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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, March 19, 1913, Image 2

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Spring Time
in i in vol it ii6li i I'M '
OrfTW I I Ml in n mii
I vs I i X1
Ur ro I mif ms lnlUt
s, , I . t Ik ii In Vi iil nf
l.W V Vi l l i . IKH. oil l llll ll
I I Ml
Raabe & Mauger
lt.1-117 Vo ill I H I HtfM '
Aztec Fuel Co.
Klertrloal Contractor.
Motors, CWlnn, Every thing
Kie-Mriaal Carried In KUxk.
Tetepboa No. I
Wholeaal and Betsti Dwin la
aaoaagee a Specialty
For cattle and hoga tba biggest nn
Hat prleaa are paid.
Snyder's Novelty Shop
All Kinds of Itepalrlog Ixme.
li and f .tinamlthlhg n Kxiiiilli
t outer Fourth hi. anil !! Am
Flame 23.
Albuquerque Foundry and
Machine Works
I iiejn.-ei I i. mull r- Mh
Caallnaa Id Irun, Brass, Hrunxe,
Aluminum, Kloctrlc Milium. UU I n
IfcMtj Pump aad Irrigation.
Work, and Office. Albuiueruna.
Fancy Colorado Apples.
$1.75 to $2.40 box
You won't miss it by
buying a box now.
Flower Seeds.
Vegetable Seeds.
Onion Sets
Plant your garden now.
Chase & Sanborn's Cof
fees, 30c, 35c. 40c
and 46c a pound'
You carft buy better
A. J. Malay
Phone 172
n) tj
iruiin, I
thun a
Colonist xi ursions
P. J. Johnson, Agenl,
is fence Time j
vi i i si mi ILL HI. IS--mi
ii i i ii it fit ii INI
in ROOM i LAW Mint wtv
Ttii- Independent Messenger
lanrloa, m s. aid. pboa &4, is
owned cuiiiaively iinU operated ly
Mra. U M. Murlln ftntH
Ilvrrnl, meaaeiiKei - and hauling.
Prompt aervloe guaranteed.
Opinion Utows That Old, Slip
shod Method of Making Ap
propriations Must Be Dis
pensed With,
III M, , ruing .liiiirflxl tfHtm t e.i-ril H If r
Washington, March in. A general
f i i in i iii down l nV ii a i m pn4ttMfl
mill bring Hum ttttfiln Hi- estimated
revenue ir tin- loveroroenl i iu he
in. h in ih, apt inl actalon of con
gress aa uun hi tin tariff tvii have
been disposed nf iiv ihe Ionise Preal
Mini Wilsons li-llrr Ih) Se na 1 m Till
mill in. nil ptibMc today, in which hi
declared hlwaell in favor ur a "owe
f 1 1 1 considered mi, i wleet plan trad
budget," lent iu strength lo the
plan iii m il iiiul, i win in ..tigress
iu bring iii intry'a anormou ox-
i i
w.iiiic President wllnon'a budget
Ideas h.tic mil liccn outlined lu inoiii
hers uf congress, II I" ii"l expected
llnil iln budget eyetem advocated by
fiatdpi Tafl iind prepared by tM
economy eowiiwlailon again iii ba
anted n" iii' baata 4 th detoocrutrc.
appropriation system Thi htro
bai bmb) I'Hiii opponent, inotudlnii
Iln Ictiili ih ul (In- Kii .il i unniiHIi'cs
which nuw haadh approprtatlooa,
iii, iroiioni) Lommlttrv appolati-d
bl the damocraU uf hi houaa in
their cavrui ui March '. iu not ma1
milll .iftcr (In hrMlOa hAfl dltPOBad, f
I Hill LIU- in tin- x 1 1 MiBnliin. Kf-
lurti then win he ui.i.i. I., .i.viru ii
pliin fur haJldllnn Ih' ct Ima i cm iiiul
apprupriatlonM that com bafara ttw
fcgulai irailon in Detfitibar A lnrl
pllvtaloa ajtttta lialwan tihaitiiwh
i i .i iiii. uf tin appi DprtaHoni
1 1 1'Miiiiiii. i' whu favora kIcIhk all ap
fttroprlntlon bllbi lb thai commlttaa
i with i .a in i ii tu mi a ,i gen rat'
budfrt . ommlMva, and Rapraaantu
i il ' sin i la) ..I K' titu. kv . u in, li.i pi ...
rpoatd n ifpeclal nudfai comntltta oi
jiii,' hiini-, . in eompriaa Vtit chatrrrran
.'uiii taadlai inamlra p a auntUaf nil
j tmpuriant rommlttcaa Thr cunm.M-
Uw dvocatm t vallooi budget
I pinna ml. ml to cOAfal fully with
, t i . i . i . 1 1 1 trVUaQji baow altamptlM
la a i.'. "ii am kihiciii ui gananu
1 1 , mi ui ... m xpadltura.
i)'Hlrii uucHiin i onttnuoa todu, 1
in S80 N. nth.
luiu i llraata, auM
- aundara, Alfa Ufa.
March 1 5 to April 1 5
inil-claiih ticknta from Albuquapqua to UM An
i iiciio mui to iuun uiiu i point) in CaiKamia
. i r . k i , i u d inic tan from iiulntx on uihcr linen
Albuquerque, N. M.
MEmm i
II nllilMIIKll llolll I'
an. I tin ii nii. ii iu
ilinpati h annoum rd
i.. aa HW .'inil had
Anuihcr I dear n ni
rei.orta, dim r. i tb
a.lininlririni.i at Sal.
. t rii lxi the In fcl(
.intra. King t)fora
h. I f.ivurltc I. rutin
' cntly ail tf ' iinl a iiol
Iraaiu bww, in the
brothar, Kiuk 1 radi
I Inn
lllkt Tile Kfcrtt
ful IJiieen AlMt-
..f Urcecc, man
Mic "Uly re-
nolher. ulllluugh lea
the death nf her
adi rii k of Daamark,
torlu broke the newa
Tba Prin ran
to bur.
il la -a ul to he pi on
'licorice ami yucn
n Wludaor in her to
ithin they i an t n
ui L'loae relation-1
ir.iteil uhd hi
Mary will (ii I
offer whn,! ( fri
If tin- kltiK of
dilp with Iln HiIIIhIi i .i I r 1 1 1 1 1 did
iioi xiet, , the i. onial.im ex uf hia
deuth would debar the court fur a
Utm fr oaa mi. i ii fun. Hum- ii m .
peeted lhat court i. ournlna will be
announced fur three ihouiIim and thai
iii uffi. lai xgaganiaBbi, sxcapl tht
in, no neiinaary onca, will he canci lh-d.
It la expeeie.l ih. body of Um mur
dered king win he tabap to Athena
for In, i in.) 1 1 .1 ii wai'Hhip, He
went to Mui 'inki linniudkatvly. alui
Hie occoiiaHon nf Hint tty uikI ro-
ii. i mil there in (he cupndty of euin
nMMMM -in-i Maf of tl,, nnny. 1
Kliuj lleorge of Uleeee wan a fre
iUein i-iinr tu Ijondoti, hi- laxt lail
bftiiK on the oi caalon of KlnK
aai.l luueral, when ba Plat Tolonel
I'lieuiluii n .-it nnil hecaina i
eedlriKly friendly with the ex-preal-
ilenl. win. in he ini.i . .-.M-d a.- one of
the inoal ilem... rale rliui .u lei a allionM
the Kuropean Kityeieiaua aaTaHpblod
here. H reinaliied aa a Riieat ut
llili kinnli.nu palai e for acierul duya i
and, with Iuh liroihei. Kiiik liedernk;
f lien k. walked ah.. nl Ihi atleeta
nun Ij i
laattvndril and iinrecugnixed.
um x ii,. i loiui ! the rowda
there-a In front nf the pnlnee
iln- new Knallah klna. their
eiug wlmllv uiixUNpccled by
iikiiu n wiih whom they rub-
Severn I i
win. h ga
III . he. T
ul. Ml ll .
thr work
hed elbow x
on a funnel vbrlt to the clly. the;
I. ond. ai iirpoiiitiuii eni. rlnlned him I
at tin mniii .mil ami pieaeuicil nun I
With HI alldleoa nf welcome, i If alii
llle I o lllll In ails "f Klllope. Kllll!
OHMaTVa 02 QraeCi ami bla liiinlali
lirolh.l KltlK I'l ederlek. who aa
iiveitaken by ii fiil.il Hlneaa, while
trtilllnK In iln -1 r. .in of Itiimhui'K
alone, were iiiiuiiiK the iiiuKt tinoalcn-
iiitinua. ti i,ad maji rriepda atttotii
the dtptoroata of tin eafroua nntiona
and aouie uf nie w a no eat friendahlpa
were with untitled pevaona.
KIiik lleorge had a parih ular fond
iiran for it good dlniu r and a name of
i Urdu and waa Km wn to all the for
moat reaia u ran tour In tbi conttnantnl
eapiiuu mui anjttaring place, fata ni
populnlh eredll.'l with being I'Mlher
easy going
w oi k At I
ill the malt, r of hard
meeting ."f Uoalema and
Turki-h xymiini In, i
ihe armonncemenl of
iion was greeted i
"ahiiine. although th
cheerx. The amilem ,
M ret peel for the king
Tin earl of nelbouri
I m . ling ..f th, roya
tale, annoum ad lite
king ami mild Hint nil
expreas Ihelr deep x i
official word of the death of the king
bp tu a htt bout tonight. The lord
max or of London, sen I a message to
the tlreek minister aa Ing
"The clttaen of London sympnthls
with th. (Iraek royal fflin.ll) and the
'ii" K Ration In th ir 'i. rcuvenient
and eXplTSa their horrot at the
Prime.' The lord . mayor alio .Uile
gtephed condolences to Uu king and
to Queen Mother iienn4 w hi in tin
lord mayor of Hindaoi ailed a the
aslle (0 offer i omloleiu :,
The loiiK stn nl the 'Hock kll ill
Salonlkl, when- be had been since No
vember lath, wax made with the ob
ject nl showing i i recce's title to per
mam nl peelan Of the city. When
the Wr wilh Turkey brok,. out, caih
ot the aiitex mail, for the ten 11 1
in hlrh lis Iniercsls lav. Qrcejkg and
Bulgura alike coveted this prosperous
port, The iin-ck irmj won the race
to th,. city ami, unaided, received the
febmtaslon ui the Turkish garrison.
The Bulgarian, however, who were
"i"1 i n behind, sent in a portion of
their arm) and sine then there has
been coiMtderabl friction, and even
fighting Th,. (treeka, neverthele.
eatahllalieil mi adinlnixli utlon and tho
king lull i icily left for Saluiiikl !
lie played imxi to Km Ferdinand
of Bulgaria, and ihe 'row print; f"
ftervia on their isiix to tne iity. Hei
raafhretl thai his presence then, was.!
not wlthoui i" iii fun in- kb sur
t 1 1 1 ' 1"V ' 1 U I "'- 9 I
the bead, throat ami lungs almost
immediately, finds levers. atois
Ulauhnrges of Ihe imao. lakes mm
all aches ami pains caused by colds.
it urea tinp and obstinate roughs
and prevent Pncnionlii. Price 25c.
All urugguu.
roupjed by makontci
h id mat p4a Vr thih
nl bf UI T '1
Th kin. Vk
olurly in tl
iroiiKh ui. mi
buie ur attended
. UTlen lie i .if
l mcntri nerc be
ts Juhlle am! It
i lcbrut ion wuii d
of nail ii. .ll iii-
pi laniwi a.aaal' .- ih kinn'a
um i keil . Iiaraclcrialli On u.i iaca
alou when an alleu.pt waa inn'. I
aaaaaalnate him, wl.il. he wu driv
ing with Prlncvaa Man, he ruae :
bin full height in Ilia urrlage and
hlaldlng In- itanghi. i with hla boity,
ftirtoualy nbook hlx ..me at two neii
abo art re tiring at hi i
Tim King a angiultirity, which bad
been waning owIiik to I ha dix ll -
icaulta nf the ilia. o-Turklah war
roae agalu at a bound m height m.i
lfore attained earlh r In hla ni4lL
King lleorge hnd unrrthat nj.'tuef
escape from deuth Ihla tlcn at '.be
ban da of one of in n aentriea. Aa
i ai lux Ufa time habll be was lik
ing on. night along une of Ihe unaya
at rii. ana, when a - titty challenged
blin BeltiK iiiiwIIIiuk to i veal hla
identity, the king t I abruptly mi
walked away. Without more 13 1 the
aeniry fired. The bullet grat'd the
k i iik a alioulder.
Tli, next day the x.ulr.i waa fltiui
ni. ii.-il to the iialai uiupliinetileil on
hi- alteniion to dui and pr.- i i.o
with the order iff the Itedethpler.
Through Ihe luai fen yOMBj ll "
i a paaaad ihrouKh . pgrtof of nn
icat w hich cauaed the war of '. s7
mid frciiiienlly threatened to 'dVOlVg
ihe on nt ry In u Ptmggla Willi Turk rjf.
Slii.-e then the king, however, had
ll, ,1 a inoilitutlng llllluencn . mil. Ill
IHlfl. h aiimmoiiinu an UPCOngtltU-
tloiiul nallonal axeenihlj
hlmaelf of the bjunperlng
the nillltary Tengui
Aguiil 111 the a. I n -
. nlaaloa h plnced the 1 1
oc i.i . lot it a ua thlx grai
Preni ar
nli in In--
Ht'lt "lliilll
'a donuav
ii. wax in-, on n I
h. niciiilcd the I
i .-very court.
inpiialiment he I
In Internal af
atest Intercat and I
ml, lie work and
IH ruled lux peo
I mid knew tin in i
nation loved him.
union was placed j
i i. coiiciiinit tht j
Htntielileniuir tui
thoroughly ami lu
a In av
shoulders lu
'action and at
lally he V as I
i he pernSiltet
out renialiil.
i iiwi wtim: t inn n to
Crown Prince EVrngtentine eomea to
the throne nf flfV-eve' at Ihe very
heiitht of hla popubtrity, which he has
won on the field1 of ijuUle III Mace
donia, and which
iiiuii raiaed to th.
the uafiure ..f ,ia-
hlgheat lab 'i
It waa not alwuya thy.. He auf
fered with other rrieniWra of the royal
family for the hUlure uf the dree
arms in the Turklxh war of lsn;. and
when, at the i umiiiHlnn nf thai war,
an act wit pnaaed denting the post
of comiiiandei - in-chief an.l confertag
ii un Conntentine, the Alttereet oppo
siiioii waa aioux. d. . continued to
hold the poal, ImWevcr, until the rV
OUlUon of th' milttiit v leitgue in ISu9.
when he was loreeil wlih other
inincea, to resign from the army. Al
legatloua of cnwartlioa during the Tur-
kiNh war gtere made aicninat him and
nllcu- 1
besieging Jaiiina mid biding his tlm
and by a military ruae. Captured th
fortress. The mw gueen, who wa
prtnoa Bophle, sister of Bmjtero
WHIIinm of 'l.rniftny. has becdm
deeply attach, ,1 t.r the coiinti v ,,f he
HI M Ch Mi H i:ix i
H Klt. ill
UvjgMnhagen tiareh ik.
t.iti:i: i:
-'I he ie. i-
est aori nw i
of King iin
bey ' over, iu U-a
nl I, ilea,., whu w
vtsry popular .Un oughoiit fiennial k
for the last Itti years be hod been
sccuctomed t,. spend a aix or 'ight
weekx holklut in Coponhngen, living
like an
iiiuii . , lUarn and: taking
Interest In
Ut'SK HVft c, , fi.tai ui .1
the III
native country
a I Um aewapaperi
"i Vt" 4if4j'illatloi1
tmuilc ha lb
ft ml
igh a pre dispatch
. moved, partii utaHy
i 'oilier. I'rifli Vnlde
he hud ahvayx muin-
i onqiertlpahtp.
i receive, i an official
thens iit rrrtdnafht
royal family remaln-
rn.ern . M
uiui.iuiri. is)
eta aftani
a fortune
riarraly toward Jour
niah newspapermen
i. interview He spi k
.1 Kut'openli political
mlah eiurt will as
for a long period
i jbu some of the
ante mourning
hrlxtiiin will Nil
,Uuklh funcM
. . . . n
hINt. I.I ultt.l - t I
waahington Mararl lhH-H
U 0 M
H t t
whk received at the J(4S iltlalluli
her., toiilglu from the mlnlater rT
foreign affalrx of i;r.-cc. announcing
the uaauaainntlon of KiIik 4urge. Tin?
dlxpateh xtated lhai thV kIHK '" ax
aiiaainated while tuklmr hla ilAial walk
in Saluiiikl at o'clock thin afternoon.
He wax nhot lu the bak with a re
VOt , i k'gd died a half MBtfT later.
HI I'll til hIM. W il l Mil
t II M.i: It M K W I'lll ll A .
.w York. Miircli 1 8. --The death
r Kinv Ceorge of liteece, will make
no . haioje in the Hal kali xlluilllnn In
the opinion of tJeorga Maianal form
er American lulniatcr to Qbneca, who
iialaiie,! hla pot laat Nominee and
nw haa baalKag nfflcaa m thlx city.
Mr. Moaca xuld that 'onalaiitine. Kinu
tieorge'a ami and aucceaaor. im en-
tiri'l) in a I
In- f.ilhet and In
"The thouaht
etnphatli ally on
with the pnUcice of
if atroM I'eiaonallty.
which ariaex moat
the news of King
!. Ml lie'. I.--I ll t "Ii ' lie S.I let. ' S
the tragi il) of xm h an end to hla lonir
mid ajattttl ggonggr at a time when In
wua within a few monthx of celehrnt
Ing the Jubilee of hla fiftieth vear
on the Hellenic tnronc am: wn. n n.
wa- nn the point of soncludlna a
lorn.ua war b) giving to Ql I
doublad territory and doubled pop
Intton. "To this day of BUcceaa. King .
lleorge had contributed much. With j
great tact, he had led hli poople
through days of difficulty ami wax
nn xiiuill factor In the work of reorx
alllggllllg which had broaglit the
lin i K got eriiiuent. Its army and Ita
na y. to a point where the . ggM
nagg Ii vb-torloua War auainat their
traditional foe in the oogotlatlona
leading in tin- itaikau federntton.
King ieorge waa a coiiataiil and help- .
fill oonlrlbutor. and. hut for the tragic I
late m tilth haa now eottd tp him. he.
doulillesa. as the aeiilnr llalkan Hum
anih and no leas by M imrxonal meiit. ,
would have become the heud of u i
pertnnaettl Balbnn alllanoe,
klla ileaih will make no t hango In i
the pbins of the glllgg 'onxtantnie I
a highly trained aoldl-r In whom I
ill lib
lunutir luiKif hJ U' llmpR
jk j" a a am aaaan nup AViniin
' IINU U ML u II 1
I to ta.Mi.OOl'.i xubseiiuently suggoet-
led. FtQguUy, UPOn the rcpiest of th
CUnede government, it was reduced to
Case of Convicted Officers of!''.""". m h was announced
, , thai iiie proponed Internal Improve-
Turpentine I lUSt ftrgUeOimenu wa m-t to be ai axtenaivi ...
Before Highest Judicial Mb-K0?. pan'o! de-red .,
unal of Nation,
. .... aa i.... ..I ..... 1.1 I ....... I U Ira I
I lt 'I m I in ilk, nn -I" ' "
Wushlngtoii. Man). IS- Many ex-
.b.,.ii..ns ,.,-,. demanded today, by
, .1,.. u, , n nf Ihe
III. 'Ill CCI 1,1 ,.' r,M..,.,. .
United Bteten, when attorney for lite
ofllcar of the Amorlcnn Nvl Rore
pany, tin to-called "turpbntlne
trusl," atartcd to argue that the Sher
man anti-trust act was uncOOgtitU
lonal as a criminal act. Samuel B.
Adgm, of Savannah, Ha,, rgnfgggnt-
ing the pany, undertook to reply, I
hut finally concluded this feature of
bis argument by
tu his printed hli
ifcrrlng the
The argument marked the linal ef
fort of the defendant to have set aside
their conviction lu the lower courts, of
violation of iii" Bhertnnn anti-trust
act. It was charged that they de
pressed the market for turpentine and
rosin, to such an extent lhat pro
ducers weic compelled to sell at ridlc-
UOuaiy lO prices. Two of the Xuvul
Store company's officers, Spencer P.
ghotter, chairman of the board of di
rectora, .m.i 3. V. Cooper Myers, vice
nrealdenti kr. the firrst men aeptenced
lor Vlolatfoh
beforu the si
.f tl
cently. Hi
tu lot oi ni' "i s or t in- s"-
h regbttbr irubt,'! convicted
listened to the argument to- i
ma) ffftd halilly' stated tt
iritmnal had never
niu-tittiioniility oft
-V '"i::r
le law ax a nctl
penal act, when Chief
Justice White suggested it had never
"directly" passed upon the point, em
phasizing ihe word "directly." The!
attorney then explained that his posi
tion wax that the Sherman law, In
prohibiting "unreasonable restraint''
of Hade, bad provided PO standard or
criterion by which a' ts might he mea
sured and so was too Indefinite lu be
taken us a criminal law'.
"As 1 remember It, within a year
or so w decided n case in which we
held that 'reasonable' was a suffi
'iently definite standard,'' declared
Justice Holmes. Mr. Adams suggest
ed he had distinguished thut case
from the one he was arguing.
To you have the crime of man
slaughter in licorglaV" uxked Chief
Juatict White.
'inline It."
Mr Adams hesitated. The chief Jus-i
'i . thereupon recalled an incident
lb. u happened in New Orleans Just'
alter u period of military law wherein'
a man shot another who was real hing
for his snuff box in his hin uocket.
".Now tin jury found in lhat day .1
was reasonable to suppose when a
mun reached, to his pistol pocket he'
in. ant to pun i,jH pistol and acquitted I
the accused un the ground of self-dc-ichso.
Th,- Jurj declared tne act was
reasonable, l,,w do you distinguish!
that case from this."
Mr. Adams suggested that the crime
of murder was a matter of statute
and contented himself with referring!
to his brief and beginning an attack !
upon the form of the Indictment. For- i
rner Senator John c. Spooner, for the)
.. ' used, and Assistant Attorney lieir-l
crul F'nwler, for tio- government, will!
sddre the court tomorrow,
llles Cured in 0 to 14 Days.
Tour druggist will refund money II
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any.
case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or I
Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 days. SOe
n x irrn
I t'nited Htatet.' toward II
ban, ll wax a uthot itati el
; night thut the an ma pollcj
ply throughout the Wllaon adminiatn
ttoo to parallel iltuattona la Centn
Ajngrleg and elxewhcre In which tt
liul.rl States wax i nli i innl. Tl
policy of protecting, through the ii
fluelice of Hie i;m. riiliu lil ll I III.
pilrtx of Aniciliau hanking Urn
abiiiad waa a iurt of what often Wi
icfeiied lo ua "dollar dlploroncy" I
llle Tuft a.liniiii-tratlon In the la
I awhtttJattntlbn Secretary Knox urgi
'mi' paaeni;. nt iwu loan lon.intlol
aoeking to rehabilitate ihe financea i
Nicaragua .. i. . I llondurna, reapci
If, The United States was to ha
had a VDlce in Ihe aeleclinn oi I
Ingbejetorg of cuatotna, through whl
the Infill, in nl American banki
film- wua lu be protected. Tin ban
lug flriua wen to xiibinlt for the a
provul of the United States and t
Central Ami
.ill govc
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aenate at
qbentloa a li-
tome. Th. loan
ratified hy the
administration i
mining how fai
ei nun at ahoulil
financial 111 in-
In BagU) Hum
liar iiroci xs is .i
it will continue
Ihw treaty betw
the lloinlniean
the Itooacieli .
tin United Btatei
general of euatomi to collect the du
nex, which cunxtiliited the guaranty
for the payment bj tin. Dotnteipan
Wri I'ublie of lis ton Ign il. hi.
rt tl .,. , . .. . m . . , , .
i no iuiin.ai.il inuay oi tne am oi
i this government to w hat has been
, popularly known as the "six power
, liaiu" brings to an end, so far ax can
ha forecasted in pn-aent, the dlplo
DMlUc activity of the United States in
thai connection. The negotiation tej
the floating ul the big loan have been
Iln progresa for more than two wur-,
Iln which time the amount of the loan
lose frnni $:",.mni,iiiui, ileslred at first,
I China when in the throes of ic, i.ii
jMruction," after the fall of the Man-
chu d mui sty
A Belgian syndicate ai first wax
led Inter
Germany, Russia
1 'nlted
St. ilex SO llgllt
i the loan,
tod. i
tati 1 1 1 -1 1 1 means the
mental support in tin
nt pii sent uih a need,
in official in lex hen
banking firms still c
of the loan indcpetulei
the gunmntee of u.
.Minn a Si
daily tasks sufl
bcailadie, inn
, sleep, not know!
; kidney ml hla
i Kidney l'illa gi
Ipuln and mlserj
IV i u i
Night to
Mrs, Hai
and Party,
(fa M.iriilna a .um 1 1 Sisriiiil law!
Rapid City, S. U.. March IS.
private car of Mrs. Oliver Harr
of New- York, stalled hi re in thi
Bgrd of Thursday, pulled out to
A gang oi seventy-IlM nun I
against a lurty-foot ,eep dr
snow, in a cut a mile long, da;
night sine, last week, to clear tl
which, besides Mrs, llarrimau an
sister, Mrs. c. H. Hargens, of
springs, contained the body of
mother, Mrs. Grace Cartey, Who
last Wednesday at Hoi 8p
It was at first proposed to
Mrs. Harriman through on a
There is Only Qne
fk r- i r m i -rn I All
10 CHI
(t'ontliiiicd l lolll I a. . Hue.)
i i
W'UiU tin nMM
raw.aat l..4r.i .lmk1 tU..
That is
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Ahvnys remember the full name,
for tins iini attar on every box.
S Get Ahead
Getting in Line
The puaaport to your em
puer' higher regard and
reaped, young man, la a
Sin Inge Pa-"- ItooU.
Think over that fact be
fore you continue lo thought
lexxly a,n ml the money ou
can and ahould ruvo
An employ'M- can "hank''
on the antployg with a aav-
Iiikn luink account. All em
ployen know timt. Vow m
plover knowa that. Cun be
"bank" un you'.'
fpen a Savings Account
hero lialny and let Our
money earn 4 per cent Inicr
cat. A dollar will do to bW
gin with.
iMUU'Hm 'w MfiXlcO,
Bat a via
Canned Goods
and no higher
The name "Batavia"
tee of the superiority of
the contents, Batavia
Pineapple, for instance
grated or sliced, at from
15c to 30c a can is in
a class by itself. It's the
same with other Batavia
Goods fiuits, vegeta
bles, jellies, preserves.
And you can get Bata
via Goods only at
W. L, Hawkins
1 Oil-1 1 I . Second SI.
Phones 1 1 anil a- I.
I he
Itidgc reservation, report to
; Uial the loss of aim k In th re
bjiisnrd is appalling beyond es-
li'ui at present. The roads from
res, i niion are WwKndgd ami
- has been no i uiiiuiuiiii atluii
llle oiilsiile world since liiat
ic-ilay. Thousand of lleuds of
tanging the reservation and the
lands, owned ny the big (settle
lattice of rolorado, Wyoining
Nebraska, are dead. The full
of iln- i.iizzard struck the re
night and
A Meaangi
K. S. Bacon,
.nds out this
very where.
to liullrnnd Men.
1 1 I last St., Bath, Me.,
warning to railroaders
My work as CObduOtor
caused a chronic Inflammation of Hie
kidneys and 1 was miserable and all
played out. From the day I began
Inking Foley Kidney PIUb I began to
remain my strength, and I am batter
noiv than I have been for twenty
years." Try them. For sale by J. H-
all I
Falls in
A iin i lea
' third
SCI jo-.
I Inflated
aitr wife
he man
hul sin
ilHty.j "., 11'
won I s',v
iCtlOB hap-

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