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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, March 01, 1913, Image 3

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llllClS Appear to be Easy
Ainncrs in First Period, But
Jlsiiois Keep Them from
$.-orin? in Second!
. ... .. ... h in ilir Mii.niw .loiinul.l
,,i,l .-l"-- , . . .... .,s ,,.
...ilv "f N''H Mexico lnU:ht 'I"'
', " vv Mexico Athlciilturul
' . ,;,ski-)"lH ''ltlll '
.,. ,,,11,-s" l.i Ii til'' '"'' IIP to 1"
, ln h.' first ti rt--T minutes "I
-mil If looked l'kl' ,in ,'a!-v vil'"
. 'i ill.- laitm-i. "" unt fi fit
mI.i.iIIV ' "" "n,, :" ""' ' n''
,,'it li;i If 111.' wore HI I I 2 to
', h.- ,V-d, s' la. or.
Vu, ,iiv.-isily struck lm stride In
.. ,,. period. 'I'll'' AKKlcx Were lint
,',, In i auo I'"' " nee in this
'" ...! ii.,- university chalked up
,,,',. points, ulvlnu it th.- Hin.- I.v
,vr in a r i n .
II,, university prnl.nl, ly will return
Ui n,ii. I'M'"- tomorrow. Th,' liii'
fiillnvvx: '
- '. Al- Forwuuls, l-'Ufiilk. "I'd
u, nt.-r. I.iltr.-ll. Kiiards. Cal-
... Il I ! .' II. 1
wsj,. - Forwards, II. ,ni' :i n 1
m;,-; .-enter. Smith; annuls. Itaus
, .mil Ida, Hard. -
TV .l,u,ii, r,Uc Pusiiiesj Coll,-",,-ik
ill play a post -season in, it ill.-,'
l,v ;,i Hi.- armory with lln t'ni
ivty nf New Mexico co-cls. No om
'I . admitted In tile saline except
,,i,rs i.f invitation.
Tlif .! naphers, Jiiil;'ln-4 f'om
previous records of l"'fli learn.
, ii,,l risking very nui.-li. having
.,ih,-r ,1'feat tacked "lit" thi-if rec
I Th,- university niiis, who have
.r.il only in "parlor" kiiiih-k th'
,M,n. Inn.' nut shown much fori-,'.
liii-lil.i lliulis llcfon! Hooky Ford.
1'1,'Mi., Colo., Feb. . I!y defeat
s 111,- l:nrky Fold llinh school flv,
., tinir- ut Pocky l-'or.l tonight,
i.t.nnl.il 1 1 lull S.'hool ,r 1' U '.
n th,- liaskol "ii II i lia m piniif h ii nl
.- mhiIIh i ii division. The score was
. i IH This makes the Olitoniiia'
rit,in of southern nii'l western (If
.n. and 1,-iiv. s tin-in to play Sli-r-:
nidi school I'oi the i hn inpioii
I, ,,f lh,- slut,-'. Till uniiic will
i., )K l- played In lclivof.
San Frai. cisco Promoter Be
lieves Return Contest in April
Would Settle Question of Su
premacy, t'liil firrciM,liilrni'i lu M,irn!n .liidrnull
K-iil 1-Tiincisco, l-'eli. 2S. T'.l' W !''
contest l.etueen A, I Wolmisl and
Toiiiiny .Murphy prove, I mo witl-lyintf.
from a spectator's viewpoint, thai
I'ronioier I'oirrotli Is ufier the riim
men to plav ii ii-liirn cntaeiiient.
The Hiil,je(t has f.een liroaeheil to th''
fighters ninl it Is oiiit'' likely (hat nil
incut will he i-a he. I.
WnlKaxt has siihnillleil his price to
C.ilTrolh unit the paly Cily iiinii-fi
hainller has iiski I f.. time to think
it uxor.
The unaranloe 1 , 1 1 1 : i n , 1 , I l.y the
Cailillac Wililcat Is not iiuie as stiff.
It Ik Hit ill. lis that which he r,-,fiv.-,l
lor Ills mosi r.-e, nt otiKimoincnt with
Murphy, hut slill stiff eiioiiuh to ile
ter the plum. iter from I lm too hasiy
in closinc, the liiirn.iin. If the hoot is
iirianycl ii will not take place nnlil
So far as discussion s concerned,
the lilith.lay contest Is having 11 Ifveiy
iifterinaili. Tlie majority opinion
s. ( ins to he that Mlll phy did a little
IM-Iter than W'olKast, hilt slill not ((llite
eiioimh lo warrant a decision helicj
remli red in his l.ixor.
A II hamuli 'inite a few hold to the
helicf that "oluasl Is not the lliisllilli!
liylilcr he was h, fore he went under
the knife, if is pretty feudally mi
ll llteil that he retains enough of his
finhtin tone and talent to render
him a foi -inlda hie opponent for the
llest man In his class.
ll Is iiikii. d that Wolnnst, In his
l.est .!;iys. never had his endurance
listed more .severely than on Satur
day last. Hi- affair with .Murphy Is
regarded as one of the hardest fights,
ever .seen In San l-'ninelsco, and see
ing that he held up his end so well In
a match that was nolahle for lierce
ness of action and that aft. r Coin
iarativcly little tiaininu- it Is consid
ered a little premature to talk of re
(Katlnir the Michigan youngster to the
Mi -:ii heap.
Plays with Two 'Youngsters
! While Tiaelini', on Tiaiu
from New Yoik to Phila-
(Mr llnrlilliii .l,i,h.,l Spr. lnl r,ir.l 11 he I
! Ni'W Voik, l-'cli. :'s - Two little
chllilleii. a hov of ami a mil ,,f
! Kavo l'iesi,l,-ut-elcct Wilson nil hour
of illvelsl.,11 t, M, ly when lie lode ).,
.New V.,k front Philadelphia, aflir a
Visit to his ilelllisl. I'lcsldellt .lames
MeClea, ,,f tile I 'ell nsv h a II III, whose
private car happened to he all. I, lied
to th,- s;,iii.- 1 1 am. !;ie, t,-, Mr, U lls..n.
i n 1 1 1 n a him to luncheon In his own
car. TI,.- pr. s,, nt -. lei 1 Irol ai l aimed
(Cniitliiiieil from I'nsc One.)
II up
d it
lot ln, iierti ly i , ,,u, w cut
lo the house, w liefe the hill fell
th, in almost I n i ii i - 1 1., 1 1- . The
,'!,, slls,cnde. and it was III,
f,.- consideralioii.
The kom-iiioI's iiiessaac was t
full and Major l.l. u. llvu eni--.,l ,,,i
11 Speech In support of the hill. Will.'
I.palil'i.in h-olers made a cum. ,,
th,. luois.-. The major said that the
oil fil , nee lulwien this lull and Hi., I
I' Hole I I'V tile ,,elllol, W.ls ,
as Kleat II- tile llil le, .11, e I" Iwicll
iweedhdum and I w cd led. e, ll- --..-
llle Mil'oy lull ,, ul, oppoll 1 1 , . I V
to the eollltlv cm III is-'i, ulers tt,ii,iin-
Qulni-v i.-v-Pi ta,
SUrflllMO . Ill'y
Hupci i.. . , . 'T ,
Hup. 1 1, ,1- ,s, ii..vt,,n mi, i :i .'
1 li Ilia 111, k . ,
Sr . t - i - i l- ll,,' .i-st I'll-.',-
I , !'! !!., I V TUo ,,. , i
II ll all,) sle, I Is ma llil,- ll. -e
i, I in. ll kef. how, V i I -l
I". S. Km. Illy ,V- Mm...
I . S Sin. IIU. A- M in
I 'tall ( 'onoli,l.,t,-,
I t. ill Coppcl' I'm
IN i iioii i
Well line . .
ili-Iil .
I'lu lupl ,o i ,i, i( li, I,,, ii, U was hall
o, .iii.l I Ii. I .- ttclc . ,ni,- 1 1 .,, . ,
In ,v .iii-ss. T,, , I,., ,,,, v In,.,
H ! ii toiii
4 i, , I'o loail.it 1 1 . t s , 1 1 r 1 1 1 , s I , . , s ii j i , 1 1
II', lli.lll lo.il',. ,, li-sl) ii u . el tied, I'll, III-
' ! I' l'-s ,.ul .ll,!, nl p. humus ,lae
, '-' Mai.h l-t, Hie estiniali ,1 it I I n.l.i.
.1, . lm. ,1 '
,.t 1 p. r
With Cha.iue of Administiatioii
Near, fiaJois Aic Oisposed! Chicago Board ot Trade.
to Await ueciopment$ at
"on ii,,ic tlmii last year the i ll I .
i" in-; mainly in in ltist: i,,l Tin,,
- in..i,,-v , i,nlimii to l e fit 1 1 1 1 I I I,
I'iil I an pi . hi un, demand" "I,- I. --
. I ii',!.
I 'M", i III ' yUllliel-, Iltilill. s to
I 1 ' -1 1 1 1 ii lain, l.,i I., p, , in I lii .
i. on .. r,, ot.
1 to dine wild in, ml, i
,,1- l,,s I,., I Iv III
! the dininif car and deelliieil. The i.iil-
; road plesi.h llt Hal With Ml'. Wiloill
; for a I, w minutes, chatting. At the
:i.hcr end of th.- iar was a l,hie-,-yid
; oim-.'st, r. I.lowlaj; a toy Wlil-tle, lie
was watihini; the ,l e-ld.-nt . le. I and
as soon as Mr M, i' ,-,i h II. the III 1 1-
' fellow , ell.'il I like llle ill-.
, Ilia int. in, e of the future pi ,- i,,iil .
;who received hint In his arais, found
'that liN name was i 'lark Ureoiiwu.nl,
.If., an, I lli.H he was fond of pulling
, hair.
Mister UtecltWoo.l f.illllll Ml. W'll-
soii ,i : cuily list, m r to his Infant ut
tclullec. He 1 1 I 1 1 mew im.te illll-
male and so, hi his no,iiiilnta n.-eshlp
.-Mended lo the privilege i'i Ifniii-rinK
the ll , si,', llt-elect's l-.l I-, llil. hill-; his
' lace, an, I dun. inn up and down on his
knee all of which Mr. Wilson s.-i no d'
to enjoy iimiieiisi-iy.
A moment later little Clara Ui,en
vo.,d ,ume toddling nl"li; from tlu
other end of th.- car to find lu I
j I, roth, -r and she soon was nn friendly
terms Willi I hi- pIVM, lent-. -Icrf. I'.olh
, It I 111 1-0 It Wele preselltlv pelcllcd l.lfe
I ly on I ho klU-.s t.f Hie Ili-M pi esuh-nl
of the I'lliled States, line,, liseli. IIS ol
th,. unusual situation. Mis. Clark
' Ui eeiiwood. of Nai I'ci th. I'a., mother
of Hi,. I wo children, .left her y oiiimest
child, a l.ahy, lor u few' nioim nts mid
'chatted with the iiesulciil-elect.
i Mr. Wilson on arrival In New York
Went to the studio of nn insist who
completed a portrait hi-min duiim; the
'caml'.iien. Then he met William I''.
, MeCuiihs, democratic national ehair-
j man and called also nil Col. K. M.
i lions,-. He attended a theater tonight.
'lie plans lo leave lure lomoirow for
' Tr. nton, where at noon, he will sec
the Inaumiratlon isreinonies of his
siiccessoi-, Senator James l'i.-lder.
president or the state Senate.
Ill the cvellln the residents of
Princeton will ulio Mr. Wilson a fa'-o.
well domoiislralion. As his train a
appi oaehiii-i New York from t'hilad. l
phla, tin- K.Hcrnor was shown a (lis-
! palell lloni Waslilimlon. aylnpr 'I I'll
uno Casti" h oi announced In Havana
that the president-elect had .-Mended
him an invitation to the inauguration.
1 I'a-vond the luii-f ntat"in'nl that It was
III II to l-'lalil on t'oii-l.
I.iis Atieles. l-'ch. I'ratikie
veil, llle N.-w Orleans liKhtvvelwht.
. li.-n inatched to fimM twenty
nils at Vornon arena on April 12th.
th Hie winner of the Hud-Andcison-
-iirkunt Ilruvvn contest, which is
i.-,liil,-i for March 15th.
t Imiiilii-rlaiirs Tiihlot For Ci.n
siipaiion. I'm- eotisliaptioji, Chainheiiuin's
'.Ills are excellent. Kasy to take.
:il mid celitlc in effect, (live then.
Uiil. Kor sale hy all dealers.
Bantamwcifthts Matched for a
j Twenty-Round Go Before
! Tom McCarey's Clukat Ver
j noi;, California,
in New
eloll. Pol-
His is a roiind of hourly erinie,
II,- is a lazy hloko.
I'm- lie's so fond o killhiR thru-
Ii,- takes life ns n joke.
Cincinnati Piiqiiiri-r
i-ally Vain .
"Has Amies achieved popularity In
r Milinrlijiii homo?"
"Y'-s, .'iie keeps, her doorn wid.O
ii ami her mi. nth Unlit shnt."--
Just Your Idea
of a Desirable
Man's Suit
That's what you'll get in
our Made-to-Measure
delusive iiattci lis. (lialil,v.
"iiileiliils. unfed ion of fit and
correct si,!,. ,,.s ltit huiy lie
nioililioil hy your oiili notion of
lil Is hcconiinn.
'I' i"ii consul! inn- tailoring do
I'fiiiment your sriii!t Mill proli
'cn is soiled. '
Second and Centra!
si,.( i il ( iirr,-sui,l,-iM,' til Mornliig .liairnall
l.os AliK'-Hs. l-'eli. '.!(. - Prank Il
linois, the New Orleans hantanl
weiKht, and Kddie Cainpi of San
Francisco were matched last ninht to
hi ix ii scheduled twenty-round con
test lie fore Tom Mi-Carcy's Pacific
Athli'tie chlh at Vernon oil the after
noon of March :'!. The welsh! com
promise was IK! pounds at 1- o'clock
noun and a Jl.OflO welnht and appear
ance forfeit was posted l,y hoth prin
cipals. Tim Melirath uctlnn for Cainpi
and ManuRer Tommy Walsh handlini;
the Pairns end hy lelcuraph. Charles
P. Kyton was named as referee.
"Ilnd" Anderson and Knockout"
P.rovvn, matched for twenty rounds on
March Ki, are ready to Lenin UuininK.
Anderson will work at poylc's, while
Ill-own will remain at the Venice
The winner will meet Prankie Kus
sell on Airil 1. The featlierw eiuht
championship hiuil hetween Kiihanc
and Iiiindee will he held iliiriiiMT the
last week In April.
Promoter .McCurey's schedule l
practically filled up to July I. II" has
ahnndoned llle idea of a heavyweight
context for Independence Hay. and
Will endeavor to hiilm Joe lllvers and
Willie PJtehle together on that date.
"Cherokee" Tom Jones, who piloted
Woluast to it Jliil.lintl haiikroU
and laid up $T2,omi fr
in l.os Angeles.
"Wolnast is still
J am lo continiii
s.-fid Jones.
"Wolnasl and
ly ? 20,110 4. of
icived $10,002.
In lt rcmatehed
April. We hav(
a ureal
as his
ly Pa ike, Is
lighter and
' uii,iialiflcdly false," the
had no stiiteno-nt to make.
Not lontr iii:,i Hie uoyci nor
1 oil an annouiHctm-nl made
York that he Would m-anl
Castro an Inierv iew at Prim-
lowing this. Cnsiros counsel issued a
statement that the K'-neial never had
'sought an audience and Unit he had
; hecii Pt in an eiuhari-assinn poltion
throiiKh a inisiindcrstandintf.
The pr.-sidcllt-el, et was (ulckly
, ii tomil.ed when he iiii.-r, d a hox at
'the theater tonight, in comiiany with
Colonel House. There was instant ap
jplnuse. Ilelw.-en i-aeh act. handclap
I pint; iv.ih n-simied. Meanwhile, the
author of thi' play sent in his card lo
! Mr. Wilson, and shortly afterward
ei'tered the Wilson hox. When the
: curtain descended after the third ad.
, and the audience aain l.ecame mosy,
I Mr. Wilson arose from his seat. The
author. flood up heside him and lh'
preshlelll-eled Introduced llllll to the
i audience. The demonstration coiiliil
i ued unahali-d and finally Mr. W Hsoii
i spoke, slowly and dellhentely. H was
a hrief speech.
I "The newspapermen who nr.- sit
ting in the opposite hox can tdl ou
I that Jus w I am inakhiK a virtue
' of silence." he said smilinn.
When he sal down there was furth
er applause, which only terminated
i when the curtain went up for the last
i ,1,-1 Mi. Wilson went from lh,- theater
j to the home of a friend to spend Hi''
llll-'"t- - I lil-e
! prcsident-elcd Wilson des not lik.
1 i.w.1,,1.. i.f aceeullnu' honorary
i,m,,l,crshi.s lo cluhs just heeausc he
will he the chief executive ol the
Pnilcd Slates. Ml', vvii-on ,,-....-1,-dav
that he nieanl not the slightest
.lisi-esped to the I'hevy Chase clnh m
Washitmlon to which he declino hu
(,v memhershii.. He Indicated that
h(. mmht join the Uhevy Chase clu .
as he idavs Kolf. hut nu'de It deal
that he would apply for nieml.ership
and puv dues ,i"st as other memhe.s
1 1 iv ll 1 1 1 1 ' r . I ,,, lilies and do
that llle I'lesclil loe. , .llle would
the people I I ml lulll iilinn ,lh
vv h at had he li paid luoh r I o
sv stl in.
Mr. '111 l.-in.in said that he d .1
I., disam oc vvi'll tin' urn ornol . lull lie
Was forced lo do So over tile ! I '. ool
r'!., tcmclit III his lllcs-.il... He ll, III,-, I
there wa.'i sudi all amount of . . v . i , i y
as this and declare! In waliiluu tlVil
an extra session, If ili had I,. I.,'
called, to pass li salarv hill, wool.l.osj
mole than that Mini.
Mr. P.niu di-olai, d , that he
coticuiicl in tlie rcfjtuiks and l,,.,i if
fills I. Ill Wcle ,.issc, flic let) l.ltl.le
111 ll I ( oliKlalillale Itself upon ti Hi -It
W ol k Well pel lol III. ll.
All, I ',1a nch. i id s.n.l thai as this in.-.i-suie
hud passed the hise iwi,e and
the senate Ihlee times, lie Ihouuhl
anyone who I, .hey,, I the men who
Voleil f,,- It Were now lo lewis,
themselves. Was l.adlv mislead. He
said: "It Is this hill or a lih;li,i on.
An extra session will I ost lliole than
the llil I'ci em. s l.ctvi.-.ii this and Hie
McCoy hill."
It was al this p., Inl that the house
a, I olll lteil on Dli'f I'M! "I M.lo- l.l, 'l-
It Is Slid that Hie a il i , ll I II III. I, I w.,s
taken hec.llise the supporters of the
hill found that the lacked two votes
of the necessary two-thuds iiiu,,iitv.
These they expect to Secllle lu foletlle
house meets Moll. lav alterilooli (Ole
will prohahlv come from Mr. McUilliv.
ray. w h-i was al .-.-nt lodav. The other
they h,,ie to ..-t hy cony erl Inn a dem
ocrat. They ,-llonely feel that th,v
call pass the lull over tlie eoycli,, s
veto, ll is undeliOood that on the p, l
today Messrs. Untitle and Ual.-ia, ol
lleltlalill, lllty. were opposed to III,
bill, or at ea-t to lassiiiL' it liar the
KoiertiorV v.to, while Mr. linen, the
j. tiler I'., t llalillo county- lepl esentaliy i .
fay ofi-.l sin h ;k tion.
The Semite.
The senate no t at 2 ?!. Iiiimi di.it. -ly
upon the call to oi'iii r. a iiti-;sa'
Ill, II, c house was ;, I 1 1 o 1 1 I i ' t , slllt-
iim llle pas.-.i:;,- of a I nn,, nuinher "j
Tin- rcpiihhcan m( -nhcis asked a
recesH of thirty imiiutes, which was
granted, hut only a portion of th.
time was used. Their eonlei eiio- was
, osumn hly upon the district attorney
hill, which was slated for passage to
day. A petition from Mora county, pro
testini; against the creation of Coro
na, lo county, hoi a use of an anliclpat
f-i raise in taxes, was read.
The followim; ,ill wcie Introduc
ed: Senate Hill ITS. hy Mr. Navarro, a
strlnm-nt lil'cl law, Senate Hill iT'.i. hv
Mr. liarth, for the assessmeiil of al'
liropcrly and the oft'i-riiu of a rewa d
lo whoever Infor I of nnnse''
, lit Vti.itliiiy J.Hiril.ll .r. tat I f..i',l llirivl
Not Yoik. l ih. 2". - Tin le vv.,. no
-lioiu ileinaiid lor sio, ks t,l.u ii.uo
, n i tit iter. Pro .- wn, no nt
sin ill and v.ul.il-le i, lnl tliillnl; w
' 'le, mo. I , I, J". I'slhi,.,!. s lli il
t ' I 'II I s. I y . w oil 1,1 he show ll I a t lo
e,, , i u in, r t i , pal t to l-e i ia a h h. ,, v i, i ' Yoik. I I
Hi, ill hall I'i . II snppos. ,1. hloia'lil 1 " ' " 1 1
.I....I .1..,.,.,.,..,, ...I,, ,,. el. ...I It... I i , CI, ,1' I he ,y
Bratlstreet's Weekly Review.
I 'a.
1 1 til
s.ti- a t It in. r f, .-Urn; at tin
lo e, the
uleollie yy.is i -haile lo l.'u He 11, t
W.I.- ,,l..tl ... li.., ..I,.,. I I. ,,..., I a tno' lii.
lll'l 'a low. I' .Hill oats o If 1 - I l". to '., .1,1,1 ''"" ''
lull With the i haiiiie in .iilinl-i! ll i i , ,a .. . .. . .. i !.. l'i'4 h M'
lu. n .,t a him-ton only a f. w d.iv
2 o i, l.i 12 .je.
"If, til, dels yy,c III. Pile, I lo let the,.f H., ,,,,, ,.,.s ,
in, i lot , tilth The onlv wide f I ll, t I . . - . I, ,i h
Hops of the ,l,, Wele ,lll,ili; llle I, - I , e , , ,, ., , ti,,,
Oil flom
I ( ', ,,,,,i , ,, a hu-h, I
, ii, iii hii-.li, Is a v ,-.t i
II 1 nts ,.f ., v.iin,.,. in this i ,--
S" . t . .HOC . .,1 t f , Ho- Hill tlW,-l,
hut the III ,1 .. I ll Hie cuts, t p. lid
ltot. lie, ,1 to I hi V J,, , I, ,1 Ml III , ihles
t ,1 le -tuck sn, h ,.s I "a . II. oolw ol til,
S, al Poet, a. k and Uoo,li .-h, w hi. h
f.-i i-liai plv III Hie , ally .,,it of th,
,1. t Tile IliolleV III. II kel sho I'll -'
In in, l- linilnii) totl.i . , Call liioncv
1,0 , h, tl 4 '.. 1 1, . i - t nt. Hi.- huh." I in
souio time U, IIU. ill lialilals were hld
dllm lotheiv fol liioncv , As much as
.'. p, r , , til, f..i thiity il.ni, wa . olf. I
'I, Willi lew a, phi n. es l.o, al hank-
IS look fol II decided Still. -Illltir I'I
lal.-s within (he next few Weeks, his. I
net their opinion
siiuincil monetary eoclit ,,uw ahioad I.. ,,f shorts had I
fniilier 1 if of whi, h wa- I'm n'she, I , ,, ,,i- ,,i., .., i
' It il.1V h, , 11 HI, I, II
I. I 'I i ,' 1 1 ,n, nt a in,.!, t lu -t
, rh ,,i t i-.c I,
s. ., I lit Int., i ', ,,,
tt iil-.r ,n, i. li a li, i I,. . ,. , :
. h. , - i i -i ; ti,-r exi-.t a hi
.' 'II--. I' do "'I'd .h . I
of I II. etc , I;, , I I'nl , I ',li
I ... I , iii a o s h.ali , ( I I,
I. Ho- I - Hit d Ilia - f t
' a 1 .' II .. '. I Mail. Ml i ,... I ,
In -ia 't
, al He ,
III t'te Ol.
ilhl ,h
t,e, , ol I
,,l ,,11'iU-
'I h, teti. i ni t i. , -a., i , n I,,,
. ll ill It Ihe .-, Ill lilon h Iiiltnl
. t
I'I ,- Sill e I lei,, ...llil . hoWcVer.
Ki adiialiv !nci,,,-..l I ,i:.:, i,, ,-h,. ,
hololcl t heat al I ilntll ell. ..in i;n
t he hi at t W ho , onto I , ,1 .,1 ,, In laiil
llHI'lillUV In III. " He, t , i. Ii.l tlol,- fol
the w Inl, r . tap Hi:; . v ..u : . 1. .a .nn , -f,,r
Ihe tl a,v "lid wool,. I. , I,, a i IW
ill llle tt lle.lt hit altel dd It. hut !-
arm-lv on Ihe I i,, n i, m ski. k I au nu .ithi th.
I'lllt.ollJ ilhload ,,f ,,.lls I, id I. ecu lii, ,1 Tel, I
I ll il c
; in- Ihe l.i -I twcntv-loiir h.oiis ,im,i)1.
hy Hie p., ink of I'm I .ml latest stat
iiu iit. Tl-ln. nlnf ol . all rales tod , , --, mm hushels. plana
was atirihoti-d I" u. pai. ill, .ns l,u ( yv,.,,, 7;(;iiiiu hush, Is. ...m.
VI. ill ll 1 1 1 1 . -1 s I ,lc hill sen,, Ids tolllo! - I ,,.,reil Willi ".II. "00 hush. -Is ,1 Veal
I ha-',, si,,, .n in ' lev atoi s and on
1. ,s, has .. , , i .,,1,
of tlie e.irll, I ,1, Ol,
HI I , a --on,, t,t a, , , ' I t
has ' , , I , f II 1 1 as a I i
l ot, il I ii lie In i i i Vl
the "in til, r i.ieh.i'ulli
lh le, Mill IO, I'i. S I ' i,
I. pol le,! to hat e 1-, 1,.
I a I' a II, el, tft U ll
.Hi-I I he ill ell In
If ii in III
I ,tli, I ll- . soi.i '
-.in h - I , i,
'' '"" 'a' V
' ; "o.'l. ha-
"' 111. I
' ' lll.ole ,,
' "' tin- lO VV top,
,1-n will la- l a a-
'.I ,,s tin f, ,-l'nu I-
" ilmli , t lie lliiln -I l l, s.
I ie. I, , ration of 2 I p.-r cent lliV . lends !
oil I -.ill pu t el l ed a I'll r t he I lo-:,- of
the market yesiciday proved lo hav'1
I,,-, n discounted. polh common am! j
. . , . i .,
i , i -, 1 I , , a I'll ; 1 1 1 , i .a,i,
Ho- 'U ll- ,' , . ,
tt . , Us .k.i, has Hot h,-. II
' ,' Viol in, I I loll .in- active
in. vv . - ', -
, I i-i a tail' una lit n v oT It" vv
III I . I 111.',...
Ill, I i slnl for Ihe We, k 1 1 1 III
lt.ok.it Hiilf ,lo. as well as hct'e. made e - i,,,,,,, 2, ill. w.-i. W III, ll
ol 11 Ileal V He, old-hrcakllll! I , sel V e , ., , , ,, , , , k y,ili -n,-, III III, ill,,- w I ,'lv
at.l line wealtu-t- Wele al'Kl faelol ,.i I , , -. --,,-,.. tt,..,. -,l l.iho.s in
p i, felled said .'If 'handy, altlioui'h , N(.w,, ,,.,, i,,,,) leaders l...iti;ht ' ,;,,.,, ,
suhse,in llllv they I ei , , Ve I cd pillt "f s( n () fa'lllon and I'I (V elite,! Wln.it lie IndlliC flolll lAI'.'l I- ll am
llle los-i s, ;.,iimole A ( duo was ,h - j ,,,,, (,,.,, I, CyeeiliK lv '" ' ,. I s,,,,, , ,,,, Cat. ol i f'-r the
pi,ss,, l.iiii'otai ilv l.y a rain ,llsi;,i,.. s Pnloadims n ... wed, , inlui, l,'-i,..,iv 2,tli. .i-i-.ie
iiroiicrtv: Senate Hill 1 Ml. hy Mr
ton. pifividln clerks, etc. f"' l"'
tiav.-llni; auditor: Senate I'.H-' ,'sl
Messrs. Doepji and l.auchr."'- ' vm I't -inn
irrigation pumpiiu-' i"
taxation for a ierio,l of ix .years; Scu
nte Pill 1X2, Lv Mr Brampton, pro
viding for mlilnlaldl'iK 1 Is lh "
tuonlhs, in all did- Ids'-
A hunch of (tiiinitto' reports wore
lead and ad, id", I. indu'lin;; an un
favoraldc r-'Port on Hie Australian
ha, it hill and a f ivorahle report on
the stai" lihrary Idll. The ilislri, t al
lonie.t' hill was mad,- a special order
j-,,,. toniotrow al 2::: yylon il Is ex.
s-cleil to pass with slidit auiend-
rit,. imoiiitei mi If i nn"
124, in
They are
I (lid.
Murphy drew oxact
whicli sum Ad rc
'ITiese hoys lire sure
for the lirst week in
practically narecd
with Promoter Coffroth on terms.
Muiphy Is a much hotter hoy than he
has hecii ejv,.n credit for, hut Ad
foiiKht him on four days' tralnlnfi.
When they meet aiiain Ad wilt stop
him inside of lifteen rounds."
ninl 15c
; nml -"'
. . Klc
1 The- Forty Yciie Test.
An article must have exceptional
merit to surv ive for a period of forty
; years. Cliainherlaln's' Condi Komedy
I was first offered to the public In
I1S72. From a .small heuinniiiK It has
! mown In favor and popularity until it
has attained a world-wide reputation,
i You will find nothini,' hotter for a
I ooiiKh or cold. Try It and you will
understand why it is a favorite after
' a period "f more than forty years. It
not only Koves relief II euros,
sole by all dealers.
( (.I T lllliYf
Till'. M A.K.
Miiillar Stiinas
! Violin sti'lnas
I Violin HridiM'. . . .
f N-Iih-Ii (.ranilcMiii'i
i l-inci (iiiiniti'ni'
' Itiidlo Hills
1 Pump l.catlici's
mile-' Half Solos. .
, Men's Half Solos .
! Puhlici- llccls
j;5 pkus. Shoe Nulls. .
I TriiciiiK Wlni l-
I Folilini: ruiliiiK Irons
IWiilllo ll""'
j Hiding; Oid' t- '
s.ai 1 ,i.,s, .
! Wheel liiH-iow s- "
ipioii- 2-'' '
Illy Will' ill nil YVIdllts.
211 South l irst Street.
' .... I.V
SI. Oil
. il. Ill lo o.Vah
Xew I'ldures. pastime and Cryslal.
The P.cloi't lVminlnc.
Old Maid Are those men follo.v
iue us.
Pretty Hid - ''fie of Us! Puck.
the fi ne,, hills were mud,
order for .Monday at 2:;;1'.
The finance committee i
cd tin- passoKe nf House I
stead of Senate Hill H1-'-
idcntica I.
Th.-n came Hie governor's message
and sill se.iuent proceedillh's
The senate adjourned lo meet ill
2:ao tomorrow'.
The House.
The house met at 2 o'clock. After
routine It took tip and pansed House
Joint Resolution 20, the prohibition;
reKolulion. Then- was Koine de-hale
oil this. House Hill 22, the much
amended county option hill, was
lahled on sidoplh.il "f th" i( solution.
lloii--e Pill UT, amending the Jury
lav., so that jurors In civil cases may
he paid from the court IuikIm, was
passed. So was House liill 201',, for
tlie encoiiriiK'ement of a micu It ural.
horticultural and stock hreediiiK pur
suits. 'I'hls hill allows aid lo he ex
tended to county fairs.
Al this point the house recessed.
Ppon reeonvenini; it nni'-ndo,) nml
passed Senate lilll IH- This Is the
llio Crandc lm provenicnl hill. The
amendment merely Included Sanln I'V
county In lis provisions.
After dlsoluwlliK Senate Pill 10-1.
wiih i-cfcreliee to passin-4 ll over the
lo,v ernor's veto, the lion
lo meet Monday ut 2 o'clock.
Tlu Mother-.' I nvolute.
A coimh medicine for children
should he harmless. i should he
pleasant lo take, ll si Id he effec
tual. Chamberlain's Condi Pem-dy Is
all of this and Is Ihe ntollicrs' favorile
everywhere, por sale hv all dealers,
lm, h Iii plans tor tin- in w bond
( 'lo-'ii-r si, , k
iuah aiu:ii,',l C,,.p, i
llo l I, all Am lcliltiii.il
Mm 1 1, an I!. ,1 Sua. ir
Alllel I. .HI I'lll
Allien, an Can pl'd
Am, -ri, all Cat - Fdrv
Aiiii-i n nn i 'otton oil
A y ,1-1 lea 11 Ice Seelll ll us
American Unseed
Amel I, all l.ocomotiv c
Aiiiel'l'-aii Sm .X- Pit:.
Am. sm. .v.- Hi'-. I'ld.
Aiiicri, an Sut ir HI-, (,-x-lil
Aiiiki lean 'I'd .Vs Tel
Amel h-ali Tubmen
Anaconda Minimi Co
Atchison I'td
Ml.llltle Coast 1 .1 lie
Ilallimore - Ohio
Hi till, hem Sled
Ill aoklv n Kaphl 'It a ns It
( ':. ii.idia n Pacini- ( ex-l ' . . . .
I 'oiilr.il I .ealhel . .
Chesapeake i 'III
i -hioam. i Ireat W e-om
I'lli., Mil. ti SI. Paul
Chi. A. .Northwestern
I -,, l,,i lido I'm I X lion ....''
I 'olisolhlated ( III" '
Coi n Product t
I a la vv an- ti Huilsuii
I i.-iiv i r iX- Pi" i it -Ho' ' ' ' " ' ' '
lel,v. r Kin Uia''1' I"'1 ' ' '
I Hsllll, ts Seelll ll'""
I-lie I"! it il.
:::;;;,::! VU::::
Ureal Vit'1"" '' ,
,;,,,, I ,,'llo-in ''ll"
Illinois ' I'U'al
pll,iolol,m'l-.M'l. pid
lilt I ""'"'", ,
1,,,1-M. I'ld
iilei national Paper
intei-ihitionol Pump
Kansas City Southern
Paclcdo Has lex-Hl
I.ollidl allev
I ist llle ,V Nashville
Minn.. Si. I ' X Sault St. M.. .
Missouri. Kansas & 'I'exas....
Missouri Patilie
National Pi-( uit
National Lead
Vatlon l ll.vs of Mexico 2d pld
N, w York Cent I :il
.New V"i k. i ml. Western . . .
Norfolk iX- Weslorn tox HI.,
Noi lh Aiii' i ican
Nol-t ! n I'." ilic
I'aeilic Mall
ponnsy Ivani
P.-Ide's lias
Pittsburgh, C. C. .vi SI. I
pitlshiiinh Coal
Pressed SI' ,-1 I 'nr.
Pullman Palace Par
liepilhllc lion Steel
p, .public ll on ,X- Steel plil. . . .
Pock Island Co
Hock Island Co. pld.
S .mis ,X- San Fran. 2d pld
Si -a hoard Alt' I. me
aboard Ail' Line P'd
Slos- Shell 1, Id SI' , I ,x- I l oll . ,
Southern p.u alio lex-Hl
south, i n Hallway
smith, in Pailway pld
Tennessee Cnppi I
'I'exas A; P." ihe
( 111, ,11 Pacific . (,-X-IH
l-ni'.n Pa. die I'ftl. (cX-IM . . .
lilt. .1 Staled Ucalty
Pnilcd Slates Kill r
Pnilcd Slates Steel (ex-Hl . .
I'lliled Slabs Steel pld
I'tah Cnpp.-r
Viimnia Caiolina Clicitdcal.
Wabash pld
Western Mal t land
W, stern I don
N't'StlllUllo'lfio .;l,-ctric
VVIteelilll.. A- l.altc I'.rlo.
of (In, hohlei s f illed to ovpr
-. tin I
'.. . i !.... Kate l.'"-x 1 i nil. ueis
Hi, lv a .h,i,l.., iipiuin in' 2iix,T;u la-i v. a.
due to r.illliia "f In '"I'' ' '' Pim, h
Poll, ton, bed Ihe hi'""1,1 .; I .
' I I1C LIVUblUtK riMIKUlb.
The Mct?'Markcts-
il,". '. a loin; w bib-, sjn lo i
24',) -
HI I v. v..,l, '"
a,"' 'a i ... I, , , .4 'jr.-. 1 1 1."-.
. liXh,
. Hill '-j
. HP!
' I" "' . . .. a .1
- sue.nly . Illicuauia ..
Spot to Mav.
Till - t J ii i '
I . . .1
I ,.,,11 ... . ... . ,, -
I Jul, t. . I ' '"I " - '
Spot and March. J I
j.'.lilv. l -" t
St. Louis Spelter.
' St. I.ollls, I
. J"'r's
.10 1
, 1 00
. I oo '-,
. r.
X'l 1-
', ;i;., 1 lillid. S4 .'a
. 2" ' ! tii.it."' ,, i; la.
' 'i !
' I 4 I ..
I :a;
I 12
I i'a
I ,"i'i i
Kliiisas I'HV I Hi'slocU.
Kalisal Cltv. I'di. is Callh- la-
('i,,p,r, film', tdpls I ioi ii . indiuliiiK 20'i soullicins,
inalkel stlolli. Native steels, j, a',r
; 1, no : snethet li st -ei . , t' , ', a S mi;
i sunt Iniii inws and heifels, l2-t'i
'T.oa, native ioivs and hcifet", ?4 ;! ."!"
x.fiil. M", k. is and " fed, i-., r, ,'a'-"i
V2."e bulls, j.', 1'", 'n i.llil; calves. 6.:,U
1,1 III. Oil. weslein sleets, JH.T.'i o X . Ml
w i-sict n cow s. 1 1.2' '"" " I"1
u.. );.., , ,s 2,.',"0; market
' 1,1,1 P..- hldlcf. Hulk, S.uO-frH,4o;
Lead Matket 1,,-avv, x 2,", ',i' x ;::,; pacl.i-ts iiud
-Mailt' I vv,,il
llstlt. I"1
The Curb Markets.
ItOstoll l lllll.,.
Pel., 2v-ahb,.
hut, h, it, lv :;a u s i."
. :,u. pi-.-, IT.i'H a 7, Mi,
i s ;, Hi ei i.H 2 ("ll., Iflill i-et
siioi '.Mnttoi.-, 5 I.: 'd, 40, Colorado
lambs, 47 liii'n x ;: i : i.,n,' wdhetsaiul
y i at Unas, t '.. '" o 7 . ' , raime ' l's.
1 1 oo ii f, nn.
2 7-
i .an
1 2'i I ,
cit York I'urli.
N'.- Voi k, F, b. 2 ' 'haio, :i i '
7 .
New York Money Market.
rliii'MKn I iicslocU,
Chi. mo. Pel.. 2s- Cattle - P. Pis
I 1,0,10, me i k, t stlolH. lie, -V i a. '! H .'(.(
i mi: 'I'exas st, ,-is, ."..2" "I 'I '"I ; West.
, ern d.-eis, (i"" ii7 7.,, stock. -is and
1 feed, I -, ll. I ', '" SI"; cows ami la H
, ,1 1, .! 2 a 'i 7.M' , .-an es. 7 oo "a H'.Mh
sn,...,. . I: Int.. ,', iOiii, ma I l,,-t
New ,,i k, I'di. 2X. -Mon, v on , all. fi111 Native, VV 2 ', 'de x.". . wedelll,
u lv !. 4 I. iii-r cent Tine lo.llH. i: x r. - v ..a III nie -. Jil.T.'i'd ''
!,!,', ! slcadv 1,0 an, ltd days, 4 P. 'u 1 '. I" I ,i;,y ,, lainhs, H7.4U ' s.'i"; western
107 1; out; ii months. I '.-"in pei oca. lambs, I7..0 i x. ,
i;i, ,c:s - P, "-, ipt IJ.'iao; tiiaik.-t
1I' ! TrMCIirv Rt.ltfmint. -siioni; nail,, lis. to -a VM,: I, dit.
I llliusm I . r ' . i ..... , .
; rV S.lill; in IM u. ii " t
lolll'h, I ! '-'-"' I"'-'.''.
2,1 1 j
i 1 i -,
I . Ml
I :! l ' ;.
I ;iti V
2 ', 1
". 7 I ,,
2 I '
loil '
lu;, :i
i i :'.
Washington, l-'ch. 2x.- Tl idi J is la 4. X
Hon of the I'lliled Slates lieasuiv al dd sdin.
Hie lieulnninit of busiui ss today, was '
WorkliiL; balance, ITK.r.V ll.'i'i'l, I
ln banks and PhHlM'loc If ' '''
i i,i',:i:i,!i42,
Total "f Ken. Tal fund, li;,!'KS.
Pee, I ils j-oslei-ilay. 1 2.,"ir,,CMI.
Hisl'iiisi incnis. X,i.;i7,xx.
The mii phis this fiscal y ear Is v
x:iu,i;7 as aiiaili.' l a defiell of t'!X'
71 LP! I lasl year.
I I!' 'ii j 'I'll,- llmires for receipts, il sbillH'
111 j nienls. etc., ex, hub' Panama canal
,i li "a
2 I
2 IP',
i.,ti ;
1,11,1 pllldic debt Ilan-Haetlolis.
The Wool Markets.
s, j llosloil iml.
2J : Pa, st, ,11, Fell. 2X. - 'ITie Collillli I'cial
'i I P.iilletln w 111 say, lomoi row
2 '( i 'ITalisadloiis ill ihe postoti wool
market this wa ek have cut I
J j limited In volume and "1 erratic na
ill! I,., I lute. Some sales have h, ell made ill
27, i-i! low plies, while del I, Is who ll.'C-
7!f I held their aliu .1 f m ly '". have mu
' ' sold inn. h wool
IS's I
SI. I mils W ool.
SI. Louis. Feb. 2X. W Mat"""
Kleady. Terr. loe.l and we lorn no
ilium,", 21 'ti 27,c; Inn- nicllnnts. I X M
20c; line, 12'" !7c. '
I. 'i '.',
l. 'I
i,o T .
107 '..-
New York Cotton.
:i '., i
41 "" j NeW Yulk. Feb 2r Colloll. .Vlalk-
" (I el isc 1 iuid. Sp,d, lonldliiifi "P
'', i,,, ' lands, 1 12.'. : mld'liiim K"lf. !M:
sabs lul day, 2:!X,lU" shares. , sales, 200 ha!
Boston Closing Mining.
March 1st, 1913
'Anyone whoso head Isn't made of
hh-kory. rr-iiifnroed oiicrdo or
hone will under- land II and will
like it."
The Winter's. Social, Literary mid
Hr.imallo I x, nl I In- First
Aiicai-iitii Hcip of (lie
National Fiiviirlli'
Sarah Padden
In llio Fulled I'lny Cnmr.'inv's
Pi oiluclioii ot I lie ItiK roiniiar
Success of llir Doi ado
"The must vital, vigorous !" i iiiH il
nf American diainu yet iiitcu to
(he Htat,"-"- I'hit 'H'." liecoid H'T.Hd
Prices 75c, $1, $1.50
c. ('. .Murray, receiver for tin- New
Mexico Central, was lu-re yesterday
looklne after tax matters of the railroad.
Alb, il.,
Amiihiamaled Copper .
Am. .Inc. L' ad .x- Sin. .
-Arizona ' 'ninin, -relal
pos. ,V Curb C"P. .v.- Sil,
Cillllllicl ,vl- Allzona .
( 'uliimct .x- He I-'
( 'upper It.ilU-le i 'on. o.
past Putt,- i 'op. M inc.
( ilt oux I 'onsolldalcd . .
(iraiiby Consolidated .
( Irei-ne ( 'a n, i nea
Isle Pov alle I CopP'-l )
KcIT fake (ex. in ... .
I.uki' Copper
I a Salle ( 'o'p'-r
.Miami Copper
Nevada Consolidated .
Nlplssinu Mines
North potto
North Luke
(Mil Dominion
-IH .
;, I'
ll I) ';
4 IS
4 1',
K,. lo
an it,
M ""
1 I -1 1,
I .", ' .
Dun's Weekly Review.
Vew- Viii l. Feb, 2X, I inn's llev Ii
tomorrow will nay.
licporls from leadlnn trade eenleis
eontlnuc satlsla, lory ia nmsl In-
sle.tees Tlll-re is II lillV.'' 1 1 i St I" I b 1 1 1 i O 1 1
jof tin- principal pU'ducts and siistaln-
led nclhily lu retail fade, oaiiieuiiir
I I.. ,.. .,,in.u fa in red with Root
weather, outside of these markets,
which, by reason of their larm-r and
more sensitive speculative ornania
Hons have been (llreclly affected hv
the Important events hiippeiilnu "I
various parts of the elobe, business
sentiment maintains a sl-n'v. coii.s.-,'-
atlve attitude, even on the eve. of Ihe
first ehane In I ho political control
of our Kovcrnment In sixteen years.
The railroads which are about to ar
bitrate their differences w ith Ihe lir .'
iii. -n, and are still bnvieu heavily of
needed supplies, K.lined - I""' ''''"
w (Dnlir.in! CATARRH Of
I f Kfi'k " I Dischar8" in I
' I -.i'f lLL-ljli HOURS
r Wif.fiMftK '"I
X Vim! V zzifodt
, y 1 - tuuiifii u. v
! m i
W TDK UI A MONO llfiM. ( X
1.iJIi-I Auk rnr I'rMi( I f a
In l.'. J i (fll . i-un.. y
I. 4f4i.t uii Kino K. 'm. VV
Tt na utbr Kuf nfjtuv "
IH AIHM HHM f'll.1.4, fx4
on rd
1 1-
tt -h-In
nJ ,ii

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