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ss Ll'cv B, Dodiic. Emine.i
Atistiia Ui7-.es Same Tie,imt
Mormen! Hesitating with ;
Te'uiency to Dullness; Mai
kets Ahioad Affected by Bal
kan Situation,
ly Connected Both in Eng
land and America, Tiies of
Living in Idleness,
he Accoi ded Seuians Now
Leadin". in Sier.e of Setitaii
in Albania,
fJUtt&lljgj! T0 Fi M JO BE BLOCKADED
nnm v nmnv mitt if on dm ... ......
i.uniii u 1 1 i ii in ii.irri iij in i iiiiij ; ivm
ifc. m i n k k ei sp-i i inn
r I
Manager Frank Chance and
Short Stop Dcnick Hint and
foiccci to Rethe; Final Score
is 8 to 4.
(llf Mnrnlim Jniirn.il CiiM'hd I.nd Wire.!
r.rookivn, April T. Tlu .Nov York
. n ii I i' a us. by a score of N to 4.
I irnr, the t i 1 ' Krnoklvn N'a-
5 ;,,liUlH li'I'l' tlMl.iy ill I hi- Second Ol'
lh,' two exhibition names n rrn n -l be
tween the tWO loams. It WHS U Oietl.V
vntiiiv. however, us Chance unci Dor-
were hurt. dinner twisted his.
ankle while tiinii" "rst base aft. r a
,,,se hit In till' second InniiiK, ml '
was forced to retire. Denc was:
r i , i K 1 mi tin; lut til by U lit iit when;
the latter slid Into sn-oiid In i h fifth.:
1 1, nil k was l'i"'ly "1- Ni-itliiT man ;
M,.,y ! able to start tin- rh:milnt- '
ship season Thursday. Sterrett took '.
Ii.: in "K place Yoitnn, who sluiced-,
nl In nick, sot tin- trnwd wiUI with
huili.iitt stops "ml Hir"s.
New Vnvk won by bum hinn hitB off
Knnoti and timely drives, :t I'ti-r Wan-j
tier hoil sent nun ( first on halls.
Warhop tt:i iri tt in tin1 I'iti hinn ranks,
I ul alter l'il hinn 1 1 1 -- hails mill two !
; ; i i lv m to Stimuli', hf n tired I uusc
,1 a Sore unit.
Seore: It. II. K-
Ww York 11 ;ii
I i aklyn 4 :1
lattiiii's: Wiiihop, Fisher anil
S.mi'Mi v; Kno,on, Wanner mul Miller,
't 1 1 1 . i : ;:.",.
'usliiimloii. :t: In nt -i, t.
Washington, April 7. The W.csh
inloii Americans out-played the Now
'i,.ik .Nationals ill mi exhibition nam''
t ,,:a, winninn :! to :'. A line drive in
ih- o,nhth inninn from Tosreaus lull
i i,.ko iho small linner on Knn'l's lf'
hand anil ho was relieved
hv Hunles.
v York Nationals . .
. 1 1 1 1 i ii s: DcMam
It. II. K.
:i : (i
Ti Sl'i'all a lul
mid; .1
ihnson, l-itiKi'l, lluKliis mul
I'lHliiii-: Allro'k. 'I'liio':
liictmo CiiIin 7: linliiiiinMlls I.
i I ! o'a io, AUil 7. Tin ChiraK'i Na
vy hilling, mailo H
from Ho' Imli.iiiHiiolis
o i ii an A-soi l.-ilioM tiam toiln,
iniiik' 7 (o -1. I.a i'inli'1- f-ot him
' inlo anfl out of sowtjI hohs.
;f inlo nnfl out
'I I ., , l. It. o...l f,.,,!- i.io-hcr
Tim M in in 'niiolin Association tiam
('... the locals tomorrow, while In
ciaiiaiolis atid the 1'niviTsity of fhl-
c',o nip.,' un ci on Hie hitter's uroiimK
S, , r,.: 1 1. H. K.
''hi, a;;, i HO) nun .lax 7 7 1
a na pol i
iilirii s
(KM) Hl'II UHil 4 7 -
l.aimlcr mul Cotter;
i ;
n. HarriilKlon,
Aslicnlchlcr, Mctx
ml i 'a.'-i y.
t.ni llinioi'c, (!: kn-lmi Nalionals, 2.
Himoio, M,., April 7. The I'.alti-
Inli inatiolials defca toil the 11cm-
Xal iniials lu re tmhiy, K to J. lius
s two runs were the result of cr-
c re: It. II. K.
linmie .... (?, n::o -ci :i ;i
Ion Ilia null 0 I it 2 ' L'
alt. Ties: Daiil'orlh ami Ili'Rrli:
rm :
n. I1o:;iip, ,Jaris anil Kariilen.
"oik llecr. Cirdcr n rnsp today.
.you!liu i Ntorn P.rewery & Ice C : .
I'hone.s r,7 mid r,.
ED. FRANK, the Auctioneer,
120 South Fourth street, buys
anything and everything; pays
spot cash. Phone 945.
lii'ston, April 7. The ltd Sox,
hasehall i hnmpintiH of the world, ttr
rinil home ton iu 111 after a month's
iimnini; fur the Aniericau league pen
ii' id race. All the men were feport
cd in Komi condition, inrticularlv tin1
pm hers.
"Wi' are ciut to repeat: we hope lo
'''peat, we all believe we will repc-Ht,"
al MimnKer Stahl.
I In- annual name with Harvard to
morrow and a contest with Holy Cross
H eiliiesihiy will precede the opening
"ii Tlnu Hday of he American leaKiie
ison nere, when the Jted Mux meet
' Athletics.
f -f. DTI MnNTT-MAPin.-
A Belmont "notch" collar In white
stnpcd Madras. It's aa
l-c.3forlv, Cluett. Prah.lv ft Ce-v
ji;st m-:a-:ivK c.in.oi or
r.otlicd In bond, six Jclirs
Quill-Is. S(!l.r,n; l'ilils, $10.0(1;
i iiiis, lll. .ill.
IfMuKl Mni-Ni i,.fTI- , , i
Oac of Famous Lightweights I
May he Eliminated from the J
Title Race; Mexican's Roc-!
ord is Better Than Hebrew's,1
Two of tin- host nil-pound scrap
pers in the bailie will he seen In ac
tion tonliihl. The principals arc:
Jose tiler and l.encli Cross, In a
return hatt!,. omt the Ill-round route
at New York Cite.
The hattle between Itlvets unci
Cross will he their m mul meetim;.
their llrst haiu taken place, at New
Vork City on January In, last. It was
a sanis'iilirary encounter with the ma
Jorlly opinion leanliiK toward the
Mcxiian as the winner of the c cnnlial.
Not all the critics, however, am d
that KiMi'i deserve, 1 the decision.
Sonic c laliio il that Cross was entitled
to the edict because he led on points
no to the last two rounds while still
other scribes maintained lh!it a draw
Would hae been the only Just decree.
This iliverKt'itee III opinion, naturally
has whetted the Interest of New York
fans in the return niRiiKi'iiu'lil.
Keieadint; the ace, units of the (list
l;i crs-Cross bailie recalls some inter
esiiii',' inchl, ins in that fray.
l:iers 1-oinht like a wildcat 111 the
last roiiii,) and had Cross tired and
very ,1 1st re -seil when the closing nont;
sounded. The battle was a hard and
fast one throiiKhont. It never laud.
Action was rile from start to finish.
Cross took a ilecldeil lead early in the
i oiliest and scored the only knock
down ill the bout. He ai l ompllKhed
this Willi a stiff chin clout In the sec
ond round, persistent body pom In s
from Itivcrs weakened Cross Inward
the finish and In the final round it
si i ined likely that the Mexican would
score a knockout so weak and dizzy
was the Jew. m
The tactics of Itivers in the early
rounds cli,l imt please the fans. He
covered his fnce repeatedly and sel
dom came out oi' his shell to rip in
punches. His rally In the last session
Iiiow ver. iiliir the fans an itib lint: of
the brilliant fieliur that he really is.
New York, April 7. cine of the
best La m!a,m w i-IKliIs ill the world w ill
soon be seen ill action here, us the
Me.Mahi.n brothers, mamitters of the
SI. Nicholas rink, have secured Ivl.lie
Chaiupi's Kje.ru, i arc to a set of arli
eles that calls for his' a ppearance In
three bonis In this city. Campl, a San
I''i anciseo product, has come to the
front in the last year with remarkable
It is the intention i f the local pro
moters to pit him nuainst Charley l.e-1
doiix, the French bantam champion;:
Kid Williams mul Fraukie llurns. i
Campl is expected to start for this j
City within a week, a-s the Me.Mahon j
brothers are to send him two rouml-
trip tickets at once. His first appear
ance will he on April 2'.'.
Svracuse. N. Y., April 7. Kddie
Kecvin, manager of Jimmy Walsh, the
Huston banl unweipjit, filed charges
today with the New York boxiim com
mission uM-ailiHt. Abe Attell lor the bit
ter's nllc-ued 'Vye-pookinu" tactics
when Walsh mul Audi mil In the
rini? last Thursday nielli. Kecvin asks
Ihe commission to suspend Attell for
all time. Attell used his ihniuli in
:in nltempt to blind Walsh, noeord
Iiik to Kecvin.
Tml.iy and tomorrow Kv Winters
and Kid Shafer, who are to be. the
principals In a fistic card slai;ed at
F.Iks theater Thursday nii;lit by Hi''
New Mexico A. C., will put on the
linishiiiK touches to their training lor
the bout.
Yesterday the two boys worked out
at the Kymnasium, one in the arter
noou and Ihe other last liitiht. "olh
are fast roiindiim inlo perfect condi
tion for their match, and the fans
look for one of the best bouts ever
MuM'd hi re, if a sizing up of Hi'' t,v"
boys is a fair indication of what is
Kolim to happen.
With the preliminaries ariaiittiel.
Director Mark Levy has only l" pi' k
the referee, and arrangements will l"'
Indicalioiis point to a hiif house, as
the fans are takintf a meat deal oT
interest in the approachincj card.
Thompson anil Mnlioncy Itrinv.
Superior, Wis., April 7. " 'ycloiie
Johnny Thompson and YouiiK M""
hoiicvf f ninth t ten rounds to a draw
toniyht. The Hunt was lively through
New Mexico
(Ilr Mnrnliig ,1,, mul Unrein! Iicl WlriO
I iillcloll, plll K. The I 'alii ( III
yen saH that a reward has been of
fered for information com ei nina the
w hereabouts of II Xiilltm bull, ' the
lii a nihil iiuhbr of il former AmcTicar
a mbass.obir to l-'rancc, and a rela
tion hv m.iMiaue of a I Slit i mIi cabinet
Ac coiilini; to the pal" r the youn
l.idi clisappeaied last Thursday, She
drove fioin H S, neon street, I'oit
man sipinti, lo an unkno'iu address.
The boh is said (o be In the early
twenties ml bad lulu; wc.nicl of a
life c f Idleness c onsi'ipiont upon her
statbin in society and had often ,.
pressed a desire to earn her own liv
I i'.ilm the opi, iiiinil late Thurs
day, she 111 her home, accompanied
by a maid, to enihai'k upon the ad
nt in,, of fill, linn a llvliitf for lu i
self. Iler fr'eiids, while nol, ssiny lie
uneasiness as to her welfare, ale
HeekililS to nyri't t Ull Ilel' V, hereabouts.
The address nheii is the- reside in i
of Lionel ciiiesi, biollnr of lliHon
A.'hliy St. I.edueis, Lionel cluest mar
ried .Mis. I'lora- Hi'si'low Hodi;..,
daouhter of John ll ec-h.w. who was
at one time Annriean minister at
Mrs. Modi;,' lia,i one daughter. I. ue'v
H. llOllL'C,
I New cuiians. April 7.- .loliimy
Lei '. of New Y n k. and Joe Mandot
fought (i n roiin Is lo re toiiiuhl. 'There
was no decision. The riimside opin
ion was that the fuiht was a draw
l.oie had Mandot vreu-iv in Ihe thud
, round, but .Mandot e-amo back iu llo
fourth and c, in-d up the finht.
j I i Marin Iniows ( liailcs t inie r.
' lloston. April 7. Constant l.cMaiiu.
of c I c I many, defeated Chalks Cutler.
of Chiea-o. In a wrestliim bout her,
.tonmht. The tiist fall was won with
a bar-arm and pilrtlal scissors hold in
j I minutes, Mi seeonds. A head c han
i eel V bl nubile ( 'ut b r to tin' mat I he
,scioiid time in 17 minutes, 4 " seconds.
San Francisco, Cal.. April 7. "Har
lem" Tommy Murphy arrived here to
day for his twenty round return boot
on April 1'.i anainst Ad Wolast, for
mer liKltlvveiKlil champion. Their
lust fiuht was a ilrniv, Murphy will
start training tomorrow. Y,.lnast has
been lu re for some time.
I'lleblo, Colo., Aptll 7. - While
ll linini' for his teii-roiind bout with
Frankie Whitney, of Cedar Kaphls.
Iowa, to be slaKcd 111 Denver, April is,
Kddie Johnson, Ii'.' lit vv cinht aspirant,
simiecl lo box ten rounds with Jack
Itecliiiond, of Milwaukee, ill this city,
April I'll. The bov.-t will Welnh In at
l:;.'i lit II o'clock. The bout Will be
under the auspices of the I bio Atll-
'tic club.
j New Yolk, April 7. Twenty-five
1 phv siclans from v arious parts of the
I'citcd Stales and Canada called ml
Dr. Friedel ich F. Fiicilniann today lo
' learn what a rra iisi'im tits, if any, had
.been made lor the distribution of his
vaccine lor Ihe triaiineiu in moorou
losis. Dr. Frlediiiann tf I,', tin in he was
jiiuikiiiK no effort toward this end.
, and that all aclioll Iu this refill rd
should I e taken by persons tryiim to
arranite for control of his treatment.
It leeanie known today that Dr.
Frieilinann had eimawed an altoim-v
to attend to his business interests and
to leave li I til more time, for profes
sional vvotk.
Winnipeg. Man., April 7.- Five for
mer members of the famous Mahray
!r;iii of swindlers were arrested here
today, followinn complaints hy several
citizens that, they had been swindled
:out of hundreds of dollars by the
men. Those arrested are Henry L.
Webber, Chailcs Halliday. Charles
Webber, John L. Itoberts and John L,
J.nnc, Kdna Hohut s, an aliened ac
complice, also was arosted.
i Aci'ordinit to the police, the men
had fitted up offices with fake. tele
graph instruments and blackboards
and were uh'iuK aliened r;n Inn re-
turns. No bet less than ."." was
! taken. It is said. Police raided Ihe
'offices and a search of trunks re
, i en led the name of the men.
1 London, April 7. C rent Prllain ha;'
no intention of following the lead of
Washinnton in recomiiln the repub
lic of China, the house of commons
was informed this afternoon by Fran
cis Dyke Ackland. parliamentary tin-eler-Kocretary
of forcimi affairs, speak-
ilnir on behalf of the foreinn office.
(II? Mnrnliiif Joiirniil in-elil I iinl W'Iro.)
London, April 7 - T.ie pow.-rs pro
pose that tllllei-s Mitlteni'JI'o rolo-
1 plies with their lics In ifiiard to
laislllli the sieK,. of ,-'i utali, the- block
ad,, of the' MonteK-m hi ports of Au
la ail and 1 iiileii.no shall beiiiii in
tlllee das,
Aaslila is ui-inK ttial ihe blink. i,b
be- , leoded to the Albanian ports oc
cupied by th, Servians and that spe
cial steps be til-ell at I'a lil'ade, as Set
ians How all' pi. IV ill' tile c hief fob'
In the sleet of Sciitaii. No decision
h is been taveii on this point, as v,,l.
M lt I I'l I l T H KKS
illllM MH.D in l.lYII.
April 7. The Servian
fo lees', which have, been searchinn for
I 'lav Id l'asha, foi inerlv milliat v i om
nia ndi r at I skup. iv ho, with his army
leeeoillv was III ollcoll' ll reported to
have surrendered on the Shnmbl tlv
, r, in Albania, riiooinitei ... hlin ul
l.iousiiie, w here he had taken up a
position. The remnant of his armv
censi'ted "f eiuht battalcns. with four
Ii, 1,1 nuns and three ipm k-firers, and
a sioan iici.ee mucin naoi. ,eit-i
a desperate ctiKauenieni the Turks re
I tiled. In l.lousnie. vvhiih the Servians
' ,', ui u d. thev fouinl l.iuui 'I'lirkish
mldii-rs, . " c I ( i of whom VV.le siiffeliU !
linn sickness or wounds.
President Unci ta and Senor dc
la Bara Indignantly Deny
Charges Made by Mexican
Politician, .
(H MiirlllMK .liairmil Kpci lnl I ;lecl M'lr'.l
Mexico city, April 7. 1 nclii; nn i imi
has I. ei n aroused in otfn ial i ln les by
the' h,cres allejicd to have been liied
at Washington hy Lois Manuel Kojas,
! sei olid vice president ol the Mexican
'house of deputies, against the Aiiurl
jcan ambiissailor. Henry I line Wilson.
. I loth ITosident Hueita and Seimr de
'la llarra, the foreign minister, have
made a statenienl I" the Associated
Press clenvlnu the aliened c harges.
President llucrt.i fei lie cl the efforts
made by Ambassador Wilson to pro
tect his countrymen mid continued:
"The chariie. that Ambassador Wil
son Is 'morally responsible" for the
deaths of Miiilerii and Suarez is slan
derous. The blame for their unfor
tunate deaths rests entirely upon
their imprudent partisans. This, the
urn eminent will shortly show by the
publication of the detailed flndiims of
the Investigation which the courts are
"As president, permit me lo say
that die diplomatic effort of the
ambassador had in view only the re
cstabllshini; of peace in Ihe country
lor which motive I publicly thank
Senor de la llarra was eciuallv In
sistent on Ambassador Wilson's dis
interestedness, cbelariiiK thai he
worked always within Ihe bounds of
diplomacy and with im pa rl ia lily.
Secretary of Treasury Pre
pares to Deposit $2,000,
000 Which Can be Used foi
Flood Sufferers,
(Ily Miirnlnn .Iimrnnl Riliil lnil Wlr.
Washington, April 7. Secretari
McAiloo, of the treasury ileiaitmenl.
will deposit Si'.iiOii.iMiu In the national
banks of Dayton, I ., to relieve tin
money shortane risultlnn from the
flood, aeccpliim nov ernnien,!, slate,
' Itv or county bonds as security.
This action was decided upon as ii
result of telenraphic advices today
from National I'.ank I'.xa miner Hood,
hart, who has been In vest iv a tinn the
conditions and reipilremorits ol the
banks in the flood district.
All of the seven national banks of
Dayton will be desi-inateil as Kov em
inent depositories and Ihe funds will
be deposited with tin ill as soon lis
they offer security mtlsf.tot.ory to the
secreta ry.
In the last few dais Ihe Kovernmcnt
has shipped from Washington and
Chbano a total of $.'.:HMI,iMlft to the
sub-treasury at Cincinnati to meet the
pressliiK ch mands for money.
Mock-Sad-Alli and Dorothy Wood,
manic and illusions. I'asliioe.
t Hv Meirnlnc JoHrnut Nierclnl I einnd Wlrr.l
New York, April 7. Tradini; in
stocks lauucd tod. el, and uiovemi'iils
were' hiHital nili. Willi a tendeiicv to
ward heaviness. Urious reslraliiio'-;
flclors effee t llaliv blocked lolllllina
tlon of Ihe recent iiiwiiril movement
A In . iad the mm kets n fleeted the i f
feet e.f Colli p I ie .1 1 lolls in I lie Halkllll
situation, owlne (o the allilmli' ol
MunteiieKO'o, Amerban stocks In Lon
don sold down sharply belot, the
opt nine lu ie. and Hurope dispose.,) ,,f
sever il tho'iaud shares of the Intel -luili.oi.il
stoi U in this maikel.
I'l, .in Wodiinuton came lows of
lonvenui;'. ol coiiuress acid introifoi
Hon of the tariff bill. In the bill theie
wer, no liopoitanl deviation from
the forecasts, and Its publication had
nn effort on the list. Tiadem were In
tin mood to resume operations exten
sively on Ihe bum side ol the market,
oil the I'll' of prom. illation of the
president's messaije and Ihe lire, ill
niou of what Is e'Xpe, leal to be a pro
tracted striiKKle over Ihe tariff. Clos
ing stocks:
Ama luainati d Coppi r 7 .', :.
A lllel e ill Aiirlciillnt.il led.
American I'.ee t Sun ir
Ameiieau Can
Anu rb an Can pi. I
American Car iVi Foundry
Amelleail Cotton nil
A inei lea n lee Se, lit i t ics . . .
American l.lnsied
- i
li 7 i...
:. i
4 7 '
American Locomotive Hi
Alocr. S iieltlna Kef'tiK VII 1 .
Vmer. Sincltin- ,v- Itefni; pld.. . li4 (
.' nici lean Sii"a r lie I in i n m Ill j
A meri. an Tel. & Tel I :', J ' ,
A meri. an Tobacco til
Allacollda Minim; ( 'o. . ,
Atchison pld
Atlantic I 'naid Line . . . .
Lalliinore i diio
I'.i tbb lieill Steel
r.roi klvii liapbl Transit
I 'anadian I'm I' lc
Celitlal l.ealhel
( 'hesapeake & I dllo . . , .
Chbami Cleat Western
. 'II
. I Oil
. ion
1 '-' 4 1 ,
. 1 'ill i.
. :i r. '..
! 1 i .,
'.':i ''j
. ii
. ii''.'-.
. i-'ii.
Mil. K St. Paul 111
("hicano - Northwestern
1 1 'dorado Fuel K 1 roll . . .
'Consolidated lias
Corn Products
' I lelaware A. Hudson . . .
! I iciiver ,V I ! io (!l a nde . .
. sr.'.,
, nn v.
. ll
.lli'l ' ,
. "a1;.
. ail'
. 1
. "XL.
. 4"'
. .1"i
,H'l n.
. r.iii,.
. 17'-!,
. r.n
. 1 7
. i a
. i a
. Ifill'i
. 1 .'!,.
. :",
. :ix
. Rl
. 2
. Ml
. 7X
. 117'
, Ill's
.US r"
. riu
. L'0ia
. '7'-
. i !
. it;.'
. ii ' .
Denver - Kio I Irand
i 1 bstilb is' Seellrll les . . .
iFrle '.
Fri" 1st pfd
'Kiic -d pfd
I'eClicral I'Mecllic
I treat Not tll'M n pfd. . .
( Ireat Norllo'i n c ire I 'I f-
lllinols Central
lut rboroiis' h-M i t. ...
nl. rboi',.u,;h-,Mi I. pfd.
I nt r. llai v est. r
Inter .Marine pfd
Intel national Paper . .
I nt ol tin t lui' ii I Pump . .
Ka nsas ( 'ily Southern .
L.telede Has
Lohinh Valley .
Lolllsvllle ,V: Nashville .
Minn.. SI. P. Sault St
M. .
Missouri, Kansas it Texis.
Missouri Paeilic
National I'.lHi ult
National Lead
Nail. Itys. of Mexico '-'d pfd
New Yoik Colli i n I
New Yotk, I Mil. it Western .
Norfolk & V. stern
North Ainerb an
Xoi them Pai Hie
Pacific Mail
People's Has
Pittslniinli, C. C. & SI
piltshuri-.h Coal
I'lessed Steel Car
Pullman Palace Car ........
I tl'Iltl I ll!f
Ill-public lion & Steel
Kepublic Iron X- S I pfd., ,
liocU Island ('o
Hock Island Co. pld
St. Louis H S in Fran, tld pld
Seaboard Air Line
Set hoard Ail Line pfd
SloHS-Sheirield Sleel K Iron
Southern Pacific
Southern liaihvny
Southern liailvviiy pfd
Tennessee Copper
Texas ti Pacific
1'nioli Pacific
I'nioii Pai ific pfd
I'liitcd States Keally
I'niled Stales Itubber
I'liitcd Stales Steel
t'lliteil Slates Sleel pld
I'tah Copper
Vii ninia-Caiollna I'lieinlcil .
-1 ' :!
. I 9
, 4,1'..
. :ui
.10 1 .
. ','
. Ml
. :i7
, 1 X 1 .
1 ' I 7H
, fifib.
, r.ii'i
, III!'',
, ion i,
." '.'
. IU!',
Wabash pfd 'I
Weslern Mill) land Hi
West rtl I'liion ''"I
Westinuhi.use i :ie H ie '' 'i
WheeliiiK ,V Lake I'd ie 7
Total sabs lor Ihe clav, 11 H'.,1lu!
Ponds lost mound, with Home lare
declines in special issues. Tolal sales,
par value, $ :! , 0 . f n i .
I'niled States lioiids were iiuehann
ed on call.
Boston Closing Mining.
Alloiicz '17
A ma inaina ted Copper 7"irii
Am'n .Im , Lead .t- Sin -'X
Aiizona Com nici cia 1 II '
l!os. Ki Corb. Cop. lit' Sil. Mi;..,. b,
Calumet & Arizona 117
Calumet eSt Hee l t 4xn
i 'iu ten n la I lab,
Copper limine "'on. Co 45
Hast llutle Cop. Mine 1 'i
Fi a nk lin fi
Ciii-oux Consolidated -
( Ira nby 'onsolldati.il Ii 2 1 1
c Ircene 'ana ilea 7 "'c
Isle I'.ovalle (Copper) L'li 'c
Ke rr Lake " !M
Lake Copper IS
La Salle Copper 4-1;
Miami Copper 54 'i
Mohawk 53
1 1
I II1 I I 4
For the Home Beautiful
Artistic illumination is an important factor in the
decorative scheme. The soft, white glow of Elec
tric Light- the nearest to sunlight-brings out the
colors and adds to the beauty of your decorations.
The adaptability of electricity permits placing" ar
tistic fixtures and Kandsome lamps when they will
aid your decorative plan. Electric Light is clean
and will not smudge your walls and ceilings nor
tarnish the fixtures. It gives an air of luxury
while it is really an economy. Your house can
be wired quickly and cheaply, with no harm to
walls or ceiling.
Nev ad a I 'mm ,i,lal... Is
X 1 1 lis f . It .' M 1 1,.(: . .i
North p,,u. ;:n,
North Lake I i.
i 'Id D iuiou I'l'.
(iseeola n
c.i In v 7 I '
Shannon II
Superior :!J 1 .
Supei ior ,V llostoii Mi:' .,
Ta ma i in k I! ", 1 1
1". S. Sin.. It. f ,v Mill 4 1 !(
C. S, Sin.. U. f. ,v Mil,., pfd (s t,
I'tah ( 'on so I id ". led !l
I ta ll l i 1 ' " I Co ... .. '
Winona L1 ' ,
Woli .-i In.- : 1 .
Chicago Beard of Trade.
Phle unit. Apt II 7. Fxport tall, and
the ilblui'bed 1 1 1 1 1 1 : I situ.ilon in.
Fiiiopi' mole than olfset a n 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 J
of beaiish features lod.iv, and c.iie a
slronir tone to wloat. Jim fi .icliniiii
Ible, the lii:; Ii st point loin hi .1 lor i
more than a. month. The not result l
was an advance of to l'e. Corn
scored a net no In of o to Do
1 ic, ami oats iiiadc a lo t advance of j Iviinsas It y l.ltcslncU.
"j to r'.c. bid prov isloiis finished all Km. as Cili, April 7. fnttl Ke
lt shad., lo .T.c oil'. I cclptn x.imiii, iuebiibii'! sun southerns:
llallilliol'c Was repotted 111 tile IO. II I,. I stead. to I He b.Wer. Naltve,
mnrkel for No. L' hard winter win al sice i', $7.,",n'i SMi: .Mouthi rn steers,
for expo) I. and It was said export sa ley I ' ' ' '" N '" ' M.nl'iei'ii emvs and helf
at (he close of last week auoomled ti.j "rs. 1 ,',n ',i K.en : natiie cows and
lull. noil bushels, pi nnm "oreh:n mark
e ls beli ed Blll'f. n prie s In re. Appre
hension beciiU.se of the clash between
.Moliteiienro and Hie poil'i is nan 'iup
pnrt to bullish sent inieiit .
May loin made a n, w hi.'h mark
for Ihe season, iclllim a shade umb i
i als showed Hlrcimlli In iiioplliv
Willi corn,
Sclllun pressure on p.u k Weakiie d
the cntii ,. proi ision list.
The Metal Markets.
New York, April i "iipper. firm
siaiularil siol to .luac, I I Ti 'n I ",.'J."i
Ti n J ii n t . Spot, Al ill. M7.7s'n
Lead Stead'-'. 1 .".n bid.
Speller -;.SV f i ll 5 ;t a.'.' ".
ll oil - SI, ll.lv.
17. "a ",f i r.T.', : N... I
I norllo'ci
i nern. y i . . ,
'o I s. J,". ; No, I -ion lo t a sc't, $
I s.
New York Money Market.
New York, Apiil
Close: Prino
merca nl i le paper, a b. 'ii il pel; balsil-
BecnifK there you will have a chance In succeed. There climate, oil
and water, in conjunction with In tell Incut hi bur w nms wonders. Alfa Ifa,
fruits, warden truck, poultry and dairy products point the way to more
thun a mcri living.
Colonist Excursions March 1 5 to April 1 5
191S, Then one-way secnnd-chis tickets from Alhuquernue to Loi An
gelos, San Francisco, San DIcko and to tunny other point In California
will bo sold for $:il).00. Corresponding fare from points on other line
In connection wlih the Santa Fe. Liberal stopover privileges.
Three fast trains dally fr.'in Albuquerque carry tourist (deeper and
free chair tars, Harvey meals. '
For tickets, reservation, Information and copy o! "Sun Joaquin Vl
ley" folder, apply to
P. J. Johnson, Agent, Albuquerque, N. M.
11 .' . r".
nr. r.u'vc: Mexican dollais. 47,.Ji".
Money on call, steadv, 3 in 4 pet.:
lime loans, ite.olv; un days, i ti b
p. t.; lot da;, s. t a ;". pet : ti months. 4
i .. p, t
New York Cotton.
N'.w V.ok. April 7. -Cotton - Spot
I I iUiet; loiiblbnn uibi!id. J I .Mill;
'iiiiiliii't, noil', S I :!.",'i: no fales.
St. Louis Woo!.
SI la a:.", Am il 7.- Wool - Market
s I ' .ti I v : tii i il.., , ; ml western me
diums. -I'l' '.'.!': line mediums, I h ii
:"'ii , line, 1 :. n I .
Elgin Butter Market.
:ii:ln, III, pril 7. 1 1 ul ti r f inner,
The Livestock Markets.
- bcil.is, f l.'.'io x ;;; sto.kers iuhI
fc'ders. tii .".( Ti S.'jr,; bulls. $5.75:
7. :.''; ealies. Ji'e no ',i II. (ill; western
steers, 7.2.'i S .'.n; western ' cows,
? I "oi 'o 7.:'".,
Sheep - Kecelpts L'l.rtlKI; llial'kel
steadv , Mullons, I :.. Hi li.SO; Colora
do iambs. 7 ,'iH'ii x. ;. lanite in llfi r l
and v e ii liiur, .?.".,',( (ii 7. aft; raune ewe.i
cw i s, f nn "i li. ', ll.
('Meituo I Iti'MiiMfk, i
Cldea:;o, Ap'H 7. Citft Keci-ipts
o S , . ( M : market lower. I'.oeves, ;,i;,i
II. Ill; Texas steers. $i!.(i.'i iii 7. 7,"i ; vvest-
eltl Stee ls., ffi't STCn S.I0. stuel el's and
I bis. Jli. I ll 'I X. I ll; stockets Olid
feeders, $i;.HP!( S.llit; cows it ml heifers,
f :l. 7o 'it S. I o ; , ,, i , s. il.illl ',i K 7.1.
Hons Keceipts 4:",0IMI; niaiket
sltolii!. I'.ulk of sales. $11, i", 11 fir 11.50 ;
liybt, $S.'.ni'.i H.iit; mixed, )f S. 7.". lie tl.'O :
j bei
fx .',-,',( !i . I l' ' : rmifth. f -S.53 ftr
s.70; plus, $C.HW !.15.
sheep Keceipts '.'"i.OoO; market
-hodi. Native, ffii.oii'if 7.110; weslern,
.fii.on-., 7 . :! ci ; iiarlinns, 7. L'O or S. L'O :
lambs, u. .Hie, $7.00 ',i s. 90: western,
s 7.00 'ii 9,011
I'rv a Journal Want Ad, Rfisuits,

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