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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, February 27, 1914, Image 5

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VafeHJ;'. i.iiiiHiliinili
I" .." 1 (. M," '
-I .' I I' M BV4J J;
"'1 V ' v
lil -tf
. I-
- -
Miss Florence Baier Takes Leadership in the Final Canvass
With Anita Garcia, Kathryn Grimmer, Sadie Oleson and
Others Close at Her Heels; Every District Lined Up for
Close Finish, While Leaders in Campaign Have No Cer
tainty That They Will Not Have Keener Competition for
Grand Award in Next 36 hburs; Judges Selected and Ev
erything Ready for Grand C:ose Tomorrow Night at 3;
Doors Locked at That Hour and No One Will Be Admitted
Until All Balloting Has Ceassd; Mail Subscriptions Accept
ed if Mailed Before 9.
Interesting Exercises Com
memorative of Founding of
Institution at Rodey Hall
This Afternoon,
. i; S -h ' ! (S S $
TO! ; OJ' "OM)",
( Kin;il Ci mil )
. Fl mi c NjiS.t, Mit. Nil 1
... A i' i : i n il' Hist. I
K:!i'iivn I ! i':i!iiii'!'. Ills:. 1
j!:i. :y I i.ni, 1
. i.i. m i Welly, lii.m. I
. I . I 1 l '( i .- il, Disl. I
Kva .-'nil. Dil. 1
I l-th Froi V.niaii. H.sl. 4
-. i'Ioiikv. Im-i.
Mr. Klla I ut lei', iM.si. 1
I.Ury H' in 1-t-f n . 1.":: Vcviik I'ist. 2. . .
.li.4MiliiliiiiStai'.tiii. Ilft. 4
i Mis. .1. A. Ci.nulli. 1 iisl. 2
l: ;.,i 'i'. N.Mir, nisi.
.Vl... I'n ';ilvrl'i!i'. I'.tl. 2
- Y:i I ;iyk ry, lm. :
, . i,:;4 j.s:iu
. . I ,"!M),S",(I
, . l , 1 1 r, r . I ::o
. l.iU7,-.1ii
. . !l li l , s i
.. 7:i:i.:!ir,
. . r. 4 1 , s ;'. :,
. . IliU.S III
. . :;r,ii, i no
. . :!;i:,,i:,n
. . il '.,('. i:i
. . :':iii,h:iT
. . l' ; s , : X r.
, . ';. t l
. . I l,4im
. . i7i.4::
IVk'mV is a t . i rl n 1 1 - iim :i uu i in-U'fisity--iiiit
i.n.y ii I'irthilny luu u
;ver' Impel t'nit aniih ersin y, as It
leiimls mil an even uu,i'ter of a ii'U
liny if usefulness for thp iiislltiitinii.
I Needless id s:l, t tic necisimi is elle
'of tile e,re;,test illl pnrtll IHC, allil will
lie i ee,.',ie, ueeurillimly.
j A ptoyram eiiili(iil iia; oratnrieal
I anil l ii 1 1 s 1': 1 1 fjrnis haa U'en arranweil
illllll tile exel'i Ises Will UlliU' II I 't eii ly
'furnish r ii! etui itai.unent anil plens
' are id all, whether eiiniieeleil with
the university or nut. The mhlreses
el .Indue l ernai'il Kmley, who is
virtually the fn under of Jlie enlleiie,
'and I iiiVeniur I:. H. Stnver. w ho was
:ils lirst en slilenl, holil U 1 1 1 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 his-
lerieil inteiest, 'vhile i ir, llnduin si ml
i I'resiileni lieyil -.vi 1 1 Sl'i'iik on eilnea-
1 l.'I'.l 1 Slihjeels nf the Kleillest pres
!eiit linpHi'taiHi' tn the Institution,
i The miisn ai nuniheis arc exi eption-
ally well seleeteil, rnnihiiiinu: Hulos ly
seine uf the litst nrlista in the oily
I Willi Feveinl ehnlal seleethms. hy the
I Lf I eliilis and the university ehuir.
The lirst aipeariiner uf .Mis. 11. M.
ilS.irtnn, w hu is said to he one. of the
ineM talented musicians in A I tt I utr
Kiie, will he an event of more ttiiin
; pausing interest.
if We honestly bclievT wo have tlie best remedy in the world for indi.i,re:;tfoii
and uysnemia. We umv you to try it at our risk. Ii it doesn't Hmtc
-,.. . .. - It. ..,'!' Ml 1. -1. ... ... ... ...:t.l - i. - . ..5
r vu a. ut- kti miu- jl jjt n ivr u:ick your nioiiev wuihhu, a woro.
You know us - your family dnii-,!. You know we wouKlu'L larc ivi-(nuaMil ;;ivll:ii:rj; c ditlii'l
H know.;il)ou!, nor dan: to break a promise 'I heivl'oiv, when we n-conuncii'.! s;tiv I'-viwdv it i ; l)orm.se
we believe 1 1 to be better than any oilier to relieve Hie ailment for whivh it. is made, mid when v.v
prove our failh in it and our sincerity toward you by promi-sini; to give back your iik'.h v if il,
doesn't: relive you ami in every way satisfy you, you have no po.ssiblc excuse for doubt or hesitation.
f r i
! , T l"v.' .... :,. - Tl I
are, we honestly believe, the best remedy made for Indigestion, Dyspepsia and all
ether Stomach Ills
We Know They're Good Delap fire Dangerous You Risk No Money
I l ie.
i Hi: i:
$ -P '
lit s.
I :'.'.,1
i mi: .h ix.i:s.
Ilin.ir U. U, 11. Sellor
lir, ( . I". I mUciis.
al.eve i .':!, '.1 i u!
of )i,r,nlM :n (lie Mi
uir en in ,ai'.:n, an. I
lelllen huve
III Ihe fill.ll
riling .Iinir
will ileier-
final count, is iiiinli
enaiiled to yet 1h
of her filemls inter
alf ainl i;els the inns
the one v. Iio is oiii,
honrr. c.f the
under their
Lil.-. 1 in the piles
; of thi' c:i in p:ti;v.i.
i' 1 1
cull V
mine 1 lie wi'iiii ts i f I h
Bwnnls I'liei! I lie tnlloin iist. .
'1 11.- jlli.;. s v. II have ( hal te of the
1..ilh 1 in. from !i nYlo.-k tomorrow I
mhf mil'! tin decile to niake the
filial raeva.n of mint which will (le-
ti'llllill" Ihe wil'llels. The judges will
la. lit til" Tonr 1 ii't.at I mi nt lit !) I
fi'i i,i k aril the . I
(','iiniia i". 11 . il I l e ;
f-nperv'. ; n as fre
t'A i'1'Ilill'J the i iesil
llllle ,o. I ti follows:
"No. 10 .--"liio i amrio-'ii wiil
rli.se Saturday, I'Yhrnary ..'.v, at
It Ii. m , in the following nianner:
The jinhres slii'll have Ch:iri of
the halh.t hox in Ihe Tmirt 1 .t.
ihcn the hour of ;i ), ni. haf ar
rlved thev shall ilei-lare the cam
li.iin. i losed ami the doorH
locki I. All tiersiuisi inside the of.
ti. i s of the Tour Dent, (or other
pvcvioiisly de-ir'i,: ti il recinsl at
the hour of !l ji. m., u ho have
Mihsi riHion to dejioHit sliall he
lierniilled to do so and pimt hal
lnl.f shrill he issued tlieieon. Af
ter all 1 allotiii)." has ceasi d an I
halln's deposited the hallol hex
sh:!l lie sialed nn l pla cd in
i hat-Re of one or more waielunen,
tn p n imed hv the 1 1 1 I , s, who
shall have rhau.e i.f it until the
i 'tidal eanva.-s shall ho lea lo.
Not until lallctiiiir lias ceased en
tifelv will the doors he ilaloi ked
rnf will unv coniuiiini' a ' ion w'.lh
ni(iie nliS'ilc the c f f i ' cm le
k iinittrd in any manner whatso
ever." Th" final nt:"ci of poin's 'viil not
he miole until all mails have hiu-ti re
(l ivil from the renii te sections i t the
';nn'aii:n teirii.uv and aninle time
will he Kiven f..r dclavs or otiier inn
tiinntieieR which niilit aiise, hefore
the i amass is made.
.Miss Ihiicr Loads.
This mi. mini.' Ihe last cxhihit of
i ha io cs when t hr
The one wlio is
laivosi inmiher
(Sled ill nef heha
nil si riii'iions Is
to Will.
I leiiieniher, "ii have
i luiin e tit av.ards of the
inter us ihose offered as first,
and thirl jna i di each district. l!y
the except hunt I !' hheral mannei' o:
W'Ji it'll tlie "(iift Wck'' sierials are
iffered Viif CAN l.nSK AM) ST1I.1.
WIN". If you fail to secure a district
award hut exert yourself this week
i.pd make Rco uains you stand an
exccl!e::t i !c:r.i e of v. inniac one ot
the spei ials.
l:tni MII'(ls I'llsy Id (ict.
The cap, lid. ite who makes lie
crcatost. cam' in points on suhsrrlp
tlcns to the Morninn- Journal duriim
this week hut who fails to win eitlur
the $l,llHti or the tour of tlie world
or one of the district trips will he
lawurdcl for her efforts with a trop
ilial trip exactly like that, offered a
I firsl award in each district. The one
who makes Ihe yrealesl Klin on NKW
sal scriptioiis tint what fails to secure
an nwaid of e..e;i value will he s;lvcn
a $0ii Jesse l''rerp h piano while the
n cond urcatest k. liner on NKW siih-
I n riptions who fails to secure an award j
of equal value will he fjiveti a $T"i I, j
j C. S. scholarship. ,
Never hefore have you hecii nivop i
j inch a wonderful opportunity to Kd j
j si i i i " 1 1 i i n l,' va'ua'nle for less work, i
I'lissihly never ni;ain will the ihanre
proitranis for the entertain- i
are cxcoeinnmy ariisnc nmi '
iiiterestinu souvenirs for friends
university. They are printed on :
uray paper in ink of a. preiiv I
of led, inakini', the coiiihina
f the ciijcite colors, cherry and
ma li(
of til.
.still d t
tit.lt i
I! fay.
Tin. u:ii i r.'itv has will leave from J
the (inner of Second nmi Central I Ills.
;afteinoon at 2 o'clock, taking as many
a tliititde i I,iSS( iiKei'H fiom tile city as it will he
same char- p, Ksilde to at commodate. It Is
''"'"I i I lanneil to have tlie exorcises hei'i!i
l'y j promptly at Z.'.'A) o'clot k.
The prouratn this aftetnoon will he
as follows:
I'ianti colo. " 'iiiict rtst nek" "oii
'.Vohen, Miss Marie 1 1 iwnllis.
I iimi 'atioti, litv. A. Toothaker, (
lalucatiotial KeKinninKS ill Alhu-.
iueriiie. Charles li. 1 1 tl HI n .
Choius. "Ite-t Thee on This Mossy i
I'llhiw" i.'-niartl, Hills' Clce cluh.
Cent ral Cond ition of l alin al ion In
New Mexico I'tior to the l'ni ft slly.
lion. K. S. J'tove:-.
'o al solo, lal "M 'itirata'
tii; (hi, "il I'air, i Sweet, c
(Cantor), Mrs. I!. .M. Ilatton.
i .rmin of the I'tiiversity in
,1 initio I iei'iimM S. 1 loilt y.
Chorus, "I n ink to Me imly
Thine i;cs," Vesper choir.
Looking Ahead The I " 1 1 1 i t sity the :
Next ijiiaricr lYntnry, 1'rcsideiit
Jiuvid I!, lioyd. j
Sum.', "The Alma Mater," Students. I
llenedictlon. ,
Itv.ai! 1 V.rpi p.ai T.ililcU. in iitltlilim
to olln r iik'teilietils, (oiilr.'ui l'epvn iiml
HhiiiiiIIi, 1 vmi ' n t digestive niil.i u .. .I I y
the ciilire lactlicil ',','ofe,iiion. '1 lie.v
soothe ihe iii.lain.'il fiioliliicli, t tietl. tlie
In :ir! inirti ten! tlislri'.n, t inn J.i'.e u
he'll. ,' .'...cri lion (.t Hie (;.i-.ti'ie juice,
i:itl hi Irtiitl anil eo'tiiorlahle tiiecsticil
of Hit- food ii:id help to quickly convi rl
i' inlo rich iv l hlootl. mid lliercliy into
fled.,, Lone ainl inii-elc. 'l'liey li'iirve
sltii'incli tl!stren.H firninptly, nmi, Usui
ri-cnliirly for a s!in:t tiuie, tetul to n--stoic
the ftoin.ieh to a comfortable,
casy-ai tint;, Iit-altliy stale, 'l'liey ni l
greatly to promote regular bowel iiction.
Poll'! t ' t ! iinlitjt stioa, f. .r it fre
(,nt ally It itiU In all sorts i f ills iiml coni
pY aiio::'.. 'I !'.e pain nut! liiMou.loi'l is
not tic i.aist mifoitmnl!' pail. 'I'lie fuel
t !'.:tt v.lii .l the Nloniiit 11 is inl lit liii)
liejit, the I'liderial needetl to leptiii' tlie
v.u.tca thai are coiistitntly t.ikui); j.l.ice
ill the lio.lv i no I lieitik' k'lven to the liloo.l
eiliier in the proper ciaidition or fic.t
caoi'fli ii far more t'i'ioi!, Nctliiti:;
vi!l c.iiim' more trouble flan rn unlit ultliy
stctlllicll Till' llllU's, ilchilil v. la. k if
str,"r.'!!i tint! cneik'y, cotislipalioii, liil
ioii.incns. Iieadiiclies iiml "eons ot oilier
serious iiilmentn result from the failure
uf the stimuli II to properly tin il" voik.
Our vii!iiu,ra h to liavc ymi u e lie .all
Pyspcp.-iu 'lahlcU ciilinly at our ritli
ptovis our I. Mi in llictn. c iiUv.iyi
v II them this way, iuhI it is lieiatno
.v know that lliey li.ivt' j;renll hen
chled seori'S uf Mitrerera tu ulioin
we liave Miltl tlii'lil. There's no reil
t ipo itlioiit (ear Kii.'ir.'inti'f, It iiicnii
ju.L wli.it il We'll nk you no
ipieitiotus. Y m I'eedn't sik'ti Hiiytliiii);.
Vtmr M inl is fnoiik'li for us. We know
llial v lull they help you joii will con
sider it money will spent even if they
hud cost you leu limes s niticli. If they
don't help you, tin" inonry yon p:iid for
them i.-' you: . H id we i i:iit voti to have it.
I Tos-lltdv"
I SS!1,
So!;J cr.ly at the mcro than 7.0C0 Hoxnll Stores - i!io World's Creatost Drug Stores, h convenient licxci - tliroo ilius; CSc, SOc, $1.00
j 1 1 Uj ino.y
riigiisis, fi
Itiiiiilr'Tr Him-T't '- '" W.J . I, L. i..w...w thiwto.
fl'orded you. W ill you let it slip '
iiffh your fiiu;e:':i or will you Grasp !
it and hold on to It with nr. in deter- i
ruination to succeed ? I
'I'he last count hefore the eh so of;
the enmpaik'ti was made yestcrlav. '
The results nro shown helow In the
s'aiolin:,' of lantlidateH IV their re-,
sti-.'tivp districts. Study Vol R P'-'si-'
'lop nmi flint or your rivals. I n. 'i '
determine how best you may win.
I'lorence Haier . . ,
An'.tri li.'irei.'i
Kai'irxn (Irimnier.
n i Wells
Tearl Corson 73 9,34(1
Kva S
Nh Inds
Haier .
le.ilits of candidates anoears Mis
I'll, rente Kaier ftunim l.i lit., load of'adii Uhsull
the list as.':iin sin. i Ti,i dintr Miss Anita ! 1 or
Curia, who led in the "Climber's"
licriol. Miss CaiVin drops to srcore'l
position with it difference In her
s'l'litlilli? (Hid that of Miss 1','iier of
onlv 52.fttrt points.
I'.ut a ten year's sahacritd ion separ
ates the leader and tlie candidate in
fourth position. Miss Sin Iio t Hesnn j Kthtd Cloilse, Callup
I'.'tn ies the honors In fourth place :' ucy Simpson, Las Veirus ..
wnh Miss Kathrvn Crimmcr only liO.-jMrs. J. A. Carrnth. Santa I'e
"i1" points ahead of her in third po-jltesa T. Neale. Helen
ritit.n. I Mrs. r.tz Valverdc, Clayton..
The line-un of candidaten In the ! Marie Younif. Callup
oiitit augurs well for a close j A tinelica Vahlez. Sprink'er ..
It is a soo-snvr Kamc between j M rs. I. G. Cappucilll, stanta
three of the ( iiiulidntes for, ! t
Addio Mi'Clure. W'inslow.
'PCCIAl. Dlt.tTCH TO MONNIN9 jnU(tN...l 1
.''aniii I'e, h'eh. :'' Supreme Court;
fit Ik Jose 1. S"iia is 1 (.nl'ined lo In.s j
home hy illness. The three seprctne j
mint Juices, iici inn pa nil il by their
wives, tot iivvav ihis morn. ilk' in tin-I
li noil. ilea foi- Las duces to attend the i
plot Li he (-;1V III hollur of pod-.
.Iiidire V. II. pope and do tun '
expect to Kl'tiirn until next Wedncs- I
lo.iy, as they till visit LI I'aso hi fore 1
t etiirri ini'. j
on tin toast list for Friday even-
link's ct'lehiauon is (ov. W. C. Mr- i
1..1t2.sn0 liciiahl. who was to respond to the
I .'.''in.s " i) ' I t'H' t "New Mexico" hut press of bus-I
1 ,(i"7.4 Mil ' Iness at Santa Ke preventeil the exec-I
1 ,i'-7, 1 1 1) : ul i e li cm sn.im. .ludKc I.. II. Ilaiiu.i i
Mill respond to "Seeing Things From
the l'ench;" Julue P'runk VV. Parker'
pi "Kxpcricneos Willi the liona Ana
County Par," .;tloriiey tieneral Finn;;'
W. Clan, y to "The Karly bench niidi
Par of New Mexico," Judke W illiam '
II. I'ope to "The t'nited States Conn,"
and Judk'o lMward L, Medler to "Our
been Hllppli
where they not ureil practically an nil
star cast. This company is headed by
Alp's Ibichcl Alay Clark, it ho has heen
lib ntifietl Willi so many famous met
ropolitan MIOCOSSC.H.
The new play will he seen at the
Ml lis theater tmilKht for an ciiKatie
inent of one pei'foi'niiim.'c.
.ceil Hiipplied with ail em incut oant of l.fl firpinn I"" I" I II
layers. Winn the Importance of the M U L L I I Ml I I V
'lay was first realized, its producers! r ll I 1 1 1 1 f lil I I I
tct ho time in KottliiK to New York, I IlLUIULji I LL I
M.inili'd villi (.'-a..i li.. in pupils in
pra. tn ally rn i v county.
I lo ivpressio Hie hcticf that no
I I omity shoirhl send a ineoihei' to h
h'i;cdatii'c ho would he tinwllllnil
! slali
.end tl'.illl
1. 1 vi hipmt
..iimi to jr.ti.uuit
of f ii niiiij in tho
Wait for The Hudson.
Mi b ile hiiimi'i ('online;,
"Tills is nut polities," he said.
i:"iu no ll Iim se si nse."
1 Tlf lot lion ihe National Mi
, flllilMTl' a'.M.i -lat ion w.u. I I meet
, in "" bill diir' the fair w.t
j llolllleetl la Jt lliulll.
n n
ti i; I i I
r, I l,S?,a
i.ntm !
'The Pi ice She Paid' is Taken
From One of David Graham
Phillips' Strongest Literary
ti, or three of the (iindidatcs for,
ii i i ...en i. ,. i i
" Kl illlll II A ,1 I II 111 It" . I lit t l-..ll i
i"ik race Is Indus run in tho various
O.siii.ts for first honors.
Miss Ft lud ('louse Jumps to firs!
T'.shii.n in liistrht 2, taking tlie lead
from Miss Lucy Simpson of Las V ,
tus. who has held it for tlie hist )
'"lints. Ilesnito the fact that Miss
ib in Ihe hospital suffering,
v, tier friends are still active in;tvh Fretkimin. Fort (invar. I
half nnd hone to make her a .-, l'mlrr. Ilorlev
f!'r r ilhstiii t. i.Mrs. Antonio sitant'in. Willard
lMstrlct . rroiiils,t Hot Finish. I Floreru e (trlnics. Silver City
Mis-i lteth 1'1,'ckm.nn continius (oIlbUKio Fain, licinlntt
i l I'ltrtrlet 4. Interest in this I Miiccib May Loll,. Klephant
nr.n.t ::n
::r.i ;ii)
" 1 1 2 . ! 7 I
1 ot, t mi
1 2 a, 1 '.'ll
07,20 T,
k 'i-r.
lei h
Foso Scorse, Holbrook, Ariz.
llma Mahoney, Winslow,
Anita Haca, Santa Fe
The most important cuse to come
up before the federal court nt Las
I'm. in is that of the t'liited States vs.
Van Fatten, involving the hoiiiestend
patent on the famous 1 nipping
Springs in the (ii'k'an mountains, filed
upon first hv l'r, Nathan Hoyd of
'17 fi (" 0 i Klephant I'utte dam fame, the filing
hcinir perfet ted by Van Fallen
S t.r.o'i other important i ase is that of the
.12 2n.i '"WM of Las Criices vs. The National
i Security company to recover on a
1 (1,1 i) I ' contractors' hon 1, the con
tractors havlni; left the town hetore
t o i. iph linn cot lain work ailed
i their contract.
riu, most powerful and
pelf orma nee of the season
universally dcelan
new dramatized st
has been
to be that of the
.', "The I'rice She
1,1)110 ;
hi ' is int.ti'.-e and the final outcome j I'utte
km'.ii'v in uoiii.t. ii i.s any
""f's rate so far and the "(lift Week'
,r- .iwards have tulde tu thp pen
I etii husiasm In that district iintlll
i at lever pitch. It hut the result
':ll le tomorrow nlpht cannot be
f' ret,
'lily about thirty-six hours remain!
of the cainiia itm. T..tiirn.iv o..lo 1
Ik, .,11 1,1,1 11,.. .
" no 1 lie
" I'tllini d he Ihe flioll ennvi. ,.t
L'lilolK ... ,l ..',., T,,., ...... ! '"Mil
Jix bti'irs may develop a winner.
'si th
1 1,
ii as i oe an
2 tl.HO 7
f, 6. '420 ;
4 5,4:10
2 0,31.7 I
v.lnncis will be can onlv 1c
I'JlSS fl
next two days will bo n bin
in 'letennin'nt; Die winner of
'I'tl award as w
a.'t atvnrds
P'Ml Wl! T vn d
''"I leillOlTiiM
'I'"!!.! your
"'(I'isf. some.
'"" Is m, r,a
" "' reiomv
, '' ,!l"nMv;
'AKl: VI, po
hetwern now
at 9 o clock may
cess or failure. Just
has hoppe 1 ahead r.f
is.'ii for von to sit down
IT IS Fp T 1 Ynr Ti 1
-I"t 1."" trivvcn nu.
,,.(,. . '" . " - 1, . 1 oe
J'. Sam Houston is hero for some
days. Ho requests anyone havlna ae.
(mints against him or his business
conducted in A Ibuiitierque or irny 110
lounts aitainst his former lartners to
them to him lev Mar-h 1. Alio,
iho.; who ewe him (when tie was
t'anta CI ins)' and ha.o ihe money to
ipaic. wick 111. If you are broke, pov-
Icrty Is no iliscruoe, cotne around and
: tf'-t 11 ri ipt in full. I have nt, oil
; stock nor mines to peddle.
Y 1. u 1 s,
; J. SAM.
'Tape's Diapepsin" Cures Sick,
Sour Stomachs in Five Min
Jtes Time It!
"Keally does" put bad Btotnaolis In
order "really docs" overcome, indi
Kosiion, d.vspepsla, k'.'is, heartburn and
sourness In five minutes that Just
that makes I'ape's Ida pepsin thfi lar
gest scllim; stomach regulator in the
world. If what you rat ferments. Into
stubborn lumps, you belt h Kim and
eructate sour, undigested food and
il'aid," which conn k to this city with
jail of its wonderin features,
I The play is evi n more iiiterestinu',
:nuire thrilliiiiUy excilinn than
Ihivid (IrHliam Fhiiiips' hook of
the same name, inasmuch as ll has re-
'ctlved the inatjlc touch of 11 master
ful play writ lit, In these ilayn of dra-
i matte effort dialniroe tu retool iini.n
A ll" ! 1-, -I.,.u t,. .' t It... i.it...-,.ut o... .....
tlience. In iHirsuinK this method, many
jiuthors lose rUhl of the fact that
jwhat Is liece.-snry lo phase an audi-1
'1'iico Is kooiI swift action, and the
depletion of stii l im." evetits. This fault 1
ciinnot be found with "The Fricc She
raid," as from the start of the play
lo the drop of the curtain, there is
alwavs Kiitiii'lliiiiK happenint each
cue more wonderful than tho prcced- i
I n ir. !
While the new p!ay deals with the
sen prohh ni, there arc nifinv (b ft
hes that relievt' the in-
11 ahsorhlnif plot. Tlie
1 With nmi, lie, ,tss pco
s clerk has been Pcell-
llatint; and in order to malio c.dod hlsi
Hossos, sieals a n 11 111 i r of (linmonds!
Ifrom his employer. Ho Is found out, I
and Is just about to be s. nt tu prison 1
;When the Jeweler, who has long since!
'been In love with the thief's siHter, I
Iconics to her, offeiiti;,- her brother his!
ifreciloin from pro.. -pcutlon if slie will1
; listen to his love adunices. Tho Jewel- ;
!er toils the Kill that he has a wife
bvliik' In the "ol, iiinl that he Is sep- j
united from her, nlihouch not di
vorced, (in tlds aecoiiiit, he Is unable-:
i to marry rier. lie proposis, however,'
iin unholy union, and belittles, the;
marriak'e ceremony as simply a for-'
nuility which nouns iiolhiiiK. "In 1
other words," says the Jeweler In the!
play, "mail hike is U unci ssai y in the'
Ulftll l.f Cod lirol'iiiilor ., 10:1, iiml I
11. ill love each oilier, I lip mere
fact that a cliTKMiian miiiiihhn a few
words fiom a book, does not make
Stale I "it v ii-. Suffrage.
I' cli. 211. A bill pi iniilui i
a coto-'litutioiial amendment uivlhtf the
ole to women was favorably reported
to the senate hy the colli 11111 1 ,(;, op
(institutional a m-iplmept; today. It
was the fust tune that such a report,
1 n a mill, it-, bill has been in.tdi,. in!
this slate. 'I he ccniiuittee'.H vote .slump
nliio to two. i
Wait for The Hudson.
An. 1 :.',( Speeding Promam;
fur 1914 and Discuss Plans jJT" .
for Other DcMlmonts; Will RUHiatlSm
ritiKi nuiness naces,
"Wa 11
Iw joke
1 1 IS Jn
iIoL tiff l
K K.
grfMt mother
t fin other nielli.''
'Thtil mi'! What w.la If.'"
'llf siiJil bo whs very fonj of he
Kutph C. i:i, of licMlntr, pnsld
d th" N-w Mevico fair cunimlssion.
last niKlit copfctrcd Willi hinds ol
:cparlmeiils at the Alvarado hotel,
iiiiilvii.k plans for the pill fair. Thos
present were TIu.iiiun I'. Flnkcrt. scc
relary: A. II. Sli.uip and A. L. Mar
(iii, of the livestock depa rl no nt ; C.
II. Christ and II. 11. Campbell, of th
dairy department, and Flunk S. Hall
and Nye .Martin, who mil dale eh.iiKe
of the rat cs.
M r. Kly n t ut in d last niiiht ' from
Pea body, K ir 1 spei tally for tlie
in-" t ni; to adept a nicedi liin pro
f.iiiin, which (ho Santa Fe circuit will
publish in st Monday. Mr. Fly sa.,1
ifier the nieelimr that thev had tlc-
i led to bol l four $1,11(1(1 Htllke lilt es
and six $f,li() purse noes, all in ihe
hiiriic-s class. The liianakcmi tit uiil
put on two rniinitie ta.es every day
knipiis Si mis 1 ys Here.
He leained at peal n.tc that 11 prod
in e merchant t! ere was .'h.pl'inu ::
to Fori P.avard imlilaiv sanilariiiin,
Mr. Fly hi hi. ,
"It strikes me," he ."aid by way of
It.llillUlll. "that New .Mexico iioild III'
lord to spt nd a little money for th..
r.i vclopniept of the poultry ituhisiiy
and keep more money in Ihe slut".
The css(V 111111111!- iiiltl. s I amt'tii;
Wait for The Hudson.
1 ir,
01 , 1, , , . e 1 rf . .
t, , , , "I "I II 11 1 It'tlllt
''ii-nips and th
are experiencing' trip
tlie rame
Mim obstacles that
'' iiiiinpint; asainst.
U ink
1 w.. 1, .i t .. i"1'". iM-uu iff 111..V uimi ucnPH iir'ain
1 , , " . witn rule arm in bio wnt re-
That's Foley's Honey and Tar Com- ,,,,,,.,. . nif,lf. ,
pound Jt has tho confideii'it of youri n t(im(,H j ,.n,!irt .'h .'"'., the mans loe any ntroi,e,,.r fr ,h(. ,
jruftst, who knows It will kivr you ,.,.h ,,,, ,,,h ,,. Iitinnan. or hers for the num."
1 . , , r , 1 .. . 1
; lie 1U1CI1IIS (Ills Ultimo.' ny Olier-I
.int.' the woman any protection In a fi
nancial way she may tisK, so mat In
satisfaction. W. W. Ncssinith. States
born, (01., says: "I have used Foley'8
Uoiiev and Tar Compound In my fam
ily and have sold it tn my store and
it never f;itlu I,, .,,t-n 1I..1, l.Vr-
Wlm ovcl't'Ollles these j uuson. 319 l'ito. Sl.."iir,.n lt.'iv- Wis..
ic.s..fuily that will says; "I had .1 bad coui?h that kept
al the t-nd. Silt'mr me nu'd!. hint,.. ..,,.1 11 i..t.
1 oi tor ou. jt retmires ties of Folev
"aid if Y,m Would Win
t ri e o n i
rciust sit,
fillt (1 1 , . v
' " Will n
Ticrtv in
(.ir, . " iimi lew 1
tin,..!,., " 'Jtlupulijn. It rtquires!
MiTiiariee. ii!ii.niiirt., i.i,,u. I
r""l perscvriTjue if y,,,, hope ,,, ;
,sin comes in contact with th Btorn-1
loh all such distress vanishes.
jinny astoinshiiiit almost marvelous.
and tho joy is Its harmlesrness. '
A lartro fifty-cent ousb of Fatip'i.
lllapppsin will give von a hundrpd !l'iise of a srpur.il ion, she would be wcil
dollars' worth of satisfaction or your jproUded for. he further iitfroe to
ilrni-'iriHt hands you vmir im.ncy back, j 1 rc Ide for her dishonest brother for
It's worth lis weiiiht In Rold to F" r' "f lir' ' T1"' Klrl
mon unit ii..n,.,n . .v.i-'thls offer, altho.iuli it has nianv at-
!.. 1 n-. A "'.' "' " K' I '"' , . ..... . . , .... ....
jm ri
lifrtl M
Vi . n u fT. .
m hool 1 lol Ir
will have Hi.
toicHl ntnoni?
mothers in tit
Mr. Klv said be
b', . t.univ judefs
f th
Stale. I bell
I of SI ,11 ioc Up
rhihllcll, and I
bin. e of this
let!' id.'
had he.
that the
inf. 11 mod
h id hci 11
I say thai 1 can coiuuiei rheumatism
;witli a supple home ticatiuoni, wlth
itit electric treatment, striim'ent ditd,
w ea kciiini; baths or any Internal dos
1111; that injures the digestion, or, in
fad. any other of the usual tri'ut-
, incuts recommend, d for the cure of
j rhcimiutlKtn.
' li, n't shut your eyes nmi say "Im
possible," hut pur me to the test. You
in iv have tried cwrylhitr,' you ever
loat'd of and have spent your money
rh:ht and left. I sa, well nnd Kood,
let nie prove my 1 laims without ex
pense to you.
So s, ml your name and the treat
ment will he sent you at once. I am
uillliiK to take the ohaiuv and surely
ihe tst wjij tell. When I rend you
1 his 1 will write von fnllv, and will
show yuti that, my treatment is not
"iilv for ciiriic rheumatism, hot
should also cleanse the system of Frio
At ill and kive fieat benefit in Kidney
troubles, and help the iteiieral health.
Tins special oiler will not be held
open iinlefiiiilelv. ll will be necessary
tor you to make 011r application
pilrkly. So take advuntawo of thin
oiler before II is too l ite. I lon't send
any money; jict your name and ad
dress nnd 1 will send the remedy. Af
ter It has shown voti that it Is a real
cure for your rbt umaiiciii send mo
Ihe price, one dollar. Write to-day.
F. II. iH'Inito, iixt In lain, Fid;,'., Syra
cuse, N. V.
For Kn lf hv Untt'n. Ine.
'jour home should
inaniiv in case pr a
always be
sick, Hour,
keut i"f hi
IhP hPQt rap in tho tAfnrlri stomach during the day or nt niaht. hi ncsty of pin !
. V' Tm" , . jt I''" ,,h qul, k,"t- and mcst s.p ryi hUh . b.ss
r difficult!, s. Ful with her deb r-
npset miiuinen to be virtuous nun witti tne
unit 1 11:11 acicrizos
mnii, nhti hravts
1 !, 11... end f i
SI' J : K 1 Nd 1 N Ft ) H M ATI ( iN.
I'r.uik Couktl join learn to
' J 'I
fj e trr l--v
, t . I B iBi
if ' i
1 f-'y
1 '
1. 1
1 f
'. ,
i i v.
1 ' j 1
:,. 1, h.i ,v...i ..' -iit-fta-.' ;
' 1 4,1 i !
J -;,l,i tf
1 " I oMii.:i,v( t. ....1

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