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J,,,. (WXX. No.
II1t. by Oirrl.f or Mall,
A Month. Hlllfl Copl, io.
1 1
Deafening Outbreaks of Ap
plause From Galleries At
tend Impassioned Speech by
Representative Hobson,
Republican Leader Mann Puts
Quietus on Oratorical Broad
side by Making Point of Or
der Against Spectators.
Washington, 1 '(.'. 1 1, -"-Shattering
the rules of the house of representa
tives, champions of prohibition who
(miked the gallerlc lute today, broke
into ii pcatcd oilllmrats of applause
ml actually shunted from their seats
as Hciiresent.it ive Hk'hmoml Pearson
linliHon of Alabama, pleaded for a
nnoliitlon which would submit a cm'
gtitutlonal prd.lbitlon amendment to
the Hlututc.
The extraordinary demonstration
continued unrest rained for many min
utes at Mr. Hobson proceeded dramat
Jiauy in uise..s me j'l o . . i iMi i', ii " nlj,jOJI
lion, linn wan noi cnccKcii unm me;
liruker had drawn Into the contro-
leisy bin colleague, Ucprcscntutive I
Christian Temperance I'nlon. Tho
clowns extended Into long linen in
tl.o corridors outside unit even those
who( oiilil not Nee but w ho could hear
loined in a demonstration an both
l!epr -M-ntative Mann and Iteprcscil
tative rnderwood arose.
"The rule nf Huh house," said Mr.
Minn emphatically, "have alwav
been thai there should be no It -plans.-
from the galleries. Those In
the galleries who are making llivs
lieinnlistii. lions as good clllz.ens
should ol nerve thai rule."
An Representative Moon Hounded
for older, Mr. .Hobs.ni turned to the
i liulr to a Nk why, Inasmuch us the
members of the floor had made "a
partisan demonstration the rules
cannot be extended to the galleries
Just this once."
ynlet eventually wm restored and
Mr. rnderwood attain spoke.
"I lannot Hit here In silence." he
said, "und allow my cullcague to as
sert that I am the candidate of any
Interest w ithout challenging bin stuto
meiit, I am not, never have been and
do not Intend to be the candidate of
the lb, imi' Interest!). J never have re
ceived a dollar from the li,uor inter
est nor do I intend to receive Midi.
I have asked tlie people of my Mute
to fleet me on other Issues, lie l,1MV 1 Rill Oil
umh 1 1 ii 11 ue wihoch, uui i ciiuiicugu.
his statement that I am the candidal e !
of the ll),uor Interests." I
Mr. . Hobson concluded his spct-ch by.
declaring he came with a petltli.nl
sanctioned by a majority of the
American people demanding a refer
endum on the llipior question. Th.-j
fight of the people for IhlH rcfefe;:-
ilum was an earnest one, he asserted,'
Vigorous Fight on Demo
cratic Currency Bill Waged
by Nebraska Senator in
Dramatic Speech,
d they h.id at
uaymas with their
men, taking arms
id been paid for
ild. contrary to
making small
During Absence of Official, 'General Villa Says He Will De-
They Forcibly Enter Build
ing and Arrest Luis Terra
zas, Jr.
of Ohio,
Much of Day Advocating
One Central Bank as Best
Solution of Problem.
lay Movement Against Mex
ico City Until North Is
Cleared of Federals.
cers. It wan slab
tempted to leave !
command of sixty
anil supplies.
The federals had
three days, It was
the usual custom
daily payments.
A dei lee was issued here today by
the department of Hie interim- of the
i oIlMitUltellllllHt gol el lllllollt, w.tin
IliK all mine )Hli) is III states held by
the Insurgents, th at taxes paid to the
Illicit.! cclltl.il novel lllllellt Would not
be recoKnli'd by the revolutionary
party. It Is said Unit man Anierl
, 11 u mining men have paid taxis In
Mi xii o t'lty on property located In
territory under constitutionalist i mi
ll ol.
Takes Up; Victim of Alleged Outrage UiHDuiing Madeio Revolution It
Washington. ei 11. The final
assault on (ho detailed provisions of
und men in public life had bi tter real-l the administration currency bill was
Ize It. Preferring to Mr. Fnderwood I ,,,.,,.. in ,,, ,.. tonlKlit. Senator
as a reactionary, he udded: I Hitchcock of Nebraska, loading the
"If there In a man on this f loor j aUarK , u in ,,. fllllM ,,r
who Is ufralil of danger," lie said. ,.,.n,.y orilt,j. w,1(.n has oei upied the
lied letter gel to niirr III me ncxi
able to Communicate With
Friends, Finally Appeals to
American Charge,
Held Out
for Long Period
Gieatly Supeiioi
few years.'
When the Alabama representative
had taken his neat. Kcprcacntatlv e
j I'nrtholdt of Missouri, suggested tli it
Mr. Hobson had pin ked the KullerliM
j with a multitude of Ills iidhi'ients ami
I that he ( Hartholi'lt ) could bring "tv o
tlernian-AhiericaiiH to Wash
ington for intimidation, but In- old
not think It was a 'healthy thing' t r,
do unythinK of that sort."
senate day und niKht for nearly two
weeks. Senalor 1 1 it i het k bixan the I
.resentatiou of his time inline Mis In the j
bill, tleclariiiK In a dramatic ieecli
that In1 doliiied to consider tin- iid ici-I
lllilliwoou, woo is mm .n.,K,u ,.,i .. .,.,,,. ... ,.,,.. .,.,,
nalil that sobriety and temper-
j n nee are not Identical with prolubi-
nun in u uic mi me sv'oii' J I hiiiI
Injection ol persona I pollllis nun inn
eauauon rou.u u.c major.., " I Uon, as Mr. Hobson had said, but that
tn his feet with u reply to Mr. Hob- , . ,.,..,.
Will, 111111 1 .1 id ,O.M IJilliUCII .111)11,1 :i9 .
from the member on the floor. . j
Itc publican Lender Mann at th;yj
Mr. I
point demand tt that the rules of th
L 1 I .1 ..,..1 , ,
nniise III' lll'.li'l It'll, Ullll I ' )'.'! ) -in. I - j.
live Moon if Tuinessee. who was in
the chair, ailnionished the spi-ctalora.
Quiet was restored temporarily, after j
a voice from the nailery shouted: j
"We're Amei'can citizens."
In llie course of his speech
Ilul sun hail eai,l:
We oiiKht tn liave our parly iin-l
iliMstand now while the war is on,
thiit It never was intended for an ul- I
liiince with 111" liiiior interests. Vet j
there is n ij.'eat democrat, :i re:')
Alabaman wh: Is present today, wh
leienlly Hlill ivlliceil I ti it at ienst '
llie way I read the reports that if i
prohibition continues to be injected i
Into demociatl." politics either prohi-:
I'ition would be croiind to ilost or!
the democrat! pe.rty must die. i '
lake second place to no man who'
loves his party, ami let me tell youljudge
that if the democratic party can only
live by jolnitiK with the liiiior In
teresls to debauch the American peo
l'le. then In (iod's nume, let It die."
Mr. Hobson fairly shouted this-.
Holds as lie reached the climax. With
arms waving in the air, and shaklti,:
his head ulinost in the faces of niein
hers who sat near him, IncludiiiR Mr.
liulerwood, he drew from the packed
galleries prolonged cheeiin. The
stamping of feet in tho gallery in
creased the din. Before the tumult
hud subsided Itopreseirlative I'nder
wood, who hud been listening quietly
"P to this time, rose in Ills place,
miners and haridelapping from demo
et'atli: and republicnn members on the
floor greeted him.'
"I wish to nay to the gentleman
from Alabama," Mr. rnderwood bo
s''", "that I regret exceedingly that
In presenting petitions for the cUHd
f prohibition to the house that he
should have drawn into his speech a
an attempt to maKi
a man sober by law."
"The Creator himself put tempta
tion into the garden of Kden and It
pas been there ever since," conclude)!
rartholdt, after saying that the
man he respected was the man win'
could resist temptation.
"Why to abolish temptation uu'd
have to abolish women."
Lanclis Decides He Is
Without. Jurisdiction and
lire completed ,y the ilrmoi I a I ic cau
cus as unalterable.
Senator Hitchcm k i,iioleil from
President Wilson's book, The .W-v
Freedom," to nhnw that the president
wan on record against caucus and
committee legislation anil uas In fa
vor of consideration of reform meas
ures "in the full light of publicity."
"I Imve no purpose to delay, the
i onsidcrntioii of the I ill," said Sen
ator Hitchcock, "but I deplore the
tendency of senators mi boili sides of
this chamber to regard this bill as
foreclosed to amendment by action of
the democratic cam us. The pri siilcn'
has proclaimed time ami aain that
disillusion In public was above all
things the most Important consid
eration In legislation."
Senator ilaMinger. the republican
leader, Miugosled Unit the president
had approved ol the caucus on th.s
ariff bill, and bail also approved the
(aliens on the ciiilcncv bill.
"I doubt that," said Senator Hitch
cock ciiipliutieally. "I shall not be
lieve until I hear the votes cast here,
that men who have assured me that
they would not be bound against their
convictions by any caucus, will stulti
fy themselves and come in here tj
vole against tlie things In which tbev
The Hitchcock umciidinent to sec
tion two of the bill, would provide for
the organization of four regional re
Juarez, Mexico, 1'ic. II. Ameri
cans who arrived t.unclil froin Chi
huahua reported that the rebel,-, since
their occupation of that clly, h.i, en
tered i he Hrltlsh Ice consulate und
forcibly siezi d l.uis Tel r.iz.is, Jr.,
mi of the wealthy lain! owner, and,
after currying him through ihe streets,
place, I him In jail.
At cording to the Americans, the re
bels also nerved notice upon lull Span
ish residents of Chihuahua that the)
serve banks instead of eight or twelve, j
and for the sale' of Block In the re-!
Passes Matter to Supreme j1"""1 l,ankH '' mil,lu' i'ripuou!
, ,,,,,, , r i) ! underwritten by the banks. :
Court Without Prejudice, i y,.tttr uurtm. of om... occupied !
I tho greuter part of today's session I
in moinivii jouiNiL iiir.iL duo one wiui fin argument iavoriug a great
, must leave the i lly williin ti n days.
I ' The entry of th" Itritisli consulate
land the sie.urc of Terr.ir.a.", win, had
tone there for protection, after hear
ing that his wife was in ilamicr, were
'reported to have occurred during the
I absence of Itritish Vice Consul Sco-
I I. It was said that Scobell. en
I raged at the action of lieneral Crau-)'is)-)i
Villa's arniN, wax denied fielll
Jlli.s to protest to the llritisti minlsier
lilt Mexh o City, or to the I : ii t i m 1 1 ain-
bassaibn- at Waslilntion, mi, I that lu
then appealed to t'niteil Stales Con
sul Marion I. etcher. All the other
foreign niliiisicrs are urnl to have
Joined In a protest, In what was re
garded as a violation of the rights of
asylum under a fnr.-Ii.-n flag.
Tin- stm-y told by the Anu-i -leans
"us that ToiTa.as. who liml been in
'charge of much of bis father's vast os
jtate, including great entile ranges, had
j been li ft In Chlhii.iliiiu, after the
evacuation by Hie federals, to look
'after women and children member
! of his family, and that, taking fright,
I he went to the lirillsli vice consulate,
that, during the nbsence of Vice Con
, Mil Scobell, the rebels w ho hail been
lieaii liliig the town for Terraza.s'riish-;
td Into the consulate, seixi'd Terraz.as1
(and then paraded the prisoner t lining h I
i the streets, afterwards lin king him in '
III cell III the stale prison,
j It mis said that a demand for J;ill,
j MOO, w hich he failed to pay, was Ihe
filer motive In the arrest of Terraz.as
Chicago, Dec. 11. The ult to test i central bank as against the regional
the income tax law was thrown out J bank plun.
of the I'nlted Slates district court to-
Jay by Judge Lund Ik, who decided
that he had not jurisdiction.
The effect of hia decision, which
does, not Involve the constitutionality j connectoln
or unconstitutionality of the law, is Whitman's Investigation
to send the case direct to the Miiprenie highway graft, but took no action,
court of the I'nlted States. They were John A. Mason, former soc-
The medium selected for the test retary of the democratic stute corn
is u suit In which Elsie De Wolfe, the; mittce, and James Hamilton, a part
former actress, n citizen of Newiner of Thomas Ilassett, who Is m
Vork, now resident at Versailles, jcused by Madison 11. Aldrlch, of
France, is plaintiff, and the Contl- 1 1'oughkeepsie, of obtaining a bribe
nental and Commercial Trust and -from him
Savings bank, of Chicago, is defend
ant. W. Ilourke Cochran, of New
Luis Terraz.as, Sr., Ho
of th prisoner, recently
(ijinaga with t hi
great wealth lias
for discussion In
the revolution, wl
head of his entile
ged father
arrive.! at
federal troops. Ills
ii-en a special mark
the propaganda of
lie the thousands of
oyer the state have1
; served to feed both rebels and fed
i era Is.
i rniteii
Juarez., .Mexico, I , . II. I'mi-I
vlnced thai lieneral Salvador M.-r-,
i ado, with Ills 4, Hun soldiers.' the hu g-I
'est number ,,f federals in the north, j
: ii preparing at njlnaga, on the bm -i
der op pi, sue I'n-siilio, Texas, to mak-'
a desperate stand against an atlaik.l
ilhe rebel forces today sent an nr.
. tillery regiment with ten cannon toj
' n-inf iiee the n.Mui rebels already ai-
, pr. in liing l ijinaga, !
I'lllll the oulei'Ille of Hie Hit Hat loll I
ill (ijinaga Is determine. I. Con. Fran
cisco Villa's man h W illi his rebel
army southward to Toileon and Z.ic
aleias, will ,e eliecked. The rebel
.leader, now ut Chihuahua, inform. -d
his heaibpiat tel s In Juarez that he
; would not leave the north with foil-;
leral tioopu behind him. lie ordered)
jlhe urtillery sent to tljiuaga In the '
belief that tin- town would have toi
be besieged, because tile federals lla"1
; built extensive defenses there. It Is
believed llijil a n iillne at lljinagC
; w ould be of long duration, as t lie J'
low n stands on a hill and from thoj
: forts the rebels have a sweeping
;sinvey of the approach, s. I luring !
jlhe Madero revolution the place held I
, out ImiK against superior numbem-ev.-n
Iboiigh (he waur snpidy had
' been cut off and a rmllfled dit. ii
from the ri er bad to be dug.
Tlie only guns the federals have ill I
I ijinaga ale those which they carried
with them in their retreat from Chi '
huabiia and then- are believed by th-.'
rebels to be few because the federals
lout heavily In ainiii unit ion and tu rns
in their fight south of Juarez.
Five federal soldiers were killed
eight miles south of Juarez today.
They lui.l taken refuge In an adobe
house when the federals retreated
north mol e I bun ten day s ago. Be
fore being taken they held off sev
eral hundred n-bels for hours but
finally were overpowered.
A band of Pandits t affiliated
with the rebels, operating under
Maximo Castillo, are raiding the prop
erly of Mormon colonies in various
parts of Chihuahua stale, in cording to
reports from the rebels. H. L, Tay
lor, a Mormon farmer, was taken
prisoner at I'earson, and was llher
uled on payment of K'OO. .. j, fnn
lav MoaNiiau journal. inniL li-no '!
Washington, I'ec. II - Ihe com
initlec of pmgros'd) . republicans
which will present plan" for a leol
ganicalion of the I epuhli. an paltv to
the rcpiibllian natn-ual coinioitiee.
When II line's hole next week, lint to
night to consider plans. Senators
I'umiiiins and Jon.-s and llei reseiita
tivcui Anderson, of Minnesota; Clam
ton, of Michigan, and lingers, of
Massachusetts, Vleln present. 1'cf
liilti- aitinll was post, Hilled until a
Hireling to lie held Sunday or Moll-
day, when fniiii-r (iiiverum llailbyj
of .Missouri, stll .e here.
The committee Is l onsideiing three
pl o posed csx litial n fmins IICi
would change the liasis of the lepre I
sent.ition of southern slates In n.i-
timial i on entioiis; the second v.oiildj
allow slate laws to govern the si Ice-1
lion of delegates to national conven
tions, and tin- third would provide!
that the national i miiioittee when
chosen should Immediately take
ohaigo of and conduit Ihe coinen
timi by will) h they are selected.
Admiral Fletcher Repoits Con
stitutionalists Aie Gaining
Giound in Effoits to Cap
ture Mexican Gulf Poit,
No Tianspoits or Merchant
Vessels Upon Which Amer
ican Refugees May Be Ta
ken Embarrasses Consul.
Of MONMiNt joulHIl tf-tCIAL IIHIS Hottll
Wasnington, I tee. II. The fighting
ut Tampion. H Mexican seaport of
strategic Import, inie. was recognized
by administration officials here u
hk.-ly to have an effect on the Imin -
diate progress of the revolution.
Tl... i..,uu..l,,ii ,.r u urn I wlmrd mi,.
Jnitloiis of war could be landed safely
fi i i n an road us well as the revenues
that would be aoiiilred through thi
lolle. tlon of i osteins receipts there,
Would greatly aid the constitutionalist
i a use. In the view of the officials.
Iteports of the lighting which
reai lied here today were meagre but
those received at the navv department
showed that the constitutionalists
were making an aggressive attack.
Secretary 111 ) an conferierl today
with Secretary Iianiels over dispatches
from Hear Admiral Fletcher. Hoth
seemed confident that Americans and
tiler forelgneis would not be en
dangered. The taking of Uritlsh anil
Cei man refugees aboard Kngllsh nd
Herman vessels, respectively, and th
,i, , , . . I gui lie I nig oi ,i iiiniiiiei i lOiit-iiuinB
Witness at Inquiry Into Mo-1 on u.e American ships relieved otrt
nopoly Methods of Bellj;. V'ZLllL 7X.
Company Tells of lmpi'0vc-!,,",",,r" wh" h," "" "-
iii j signed as neutral w ould not be imv
ments py Independent Lines M'-sted, u.-ur Admiral Fletcher m b
expeeieil to tune inem anoura in
! shins tn the harbor if such danger it
III MlliUNI, jnURNII. IIICIIl llD Willi ' -ll I ,, 1 1 ll I e I' 0 f I .
Ni'w York, He. , M. The immediate I. iifficlnl reports from Rear Admiral
In, -Hon of telephone r.ttcs, recon-j Fletcher to the navv department to
prompt dav, said the constitutionalists Wer
OF no IN
s)t rii t li mi of old plants am! a
improvement of sei I Ice so as to com
pote Willi modern methods, invariably
followed the Invasion by Independent
i-oiii, .allies of the Held of the ll.-ll
system, according to testimony ad
duced today at the hearing here ill
the gov eriiinent's suit, under the anti
trust law. against the American Tele
phone und Telegraph company and
'Was paid,
1 1 r.in.it i, roitciis
si uiilar
lot Colonla Dublan, was threatened
,-muics i cusiii I'.uwaros. ai,tviin .i,.,..i. ,,,,.a
iiiii. s-cs in iiiiiiinj xiraii i-rone. Juarez., said he liad received no offl
New York, Dec. 11. The grand cial confirmation of the arrest of Ter
jury heard two witnesses today in'raz.as up to a late hour tonight. The
with District Attorney Itch-graph line between Chihuahua and
Into state Juarez was not working.
.iidi utterance oi mine mat misin- York, and Colin II. Fyffe, of Chicago,
oiuiets my remarks. At some other appeared for Miss DeWolfe, and Levy
one und in the proper place I will; Mayer, of Chicago, for the bank
"ixiprci my own remurks. I Mis DeWolfe. owner of ar,
Hobson replied he thought h;
"ml been Justified in his remarks and
tent he had correctly i,uoted Mr. Un
''f'UVuoil, suggesting that the latter be
Riven all the time he wauled to Inter
lr''l his remarks to the house,
fheers from the gallery and Mr. Uu
ileniiiod ugaln rose.
"I am not going to detain this house
""'." ho said. "Tlie gentleman from
"idoaina has made a partial state
Ri"iU that did not reflect my Views.
(1)' not thinV that the floor of thl.-i
!U,UM. with public business before us,
'he proper piftce for the gentleman
r myself to drag our personal dif
"rences, I occupy the position of the
leader of the party in this house and
1 'unnot, lurripying that position, en
8'" in a personal controversy wit1!
"!' Kentleiiurn from Alabama, as it
ni'slit work injury to the party.
. "When the gentleman attempts to
'Mei't n personal issue here, he in
3l"')'H his own causo in the estimation
"f many of his own people. I hope
lor tho remainder of the time that we
ate engaged in a personal political
'""flirt, th.(t ,,e w.jH M ,t )ip follj;nt
"Ml in the fields of politics and let us
'''vote our tlmo here to discussion of
'"''lie business without injecting into
imr personal differences."
Applause from the floor, followed,
ncn Mr. Hobson declared that the
m,"111 lssu nad 1'cuome a national
in u"i"l: that th "'"""''"I iM"r
Alabama was such that "the Iii,uor
'rests n one side and the moral
" on the other had made It a mi
""""1 iniestion."
t'n ... . 1. . .
iad I at,enUH had been
tin, 5 the Cnair t0 restrain the en
tl Tm f the eulleries. packed with
anil i" U t,,p invention of the
sal,,n league and the Woman's
per cent i
bonds of the Appalachian Tower com- I
puny, was refused payment of interest j
due on tlie bonds because she had not ;
filed the certificate of. ownership'
which the hunk claims Is required by
the income tax law. Her suit Is for j
Interest and damages In the sum of
$1,0110. j
W. Ilourke Cockran, of counsel for : ,.
the plaintiff, will file an appeal three j
weeks hense, upon his return from a;ConffiSSpH Shvfif fif Annn A 1 1 -
, ... ... ,,. , i - '-'J- , IIIIIII.I
ftl" r ri tii r n -w n
nuLu in ii l u
vacation in Europe
Today's proceedings were brief.
Miss DeWolfe sued -the Continental
and Commercial Trust and Savings
bank for Interest on bonds, which in
terest the bank withheld because she
had not filed a certificate of owner
ship as required by the Income tax
law. Levy Mayer, for the bank, de
murred to the effect that the I'nlted i the
States district court did not have
Jurisdiction. It was a matter of con
tract, he said, between plaintiff and
defendant, and should be adjudicated
in the courts of Cook county.
fay Monsisa journal iiiiiiii liiiip wmti
Washington, Dec. 11. ('resident
Wilson stayed indoors 'today, fighting
a cold, and cancelled all of Ills en
gagements by order of his physician.
The president's Indlsposlt ion started
a week ago, with a cold In the head
and nose, and extended to his throat,
lie Improved by staying in bed several
days last week. but. during the last
(day or two took a Utile more cold,
wm.-ri ullei-ted his voice.
.No engagements will be made for
the president for earlier than Mon
day and those which have already
; been mail.- w '11 be cancelled. While
the president was reported not at all
j uncomfortable, his physician ha's de
;terrnincd to guard against any ex
iposure for the next few days.
i Mexico City, Dec. It
i t hut the federals had l ei
town of Torreoil, situated
iler line ol the states of
;Durango, ,-,.s supported by liene
; Velusoo's official report, received to
day at the war d. partinelil.
j (lencral Velasco sajs he retook
I Tori eon on December H, after eight
i The rebel losses are given -is 41111
ien killed. The federal casualties ,.rc
not staled.
! others, to dissolve the purchases of
'independent companies In the west
I'l'lio suit was brought 111 Portland.
I ' 1 ., and hearings have been held In
j Baltimore, l'hiladclphlii anil other
j Through D. A. Key nobis, who for
iiiany years lias been Interested In
!the 01 ganizatlon and operatl f hi-
j dependent telephone companies
throughout the country. C. J. Smyth,
'special assistant iillo.oev L'.-neri.t
""'"""''sought to show results of competition
1 In Michigan. In scleral western
stales and In New York stale, where
the witness has engaged In the tele
phone business.
j Mr. Reynolds declared that lude
sturyi pendent comliiinli's hud nlw,n I, ,.,.11
upiureil Hie
on the bor-
iti Tui:
AMFIill AX III I I) As My !
lil l Ii si-;ii u i!i;ii ,s
Isuceessfiil, except In a few cases I
! W here Ihi'V le.ee lieen 1 1 ,, 1 ,, 1 1 1 !
Coahuilii und 1 ,..,,., , i,,,,.,,,,.... .,.!,,.
the liidc,i-ndenls have been liougbl ,
out by the 1 ; -1 1 slem, pointing to
Albany, N. Y., where be said the de
fendant company obtained control of!
competing lines, und recalled that re- j
eenlly ,hc business on 11 of that cllyj
had laiiiiplaineil to the public service I
1 onimission regarding the service. j
"Do ion know anything that wlllj
take the place of competition III pro-
iluoitig clficicney in telephone Herv-
11. aklng progress In their attack oif
lamplco and that Americans an'l
eleven other foreigner had been re
moved to a neiltrnl Zone for protec
lion. Thus far no foielgner hn
been Injured.
The dispatches say the non-coinbat
ants have been concentrated at a point
near the water front where they nro
under the protection of the guns of
(lie scout cruiser Chester, und till
gunboats Wheeling and Tncomn. 'fhn
Imttlfshipft lUiode Island and Michi
gan are finiher out.
DlPlomiitlt ally there was no devel
opment of any kind In the Mexican
situation. It became known that thu
movement of llrltisli vessels from tlm
West Indies to Mexican waters was in
accord with previous Intention of the
state deptt rl uo-nt.
Secretary Harrison, when asked by
I members of the house committee on
nillitary al'falis, about alleged d incut
Isfai'tlnii of Aineiii an troops stationed
at Texas City, on the Mexican horde",
said It would be im possible to move
Ihe camp frmii (hat point now as It
might lead to a in isluterpi elation of
the administration s plans.
The navy department received th
following wireless dispatch tonight
from Hear Admiral Helchcr, sent
from Tumpico at 10 a. 111. today:
"l-'irlng was continued during the
night, but (here was no change In
the situation this morning. "
I'OCI K.M ItS I .11 1 1 1 I)
in riiisT iu -s nun r
Douglas, Ariz,., Dec 11, ATler ho
ling held prisoner for mole than five
I hours on the charge that In- was a
lledi'ial spy, A. Aionwalil. an Aineri-
ice ;
"I do
not think that anything can
do It," the witness replied,
if Ihe public Sel l Ice coiimils-
lly wanted to do It, they
lie slept
muller Makes Tearful Pleaj,Jt,,TS,,l,';;!;,1y,
on Knees before rarent He ith' u,iv "ftci-noon. h,. was reported
r n t tin !l" '"' resting 1: I'ortably and feeling
Unce Refused to Recognize, jmm-h better tonight.
, , While the president denied
to visitors, Secretary Tumulty
wTirvjrt,,ruLi',,;:"i,,!i,,i"' t ? executive'
New York, Dei-. II. Hays Schmidt, , , ,
,.,. II, on ,.,-l.. I r.. .u..l'""""h ')"- " DIBIT
Cm citizen, was released from the
cuarter, lie Was under guard and Col
onel ( 'alios told him be w as accused
of ghing the federals informal Ion
aininiiniili.il shipments to
w liii h had been seized,
in 1 concerning
111 j the rebels.
Washington, Dec. 11. War de
partment orders today relieved Hrign
dler Oeneral John J. I'ershing" from
command of the district of Mindanao. ! and
for the
murder. of Anna Auinullcr, fell on Ills
knees this afternoon in District At
torney Whitman's office, kissed the
hand of his aged father, w ho h is conn,
all the way from (lermariy to try to
save him from the electric chair, and
In a flood of tears begged his for
glveiie.'S. This morning Schmidt re
insert to recognize his father.
Mrs. Klizabeth Schaddler, Schmidt's
sister, who made the trip from tb-r-many
with her father, was present at
the meeting. Schmidt embraced her
affectionately. For half an hour she
her fathertried to sool he the
had a
C. Sld-omuiit-.
j The prisoner denied the charges
but was held Inemnitiunloailo until his
I wife rosso.l the border from Douglas
11 lid pleaded his case.
Hi 1 I ;i:ks at
I ItOM I it cm ,
livafi, democratic national
teenian of Illinois; Thomas
democratic slate chairman of .Mas
sachusetts, and W. J, Connors, of
lluffalo, former New York slate
chairman, who earn.- to talk politics
of their respei tit e stales.
( ;.'ivcston,
board, the
l-'ra liken w a Ik
Tex.. Dec, l. With
Ameiliiin refugees mi
Hamburg-American Hp, r
, arrived in port
from Vera Cruz.
in the I'hilipplnes, where he has
served as military governor, tieneral
I'ershing was directed to proceed to
San Francisco to await further orders.
No military commander will be as
signed to succeed him in Mindanao.
Brigadier Ceneral KM D. Hoyle,
now in Manila, was assigned today to
command of the district of Luzon,
prisoner but he refused to be com
forted and was still weeping when led
buck to his cell.
All the state's witnesses, except
alienists, have testified, and Schmidt's
trial was halted In mid-afternoon to
day until tomorrow to permit the dis
trict attorney to confer with the
alienists before putting them on the
j stand.
tilrl Siiimmio:; I'ri-m Ocean to Ocean,
Colon, Dee. 11 -Miss Klalne (lidd
ing, of llatliheuch, N. V., who hopes
to swim the Panama canal from the
Atlantic to tho Pacific started this
morning from Ihe five mile I y
over Crlslo'.ial and reached the lower
hick at (latiili early in the afternomi.
She will loiitinuu her swim a 1 loss
(iatuii lake t.j tbiinboa tomorrow.
,i;m:k i.
itv 11
1)1 it i.s
AT ,
. Do
Official Seriously Wounded by Striker
Dublin, Dec. I 1. - John llollwei,
vice chairman of the port and docks
board, was seriously Injured today bv
u at ray bullet fired by a carter who
was being assailed by the strikers.
He was wounded In the forehead.
1 ternmsiiio, Sonora. Dec I 1 - ,
general mutiny among the two thou
sand or moie federal troops defend
ing (luaymas Is threatening, accord
ing' to report reaching the Insurgent
hues. It was reported today that
three federal soldiers arrived at the
insurgent base above Huaymas, with
news of the 'evecnllon of federal of
ficers to prevent their desertion to
the const II ut imiallst side.
The refugees, who brought arms
and ammunition with them, said that
First Lieutenant (instil and Second
Lieutenant Manzona were executed
aa an example to other federal offi-
Isloll act 11
I coll lllll't."
I Illustrating this point, air. lt.-y-nobis
referred to the sworn state
ment of the auditor of the Now York
Toloph company, which stales that
the capital per telephone amounted to
J CI 1. I'll, and thai while paying eight
per cent on the capital stm k, tin y
cannot reduce rales without Infringe
ment on their securities.
Counsel for tin American Telcplpine
and Telcgiaph company caused the
witness to tell In detail of his con
nection wllii Ihe Croat Kastern Tele
phone coin, any, the hohMig company
of two paper corporations, which
contend that they hold franchises for
the opeiallon of telephone systems 111
Hrealer N.-w York. Mr. I!e nobis
(old of th" fu-ht of Hie Itell sysieni
made against his companies In llrook-
lln some ea IS .-leo uhi'ii llie Veil
I M Si Vcirk V Kastern company established
a central office and put up pubs and
wiles, which later weie .hopped down
ny the I '.ell company. lie also went
Into detail al'. nit Hie litigation which
Is still pending between Ihe Hell sys
tem and bis companies, which stlil
claim the rlglil to operate telephone,
lilies In Ibis city.
I Vera Cruz. lee. I I. -The American
I consul at Tiinipii o. Clarence A. Miller,
ire, lolls, by wheless thai no Americans
ut' other foreigners were injured In
, the first day's fighting between the
federals and lebels. He .spiesscs re
jgiet that no essel is now available
jut Tumpico for the reception of Ami"'
I lean refugees other than the warships,
jlhe Hrillsh anil Ccrniuns being mote
! foil luiiile In having lilci.liiipt vessels
j under their Hags in port. The con
sul requests authority from the statu
iiepailment 10 charter a vessel.
111 1 iii tMtivn itiii.n
Hot IMI From Homing Hotel
SI Louis, 1 ice. II- Charles
Wheelhoii, of Arcadia. Mo., made a
hot exit from a local hotel today,
after an alarm of fire had lieen given.
He attempted to slide down u hot
smokestack, '.ending from the boiler
Mexico City, Dec. 11 Tile knowl
edge that Tampion was In danger of
falling Into rebel hands did not ap
pear lo disturb President Huerta, He
jwns the guest of honor nt a banquet
lloday ul Tai ubaya, a suburb, to cele
brate the Inaug 111 at Ion of the Inter
im ban railroad lieneral Huerta cer
itainlv gaie Ihe Impression tlmt he
was not tiniilded liy the possible out
come of events nt the pint.
According- to h priinie message,
fighting was In prnree this after
noon at Tainplcn, ihe rebels being In
possession of the freight yards at
Dona Cecelia, between Tnmptco and
the coast, from which point the fed
erals had been forced hack Into the
city, official messages Indicated that
the filler. ils would be 11 hie to resist
the attack, but the same note of op
timism was lacking in the few priviita
messages received here.
The anxiety Celt In the capita! on
account of the foreigner at Tampleo
has been allayed by the Information
that many of them have beco, taken

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