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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, July 27, 1913, Society Section, Image 10

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4fiL gtt TT H
Brady wai obliged in step lively to
.f the men
tt thr word
lilm that H
tad graiid-
wnld. c.i org
: r l n ,
Vanow, Jim N
Mn, Ralph Kelt
Jr., Robert K.m
Louts I T ': 1 1 1 1 1
Mn lurk. ii, J,
days since from
she visited friends
I. an
(or a
i i ..k Hubbcll,
II,. I. .1.1 s, II. IM.
. Wall. ii. Will
Raj M.Cuiiiia,
.1 few
a bar
..f Wo
ft ft
Kcnts Off for Honolulu
Vi gas.
' t. mal
i. Pr
I ...
IW I, i I.
Things Social at a Standstill
Uttri II. EM
MtOlll', Clllf
.'hill... .-'I
i.-v Bktnnei
N AI'Ot'HT Lnt appesiain ..I tli' Sumnui Hill
I dmonat ration t t in polite method ..f ur n. . w. nivci .
ladles In pursuit "t hulril Th. modern method la p ' U
laahi'd aklrla, and smokehs poWdei Ureal havoc ha bean
veral more ut Ices senium rng k-ii.. m mi. , x i .. i. .1 1. 1. milt,
id ii. umaia for tin full concert! will Im well under way by
. 11 1 . n l: 1 1
of th.
lt)13 111. ..I. Ii Kin.. I
1 thi' neighbor-
venue and Weel
i dUtrJ. t nt big
baanlnaby dull
tfwerque M dull
or at thlH time
, hard tact, t..
. . pervades ev
ict that hangs
adlty Iba quia!
Rugona 1 '.nr,
win Araot
August owing o the -mall 1 U
son It l dcildcd tiat th. woks o( Wa
tnU'd and remodeled along th. .i .m
. aaaaty I prrewve the i.i favorltaa
la impossible to do th. mikey t. t
id UHli-nl
, etc., aha II bi
Tli In Im run
obacurtt 1
' or the "Mo
tin 1111. 1. II.
avanta lust
1. "ii-.
HOMBTIMP. IN HEPTKMUKH A party I Th-- annual 1 , mnmi of tin-
mien art who gather t..K'lh. 1 to tell tun- an..th. 1 about tin It x 1 ti n. I
and to ihnw off their new sartorial effect. IUI..ii tutaths, thr eniiscrvn
live clamant conservative largely through .. ill in llnailon I., part with tin 11
paBttla WlU trll about Ih blissful!', bucolic Huns ..f th.' stav-at homes.
OiTonRn Th Hnnual atatr fair "Biggest an.l I'. st Kn" a gr d
n to tin1 newspaper who sells U"n tlu subject i.h a weh tun, n II. f fit. 111
lha war In M. xl. o and tariff n vlatmi. CunrliniM the etnli- tali In 1 a
auccana of prtwari1 ink than one of naiiiv. Thli yaar It ulll . x . 1 . I nil ix-
lii'Clalliina and vatlmntua. lie aur.- you Jtxl 11.111 FOOIM lth th.' Hui.iiu ol
K.M It W K li K Thr Montcznnin Hall J'orannlal dellghl of 1)1.
daapalr of th. busbaadi Annual raaurrectlon nl draaa aulta and
of avenlna froi'ka Tin 1 .1 lit ri'ikhcH I. in . inn uihsii 1. 111 tin-
Jorlty makr orar Iuki M-ar'a frock. Bull iaa fot IM lanao an.l tnrlMi irol
ara airaady fiiini. tiwma to the itrvnuoUaneM ..f praaant-da) tarpaJohoraan
actlvltlaa and tin- Iii.-iimHiik dtmanil for tl.- t I tn.l. It In llki'ly that
the ball will bo dHld.U Into twenty rounda (UartlUla "I guii.nrl.iir.v rulih).
NOVK.HHK.lt -Thatil.anlvlnit day. Kt
Iowa close on the hwel of tUtnffiaf
which to he thankful, the .lay Itlould 1
Turkey will l.e k.i hlltlt thU . nr that It mi
the ThnnkaKhltiK dinner, hut It practical
cheap wnouuli to ho within the reach of nil
shifting tin k1 total dlspoaltl
. oaf
Ivaa anil
rein iv ath.n
an fill ma-
Ustb thla vnat holldaj fpl
f im have anvtlilnit I. ft fot
im .1 In t he proper spirit.
iatsMMuy to parti fowl from
r. il that ci aula 1 1 U s will lie
h is bpraa axpaotatlon, oon-
PKt'KMIIlii: ih' tin . '
i tlon la ahout tl I) past
tile orcupatlon Would ba th
h the Mew of passing III. n;
I of pi I. CH tl.
it is iaswHni In reflei t tin m daya,
nic hft iis, that I'hristmas Is mi:'
etunmiBg up or last yanra Chrtatmw
on to epect mi frknds, whaf the big
I'Olllposei hlx
Of cou I
ItiK on at all
ih.- pai 1 at lo
bang out ih.
isn't anything
The ftaarran
the youtlK Pi
iKatn arown-i
And I he v
pertaetl) cor.
anil ll gown
yune win tin
shake the t..
are J . sed 1
ThlBga ara P
arhara tna
until Septcni
.f . anal in
ThuV Bd
for those
ty of "tOO, 1
(!.. nie of I h
KolllK In fOI
for exeroli
j think in.th
dfn , I am 1
This day
j she of the
troublei of her
labia la to ba
I la conceded th
my of em bon p
I else for It bul a
, ami "flaaalna"
ilng, 1
Alfn d K n.
A Postponed Hayride
moonlight hay-ride
and I'.eatil.e III.
Sunday mornlin.'.
t a I h.'i e p. 1 1 " ' 1
I ry excellent 1 ,
1 Ma dtda'l bapp. n
Th. in. 1 haul. .. I oxl
pip. 1 work BM
peratlve that 1 writ.
hi hfdulcd before it
A safe enoiiKh pi
Ill thlllKS Ullliouii' !
Ufat 1
fin. I
in and
ind a. . . h i
it their par-
iu .1 I'll, k Seal,
t Is, society Is
Co BWBI hark
Ii earaa ph a
ind means to
f the doldrums
there .m.ii are.
nlct and 1 11 v.
Just wait
hai 1 dl
I .nl.
U Null
iifhlt hi aaaartloB
1 oft' uilh gruut
BltlOfl to
' If we
ii. . intlmi
for the Wicked nor
bava a luparflul-
la, thus affllcled, are
DUOUt exercise these
ptala in., vets up
ui' ,111. 1 ptayi tennis,
as taken to Walking
1 reduction. They
dotal Ovg miles a
th.- slender llhouelte,
nin, ana as exercise
luovt cfl. ctl c i nc.
mi thara'a nothing
hi. th- eodeavor. That
meals, whl. h Is oven
111 K'AI'
1111 It la
that ara
bowev r, it .
inuiiieiit, and
to Kit out Hi
fact ( oinpl. ti l
I must conm .1
ii my prcsclen. .
may rem. mhi 1 1
Ing purty, ami
Ii ipp. 111(1. Will' Ii
evening after tin
t .at It had been pi
eclat the Friday 1
I'll well, ai,
Vuii the news after it
hut 1 few of the h. 1
able to gtva It in adv
'Hie picnic wa- 1
count ol the past
Sarah Hamlin, m
the party wa air:
Just as much tun on
Btonld have been on
Jollier, if them ih anyl hum
snyini; "The better the day
UM deed.''
1 ! uaati of the Mi' 1 '
evenlnK were Mlaaaa Hilda
Aline Kti rn, Klsie Ki ml 1
Arnoti hfyrt Hopi 1
Kelly, Rabaoia Born
McMillan. Alma Bald
Orunafeld, Eleanor V
Rosen wa Id, Haiti I Mai W( lira,
i.ouis Qumbtner. M 1 In hranq, 11111
I AM 1 MltS. Kred Kent .ne off
00 what promises to he a really
plaaaara trip. They win eta)
in 1 '.illfuinhi. ' (lorna " the va
rious coast resorts, planning to sail
omrtlme In August for Honolulu
Th.' Kents will take their time to the
tilli and do not expert t,, return to
AlbiliUeriUo for several months.
Kil.-en McMlllcn is home, a full
fledgril ...liege graduate, hut sweet
md slim uk ever, glnoa her gradua
in in dii Smith In June. .h Mc
Mlllcn baa heen visiting college friends
In the east. She lea chid home I
week ago todav.
Eleanor and Alexandria Vanuh. v,
tlm daughters Of the I A aiicheH.
left on the limited, Friday evening,
fi r an ext.iid.d eastern trip, Tiny
will visit In Chicago and at Mar
fellies, Ottawa aiiiJ Kcwancc, 111.,
and on their wuv Inane expect to
atop ..if at Kansas City and Ttilaa,
The luiis Ilfelds eX pact to leave the
last of the week foi s.mta iv, arhara
tli. y will spend two we. ks. motoring
lat. r to iMt Vegaa ami Tiout IprfaAa
They will relnin to Alhu.Ueriiie hy
the first or September, waVlwg the
entire trip by automobile.
Marn uet BBd Kuguiia Keleln r .11 -
rived home, Thuradav from Yellow
hin park ami Chayaaaa, where
they spent a vacation of BeVeral
weeks. fJraca Bo rra dalle, who made
Hie trip with the Keleher girls, will
stay In t.'heyenne until the lust of
Itn V, II PatOUt of l'atoutvllle,
11 "' La., im the nu. st of h r daughter, Mrs.
Ol 11 J. 1 1111 and ..f .lilt North Fifth slrc-l.
honor , she la ae. ..mpaiiieil h h. r sister. Mis
s, 11. ,u. k. .11.1. wife ..I guprema Court
' it Judge Nuckulls ol l.iniisiana. Mrs.
' W( PatOU I Is the wife of a millionaire
II oldliugar planter ami the inters are verj
letter I prominent aoclallv in rfi-i.
Old '"' Hie Mrs. C A. Hanks and Mls Lillian
. 11 me '. Id. Monger left earlv last week for Hill
' I' J 1 phur Springs, where they expert to
ami Man .spend three or four weeks.
m o ; . o. o
illy tram-,
le liiv-rlde,
it Hie last
..kly rush
I I loltl 'I tnr
many friends during her Kt,,v In the
city. These Invited to no. t Mi- Mn
Ion. Wedneaduy, were Mesdamcs I.H.
Mot 1 1 1 i.' onard Miller, t red Shell
hart, Roy CoWpOT, Oeorge C. Talor,
'. M. Papa, W. T. Salmon, A. D. Ogle.
J. M. Uooch, Tom WUkeraon, Susan
Parka j Mlaaaa Anna Ttvxlcr, Anne
Papa, and Sadie Mori is.
I p
Iitve I'ulnlil, the genial proprietor
ol the well known hostelry of that
mime, stole a inarch on his friends hy
being quietly married Wednesday
evening, to Mi-m .Marie T. Rllc of
DenUon. Texas. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. A. ftt. Mandnlarl
at the paatOtaJ residence of the Im
maculate Com;eptlon church. The
altnaaaaa were Mrs. Edward Caaa,
the abMer of Mr. COBlba, ami Thomas
Dean, manager of the Hotel Combs.
I "lb. w ing the marriage serl e Mr.
and Mrs Comhs entertained at a wed
ding supper at Moiintalnvlew Inn.
The brtdi ll the daughter of Mr. ami
Mrs. Patrick Riley of Denis. .11, TaxaA
and has lh.,1 hut 11 few mouths tit
AlbuqUenitte, The couple are batag
OOBgTBtUlatad by a wide circle of
Bfcj Benefit This Week
I iacarolle
li 1 iii
ll Till';
St l.ouls Motion Picture
reulixe as mu' h innney
In Hie tm Mentation, as thev arc n al-iziiu-
pralae In the preparations, then.
tin hen. lit performance next Wednes
day plghl ihould clean up a pile of
rn. .in for st. Anthdny'a Orphanaga,
The Worthinaaa of the cause is In
dbipUtabla; no on,, doubts but that the
show will he nalK worth while. BO
I cannot s(c how they can fail to get
a crowd.
An excellent guarantee of 11 large
attendance is afforded in th. Mil,, of
li. ki ts, which are going like the pro
Varbtal hot cakes, thank-- principally
to the energetic committee, who have
'the disposal of same in Cha So
much for the financial auoceaa
The Val k-Wilson orcheatrn will
give the following program at St. Jo
-. ph'l Saultuiium this ufternoon at A
Scurf Dance .Chamlaade
Selection from Martha Verdi
Rpmoraatmc Dvorak
Qraca stortz.
Uaiht Rustic Franke
Intermezzo .' Maaeugni
Mr. l.eo Myer.
p Rubcnitcin
Cecilia Spalding.
nr Wagnci.
1 irchestra.
Inst Qtiartcte.
IaiuIsc Dowher, Ethel Kleke, Do
m. 1.1 Wils. n, Arthur He. k. r.
Poet and Peasant Suppo
Miss Eatellc M. Valck Is Hi" .Ii
rectress and Mrs. Wilson, inunar. 1
Th,) orchestra Is planning to give a
number of those OOBOartl it the J 1 r
ferent hospitals next season.
Jeanette Wllllta entertained Bona
of her frieniiM FrMay Bfternoon, In
celebration of her tenth birthday,
The WlllltB home. ;it 1)1 West Colli
BVenuei wa pi. ttiiy decorated for the
avant, pink dominating the color
scheme. Tin little hoatoaa received
many pretty gilts, I her youthful
guests had the time of their yPUDg
lives playing games and eating the
"guodias" provided.
when n
a a a
The Season's Aftermath
in "iiiri
quit tin
, a IIvm
lod licks.
On thing, the new pareela post regulations win mane 11 pi asion
a rook atove bv mall, whirl) may BBrV t" 1 Hi. ,li trtbutlon 1
rather than uaeleaa girts. As usual, the men hunts will '
and dividends. Do VOUf 1 bltettnaa ahopplni .1! '
if m
ho Weill,
si annuofa d
McKee, Arthur Prager, Jim
Oordon Gaaa, Lester I If eld.
rlubbell, Robert K01 h, li
wald, Prank Spliz. Arthur
win MoCtnrki n, Bob wi 11
Walker, Mickey Plorahelln
K. BB ''al l
The Call of the Open
1 1." a
Kmanui 1
. ha.
s of St. Louis,
Papnti Stern,
nvar and I Solo-
Hot Weather Hints,
lid WI
w ill
to 1 a I
I, noun
GO HOT-foot to a theatrical of Hot In m irch "i an an
you'll have a chance to cool your heels thete.
If yoU feel oU d Ilk. u good hi..", insult a big man.
Oat "fresh" with smne stnteh lady, and lei lor flee.e you
In. aomethlng ahady, mid enjoy the growing coolneaa of th
Crltlclae your wile's diess, and rn iii a chillj iitllloslihi n
Toss 'h therm. .tin 1. 1 OUl Dl the window, on. I aea It drop
Don't be wiappid ui In 0111sel1 put on .. lew ..us and
of Innocence not hlng cou Id he 110.1 . Mailable At MldauBVRtei
Try a blow-out of gas In your bedn
If the heat drives you to drink, OOnfln
When pat Bathe In a rtv r, lit do n 1
many degree cooler than on the sin fare
t'n hiw 11 "burning sense ol shame,"
. .. minimi
at home,
issuiiie tlu
HOB, on-r th. make up Ih. Ir iuIiuIm
j to let the public "in " on the uil-lm-pei
I nit dales
Hannah Nuabaum ami Rrnaai tpitt
'at'e tn he mauled this fall, altlioilgh
neither of them w III mil tin 111
ba st.it.
Iisid.ral.lv ell
tha last affairs
110 M ple
jpitl ar-
. .In.'M-
li M'll Wl
"glowing cheeks,'
love and
other tun
rudely In
Wb. luiti
as to the lime ami Hie plac I,
la a en aweet affair of the
.r-and-Uh . variety, with Km
cut only mi pb using hla lady
Hannah obhvlout to every
cullOe being. Whv bn lb
Ifornbt. Mr i..i 1
motorcycle axperl In
people insist on belli;
The l,eVM wen
tertalned hare 1 of
gtvan for them being the
tile which .Mrs. Hell In. hi
ranged in their honor lai
.lav evening
Whirl, luggaata the no
the visitors and BUtMtantlal
taatlon thai there are no
or nights, for the . win is of the
festive benzine bUggleB,
No doubt about 11. in."-1 plcniOl
are the fav ..rite form of entertain
ment, Iheae Saya, Theae nights.
rather. ReglM RoaenV Hd Heated
a party of friends to one of theae
ell known soprano, left Thurs
day for Santa Fa, where she appeared
will, great sucr. mm in a concert Krl
"liiv 1 veiling. Mis. Winn was most
enthuxlaatloally received in her song
number! and was given er flatter
ing mention b the Banta Pa paper,
1 'a. in her siay in laata Pa Mrs.
Winn will he the guest of Mrs. Mc
Donald at th.. gubernatorial maiiMion.
Mi is .1 Root, P. i'. Cantteid
and o. .1 Durand, rapreaentatlvea ,.f
ih. k. hi-. is 1'ity 1. ii.. buturanoa com
pany, are leaving today 011 an eastern
trip, as guests of their company, to
an. n,i the "tlOO.Ott.Ofl Club" meat
"it. Which will take place at Kxeel-
ilor Springs, Mo. Th. v eXSaot to re-
t u in about August loth.
MisMrs l.ru'.ie and Nan Mnughlin
of Lawrence, K .m., are the guests of
th.ir sister. Mrs. Clyde Hlair. The
Mans h ft Friday for a month's stay
on the upper 1'rroM, in com pan led bv
the Maughlta flrii ami the Reuben
the affair. And an Inventory of the
talent Involved assures also the ar
tistic success of the production.
The program Is a ailed and inter
esting on. . made up of skits and
ketches, and participated in by near
ly every member of the company. Miss
liva Thatcher, Walter Rodgera, and
Mr. and Mrs. Joe I ran., former
"vaude-vlHlnns," will put on the same
acts In which thev have successfully
appeared on the big circuits. A com
edy drama sk. tch, "Mrs Dnnforth's
Experience," Will be presented by an
able cast, mad up of Mrs. Eugenic
Kurd. II. I.. Willetts. V. II. Millen, Rov
Waddle, Ruck Connors-, and two kid
dles, Mary i'ooiis and K.dwnrd Dudes.
Victoria Ford, Lion D. Kent and
dairies Huber will ho scon In an
emotional dramatic sketch entitled,
"The O round," and a rollicking wes
tern comely will afford an excellent
Vehicle l'"i' Hi.- abilities of Dorothea
Farby, leading woman for the rom
Ipany, Mum Parley will be assisted by
Messrs. Kent, KodgarS and Willetl.-
i: Miles Ihe -ketches, the program
vvill be well rounded out with musi
cal numbers by the Frontier Pour, the
male quartette of the company, oom
posed of MesMis. j. it. Prang, tenor:
Waller Rodgera, second tenor: Ruck
Connors, baritone, and ll. L. Willetts;
As all have had experience on the
j legitimate stave, th. show promises
pi'ole.KMiollal Huh
Picnic Unmitigated Success
CONTRARY to popular opinion vv., .
the Sunday school picnic, Thurs
day, ut Bchwartaman ami wittrs
S rove. If then was anv thing "tame"
about It the fact has not yet devel
oped. It proved t" bo a lolly and
ol, suet 1'ssfitl outing and wildly exclt-
a a
Club Entertained
arlty of
mv con- Parrya,
of the Mum Eatelle Valck, the violinist, will
have this week 011 a vacation trip to
IVflltS. I a i.N RANKIN entertained
and the "flr
of enthusiasm." The Ice Man, In Tow 11 Topic:
Post Impression of the Tango
Fi rritiSM is th. delirium tremens
of rt. We've had a lung an I
It, ami goodness onlv knows, when 01
where it is t.. end. We have " i"1 r"
tUriSm, have seen fUtuHsRIi have
dreamed futmiam.
S ,. v 1 heroine fond of ph tin I I pol
(raying the day after tomorrow, and
used to women wl;h green akin and
purple hair
Hut the worst la yet to coma, It l
fulurlani In music an.l .Inning. I
anppoie we must be educated in thr
swnphoiiv of Boise, Just us We are
helna educated to tin' m W phssis ol
Mat art at ell. I'm too ttupld lo BP
in.:.!, . upl.-xtlles I tllllll.
most .,f ua lake It on faith, If vv , ftt
eept it at all, and 1 guess we must
hi" apt the ma a ih. ammo way.
The "futurist glide," as the final
thing In "ragging' Is called. Is less
difficult of eom prvbopsloB for any
obi Bams a pj. I'.rs
it b ptohai.K 11 post Impression of
the Tallgi) .111. 1 til. Texas TOIttni
I Hie
1 van
ps 01
.l"ll I
ucl v.iv
merged in tndy of m
music. It euggeats fantasj
.loin, graeai Bud v n a. uy. at
Ho hits off .11 good a de.s.
the ne i p.. .. . NU) "ll" r.
"futurist glide'
lliole esthetic III. in li,, T.i
mote durins thai, ihi
more a lluring ' h..n .-it n .
graceful than m4. 1 I n.:
Having never v(.v.. ,1 th
Imtlon to the ((lrN f dan lug
Bttttlrm for B new ltd lertiv
gla for an Bplgram that w
pI'Tlisntlv des.iil.' its eban
as io- It'a 11.11 I. like 11
glng" only -more of
What wu want, umi t 11
T had a aneflklng
Klka hnd been uilabt h
dead sura of It. Por 1
apaam of the H P 0
aay eof Oh - n. t In
but In e gentle. Ins
Ouotiru verbatim ' 1
to an conduct ours, n
aocls) functions th .1
Imi the Irnkt OPPOI : U i
for critic lam."
A body blow 1n tin
I take It. And now w i
The corollary la tin
giddy element si Id
only such amusement
and l.lahlv moral and i
ten think good for ll
and good, but what 1
nativea. through some
streak In their n
wph the upper t. n .'
they foolishly Inalst Hi
Ina tn do as th. v plan
opposition ' If the rtet
ha who is bent on rec"
a lion Mini
and free
id the tl
iiptiun ol
True, th,
be a hi'
ago and
, I do 11. .
or atrug
itild moal
u. 1 lm-
If not.
follow ,
t omati
Wanted A Genealogist
A CHARMING Boutbet net , on hi 1
first visit west, has coiu .ivmI Ih.
1.1 . a Hiai have no "family tn as'
in Albu4uer0.ua Waxing colloquial
Wouldn't that Jar you ' ' In the wesi,'
she sins, 'people have 111. notion thai
the 1 nine disk of eiernuy is covered
up wllh a dollar." Uardl) tali to tin.
west, is it ? Oranted. nun w don t
demand a peraos'f family tree with
his vlsltliu; card, as In the Smith, but
neither do we insist on knowing how
much, monej they have, before raoog.
nixing th. ni, a-. In the Kasl. Somen,
haa aid that tin Western guery li,
"Wiit .an .vi. ii.'"" At a matter of
fact, people ate an epted pretty much
1 "floi yaluat" without question as
i.' w hv or w henna 1 hey ostfte 1 1 helpi
some, of course, lo have v our lame,
either financial or social, precede you,
I v. 1 "ll. cd that when it ll noised
abroad thai newcotnars have "lote ..1
uioin v ' ami ' social plestlge bark
home' Hi. it Albuquerque - t)
iv . 1 no lime In leaving rai'ds.
Nol thai heal Milelel j . , 1 1 I
Is iiii'ii up of moneyed people unite
n.i. ntrs iv. i could . ouni on mj
two bands tHASQ vv h m ami
"of" society who are really over-
married! "H
her" she sav1-
Bi least, a defl-
f in Hern. .HI1'.
live. Mr. nits
little home, so It
n" hells for him."
rttted another ro-
i l I' Kfi.de Iteed-
the cousin of Max
", .I in.. Nordhause"
li seems that when
Ii bush i than the proverhlal
ueittng ready t
sometime In Bt
Which If vavn.
nlta trend, kn
W llelr (hoc . 1"
Is building a o
looks like "Wed, I
And lSej line,
man. . li. to. in
in im. i " Bhe b
..i(lhaii a. 1. 1 VI"
been last " 'n1
fi ti, ndhi Imer n turned to bet
home in AM, ...na. Ha . she took With
hat snmi thine 1 1 besides memo-
Has of a pb .sinl visit. Ha who runs
in,., n .nl i Albert st. rn.
ihe Men of Mra, Pannle stein of 110
vv i lopper, ! a here early In
Sent, mhor for the astern home ot
Mlig Bandhi ., , , w hi re Ihey win he
uuirri.il Beptembei is After b hon
vmOOa trip t" Ne Voik City, Mr.
Stern will bring hi ''hit lo Albu-
.lltlllgS, I'll. l.r
ami I'.'
The crowd drove out It) lb
Aland. II, I OUia 1 If l.t
vvald machines, enjo.v n
moonlight in one of Ih
yons. Miss I Iomcii vv a I.I i
Sara Hamlin. Beatrice
fold, Hannah hTusbaum,
fold, liladvs Mandril, i
dell, Carrie Schuti ami
penlch; Messrs. Herman Schwi
Arthur Prager, A I . r, M. P
man. Ml. kev I'b.i'slu mi, Mi
.-i'lt ami Dave Rosen wuld
a a a
Gossip of Society Folk
a CARD front Rebt es P iro
a girl I I I. In I s,,v; II, ,i i
along Ilk,, a song In gay Par
apt way of putting It. bv thi W
Ml Pear oa is studying mi
the Frenoh capiiul she do.
say anything about comma hon
a a
Julia Jaffa pi Rot I II wai
We.ln. s.i . . , v oiling on In i vv
Las Vegas. A alumher Darts w,
Pel' hv
lltll II-
i ; runs-
the Wedneaday Needlework club
the past week. Following the usual
discussion of fancy work there were
unusually gooil things to eat. Aside
I',',,,., ,1,,. MBIlIn , M UT.M D.N.
I. os Migcl.M and Coninadi. licarh ex- i,i i,.i ...,.,. i . i . 1 ' i . i . . I .iiiiat., In.
. . , i Kin n n nil (IIIUIIIUIUII KUCDtO in-
I'., ting t,. return to Albuquerque i eluding Misses Lenore and Nan
iboUl the I, rst ot September. Maughlin ol Uiwrencc, Kansas, Mrs.
Wa J An.).,........ JlI 1... . ,..
T ,, . , , , , , .t.,t, .111,,' l.-I'll, ... I.-.1 .11,111,11, ,"li. Ml
.1. Kuhland and daughters, ,.i i,.u 1,. u 11..11
Bernlce, ..i Oaaawatomlc, ' a
Mrs. t
llebn anil
has,, are the guest" of Mrs. Riihland's
llBtor, Mis. A. J. I iav is of West
Bllvei avenue. The Ruhlandii are on
their was p. California.
ing from start 1.. finish, When the
special train pulled out of the station,
ut an early houi Thursday, there wen
eight hundred nl nl and the crowd
grew In numbers as the autos ami
buggies continued to arrive at tin
grounds, every conveyance adding: its
full quota of iiierr.v -makers.
everybody brought a baeket ..r
lunch along and there was plant "f
pink lemonade and lee cream com'
for those who delight in that sort of
The big nolle of the day was the
athletic program, participated in by
men, women and I lnldien A number
of the merchants donated handsome
prizes for em h event ami there Were
numerous entries ami keen compel!
Hon for the trophies.
The oirl Scouts were nun . in evi
dence at the picnic, and it remained
for one of' the scuts to provide the
most thrilling Incident of iii, day,
Theima Louden, it seems, created
considerable excitement bv her dar
ing rescue of several horses. Which
had strayed from the picnic ground
to the railroad tra.ks. She rode
bareback ill front of the train, lass..
Ing the frightened horses, giving a
pretty demonstration of bareback
riding, and proving herself a real
"scout." The Scouts were also proud
Of Alma Belch, who carried awav
three prizes in the athletic contests.
The Girl Scouts, under the direction
of .Miss UHotor-Rane gave an Inter
esting exhibition of drill work, con
eludlng with their yell, musingly
At the regular meeting of the Hirl
Scouts, held Tueadnv evening at tin
home of Ollle Hinds, it was decider
to hold the next meeting. Thursdas
evening at 7 o'clock, at the Congre
gational church, when "l-'irst Aid to
the Injured" practice will be held,
Doings in Lodge Circles
' r I..
Mrs ids Mason ami her mother,
Mrs. Votaw, have returned from a
levcral weekl' trip to Denver and
Colorado Springs,
a a a
Mi ami Mis. Jesse J. Cn.ssw v were
the guests of Mis. w. .1. zirhut a fevV
days la1 week. The Crosswys were
on their way from Denver to Kan
I'raiicpco, when: ihev expect to Ihe
win a h. icii, r, the cRy editor of
lh Evening Herald, left Wednesday
for Grand Canyon ami California, at
t'"g to spend several weeks on
till ee
she will visit two or
with relatives and
ll Ti
Young Set Go to a Dance
w: ! ''!::
1,1 v
I b
Wol id s gl
I vvrild h
.and the
) h.
Id of
lombo bin Tin
1 1 mi Rsldfida
leu. The TlUOh-l
turned a trump
.1, lining, COOl Brt
Tt vaii "sottli "
mv A Mntch of
gtveB at Co
evening, hy
troths MrMii
weather man
,n,i gave the
o,- night I. ii'
taaat, despite
ol the even
Uly nrrangi d in
Ivan Grun b Id
her b
n uabaunt
Itosenw a I.I,
W Ir I a
1 the hos
1 lladya Mam
ore the o
slumber nai
ill to
o, Willi or
von in: so-neur-debs
.led pla
,r the
which looked
danghteiM, Vlr. and Mi 'U'thold
Bpiti, Rett) Slmna ami loi Oum
blner main- up a gai pari Monday
for the Valley Ranch, on th. upper
Pecoa Vesterday:, Mr, and Mrs. Al
fred Orunafeld, their daughter, mi
da, the I. I'.. Kochs ami lluiinaii Nus-
bautti left in the rfrunsfeid mid Koi h
motor cars to slai OV'I 1 Buuitaj at the
Valley ranch, it's a safe bat that
the bunch In having a high oi.i time
Oj .", Where he wan joined by
Maharam The Maharamg wciil
.New orit for a visit of several 1
Mlsa Adeiia Holmqulit, secretary to
. 1: McMlllen, has left for a vaca
tion 1 10, t.. Denver, r, dorado Springs,
and Ho: YellOWltuUn National Park.
I. oeorge erane, her
and Julia Keleher, an
'loss.. us ,,f Santa Ke
The Jolly Thimble club, which was
to have met with Mrs. .1. M. Gooch
Inst Thursday afternoon, postponed
the meeting that rhe members might
attend the big picnic at Sehwartzman .
and Willi's Grove. Thev will meat
with Mrs, GhtOCtj tlm coming Thurs
day. t
The Rector's Aid met Wednesday
Bfternoon with Mrs, F. w. Harden.
4 0 West Marble avenue. The princi
pal business was tin completion of,
plana for tip dance erhleh the Aid
Society will giv. Tuesday evening ut
the home of Mr. S T. Venn, on West
Central avenue. I or the dance a
small admission charge will bo re-'
quired and Ice cream cones and lem
onade Will be sold
- a
Rehearsals an- progressing fa
tuously f..i' Gilbert and Sullivan's
"Trial by Jury," which will be given
at I'oloinho hall the eveniue of An-
iguet 3S. St John's
nor 11 vent winch
t'lii- ! ! ftanxlna
T in; 1 lerman lodgi
rki its
Ihe I
lb.- l.'i'cundhcbaft ami the Order
of Harngarii Joined forces last Sun
day and enjoyed a picnic at Bchwarta
man and Willi's grove
Members of the organizations, their
families and many friends attended,
and the picnic, both in point of num
bers and the size of the "time" was
a huge success.
Following the regular meeting of
Harmony Lodge No. 1, i. 0. o, i
Friday ev ening, when the third degrei
was conferred upon a large class, the
Rebekahs and odd Fellows enjoyed
"cuts" and an informal dance,
a a
CottOnWvOd Grove .No H, Woodlin It
Circle, initiated several new members,
oholr win spon
Will he lollutveu
i per
guests of
a i their
l'.;V '
which i
is merelv
a a
Mr. H A Maephei':
two iitii. ...ii.., Cjannr.
en. came home TUm
Chicago, where they hip
im alnce Ih middle
I'ei't'etu.ts, who ocrnpo.
.is h
'Wed with the
The olh i
Itrady, "the
i ipei 1 1
re w.ih
ut the
ns. the
h llfeld.
V l l Hope,
oh. Aline
ph. a ' n
son's a'e
left IS!
t ni
. and
nig hi
. h, en
I Mar
hi for
The Mac-ihcr-t'all-
111 roil
John Rex ami daughter, Ce-
have tei ut i.e i from Lamar,
hcl'e the' mii, nl ll,,...,. ....... ,1,.
i '
. J,iiv ;M A Host ,,r ::j N'orth
I -velfth .street, l,as gone to the Pa
cific COKM for a visit of several weeks.
N V, I eSuera have returned
i several weeks' motor trip
h northern n, w Mexico.
ixcniieui Haldi'iilgi", and Rov
es plan lo cave H,. ,,, main ..r
the ve, . k for a month's "camping out"
trip to the upper Pecos
' Kaehel W i ii ,,f
the guest of bet br
The Chauteuqda entertainment
company will give a special proit.ram
for i lie patients at the Presbyterian
Sanitarium the first Sunday In Au
gust, ji t prior to their departure tor
Mountalnalr, Where they have been
engaged for prelude and postlude con
oerl work for the first week of the
cha ma u. ina. The personnel of the
Company is as follows: Olga Seiko.
violinist; Beryl Ken worthy, pianist
and Mrs'. John Strumuuist, Jr., lead
er. Mrs. strumqhbrt will be a contest'
unt 111 the grand gold medal Contest
August IC B feature of the Chautau
qua this year. The contest l.s in
charge of the W. c, T. V. and is open
to all gold medal holders In the state.
Manv contestants are already en
High School Dance
. Tea
rn d-
i 'aaual-
isaay rot
t he guest
unt th. .
"i havi
nine MandelL
-. wi IS, frt
Ileen McMlllen.
Pa la Vergna place for s
ami with Ins family villi ta
sion the llrst of August W
is, manager of the Inter Sta
tv company.
a a a
1 teenier I lessoldell apr
Asselin . ,n et to leav Ti
Santa i-. . a hare tin f w ill Im
for two weeks of Mrs Albert ClanC)
i nee Lillian lieaaelden).
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rubhell, their
daughter, Margaret, ami Misa Anita
Thomas have returned tTOM a two
weeks' visit to the Lorenzo IlnbAiell
ranch at Ganado, Arir.
Mr. ,i,,,n Borradelle
A 4
s' otitin
Bracelet Watches
Reliable watches in crold fifli
Porch Party for Visitor
M1' U a CtTRRT, ofTt
iweiiih street, had a delightful
porch party, Wednesday morning in
honor of her house guest, Mrs R, H
MalOne, Jr.. of Denver,
Mrs Malone, with hat huaband and
small daughter, visited the Curivs for
two weeks, leaving last night for Los
.viiKoies ana ine I'aurornia coast
Soils. Mrs Ma Line's sweet
and rharm ol manner
ANT MBER of High School stu
dents enjoyed a dalp e at Colom
bo hall, Friday evening. The decora
tions were In orang and yellow, the
color scheme being curried out. also,
in the refreshments. Music wiw fur
nished by Ahina Le Tarte. Mrs. Phil
lipps, Mrs. Brltt and Mis-, I'.iitt chap
. roned the young people. They were
Miss.s Mabel Phillips, Ollle Hinds.
Laura McCollum, Norlne ami tiortense
Swltzer, Mary Leeds, Laura Colgan.
Bertha Stewart, Kunlce Kuhlie, Mary
Pratt, Irene Menu norf. Katherine
Orimmer, it. Iiaziett, Madge Plnney,
Vernle Bowers, ladle Morris, sadio
North ' 1 'leson. Alberta Haw thorne, Victoria
Ford. Theima Louden, Messrs. il
liam Orimmer, Will McDonald, Donald
Wilson, Thorton Hrlght Joyce, Al
fred Cudabaelc, K. Cudanaok, Charles
gtrome, Howard Livingston. Alfred
Keinpenlch. Desmond Farrell, Ray
Bailey Frank Tterney, Joe IfcCanna,
Prank Shnfflebarger, Peiimm He-
person !- ClalhUt, Pete Skinner, Arthur McCol
w on her ! lum, Charles MyKarland, A Maud. If
Price $12.00 up
- m Mil. mm
"n 1

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