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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, February 21, 1914, Image 7

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SL-ch Is Case Wit
and Old Lace,"
Appeared in Book Form Ten
Years Ago,
A hit l'V " novelist Is followed nl
ti,st itiva riiitMV hy eonvors.on of the
.-toi-y liil" " I'liiy. Witness tlio grout
ninncc "f "l"' Kellers" which have
found Iht'ir way to the stage. Some
hive eonie forth hk very bud plays,
,,,'ime JiiKt "t'"t l:y." while others were
niiie iigroeablo. Jinny of them were
anil lire grout money-makers. "Dr.i
inutlc rights reserved " Is a line the
Dahlias author lakes ( '.up 1h cor.spk'
t.nusly shown in his book.
"Liven h r it ml old Lace," ii ii 1 1 1 it 1 1 1 1
giu-cess In fi''ll "f American story
viritii'1- l,,lfi been mi exception to t h-
ruic f hurrying u popular novel to
the s!b.'. 11 whm written more than
yean; ago nnd h;is had forty print -inih,
1'iit nt i'it i 1 this season bus it
;,!i ;;ic l in piny form. The reason Is
'lii-.MNil'lv not hard to find. The lyric al
June in Myrtle Heed's hooks, their dcl
, it'iy i'f i ittnic lit and exuuisilo rc
!'.; nimt. intrnnie her thousands of
Millers, but cave the playwright, d"--pair.
Dcsp air at any rate to the
ilr.i matin wh: wnt'ild give to the Hinge
n Mvrtle 1!' I'd story in all its airy
freshness, ilarily and optimism, who
10 u' I In oilier words, do the incnuirv
r )M cil't"d woman justice. David
11 Fischer, w ho draniat ized "Lnvcn
,l, r oral ' 'Id l.ace.i' worked on It for
nnniliA '!r bus reserved all the
dura cis in the play. Mary Ainslcc
.';ir,e llalhawi-y, Tail and Knih, H.p
:(.'. Joe and Captain Fall, all appear
i. t':e fl( .-h, lo the delight i f those
I'.'tin loans upon evi ry word i f the
.iiisiiwl Riot y.
'I he noiv I oi k piny will lie seen at
the l.'lss theater, tonight, under the
irei-th n "f the Fnited l'lay Co., Inc.,
iv i ill
arah ruiltli'.l and a ast oT un
i:;;i e Hence.
or tourists:
it of Association Re-'
eeives Reports of Condition
of Transcontinental Hi;,h-,
way isi Two States, J
Tiic ( '('-a n-to-( iee;i n highway In New
Mixi;o ,'inl Aik'.nna ia ready for the
.mrni.il tide of Irans'-ont ineiita I nlilo
niiiiiilo traffic, Mayor 1 . K. II, Scl
iii, iM'. ; id-ist ( f (he O. caii-to-Occan
JS'ii;i:;tiiiii, ,i ;j tioui'ccd yesterday.
Til,. 'i's; rn cud of the route also
I'l'iii'iilily Is ready, but the president
is yet has received no notification
tiuin the loiiilnii n of that div ision.
A Filer from Cusiave Hecker. of
I 'lrinm i". iie, Arix., !- ived by the
n:3iur yesti -rday. lanied the infor
"1 't o:i that the r.s'd from that place,
I'v way of FlaL'.H'aff, to Ash Folk, Iris
!'i'n i.verhauled and that It now is in
I' Ui r coiidiiicn than it waa last
il'nr.i,'. The road from Ash Fork to
I'hwr.ix, .,s.(, ..iM been improved. To
's the mayor added the annoiinee
m,nt that the road from A Uniipterij'ie
i''liir.i;ervlil is in e.xri Hi nt rondl
ti"ti. Toui'i-ls l Apis lcd Soon.
Word reached ihe mayor yesterday
ii:it th lirst 1'ai Ific-I'ound nutonio
".'".' of Hi" soason had reached Santa
'"'o'd that the tourists would arrive
:" .M!-iiiiicniic soon. This party, he
lli.e:, will form the va tin mi I'd of a
r' at. r lo-'d of tralfii' th in drove
"""r Hie Oceaii-lo-l a ea n route in any
I'tn.miH year. The linpioved coiuli
' 'l ef (bo liitbwavs ill New Mexico
"'"I Aiizoua, the widisl read adver
''i nioii the nolle ahd the fact
'i.'Mhe lioi tlli'l'll i 1'i'SS country j'i"l(ry
"'" still closed on account of winter.
;,:v.ill work toward the diversion of
!'"' ',nlv traffic over the Ooeau-to-
'-:--n n ad.
Tno mayor already has received In
" ' from three parlies of prospec
" teiivlsts, a skim; about the roada
"' -'w Mi xici and Aiizonn, one
from Kansas City and the other
!lf' fii'in Colorado Springs. Colo, lie
'sfft r, , tbeir liuiuii ies, and i llclosed
''''' h tleis data fuvnished by. the
"oi-lo-(.iV'oan nssociation and com
,"'' organizations of citieK of the
''j s:.'it,.s. I
sick Headache.
Tn . Is usually caused bv a disor
:"r of the vtoniioh. Take a Rood
"f l'hitmler!ain,a Tablets nnd tn.
""rraw vmi will feel all right. For
' " i'V all con lorn.
free Receipt for Weak Men
nllcman Will Send It Confidantially, Free and Sealed,
Every Weak and Unable Man Who Writes for It.
c .
. -, . .
Only Semblance of Life
Movement of Shares
Is in
Speculative Following
nd Usually Unimportant,
New York, Fob. 20. The only
semblance of life I" the stock market
today was derived from the move
ments of shares with a soiad specti
laUe fi llowlnir which ordinarily play
on unimportant part in the dealings,
These shocks moved irreK iilarly, re
flectliiK" no Reneial tendency. The
Oa's transiictions were the smallest
of the year.
Kumeiy shares K.ive Way sharply,
the inferred breakinq 5 points; Hock
Island ci mmon nt 5 and the pre
ferred at W'n, reached the lowest
points nt which these Issues ever sold.
Central Leather developed heaviness
follow inj' pnbUcatlon of its ;'iuuial
report, which revealed a decrease of
$l,4ii6,omi In .total income. J. 1. Case
preferred made tip 5 points of its re-
rent drcliiie. American Ice continued
to advance, and the electric storks
made a Kood sliowlnir. Oeiura! Motors,
utter Hi', recent spectacular rise, flue-
United rrrath all. , rlosiiiK with a loss
of about 2 points.
Forecast of the bank statement
called tor an Increase in rash hold
Iiiuk if $l,r,00,ooi). The laiKe total of
new tioauclnt; by the railroads with
in the last few days was Increased by
the sale of southern Hallway of $111,
000,000 of 5 per cent three-year notes
and $'i, 000. 000 of ten-year equipment
trust notes. Closing prices were:
A lllalnainateil Cupper "j's
Aiiniicaa Aai'lrultuial 54
Ano'llcan lleet Sural' 2!!
American Can H 1 's
Anurican Can pfd !'2 'j
American Cur ,t Foundry 61
Ameiican Cotton (Ml H
American Ice Securities 30?t
Americ an Linseed 10 '4
American Locomotive Si
Amcr. S.meltiiiK A Hefininr, .... ON1
Amer. SmeltliiK ,t KcfinitiK pfd. 102
;tl i,s
61 a
10 '4
105 1 a
2 4 K
".pi 7
123 ii,
1 :t if,
1 :ifi '..
A naeonda
SunTir Kefinlnff
Tel. .V- Tel
Milling Co
Atchison, pfd
Atlantic Const Line
I'altimore V Ohio
I'.etliuhem Steel
Hiooklvn Hapid Transit
'anadiati l'acil'ic
'intral leather
Chesa eaki; - Ohio
Chicago Hreat Western
Chiiimo, Mil. il- St. Haul
Chicago K- North .Western ....
China Copper
Colorado Fuel At Iron
Ccnsolid.iti'il (las
Corn Products
Helaware Hudson
1 1 icnvcr A- liio I rn rale
I I leaver it i.'lo I iiande pfd
I I Hstillers' Securities
File 1st pl'l
Krie 2nd pfd
( : neral Kb ctric
.droit Northern pfd
Hreat Northern Ore Cits
Illinois Central
InterboroUklh-Mct. pfd
i I ntcr 1 larvestcr
Inter-Marine pfd
International I'npcr
International l'tinii
Kansas City Southern
Laclede lias
Lehiuh Valley
Louisville At Nashville
.Minn., St. t & Sault St. M . . . .
Missouri, Kansas fc Texas
Mis-ouri I'nelflc
National llis-iilt '
National Lead
Natl Hvs. of Mexico 2nd pfd..
New Vol k Central,
N. V., N. II. A.- II
New York, out. Western ...
Norfolk i Western
North American
Northern I'acllic
Pacific .Mail ,
Pennsv Ivania '
I'eoplcs (las !
I 'ill.' bin yh, C. C. ,v St. Loui.s . .
Pittsburgh Coal
Pri ssi , Mi el Car
Pullman Palace i'nr 1
Hav Cons. Copper
K. a.loi ' I
Hi public Iron A: Sleel
Hepublic Iron ,x- Sleel pfd
Hock Island C
Hock Island Co. pfd ,
St. Louis San Fran 2nd pfd.
Seaboard Air Line
r'eaboard Air Line pfd
Sloss Sheffield Sleel Ai Iron..
Southern Pacific
Southern Railway
Southern Hallway pfd
TeiiiKssep Copper
Texas tic Pacific
I'nlon Pacific . . 1
I'nion Pacific pfd
Failed Slates Healty
Fulled States Rubber ,,,
Failed States Steel
fluted States Sleel pfd 1
1'tall Copper
Virginia Carolina Chemical ....
47 V,
tfi hue In our p'-flmii'll A prf-irrlptlo-fnr
nerviam dptiliity, luck of vlieir. n-pakrtiipit
mitnhnnd. fftiltiu? mMiiery ftrat lame bin'k.
tin, unlit en ly Prpf, uiiriHluritl lit-silm of
file fi-liii'ii ef yi.ulli, tltst him ciil'p.l so muni
vvnrn anil rn-rvnui. m.-n right tn their owd
iiome- -wp.heut any adibt li-nitl help or nici
loirio tlmt Ha think rvory man who wIfIi-
to r.uiiin t,ln mmily pew.r ami vli'llliy
'tunkiv aril fiilptiy. -heiild hitva h c.pv. Ha.
-e ha vi drier mined t., ncnii a 0"iy of lh
lrMjri,i.,n, frr- of ctmio tn a plain, ordo
rtarv ln'Kioil -nvel"It, tu any muii w ho iflU
"run u far It.
Th!. T't''''lpten e,-
tr. m a phv.U'lan
ho ha man- a .twin!
t't-iy i-f tiit.ii. and
. t'ertvinei-.l II !n
,-tmhi,uU..ti f.vr Hip eurf
tho 'I'-nM-li-IIni
of ili-b. bait mn-
ho--d mS v'gnr-taiiure t-vT eii
Vt' think w owe it t,i t,.,r frlli
Tn.n lo
.nil thwnt a oepy ni i-uiitnii-ni'. a,, th.il
rf man. anyivliHi. who n t.t:.M oi,d tlm
can' i. it') Willi roiiciilvil fntitir.f nuiy hot
iruisiooii lilniRplf wnh hurinf'i! cao hi rntdi
iine. . ouie what wa hodove 1. the otii, k
M-a-tinc. reeloratlv. ip)inii4ir., SI'Ul
I'Ol'ClllMl ramrOr tver dvi.cil, anil, o
u. hlmtsif at hum tuietly an.1 uuirNiv
I,,, i -ir,,r uf lino l'h th'.- tn'ri.t.'F
tt.uii-.lv Co., l.-ll (lomlyi-lir PltlK.. lVtl.-ll.
Mali, rtna hi will a..r, ten u .-..m of tine
.!ft"ll.l t,-,i,i in a I'lion, i.liinr ,.i.-,t
nvtth-ijn, lite of thaiKe.
Tell It Through
$3,50030 acres of good land, mostly
In alfalfa; 4-ioom iidobo house; 81a
nilleg north of town; $1,000 cusli,
bnlanco 8 per cent.
$2,000 u-rooin franie, modern, good
outbuildings, lot 00x142; 4th ward,
easy terms.
$2,100 B-room frame, modern; South
Rrondvvay, close in; $ 1,100 cash,
bnlanco 8 per rent.
$2,360 5-room brick, modern, large
porches, 4th ward, near tar line.
$3.000 G-roum brick, modern, 2
sleeping porches, lot 70x142, 4th
$2,600 5-room brick, modern, W.
Coal Ave., close in.
$2,760 5.-room brick, modern, law
basement, corner lot, east front.
Highlands, close in; easy term.
$2,000 6-room frame, modern. High
lands, close In; easy terms.
$1,6011 4 3-4 acre ot good lnd
mostly in alfalfa, some fruit, good
adoba houe, close In, neor sow mill
Money to Ixiiin Tiro Insurance.
111 South Fourth Street.
Hume 67 1. Neit to l'ostoffte.
W'alinsh, pfd
! Western Maryland ..
I Western I'iiIipii
I V.'eslinnhoiise i:iei trh
j Wlna linx A; Lake i;, i
4 h
Total sales for tho day 1DS.700
shares. ,
'I lie bond market was iiiiet.
ChaiiKcs were unimportant except In
the case of Itock Island issues, which
advanced sharply.
Total sales of bonds, pur value,
$2, Mia, iioo.
I'liltcd States bonds were unchang
ed on call.
A m ili-'Jinated Copper .
lAm'n. lac Lead Sin.
I Arizona Conimciu'ial .,,
;Calumet A.- Arizona . . . .'
'Calumet ,v llecla
Copper Ranno Con. Co.
I'-ast liuttc Cop. Mine .
,iI:inby Consolidated ..
tircone C.manei
ilsle Hojalle (Copper) .
Kerr Lake
I Lake Copper
i La Salle Copper
: Miami Copper
M "ha vv k
INevi'da Ci'Usolldatcd ..
1 .i)iissinv; M incs
North Unite
Ninth Lake
"'v' I'emlnioii
' isceola ... i
Sha nnon
, 6
17 'i
. i; v.
. ll'.i'H
"' 1.
4a U
5 -1
' 1.,
8 2
II Ii 'a
7 '
31 'i
2 "
' 4j
.(2 i superior
;i2!, Superior Ac Hoslou
j -j :i Taniaraek
1 ! c I ', S. Sill. Rcf. Ai
' F. S. Sm. Iter. K
1 5 j Ftah Consolidated
2U Ftah Copper Co.
in . 1 W'lnoua . . .
.10 j Wolverine
, . i . .
uiicA(;o poiti or 1 itiii:.
j Chicago. Feb. 20. Revival of ex-
;port demand had a slrenKthenlm; In
fluence today on wheat. Fxcept for
'an occasional slight lapse, Hie market
jwas higher throiiK'hout the day, ami
'closed steady with a net nain of a ,
shade. Col 11 lini.sh.-d 'i 'n "n to 'VhC up,
and oats at an advance of I 'n lo !
1'ic, hut provisions, 21;. to 7c. Hull-I
,ish cables made holdeis of wheat j
:eonfideiit from the outset that foreign :
Mniyliirf would be in orib r. The belief
Iwas soon Justified by announcement
Itbat some business for Kurope was
ibeiim' done In the southwest 1'ioni In
'terior points by way of the (iiilf. Ha
lter, the tact dev. loped that liberal
;sahs had been brounht about here to
xpiiiteiM for shipment to the Allan-
jtie sealioaid. Iioineslie wcalher atnl j
aiop 1 oi.iiilioiis almost w II bout libin- j
ish, formed tin- chief obstacle to a
! iii.ii decided upturn 111 the wheat.
j market. The roliti.isl in thU respect
Iwitll other ('nullifies Was qU'le U II -1
usual, Russia and France reportini;
I winter killing, India rains, which
Ispoibd the harvest, and Australia
' foi clioilini'i of troii'd" fiom drouaht.
. oiii d"V"loici 1 n ,1 1 iiilciil 1 1 1 in -'in
ss on .i- count of hi tier shipping di -'maiiil,
alllutOKh the im provi mcul was 1
louly nlii,ht. Thei" wa.v one Instance, I
'however, in which the buyer a.,kcd 1
U.i have sliipui. ills rushed. owm is
ealleil attention to the iliininishiiiK of
irecelpls here, to the scaiilniess ol the
.eastern tun ply and to the continued
'absence of any Kcneroux arrivals
i from Arerntlnn. There was evlilenee
'of a good call for oats. The principal
I buyers' were elevator companies
1 thought to be removlnir hedge on
.eonsiiinmeut for the cast.
Packers unloaded provisions. Re
'suiting weakness, however, was to
jsome extent offset hy the effect of the
I bulge 111 corn. Closing prices were:
Whi'at Mav, ',14'i.e; July, XD-Se,
Cora- May, ?c; July, fv.
(iits---Mny. 40i,c; July, 3!c,
Pork- May, $2I.B2V,.
Lard Mav, $ 1 0.77V.; July. $10.0"..
Ribs May, $11.60; July, $11.621..
1)1 X'S WI.LKI.Y ltl-.VILW.
New York, Feb.
2d. Dun's
leW tolilul'l uiV, V. Ill .i ;
I Weather conditions were im im
jportant factor in the business situa
tion this week, Recent storms Imped
ed railroad traffic and retarded the
I distribution of nierchamll"", In re
gard to rertaln lines of trade benefit
led by the heavy unowfall ami S"'t'
temperaturi s. There w as a notaine
increase In the mnvement "f foot
wear nnd heavy weight apparel, w Idle
fuel was In greater demand.
Sentiment ill commercial and In
dustrial channels remains optimistic
nod evidence of Improving
Hons accumulate. k
Till; MLTAL M tltlil'TS.
New Yolk. Feb. 20. The New York
'metal markets today rlusol ns fol
. lows:
i Copper, iionilnal; siandard spot and
.Mi,rch, $13.76''i I I 37 1
I Tm. weak; " , ' -7.25;
Mav, t:,x;,r 2-..
lion, steady and unchanged,
ii:.r a xi) m'Li.tlu MAituins,
St. I.miis, Feb. 20. The St. Linn
lead and spelter markets today
as follows:
Lead, nominal, 'JO..
Spelter, dull. $6.3(1.
C'lilragn l.hestnoli.
I'lllcagil, Feh. CD - 1'ullle --jteei -Ipll
,000; market steady. Reeves, $7,HHr
ournal Classified Columns
Look at This One
Four room modern hrick, east front,
fiO-foot lot; an extra gnod house In
tho best of locations. The owner
has left town und the place must be
Make us an offer,
216 West Geld
Alfalfa to This
A nice little ranch of ten acres, dose
to city, on main ditch and the best
of lieli'.hhoi's. A fine piece of land
with S acres in alfalfa, owner forced
to leave city and will sui rifico for
Money to Loan.
Thaxton & Co.
anil Loanii,
Ml V
9.(15; T( x.is Mi c
em steers, $i!.Mi
feeders, ."i.MKa '
crs. JIl.TO 'e S.foi;
s, $i;.:ni';i s.on; cst-
'I 7 . S 5 ; M 1'i'kei s a in!
.0(1; cows anil heil
ca K'cs, f 7.a0 a 1 il 7 '.
slow, 1H
lieocipts 2,,'oimi; niaiket
c tmdi r yesterday ' averaue.
$S.t.;.f.i MtS; llsht. $S.45'.i S.7U;
mixed, $k.451i S.70; heavy,
S.7U; iouv.li, $s.;',,')r'n s.4; pms
Sh'-ep 11 ipts 1 I, noil;
(I a
w S'.l I I
Nil a 7.2.1
steady. Nativ e, 4.S."i M'i.2 a ;
I $ l.yiiiji ti.2."i; ycai liiH'
lambs, native, Jli.HOlt
Vi.Sio 'ii 7.'.in.
Kansas City l.lvrsincU.
Kansas City, Fell. 20. Catllc lle
celpis 4UH; market steady. I'liine fed
Steers, JH.tiOfa !l.2,"; dressed lieef
steers, $7.2."i(il S.40; Western ulcers.
$7.00( 8.35; southern steers, ii.7,V.r
7.76; cows, $ 4.-HI ii.' 7.60 ; heifers. $ii.7i'
Ot 9.00; lUcckei'S and feeders, Jli.IKi o
7.116; bulls, JG.tiO ffi 7.50; calves, $11,611
('i 10.60.
links Hecelpls 4.000; market 6c
lower. Hulk, $ S.4 0 'u 8. HO; heavy, $s.6()
lie 8.06; puckers and butchers, $K.4fi1i
S.H0; light, IK.nrili 8.5; lib'.s, $7.6iir
Sheep Receipts- 4,inn; niarkit
steady to Hie higher. Ijimbs. JT.od'ir
7 . S 5 ; veai'linus, fii.Oa i 0. 7 6 ; wethers.
$6.26'.i 6.IHI; ewes, $ 1.80 1 6. 60.
WANT HI ' 'I on Ik hi,
lenders. Summer
1 xtra
WAXTFIi -At once, first - lass trim
mer and maker. Apply Rart,lcy Mil-
'inll!Z' 312 W. Central.
WANT F.I - Fidel Iv 'W1H11.111 house
keeper on ranch near city. Three
persons. Address Ranch, care .loiirnnt
WANTED Salesmen.
WANTKO Fxperlciiced salesinan
capable of s1 lllnir cloth lints and
caps as side line. Liberal commis
sion. Model lint Al- Cap Mfg. Co., St.
Joseph, Mo,
WANTED Agents.
WA.NTFI I Agents tn Im
iiuincv - ma li ie propo
bel ,v t en 2 a lui 4 p. In. 'X"l
mile lift.-, ii
Itlolis. Call
1-2 S. A run.
WANTED Miscellaneous.
CAltPKl" CLKANLNt, furiiiuue uud
stove repalrlrid. W. A. doff. l'hone
6 fi)i
VV AM e puy old
ver jewell'V. HeimelCs,
W A'.N T iTT Lai e e iiriT7
l iuudcird. 1 i.'i i H. i
.iitl and su
I 16 s. 2nd.
lis e
,N C. V
lot-. II. F.
hcaithv I li"i iiughbi
e LlKllOlll ll-'llS or pill -
illurnss, si 4 W. limiiii.
W A NTK I i 'I he heavy
- -
diseased lunus for chemistry ttsts
FRKH. Hr. Rre'.vliif-ton's Laboratory,
Imineln, Colo.
WNTF.I Rentcis ToT Irrigat.-'t I
farms, near St. Johns, Ariz. Rich
soli and ample water from the I.yiuait
reservoir. Seed will ho furnished to
responsible parlies. The Lyman Land
Company, 212 Colorado Hldg., Heaver,
WANTED Positions.
W A.N'TKD Housework or work
Hi" .lay or hour. 1 j. 1. Journal.
K.N i'K I! I FNCKI i primer trees and
vines. N. W. I;,ggii,, ...3 i-2 ...
S" .""I Si
WAN TI'.D Lady of refinement vvuulo
like position :x:: hou'ehecper In
honorable wldo'.vci'a home. Aiblr"s
1C. o. 16, Journal.
w A vi !',!' ( i-i-B.-nti n mt re i
work, also crating and uncrating
furniture. 25 (cuts per hour. I'hon
1 ti4 3.
elale pile.
Phone 3", 4
Wa.VTKIi- I'osiiion by expert slenng.
rapher and book keeper; reliable, ex
perienced. A-No.-I lel'erctices. Will
work for potniiril salary. J, !: earn
Journal. Phone 1 237.1.
iFoll HKNT Ootid
I No. 316 W. Lf-id
for ll lllolliohll.j ol II
jon l'ieiiiHc,
barn lu imir ut
ver.tie; snltiible
,iii.H. He owner
B?Jw lo kmn Lot Sjksma
SMmtts) Conpary 4j 1 P
Boy I2R ttxirnn Art
f7.ri7,7 !,','" ,i r.T. FOR SAI.K S nm-r towing urn lii:,
We . L' o'l w k at n I v.'i.l. iii-.t.ir attachment. S. II . he.,,.. ! I' OH SALKv - first-cl.,-.. bakery.
,. u.i ' woo, at mini- v-,i,,r rompletn, and with Hook nnd tlx-
s, let us l.gurr ml your Job, j "'' ; '' - , tur.-s, Itnatod rer,lr:illv In a prosper-
I ' WA'1' 11 'A '''"' ous city o New Mexico. P, -p-e 1 ea..n- ,
' -T '. " IS 'I,, v-tl .- !,,- lu rt, I.I I A IX! s! I.'I Iwmc.iIo.I'I LO.o.lu mill hi, I- '
j WANTKD Hot. in will, si.. pinK pot . Ii j f , , j. SA, .iCe-np ietP furnituVo and ' "iftOTIIIlin CTIIMn '
by two vonng imn eii.pb.yt d, inn; f,,nd;.hmt of a 4-loui house. Cn! LUo I AMJ rUUiIU.
si. k. Address P. o. Unit "J. ; after 10 n i.i at Mil N. fixlli St, , vwvv,vv,aaiwwvwwv , West bound
I uaiiTr'V"' ' I ' H SAI.f: C i-v t"U buggv an.) ' ' " A roll ot ,-ho.t st.iv i.....i ; Arrive
WANTED Boarders. . h.-.r,.,.. i.,e.. .efrmerat..,- ' -i..i,m "ci.ts. i:.'t...i. t... 2m s a......
i i.x 1 r.u i.uin iio.ti.ieis. in .'. 1' ..''.,'' 1 ,.' . ,1,1 iu.'Ii T'oCND Strayeo' on my premises, 211:30 n. in
": ''-".in, ,.:rrr ;77.' ; ,, " .; rrr; TT. ".."7".'. Ii"lfer calves. Parties owning nif :
clefftl; ; f-rri. ----'--:.-- ', "' ' :,. .' ' , ... can prove brnurt nil 1h v expenses.1 1:00
Vi. iJi-rri riiM ii'M, i : noun nu'Mi nun- - - .
'TolTiur ",r d"-'-'"' PERSONAL. I
-l ..iti.... I, 111.10 lll.ri, l.l.l '12S2-W. ivwinni,.
.T, 14. Newell !
lUXfiAlow ni;t;!N
New, modern, 4 -room anil (rlass
porch, corner eii-d front, $.',U00,
l-'otir hiuulied will handle this.
John M. Moore Realty Co,
FirB Instirunee. Loans. Kentala.
Four-nioin, modern frame dwel
ling; ihiclicn house, iow and hay
tarn and other buildings; fiisl
class locution. Lot rc.ixi'OO feet.
On Acoiiula; annual water lent,
$1.L'. (looil well, ci!y water and
sewer. Fruit trees, ari vines.
Owner leavimt city. V. Hi trade for
small ranch or sell on di foiled
payments like lent.
Address ( i. IV, ltOX f.2 I, CITY.
FOR RENT -Rooms.
I FOR RHNT Furnished rooms;
I em, no sick Aply 61'8'i W. ('
fill Ml
I Foil li KNT--2 furnisheil tooiiiM
I liRht hoiisi'keepini,-. Apply It 20 S. 3rd
j FtH HF.NT - - 2 unfurnished rooms,
cheap. 1126 V. Central. l'hone
I FOR ni:NI'--2 nicely no nisiieil
j rooms for iiouseki eplntl, no ick.
1 1 W. Silver.
Foil RHNT-Fie. is, mt, sunny room.
610 YV, (bill), one block from past of
fice. Phone I2'.'ti-W.
FOR RFVT I'ovoivhe.l i'.uiiiTu TiTi-
honsekeelilnir Willi uleellinir ool'cll.
41iSoiilh I-'bib St.
Foil HF.NT J I ut niMiicii rooms for
licht hoiisclicepini;, no Hick, tin I
North 4tb.
l'i ill HI :.NT Tvv .1 101 ui. ii.ol
no. 'i
for lii'lit lo'ii' i Ii' epiiu;. I
Hit: ...1. ".2;! s. Fc'ii'i (
Fol! l.'I'NT 1 loiisokcepluK rooms'
nnd furnished cottnKes. liniulre
eio w, Cobiu ,
FOR It F N'T -Fi'iT'iipThed rooms; bath",'
stiam heat; $2. 611, $3, $4 11 Week.:
Ci'ind Central hotel.
Fol! HI
w ly funic In 0 n 0111
it board. I rivate en
mirth, l'hone 1 327W.
with or wllho
trance. 11 III . !
FOR KH.NT Two 1 111 nisiieil looms,
steam heated, with board, every
thing model 11. Cienticnuui preferred.
224 N. Kb: lull.
FOR KICNT 3-rooiu tent
nl.'-hi d. 1 022 S. W aller.
house, fur-
Fol; I ! F NT - Five i"i"ii hniise, tur
nisbi .. 415 North I'.lli SI.
FOR llFNT -'i-rnoiii. modern stone
Jioie-e. po'i Third.
I'"oR RF.N'I' 6-1 oiini uioderu
no sick, tun N .Sixth. Phone
$18 a inoiilh. Apply 423 North Sei
I'l'H ill
rti a ill
ouire 7'.'
; ve
il, at
a mt
till St.
I'Oll li F.NT (j-!'!iu::i ouch, Hl. epinn
porch and bath, modern. Impure
21 S. Wither. Tel. 202. Water paid.
Folt RK.NT One new lour room
brick with steel and gaH range, und
one five 1001,1 frame with, sleel range
lti'inlre at lil'i N. 4ih.
I' OH I.KM'- I ive
hi o k, 11101I-
em. Will furnish
w for dostr
In n.wn for a
no 6 7 4.
able tenant. See "owner
few days only. Teicph
FOR RENT Rooms With Board
valo family,
nun and
-..'3 S Hi
board In prl
ith St.
Foil RK.NT 1
$1.(10 per day,
aid and loom, K, at
home cooking. 61 1 S
iml r
1 1 1 on ranch, one inilc
ic, , one l.be k fiom tar
bee. l'hone I 1 .' 7.
l' Oit HF.NT - I..10111H wllh hoard.
lioiisii or lent ttiiiitges; carriage for
'nesis, Milk, cream, butter; own
.lei s. vs. Phono 1U33, Lockhart
Ran, h, Hm. v. 1 1. R I
""F0R RENT AparlmenTs
FOR RK.NT .(loon, flat for lh;hl
housekeeping. 4 I n N. Seennd.
I'Oi: NT Nicely t mm ."he,i 1, "2
and .; lenin a 1 1 no 10 a for llhl
lion 'keeping. "Tho Hnulewood,'
Slri'iig block. S.-cool and Conner
' " --
I CAP RFWT flftifo Rnnme
l 1 v 1 ' in ".I wuiuv. I,IU,IIJ,
I'Oll KKN'l' Suite vfI'ii looms
Cront bulliling, 30 3 14 VV. Cuilral.
Crill room I'll
WIIKN In Alliii'iiiei'ipie stop nt Ihe
Meiiopnlltiin hotel. First nnd Cen
tral. Newly f urn islied. Mrs. L. M.
t-'H eelier
FOR BALK Oiio oveilantl 6-pasnn-ger
toiirlrR tin, HU2, Ktoal condi
I Ion. One 6 ':is'eni el- l ord, liovvlv
paiiiled nnd in e b i iilc, I. :'ee li'ikit.
A '1'. A L.
r- r r r A I I ll' , .
i i u vol t- nn pf.n innAi.im I
I UII wr-o-W ..IIUUV, u IV.UUO, , . . i . t I i. 1
' vvvvvvvvvvm, man In eh.-irm- of on'' mat bine
I'y'i.-ni! A r. il,..- i,,,Kia ! ir.ovv vvlili h lii a p ua ri ot. e In Itself We'
- ,-- - h.iv.- Jnst Inslalled a It.tKKi capailtv;
Hut s AI.I-. .id-igg incibaior lor $ ,- ,.,,, , ' i,,,. I., ,,
L'ocit ovi new 11., N FotlrlectiUi St 'nil
r' ... . . . - '. -inoi.eeir lofi' liineM s.'iol ih V o"l
l'C'R SAI.K-i Mlvt r typewriter, llko .-kks lo I,.- hal. b, d, ye .1,. t in-ioio
j new, 42... tn West Uolti Avo, 'lei. halt lilng. We hove s c. NVhpe l.e-
! H4- horns, Ynuii? and Finis sti ii:t. S. ( '. !
Fol! SALl: -"( 'b.'ap, set of Rnv ei- Reds nnd Hari cd Plv i h Hot ks. I
I r!i' S' lies I "idvs. C. M. C., rai'C I itvetiport I'otiH.y lanch. l'hone 6:11.
jouiniii, !
i orrHT.K-i.., H.ians ,.r .dotTai BUSINESS CHANCES.
,, ,(.,- ' ' . l-'olt SALK Restaurant und luiiglti i
'- ' - - It, , obi. I.' !V I tH U t. l.,ut
I, "xtiiics. ..'.ii i. P. itn M., or at mM,,, AdilrtsH "Chance," Journal of. 1
Pbl 11 I e; lull' ll. " ,.(,
foil .-VII, I;, staiiiiiiit fixtures nnd rr n j
.lv,','o''li,,l',.'. ' l,,a,,T,''l, M" money to loan, i
Itiunzi' lot. Mi 11. nil iifiiriv iu'W. nrlt'M. J.oiiHcnolt! I Joi a Co. 4t'fi W
WANTKli I'lanos, hotisehrld Koods.
etc., siored nf -ly lit leasonalde
rates. Phono 4S. The Security Waro
. house & Improvement Co. HpiiiunT
.Transfer Co., uccccsors, 110 Uold
A ve
llusinoss Opportunity
Hood openini! f.ir live salesman In
tl.o auloniiil'lie liusiui'ss. A.'incv
for Valencia, Toriaiue, Cuadalupe,
and Sandoval counties on liberal
civinmbsioli. Small capital only re
iiiiiied. Itest sellim; iar In the
Cnltod Stales,
r. o. ih.v
:tN:t. lboiilciii:c,
X. M.
i i It SAL1-: Hoi-acre eliii.iiislinienl,
A miles from town. Aibliess Jtit),
on mil.
MMl sAl.e- rtooui 0 Helen improved
land Adjoining Lookhart Ranch, at
a bargain, Henry Lockliart, phone
i Foil SAl.t;
Ti ; A 1 1 1
water 40 feet, J2.no
tinin A I tuniaeriiae,
mm til SI.. I 'ilv
an acre
I lentil e
l- Oll SALt'. - i bo Male ruoiuiiol
house and three l"ls, located on
Main street, Helen, N. M. ; or will rent,
1 or exehaiiuu for slock of any kind.
Property In Rml condition. Address
j Victor Sals, 70 1 N, HiKlilh St., Albu-
niieniue, for pi h e and lerniH.
FOR SALE Houses.
i '' ' ' H SALH
creat bary.iin, fi-rnom
brick, modern, close in. Highlands,
$2,000, cash $100; balance easy pay
ments, W. II. M, Million, 211 W. Child.
A 1
unt of leaving
the city 1 will
sell the fnllo.vlnn:
.My i-csldtiiie at 311 North Flcvcnth
street, Hear Tli.ras avenue. This Is
.'! t r i i i" i 1 modern bungalow of live
rooms, large sleeping , per. h ; all built
ill t ton rnienc. s; mnplA fliuirs through,
out; two tire places; furnace, heat;
Milage; lot 60x 1 4 2.
Also fi-rnom modern brick at 1004
Forrester avenue. (Hissed-ln sleeping
porch; line r.i'iininbi, tr ; lot 60x142
House la tine rhape. Nice suiround
' lugs.
Alan unimproved lots on the Circle
In I. una lark,
Riwht prices and terms will be given
(Ml any of the above, as I am soon
leaving the city und want to sell.
FH FRANK, Phone 67'J.
: FOR SALE Livestock" Poultry
FOR SAI.K A good milch row. Ri-
iilie till S. High.
LOR SALK li lllue Ainlaliisiaii pui
j lot,s and one rooster, 303 W. Ilnzol
ilille Ave.
Ft 1 It S A Li-;Lgg-i'foTh a t T h i ilgTl n'"r
oughbred H. I. Reds, 6 rents each.
Mrs. M. S. Marlcy, 413 .S. Ilroudwuy,
Phone 16MW.
Foil SAI.K Lgts for hatching;
Hl.uk .Mmoicas, White LeK horns,
Haired Roclts, While Orplnglons.
Phone 12X0.
I FOR SALK ." Ki;es f.ir hatelilnK7Vhoi:-
I iiiighliri'il H. Plvmoulli Hoiks, foj
each. Also pen of W, Orpington bens, i
413 W. A I In nl ie Ave. Phono I IS. IW.
FOR HALF. From select muling of.
S. C. I!. I. Reds, hunted number of
eggs for hatching. $ I ml for 16. R. O.
Campbell, tnij V 2nd Phone I t I 7 W . ;
FOR KALI-: --S.-ttiitK'.fl toll oipnm-j
tuns nnd lilnck Minorca eggs, $1.00.,
PIS mm, 111 Rinks, 76 i'( ir:. Call 606
N. Thlrl.enth St. Phone '.Mi'l. I
: ! i it SA Ll-i "l-:i:gs ' f.7r hutching. I
l-:i,l-:VKN I 'I FFI I! HN'T ltt KF.I'S.
1 A LI, LAY I.N'.i STRAINS; also Hronze
turkey and Indian Runner duck cgs.-t
III IV ll'im ll,e piieel Phi. II" Ft 6 K III'
iv i it oar wauls
i Mil A 1 1 ' t i ipit
l 'i i:"V M.I. Lc
ll'.ll l.'llur .Nee I
HO al I'ouliry
N. .M.
a;i;s l"r h.iti him'
k phcasiiniM, Ti
Runner ducks,
ml.. in, Haled p.
1 .10,;.
l'e, se, 1 ndi.i II
I oil.
R t
I da
Cochin I
s, S, i '.
, Minor.
Pappe. 1
While Legbo'iiH. H.
IS, W hile U'.V aildolles.
; 1 I North l-'oui th .Street,
' l 1 i '
i; 'in;
k i: v
.'Hi:- Main
ra, n, hardy
nts i adi. 1 li -1
1 otti w ml' r
II, led
hint k, i. in ;
Oi i ii l : 1 1 1 , 1 1
lav. is and
and while
vv bite I r
P. o, Ron
lal .e,, 20 .
r .1 in 1; (tiv
pi l.e vv innlllK
t I '
i V, 1 1
per I I, :,n
I !, $.'!.iin. I.lo', d
I'.m, ciiv,
and I
i i Ullh,
TIII'.Y LAY, they win, they my. Won
four firsts, one aecor.il, at late
fair, 1911; px flrsta, two seconds,
1012; live llrMH, four seconda nnd
Civ. Mi Donald cup, FJ13. II. C. R. I.
Reds, Mottled Aneoiias, S. C. WhMe
Orpingtons, Ruff (irplngtotn and I. II.
Ducks. Stock, fggs und chicks for
fale. L. V.. Thomai. I'. O. Hoi 111 717
K. Ilazold'no
1 1 a kn lo ' ;t Flmiv T",i mtCs-
ebb ks of uuulily. liny have the vi
t.ilily, don't be a vii tini of others' ix-
elimellls, We IlllVe ail expert Inc. Ilia
LA I1 Ks When i. clayed or Irregular.
use Triumph Pills; always depend
iibie. "Holier' and particulars free
Write Nation a I Medical Intlltule, MIL
vvuukcu, Wis.
Hoomn 18-17-1S, Cromwell Hg.
ttei. Phone 161(3 W; Office l'hone 117
Milix v. I i:h-I.
Atlol l v-Hl-l J.
Pulle 2, Law Library llldg.
Offlcfi l'hone 511; Hop. l'hon UitlW
lIC J. I- RltALI'-
HeiiiHl hurtnin,
Rooma 2-S. Harnett Hldg, 1'hona 744
Aapoliitmetibs made hy mail.
H. nllOUl 1.11. M. 1.
Practice Limited to Tuherculoala
Hour 111 lo 12, rhonn 1177,
22l'4 V. Central Ava.
Albiiiiiienpie Snnlturlum. Phon 841
, SOLOMON I iU ltl'IIX, M. I).
Ph 5 sir hi II and Slll'ltinn.
1 Then 17 Harnett Tlld
UliS. Ti l l, 11.1 K I H
I'liictlce l.lmltnl lo liye, Kir, Noa
noil Throat,
State National Hill,1 Bid.
Practice Limited
Gcnito Uiinary Diseases and
Diseases of the Skin,
.The Wnssermunn nnd Noitnchl Tnt
i Salvaisnn 'liilil" AiliolnlstereiJ
Citizens' Hank Kid.
Alb'iiuenpii New Mrxlee)
HA N.I. I, 1,1 ITlll, MWIMU.IN
12 years' experience. Satisfactory
progress guaranteed. Flunk Huek
ingliam, 3nx South Arnu. Phone 1614.
Minn; i or i t in n iion.
I lcparimeiii of the Inleruir, U. S.
i Laud Off Ice at Santa Fe, N. M
I January 2X, 1014.
Notice is hereby given that Charles
W. Ilolnuin. or Cain-.on, N. M., who,
nil June 13, 11U3, liliol.i Homestead
iKnli'V No. 01i222, for Lois 1 and 3,
Sec. 12, Twp, 1 N., Range ;t W, N, M.
i P. Meridian, has llled lolice of Inten
tion ti. niiilio live year proof, to ch
lablnh rliiiii lo tho laml above de
fl.'l ibed, lieroro II. II, Whiting, I'nited
States C'oininissioner, at Albii,tieriU,
N. M., uii tho 14ih day ef Murch,
I 'i 1 4
Claimant names as witnesses;
1 Pedro Martinez, Clement Cisaim,
l al. It. Saiuloval, Km al io Mcsias. all
of Cabczon, N. M.
NtTlK i; Hilt ITItl.H ATIOX.
'Department of the Interior. V. S. Land
' oflbe ut Santa l'e, N. M., Jan. 20,
' 111 1 4.
i Notion Is hereby given 'lint Plaiedes
; , Jaraiulllo, of H.irton, Now Mexico,
who, on November 12th, l'.inii, mada
llomest I Hrtiy 024 70 and Ad.1l.
0 1 4 70 1 and Jan, 17, Hill, for NW'i,
ISec, 16, Twp. 10 N Hiinun fi K..
N. M. P, M'Tblian, has filed notice of
i intention, to make Final fivo year
proof, to establish claim to the land
nl'ini' described, before II. It. Whlt
Tnir, Fulled Stales Commissioner, nt
A ibiniliei ipit", New Mexico, on March
U. Ill 14.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Iiamasin (Hero, Krccosh) Ksplnosa,
Heiiei slii'bi I', ici, obbcioH J a rn l ti i 1 1 ..,
all of Hart. ui, N, M.
no i m i; op mil
Ill the lib' il't Com!, County of P.. r-
1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 , Si. lie of New Ml Xil o,
N... '; : I
Svlvlanna Suliou. I'iauiliff, vs. Ibniy
Sutton, I a lend. i at.
To the Al Named 1" f, n.l.iul
You lire Inn l,v i.otiii'd Hi . I a suit
baa l-e. n tiled again t vmi lu tin- said
'ion! an, coiintv bv the a'",,, icimcd
I I 1 1 ii 1 , 1 1', ii
w be h the . u.i d, .n.lili.
n a k.olut. iln oi , e tui the
linn-support and ab.iu-
per, a ,,r i
: I ii mis ot
Ami v -a
iiiib -i i,ii
ti l l il V I, Ill-
are farlh
. II 1 I I OI I
a pp. a l a in
r liotilnd that
ause I., be . n-
III said . a u so
oil or l,e..l.
I ' I'll, a
be ;,k, II",
pi iii e, ..- w
of the plan:!
Wilson, who.'
AH'll'Uel'iUi ,
t Sea I I A
Hy Til' S. K,
" il
e,,r. Will
i ii," u i . r
The name
Is John W.
adilrc'ts H
'ir-'l y.
I be I'l.Hile.l
rn illlollli V
ostofli, o
7 1 W Mexico,
Del, I
Cb ik.
tv Clerk
i ALL KINDS, both new and second
i hand, bought, Sold, rented nnd r--paired.
All'iniuennio Typewriter Ll
ihnniye Phone 144 Hi I V Cold
Livery, Feed und S-nlo StHble.
laiglo, S. M
IPick lino to F.lopliant Hutte; meet
trains. Hato to Paloinns Sl'rlngs,
!.ou; round top $6.e.
Horn In it a to Hland, leaves Ilonilnun
ev i-rv Tuenlay rind Friday at S:15a. m.
m At.n i.i;na-w ittiimn
a i to l.ixr..
rilone f,l, Magdalen.
Trip pi.'ide for two pns"onKers, fnr
$3 no each. Special car, four passen
gers, one w.-iv, $Hi. (Hi,
Wo drive OVKRl.AND CAH3 snd glva
tho best service In this country to any
where. MUlllXi: At 'TO ( oTIM4Tlo
Magdalenn, N. M. C. H Prown Mgr
L'ally paK, t i-aor service leavlnl
Piosvvell und Carrunzo at 8:00 a. 111.
Roswell , . 4:45 p. m.
Plcueho . . 1:40 p, m.
Tin li It. 1:15 p. m
Hondo . . .12:60 p. m,
Lincoln ..11:30 a. m
l i. Stanton 10:30 a. m,
Ci.pititn . .10.00 a. m.
NoKal .... :00 a. ni.
Carrlsto'o , .
one way $10.60
2:35 p.
3:36 p.
4:4-, p.
Intel med'att' pebits. per mil.. .10
60 lbs hfugiinffl free Fxcesi carried
ltos I LL ALTO CO.,
owneis and opejatoia. 1'lioua 111

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