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Yields to Lydia E. Pinhham'a
Vegetable Compound.
Athens, Ten.i.- "I h-nl n compllon
tion of diseases, some of then of long
. btuinluiK. I wroto
to you for a-lvic.i
and took Lydia E.
riiiklium s Vejjeti'
blo Compotuiil, and
pom-.; oilier thing"
that you siig-rr,..
teil. I must confess
that I am much bet
ter in every way and
haw been relieved
cf some of the worst
troubles. My neigh
bors sny I look younger now limn 1 did
fifteen yeni'4 nr'."- Mis. Sarah K.
W'liATLrY, Athens, Texan, I.. F. D.
Ko. 3. Mox '.12.
We know of no other medicir.o which
lias been so s uccessful in relieving the
Jupiter, King of Planets, the Month's Chief Attraction; Sa
turn, Uranus and Neptune: New Moon; Earth in Aphelion;
Milky Way.
i ll Win-low Ipnm In Hilladolphlu ',,,t. Im,.,,)
v a y
. 1
Hi: I'lii in t Jupiter tH tin- central
attraetlnn this month fur nli.
server cf th.' evening skv. It
Is the brilliant star situ In the south
east as im in as It Is dark enough. It
lose on the 1st ;it 7.30 p. m. ami cov.
elal minutes earlier each sue. ccillin,
evening. Tonight it is opposite
the Mini, nnil rises In fine sunset actor
that date. The quadrilateral (if stars
below It forms the howl nf the "Milk
I Upper" In Sagittarius. In the course
'I the iniiiilh the planet moves tow
aril the fight nr westward with regard
to these stars. ( is. r ( i s ulm Wateh
l In- movements of the four bright
satellites with a telescope may see
tlunslls of a. satellite and II
glees farther smith. The planet
shines with ahout one-half lis great
est lrK-)liii's.-i iitol therefore will not
readily he found. Venus, oil the :hl.
reaehed lis greatest distance West of
the nm, and will gradually draw
nearer the sun as (he mornings fol
low each other. It Is the brilliant
star seen long- he fore sunrise In the
northeast. in 1 110 Jst It rose at
1 n. in., and in the :11st will rise
at I ::'ii a. in.
Saturn is :il o in tie
rising on tlie 1st at 2
on (he .:st al l-Ita
-1st It is nearest the
Mars eoin.s Into no
i' morning sky,
Mil a. in., and
a. in. I in the
planet VeniiK.
position which
dark ! in
hudoiv on the evenings of the ;ird, ,,,
ji::th. Kith. LMith. i Jml. 28th. salcl-
'line i anu n ciiiiii'ni i o" mo iiik
pulTerins of women, or received so many i un the i;,th and - Jml. nateiiite audi bright
' , 1 f I- . 1.' . . . , -1, t I ,1... 1. ,... I .
renum, testimonium, HS lias l,yiuu . 'its s:iauow on uie 1.1111 mm ."in. i ne i he eoiii
I inkham's Vegetable Compound, shadow prcct
"id, ill nil ntller canes mo salellit
a special name
Ileal' the time
conspicuous In thi
ol! I he 1st at I J : ."i i
earlier on the ;:ist
but it Is draw
when It will be
inn!;. It rose
m. and an hour
ll is twlre as
A 7
v . .-; I.1
Make Employcts BHiovc They
Are Influencing Honest Leg
islators; Investigation Ben
eficial, liMCl.l COII....CMI)f 1.1. IO KO.N'1,. JOUKNAL)
Jill) 1 Is
mi) bod
I Mltlell a II C
ii km
iw a si nator
congress ut
des the satellite 1 on th
7 ,m, ,,-, tun i it t ir eon tl-ill
III IHOI II J j , ,, .. l l.. i... ..... ..!...
f,nd women who have been restored to " "
health by ill-, famous medicine. Almost ' "verpowerim; s of this plan-
..t. U, f V,iet Is olio of the UStolllshlllK l o ts
frer.t jriKid it has been doinir nmong j
mi(Terin;j women for the past 3U years, j
In th! I'inkham Laho.atory at Lynn, ;
Mass., are files roiitiiinihK hundreds of i
thousand!! of letters from women seek-
inir health,, in which many openly state tin
over theirown signatures that they have i fonn.l
1 roed liy astotiomleal studv. T'ie
sun has nearly nlnety-nlne and nine,
tenths of all the material parlieles
In our "limp of heavenly Oodles, and
all Hie planets are hut plKinbs in
(ompaiisoii. Hut Jupiter has marly
fourths of all the partlihs
ill the planets, while our earth
regained their health by tnkinfc Lydia ; has lot about one-lmir hundred fil
E. I'inkhairT VRetablc Compound, ;tieth. Jupiter's mass is 31 s tim,
;::nv of them slate that it hua Buved
.;n in frein i-.rrica! operations.
I.YiIia K. I'hi L li.i in Medicine Co. (rood
!oi:tial) I.j:ti. )las. Yonr letter 111
he oicnei. reiid and answered liy a
luit'.u ii ami li clil iu strict confidence.
that of Ihe earth. It is the Kiiij; of
planet'--, if size Is the measure of roy.
..II. .i Itliioii'li hlliolile sllliteel til'
If yon want spot Jul advice ii rite toij,,,; '.,n.pow, rful solar kinK. it shows
its mass superiority by Influencing
most powerfully the paths ol the
Miialler bodies which pas near It.
The m'oiip of small planets w hlc'i arc
mainly situated between Jupiter and
.Mars hale their motion materially
modified by his attraction, and coin
its v. hlch pass near him suffer sliil
cteater disturbance, (me of the most
laborious parts, of the calculation of
the orbits of planets and comets is'1))(
that w hich takes ui count of Jupiter's ,t,
iii:-turbini; action.
Ilallcy's comet was nisi nod In
l!Hi:i and liMH several mouths lailler
than woiiid hale been the cca- had
not Jupiter urn derated its motion. A
coun t first si en In 1 w.i had its per
iod shortened from more t'lau twenty
(mis to seven years because it went
very near the planet. A lari;'' num
ber ol ( unlets, ileal ly forty In all.
'cw months ami, and may I
1 In both hrh;htiu nnd i
color to Aldebaran, touaid which It I
is molm; in the constellation Aries.'
The t ii planets, I'lanns and Nep
luuc, whlih have for many months
belli ill oppol-ito parts of the sliV,
reach desii;natc, positions this nmntli. i
111 the 1Mb Neptlllli' passes beliiml '
the sun; ii cannot he seen, then fore, '
m the IV.'th I'lanus is opi.osite the;
sun. rising marly at sunset and s,-t- 1
tine; at sunrise. As far as time is
concerned, this planet is in Its best
position lor examination with a tele-;
scope, hut as It is ly devices south'
of th" eipiator it is too low for the:
best view from northern latitudes. It i
Is In the eonsti llatioti 1'aiuicorniis, '
and on the 1st had riMht ascension - ,
hours, minutes, oeelinatloa S. Ill ;
decrees 1 .'i IllllUltcs. It lose oil lll.lt1
date at h : a 1 a. in. i
The July .Moon thU jear was Ni w on i
the 'llli. and when urst seen the fol- .
lowinn eienlnk' will be in the north !
I Wiishiniiton
! safe?
! "llaie you
i b rs':
I "I in . oil happi n t
or representative in
I Washington '.'
I "If you are a member ,,f eoiuiress,
j have y t.n t ier spoken to a stranger
j politely In the street, ut a restaurant,
in the cars, at the capilol or i ccoiuiu
ed In any way, inn In the must iIik
' nified nnd di-tant fashion, anybody
j oil may have thoiurht oii 'have seen
: before'"
"ThlnKM have nunc to a pn-ttj pa.-s,
i indeed, when a man cannot be fairly
j decent In Ills relations with occasional
i and passim; :o iiiaintanccs without
. laying himself liable to iuImi presen
tation nnil treachery. It seems to
much with our modi rn Matt" nu n
It was with the .Minin; mall, void
i understanding, who was flattered,
i the proverb rims, with the Wnrd.i
the lady lymc In wait for him at
(It Dfiyi;
: 1'. M. June
Anc. I,
I'as a::e; Ilcrtli ami
fare; mc Glaciers,
link'', I'iorils, b'ou
leainsliips leave Seattle
July '.'
il M
via Inside
iiicludi d in
Indians, Totem
Is, Snow-cappeil
age. Ask f
An la a. vacation
r sccial f; ltirr.
a!ins tw;t on stie
Lot Anvrlr., 510 So. Sprinv Street
5n Fran, i..-.tir,:) Mnrkrl bl , i-a tin c ltoti-li
ScAltle, 113 J.mrl Slrrct
West about t ilcKi-ees south of the
planet Mercury. lint Quarter I"
.reached on the lmh, Jupiter is passed
(on tlie I'ltli and I'ud Moon occiirH on
'tile Mh. While the evellitins are
; moonlit in the noddle decade of the
I Inure Inc.
ture. Many of them arc Iuiik. ex
tendini; much below the waistline
( 'coaHonally they are Insei tid In the
Jacket fronts. At other times thev
are sleeveless aarilielit a.-: lo n 4 M .ls
iiiii. in" aioon win oe very low in i un. ,i i n,.,.
Springs Mineral
SODA Waleis
How J'lieap, Hut Mow (iood
I'iiom: 'iiii;
National Foundry
& Machine Company
General Foundry Work,
Iron and Brass Castings.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
have been found to move in orbits
whose "iv.itcst distance from the sun
is nearly that of Jupiter's tli.:ancc.
'I lie fact that there ale many small
bodies between Jupiter and .Mars, In
stead of one laiKe body as In other
parts of the solar system, is probab
ly due in some way to hi- mvnt mas.
The tal illation of the orbits of these
miiuII planets fliuws caps iu some re
::n I's and hunched pliu i s ill others.
a result
there are
at bast four small plaints tvhieh
move in such a way that the distance
between sun and Jupiter, sun and
plaiP't, and Jupiter nul plaint are
I" ally citu.il to ea'h otlur- a special
case under Ihe law of uravitatioii.
Scleral of the small satellitis of Jup
iter are probably bodies which at
seine time have bci n captured by
him and compelled to revolve around
him. Jupiter's part in the gravita
tional theory of planetary and ' omet
ary motion Is then fore Very impor
tant in that branch of astronomy.
Several other events In planetary
annals occur th's month. Mercury
can be n in the eicliiiif,', about
thrce-iuui (ers of one hour after nun
sot, iu the first ten days. One should
look above the suns'.'t point a lew de-
4 i which can be ixldained a
of Jupiter's attraction, and
south, lowest on the Kith. Tim
! Moon Is at Iist Quarter oil the lith
land passi s Mars on the HMh, Saturn
; on the !'th. Venus on the lll'th.
An Intcrtrstine, event eich July is
! the arrival of the earth at the point
iu its orbit known as aphelion, or its
llailhcst point from the sun, Th
'earth Is :!,lH!t, Oiiii mihs farther from
the sun than on the 1st of January
.1 fact hard to realize in the mid
dle of our northern summer. The
' earth receives ii per Cent less heat
from the sun than in January, which
, modifies vlinhtly the temperature in
.northern latitudes, but evidently not
i enough to be noticeable.
A feature of July evenlnss each !
j year is the advancing In the -nt ofj
j the part of the Milky Way which Is i
j split inlo two branches. If one is,
j away from electric illumination, this;
i part of the heavens Is seen to lie of;
peculiar beauty. (. yjinus, mat ki d by
j the Northern Cross, is in the north
fint; Scorpio, marked by Ihe kite
I shaped configuration, is iu the south.
! In the southeast is Sagittarius, marked
I by the Milk hlpper and honored this
i year by a visit from Jupiter. The !
.Milky Way divides In Cytfnun, the
western branch croxidnK .Serpens and
Ophluchus and reaehiim Scorpio. The
easti in branch crosses Aqwlla. the
bright star .Vltair Klistuiine; in its
put li. and reaches SaRlttiirln.s. I'elow'
our southern horizon the two branches j
unite. The two branches ntr very
irregular, with bunched rcnioiin nnd ,
empty spaces, and form a plcturt'.siiue ;
part of the heavens, of quiet beauty.!
This month testifies to the unfail
ing advance of the N'li.siin ami offers'
the first hint of coming winter in the j
shortening of tie' days by 3 minutes. I
are simulated
w.il.'ts. which,
discarded, he-
use i
of the
f sashes,
. vests In the fronts of
when the jai k t.i are
I come smart blou.-es.
I So muc'i has been
dropped w iilst and the
two notable I'cnsiilcrations of present
day fashions, i hat nnvthlnir further
I may seem .superfluous. Suffice it to
jsay that the plain Inundation may
j be transformed into smart morning or
atternooii I'riK k by the inlillllon of
! Ihe gypsy sash knotted gracefully
over tno tup. last summers even
ing gown, denuded of its trimmings
and slashed in Ihe front yoke to form
a deep V, may take on a bcvvltchlim
harm ly adding n niching of mullne
or tulle. A sonrf drapery of lace,
mullne or chiffon will t ontribiilc th
in test style note.
The afttrnoon frock of t'ie ie,oiid
jflKUro ils a I'll die of plaid silk in
; shades of tan, blael; and light blue.
'1 he frock was dev eloped in blue and
tan figured silk. Collar and cuffs
jure of bine silk. How tie of ribbon.
.similar to that of the .-ash,
!the throat.
Sleeveless Jackets in Supreme Place
.No Oc.Mii t oinpletc Without Trills nn(l Jtiilllcs at NC U mill Slecvis
The c-l a Heal Feature.
buy Your
Lumber, Class, Paints
and Cement
& MILL CO. ,
Stage and Auto Line
i for
rot 111
l.'-a e Sib er ( 'il.
Arm e Mogolloii--J.e.iM'
Arriv ! Sih cr lity
Spceial Cars on
a . m .
p. m.
n. m.
4 p. m.
Ilelpii si.
(hires,: C. v. Mai'iielt,
Silver City, X, M.
I". ). .Johnson, Aeiit.
ii Hudson for Signs
' Wall Paper
for Picture
Street and
Copper Ave.
i;W YoKK. July . ileneral lines
fur summer fashions are now
decided, and d.lightf ullv beconi-
ing eosliiincs are the result. Sufficient
i. -ndeii- is afforded to Hermit every
wenian to appear at her best, regard-
! of figure "f flesh. Kashlon
leekoncd coi'sldcratcly with good
bad points and made allowaii'c
each. With long, straight lines
the stout woman, and easy, gra
. curves and folds for her sylph-liki
tcr, what more can be required
her-' Yet more than tlvsc she
granted. Delightful ecnti ihulory f-n-
, tures, which arc of the utmost import
ance to the success of the gown, she
has accorded with lavish hand.
Slc.'Velcss jackets of I'.ton style are
j much In favor. WIkUht the hnili be
of batiste or satin matters not; it is
ciiually smart. The Kton is attached
;to the belt behind to keep it in place.
(i;uinuics or she.-r waists are worn un-
Iderneath. The tunic, too. is wry
' Miinrt, and in bordered material or
flouncing Is moft effective. The
eharmiiig freck of the first illustra
tion has this attractive addition. The
, model was developed ill bordered ba
! tiste, having blue ground and pink
rop. and-blue border. The tunic slopes
Jgiadually to a point In the center-
bai'k, a st le very pleasing to almost
; any figure. The waist has surplus
closing, dropped Bhuuiucr ami long,
i.loi-o-litting sh-cve.
There are many novel touches
which eive distinction to a plain gown.
Iu making frocks for your stay at
seashore or 111 the mountains, why Hot
introduce them'.' Added to u last sea
son's dress, they enable it to present
an altogether up-to-date appearance
indistinguishable fiom this ycar'n
model. There ale the ruches which
i an easily be adopted on almost any
sort i f frock,
Ing grace to
i harming P1
nates at the
to the bust,
waist. The
t. rml- I
extends i
to the 1
and which add u Hoflen-ithe costume. A
face and throat very struck when the
see. These are of net
Results from Journal Want Ads; i iw
tulle, shadow, plain, or Valenciennes
luces, Hheer embroideries and also fine
wash cotton. Doublo ruffles, one ly
ing flat, the other turned upward
out the neck aud throat, are very
The upper
throat, the
and very i
fluted and ideated rnfflas
ale sold In boxes by the dozen, and by
women of means are discarded when
coiled. The remaining nimy-iilne out
oi' every hundred of us prefer the waah
able kind, which are to he had even
In dainty diaphanous nets. Tiny urn
worn on shirt waists, simple one-pUce
dresses, elaborate afternoon and even
ing costumes indiscriminately. They
also add an effective finish to Cent or
Fichus, on sheer muslin and ba
tiste dresses, aru much In evidence.
They are of net. edged with narrow
lace, and of shadow, plain or real
laces. They are brought about the
reck to the waistline in front In
nun h t'ie same fashion as they were
sixty years ago, in the days of crino
lines, and silk brocadcu. The real
lac.eH, of course, make the handsom
est fichus. A wide fichu of llohcin
jinn lace, trimmed with oval m.dal
j lions of embroidered net, extends w ell
over the shoulders. Another, fash
jinned of nialine lace. attractively
draped in soft folds across the baek
fonder the girdle at. the left side.
Fichus of tiu.ked net, sheer linen.
! elaborately embroidered and inserted I
i w ith real laoe, embroidered net. chif-!
ton and mousseline. de soie, arc ul!
e xtensively used on dainty mornin;;, j
; afternoon and evening flocks.
I Vests, too, add a distinctive note to'
jlhc: up-to-date costume. These were j
revived last fall and soon been me
' popular, but how they have become '
the rage. l!y the time summer has I
i waned the frock or suit without the
vest will be the exception. They are
, made of plain or brocaded satin, har
monizing or contrasting in color with
real Scotch note Is
vest is developed in
soft taffeta silk of tartan design.
When worn with tailored suits, t'lese
are very ehie. and charming. Stripes
and dots in high colors are also very
popular. The vst Is no longer an
Incidental. It hits become a real tea.
! .
ifr. 111
v.i i ! 'Ai
:-H .; !
! i I'l A' ! I
I igure Two.
cry corner. There was never such a
condition before In the life of this
country, and it st eins to be growing
w orsc."
This Is, in substance, what one of
tile Kravcst and most reverend of the
members of congri ss had to say about
the Mulhall df ebeurcs and the let
ters he has Mold to the newspaper for
"thirty pieces of silver," so to my.
They are all Interesting Iu a way, and
will make a deep Impression en the
common mind, but at Ihe same time
they reveal a new height, or depth.
Ill th,. art of treachery unsuspected
hitherto In our free and easy coun
try. The six co, ktails provided for the
Imlianlan, when he had grown intol
erably thirsty In preaching temper
ance; the warning of Mr. Kirby. prc-l-deiit
of the Aimrlcan Manufacturers'
association, that the 'Held agent' of
the concern should preserve a wise
and discreet circumspection In speak
ing and writing ovciniuch about the
business In which he was engaged,
and for whlih he was p.. id lory satis
fying wages, and whlih he incepted
j In appareiitb g 1 faith, or at leal
I upon the honor which Is said In ob
' lain among a certain art. might well
hie regarded as classics in the science
! of exposure now being worked to ,'
! finish by the "lobby" committee of the
Heiuite, and all to the greater glory
i of Woodiovv Wilson, who Is certainly
j milking troubles fur those who have
! not kept mielv within the straight
and narrow- path, not lo speal. of the
Innocent bystanders elm have been
! dragged Into the light. Yet. "thev said
'j he was not a polllit Ian and would not
hie able to "get by" with his pcila-'l,-oglcal
Ideas In practical politics.
"Mow In the world." said an old
stager yesterday, "did the col I
i happen to let this sort of thing get
iuway from him? In the hands of a
'man as truly great as he there would
have been at bast one presidential
campaign in this, and there may be.
land certainly ought to he, hut for the
de lu'ation of tin Ilalllniore conven
tion that the presidential tenure
should be confined to otic term."
! "(if course, It Is rx.reinely Interest-1
j ing and shows conclusively that
I malign Influences have been ut work
; In our politics." said one of the old
; members of the house, "and It will
I probably clear the atmosphere. 1 re- .
I iolee at the disclosure:-! that have been
I miiile, but II ought to be said that 1
many Innocent on u wl'l suffer by thej
! letters that arc now being printed la j
j the new simpers, l do not think I ever'
j saw Mulhall In my life, although h
; may have met him and may have ;
i spoken to him politely, but I should
not know him if he came into 1 1 1 i
i room right now. The way these fi t- ;
i lows have worked Mime times is to
I collie up to the eapitol, send iu their
i cards to sonic senator or rcpresenta
' five and when they have come out to
see them to have simply passed the
time of day and gone away. Out In th"
; lobby they have taken care lo have
I some sucker who has been paying
them for th'-lr influence' with meiii
I tiers of congrcs.- to u-e them In con-
vermtion with Senator I his or Ib-p-resentatlv,.
Thai, the very men whose
Influence the aforesaid sucked desir
ed, and, impressed by the genius of.
the agent, they have fallen to tin- de
mand for more pay or for continued
employment. j
"The story is told about how Tu
multy, the pre.-ideiii's private secre
tary, was recently taken iiuavv arcs by
one "f these clever golds, who sent
hlnl an interest lir; clipping from a
newspaper. Tumulty, who In ,i. very
olitc man, acknowledged Hi" 'cc apt
of the clipping, writing, as Is his wont,
on White lloiim- stationer, with linle
thought that bis letter of ai knowl-
jedgnient would be used by the thri.ty
person as pnuif that he was In t losu
! touch, with the l I'l" ll;;li-r up.
, "A scene In a restaurant or hotel
j dining room; Siatetl at a table with
Ian utti'.'cr of ihe A. M. A., Is some
I.MuIlinll or other, when presently a
; member of congress iu si arch of bnd
' ill sustenance takes liii seat at a la
! Mo, anil glaiiein; In the direction of
Is There Not Enough
Dirt in the World ?
You will probably admit, Mailam, that you aie vol
fond of shovcliiu; and ln:uuiu coal; thai yoi: dislike
chopping kindlm:1, and that you ihvy saw anyone
empty the kitchen ashes without spiiliiv; oOire.
No doubt you take pride in Ihe spotlessness cf your
kitchen and find coal dust, soot ai d ashes therein
voty annoy iti; r.
"At Your Service"
The Albuquerque Gas, Electric
Light and Power Company
anyone would have done, but It was
not long befoi-,. I round that the son
was nib Kcilo r unworthy of the father
and that he was using my htter to
keep him in his sutmlltn't schemes;
noil it was not until after I had threat
ened t" send him to the penitential v ,
if thele I i. Illd be fullllil IIIIV 1.IW to do
It. that 1 could get inv b tter b.p k.
There are many i.ises like this, and
tin. ugh th.'.v ought to Know In tt. r. It
is a l.ol that the oicmbcis of ona
gri ss and the persons in olfbial life
are eon.-t.intly Mil
net of ti mpt.ltinlH;
e, tell n all III. III
i ml in isri ii t-seiita-
I, -i n, doubt- ;
'Ml Ions w h"
i Ide. but I
lung life in
mnj.ii My . f '
en sli, light.
I.au'ei'bai a
! te ll'.
"Tin l e ale a nd I
less, men ill offii lal pc
l,ac made money on th
have found In a rather
I'l'liia, ' " that the er at
oar ui I lie men h ue I
'The development-. In tin
liialtM slum liuw the game li.is been
woik'-il. The ti l, phone talks between
Mr. leilvanl and Mr. rainier, when
tli-illlil SleOegl tlpllie lll'iilll uf lllISC
i ' 1 1 1 1 v i r s , , t , i n s In PI ii.v A!,, ltd;, aid,
jlhe appointment ei a in.it i ii i. Pe
itvvcen Mr I ediai',1 and the perse n
It i i l I I -1 1 1 g With hill) b telephone llllo
th,. strange i liu id. m .- of the person
who appeared at the pteilse miiiin-nt
ai'pi Int'.'i! for til. pre'. !t :it ly a! t'at'".e'l
i ut ei v It vv . make up a v , rv diam.itic
feature of the I lilt ii I ' . 1 1 i I le matti I .
"It is doubtless Hue that most of
the nun n. lined by Mulhall In his story
- for which it is said he was paid $ln,
(liiii ate w holly lino cent of any
'wrongdoing, but smile of them prob
ably have a hard time explaining to
their c n-tiluents how they happened
to i,e mixed 11,1 with Mulhall, when,
as a matter of fail, th.-y have had
in thing to do with Mulhall."
For Picnic
Imported and Domestic
Lunch Goods
llI'M' OI'XUTV or
Bottled Decrs,
Winr: rfr?
A,0. Baciieclii & Co. :
HIT-ll'i I'. Tljenm Air, X
i Km. TiiTti RitiM ferrVrrBUHMMiMTiVAT.,
IV! H IHWn TO Mil. Hfi nn H.u.-
tviUn lumiirni fir Unn Kcfun-IM. rnt inpii
tat 1 1 00 fT hui. Will rnl then, on trial, t hfi j.ai'i fir
bfn rliprH. Htmplfi 1-p. If j inti 4iufUt 4m aw
t l hIO Kill f UUf fljel Ul IM
i UHITCD HhOtCAl CO., aoi T4. LH0Ava,
1.14 it !)'? r " o i.iiir c c,
' A OihmI llili-stliient.
W. P. Magll. a well I known men l-, XHE WM. FARR COMPANY
am oi vi iiiiemoouo, is., oittisiii '
stock of I 'haniberlaliiH iiiedh Ine mil
as to be able to supply them to his
customers. After receiving them he
was himself taken sick nnd savs that
one t ini'll bottln oT I 'huuiberlalu'M
Colic, Cholera and lHurrhooa Kemedy
was worth more to him than the cost
of Ills entire stock of thoe medicines."
l''or salo by ull Ucalera.
Wholenalo nnd Itetall Dealers la
Sausages a Specialty.
For Cattle and IlogB the lllegeit
llarket I'llcri are 1'ald.
Try a Journal Want Ad, Results,
South End Grocery Co.
1503 South Second Street
(.(KlI) J I.OI K
.Mt-lh. sack . . . .
.")-lli Mick ....
IX lie--. Heel, Sugar .
Ill lbs. ami Sugar. .
Maple nnil Coin S.M
10 lbs. Corn .Meal .
Kuislns. pkg
C urn I lakes
Hirodileil llisi-iill- .
I'o lie I Wheat, llli-
.lell.v, l-'J pint
t.iioil I're-erves, pint
Jiarlv iluim l'cns. . .
-1 for
,tle for
Hie lor
i Tie
Si. on
up chilli'.
I 'Jo
Salmon, 1 cans ""'
i:xlra (.oisl Corn, '.I Inc. . . . -ac
i:.trn line Vinegar, :10c.... Km
Mexican lb-ails, 7 Ih- -"!
Itoa-leil ( off,-.-, .' I-J lb-.. .M OD
Wedding 111 cil, fast
liood Soup-, Hie
l.'Mia (iooiI ( aimed
." can-, 7 lor .
Matches, 7 pkgs. fol
New I'olatoe-, 7 l-J
( hill, :: can- for . .
Collolonc, large . . .
( olloleoc, small . . .
.i mil I auiiili i soap,
l:lrit good ipialllv
I riiits, tegular
ami --""'. tod,, v
Col fee
. So
l eg-, giiiiranleeil lie-h, do.
. -."io
1 lor . V!."e
( aimed
pi-Ice "lie
lor and -'(ir
Vying In popularity with moire silk , Mulhall Is greeted I. v that v.oilhy
and taffeta are the charming crepe j and ri turns Ihe salutation as a matter
de Chines, with largo floral motifs. (Of course. That. Is all; but that Is
gujiy colored purple, pink, cerise ami Unough for Mulhall, and the word goes
green predominating. Cray remains f Mulhall's employers, even to I'rcsl
ir, ,'i,or as background, hut a'l the uciit Kirby, that Mulhall s, cms to
shudes of brown, ranging from straw know them all.
It jh getting so, rouiiy, nun a
member of congress cannot speak to
anyone without being suspected of
having some Minister purpose- In view.
Once I gave a 'to-w hom-lt-ma;: n-
cern' letter to a young man whom I
only know as the son of his father, a
long-time, frletul of mine and a man
of the highest Integrity, it way a iui- I
turul thlutf to Uii, a thing that almo!
to orange, are claimitiy attention.
With these shades lemon color Is
fashionable as trimming. Cords and
braids of this color, as Well as in
shedes of black nnd white, are
twpted Into charming ornamental
motifs und used as trimming. liuttons
covered with braid ure supplanting
those of pearl, bone and glass so pop
ular. Uuilna tim fuiias, , .
Albuquerque Lumber Co.
423 North Firsft Street

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