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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, October 31, 1913, Image 1

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1H1K1 V-l M'l'll VKAH.
, , , X. No.
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, rill,Y, 00 10 BLR 31, 1013,
Ht r.rrlrr. rnt Moat.
II r Mull. Ml ('ran Mtmlk.
tUngt iiplfNi, ft Oott.
Hill and Vandoi lip Address
Banquet of Investment
Bankers' Association and
Sound Note of Warning,
nipnii ip ihmtiiip nmiirin p c ripr sttrpp hi nm
Glass-Owen Currency Bill Is
Attacked by Banker, Who
Says Senate Is Afraid to
Go Contrary to House,
ChioaKu. Oct. 3(1. .1. lines W. Hill
and 1-Tank A. Yanilerlip, the spcakj
llie hanks co tn Semite di n v;i"t sum II
I..,. i , II"
Ol IMl'lll , ,l,K l.lllllli l' S''l lilt' 11 . 11,1.
would boom., uf our organization of
credit '.'"
' ll'strnd of n man's word hello? ns
Kond ns his hord, ins bond Is no bet
ter than his wnid."
.! inms .1. Mill of St. l'.iiil so ilc
si rilied tile I, mid HI nut inn In the
I't'itoil SI. ills at tin' l'.iu.iiet tmiiuht
which closed tile convention ut the
1 1 est tnetit Hunkers' association, w ho
deal In bonds on, who heard him nt
t.n k w hat he ten, led the reikless is
suing of tliis Uhnl of paper without
proper mm urity.
"The Investor Is not sure today of
'cither the ahllilv or the intention of
the soli, il im; I i ileum' to pay at ma-
LlIll.V " hi. c ,i.l '"fl... ....II., I.i- is
W atel lowed w it h Pol'ds. Cmifiden'e
imiimt ,e resloreil iint'l the name
hopil' has w mi Ink riitneihlni; of its
tel. I standard. And thai emmet hup-
pi ii until Issu 'h ate limited hy 111ml-
itation, ooiifm m, d to the v.ipio of the
security mnl confined to the margin
,.f s.r..t ,,, i ii.. r. iin ,,r , i , i i im-
vhiei, . ni was on.inaiiy de- WHITE HOUSE RETICENT ATTORNEYS ARE NOT
I'tank A. Vati.li flip of New York
ami iicorire M. Kovtiidds ol Chi, aye,
ndinltted that the pen, lintr currency
I ill eolitailiid principles of u y,o,,d
i nri'ein v sst' in, hut lieth asserted
they wile opposed to it heealise of
i b.lecthmnl do d. tails.
"KUIlt V pel' el lit of the I III is ton.!."
.-aid Mr. YamLilip. "hut an emhty per
cert hill Is no hitler than an omelet
made with fue eUus, oil" ef which Is
1 ad.
"I have no ,bsit,. to defeat this hill.
. . 0
I Id h : in tin a ,. th n a ni, ici, that
M r Mm t" it. in PI t. ,1 toil suit Im,
oi!. m i 1 1 1 ' i i i I 'I I ! h. i , . i , i , . r in
I i ii. Pal In Hi' Ii.' a i i 1 1 . . v , , l" I , i i ii.
'.: r. Sol mi 1 Ii, m,. . i, II,,, hunt-,
"t his alt. i IH". : a I'd llm 1,-1 a,P, is. .1
I: .in 1 1 ' m ' W le. .-.pp. I I I . ,.., the
i i ' .11 I 1111 p' e 1 111. II I
"The p." t"" i t II.' , i , III i i lh.it
'iii it' was en' t ,. 1 1 , i i 1 1 i , 1 1 , 1 1 1 ol
I I' It it i . It.. a ,,'. s ., :i ,.f app, ,
1,1 as Ci w lo I le r ill. p. "me ,,; ,,,,,
ile. .1' am. .1 I,. . ,,, h,
c'a. ed at III. i,e l i . i ,,,,,,
-I eira . iiniih I 'I h M , ,
(Weeks Will Probably Elapse Hueita ant
Before Results Can Be Dof- Seems t;i
I'd Isi'
Blanqi'c! Ticket William II, Moie,
lave Hi i cued a New YtuW Weilc
initcly Known, as Communi-i Larce Majoiity if Volt" maiUUe Ripcctli:i: in New
cation Is Slow, I Cast in Election. j Ycik en 117. Ov.n An-.ui:;!.
j ill. 1.1 I I 1 1 he I i I 1 1
,i. i il I ! il.
I:.. v r v. .... . a
t ai , ao. I if I , ,. .
I, I - and pi I Iii i I,
let I ee . I
V el I II 11 V.e
I i . 'I .phi. at I I
i.(t , i " ill", a . .a
. 1 t . al of a l e.
mini P mTrpc
A i it
,".'l: Ailiutaat Ooneial Cliase An
ticipates (Hilbieak at Aui
l,i! and Has Detachment of
7 i'. Attllei y in Readiness.
Elimination of Hueita Deemed Flight of Felix Diaz II. is 0ea:ul Alleees Admi 'i;-lr.i!iun ef Si.;'-.
Absolutely Necessarv Be- to F!.- Subieet of O.unmont,; I Lis Passed Out o! (V.iiti..
ns His Candid. :cv Was' of IV-.-i'lr .md L;t i H.m.l,, . i
Never Taken Sei iously. 1
Il I
I 1
i ;
I i
d ' v a In.
fore Any Basis of Pacifica
tion Can Be Aareed On,
iiioiip el
I'UN.l .fi
I h
IfA.ro vv.ftrl
I. I'lesihl','
I le il e I ai l
I'l i lii y l."'i- latien hill , V
lis t' liicht at the han.piet that eh
not legislation that is had.
liieut 1!. inker-' Assoeiathui of Anur
lea, each sounded a in. to of watniii'-'
tu Hi" husliiiss Interest of the 001, li
tre. .M r. Hi'. W h ise mhji . t W as, "Ihl il
ia. ad l'inallei'l',' of the hatlirc," lle-
e 1, 1 1 . d that the cniiiitry is water-lei-e.d
wltli hmnls. "i 'mil'idmae i.iii-
liet he l'l-tmell," he Said. "Ulltli the
name hmid has won h,a k senieiluii
ef it eld sla.nlard."
Mr. a n 1 1 -1 1 i said tha! coiil
w.i- in d ' ma r of a hi lim; mi
count i y a ru inmis .olie of fiat!
Iiion. i. The senate, he s.inl. was hesi-j
hiiint; and f.aiful of 1 i 1 1 14' anilhiio," j
in;.. inst the wishes of the hoiiMi. Mr. j
A audi 1 lip siol n t he n mini-' '
Im 11 1, i v.k ei;it l.iti.in, j
"The fahll (l.'li et of (he I il.ISS hill," I
lie .P'l, "is that it stalls the (oiintli i
eii an issue of ii.it ( irrem y. The!
in,;, s i ii ii-i-il am lial tp,:. s. The;, j
line le. I'.S'i.i' what. . r pro id. d lo
tin 1: . o 1 in m 1 11 1 a ml they a i'e t
1'ialn d w ithoilt lil.ut lo a 1
haiikv There is no 1 a:,e in all hi.-t..r
w in re a Ii..timi lias st u te.l i,n an is
s f tint lnmiey lhat the re.- nil ha
let in .'!! ,'l eolnpiete hl'e.l kdiol 11 .
tile 11 111 01 ial sys'l lll of that c. nr.tr.
Mr. Vanileihp nr-'ed, Instead of
ret-iona I haul:, a siimh' central hunk, ;
owned hy tlm leople and under hno-l
ci'iinii nt control, lh idoiial hanks. In
said. Wit, da immolls. as llie same t:".v I!"1
el una I e jilld 1 lop .stress.
f. et the cut i I
heavy a strain on the resouiecs
w at .'hine the di ' ei. p mmi i s and 1 I
liee that th" proper pl ,11 will pl.i
. us fitsi In the world of hnanee."
ir t'tenii. a s of tin new huai d
11 !"t d le Km, ui today lhat h.
'Aas waiii.".' t, r Hi , :u; -1 to t .1 Is . ih fi
mt" -ilape in y ii o a I'. -ail of
the il.t, on I.,. i Sunday and lhat the tuns, t ,,,., ,,,n ns !. v hat "I
I filed S'.aos e.o . i'ihio id would not u.Ation piop.ses to do is l,..pnm I!
aet until inf. lime, I in ilehhl of wh.it f.-r, i.-m i.-hh-nls and the majmiM .
'.V Hn.'n'm k,.iini .fraiAi ifi'.inw.Ar.
.Mean I'lli, tel. .'..' With l!l
1. 1 lam of I h 11 ora I 1 1 a. I I 1 a 11 I 1 he
iv I 1 :1a no a. t a lime I a f." ao me .mi
i 1. an II. ;m I.PU M I 11.- ol ! n ia 1 I 1
1 1
lim r.
1 1
Bt Mti"Se.n ,t ,nvi rf i
.i w ll I., int. "a.
1 1. ai of iile, m - il
, . ! I if lle'.e.i. I in. nt
1 1 1 1 ' .1 I I'l 1 111 (d ! ii e ,1 . e,e
Y i i, ,'S I in - '. n into
1 oil I I :: f m I'e I e I i ilia h
,h M '"a e, a ol nil m . of I h :
1 : mas wele tlm in'v eliane.es in ;ti..K 'l at t!m poii-. ' .M 1 s i, -a as in a Mate 1 .M,rd m,-.- i i vn 1 1 1 ! a hi.- p.'i'i.ai Mn.ne ai'.ms
olfiees at llie liatmnal elel I- II S. It. I It- I eritlv th" president, in .'1 Hole .i i, i..,.. ( l the slllfm '.', at le ,t, tlm lli.lt the ,emv. 1,,, 1 ,0 , 1 linn m
1'uller of N'ew Yoi'k. and John I '.. ' I Im .M iea u 1 m . ii: 11 o! f i. e 1 1 a iism.it I e.l a.i mi nisi 1 at mn is hivine; I. it!.. ,n.-,,!- ,,l the -tat" uf . u Ymh has p.s-. 1
lilunt of Chha,;o, Y'i!hani West if In- Chafe,. 1 1 Sha ,ahin ssy, declare! mal'011 ti the sahjiet, . , . 1 . 1 1 1 , ; I tik ' fr in the pe. to a sail!! c.r.oo, '
'h;l. oh Iph.ia aad haiiett '.n.h'i of the . I. !:. .n of imtohir 'jr, wmil.l la't ,im the miiiind thit the .'!.' ,au ..-.. 1-. and thai 1 mv -. 1 mn' ' y .Ve-i
l!oston. W.le eh' I'd lo the I.M.ipl. j1'' .msaleled Co II t 1 1 1 1 1 a I ua 1 hy th" j 1 1 h . I ' d I . I I Ii '! ill i I ' I' ' t lie I i a 'a V i I i, no l.i, I el I.e.: ,i I. rl.l -
I Plied Stale-.. Il.ov l.inii the I'li.ted i mil in ua in e in lim pt esi.h m in in totni if i i.l as ".aaian-
States will wait for the returns is not' Uih.um'n it is iharmd ojeiih' in te-d hi the il mru n.
kmoMi. It is helico, that n-Vi r.-l main ,,uarte!s that the m . jm o a f.o M a i'e s.. Ua t . i I a ,. h, , t , ujoia
das. p. il;. p.s we. ks. will .iap-e I."- ipieila ami lhaii'iiat, idmii now in . M.iiain II. ilhnn fi.mi . . i. i-dm; am
1 1 j'i't'ti d fr.. in ,i 1 1 m i a in . r ' ,t ; h .. t , :;, p. ,.: ;' :-,, . i r .: , , i I r
tile loot a II I..II1.' W i'i' oh- , h . , a , a , i ., .,, , I , I' , .. ,. I ,i s ,1 , I , at
Kli'll lie. Ill-e VI,,,,,., p. lletllli.
e.illilii, Kail., . s I ;:e I i.a im I loiil
I; n I .. . , . . wle I. It him
' "I'' ' i ' " i" ', I ad hi.l,. a i,
: i - m. h . I I a i m , h,, i w
' ! d. d f. . "i - 1 1 i 1 1 a ,,, , ,a
"i P.a km i,. ." 1 ,me
I I he l e he- . 1 in,-, m, t lie in h'h nor
' I ar l ! , i . , h. I , of h'. ,.t,i,'h .,nd
ol a .'!,:: 1 i,i,;, ,i, , ,.i,n ;..
Lvcitement in Tiinidad In
cic.isin:; and hcscncc of
Tis-'pois on Stieets Causes
Oiewds to Abuse Them,
fl. MeNN NQ ll UANAl l.,l.L I...IO WL. )
Ti in', I id, i '.a,, 1 ii I . .'.a, Appl'illell -h'li
of i p. lent oiill'ieaks hctwemi
Ol IJ. S. 1
li le im- Holla uo eminent, h i n.ii - i , ; n
. .. I p. ,1 hy dil 1 n ail a s of i omnium, a - : v. ha 1
I- ahh
dfi.-ialiy to n
pi (
d, w If t Ile ! suit
Ul . , t io 1 e IS im .o
i;n k f llie ii i 1 1 1': is,
. f oil j.
ahlv of i
as it
1 1 o i , w I
the lesulf.
n pusitivo inl'oi lualmii as .
i ol. I nun Ill's lmure eiail'ie w'a.. dl- ' sta hi - hid that in. oilor ( .: lid aia ! .
Miliod at Hie Wlute House. The pi eM - pi I i ,1 loaiiv mimuhi ii.fs to j... par
ma! inform. 1 those win, d-.ussod ,.,.. the I ! m i h, -1 lla mpo I I n I;, t.
in,, sitaatimi with him til t Im had In i w ef h i nt I ni 's piiimu,-
liol ll .'id' ,1 Whither the la vt r, p la . I : I. . I , . .1 1 s oil the .-meet tile
"lllll he 111 id" kill V. II I'V Wold.' Ill" III l IlloVe of the Alllila ill !i,nll.
iii 1 oimim
t I I II .
. 1 1
a. tmn. (in
ii no hilii
f the 1. .itnr.y of a plan mint is mv.ii: il her.
", oi ' Actir.q Secretary Roosevelt1"" l w..iki ,.n i r-n m,,-,,I1;...,il1... ..,y a. ,.,,.,,:; i,,,w
. .' 1 , ', . , , , . , mem "I the aims and pn 1 p, ,-cs of t In p..ei,e,! th ir -..it 1'.!.. mha.-im'-.
UKICrS Admiral UOWICS lO.l-'inled Slates, its stand imaim-t th. ,, p.,,,,,,,- ,,, t.a'ht ami .1.
HI. Id
a, h-
1 ; . n
T, . 1 rii 1 'iniie n e ci niai' iaai iniel sia
akc Necessaiy Steps t0;i,u-A,e,m,, affairs, s dev.
Insure Their Safety,
III I.a- lh
ion to ,.
'..TU- 1 1 1 1
ei s it .' of I. a in,; manv 1 f 111. ir
'o ld , He. Is liehH d T'.i'V e."
the raii.-e of c.im.'it Ut im 1 1 .U'i, I'll- pi,".s ll'tl" lmi." ol limit, if allvlhim,
mi nt on this heiiiisph. le ami its he- ,ft upon Hon 1.111111. Th,. inole-
. 1 1.. f th.it a lair ami in r lectin!' with ,iu.,te st.t'ic 1 .0 dil : s a 1 1 only at'.-
is.'ileaiiai'ds iiml iiai'aiit.e.s must he ,, , rtu v d, and im'-l of these whm
Washitih-tm:, in t. .'hi. Aetitnr Soma-- K 1,1 1,1 " est ahhsh n lenaMni- ..,, t 1 1 1 ).h , t . liii'ht . t to leave
today in-a tu. ted Ilea;';'1 1,1 "' -"10.0.11 1. puoiie. iuis in, , r nmiies in in ii-.' 01 juaii'iii
, , .., nliiiiril i'ii',.l cominaiohmr the " m ion .mieni a am- c.,i, labels as the mil;.' :. 11. : mm iw.
aleim nt of th
jtiale, already outlined in th
- 1 . 1 ..1 . . 1 . A 111 er 1 1 :i o vi 1 ! 1 o 1 1 ill i ill t ie wis Co; I si
umimi, eiiin-om' 100 . .. V , !,., , M..1.11,. ,.,-1 c ,,
if of .Mexico to proceed lis far 111 he- '' ... .... , . ... 1 in 1
" 1 ,lii,,le ill nit 1,1', ,lc. ! ,1 111 e 11 ill l.e
.1,.. 1 1- I' nil... c 1 eoiiiiH It 1.1 III II ;i 1 e I.l lil'u H 111:". ' ' "' '"Il I
I1" nilirv. 1 ' I I I I ' I II I I, l I e.-.e, 1 I
nii'incatcil to Mmdco ami a.
iimiiiii; rocJonal hanks and fmeed in-ilTcncli colonists, said tn he In peril
Ve-H,,elit l.V null, .mil l,,i,ku in I' e i i , , n . 11 1 Sail IHIlIieio. ill I . W I f I 'ii I i I'll I 1 i a .
.., I , J ,.:.... ... . ,'. ' IV, Hi..,. I,,s.,, li.ais I.v the slate ,1 e - 1 V "U 1 1 1 11 ' " 1 ''
v , ; V . : I,;,, , ,...;..... ,.,. i,,f..r,. !!" y . vasi,i,mtn ,i
ii.i.ii i"'Ji i I inn-. J in i eiiii.ii ciiiiv, i " ... . ,.
he nv-et'teil, met every ohjecl ion. ,tion that the l'letmh colony was in
' I he!ie e the Intellectual jiuUm. tit ' San lunaci.., Sin:, ion, hut it hecinm
of every nii iiiher of the Fi liate coin- 'kmuvn today that the reriiRpen who
vamim,;,;. .',: m , i v,' h,;;;.;;. ; forma, '.,,. nearest m.,M.rt!";r';'-7-''";'' ''"' """V!i ;'"'""-'"' v..h - .
- ., , . ,i ,,if ... wall"!! has imt heeii made know n. . hi itv uii.hr t o-
Fmne of the lnenihei.s see serious oh- I.s sant.i llo.-'al.a, nm. ss the u n 1 f tioin
stacles. The fact that the house is i ( ,' uayinas, w here t he ma: iser ( 'niif ornia
.... . , . conn in niciii ions nav a so ,e an- H1,,,, t , ce lue.-'
COIIillIlt e,l I,. r. i-euiei.i -i ilriilt':i I'.Ol eu" ,' ii' lilli W tlnW S.I-: ' -nil I i ei i .
What the in w .Miiiaii emmiess
il .In With I'l'Vr lie.' ,i the elec.
lllldeltal.es to pl'i diet, ah
py of ih,,, mli tlm st il. merit in id" recent!
iews. (ran.-in it e, lo foi',i;;n ,,y s, I,,,,- , heiio, n.iiii-'.T ol' fa. mn
rally as an expies- cfhnjs, is la a lahd a- t. fleetiiiK tie
o rutin '.'' de.-H'c. Smmi' Molmiio as-
miiiisiralion. isirtnl that in tlm event of eoimia, .
W'h.ther the statement of th- nov- fimlim; a inaimity of the votes w. re
eiiimeiit policy will he addressed to ,a;-t i,,r llmrta and I ;ia input, the
John I.iinl or h'h. Hue i i'SIuhi-htiessy ' s, ,; , H c..-t for llu.it i nmili! ... .-
oii of his im lii-i-imt.i
at mn In
of .11, ... i lim. ill. ami i . 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1
p. I 1 1 : . n with a pl a ' ei' l"l' a n
e! 'id Hie -I ite I I -.
Ah m iii r i if I he i .ni a ,.) Im
in i e ' , ' , , , ', .'i 1 1 , 1 1 ' : ' u l h ' t a m ",
. i a I f !-iiii... .' ' i . : a 1 1 " ;-i a i
and Siil' r hum i l! ei ua mid as ih
f. 1"! 'lit '.
i I i e... a, : t h t tie ml. r.i'.'l.t '
' ' I I nil',;.'. P. I .- , mill ,f im i .. , . h
!'i HI, ' I ol i.l lie! Willi:, . S I ': 'el' W a :
'.'.mil . a , t ,.. . .1 in s. i i ,i I .f tie
,. i l " a. .-: on , ! I h I he 1 1 1 , 1 ua . h m HI
l, I i. . . .l.i.r.t W" I'e hcid and that th"
.Ii fmiii al, i , ! :: m' .:' ! ' m in m m a' iv
v, h i, I ! Iml d. I'-mlam -:, ,,, tlm
...itll o'' i IT 1 1 e as mn, rum' of the state
i f e A Ym )v ;, m, w full ' 11 ! 1 ', 11 - s I
; : i sl 1 l :i - aiii Iii . . I'- iv. a : I
I le e w el '. ii.,!'! ami I'll ii. 1 1 ' i T
th 't oli'h c.
''lie olll, r ,h fell lams llie pe'it'.e)
..!.! ; a:a .i-i:,j hi Ha- p.. a r ef ilri"
v i ,, I iil l ic a let,' ai i ! I nn m
K-i . ' ii. T I" the ov lu. imi ' of .- uhi I
and lo imlii. e oiln i' oil,, ials ami i Mi
,. lis ..f tile i 1 ile tn ih, : ii,
'I in- I. v idtv "I' I in- iml1' ;!. humni
i 1 1 . 1 1 a . a ' s . i i " tin hiil , oi I h i in ua '
Mom,, commni- ilial the Im: Ms I are
illi villi ,m "im d and n' lovil. d to it
self the 1 i: hi to i IP. elie alld 1 1 1 i 1 1
lui. Inowu,,! ,.,. .,nk lliiiitlim..
1 !' m ' ". , '!'. !', i e I. :;a - i'l, . i d
I :i d h'. ul, pi m' of ,.! ,t,nv, ami
llow ir.i I limnh ..ii, : v.deM, I mi, ,,f
1'. m. I urn', r-Hv 1ml e, w m ,. dn.w m-d
vv'hie da. p I: i id : m: on the i it v l.s.
I r om t.imiV . I,,., fue.l nt t he salim
Ial 1 sanull :!. ,... y : ... th,. le, ,,,!
ii vmmM
't illi'liiey
it'iin"; Dt',u;.;c.iatior,
". innien an,i initio (-iiardii, tie.
1 1 nt a .led h an iitin. k upon tin. strlk--'
iido. iv at AKutl.tr thin iiiorninn,
iaiis.il Aolmant lieiier.il Cliase, In
i 1 iiiiiiiiiil of the Colorado Nivtlotial
i '-Hd elieainonl here, t,, In, hi the
entile eouiinaiol III the military ennui
all . i i ,
l'i e.pient nips wele made hy troom
.otiui- umh r oideis from the iid.iut,int
miiotu I. and a f imnl of ciivnlry mini.
1 I nn; twi lil -ft'.e were ordered front
Wah. (.lull's I. al ly to AKuilll!'. Where
I . ssihllily ,.f mi oiitht'.atk itppnired
t" I the im.st likely. StilkeiH In
the , hIhI'v thme pi,h,v di'liiiindeii pro-
teellon ,,f the Blate tluop!., after llilV-
nur I'.'.n deprlveil of ninny nutm .y
111" iiifitdrv eiinipanv which yester
day and la"l inch, ,r, .,.rvei (ilder 111
the t wo in llie i a nips.
Adlutiilil t'eiieral Chase toplKht Ha 1,1
lhat he aiitlcinat, d trmihln it t the
A-uil.ir iamp hefnre moriiinK. Tlie
.h t,,. Iiiueiit of artillery today wiib i;ot
in. I'eaditnss fur Instimt removal
I. am- pail of the hlrlke none. Tlm
aitiihiv oda ...it ti drill trip to
ward I.U.ILiW, the lliosl ;i. t iv e sti ikel s'
I'e; i, in j. in the di-HPt. Alll day Hirll.i-rn
. i ncr. at. ,1 th. io lo await th" n'r
01 rhai of the Ian illon. Xo Minm wrpi
I iNfir I n ,,lro In Hr.a.anc ' Udell.,, ahmit the eumi. there tn-
luuki Liiiui 1,1 iii I IV ill lit : day, hut in
at Indianapolis.
He have heelt HUlrendeled
to the stale iroopM fr,.in that camp,
though i;una and nniiiitiiiltlnn from
other sc. tioiis of the strike rone are
M-o.Ni.ej m, umi rtt ,l i x.in w,.i sirrh Itia hy tlm wiiK.'li loud. Kccelpts
'tin .if.., m a. ;:. Im lin t Attor- '"'' hi-iiii? clven to individual ownm-n
in V Cli ni. - Y. Miller, of 1 ml i, i n a, op- of the coiil ia hand weapoiiK, and lie-
posiim llie , a's of the Ihii ty lahor ' 1 "''hna to present pinna they w ill he
! i'!.-i i . .ai, i. Pd In tin- ilvnainile I el ui'ii''d to Ihein when the Htrlke Mhall
couspnai', I,, h ie tile I'liltcd Slates have foil Sell'eil.
'i" ':i' e.Hirt of app, ,,s, declined to- A troop of cavalry made a trip to
d" II"' Iiank M, Kviii. n presi-. ward I'l edei Ick p, Interceiit a vvhkoii
n-nioinil H'.siem is a Admiral Covvles' flaipdnp. is now sta-:
,-,i,,ni-i iH-Macie. ine oi-posiiion 01 iuiih'.i. i oe .mih-i I'i'ii,- ,u-o i.-., ..
the president imt to coiisi.hr or even .( 1 ua v mas. The navy department ha
discuss liny other plan than the Class- imt he ai advised as to the haMs of th
"wen hill, is an ohsho le. t'l'lm de. la-. leal s of llie IT, m'li colony.
ration of the Calliniori lveiiiion; The Ward liner C ua nt a ip mo wa
imainst a central hank is a difficulty.
YYore it ,,,,, f,,r these three thin us, I
have no (loiiht, the Hetiale committee i Vork. Tw enty Ameri 'an rcf util es li re
would he wa ll on their wav today to-! , i.roii p. from 'I'ampico to Calveston on
ward completing the hi.il for such aithe oil steamer W'anela mnl the halt..'
cnitfa! institution."
innicatious may also he ad- ,,,,. th,. vice pt'e.-id. :,i y and the :o t
al In .some way to the cuiistitu- it,,, in, sid mmv pcinlim,- tin; callim; m
1 i i mn I i st s. tlmrehy rccomiiziim t lu-lii t.cvv ihilioiis.
as a factor ill the iriihl.ni of pail'i- ;,!, vicin a tl m nm .: t ,! Issue will
.'.'linn. the fni eimi mini : r mi tl;:.-: p..i-:r
Many conversant wilh the sdaalioii declatim: that if (haimvl ;.,i;.iiei i
"( i""i "oik'-rN' iinloti, had load of arniH whl. h wits leportinl trav-
1 " "'"! I'soh r of the d.vna- idlntr asi vi a id to Trinidad. The cue
"!l,!ni' 'I" ''I : on'' ally retiliiie.l, however, wllhoiit hitv-
'' '" "''' Helltene, ,1 to Sevcll j,,,. f,,ll,l (,;, f the II in in 1 1 ii It loll
v.ais' Impt isiminmit. h,n was r.-lea - viaipiii, and it helieve,! that the
'd mi homl ernhnK the appeal, was v miauls w el e 1 nf , , rule, I of the
iiiioiiit lim-" in limit. .Mr. .Miller , on- r,.,i ,, m.l ,,,,i i
I' :h lh" ''" "' " ' ,; ': temled that liv.'ili In .-licet Was the ,,,,. ,.,, ,,,. ,-,,, 1
"-- i'"i-l I1'1"' ailmhs of iiiii'.'.o h- ,,,,,, V(,ii, aitive hoard and tlial .. ,. . , .' ,, , . ,
,,.,, i i ,, , , , i ,i.o i I , v It i ti i "' lit ill "rin da, oday In-
ni' ni. I the he. ml hv m, prop! atim; inoncv .
T ins V..-I mliendilnr.s am! .,.,,.,., n.v . 1 ', clem ed ,,, I t lie presence of II trooper
ii" ai ...iiii.ii .e- m i a I I oil.
'I m." "illi a P d th lele.m.'. ,,,. , hi,, nihil!" , a ,,, m, : c n The .lis
, , , . , ... ... ,in '!.'"' 1 1 today thai any im,y p an nrm ad In, ho .1 olvicd tn the
I'.'lii'i u dl in I'lim "iiini.i.'ii l.iilnv iiiln,. .,111 i ,, , i, . i. .
,. . , , i . ,t f ,. s- have as its hasi.s smne im iliod ol ellin-, il he ..r im umvmi
Ihiil.en refnucM Immil tor New ,,..,,,,, ,,,, ... , , ,, .. . , , ,.
ma n
le -.. "I a . i 1 1 . ill i'l'oii p of ii..l,l
a I. .in; .l io' to .1.11:11 I t I , M. ol
the dv li I mil im
1 1 : ! a 1 1 oi no y a
hel l I I oi I ill, m
I. sol 11 d tli.il 1 1. I'-
.III as: .1 lniliiv lla anv neiv nan ni'ls . , I I . : . 1 , , . . I ,.l.,m,., I,, l'i.. in i hi enev n
I via,.,' i I -v wdlo at nainim: lim i'imii inim I ia y.-iiw ml h pii-on, was as hiillty ua
Malum' lllletifi helm, llie c, until il- 1 1, ,ni hem:,i hv I'mfmm 1 1, .. in Iv- ' wmi'mi, i im activuim. m im- ,,,, ,Mc,,, hi'.dlici'.
tmnali.slH would cmismd h, talknm' ',-mn.her, 'j.l.i, and linui.l I.v I'lan- "'""!' he emu u. ms. w"i.- .Incited .. "Ihit." -aid Mr. Mill. r. "II. ..-kin
peace or (leciion.H. cis.o l.e I.ii Tana, I 'I'u in isi o M . i 1 ''nidi'ol of the pii'die " f I i i a s 1 vv a s iml nmie miillv than llvan am!
The sillllii.l.. oi' !,.. I,' 1 1 1 , ,,. ... i , ii, i . .... of I lie slap-. not m e le C'lillv Hi-,.. I .- Mn. ,
, , ; . . , , , . , , , . I . 1 ........ . 1,, ,,', , II' llll II I I' I 'I' ll' ,. II Ill.ll.l. ,1111 " 'I I'll - , , ... ...
Halnant, nnd (onsui Miller not :! n-d 1 ,. , , ,,: --r, , s,,, I, .. i , n i i.a v ,. , h, -, -, al iv. us ' ,.r s,n m.m. a ,,
.. :'"" " '1 .f these ,he state department today tha, ma v ' , ' , ,'s, . " "u, ' im.:.. a in'.-nmi' thmivches : f ,' a i,"' , ," a 1 ,,f m ia' ia
Air v- 7 i" ,'";;sh,,i"n'! U"''' ''"f"1'"" '"' i.WMitltn; tninspol-,,,; ,..,. ,,,,., ;;,, ' , . ,.;.,,,. (,11:,I!,1:11 ci.a-i.oiili'ol nfthe ev, me of nmmv of v,.,',liel, -, ,,., whv ! il ,!,. Ilm-Lii, "" "h:hi. v.. ml, I nftniti he iih-
-ir Vamlerhp, lies in llie c,e,, of ; lath, out of Ta.npi.'o. .,,,,.,,,, . ,.ite, ,.. f their ,,,, of 1 ', 1 1; .tlm until slate, hem. succevfu I," M,o.e is ,,,,, ,,,,,;.': V,, I' h. content '"f"'" ""'"inir. InvestlKiith,,,
mi ,,p ion inji will ni' ft " I . . . i.-.....p.Tiitii.ti l.rmmlu tin. i-ei.lv thai' Tl,.. nmht ,,r ,:,.,., at h'.hv Iii:, says; "that y..i.r oi.alor ami imvt of with tin- jmhiimiit returned ayainst 1,1 rtinmr hi. convinced
me senat,.. , torcc ll Hitch linill 1,11 uVV U ftWRflU "v.' nil L L I M ... .. , . . . -'" ., , . .1... i . ., ..naials
..,.-'111 l'llll!ll-llVIU--l ,1.
.11 the Mt'oeis Was the Incentiv'll to
slnln ts to shmil al'iises upon him mid
the entire national mnrd. "he nifin-
i v in:; six a ai s In , ,. , ,. , . , . .
oe,s oi ine iiiiiniii nave neeii icinieii
'"'.ah herders" hy the strikers, who
take a. Iv antaim of every opportunity
p, sp.ah of th.'iu il s such.
1 ate indav information was re
. . I'ed thai tlm lodanim camp, which
will hi'iim ahmit the desired result.
he emiti, nied. "The senate i.s intel
lectually convinced today. They need
milv to know (pat file jmhiie i.s con
vinced. They are fearful of tlm po
lilieal situation and afraid to chair.;'
I 1. .'I .f an altack hv strlk
e mine
f its iriilh, that they hav'.'
,f the II
i WIPHITA MFYT YFAR '"" "' ,r,'M'nl w '' 1,111 Ktiinillim in I'm capiPtl. pi ni viliv lias cased t o : t he d m i ii i; I ' a t i 1 1 ii i if I !
! VVIOni I A IN LA I I LM j,. Wi.y ,,f t!,,. . i jean h-overnnmnt. he a snhjc t of cum nt. His ca ml : ; ua ry I last had pa-v d
j .American!) ilcsirln to K.i to MexieiC y WM re'-ariled l.y imiuy M ex iea ns 1 .out i o I of tlm peopie ,,
mv MOKMIN JOURNAL IPIOI.U1UD WIUKI W i 1 1 feCeiVO llO il S." i St 1 1 II ,'e Ol' elU'OIII'- .,e ;, iHelV illciih 111 o tile I'll 1 1 1 1 l.'l i I' 1 1 ! I I le colli I'lll I'l' Ol'" "!' Ill
I Tulsa, (ikla,, i let. tin. "lie Inter-j a imment from Urn ad in in isl nil ion. and ,.v,.r was lalnn ,.. ri-msly. ; n I masi im; t In , , -, dv :m a:m'''
'tialimia! I Hy Karmin;; eniiKresH in fes-iThis heciint,. known today when I'l'.-i- IV a. rim, , minima Maniml im.t., .,:etl,..r with a -mail aim, m
nihil tier, i illlnlite.l t ,,S,.I,,1 I....U . . , , 1 ' . v- ' . I . . . , i ll'll 1 . , l I .. . . ... ... ... . . . ....... . , ... .,
Hie pul. lie mind for a rmrioiial sys-i ' "",'"' """" """ " lomau, ineie- .,, mn ,.,,..,.. app.ar ,o ciiiens m : in won iam
tom-.. mmi.i . .v. irecoinnmndini; lm appointment of a ipiist of Ueprcsenta i vc .Mann, Illinois, have coimedcd their defeat. It is al- s'de purpose of ..l.laininK 'onli'd
ii a 1 1 ' ' 1 1 a t 1'iau miuiai icseaicn com- i r.-pui lleun lender 111 the house. Ilia' hm-d ohsiacles wile placed in tlm ih.. ni'iims ,.f ii,,. smie In ihmr :
,,,,, ,,f the con- '' " ""' eiiitip. ahnest al the mercy of
nm join with ""' strikers, with only a few nmi-
miiou miners left hehind lo defeiiil It.
hv A" pliant loio ral i hase was liilornied
ic St.. I " on .l.'HV "I loci. ill i.l the only
oiii a ml Lev mnl i i. e, men w In. dm".'
I' tlm - Ial.- int.. , tlm ,,t!mi's in the app
Mr Miller dmied
id n n i I lor the mmi tli it limy did "I I he espo'l"! atta.k, and II Is he
he. p., h,ie n fiir trial al 1 n d ia n a po K lived I lla I III event of its occurrence
Hi - He .ha Ian d lhat (hero was no ha -is the
ei'l urns
alt'v from Ai;uilai', two miles
"If the senate could he convinced
the puhlic wanted a central haul "' '..''.." ,.i , mi'-.i M,;,r company l. pcl'iii'i- v-.av or their leiei.ts. use
Mr. Vmoleilip .nncluded sound hi'-' "" ''y "'" '" 'l' "vl,U' 7 i' ' 'H'mher of et; eisv To llm impmlial oh.arv.r II only ,
, , , s a t ' i. i oe am oi i res-icricmisis and other omp o, to its remains for concu ss to he r.
I', H' tlm im i u ua I imi 1 o
S"l thai 111" mmi had he,
Judiro l'i ,i n i- It llaki
11 I I
aw a V , V. iii he ol del ."I to defend til"
inrly de pi"ii iiv mnl Hie camp's I iihn htn ns.
I :.a nisa of tlm lawless acts eom
fti slat milled last iij--.ni in all sectinns of this
Islation niiKht he had in thirty davs.
lit of
: afe
Ceoit;.' M . I ! i v n i d 1 1 s ,.,,. i.t , ,ment v ii.-mi ami .-enmaiv ,u ,i m i-: pinm, lis at 'l'o .oloha tn po hay oil sli'imdil and ami. mime the eleclmii ihm
iml hem fn and ii"! w :lh an
de-Ill- or n mini! ,11 In pfo'lt "
u ild llm slate in llm r petal il ill'
the Continental ,vi Comnieicial li-mk" ' """ ' " . " ' K,'u - ! next Ki.vi-i'ii meiit supply vessel of the a dm in isl i a t mn In lid -this tu y, , i,. ,.i,i, , tlmt there .a
of Chicami, attacked the hill s hi(,.y ' '" " I'l"""1 ""'" 1 '" "m-,h h' down tlm I 'mafic coast. ! he t',..,we. .y lliierla.s prochinia- -, tlv p..
to have an aovmse effect ,,,, luhmvs ,nisK'"" hi.h the rv-ol ut imis Kimuesl j ",e president informed 1 lepi es. nta - ' Ion declaiiiih' void the votes cast for ,,
"I feel there are some l.atuics i ,, 1 1,1 " comlmscii ol lime mill I." , (iv e Mil nil Hint there wele many iip-'liim
'he admiiiistration hiil sn r,v olnii,,,i. :''"" resident se. i clary who would pli-atmim for transportation on ir..v-1 - .led the minion lo s. vera I iiitoriicvi-
so lienec.ssa iv thai I f. .,, ' '' i wnnm ,wo jui,,- .oe i, a . ei n ui'in snips ami that to l: i ve iieia, ( is- I I , 1 .1 .1 I'll IK IIII.Mv-s wl,,, a-iee. that it had a s u ml a n t ia I miausc m nm mioianuv aim uiini- i " en .-.-uuci. , i .
ink' fn.i.i llm linn Ii ilmi Ii ninpn pan "f the strike ilislil. t, mine em
had I .ecu shown that many laws lor h love: a I , usiiic oxt I clue vim la lice to
tlm pirn, i i, mi of hie and property t''"1" t" P'eiiid Us repel II Ion, Mill-
: p. Iinid Ins ml., lie said ' had l.een Molated, .-aid lie v Id ash Inly officers today ln'ii'i ll all investii;i-
I h, ai Im anv, .lohu h.ai;.. Hi" i: ., v , i n i , -ten t to offer proof dial lion "f the explosion at St, Thomas,
hah ciieaiv c, tlm idea, and su hi n i t - : I he federal h'overn men I had not mar i....ri.i, anil III.- luiililllK "i H"
rem hiil hevoii.l lis im is,l Pl Phi ami lomi.nin ,v vvvomnm iiniroau trestle
f th
prnxiess hris
t I fi
nn al'empt to put ii Ihrom-h in o .v -slatus of aKrieiiltural d, elopiuent in Hjn to one Would open tin- way toi INI I il t li NTH IN I M i IT M'.l.i: , a.-a "If I h.s- in Hie dislri. t cuil.": her ol 'the explosions, had men pun- aiiimu ii
l'l'mmit form will have such an IH. ; th'' Hnited Slates. l'ollovviim' the practlei. L,'eticrally. Kur-! - -- llm s,i,l, "I expect to appeal inn! 1 a j ished fm- minus pun ndia hie In vaii he, i, male.
Vi is,, effect mi t In- .sentiment of thai Wichita, K.ili., was selet ted today lis ( liermoi'e, the state department had j I tome, Oct. 8M. C,,mim ni Im? ihi:i. vv ho le I m Pea c h mmd si mn he - i ""' sha'-'S. M r. ,M i llm- sa id sin h prool I l.ale tmhav preparations of the mlll-
p opie tiiat il will he reflected ill l.iisi-'h" 1 11 1 '' 1" eel iim place. j tjiveti notice that it would he .out ral".' 1 Mexican al'faii s llm Ti ,:umi savs I In, I . ,. the supi . me ,,,1111,'' ,' Ic ,011- " "iild he c.p...i hel.ae tlm a 1 l; ii mmi I (are 1 amp ,a San Itafael helnhts liu-l
i.w," h" saal. "I att.i-k speci l'i' a 1 ly ! '' '"' 1 11 1 er:ial Iona 1 Con ill ess of Ka 1 1.1 i 1 ,, 1 Im ad 111 In isl ra I ion's pop, y I o I a In- it the mini i ni 'I rat i. m i.l Washington ,,11 d S'dei 's di . la 1 a i i.m I ha I I In- '.'" ' he 11 pp. a 1 vv a - 1 mn hided I mmm- lice 11 11.pl. I-.I prm'tieally, and the
Hi" enforced erliauce of ua : iona 1 ; U """n concluded its annual meeting ! A niefienns hack Into Mmieo at a I llm I t oceds luillnr in lis iiil.tf, 1 cme ,-, , , ?IU., kumv imlhiim, al.mt,l"vv. , -.! seile, dawn to face a contin-
lan!-,:: inp, the svslcm Uii'mi'.-h llm re-; l'',l;'v- "he Kal'm Worn, n's I'l.-ss s-.v.i.-ii those now in llm country had "Hmt' countries, ivp.. i-llv Japan, ., 11 .ilM , -,,,,. p .., d,.d. I ned stay in llm district. A tented city
M'irr 111, nt thai Hmv shall furnish tlm j rl'1 '"d .Mrs. Mary I'., lhue- i.,, ,lv ksed to leave. j Hot remain indil'lei m,t. Mnore lias he. 11 a 'in ,. i d, momaii, ! F(TFN i f iMP Mil I ION A IRP '' 'S s''"""! H""'" vith Krnde.l com-
"l-.tiil and deposihs with wlmli t'i,l0W' Mll'ri.apolis, president; Mrs. I ml- t It was said tot,U;lit that I h '-aiyar' "If tho I'niled Stat.-s inlends m I n-a,,, I m il. 1 v p.,,H'a pliica I 7, , .1 pf'nv it'e'ls alal ev ervl ll In if possible
m 1 l.e 11 a success or have Himr chart - ; l,i" 'I'homas, Win nip, y, and Mrs. , ompar v would prolialdy send its m.-n :'' 1,1 "I""1 1 1 urn 1 a a ha ml. m in.; .1,. h, Id oft me. a It In. 111; a ! A !'i l'i i S f F I ) I ( iR I A I'l Of NY llilh '"'''" ll"'"' iitniKt' Hie incon-
i's 111...S., V,M and wh eh. at the sa nm v ", .x. i-eiper, Winlleld, lima. I, , ' ..i.olohann.o hv a 1, rival,. Vev.el. i ":- "lei.uon nip. amis 1 no irimma, ,. ,. ., ,, ,.,,,,11,1,,,. r..r
tune, deiii-s them i-i-preM-nt:itioii
ci eta ry-treastircr.
the ho;,rd of eontiol, as unjust to tin
'auks ami contrary to the spirit of :
niM... i NrrKrN h rNllS WITH
w ..(I
presidents, and Mrs. Mabel W i 1 I I p-pic cut 1, 1 ives id llm company say: "it- must intmu
Will In i i I i :
linim'. iKv.Ver
. ppoiid nmiil
Male labor
'"I'll.- na'iona! hanks which did not I
f" hi would be forced to li.iildate
their business within on.- year. In tlm1
"l"l". 'till;! Ol ,' naUOIlal I-nUK, Olle Ol i MOANING JOURNAL SPECIAL IEABCO WIP.I
lb" first thiirns necessary is for tlm! Han ishui It. I'u., Oct. The
hank to deposit with the treasurer of j three-day industrial welfare and cf-
!'" Cnited Stales lawful niiiin.v ,,. I lie ie 11 e V en ll f e re ll ei. here ... ....
I.O DON I'llSl I S
letups will 1" ) 1 1 i 1 1 i.l unless llie niaar
is cut iiniiiediatrly and thai the rev,,-
j imi.'iiisis nta- tlin atcninn to on lis- IMAZ I 'I A Y s N(
, I'm1 'he propeftv on llie m round thati ANT TALKS llK! UTii '..ne of Hi. ir employes limy did m.l I'mij, the ."'entile m i i i ami i i e, who
l-i ndnnoil. : know he was lo hiim; the suit aiutifbd la't s lav liiKht (nun a ranch
m . . i m ir
mis: inner. I S.,n 1'iam i-.
'I'lic imiih'lo es of n, , , ... York : via ml li-r.-eiie
World :ai.l that altlmiiL-li Moore was I 'mi : I . . i .mi I I-
f L I P. SI IJ Win. I
'11. HI",
I O l. ell.
.a pim id in die S;
iv n-ainsl W .It. r M
v , l . I. -IH a s of i amp life to the men who
ile unaccustomed to it. Tomorrow
,i, of nmi'mii-: routine of military ca mp will
he established, mill Hoops, companies
and battalions will he put thimiKb.
n i;iila r drills.
Conferences will be held tomorrow
1 1 1 in- nmi'iiinK it vvas a iinou need, between
tit" its circulating notes, on June l,i nd toniuht with an "experience la st, in an editorial on ,t. Mexican ' ventures. He has md v . t been
''i". the lawful money in the 7, (dpi . meet in" at which minister
"mi national banks in the country vvas
?!' I 7.111111. (Mil),
"What would happen in the busi
ness vvmld if I hose banks were to at
'"'pi to deposit, say. $7::n, 000, Hun or
s" I" r cent of their entire lawful
imumv t ia tire their cirmilatiiiK notes,
contra, -tin- ,i,e lawful money to the
A'-mi ' three quarters of a 1
la hor
era Cru-'., 1 let. ::u. 'loin ral .'Vli:, thai the tievv-napei was in no way .'mi- vv do i'. Im wis l.-im; In Id
,1011;-., aboard the halih-ihp l.oui! iana. m te, uilli 11. . . .m pel . al . J Cahman, repre. 11,11 p. tat,, is and (he adj. Hani. Ken-
H I ' Tl t. )V I I! N !.M I AT is f'pi lulini; inm It of Ins lime playiiu I ea I . sa id tmiic lit he Would a . ply i sent 111 v. t lie ..-i 'ivory estate, based I he 1 1 ill relative In the location of troops
- i Hie piano ami discus:, iip,' Mexican poll- ,,,.1.1 .. . 1 k for a pn -limit,., 1 y 1 n jiinc - a emtsa t imi mi llm a ppt''. aia I mn of a a! mine properly. It is known, how.
London, Oil. 111. -The .Moriiinn ; U's and his had hmk in various nd- .t,.., in Ho- ,,n, rd iiriuild.. in a iva ck , horse from the ram h v. In 11 Mel '1 cm y ever, licit llm iidlutanl general does
ap- ' or I, 11 davs. Thi'. lie ;i:ili, I paled pi'oh - i I m.k his Lave. ( was 1 xp'amcd that iml favor pi
leaders, ami .dfioials of industrial
and labor coininissions ftnm many
stales nave experiences.
The conference adopted resolutions
Im; troops on company
p, insure property, and he w ill ( ry to control the
situation, ref.rriiih' to tin- suspicions prised ,'is to what tlisposition will be-ally would he ihnied hv the ooutl llie clmiv vvas Idcl lmi,
that hav arisen in the I'niled Slates j made of him. lie protests that In--wit 1 1 prejudice, w lib li would ijive I he m 1 1 1 emu 1 i'c'a extradition if his sil nation from the camp at San Ha-
that the liritish policy was Inspired ; a I vva V s has been loyal to Hie present him an opportunity I'm' an Im tiled ial " 1 K ua : .1 ia 11, II. 11. M.l'ihe, should he fail heichls,
by I he nil interests urm s the mivern- j koVcIuiik ill in Miviioainl says he has 1 appia I to Hie Cnited Stales supreme 'successful in inlereeptim; M. 1 '1 eery I i i en era I Chase received a report t
ti.etit to sever all personal connection 1 u intention now of tiunini; rebel. Ii.iui. Il,el'..t e Im . ould l av lor liuieiie. Himht (hat iibotil Hl.l tons of hay he-
r Mimciid-iiK that the department of jbetvv. en the K..vcrnment nnd Lord I The unexpected ainval hete toniulit I 'I'lm f;lim: ,,f the; ; u-n al thisj M. I'ik, is im ,,n a t r,, in h.m ml l'..r Imiuith; to County Commissioner J. K-
labor should encourage the oiv'a nizii - , c,,w di a v 's company, thai whatever I of Cm, tain William A. liurnsiilo. mill- .lime " '-.ml Mi- Peary "has m, ..... ii"I.I.-:il'i. ami ih.. niiici.iU in 1l1.1t citv ' euil.-ii-. of this ommtv was set on
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