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II) Mn il. 50 Cents a Month; single O.pi,, & entai
Hjr Carrier, BO tent a Month.
People Pay Advance of $13,
450,000 On Fuel Bills to
Provide $4,000,000 Increase
of Wages for Miners,
Haul Coal Boosted
nee or
Average of 26 Cents a Ton
to Provide Woikiug Man
Willi Additional Pay.
Ill.t Morning .In.. mill Six a in) lni.nl M Irr i
'ushiiigton. March 1. Hard Coal
companies Increased thr wages of
theft employes M.'OO.tga g year by
the strike agreement of last May, nnd
Increased the price of anthracite to
consumers $1 :i, tiiO.nuti, according to
:i report baaed on aa Investigation by
tin- bureau of labor, submitted to the
house today.. The report submitted
b Secretary Xagcl Is the ifxult of an
Investigation conducted in reeponae to
a house resolution asking for th'
i ll mi ills of i out fend profit Included
III thr present high of antliru-
tea in wholesale coal i " -was dis
covered to llilli' l.rrn made si lice tttt
strike agreement Of last Ma). In
npitr of Ma fact thai Um workers
iicnrtitird about -1,000,000 in In
creased waste during ihr year, the re
port add that "thr recent increases
in prtcea have been nun than suf
ficient to compensate fully theme com-
paalea whose insts of production
h'uvr Increased moot rapidly during
raefat yeera and .it no- maaa tint!
have very greatly tneroaaed the profits
of those QOWpaiatf a, of whom their
are ill least several whose costs o'
production either flocrsaiod vt rr-
iiiniiiril tiitiiuiai v iiui'tim thr sanir
prrlml." I
( oal for domestic use in, n iaad a
trv, Uuii ttiur than uf Wilts a tuiifl
that of pea coal and the imallel'
strain sizes, 13 rents a ton. These
liMures were baaed on roiaparlsiin of
net receipt! by tin operators after the
agreement of May I With their re
rrtpi'i during the aame months, Jam
to September, 1 81 1,
i if the mere than tia.ono.ooo
aalnod by the operators after the
strike agreement, ll,tet,0 araa de
rived from general Increaaea la prloea
and aliout 11,569,600 from the sus
prnslon uf April and May discounts,
w hile in addition, a limited number of
operators are reported to have "re
ceived very largo sums through the
sale of coal al premiums made pns
sil.ie by the shortage 01 shipments,"
incident to the strikr. The discounts
of to and .70 i nits ii ton, customarily
allowed In April and May on domes
tic Bile coal, wire suspended during
those month in I HI, As a remit,
the operators not only gained by suv-
Ing title dlseount. nyi the report, but
III addition purchasers who were un
able to secure their usual supply in
those montba were forced to buy it
durUtg June, July or August, "hen
the discount rates were smuller. or in
September and later, when full cir
cular plica ace charged. The
t.'iO.OOO, the report says, was not net
prolit, because, out of it came the
cost of the six weeks cessation of
work b tin- strikers and ttlso the In
crease In their wage?.
The Increase In wages, however,
the report adds, represent a raise i
onl' N to lo cents a Ion in the cost
of eoal production. The report does
not estimate how much more the
public puid for its coal last year than
if mil rotes bad continued, although
it says that the Increaae la arholoaale
prtcea affected retail prices directly
ami that in all communities these
advance! were felt The
creases averaged if cents
RtOVe and If cents to SO
chestnut coal. In New t
delphia Mini Washington
tail advatici m "correspond
ly with the adjVaneei In tl
prices of the operators."
places. however, the adva
much more pronounced, a
port cites Springfield, .Mass.
chtOter, N. H., where it wi
retail In
i ton on
cents on
It, Phila-
. C, re
Ty cloSe-
, and Man
ns approxi
Boston and
it was M
mately li.r.o a ton, and
New Haven, C i . her
The retail doubts, it
fitted very unequally froi
edvencea, Whether this
were reasonable must I"
the' repdfl udus. for Indl
munttlea. The report she
coal companies affected
premc court decision of
bar had until then a still
i the price
idual nun
.cm that the
by the su-
ust Decem
further ad-
vantage in that their central
Indopaadent t
aecurgd dome
of tidewater i
trlbutcd Whet
Increased in
called Indap
their miners
wages as thr
they sot only
raise, while :i
cents a ton,
panics. As t
workers, the
benefitted by
May last not
, hii h
the prlr
went to
the at
report s
the strikr
onlv by i
crease of 5.8 per
hill tlllilllRh the I
working Con d It lot
Secretaries of War, Interior
and Agriculture Still in Bal
ance According to Report
From Trenton, N, J,
Louis D, Biandeis and Colonel
Goethals Among Those Who
Have Been Eiased from
President-elect's Slate,
gSj Ui.rliliiK l,.,.r,i..l SimtIiiI Ir I U Irr i
New York. .March i -t'ongreaamaa
William c. itedfieid. of Brooklyn, will
he secretary of commerce In the Wil
son eabtttet. lauiisc D, Brandela, of
lioston. whose name ban been men
tioned for this post, win not in- in the
new cabinet,
This inf.il illation was received to
Btghl from an authoritative source In
Trenton. N. J.
Three pMO In the tow cabled,
the portfolio! Ol war. Interior and
agriculture, ant stin under consldera.
Hon bj President-elect Wllaon This
tatement iiis from these three places
I (h.. UMM .,f fnMhtf fUn-tfHiiv Vofclu
of Montana: former QoVerBOt BorttO,
of North Dakota! ioaepb Paalt, of
Oregon; former Coventor Hawley, of
Idaho: State Chairman Tnllman, of
Nrviiibi. Jerry Sullivan, of Iowa, and
foi. Qaorge Qoethala from further
eofteMeratlon for cabinet places, in
the list probnlily are the name of
Henry Waters, of the KalMaU ftate
Agricultural college: rtcnator Oba
diah Oardner, of Maine, and I'mf.
diaries W. Dal.ney. of the I nlversitv
of Cincinnati, nil of whom have been
mentioned for secretaiv of ggrtCUl
The cabinet plan that have been
tilled, according to the Trenton ln
foriinint. ate
gecretaf) of state William .) r.rv-
a n. of Nebraska.
Sei -ret a ry Of Treasurv William O.
Mi Ailoo, of New York.
Postmaster ueneral ah
llurleson, of Texas.
Secretaiv of 1'onimerce Wi
itedfieid, of Brooklyn.
Sicilian of Labor Will
Wilson, of Pennsylvania.
Secretaiv of Navy Josephus Dan
iels, of North Carolina,
The selection of Congreaaman ited-
fteld for kecretarj of r.mimerce, ttwaa
said, was made by President -elect
Wilson because of his expert knowl
etbje of the tariff, a subject he dls
CUased with Mr, Vllsii many tinirs
during the eampalga and on which he
aria called In conference. In prepar
ing his speeches last summer, Mr.
wpson, it was said last night, fre
quently had occas consult, Con
gressman Rodftold.
No cabinet name will be announc
ed, it was said, until President-elect
Wilson eenda the final list tO the sen
ate for confirmation.
Measuie Intended to Regulate
Interstate Shipment of In
toxicants Becomes Law De
spite Disapproval of Taft,
( Ity MurliliiK
real Bpeilal lasei Wi
hington, Marcl
of 244 to nr. the hous,
over President Taft'a
bin prohibiting shipu
Mttlii Honors Into "il
iy repassed
the Wel.b
of intoxi-
tatei The
senate, passed II over the veto last
night and the bill now pecomea
Only one other time In the last fifteen
years has congress overridden I pres
ident's veto. That was when the
Rtney river dam bill waa paaaed oyer
prealddht Roosevelt's dleagprowil.
Preatdent Taft board his veto almost
entirely upon the ground that the bill
was unconstitutional In that it virtual
ly delegated to the states conrol of P
temtate traffic In liquor when, beheld,
that control was vested aolely in Qgn
greaa, Attorney oeneral Wlekewhgm
had given an opinion also holding the
bill im, , institutional and that the
president forwarded to the senate yes
terday with his veto message, The
aenate repaasad the bill promptly last
night and n,rlv today house lenders
favoring the measure, led by Repre
sentative 'lav ton, chairman of Ihe ju
diciary committee, and Representa
tive Webl.. one of Its franiers, began
working for an Immediate re-passage.
Debate was. limited and the house
repassed the bill with a aide mar
Kin over the neceHsary two-lhlrils
vol.- as Ihe senate bad done.
Thirteen of Fifteen Big Sup
ply Measuies in Danger of
Failure to Pass Both Houses
During This Si
Root, O'Gorman and Biistow
Serve Notice That Lowei
House Must Accept Amend
ments to Public Buildings Bill
tll vi,,, Mint Junruitl M-elitl l.fited Wire. I
Washington, March I - a well-defined
filibuster that developed in the
senate earlv todav against tin con
ference reports on the rivers and har
bors bill and the public buildings Mil.
threatened tonight to hatre ilaaetroOS
raanjnj on the completion of the ap
propriation legislation of this session
of congress, With adjournment onlv
about sixty hours away, ooAgfetl Lfl
night bad thirteen of
luppi) bills unfinished
eeedlnga In the aenat,
to Indicate that seven
snres might fall of
March 4th.
Senators Root. O'tloi
tow bad Issued a (III
Its fifteen big
and the pro
wcre such as
Knot. o'Qormag and iiris-
MttOd a direct tlltiuiatum
nsr of representatives must
pt eome of the general
that tli
amendmenti put int
lugs bill by the se
sure would not pas,
the public buihi-
it. or the nine
il ibis session of
Senator N.w lands, of Nov ada. hold
ing the floor for several hours during
the day, Insisted that there should be
m, action on the rivers and harbors
conference report unless an efeportu-
nltv vv,i s given for h v..t. In the house
presenlativ, s
upon bis
ment proposing i
board to take control ol ail waterwa)
iirv elopntfot.
The naval. agrtcattUtal, pension. In
dian, legialatlve, poatofflye and sun
dry civil approprtatioDa lulls wore mi
holg hark from final action hen the
filibuster started. Conference nuii-
mltteei worked until after mldl
last night and throughout todav
tempting to adjust diffei no s
tweea the two hous. s.
The continuation or the seituti
buster may so block the ratlflc
he itioii
of these conference
as to make It imp,
all of the hills la
March 4th.
in case any of th
reports, however,
I8ble to Mnish up
II in
n ii
antment departments may not be
bankrupted. The opposition to the
public buildings bill was based on
the ground that the conliicnee Com
mittee had Omitted all of the general
Items and had left only the local ap
propriations which Bona tor Briatow
referred to as "grab" Item.
Among the senate amendments
dropped out of the hill were those for
the Arlington memorial bridge, a mili
tary armory, an extension of fne park
system and a national Hod Crow
building, ail in Washington, and $9,
nan, not, for
York court house
t lolls
onlv measure
ill, today vvrr
a had ihe
inv nlv lug
about M.outv ana i
and consular bill, carry
more than $x.oaa,a(M).
The measures resting
condition today involve
prlatlons of more than
Indianapolis in the dynamite eases,
will be released on bond tone -row
from th,- Leavenworth penitent try,
The tav.OOO bond rained in San fraii
Judge Kohlsaat in the federal court.
HdWard Noekels. secretaiv of tllO
Chicago federation of latbor, left to
night for Leavenworth wtth O1' or
der for the nu ll s release. This leaves
nine ot the convicted labor men still
in the penitentiary unable to eecure
basis i
by the
a law.
I ei el t
ranged to hit
general deli.
11100,000 to .
, fleet,
Imenl to th
iipco,u lation i -1 1 1 paned
Mfashlngton. March i The house
lair today adopted the conference re
port on the armv appropriation bill
carrying IH I. ami .ana ami the pension
appropriation I. Ill carrying $ I so, nun, -
State Cential and Executive
Committees Decide to Let
Every Job Hunter Boost Own
Candidacy As He Wishes,
Months Ago Is Repudiated;
Wilson Will Have Plenty of
Matoiial to Pick From.
sl-,lr ( ii,IIhI llttrr v,.,,ii,K n.urniil I
s.ini.i I'e, March I. After morning,
afternoon and evening aeaetona had
been held here todav h the demo
cratic central and exeeutlvt commit
tees, It was llnullv derided to aban
dop the plan formulated by th. eat
cptlve committee fn the distribution
of federal patrunmp in New Mexico.
This IrtivrH rv rrv .1 ,.,il ica nt for a fed
eral position free p. grt what endorse
to. nt i an from the different mem
bers of ihe Owmmltte mid precludes
the committee as a whole from en
dorsing anyone for anv thing.
Hummed up, ihe plan agin. I on
cheeks the endorsing ..r candidates
si, uai. lv up to the state chairman, lh
national committeeman ami the con
greaaman. Who nr. . .-siiitlv will have
the last say In presenting the nanus
nt ofTlrescekera m the preatdent
At thr gaaaton this evening n was
decided to tuthorliti' the stair choir
man, ti. ui. mal cminllteetnar, and
member of congr. s ,.. present to the
preatdent all applications from New
Mexico. This s. hi in. . it is u nde rat I,
does mn leave them to mak. any re
eommOndatMM or to pass upon any
applications, imi simply lo a't aa an
official i hiinuei fin the tranambarton lo
the executive of such applications as
may he placed In lb. il bands for thai
matter, adopted this ufti
v ad, That eat h Candida ti
appointment within or
state of New Mexico be
a fedi I
out th
to his own Indl
he may use o
ment as to th.
the channel
which in win present
to the final appointive
This was offered by .
substitute tor a Inn
over wblrh ilie coniir
his npp
poll If."
all afternoon
itself was .1
tlvi mmlll
querQue and
goodly numhi
cruts. Conal
The long resolution In
ihstltute for the execu
' plan drafted In Alhu
had the support of a
of the old guard demo
ra hie criticism was di
rected against Ihe executive commit
tee for its plan of distribution of pa
tronage, but when adjournment was
taken tonight all was harmonious.
The democrat! feel that the plan
aa adopted precttalea tin forma tlorr of
any "machine" n., in general appear
to be well satisfied wim it.
This afternoon the committee
ndopted a resolution to tin general
effect thul as many placet
secured for the Spanish
X merle. i us
mist ration
Hon and
it as high
under tiir democratic udmln
as had i rrn their lot under tl
Ihg republican gdmtnlatratf
that thesr placet should be ol
a grade, Th. latter provision
sorted after the Introduction
resolution as a preventative
giv ing the Spanish-Am. i o .
S(Ual or larger number of I to.
was In-
of the
ppolntmunts, Some op
was manKeated, tin n
being lo make the ills,
ces to Spanish- A no 1 1 u
iate to their strength
the number giv en thi i
ipuhlican ndmlnlsl i a I i"i
I scheme had mice id
Would have stood pledge
t hem about one-tenth of
I publicans gave them, tor
of Spanish-American de
about one-tenth of the p.
, Spanish t nigricans In the
! exodus
democratic leaden, Ho
sp. tit In the discussion of
cunty factional llghi 'I
least temporarily patched
ternoon, hv seating two ne
Morrow lotion ami one
Kohlhauaen fiction, Tin
ordered a ptiuiary to be
county to settle which fact
Mal i ll
er a long
ite f III i
I 'i.nsi.l
sitioa to th, measure was
- hill, which was amended
' Judiciary committee ami
,ilv to express
apeciflc rat. - ol
(dental Injuries
oi death to .111-
go t.. confer-
om penai
in tianbillty
It will now
Rebel Commands
Tells Associated P
Eager to Arrange
Mexican Republic.
onference of Insurgents Was
Called at Ahumada Prepara
toiv to Meeting With Gov-
i llv M. .nil, in .I.Mirll.il Hrrliil I n,,-,l Wirr I
K I'aso. Tex . March I. Uelieral
paaeital Droaeo, junior, th.- comman-
dcr-ln-i hlef of the ii, tli, i ii evolu
tion, until todav silent regarding his
stand in tin Mexican dllema, gecbtraa
that he is eagi r to arrange pein e by
negotiatlona, In a newel to quest lorn
put b.v the Associated l'l i s., li. n. nil
OroacO, from his camp at Villa ',hn
inada. t'lllhuahua, todav tin, il, ile-
eteratioaj aomewhat ctaariHg the mya
terv of Ills whereabouts and connec
tion with the revolution since his ills
appearance after the rebel defeats ut
ojtnaga last Heptember.
Colonel .lose Cordova. III.. .cos see-
to conl. i with the Part) in power and
I., lav .low n ihe demandi of the rebel!
as repreeented bj the Droaco faction,
in this tun the rebel chief proposes
to take a,, directly, and at once, th"
matte of the paciMoattaa of the north)
but to see bis, what Will be offered
hv Provisional PrefMent Huerta and
his advisors. OroSCO, himself, will re
main some time at Abuinaila, between
Ittgrea and Chihuahua City, when, he
Is In lOOch with Ihe outside World lo
telegraph ami railroad.
"The government of Mailt lo having
fallen. I am disposed to peoognigt
Preatdent Huerta, and lo eomplett
arrangement! have sent mi repreaer
lathe, Colonel I'onbiva, lo Mexico
City," "id oeneral Oraaop lode)
''Regarding the manner of tledero'i
death I cunnot ex,.t.ss an opinion, for
1 lin k dala of the cln iimst.. ir es
Since the battles al t ujlnaga, 1
have been attending io my health,"
was the answer giv . n
care to explain vvhc
1 1 roam did not
he iMd been
since his disappearance.
ilegardlac ihe naming of Oeneral
Inei Halaaar as commander -In -ch lei
of thr northerti revolution at fluada-
Upe some Weeks ago, tSenelUl Oror.cu
Insisted that no
in his relatloi
Chief!! Unit Sa
ai ling oommah
"The chiefs ,
operating In th
on orders," In
OUpy the sunn
ginning Of tin i
Manuel liar.
win arrive her
ilige had In '
, the othe
r lllelrlv 11,
I chief:-
Still 111 III
Ah ii ma da,
, ml uongri
el's lo con
guiding III
tile Oil I'll
lulling toward
be held a gen
ulutlonarr b ad
egpr eased
I he re me ml
Imiists w ill be. The niei iinK of re
. htef! at Ahumada would he pn
nary to the projected mooting oi
northern r, ivolutlonlati and dale-
gates of the Huerta goverliiuehl al
san Antonio, Tex., which apparently
has been losleli ll hv the I'llHed BtBtOI
government, lienor .Mdnpa, howevei
is said to represent informally Oeneral
Huerta. Negotiation! already am un
der way by telegraph between Oroici
and Ueneral Antonio llahago
mander of th.
with headqufl
thern mllltai y mm
.it I 'hlhtlahiia I'll)
i el lured In Mexb b
" deoUtred ' nora
, in telcgfenii n
ill guarantee would be tna.h
e republic,
ai Sohiales, al
hlhunhtt! ' 'It y,
virtual prisoner
! iieting military
inedi has iiisrov
conatltutlon pro-
Stan- capital, although apparently
kivi n lii.- liberty.
PIlOPtlRTtONH IN siimhi
Douglas, Arts,, March i -wvolten
agalnal th! Huerta government are
mobilizing at I'olonia Morel. is, an
American Mormon settlement in s,.-
in .i;i. The ih srrt. i" from Agua pri
uluction of Woodn
William J, Biyan, Josephus
Daniels and William G,
McAdoo Expected Tomor-
iow: Maishiill (ids 1 orated,
, it, Meealai I ssl apaslal leased Wife,)
Washington. March I iftj thou
Nnd v isitors. it w II el un it. .1 bv
railroad officials, had rem hed w n
lagtoa tonight as the vanguard or thi
110,(01 .X ted to willies- Hie flrt
Inanguratloa in twant) yean of a
democratic praatdiai of the United
tail for the elaborate ceremonies of
'I'll. 'Film bad been completed and tin
i in. bedecked In patriotic and holi
day ai'iav. a I read ha- assumed a Jo
Vial ipirli Tonight. Psnaaylvaala ave
nus from th eapltel t.. the White
llousr was emblazoned with, arches
..f electric liuhl throimh which passed
lacreastn! thousands as rapidly as
trains from every section reached ihr
teemed with laaugural avtlvltj which
tonight turned Into gayety, lis bbrtorle
avenue being tiaiisf iiiiied into a bril
liant boibiav thoroughfare Rnthuel.
asm whs apparent everywhere, In ho
tel lobbies, reata-urante, thaeteri and
tin' in, mi thoroughfare!, with arriving
clubs and military oompanleo, which
are to partlelpatl in the Inaugural
parade, cugtrlbttting lo the general
Ufflcbtl cumptetioa of the itiaugttrn
lion plans now await the arrival M
v Iroa W ilson, the president-elect,
wlio will roach Washington at I It
o elm k Monday afternoon, escorted bj
ipaWal train binds of Princeton unl
versiiy itudenta and the Brae troop
from New JeTeej which is to act us
hi official escort Hi the inaugural
V Ice-Pree Ideal elect Marshall ipeni
tin- .second il.n In his in home, look
ing afar bis prospects. After an early
morning greeting from the black
horse troop of cadets from Culver,
ad,, who air to i.r bis esc nt n In
auguration iluv, Mr Marshall visited
the senate, ov . r which be is to pre
side for the next four years, and In
pected the office in the capltol build-
Pi n
lirlim pi'es
lug b's h oi lo greet him ami wis,
ing tin gen administration su.
cess Tile Vice president -elect ill tUtt
smilingly expressed bis regret thi
Mr 'I'ii ft WOUld not he present nfli
March -a 1 1 . to aid by his Influence, i
the aaauranee of i. h a oonaummt
illi inhil I.
cepted as
Ml Ail.
I'nusuai precauMOM
itructltm of the f
nt i
Oeneral K.
Of til. d
. Bteavi
pa 1 1 ment
r, in coin
Of Texas,
Sam Hous-
fore a re
i o neral
limit Au-
imaadir of
death last
I ,osr W.
r Will I no
Mh. ii.' b
g ust
tllr d
pa rt ment
f Itriguilh
all, i tin-
I Qenen
ry Knox Details Long
Jnsatisfactory Effort to
te Little Latin-Ameii-
Offended Government Piefe
to hrm Its Cause Win
ll. M.r.tliiji ,l...ii;,l S,..,l,,l .r,h,., airr.)
! waahlHgtOn, March I. In a spe-
I rial maaaage reviewing Ihe control n
With Colomhi! over Ihl separation
I of Panama Prealdenl Taft today
transmitted lo the senate a report by
kecretarj Kimv which declared that
Colombia's Hat rejection of prelliul
narj settlement propoaala by the
Halted Slates bad closed the door to
ag) further oicrtuies mi the part of
the United States,
lb.- report luggeeted that a hope
prevalent In Colmlda that the In-
romlhg democratic admlnkftratlan
would agree to a settlement on mora
liberal terms, was respoiisilile for
Colombia' i attltudi aj this time
American .Minister HuDoHl learned
Unofftclallv that this hope existed,
and thai tin- i 'olombhtu government
see rata r j Kn"
that lb! efforts
men! to rephtt i
staled in his reort
of the state depart -
tin. rehttloni of the
two countries in a state of cordial
friendship and m lit unl confidence was
in .i.. bv tiir pirajdeiit's conviction
that to do so. se far as consistent with
the dlgnltj and honor of the eatted
Sillies ami with the principles of jus
j lice, was a plain duty, lie pointed out,
j how, v, r. that us the subject of arbl
i nation was now being urged by t'o
lutnhiu, It seemed obvious Ihal no
t. no of arbitral submission could be
' eiileriMiueil vvhu li tnfght cult in tpie
j lion thr right of t'atmmu to exist na
n sovereign state.
Supporting mis view, be quoted
'from Seel ,-ta rv llav a declination to
turn lo Tli. Haglle tribunal because
I Hi., questions presented in the Catoga
Man s "statement ol grievances," were
Of a political nature and not within
the domain of a Judicial dagtaidtt The
report criticised th! Columbian gov-
arament for repeated failures to carry
out it engagement during the oouran
of th! "negotiatlona and asserted that
the Kay-Herran treaty of loa failed
because the Colombian preeideat, t.y
an amaalm d partun from the praos
Ihr I
xpll.lt direction of his pre-
essor. II
harged ilmt the nego'
s of the subsequent treaties
Framed bj Beereten Hoot foe
Ijustment of all questions h
thr three oountrlea actualiy
imposed by the government of
which now
had refus-
- i olomlilan
t to create
i nalon
I unl
recall of one of the
I, The secretary ad-
ambli has suffered by
nap her sharo of tho
fits Of the canal, saying Ibis was
igpta nation
ml.. I Slal.
onfllctlng I
mdaaeof (
ig Interest! ot tho three
in conventional fixation
eaaure of compensation.
In mat, rial equivalence."
, ,,r ihe United siaici, bo
marked by "kindly for
l , quttabie gcncroalty."
Knox touched upon thn
ent, when on tho eve of
, on a mission of gooit
public! of tho CoribbeanJ
I a.ldi
personal intlmat
of th! plenaurn
W olllil a Hi
him lo include t olom
rary, was met by tho
m il a visit would bo
,,,1, i for an at nitration under thu
terms of the old unity of 1MB, Where
bv (he United States guaranteed th,
io nit, 'Hi', of in,- isthmus In consldcr
ttlon of enjoying tho right of fron
transit, the secretary held that a de
, i-i,iii on that point would revive tho
old charges, which, aa has been polnt
!,d it. were not subject to arl.ltra
iion Referring to the last phases of
ill.- negotiation! as conduct od by
Aineii,. in Minister Pit Bout, it wa
stated thgl a program was evolved lll
lended to dntonetrate (h,- sincere de
sire of the Dnlted Btatei to allay ohce
i n all the III feeling existing In t o
I, mil, la. Hut beasausa prevloua adjust
ments hail I., , u ahattered twice by the
failure ,.f their nnal acceptance at
Bogota, the reporl said, it was felt
that am fresh form of ptopusuls shall
ananate from ihe Colombian govern'
Therefore, the minister was author
ized slniplj I" malic known through
Informal and confidential converaa
tlom certain basis, which If reduced
p. the form of ptopusuls made to the
i'nlted States by the government of
Colombia, would receive sympathetic
u uji rufe TlMW

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