and for si' k exchange
loans, s al lensl a" elle'tive, lor In
'blllie. as Ihe control of the tinted
Stales Sli.l col pi, I a I ion ,,V , r tile steel
liidustrv, is an umbi statement of the
situation, although the methods by
which Oils cnliol is , lie, led and held
togi (111 r ale, ol CUIUS,', essentially dlt-
fcicnl and of a in I, ,.-, and In-
laiigllde i halaeler."
Accepting this as Ih
"money trusi," the
Iliad the nieml'Cl sb!
r long sought
lllllllllee Oil I -
as follow-'
"The parlies tn tins , iiiii.iln'ii
un, lei sta tiding or coin inunii v ,.f im
e-t. hy w h, , level nail" il no,
called, in. iv I i 1,11'tiH, I
for the pill'p ' of dill' Ill, I. il
lour sn
inner g
,v. Colnl
nn, i ;
e gl'ol
!. vv I
II, i on
w i ; i
I. p
' ill the
.Mm i all
lead, I .
ICS SI 111-
l.v, the reo
e K. Ill ker a
'ir imliv idual
i g
I .1 i
man in ih
In I In ir j'
ti ol , I' 1 1
Xalioiia! i
of ( oui un
hank. Ihe
i( ICS
llll' ml.
int a , 1 1 1 1 i n n 1 1 a I
e Fii'si Nation
dy hank, Ih, N
lee, the lb. I
I ; lia i'ii ill v Tru
li.,1 I
iii on ily
v . w iih
ie I u -I
all hill
and Ihe Paul
l l II-1
1 ol 1 1 known resell!- ,
potatiohs ll 1 , ill,', ill e
illlil una, a lid of a Ii till
in Hi
jut poi la III 1 1 111, In i.
lakes m a, cunt
lull' s of these gel'
"I o-ei Illli, li vv
and. indeed, lelat
i ally a ' pa rt nei s
larger financial ,
p., a ,1 I n I inlet n, 1 1 !,
or I.e.', Jllggui'ol
Kiiblel'l Pe.llaal,
I insllbill
, the p. I -,
. Hi. Ii.
il h this inn
r group
pr.i, li-
d to tllelll
in maitv of
ipiiia-s, 111
ii banking I
,v Company
tin,,. all'iliateil
post i
I .Mass
' I n New Vd k i 'ity
Ihe inlet t, a I imi
al hanking house ol M
l.oel, K- Company, with I
cigii ciientele and emmet
only 1 1 1 ia h ! lol l.v allied w i
Is large I'm -
t tons, vvhil.'.'l
Ih the Inner
group, y,t through lis o1,s- relnlbuis
Willi the Xallnnal Cilv bank and Ihe
Natiunal Hank of Com liter, e ami oili
er financial Institutions "Ith whlcli It
lias recently allied ilscif, has many
Interests In common, con, In, 'Hug- large
Join! aciiuiiii transactions with them,
especially In recent years. Ii ml haviiisT
what eventually amounts to an un
derstanding not to compete, vvlihh Js
(Combined oil Page Two.).
"our:; of Oieco Aie Placin,";
1 her seKos at Command of
New Aiimii iiation and Some
(I I hem A'e Disarming.
al Tiuey Auht it Repsnts
R.iotil Madeio is hobahly
Fii.',itie in United States;
(iou'iiiment Gains Streiif'th.
pom h;io Hi
Ml ' .l ,
M . xloi City. I-',
, i n I I'm I n 10 I ha
I'lesi.b nl of M, i
lew illg message
Ilia tla from Mini;
ro 111 1 it r v
Ii. (iell-
exlle.l eX
I, SI 1( 111" flll
to president
. Kgvpt;
' Tlie , onsld. 'rati, 111 w bli ll you
bav e sbovv 11 in,. In mv div iitce
111. at f t mn public hi. is of In
1 st tin. 1 hie saM-iai thai to me ami
even lllole so Is the deli, ate 1111111-
ner and the kindly words In
Which v "II have been pleased to
advise me of your elev lit it'll to
the presidency ,11,1 llitet'llli of
"Accept this as an assurance
of my deepest gratitude ami as
a hope that your solf-c ffaccttieiil
and patriotism may bring to tlie
the , science of the pi" tlie
leall.iitiijii that only in ihe sha.l-
call our country
happy and ru-
specie. I.
ll Mori.ii, it .hamuli mm lul l.enoeil Mlre.l
Inov eiiteiii
Cllv, Feb. ;'s -( lovernor
Carranza, of the state (if
who headed till IH'tlled
against the new federal
gov eminent, Is w eakening, accordlnit
In official leports received today. II"
Is suid to be willing tn rccngnUe tins
lo-W .1' 'n'ra'P.-i. but tk-'',e 1 H'J'H
iloiibi as to w hello r ho can end Im
mediately lh, rebellion he began. Tim
ninipaign against III" Utile urmv nf
rebels, thcnfole. will he cnlilUied.
landers of (bneial (irozco's urmy
are placing themselves at the disposl-
II of
tlie federal authni llleii In vnr.
ions points throughout the country.
The must Important submission M
date b. Ing that uf the Ueiteliil Clleclitt
Campos, who has led 1,200 men to a
suburb of Ti'iieon it ml now Is mus
tering tin in out. An emissary from
Kliillinm, and Fufcinlo Zapata, south
ern rebel leaders, arrived In tlie Mex
ican capital today and repotted
the niov Islonul government
pies that the
ready to enter
Zatiata brothers wcrw
r Into negotiations for
their arms. The Zapa
laving down
tistas are occupying a r.-glon ohoui
Villa Avala, III the slate of MoteloH,
and are maintaining order.
The government probiihN will send
agents to negotiate with the Insur
gents, ilcitevevo ,b' In'", Amador San
chez ami Juan oiejoii with their rebel
eoiiimaii'ls are operating- soma dia
mine vvay Horn the Zapatistas In tin
same slate Thev are continuing their
campaign of pillage '"id show no.
signs of -in t en, i, i uig.
il.el' ll
v Aubert, cominandliisf
ins at Torrcon, report
OV el'lllll
,1 lo, lav
on, la
nib'r, v
nl tl
I hat
,tb, r
believed Kaoul Mil-
I of Francisco Jlndero,
a fugitive 111 UlO fritted
iii.iricbtt report of Ituoul
ecu t ion receive,! hero a
o was credited ill, tin)
national palucu.
I 1 in
ill III,
li 11,11 , I l, l)l .liS TO COM Fit
o i n pi: n;oro.s.i.s.
i;l p.,-,,, Texas, Fi 1'. Koi'el
bade, s ah, ady are omgreK'illii; to
c, nr, r regarding t lot Kuuutioiu Tho
meeting vv ill be held at Ahuumda, a.
si, ill. .Ft on the Mevn iill t', tlll'.'il rail
road between Joule Bill Clll h U 11 h 11,'V
Illy where Ibll,!:,! I ti.'n'i'.al Oroeo,
i ,'if. Is reported to llUVO l)eejj Joi-Ut
d during th
Coining to
ebel ounill.
ello ('aria', i
wo , liief i,
I,, si ten' i! : I.
, oiii' i with the nil.'istnrj
i ,,. i, i- in , lib f rt Mar
a pi! Inez Saiazar. tlm
,s ,.f tho northern
is i , p", Id to ho movs
d tnro h, ( irravi o tun
ii iii nit him 'ity, whore it,
imr-'d .villi Ceneral An
, i'i' ti la t"l e the sin ldeii
,yie;!i-j Cilv revolt. Sills
ti, vis 1 'il ut -Succlicion,
.In. in .,
ii of iifuw'd at Ojinaid;
ing vv it ii
clu Urn;
a .a t a
,.. his ,, !" w ell established. lift
. I,, . a tac aing aiitett the rebel do
,pi aloiii niiuaga, last Septi'inher.
I.i F lie nte, Sal.izal s hi,T
la If
II. lilted lllilliKtlvr Of I i'llitllUI'l-
l (l. iiel.il llucrla's pnivision-
, I r, is expect, si to t , I in a h, I ".
,-pe, ial train bearing tie l l Fueiilo
....,.aal rt fllgees who h left h.-rc,
ml proceed south of Chilniahvni
,,vviif to d. linage done to tho
lament railroad bv pint in, ma voi
ds, lie la FiieiPe. since lie can-l-nler
Mexico, at l.in'olo, doubt-
will attend the priijcvteej coll-
C.l II I
I Hv
feivnen at San Antonio.
J'ass'cng.i s arriving lierti tonlghS
from Clilliuahiia City reported that
Augnstiii I.avansat, pole o chief of tint'
statu capital, mid seven others Iiavu
been executed I'V he military author,
pies., 'Tp v wei.i , !i iij, 'l yi()5 (;t'Ui
H s

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