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Standing of the Clubs
IlllStoll ' ' '
i:i,Hikh n
fhii ai4
Y"lk .
Won. Lottt.
. .1 ii
'. .: i
. .2 I
.(ill 7
.liii i
AMlUlt'AN LKAUl i:.
('hii;ip .
,-, .l.i ml
St. I."1""
X, w Y"k
Won. Lust. 1'it.
..2 n 1 i
,.1 n i.ooii
..4 .ccT
! .fino
. .n :i .r.on
..1 j .an:!
. .t S .'.T,o
..l 4 .;
clul, Won. Lost. I'ct.
imkiainl 4 M'
Angelc '
t:i 1 1 c f' '" ,
P,ii.ui.r fi "
S., Fen.. I- '' -n"
V.ni-.- ,H !
wiii:i:i: tiimy play tooay.
National League.
riiu-iimati ;ii Pittsburgh.
X.-w York at Huston.
I'hilail" iphl.i at liroiiklyn.
I'hi.ag" at !"'t- Louis.
American I.cnsue.
Si. I.iiiiis at Hctroit.
PI, .viand at Chicago.
Washington at Noxv York.
;, .stall at Philadelphia.
( liK'iiinali 5: Sl. I.onl- 0.
i-ai Inn.iti, April IC. ( 'lin iiiiial i nn
iwrrul what appcarn) to In) a pfnin
uiii'j r.'i ruit tdilay whrn J.'hiiMuii, an
Imliaii pit' ll'T, lirld St. l.oum to thr.-i-w-att'-n-il
liiln iiti'l tlii- lii.:ils wi.n fur
ilii' first tiim- this Kcnsnit, l.y a Hi-un-.if
j to (i. Ji.hiisiin nlliiwi-il hut thrr.-(.ns.-s
rii halls, l'onitt, the St. l.mil"
lH.htr. v., is hit hard anil was wild.
Hunl sui-ii-.-ili-d him afn-f thfci- ln
ninKs uf play and was i-ffi-ptlve. 'in-
innati Hri n-il two rium in the srr
..td inning. KKan Irlplcil and (irant
Ajkiil. Ilnth Hinn-d wIk-ii, In an if
!"rt tn inrvcnt a ihinhlo st-al, Whip.
I .mil daki-s inadi. wild thmws. In Hi.'
I f. lli.H inii ilmiiift. f.ilif Viimlrf, a has."
"ii lulls and a halli addrd thri-i- limn
9 to tin- Cim innati list of rims. Tho
same was calli'd at the l-ml of tin:
j HTiitli tn alhuv Cln.'lnnatl t'i ratch
.1 train for
SI. Loiiin
, K. II. K.
." OUU (Mil) 0 (I 3 I
oj:i dOo i u it n
Hatli-ri. s: I 't-ii-it t. Hunt and Wingn;
J li n.- n and Clark.
Summary Thrt-i- hasi- hit Kj;ali.
Mils (iff I'i rritt, 7 In 3 innings; iiiiih'
"t in fourth; off Hunt, L' in 4 in
niiii. strut k-imt I'y Pcrrltt 1, hy
li'int (, l.y Juiinsim 1. Timt 1:4.').
I'ihpih-v- ( )u rns and CiUthrlr.
Al Xetv York i:rooklyti-.'ev Yol k
:.rm. iinstponi-d on account of rain.
At Philadelphia rhiladelphia-Hos-l"ii
K.uiie pii.stpoiu-il; rain.
( hlniKi, :!: st. Louis. 2.
st- I.i'iiis, April 16. Sthalk'H hlt
"iik was I he ileeiilliiK' factor in today's
siuiie, I'liira.ii winning, 3 to 2. t'i
'"' l'ihli.,1 ext-elleiit IhII for Chi
while rautmtarUner weakened
iM "i.- iihilh, Chicago hittitiK him for
" in- .s'iuk!
"'- in tin- ninth
which followed by
hit. Schalk'M third
"its scratch
if anil Italh's single to center, netted
""in two runs. Chii-fiKo scored in
Hilnl on Schalk'M double, 11 sac-"l'l-
hit, a stolen base nnd Walsh'M
""Kl'-. It looked like St. Louis would
"i- tin- score In
''"'' the bases
(1 th'Uhle ,lay
'!,r'n cut tht,
rjli Was scorea.
the ninth, xxheti they
xxith none mt, hut a
hy liath, Wi-axt-r nnd
rallv short after one
n. 11. k.
'KM (101 oil 0 002 3 9 -
'""iiis nun inn oni 4 I
l'aiteries: Clcotti- and Schalk;
'iJiunanlciier and Agncw.
, "mary Two base hit Schalk,
- 'i'hre,. heeo hit Lord. Struck out
' i"-!ini;ardii('r, 4; hy CMcottr
. ane j . -
l EVilllB.'
I'liipires lliidehrand
tlevelaiul 2; Dctiilt 1.
Ci,x ,.(., niJ v Aprlt lg Cleveland
fi"in Detroit today, i to 1, in a
1'itcht-rs- I,..,,,,, , ,s,..,.,..
""""' IJV KTITII Ult'fjsii V 1- l
" ur southpaw, and (ieorge Mul
1,1 tn.it was held hitless until
filth inninir nnd no until the
I'it.Utx. .. .
111 mil they have a ehanee to
e a ehanee
"'"re. M
. ,, "'"".'ai'i nit unriKriain st-oi en
u,n f Cleveland's runs, the first on
s'lii.t'?,,. niay. uuRh, D,.tro!t sliort
' "l'; gate a splendid exhibition of
lfl 2
.0(10 010
.000 000
ri.s: Ci-oEir nn.l limit- Mtillin
!,n'I -Manage. '
iSl"1'Hiary . Two hnse hit C'hap
lnuinolinni, c.regg. Cnuvford.
"irce l.Sl. t,, ii,.. u, ,,,.
l;'.gg 2: by Mtillin 1. Thru
l'"'l'iri's o'Loughlin and Fer-
Washington Philadelphia-
, , w'"t to play
on game (.ailed off; grounds
,!"s,"---'cw Y"ork-I!oston,
m": rain.
At i,i im Angeles
"euro: i:. II. K.
" i i -
S;i ('i n mi' ii I :j
Kill li-riot : llttt and llogun, Minis. II,
Williams ami I '11mm.
At San l'ru until t,
s,"'' I!. II. K.
Oakland ; -J
San Fiaiiclscii
lialloii,-o llolmste.,,1, Mnlnrkey ami
Kohli T, Fierce; Mi-Coiry. S. Ii'mldt.
Funning 11 lid Spencer; (12 innings).
At Portland
('nle: It. II. K.
Los A ngelcs ;j 4 1
Portland i
nattcrlcs: Chech and K,,es; 1Uk
glnbotliani, Krnpp ami Fisher.
a.mmisk.w association.
At Milwaukee Toledo, 1; Milwau
kee, :.
At M in in a iii.I Is SI. I'a n I, 2 ; Min
neapolis, ,1.
Hilly two paints played.
SI l 'I'll IMS I.I'.ACl i:
At Xiinhvill' XiiKlivlllr, K; Chatta
nooga. At Atlanta 'Atlanta. 11 ; r.Umiim;
ham. 11.
At Mi. I. ii. Mill. ih', Memphis, 1.
At Montgomery First Cann
.M 1 1 1 1 H ' I n 1 V . 3; New Orleans, 2. Sec
ond g:i iii - M i.iitgomci y, :!. New Or
leans .'; 'six Innings).
( oi 1 1 (.i; iisi.iii.i.,
, West 1 ' i ii t .
i ) lar.mmitli, j.
April Army, tl;
However, Clcaring'Skies Last
i Niftht Promised Good Wea
ther Today; OlcfefOrgShiza
tions Hard Hit by Pluvius,
lilt lli.rniiii; .Inurnil Sx-ilul lea-en Min-.)
j Xcw York, April HI. The s.-hed'.il-'
i d epeiiint; today of I lie Intern itlona:
basehiill haKUe season buiiiped into
a heavy rain storm which xtas nciieral
throughout the east ami eiinsqueiil
ly'all four panics scheduled at I'rot 1
(ielice, Jersey City, Newark and Kal-
ll,re wi re called off. Clearlim;
j skies toitluht promiseil more ' favor
I able conditions for the delayed stall
j of tlie season tomorrow,
I Kail) also 1 11 vented all major
leaKUC sanies in the cist today. Sinii-
lar conditions, hotteter, hate become
I lamillar lo disgusted fans, both 1 a.-.'
west, in Hie fexv Raines .since tin-
start of Hie major league season. Al
! most .".a per relit of all ramies s- hod
tiled hate been postponed beiaiise or
rain or wet (.-rounds. .More than a
score of double-headers will be neces
sary to (day off postponed Haines.
(If the fifty-two games scheduled so
far. no less than twenty-live have
been postponed. Tile .National icarue
Is the xvorst sufferer, as xveathei n-
ililions have permitted only nine "f
its twenty-six scheduled games to he
ulaxed To add to tin- fifteen post-
1 emriits ill the older oruani.ation
the American league has had t'-n, II
having been romparatix ely lucky In
finding lichls dry enough on which to
fill sixteen of its twenty-six .scheduled
Taking tin- ttvo leagues together,
not a single day lurs witnessed a clean
up of the schedule. Five games out
of eight is the highest record acliict
ed. The weather has not scon-d a
complete shut-out on any single day.
however, two games being tin- mini
mum played, although tin- .National
league drew a blank last Friday.
ored l'athe
' a three-reel hand-col-feature.
Crystal, todat
( 'ft sta I,
todat unit.
Los Angeles, Cal April 16. "Hud"
Anderson, of Med ford, lire., vh"
knocked out Knockout Drown las!
right in the fifteenth round of a
fchediiled txventy-round go, was
matched toilav xxlth Joe Mandot. of
Xexv (Orleans, for a t w enty-rouiul
lightweight battle here on the night of
May 20.
2 f 2S tin. Chn. r-nWr C.. Ic
Detroit Hold-Out Calls Attri
tion to Inconsistency of Ti
mers' Piesidcnt With Regard
to His Case,
lH llurnllill .I.Mirnil hM-il il I.i-im-iI Hire )
AukusI.i. (in.. April III, "Mr. Na-
Ill's npniiUK slalniicnt III whUh In-
siiys disrii'lim- and iil ninm-y is tin
I Impiil taut iiiii slimi at Issui' l.i ti-rli
j us, Ih rmuii;li in ipii-i r his w hole i
. eiiius atlat k upon me." ( lutfielih r Ty
I'lis I'ohb m-iili- tills ileelaratliin to-
mmii in reply to tin- statement i.
I he preslil, m ,,r tlu Detroit Amei leaii
leamie leam toila. Ill a written Mat. -nieiit,
Cohli terms as -final" his nn-fwi-r
leu.irdiim his tiil'fereliet s Willi
the Melioit i liili.
The statement In Part follow -i:
j "It seems that Nat in has shifted
around hi his position. l'or sevim!
' Weeks it has lieell a matter of mullet
I -of Hot heinj. side to pat Xtllat I llsl. .
All that N.nln ha.-- oflered me Is a
eoiitliii t eaHinK for the same amount
I lei-elteil at year. He eertalnly ha-1
math ii i r no other offers. In this eoii-
llei tion, wish to di lit the statement
that' I ."111 the l.e'st paid hall plat el
ill the world."
In ivnard to his failure to report
for si rim; pr.n iiee. Col-h sats.
"Navin told me imt to r.p..rt for
sprint; praetie,. as I was a hold-out.
Had I reported, I would hate l.eell
required to pay all m expenses en
the tiainiiik' trip."
A resolution ileelarlnt.- that Tt 1'nhli
is lu iiij,- "l esiraineil i, , lie l i eeilom of
his Inaiieiiai'le fights- to work f,,r
WlUOII he llllt please." was Inll'oihle
ed tolliuht helole the H.-nrsia I'edela-
tion of l.al.or, in emit cut ion here. It
Was tefelleil to Hi,, eomniitlee I. II
resolutions, and will he reported to
the enit ellli'in toliiol l ott .
The resolution i hari-es thai tin- "I'e-
Selte elallse " of oll;anlZei h.iseliall is
i .pip alent to a "hlack list." and ealls
upon the legislative In.alil of tile feil
elation lo le-iuest l'nit..c Slates sena
tors allil eollKlessinen of lieourla to
"ilemarnl an imnieiliat,. In t estiya t ion
of the laws yoterniiiK orna nlzeil base-
Is I lt(H III I , S. S N IN.
Detroil. April Ml. Discipline. nol
money, Is tin- al! Important qu. stion
at issue in the dispel,, bettt ecu tin
Detroit American league basebal!
club nnd its star plat er, uitflehler
T.trus Cohb. who is now under sus
pension because he refused to accept
the terms of Dp. I '.I I ,'! contract p n
dered him by I'lesid, nt .Navin.
This declaration was made hy Mr.
Navlu today in a signed statement. II
Is understood that $J,.',uil Is tin
amount involxcd in the monetary dis
.New York, April 'i H. ( inly one
match xxas plated in the first round
o I I he national court tennis champion
ship in doubles al' tile Kaequet and
Tennis club today. Jay Could and W.
II. Thun, representing the I'liil.nl.-I-phia
Kaciiuet club, defeated K. 1).
U'renn and L. W'a II. I hurt of the local
club in the three straight sets, li-3.
11-4, -2.
Milton S. I'.arger and I'ayno Wliit
ney. of .New York, won hv default
from I; K. Cassalt and l-aigar Scott,
"f T'liiladelphla ; and Ceorg,. F. Fear
ing, Jr., and Josliiua Crane, of Huston,
forfeited to Wilson Hotter and Coorge
II. Hrooke, of I'hiladi Iphla.
The second round will he played to
Illot'I oxx',
The Santa Fe Four A baseball team
of Albuquerque, leaves Saturday for
San Marcial to play the San Marcial
I on m there Sunday afternoon. Tin-San
.Marcial club Is made up of Santa Fc
employes, with Harney Modratli. a
Pu nier Western league pitcher, as cap
tain. The local boys expect to defeat
tin- San Marcial club. A return game
will he played here within the next
two or three weeks.
.According to a letter to the sport
ing editor of Tlie Jmiraa 1. Kenny
Chavez, tlie Trinidad, Colo., bantam
weight, hasn't abandoned nope of a
return match with Hauling Cliico, of
I .os Anueles. W. K. Waller. xvho
signs himself as manager of Chavez,
says that his boy Is anxious to appear
In Albuquerque again against Cliico,
believing he can "come-back" if giv
en the opportunity. The letter has been
turned over to Director Mark Levy,
of the Nexv Mexico A. ('., for his con
sideration. ".Nobility," n thn
ored l'athe feature,
-reel haiid-col-Crxstal,
Hicks No lntrli fur Mcioii-lv.
Windsor, (int., April Ml. Freddie
'licks of Detroit was helpless before
Kdilie .Mclioorty if (isiikosh In tin
eight-round bout here tonight, the
isci nsin lighter lux ing the advant
age of each round by a wide margin.
".Nubility." Crystal, today only,
Claimant of White Heavy
weight Championship Re
peats Former Defeat in
Slioit Bout at f'hiladelphia,
(It) Mnriitiii; Jmirilill Hietlal I imim-iI Wlrr.lMlt.t Xleriilim .lnlirii il tM-iinl I i-.iseil Win.)
I'liiaiihlidiia, A i il Mi - Luther
.Mei-aity, ilaim.iiit of the white
heat weight i 1 1 a 1 1 1 p 1 1 ' u s h i p , was
atvanleil ih,. deelsioii hx a xx iih
mai'Mili al tin- end of a last si
ii iiml hout xxlth J 1 in Kit mi, ot I'ii-
fl .In. I'olo., at the llltlllpla Atllletle
eluli here Inniltht. M.tillty led
thiiiin;hoiit Hie ticht mid l reiiientlt
eempelled his opponent tn t llm ll, lo
axohl hlH xleloiiK str.Unht left Jahs.
Althoiiuh he appeared to he mil -.a,.u..
, i... u t i.-n I-.,.,.. 1. 1
l-: 1 1 1 1 . i inioiiunoni lie' eiiiire six
roumls. Willi I. ..Ih flutes plnleetin
hls .i.itv ami his huil.x (Toneheil in sm h
a nianiier as to prexelit .Met'arlx froiii
lea. him; ,i xilal part, tin- 1'iiehlo fire
man rushed lulu i llm h after ellni h
and sin leeileil ill I . I II 1 1 II l; In. ill. hlotxs
, at eosi. i ni.i rt i rs.
Mel'ailt. Ilotteter. Seellleil In III' in
the pink of i oiiditlon and was ii"( af
I feeti d In I'lt mi's shoii.ai in pokes.
I Willi siraiftht lift jahs, he ...inal.'.l
jnttat at his oppoiii ut's fa. e a tin
j latl. r rushed hiln the elm. Ins. At the
i I'd of the fiist round I'l- mi s nose
ixxas l.leeilini;. In III.- se. olid round his
Imoiiili was cut and before the i lose
of the hout one exe xxas lie.lllv rloseil.
Vfler shakliiK' hands in Hie first
I round, both nu n rushed to a ellnch
I Alter they hail been separate. I hv tile
'i.f.r.e. McCartx Jolteil I'lviin xvltl.
' ttto riuhts to the law, wlnl, the latter
sent three short Jibs to M,t',nx s
fa. e r.lotxs were exchaiiueil in rapid
. essiuii at close iiiartea iinli! the
The follow inv rounds It. Ii' a sue-
essi.. ol clinches. with Abl'al'tt
using both right and left "11 I'ltnn's
both, while the latter kepi ru-hlng In
an at'emot tn land a .nx which would
ell. I ll,e I'mhl.
The bonis which .1 1 . 1 1 Ihewiml-
IIO Here closely coll tested. Yollll A I
l a uf ma 11. M.'i'a it t 's spa 1 1 in ua niter.
k llo.'k. d out Al I telle lil t of Xetv
Vol k. in th,. secoiiii round.
.toe .leanili tl. Won fl.'lll I). nr.',.
Colli. 11 In the fourth
Frank Mol. f I'ittsbin ,:h. who N
j Mel arlt s next opponent, was given
I a hud fight bt "Sailor" While ol New
I York, but sieiiied to hate the popular
I Xerdli t at the I lose of the sjN rounds.
Best dress silks for less at
the Golden Rule Saturday.
Kansas City, Apiil I 'i. " Tommy
llov.-rll of IM il.:d"!,.'va. am i ( lar-
en.e -Willie. I' re, ID-, of ih ,i rilj ,
I w oi.ri . Igh'.J, foouin ii n i. .mills to a
til a w In i i' Ion m ht
j III tile secoe., ; ,. ,. i ;n'. scored a
i k not kdott ii wild a - 'i.it In I lie
jaw and In the ninth Howell sent
Kerns Mprnvling ttiih a Mrnlar blow.
At the end i f Hi,, contest both men
w.-i'e tired and i.icli was bleeding
Ireely f i o 1 1 1 the i.oso and mouth.
i'-(ri'giiiii il I - lo ( . (Ionian.
Des Moines. 1. 1.. April Hi. -llenrt
( irileinaii and Jess Westergaard made
short work of a v resiling niat.-h h'-te
tonight. Westergaard tx inning the
! first fall In thirteen minutes and
(irib inan the second and third in m v
i l'. en and eight, m in ilt.-s.
I Inllie-Ci loiog fur White Sov.
Chicago, April 10. - An ciylilv-pieee
band will he on hand tomorrow to aid
l aJel.all enthusiasts in tt eeoiuinK the
Chicago American league club at its
first a p pi n I'a in a this toil' on the home
grounds. The allemlaiu ,. is expeeted to
swamp tn,' grounds. Se.ui xtill pilch
against Cleteland and the first hall
"slipped oter" will be Ihiottii ht Mat.
or Harrison.
Keli hel and Moba Mai. bed.
Milwauki c, April 1 1;, lahlic Ketch
ell, of rn ml tin pills. A I j . 1 1 . . and I'M
die Moba, of .Milwaukee, were today
matched to box eight rounds before
th,. South Side Atlii--tie club on April
-Mil, I In- weight to be 1 :!.: pounds.
Are Colds Cnlclilng?
II is clainied that nmst cold
lean liing as nieash s and that oiif
should avoid the association of any
one who has a cold. Never permit
anyone who has a cold lo kiss jour
child. Avoid croxvdeil cats and poorly
xiiitiliil.il sleeping rooms. Then tt heu
.toil take a cold get rid of It as quicklv
lis possible. Chamhi rlaln'H Cough
Kenieily used as directed will enable
you to throw it off quickly and perma
nently. That preparation always cures
and is pleasant and safe to take. For
sal,, by all dealers.
See Golden Rule windows for
a few of the great silk values
to be offered Saturday.
Texan dels Vimx ( oinnil ion.
Washington. April Mi.- Itichaiil H.
Harnit. of Texas xtas on.- of lifleen
civilians .w ho passed the January ex
amination for second lieutenant In
the regular army and was appointed
today in tlie cavalry.
".Nobility." . a three-reel haml-col-i.red
l'athe feature. Crystal, today
1 1 1 1 ; l I :-1 ; i i i. hand roi.om :i
pi:i:i I '.t piioToci: piiv I x
m i; I'Asi.si :i in ih rrv
Forces Move Back and Foitl
Within Narrow Limits Show
in:; However Increased Re
sistance to Bear Piessuie,
New Veilt, April Mi.-- Altlnuigli thil
stock inaiket xxas spllitless and un-l
stable tod.it, tin rn. l.i tone was ap-I
plei i.ibly steadier. Stocks Well- tl.--
pics, , at tl Ulsi-t. XX ith 11 recoxi'iyl
.piicltlt follownm and during the Ii
malmhr of tn,. session prices muted
bai K nnd loiih within a narrow range,
with t.tx Important 1 hatige lncreas -
e.l lislslan.e was oftel'eil to pressure
ami most of tn,. m, M which liaxe
been noli, ,,, il.lt weak recently made
a belter showing. The ntl nl. am
slocks, In particular, xtere strong.
There xxas an Itn leased inuuiiv for
stocks al the lower lexel established
bt ) etei dat s tiaillmr Imt the de
mand was imt ke. n and fell otf when
quotations advanced. Spcculatii e con
ditions xx. 10 xlrluallv mii'haiigi'd and
on neither side of the market was
there a disposition to take til,, llillia
tite. Trading fell off and at Intel tab:
during Hie middle of the 11.11 the
market was at a standstill.
Copper shales w.ro matt a! t.m.nii
d.'M itc Hi, upon that the leading j J
selling a"i in li s had adt .1101.1 th
taiuuis lor refilled meial to 1 .'1 , 1 .
loeie ttas 11 oi'inue 111 sianuaiij cop-
per warrants in tin- leading metal
market and but Inn of the metal for
Flllope was said lo ha l d been ctleik
ed. The market abroad was influenc
ed by the l"l tnlghtly copper Male
m. iit, slmwing an Ini leas,- in laiio
peall I 1 1 .tl- Sllpplv of the metal of
1. ::;!. pounds. In Ho- steel and
Iron trade It was said that imiih-
I. ram-hen ale shotting In. la ations of
-lowillt- up. lilll gh the effect of the;
f! Is ill the lillllal Klales ae, old-
lllg tn the weekly let lews ol trade all- j
... ..a. 11 ss iiiitii uaii oei 11 e
pei ien.
1 h.sum sloi ks:
Alua lun lll.ll ell Copper '.t'..
Alio I i a 11 Agriclilliilal .". 1 ' ,
American I'.e.-t Sugar ::',
American ( an :i;t
Aim 1 1. an ( 'an pfd '.:,
A mi l ica a 1 'a 1 - I' ..1111.I1 1 :,u 1 ,
A in t i. an Cotton mi t ; 1 ,
A lilel'lca II I ce Seclllit ies . . .
. l'tl
. I 'I
. :tr.
I', 'i
1 A""'' '' "" Linseed
Xllielieall 1. 1. coin, .tit
Aim 'I Sllleltill - Kef'ng ....
Alller. SuielliiiK ,v Kel'ng pill.
Amei i. an Sonar Hi fining . . .
American To, ,v- Tel
.xmetioaii 'i'l.bacco
j Anaconda Mining Co
Alelllsoll p'
Atlantic Coast Lin,,
I '.il It I 111. .1 e iV I III io
Kothhhem St.-.l
I 'a ooi, It n K.i pi. I Trausii , . . ,
Canadian I'n.-ltie
Cenllal Leather
Cllisapeake ,X,- llliio
( 'hi. a;-.. ( In at Western
( 'liii a go, M il. ,v st. Paul , . . .
( 'hi. 'ago A- .Noi t hw esb.-rn . . . .
Colorado -i,. ,v iron
Coiiseinlal.il Has
Corn I'roiliu is
I loin w ale ,X- i I lids. oi .......
Denver .x- Hi" Claude
Dent i l- a liio I ll .lllile pfd. . . .
I d: tilh i s' Sc. iirili.-s
laic Isl pfd
Krii Jd pfd
Ceiiclal Fictile
(it-eat .Northern pld
I In al .Nol l lie! ,1 i in ( 't Is
Illinois Central
I I'lt rlioroMuli-Met
Inii I horoiirh-Met. pfd
Inter. Harvester
Inter-Marine pfd
Irtel ll.itlnlla I I'a p. I'
Intel uat iona 1 I 'u in p
Kll nsas I it t S' -nl bel li
Laclede Han
Lehigh Ynllet
l.ouist i I II- .V Xashx Hie
I a I
, 1 21
, '.'.
. :: I 1 1
. me,
-1 1 ' .
. III! 1
, II'
. I'l.n.l
.13 1'.,
. Hi '
1 :.'.)
;p! '
. il!
. 3 1! ' .
. I ::';,
I -'. 7
. :: i
. I Hi 'j
. 1 7
. ,-,;',
' 1 ''
. Hi
. li :i 1
I :.! I
. I .; 3 '
Minn.. SI. Haul A.- Sanll SI, M. . . I 33
,1 1; sum i, Kansas (X; Texas....
Missouri I'iwtjfie
.National Kisouit
Xi.tiiiiui: land
.Natl. l:s. of Mexico 'd pld. .
.New York Central
.New York, ( in I. a- Western . . .
.Norfolk K WeMein
Xorlli Aim rican
Northern Pacific
Pacific .Mail
I ' 1 1 n:i It a nia
I'coph 's Has
I'itlshui'gli, C. C. .X' SI. I. "ills .
I 'ittshn I gh Coa I
I'l i sseil Steel Cn I
I'ulliiiau Palace Car
Kcpul.lic Iron X- Steel
'.' ii ' -i
3 7 '-,
-H' ' j
Ml 'J
i mi
i j " "t
-' ' i
1 I 3
I .7 II l
-"' 1 1
x I
- - '
3 1', ' j
t -,
I Kcpul.lic H on A.- steel pfd. . . .
Ko.-k Island Co
Hoi-it Island Co. pfd
-t. Louis A- San Fran. 2d j I'd. .
j stea I oard Air Line
Seaboard Air Line pfd. . . .
Sloss-Sliefflehl Steel .X: lloll.,.. 3.
Soiiih. i n Pacific I mi 7.,
Soul hern Hallway -'i ' .-
Southern Hallway pld 7x-'-
Ti mu "see Copper 3.7 ' .
Texas ,x- Pacific Is
I'nion Pacific I '..! '7,
I'llion Pacific pld S I ij
Cplleil Stales Healty (ix
I 'lilted States Kllbbel li 3 ' ,
Ftliled Still, s Steei f,2'
I ' li i t i ll States Steel pfd I Il7 ".,
I'tah Copper 53 r,
X'iigli'la-i'arollna Cln iuli al .... 3.7
Wabash :i't
Wabash pfd Hi7;
Western Malt land In",
Western l'ni"ii l'..!:,i
Wrr-tili" house Kl-etvie C.'l'i
Wheeling A- La k'- Frie ,7 '..
Total sales for the day. ,70 1, (Inn
sha res.
Some (races of improvement was
sin w n in bond prices, lint enough
Selling Went oil lo make the tone llll
Sl tiled.
Tlie now St. Haul t'j's sold doxvn to
:Mi'i. compared xxith the subscription
i'i. c ol l!l Ij,,
Total sabs, par value, I .lOS'.fMiii.
I'l.il'd SI. lies bonds tt.ie uinliant;.
e, on call.
1 All '!"'
Anial ;ainalei ( 'upper 7 i :-s
; Am u .inc. la ad .X- Sin 21 ',
A I izol'.l I oliimerei.l I :! C
Hon. & ('..t i.. Cop. &. Sil. Mg !
Caiiiiiu t ,X Aiioii.i a: 'j
Calumet - llcela Hi .7
( 'elltelinlal . Mi
Copper Kallge ( 'on. Co ( I
Kasl Unite Cop. Mine 17'
Franklin "
I ; iron x Consolidated :..2 7-M;
(iranby Coiisoliilal'-d fill;,
(Ireeiie ('anariea " -
lisle Itoyalle (( upper) !"g
Hcir Lake 3 V
,. .'
Every Moving Part fitted to a Hair's Breadth!
"The test of the pudding is in the eating thereof." 1
ti i
ne icsi or an auiomou
lin cinrl it Uill null
inu ouiiu it ivin pun.
No car ever went where
They arc not the best
t sell them because they ARE
Ask for a ride up powder house hill on high, or a low t
t gear test on ''Buick Hill."
We have a second hand
I new, at a bargain.
! Buick Auto Go.
Albuquerque, N. M.
- ; 4
Phone 242. Cor. Sixth St. and Central Ave. i
I ake i opp. I'
1,1 Salle t oppi
M iaml t 'opp. r
.tie halt k ... .
.Ni t a.' a l '. ins. i
I I '
I '
i ',
.Nipi-'lui. Mans
.Nnllll Halle
North I ake
(i. Moioii'.ion
i '.
o I
1 1
:n 't
! 7 - 1 1
4 I
U i (Jiilnex
Sup. nor .
Supi ii.ii ,v- lloslon Mill
Taiiinrae;, . ,
I'. S. Sill., Kel. Mill
C. S, Sn .. lo t .V Miu pftl. .
t tan Com alLialt d
I tall ( 'upper I '..
Willi I ! 1 1 1 1-
t iih (.n la i i:i oi' in mh:.
Chh ago, Apiil He stiemilii Was
t imnaited lo wheat todat bt Hie . x
1 poi t ail i.a t ion. lot r i l ..'. "I 'i I "
I heinu I Med. I "I II I l.r-o.l ill'1' !-
- j I. if, a shade loW'er lo ' , c up. I ' ii--made
a net adt an I to 'i W 'if,
I'I'ox l.siolls W i le II l'.',ulur, lllc low-'l
to Fie 1 1 lg It - I .
It In . ame Knott n todat- tu.it a ureal
deal id biisiiiiss in bard winter ttle.a
xv.' done on te-lci'day s dip, th,- sea-
bnaril, ehiollf I'altn '-. taking up-
tiiird of ii'iii.iuiii bushels hole. Il t, is
i in inn d in a on ssae,, H otn I !;t!l li-n l
Hint export business then- was the
I.... I l, -iKIeell VelllS Itllt 1 1 li S XX . I
! oiodilied la iiiitii i s Mat liig that some
of the biciacss was in iciales. Tin
iiml K -1 .-iho-.v.d siren, -th ..nit on Hie
higher Lit ei pool rabies. The ho t (hat
tor the first time on record May wheat
had sold testeiila. in Winnipeg liicher
( Im ii hi Chiomai. al-' im reused he
Ih f In the inli i national t in ugtli of
wheal. I'liniart iiteipls of wheal In-
dav were :;,'i:i.liiiu bushels, against 2Jti,-
liiio I'll.- In ls last tear. Si aboard clear
ances ol xt licit anil flour i quailed
OS. nun bushels,
SclliiiH pi ess, ire M-iil Mat coi n
dow n a 1 1 It I -. bid -I lo- il. f . rrcil op
In.iis w ere fan It firm. Hull Ii ml' i
sold i nl It I lit bought mi Hie Hit.. I 'in -cling
I ) sboits i-iiii- : tn n gill to en's
a f ler Mime ea I It w i a k ness.
I'rot Islons, cspeiaallv pork, had a
Weak iiiiilertone i,n iiicna-ed tt at .-1 11
bog run. Hoi I, fin..hei Hie . i.t c al loss.
i s, but lard and ribs t.eie some high
er on paeklnu Ionise bin In:.,
Till: Mi l l, M ltlil IS.
.New- Vol I:. Aptil I ii ' 'ooper, liriii;
idalnlai d s, ,,t ,, Jup-, 1 .7. 1 -.' a I 7 i; '.
Tie I'll in. Spot, 1!' V.7(t: ,,'1,'in.
Api it. 1 I s (1 2 a I ! itT.
Li ad Sleadt S I :: hid.
Spelt. I - (.Mm I. 7.M. -. ,7.!oi.
1 1 on Ha i e ; eai 1 1 and nucha ii-.- -til.
ST. M)l is M l I I I IS.
s'l. Louis, April Hi. Si.ellei- held al
$:..; le d. Hi in. t, I '-' 2
ST. I 1)1 Is Mi MIL.
St. Loins, April I ii.- Wool - Market
steady. ToiiH.it'- and wei.tern incill
liin.1, 2di -.": Ini" i ii i i i i it 1 1 . 1 X 'o .'ii.-:
llllc. 13' I 7e.
TIIM I IVI.sliK Ix l VKIvjriS.
Kiinii Mil) l.lxc'lorli.
Kan-as Clix. April ID. Cattle
lic. i ipis 7. miu, market steadv to
xvciik. Nil lit c st. i is, $7.. ;(( H.x:.;
Sllllthclll Steels. lt. llOd s, :.(i; Sl.lltll-
eins cotts and In-ifers, $ I 2 T 'il Ml ;
stinker and feeders, ft;.; i ' S.iiii;
hulls, Jii.iui n 7. a"; caltes. $.'..i7"'.i
H.7.7; xteslei-n steers. $,'.'i SA.
western t ow s, . .7ii 'ii 7..7M
I h,e Ij,, , ipis 1 3.IMUI ; mill k.t
a lo 1 li. l.,v , r. Hulk. x 7ii'. S.O'i;
lle.iXV. X t, : 'ii .X. x .7 ; paekils and
biitclieis, sx.7 7 '. x.:oi ; held, ;"s.mi.i
s.'i .". ; pigs, 7.77 'o x. ','..
Sheep Leeeipl.i ll.l'lnl: loarkel
steadt to strong. .71 ml' -us. .'.. loii
7 2i. Colorado I l.s. 7. :.( k.7C;
IHI'tl- tt et III I s a lid teallll.es, fJ.iO m
K.mi : I a nge ett i s, $.7. On li 7 .HO,
liirago Livestock.
Chicago, April Hi.--- Cattle 1,'e
ceipts Mi. mill, miu ki t steadv to shade
low er. I'.ei t is, $ 7 .7'i. 'ii S. I 0 ; Texas
slieii, 9ii.7.7',i 7.H0: Weslern, $7.lt(Kr
VI ft; Mockers end feeders, Ki.M.fii
VHi: lows and heifers, J 3.90 '() 8.40 ;
caltes, $li..'i(i'n N.r.il.
Hogs Ueeeipix '.7,000; market
slow, r, '. Hie lower. Hulk, J8.5Vr
,0i; lic-ht, ts.7iiyit.J0; mixta, S.75 j
'i ii. . i. 1 1 ri 'it .
c s inc s i vv c mu or
a Buick can't.
because we sell them, but we t
Sttidcbaker, ncaily good as J
of New Mexico I
. i . at t , jx f,i x T" : pu-s-, ?n ;
a I; i ei ,ts 2 :'. , o ' " , mn rket
.'..I lite. t. ... 1 1 1 1 , , ; . -1 1 ; XX I Stel II.
i ,"..'.' ; . . ii..a a i;.r,u u x.::;
I. . lllbs. . ijll n l II I ; X I'Sll'l
National foundry j
& Machine Company
General Foundry Work,
Iron and Brass Castings.
? Alhiimiprfiifiv Npw P.pyirn
: ' :
Hudson for Signs
Wall Paper
HUDSON Fourth t
for Picture Street and t
I Frames Copper Ave. I
Lumber, Glass, Paints
and Cement
Stage and Auto Line
Lean- Silt or City -7 a. m.
An it e Mo gallon - I p. m.
Lea', e Mogolloii 7 a. in.
At l it e Sliver ( 'itt -4 p. in.
Special Cur on Itrtjiiest.
( all or ildic: ('. . Miin lett, I'rop,
slln-r City. N, M.
IV .T. Johnson, Ygoiit.
nil r
ill I r I L la O.
J S.m. r.m.i. R.i... 4bi St r.ite.K! M.wrn.tt'.a.
Hrlll KNOWN TO M'l. 'I' """' ei.'Mri s.ii..
f. , i.Miik.., t ... lli,i. H..riii,.l.... S"ltl ir".ki4
I.., $i ixi I- t ii. w ill Mrt ihomon in.l.ti. Iw p.il for
vie t. iperva. smi,.!' !''. II ur anigjiit d ... Dal I
b.ve lllt'ir .l,l .u'.t .ir,l"T, I. IIM!
uniTro urnirii cl , .ei r, tancvit.
$lit Oi iltiiijK.roiie 6f I. N. 0 llf t C O
Cuaranh-i j not ta utiirturi-. Prrvrnti c..nlni;n.a.
At Ituitc -Is. ir we nhip niir,- pn p ud upnn
rn-riiit . f -1, lull p.i'tK .llilii linult'il till leuutlt.
1HK EVA.KS lUtlllCAL CO.. ClnCiMUtL, 9.
Paints, Glass, Cement, Roofing
and Builders' Supplies. ,
'Trf Jl At " ''' 1 t" s rf,T,
fLlvrff 3I "I ("ini.irhoe and Gk-i-t
i'LiSjI.'iB' 4Y i.i.rb.-uvsHiill.trrnn'.k
&mrkM Tjfit .,i.jU.. without fr.

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