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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, November 12, 1913, Image 1

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TIllltl Y-l ll'IIf vmn
tdl.. WW. N". li
lall. hv Currier or Mull, (tiki
n Month. Mm;l topic, "'.
l;.. i '.e M. McGuiio, Business
Man of Syracuse, Admits
Sending Telegram After
Having Made Piior Denial,
Adm, Cr an adjoin rim lit uiilil Thin -'lav.
He explain, d Hi., I his i hi nt !l:i'l
ntficr-d mi ,.(.,., .. nl ami nu ll'
l.il ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 ' ami was imi m miti tl i m
1,1 A' I W I'' !l 1-1 I' M llll. 1 1 . Till' IV-
' t i "1 lh Ml. nil. ,1 after Mr. Wise had
..lil.iilu'.l , i. i.si nl I., lake ill.' Witness
'HI" a II ,lliii!li,; I .,,.111,
Tint Mr, I ii i i I .-, mm. hv sin 1, al, il
WHS .-aid.
II.. uas )'!,',, ded i,n Hi,, stand h
I'm, n,. It. Wood, il. Alhauy luhhy
tst ft.. ill win, iii Honmssy said In- oh
tained his alU '.d liif,,nnal i,.ii that Cl-
Watd I?. M.l'all, ,,fr,,t,, talldidatc
I',.!' maim, paid l.,r his t) I i imil Ion :ts
.-II t 1 1 -1 1 1 1 oil i just he ill !"ll.'. Wood
.1'' I eVely essential pill! i.f Hen-
inssv'.s sU'ly iiikI swore all tin- things
llouiiess.v ha, I chanmd the l.il'cr hail
t"l,l I; lin iin,l mil 1 1 i n in s.- .
li was made known at llic dose id
th,. (H'tiriim lluil If. in) I'. Hutu. nd, n
li.il'ial,, , ,n: i a, t,,r, mini mm ,1 l,y
I leiimv as liavuiK made a , mitri'm
run t,i T.iniinaiiy Ifctll, hail a ,1 m li t !!
In Mistt'ln Alt, .liny Whitman that
i ii'iui'f-f.v ii. hi (,!,! in,- li inn ami ,'! - Tlm rrPT nr rmnui
rtd.or.ited many ,,,1,,,' charms madelTWO FEET OF SNOW
Mils ii'lnl inalii'ii w ill I.,' us, ,1 ly the
district all, , in as a hasis ,,r fnrthrr
Five Deaths Occur and Piop
eity Loss Runs Into Many
Millinns, AccoidV;,, to Estimates.
, ii',, ii - ii district all,,) n as a hasis I or t n 1 1 her n , . . .
Testimony Implicating McCall, inics,, . m- r-M.it ..r in,i. n business Is Paralyzed and
i . -i- " I'll .IH SJIlil. Wolllil lili'luthlv Hii 1 1 i I' t ! i V I T"l - MM II f,' I r
Late lammany uinciiaaic:, ,,' ' mobe vwio nave u.eif bincc
for Mayor, Likely to Cause
(ji and Jury Action,
. A Vl, k, Nov. 1 1. I lenrcc II.
M of Syracuse, who denied mi
ll, r o.ith lust Th'l'sd.iy that h,' ha, I
:mm a tcli-min I,, John A. Ilinhesy,
I . . i lint' I lovelier Suler's i-lafl ittv , s
i ,:ni,,r, 1 1 la live iii polit i, al , i. nt rih tl-
Sunday Remain in Houses
and llospit.ils,
t'h-.i'l iii. I, Nov. 11. U llll I. in ami
I i,.i. ., i'llm il lr,l loil.iy !io uas tin
I h,.r of tin. t,'l mam.
Warhilmtoii. N,,. II - 1 -1 1 c I ;t lit !
ma, I.. ,, of ,,, cannrv .1 la nmti.l , " ' 1 "!"' " ' 1 '" '' I" 1 "' 1 ' "' 1 ' "" "' "
wciuhiii,; si ami oiii-nalf ca i a I s, sin-' ''' 1 " i 'I, , I, n, is li,,lu 1 1 1 i lit or
riii,iiil.i l.y ,'iuhtV'livc small, r ilia-'a r Iv ,-i" -alii.n ,.( Hi.' ,1 il li, u II m
moiHis, aiiam:, . in a ,,, ar Knapi- ami ,:a. i( ( ,, Nill.,.
alta, h.'il to a ll.-, U, h.ua in v. hh li tln-i
I 11 Sill,,' III,' Uol'l
an- ,, .. , ... , .. -m.oh i . . 1 1 n in us nisi, , i v n , , mi, ,i
small, i- iliain..inl.s al,' si I, will !' Iliri
li.if, ,.f il... I ,,f 1'. t '. . k.. . i i ti.v.'v i ''i"'ii ll .--.iii. lay inulit.
A llii'at if iii'li' I m, 'ill for perjury 1 j,.ssi,. 'ils,,n whin s!;,- mar- j - r, u n i ,l i,.n of th,- l,li.'.:';.r,l wunlil
,.,s ItanmiiK o,r h:ni h, n Urn ml- , j,.s tamis li. Say r in Ok- W'hiioi.ut oil r.li.f Ir I I m ai.iiy
in i. .a hit Ins lips, .till li" loll Hi" ( 1 1,, ns,. Nov, mhi'f I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1. .in
u.i;, s sian, I aim, .si in a Mate of e, , - ' , ,,,, v,,,,, Marl,, I the inn.--!
Ii'.'. M. -ion iv w.ik I.MiI'vim,' f'"' in. m Iv win, h imln i.lual meml.. r
Hie tl.llil llllle ill the .1 , ' 1 1 1 1 l,e j- ,,f ihe house I ', 1 1 1 II I a 1 1 e, I mole lllallj 1 '"'!'' ' u"ul'l
,,;iy iusl .1 ui "I l.y liiMn. t A 1 1, ,rm y . s J , i : , 1 1 1 for lin- yil't, ., iinoii m ,,1 ili- ' a. M.-iill of the 1 1 t m l.e.l slat
hil.i.nn into 1 1, i in : v's , harms I ha1 1 ii,.. , i;ii In a formal si.it.'iii'iu to- of ih,- I a m-.v no iia, , (...!, (..
ll il ll I he
i; now la. .
olllpli-ate III,
. Ilaill Wolll.l
.' II ilal ion as
,,.;:Ma!oiS oil state wot k hail he, n ,uy.
" , ml '.ai.'t;i',r' Into niiihii"-' , ainpan-ii J
, ..nl I il.ul .oils lo Tamman Hall, llen
i,, , hail e.-iil'i, , that he ha.l ol-,
i , i , . most ,f hi' in lot ma I ion from1
i,i;nire ami that the latter ha,l senl 1
linn a 1 1 lot; in tn I rum S la, Use Hiytie,!!
"M," seltini; forth that William 11
K elly, llellloel at'.e le eier of i 1 11 , . 11 ,1a ,:a 1
i i. limy, hail In n helpii, Arthur A.!
V I., ,n, treasiiier of the ilenio, ra'. :' ;
-i;il,, ,, null it t to "shake tlou n" nl.it-;
liU.hway eonlraetois. M.iluiri' une-t
iliinoially ilenie.l last Thais, lay thai i
., hail ,'lll llllllf,' lo ih, iwtll the lei, -1
r r iiii.
Ihstrii t Attorney W'hilimin set h"-i
f,,ie Hi" eraml jury to.lay three v. il - , Qnnn L nr nf I n 1 n m n I in in I Pill-
v;V ilVI Li I lll.il lUUI'MIU, I UI
, v i l,,,e,. Tli" ,!i i n k i ir v , , ; , r has
I HI mil to t ll" ruin i' of loll . e a ml
v. a! Him;.'! W ere is-'iie,l !,y th,. Ilea II h
.1, , a! inn III to hull all , 1 1 1 1 1 h i i water.
The I, "ill liiiii,i r of ,1, a, I was in-
, , I , aseil o l ive Imlay.
The ivnik of ehaiiiiiL; up he eitv
was furl here, 1 this' all.rtiooii when
snow ti a soil .,r a lime. Kilt. -en Ipiii-
lilieil w ot V in, n siii'i i eih , in pulliiii;
h'liiiti en ciiy street ear hn, s in uiili l'
iniil oiiiers proliahly will he workiim
.,n a s. h.'ilule l.y toinoirou. In Ihe
una lit , Hie tehyiaph ami tehphoii"
! i oini'. iiii.s 1 , 1 1 . il aw. iv a lai-:e pari
jot tile witekay,' n suiting from Ihe
, ilesli in lion of l"l"plo,ii" p,,l. s ami
tahhsheil a few eol, I, ",l ions v.llll
who ..a v.. 1,'stinioiiv to sle.w. 1 ... .
,, , ., r o A , I Her; u ' ,, ri m.; runs. in,, v.i.ik ol it-
ma, si,' i.a.i ,,, ini ii,i. ir,ii ! ity Congiess Says Way to;,,., , , f lt. ,,,.v,. ,, ,
I "lie of tllise W.IA Miss llllle I oilier
sleiioL'taphiT ill M.ilnir.'s otfi
Remedy Evil Is to Pay More:''1" V"H,;X "ff ,h" ; nmi";'
al,,,,,,.,' was a w, ,,,',",,,, wo, fll nilt'On tO VI H rnaTS ifhvelami
t,,"k with him a t. pew i iior w hi' h hal nilLiiliUII iu I ct - L 0 1 ,
I ii I roiiKht from Meilmre's offi.e.
'lin. slcno'l apher I est: fie, I, it is tin-
,!, 1..-1 1, that It was om whi, h M, -
loiiie himself furnishe, 1 ami the ex
', ri ,le,iare,l ihe lellers mi the orlK-
Miiimapulis, Minn.. Nov. 11.
I'iviit'ee was eha i a, leii:'."i as "tli
L'l'ealeSt Ollestiol) ill till. Wol'l.l tintiiV
ilial ,f the telegram emrespomle,! iu.is ;l .,,,.,, ,.,.(, .,,1,,,, ,.,,,,,
th. ir pe, uliatiiies with the letters mj.r,, ,, ,Mf ,.sSi, , ,.f failure ami w.ak
"" lni11'' imss hy the Amerhan people." h;
,M i.uii'e was lnlormeil at Ins imiei , . j s ) , . , 1 1 J. ,V. .Met'ormiek, ,f llraml'
of the , oiitemplaleil aetion of the ills- 1 l;.,,,,,. via i. i,, aihlr, ss hi Tot
H a t atiornev iiKamst him ami f,,n ,h International l'lirily eoii"ress h, t I
oiiiuaiii his friends telephone, 1 I" late to, lay.
Mi. WliiiniiUi sayim; he ha,l eolla ise,l. .(), nnM,.r ,,f divorees mailt,', I'
Tla v wameil lo km.w, Mr. Whitman jin A is ., ,n j,,.,,, ,, ,.lt w,.
i-.inl, vhtit h,- woiihl promise if Me- ' ,'J1Vor trial marriaees, a ml t hat we a re !
lime ,.,, tin- truth. ' praet i, ini; i oKieiw polya my." con-'
me mstriet attorney repiieii nc ,hl,,,.,, ,,, speak, r. "Amen, a is h, , I
II is heii,'e,l that the sieainel' 1.
j J. Ill imi'. whili went ai'ioiiinl olf
I I., ilaill, will hi' saveil. A hl'ee, h hllo.V
i was in position , inly to take off Cap
, tain John lluriis ol IliilValo. aiul his
1 crew I w enly-l wo, if danger thi'eat-
I The hospitals lite L'loatly hamli-
i,,,,l. Some l.u'k p roper f I an,l
lotheis have hail to ilo with camlle
h;hl. The Immireil pass,,i:;ers are
, l epot -tell marooiieil in ',,ur ini, I'lirhan
una al dales Mills, m ar hero late to
day. Ki'licf parties are on the way
tu them, hut are eneoii utet inn hut'e
-Not until the snow chars awav will
""iil'l l-roniise mithin, hut that Mr- I
up riL't
y as the land of ea-y ,1 ivorce. 1 '"' '"' '"' ''- " Hi- mjsterv
'Utile wmihl he indicted fr perjury ,, ,, sliaimfnl now II is nl-l"f IIIMI",r"m disappearances lepoi'led
if h- did nut tell Ih.' truth. . s, n specl ilde. j1"
Me 111 ire was shown Ihe original of! "i ine of Hie causes of divorce is the' A Nil Klc l'late train, eunsislim; of
the 1-1,'Hram as s l as he took the j ,,,,,, altit'ide we adopt toward it. t.v carloads of ,.s ami chickens,
st 'iel, and was asked if he had writr V(,n .. actuall.' hoast of theis "tailed in wi s! Cleveland. The
' " it- ' !.,,...,i..... ..t- ,i.,., .',',,,,.,u 'el... ..,,,. .'tuck is fre, zim;.
ild the witiifss in scarcely
n' inarriaues. Til- num-
liter of our prof, ssional divorce lawyer;
i is a ilisu'i a, e lo ihe eiiunt rv.
.uiilil'!,' tones, "I have refreshed my
" ' " 'If we spent less time on llm nro
'Von wrote ami composed it. alon-j ,,,,, (lf (iV(1,,. .,,, . ,,. ,,,.
" ,- hl-iu of marriam'. the worl I would I-
' I did," repiii'd the witness.
Mr. Wliitman then l,i";an tu tpies
llusiiiess men and factory owners
estimated the loss iii husimss to
wholesale and retail companies at
many millions of dollars. A ureal part
of the citizens are iinahl.. to leave
I In Iter ol
their Ilium
and few venture down
"Make mir homes mol e attract iv-1
and cultivate the old fashion,.,! i ii lues: The .streets are imnassahl- tor
tarn Mrduirc in res: a rl I" i I'onvor-' . .,,, ,.,,,,'.,,, ,.,,,., w a tuns, and iimlet I a k ,, s are , no, hie
; i ll tl Christian, charily and Ihe ilivm v- ; 1,1 f'tnov- the hollies of persons w lio
jei will disappear. lliave died since the lnvnkitiK of th,
I "A step which will itld in its Holti-' Morin. The hotlies ol" s, v-n persons
(lion would he for Ihe clergy of allj"1'" ,l;u'e 'I'-'l t the City hospital
Ichurcli'S to iiKi'ee not lo marrv ! sine- Sunday niuht have not heen re-
sation Willi lleiinessy nl 1'lica at
w hell, iit'cordim; to the ural't investi
f.utor, Meliiiire tae him a list of con
tractors who had hot ri "samll'aum'd,"
Jn his testimonv Thai'J'day the witness
denied havini.; niven lltlinissy this in
loi'matiun. Mei uir- was lsi) ly nervtiu.s.
"As 1 renieuil'er il," hi' said, "my
(estimotiy jtH ,,, tiiat was em ret."
At this point, his attorney, former
Federal liislriet AUormy Menry A.
Wise, who had heen retained loss than
half an hour hi f,,re ihe lt-arinisT !
Kim today, rciMHslttl Mamsirate Mr.
Victim of Fearful
Storm Three Score;
, Iluyc Property Loss
that III.
. all,. . I h
" ' "t Ihe kind
n i k, , . , 1 1 1 , i
:mi MniNiNl jmiiNU p,i .ai , oim w.m
t 'Ilii'l.C,, o II I 1," s,, , s
of Lakes .'-op. I. ..i, I a ami
Ih ie W el'e -I I I W II toll 1,1 Willi ll"
W lei kaUr of a I hi e, ,1 - y i" ,, nd
snow Hot m w h i, h i , i Hn- 1 1 .
o pi ..I, a hi v Utile ',,:,' i ,, rs..i s
I 111 11, d hoi 1,111 tll HI in Id la i," a
IHIII loot St. t I V ' I w I h I! "
t re w , w I , ' I "I o' I I , , i , 'i , I . .1 nil
melons ol hi r il i I'l .ill. I . I " "d i
pi Opel t V h'S-. as ! llll. -a in,. I d.
hut w Iii, h will i iiii nd o i h, mi'.-
The fail d, tails ef Ihe slol in.
w hi, li we;i from ihe w , -t"i a
most I lid of l.ak" .-':,,! lot' to the
ea.-li I'll shot of 1 ... i 1 1 1,', I ,
nil:,, know it ,,ni i"'i.i w In n -ur-lols
hritail aliCiiu; ill .ili"ie.
polls Willi (ales ol h. ,i,l hips and
, ,.,,. ','.., 'I, r .--I'll ".I I . ill. .1 "ll
the l.lk.'S
t in I 1 1 a I th- si a mi h d h u d, si
at I 'l" , ialol, I', w h. l " li i pel soli:
Wele killed illl.l I'll oth.ls lost
an. I w li I e i .','" "" it., m.u;,' iv;i"
r.lllM'il o l,"o , lt T, ,1c. llll tod.
w Hh n,an l'oi Is i . , i . , . 1 1, ,1, i--told
Tw , niy-li. e or I ,,i : . m, it pi ,.h .
ahly tliow lo , I in i'i" ii itm-mm;
of a fit L'lii-r f" :i, I I ! t.m; m
l.iil .' Union.
I 'l e hod I, I W o h, I , hol t' oil
Ihe w, si shot' of I ,1 " Union.
TWO h.,,l,,S W.i h.il .1 hole ol
po.ale th" positi. ll "I I he om r-
t 11 1 IK ,1 ho.it.
Si iiii ml', i s of a 1- Iii 'lop
ill .,w In d ill I .a k I a I, II" ,1 I ' al
1,1,,. N. V.
S. mii l.o.lt-.t wa. iu'l a: Ii .' I
K, ttl" I'oinl l.ak" I I I I. and
s, 1 ell other I.imIics I ..hlli.'. oil 111"
,1. eks of a ship in.', k. d Ha l .-.
Th" cse. , p, s 1 1 mii .h .il h w i i ,
tl 11 III, I I HI-:. A f t, I' I I," ' I ' ' I III, ' '.i",l
I I, lav, llll.'lio.'lil, ' ol lo" a
a a ,, I h" t . i w . 1 1 ' 1 put "I t h"
t lup. I 'apl. .1 W. I no iul. "il i 1"
st, aiu. r I.. '. W.i hi... n o ,1. -I
a sma il ih. i. 1 hi il ' I ' ' 1 1 a
h is 1 s- i I oil a iv. ! . 'I lh . 1 . w
siuT. ri'd iul, li.'-" ' "I, I .iN'l It .1: , r
until th. ir r, I . it" t'"l.i
Th" . r-'.v -I i:," 1 ,,11.1 i'l . f.
w Io n tin- . hi, 1 si 1 ie k it,.- 1 . i. ri
I .t.!- Si: p. 1 ' r, i i , 1 I I . .
ichoi" si antlly . lad
111 pp. is in 1 1, 1 1 , "I 1 sunt. t. .1
111" loss in l.ak" Union and ll
I ;"i 1 ..it and SI . 1 "ia ir 1 , . 1 , ,,!,,:,.
to he s e , I . 1 1 lnlli.ll , d ,, ,. I
dollar.'. Three of th,- w 1 , 1 , -I
:-l":,,,TS lla leased Ih" loss h
? ,iiii,,i,iii, w 1,. 1,. ih, s. .,1 , . ,.;
:in 1 1 1 r era 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 . " 1 1 .. i . in l.iil,.'
Sap, nor ami l.ak. Cue, v., II s. nd
ttio toial ,1,11, It hii Iu l,
The nioi" 1 10 ' " !a nl mishaps lo
Vessels w,tc.
I'm,!, niified ::iui-fo,,i si, , !
fieinhler I'loatiuM loiioin up in
Cake lluion, a lew miles north ol
I'orl. Huron. limit in Canada,
taivn pi'iihahU was flax; Chit'.!
States life savim; et ', W' follhd Ves
sel Iii such position as 10 hav,
made il aiiiioil imposrihle f..r anv
of the crew ol I w eld -1 I V" or folly
I o lla Ve esi a pi il.
Citihtship No. 1:', iii Cake Cri"
off I iii-t Alii, on, fili.en miles ' "i
of Mullah,, with clew ef sis; I,,
lleved lost.
Strainer C. C. Waldo, ,,r ih,- I'av
Tram porlalion toinpauy, li, trail,
Midi., tor n to pi. i rs I . ,, m I'i i
tlay inidniL'hl and pound, d a;;. 1. list
forks on (lull :, k, M iiuloii
Island. V -. I valued al $::im,i
Sl-.'im-r Tui r, I chief ,,f ihe ,. r
dial, Is Mutual line of init.iim.
Wi llt tl) ph l'es I'll Ihe looks, s -.
miles east of K'e iv eena w I'oint. 111
I .a ke Superior. hef or- tlav hr hi
Saturday, l.ouml for I'o'i Ailhitr,
Aid. Clown fifty milts 011I of
course to Ihe Muit'i Iioiv crew of
s,v elite, ui rescind, loss $ 1 tin. luni.
1 Hi, h ut il i, ,1 e 1 I w 1 v, la d on
rocks at Annus Cunt, l ie I!,, vale,
Cake Superior.
A111011" th,. frail era It jeopardi:'.-
I il hut saved was the Santa Maria,
II 1, pl'oilllel loll of ColUIIlI'lls'
caravel, vvhieh ii hound from Chi
cat'.o o San liaiicis,,,. It vv.t.
diiveii inlo a mud hank mar Cri",
I'm 1 Hi hoard is what is eherish".!
as the 01 ir: i 11a I anchor vv huh
Col inn l,iis ca rri", I lo A 111,1 iea.
The vessels reported aground
Willi slie.hl or no ilamai;,.' niun
hert ,1 more than thirty.
C polls from all points toiii",lit
indiratr Hi,. ;:.ii in had emli d.
t l ill' Will I K I 1 1 I K I
MIAMI I! - (,l; M ill, sni:
1 'a liiui. l , M ah. ,
.1 W.I Mi. I I .-: 1
C. U ,,, "t I'.- I 1,
. ..ti . pa l - v . ! 1 '. ' I ' 1 v ' 1
in I ,v o it 1 . 1 ! I;..,,.
t..ld a c I'', I , 1 a ,
! upon he. ..
I ti Ii hi . :
I I W . 1 "oil" 1 1
I The W ,
I i , 1 hot s I
.1 I ,
11 I
'I licit
M , I.
I hi
.i.t 11
.1 1
i l, i'l
.0Slt", O l (
1! 0,
I . Ml.
, , vv
l I. '
11 c.i pi. 1 m
.. 1. an, or I ,
1 ., 1 . : 1 1 1 1 . , h
I1, v 1, - 11
!., i I I
I Ihe vv 1 . . k
h ,", l.,i 1, It"
: 'II.
I' , l a
a " 1 i .1 :
'. el th
a. I,' 1.
.11 l""l
1 I v ,
Mil I h
I of t!" I
1 1.
CalV'i't M' Chief Executive
Hi Id Ion.", Conference Re
ai uitoi CmnlitVns of Mex
ieaa liopuUic,
1 1
omvfir.mnit Vc . c S!,.-,
to I. t";d A- y 'u,sii,V A'
ant e SlmuM W,.., I
Hmvlcss .is (V uc I,
CMMI l Ml ,; ,s
CI (.IN ( I li);i) III
I 1 . I l.i
, Ml Ml 11. Ml
, V . I : ' 'I
i 1 . t. II"
h. ll. 1 in :
I i
1 lo ,1 :
, h, .
I . , he
k Ih
, I I I h- ,1 -V he- I
I. I' I he h.... let I he
h ,v W , l. .
. 1 1 "Uip. h. , ,.. .... k
I inih.iv t oohl I he ,.,lv
VV I,;, ll w till 1 I'l"'
.1 . I lie t i,; How ,l,.
I e ... , V II ' I I . V "f t ll"
I, l, , . , , 1 1 i III , h ll,'-'
"livaV Sccii'tvtiy to Sir Ed
uaid Ciay Gets Views of
Stvict.uy P,iy,ii and Trans
mits T I ifm to London,
''v allot
a Ida's
II ,1. M
p ,0 .1
I '"I I 1 1 ill. 11, Ma It..
. . "I il l. : to Ihe Col (
T il., II. eld. Ill"
'. urn 1. th, ie li'ilv of win, h li,,-;
' 11 I". I' I n l.v Hie vv a 1 , 1 s ,,l
C , I , I I .. I "II .' III. e alio VV a , ,.
' "V 1 . '. I a ... M . -1 1 1 1 iv at 1. 1 11, oh.
" 1 I" Ih 1 1 a , , I' I 01 "nl... 1 ,1,1.
- h" vv , I ' I , . I i,.iii; and III, ei
''' 1 ""' ' 'I" om I 1 id llln , ,,ff,,, 1 1,, l
. .1 i.i 111. Hie Well, ,.
II ,.l ,h, v col la ,v. d
. , : , hi ll VV . I ' t II I Mir
MoA llNn IfHIASAV AL llAAfD ,lil
,' l,uu;lon. Nov , 1 1 - I '1 , si,, i;
i'',,,t, M lal iuel stands In 1 1 1 1 la hind
th, retire.
in.,,, ,,f Ci.iviM.oual president lluoiu
e. 1 lo ess-it v step to t III' p.tclllt t-
l. ,.. ,i,. hi 1 ' " "' MM'0. .',,r mini. iii. u, put
. II II, 1 lave d.llil . I I", "Is. Ihe , ahinel ills. UsSeil InilaV
, V . v phase of Ihe Mexican s uon.
,1,.'. ai i :,,i.i"',i Tl ti. "iisiis of opinion , u,,,, n,,,
1 , !;. ,. Ihe I . al I ml' d Mates should not lake tl Kln-
,,, ill 0 ,1, ,,l de ha. I. VV ,11 ,1 ep ) s ploHl.tlll til
,v h, as. . II oil tlh l''t"l" eon St II 111 liUell " ! , V I' I' II In ell I III
M. vi, o.
h i " I V, l
( ' 1:, id. an sol"
1. ! Hi'
Milled ,, I, '.'I, I
- '" '"IS "I tlh-
t . I
I VV ,
ill" I, dl'le
"',! Ida, 1 in
in, vviin a
1 1 , 1 - 1 : 1 1 , , 1
1 Ml' w ho ,".,,. ih.. f . 1 1
1 i d 1 '.a on, 1 I al,.- .a
Id I U.t . ' I he la a I , -I V ii
n l 1 .-. a 1 . li Was at oir
.h e ; Ho- h. a, It, .Vine
d . Wile I id VV It loll a
, i Ira miles
"I I I" l,o, I. " Wile III a
I I", 1 1 I- ed I ' . oil a . and
I . vv I h"d a ,l ' al'-,, hot,.
I - li ' h.,-.
"IV" :.! I of lleh'hl.
pal I of I he Hi "an 1 s
I ll 1 ed I 1 llle 1,111a
'111" C . I ., I' ll
111I SMlelav 111,, I n-
'I lo- v hh, I".
, ' 1 I I 1 , ,!!, ,
I . a 1 1 1 , I ! '. 1
1 1,.- v- 1 . . k I ..hn. 1
I .! 1 , I , 1,1 ol' III
die I' I'. I ! ! in,: h,i, and , 1 vv . I' I, ' ame l.nov.ti thnt nil th- h.'c-
, f . 1 v I, , ,, . I 1 he . !, no, 1 I ei 1 , I Che f '''"as I iv or, , sli ps w hi, h wmihl
oi ih' , : . I,.,!-.! , In f tuitiie,, ' "in in, Ha, rl.i Unit the I'nile.l StitteM
win. li 1 , ,, 1 n , 1 , 1 . .1 ti iml, 1 , ,t of w.n in earnest In us ilfmamU. S0111-
,f the 1 a 1 . 11. I 1111 inhers I'eeoKIli'il'il III
Ih, hfiiiii; 1 f (he iinnniKii mi tirnm a
pi art 1, a I and pel haps early mdiitinii of
the ,1 ,1 f 1, idt.v , ,ui there w hh no final
de. isioii on t he point.
There is a 'tope on the luut of the
I i, aid, 111 itiid Neii'-tary lirnn Unit a.
I 0111 ,1111, ,1 on I', me Two.)
,r I', ,,, h, M a 11.
m- cute so unheal an pcrmittitiK t'X
,.ot tat -.ns nf arms ntny not l, lv
1,1, ii,, I to sol... th- iirohlein. Infill
ernes ale at work which, In tht opin
ion of many ,d HoIuIm, may fore- th-
ailv coll. ipse of the llu-rta r-uim-.
I ln ie is a t lot,, r iiitdt-rxtiimliiiK, nii,l
hi 'I I, ,1 a ' -a I I n Uir II. "11, Is w ............. - mole fie, ll, lit Co III III II 11 ,'a t l-n In-
IX' cell tli- state depart m-nt h-r- nm!
; foreign mvet'iimems R-nera lly than
t pi . l.ai l e. n in evidence nt any time hlm'rt
I I 1,11 C3 ,,, ,, ,i, an pioldem hecam- so widely
viie, nf inlet national. Throiidi aiiihttssinliiiH
ahload and Ihi'o licit Ih- ,linl,,o, ,1 :,
amo IVIiriO She Is K('t)t "l,,M ' WasliltiKion, srvt.-iry Hryan
lilt e'dia; Midi ii, milled Information of
, .u.n,iin,in.,iH nnii ! Ijy I IllCiUSi 'In Aiueia an polnv its to leave no
,""":l' l ". ". die nr- i ,,f UI, ,,,,, Ciiitetl Sinter
iiii.- h!, -7:,i ,, which i. -ii. il ui, r Ih,- . i.-he.s iieooiuplishcd. So far us Ih
tileal l.ak.s lol Cm-,, hi I Is i. m-.N.l. .m ,. ha.io ml !KnM ,,le h,le ItHVO h-etl Im ill-
,,, H, t,,,,;. ",''''; 'N"" M r-. r, , in, sis ih.it the l'nil-,1 Sliit-ii
'"' ' ' '" so" I"' i",i... As Ml' '.a ., vvalhv Aim I n am.,', thlnese
, ... . . , ,, ,., . would like fiitvint Miippiirt, hut the
' ' " , ...... , I s ,1 II Ml II lilt 111) 111 I , ,' ...... ,
more calm, ihov leian ., ,.cl a Imi" A'-h hl William C. Ilrvoii, "f Ihe de-
,'r . : ,. a. , , I v , . i , , . ri I I III I u I ol III'',',', oil 1 1 e 11 a I V, e ot
Vi"h llll"' til
; lave
Rich Oiit'iit.il Much,
An km iiain Ciil in
,h ad No one, ha m.: i i
'Vi! know ii: how Ilia 11 V ha llol s lo.-l
Hour lilts. V e. I own, IS . ilil I, laV (iiuehler
that while it liny lake a month ,1... Cuiland
I il, it. I v lo total Hi,- da ma ", it was
'ill. mi slupinnu' on l.ak" ll iron, the
I ', t roil and Si . C i ir riv or, snt f, t , d
stiom; Int iin.it mini Unit the Cull-. I
Stall M would like ft ,1 , i-, il nations In
i , I ia In e,'tupl"iely from int-i fer-nce
in the affairs of the llueila Ko-rn-
to.sin;; keel upward in Cake
.iill was an in, i, I, nl it as I ilcr,
niiihl, a ll lioueli w n i l.
I at on.
i I lo-
, i. ..i ... i. , ...t ...... a.
T. ''. Cad, h'll, 11 ' , , n
.,. I Ie I ,"UI II H.
I -' v ma n. I i.y w a'' ....
vv uai tne t mien Mait H is seeKin ih
all acpii, .' , enrr in its policy hy th-
povveis, hh. Ii iiii approval tu cvnrry
p,,n,, nl In j"""" ms. ,.iKeu,. n, .,. tin...,, it., at,.
,o lie- ita.,,,1 ..,iiiii' , uiilil ,,,1,-iKii
i li : i u iii Is. A lew weeks of financial
1 isohillon, il is helleicl hy liiKh offl
iiahi her-, will for,- th- retirement
,,l llu. air
$500 Wedding Cake
for Jessie W. Wilson;
Weighs 135 Pounds
New York, .Nov. II. Miss Jes
sie Wilson's weddlii"; cake was
halved here today. 'I'll- first layer
nf the cake is four indies thick
and tw'eitty-t w it inches acru-s.
When ready for the knife, the
cake will weiKh Cift pounds
and will he two and one
half feet tall, incliniiiin the Muse
of w hite m i hids to he placed on
top. It will cost ahoiit S.'nrt and
will contain nineteen iriKivdieitts
III 2, Old! dainty white h,,:ves, tied
willt satin nlihon, the cake wilt
he distr ihlited, e:t, h hex the prop
er size to under tine's I'illnw
to dream upon.
Over the hody of th- cake will
he molded a thick white icim?
scroll work.
"Then," tu ,nnte the artist W il
is making il, "there will he a (Ie
sin for th" initials of the hride
n, I hridetiraom. It will he done in
silver ;n,l then there will I,- lilli-s
nf tli- vaih.y in while sugar on the
persons w ho could nut he married in moved, several more are h-iru; held
their own church." at the city's coiic t ion farm, ami even
"Cse Ih" injunction to slop the , I'l'iva I- I'un-rals cannot he hold ns the
si ureiiation of vice." I hotlies cannot he taken to the cem, -
This was the adv ice nivvn the con-j t"i'ies. j -
volition hy Arthur Hurrai;,. Carvv ell, Mttny hakerit s closed today he-. Supei i,,r. w In elmtin. i
of Chic.mo, secretary of the I lytic j -a use of kick of power and unless a deck hand, whoso nam
il'alk ITotoetiv v assoi iation of ( 'Iii- ''"al trains ca n reach t he city .soon a n ,., learned, w. re drowned when
hed to summon as- ' in, " Sin
i"d hv ihe waves, I "Sim u
liquors, Lhtinhlih'.; and oilier immoral ""M lias heen olTt-lctl and an del mil! Tucs senl out Ihuii lute lodav lohnl w, ,
it millions. .milk famine has heen caused h, cause search for vvit.ks found Ih" Nollim: : Ir-.i, h-io
The assorial ion, Mr. Carvv ell said
, hud carried to the Illinois supr eim
,11 a dial
Mann a. I In ma I. Im: a
f I h i ll" I iinlit' lT, I S eal s old.
if C.V
I lie , I
arraiiai.'.l hcl-n- 1 iiit.d Slah'.s C, mi
nus: Ion, r W . I i. Tot Ion. a lid vv as l e-
iiiamlod in ,1, 'fault of j:..(uui Inll
Tov. who has he
a m. s tu several nun, ire, 1 i iiocsa mi cp IM. se-A tin I it a n a.tivitas m
dollars. The 1,1.,, I. h I ft ,.;,., i, , tie for manv vcars. eiealed a soioalloll
" ...I...... i . : .... 1 1 ..... a ,.. 1 . i .. i ... ,' i' i
Ilo..,. . o.,, ihei, he I, iilllo, , ,'tl. H ,s oroeveo 03 IIIKH 0,11
( 'In 1st ie ( lod.l.'il, a vv 01 ker in a I'orl
1 1 mis ion win 1 e Toy all. titled
lut;s hov. r- s, I,,,.,; .,r ih, mai-i i.ic.c. T.n's Thai I'lt sident Wilson mlshl nt.ssl-
''" '"''"' '" 1,11 'I '"'I I" h .11 11 I" '"j wile died and I,, r si.-l, I , i h.ldit . i-ii.-y- I Iv i 'Ve a si a lenient In n day (il two
ham.-. The hole f Imhl hy 10., iiv inaiin, ,,. j,,.. '!',,,..; ,, .,,, eiii.i.d a luakuii: a eoinpi cheiislv e expliiiuttltin
men. thai lie wick was ihe sham, 1 ooineiip of ihe ,,iir.,-s of Ihe I nil-tl Slat-'l
I- M. .1, nks ol Ihe Haw ia .,,.1 line ol , ;.,v . i h meiij ,., allele Ihat al was indi, Hed l.y some of th- dlpl.i-
Clev, land, was ,lc p, II, ,1 Ion:; III v.h"ii ,, ,. , ,, ,,f pi, a. line. 'I..V iii.iii,,,! inals. The pivsuleiil, is hh ill. has
William Civiiii ton, pr a.h'iil of Ih. i;,,,,,. i;,,,,l,ll to have Ihe ,,.iivenl nm I: na lly detei m ined w het her h- Will
l-alo Carriers a . ",ia 1 1, m. ai in I and nune to s- mil- I" li- with It t tat mak" amillier ;.riiiiilini om-iil, hut It
Ihe J.hl.s was Mife in a liarhor on ,",,., ai:,r,vaid, n is all. lad, he has l.,n tmm-'i sled to him that such
' 111 Civ near Hi, Hand. I iiii . '.i 1. . .1 lor 111 a I'l soil ,-! iiii ", nt a ,,.. laralmn luiKht f lit o on reeul'il
"lie I'll,' the 1 li wat. I, men lii voi, ; .,i,l In- had t v hli m e Ihat .Mis- l.,. Ihe world Ihe reasons why th-
fi'oiii Ihe wi-, kiin: lues a ppi on, h",l .loii.l.li 1 1 toil o , si a pe, Inn ToV elii'iions of p real, I .' n I , he president
do.'" 111 'h to Hn .1. relict I,. eaiisht tin' and hnuchl In r ha.k, memhei's of -oiiKI'-hh In. Mexico
,ai,,iii" h. r hull," .-aid li. lavin;- till ui ; her Hid if she ,v,r left him , ,,, he iv, o;mzed hy th- t'nlt-d
-ton. "Hi, 1 loan, I .!, r.,1 peeuliail h" Would i I v ' 'h , n ".'-, I . u : cs I h I ,, u : li sial.s. Is icpoiied Hint in this
li.-s of , , ,io 1 1 at, 1 ion vvheh indiiah'd out th" c 'rv and she woihl I" , , ,, n,,, I m n, loo, I he president may un
to I In 10 tail Hi, si I- was mil ol' sen I hark to hi kill. ll. n"Uiiro the I uiidiutloii, in a dvu nre, it
Aillrllrail hiiild. A: her I " 1 1 1 1 1 is otv" '''''"'' 'Ill am I, Is l'.o ,'11 'I'o.v'- , , ,,f , ,. new congress Which
ill I fo "V live le.i, ih- crlaliilv ;li "I tin. , hell liiloi'iiiilion civ, ai an ,:..n, aal .Inei'la has said would he ctill-
roald hot l in. .re than ;;,mi f.el lorn;, nv.-iil of ilo- Voiiii Women's Chii- ,-u, ,1 on Nov i-nihi-r iiii.
Thai, lo .air iiiiml. ,li',..s,s of the tl.-in lion hy a woman In Hi" hind Wilson was in commiini-
! possihihl v ihat Ho Ir. iHhler Was , ,f : I'1'--I't "Ilh Toy's slave. , a t am ana in I ' "la .v I hi om; h Sena tor ll:i -
,i,-r, amCi.r.n! i on ' i ml I. ,11 and eliminates ! I'elorti'.,. ,.iin.l nol.s written M ,,. uji, mrinheis of the koiiiiIo for-
have no: su pi". 1 1 i.ai in tl she milil h,. one of '"I ' "i -.," h .iiinni", 'in , ir ii i , la I ions commit toe. 1 llu presl-
cnmi, which for filly years ha.? foimhl : a larmim,- hivud Mini-Inge thr-til-ns. nu-W nw hium
Hi- ill-mil sale n I' inlosicanliiiK j N" i mpruv oineiil in Ihe milk situa- sislanee was ca
I v. , ,
; f 1 a ' i ;; 1 1 1 e Is lllilV,or r,'J' "''' ""' 1 ' '
plan lo mii rder her. ( m- imi" said
lelll.lhv Him
have heen a
imt iiire. Claw
a I i;o Iii a Ilea vv
ine companies are iinahl,. to imike tie-; , .in, t:,t ,,,, ., i,ky r,.,.( hoiwe.n vv , a i . i n, I: m I I . , I -, lit"," I Im shift im;
liveries of the milk on hand or t.j.Sand and Parisian Islands. The vis I'l' I iv "a i .,, , a u. , ,1 Ihe vessel ,, turn
court, eleven cases, ten of which liaiC-l'tain more irom dairies in th- mir- sol stfink late Monday iifleiimon. ; I "i i h . The la. I that In f h.,w is M,
heen decided in lis lav or. The as H'liiiilinit territory. ' When Ihe hoal was loweinl i ,' f..r ahoni vval.r also ini"h! he at
'use, that in which Hi" supreme inurij An avtnmo ,.f t Welti y-f our inches , ,,,,,, , Hj,j i, 5. iz.., almost as soon iril.nl., I I" on- of Hie Ii;ir i,n.ili- j
"ranted tut Injunction imamst a Chi-;"' snow I'll during Ihe Hlorui and as it loii,h",l the water ami , ff"i I- In." of siihui. i cd flax. ;
oitK'i house of id remit-, was cited a.d snow drifts have piled as hidi lis j ,,, w, ;,, ,,,, t-n Ihfoivn into th" "W- have hopes oi" hl-nlifyiiiK thej
a culile. Kvitlen,.,. was su I, mil I ed. he twenty I I. ; icy walers were fnlil". So Inrilir vv a ; ! i , h..li ! "I tomorrow. U'c su.'rreded
Siiitl, ihtit the officials of ill- eity wi r-l Ky'l'.V hiKliway throughout this slu,,. slriiKL'le with th- waves ail Ih, l...la iii h.r. im; W ;o liincion m ,hr hr
v iolatin.L; noi ,iy ,,, laws of I heir j m I- imiiassahli. for xovoral; W1,y ilown Cake Superior thai I , i . r. t n 1 1 . run r Mm rill to the :,s-
ovvn city, hut of the stale hy t. ihra t -1 'lays. j Not I imiham's i mil suhply was , m-I .n. of lin- ihieliit iusl-atl of '
inn restricted districts. j ,h,iuste, and pail of h, r care.,, o! : oim; ,,, -ar-li for mi siiiL; liahlship
"The siKiiifi, ance of that ease," III I! SWINfi t'KliW I ! I !. 1 1 1 !S ; wheat was Imi m ,1 l.enralh h, r l.oil- No. V Wo hi. land llu- culler will
said Mr. Kurwoll, "is (iiis, that tin 1 STIIWItl'.ll SlIiAM I 11 -I s. Smne of 1 ho N,,l I im; ha m's phi I . s h" P'limMel to stand l.y until Hid
jiid;e went over the heads of Ih"; uir l.iiekl, tl ,nii,l sin- is in had ...irli eaui. of lin I'rei i; i 1 1 , a- is known." .
mavof and siipn iuiendent ,,f poli," I ...rain, ' '-, Nov. II. After it hal-Oimi. Tim miivivois of ihe envv n 'I in- ie,...rl i,e,iv,,i tmlav from
.ami closed an ill-nal resort villi, ll th-ll- with hmh waves on Cake Krle, aimaincd on ho aid t"iii;;hl. .Alp, na Ihat Hie taptaiu of Ihe steam
ri,,v ,,- "l!.'irrv Tov kill me a
and I was , i u.a ' a ,1, m; w hen l!i- i:wi
Went off. Ae, id, 'liia I."
A no! hi r hoi" : a id she had cot 11
I .-. I mii, "h and :rl,i ,1 Ilia! her Ciller
I.,, n ilil ieil. Special Am nt Hrv on he
In v es I he -e hole: v,'. I'e vv illei hv
I ll
dent feds that menih, r (,f the ootn
milt. e, I'epnhlu ani and dcmocrnis
alike, are sul'l'oi t in", the policy of th
, ", ulive nm I he is t;iv ini; serious eun
. .delation to I heii virus as to the re
moval of I he t in haias.i on arms.
ll whs lepoi'led lodav' Hint Sir Cl
ival,! T.v i'l. 'II, private secretary to th
ill dish foivien mlpister, Sir Cdwurd
l ; i a v . had old, lined Sel'lvlai y Cryaii's
views on die siliuition and had tr.tnH
leirtd litem in a Ioiik report to Lon
don. The Critish nmhassador, Sir
Ce.il SI'l ! 1 1 m - Hire, is still I'-tl f ! II fj U
he: hed.
Set, or de la Vena, t 'ilium chaix
heie, issued a st a I , iiieti l ilenylnt,' for
his l-ov ei mnerit a. recent repoi't from
" in ll"' l" '"l"ll''"'V.N,,v..ili's, Sonora Mexico, Hint two Cu
'" Al "i" in., I -Mis Aid, ii ,,,,, ,,' , , , I . i-..l lo llm
1,11 ( Monsiv- ,, laliolis in MoMeill eolislitlllmiiiilisiH, at ll eollfel'
' ''''' llii'vdioul ,h" "ounlrv i.(.l hftween Heiieral Carratiza, uml
' di he s ruird lan e .sums of i ,'nhan comiiiission litnded hv Sen-r
hllS! In
Mi-. I, i 'on ldi n i;, lc:isci on Cad.
..a!i: :i'i CM M,,., ov. 1 1. -Mis.
I . ,11 Id, II, t olll ii '1,',1 Ili'l'C Ctr l VV eek
ol' a: ,M HI" III. I iis lo ,1, I l a l.d ill lill'i.Mt'
li,tl I , , in.,"'! m lei' htl l ia ss ' "ll
line, v ., lr, ;: sr, Cos all'Tlmon oil
VhHliil hond. She had hreli --eld . leed
lo e, I
al I.ai
I'tosp, ctive hiiaiiess ,,,.,.,.., , senor Meiiooal. the stute-
:i""''i" MVi il "I whom, acrortlin..'. (r ;ajip (i) ,.no,:i ,, ., ex
it., h it, is i.iirodu, , .1, als,, wee l""v , h,;..iVl.y l onuneirial trip.
', p. olive 1, 11, d, a lids.
Mi;i;ics i n i'M
ai;i: in :iii! i i:d as sri:
city officials ti j nl niiowetl to heipte savim-' crew raarh, d hit- today - ; . r Al im sidilnl a siiiikni Ituiiht r
oprraled. It was a notice to these ' I he st nor ii. .1. ( iiiim mer, which I Mill" I'.UIM.S itri.-r in lake Huron hroituht a i n-d '" ""' 1
offieials that there was a power th-y ', v. i nt a-i'ound mar Ihis poi t (lurin j KTIMS UV STOIIM , ..nun, ids iiom nianiic men. U was
, ould liol control ami a notice tu the It he storm. The life savers hrmn-'ht i i',.iieiailv In hev ed Hint the hoat siu.hl-
'Vice lords' that there was ti novver 1 1 he wile of Ihe steamer's si e want I Oiieetistovv n Nov. 11. The steam- o, I hv ihe Alpena ami llm unidentified
fiom which the mayor and Keneral ( ashore in Hie mil' hoal. The crew, ship lla ppa ha n link, one of the li.'idil.r ai" Hi" same. I ,,m(K ,e, s,.,., ",!' lis Contiiiiicr.
1 1 1. 1 1 h i .'llu . ui t oi poitc,.. could noCsaid to liuinher t w t nl y-1 our, remain-I st-n mci's whi'h aided the Voltnriioi d ho.las vv,t- round mi the vv , i ,, . i ,,,, ,. i If von would
oil al.uanl Hie heat. i v. h-n she was InirniiiL;, hiou.hl ini.. w-st ! of Cake llurtui today, two ,,,,,1,,. K,. ihe loan of Mr. A. 1 1. M--
j port loniiiht the sleiimsliip Smiih m .,r Ca t Crunk ami one ahoye I'nirtl v ,.,,.f ,,f Ihe Line: f .ininial in- v, r ('l'"z. -x"v' II. I lie Am-rl-
JTIKI i: MIN ll;im l I I'ml, hound from rhiladelphia f or , I h I vv .-. : d. Idu'liv, seniid him an , ,k container ; ' '"''' mmiheliim twentv-six hersuns
DIHIIIT TO 1 : 1 :s I I'. SAII.Olis Condon. The Soidh I'ml crmmed The latl-r was ptohahly a sailor. It : i il will make possihle the shlimeiit ' ill lh- "'' 'l'1"il,". w n,,'h lH
were eripphd ih a terrific 'itonn mews upon., I mat a raid heirli," Hie!,,f hy mail. Mr. M. Ivm is in , a I la, Iv.d hy a lark- force (if rehels,
S tiilt Ste Marie, Mich. Nov. 11 Thr Xnvenihor !. She sent out a w ir-hss j ca me ".I. M . J.-nks" was found in h is ' ,,, ,, mi. Ii a ei.i.lainer as will per-jw,ie Kaf- th:.-, alt-rnoon. Two Amer
wreck of the sled freighter Williiini call for help, ami ttm Capp.ihan-. , loHiim'. ITcml-m Civ imiston of the I , n,,. shlin-iit of -cits from the ; icu n w ai ships i he hattloshlp Louisiana
N'ottini;h,'int, was discovered today on nook picked In r up the next day and j Lake fairi-rs association said tone; lit j la rm lo the consumer hy Ihe parcel i and Ihe funhoal W heelinu, tire ridinV
Sand Island, Whin fish Lay, Lake'towcd li.-r t" t..i u, eiisl ow n. ' he i n vest u;a t, tl the m H't a ml learned 1 post, 1 at anchor .n the Tuxi'iim luirbor. Tux-
proteet them."
"A crfse like this," urged Mr. Kar
; well, "can I r hrounht against any
house of ill iviuite in the I'nitetl States
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