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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, March 22, 1914, SECTION ONE, Image 3

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t-sr'?:-- r tr-. -r-rr-".- . 1 ... :.. a '; V Uj. L. L I'.j
f:tl'."- f -fS -!' "4''X1 l!V""'l nl.'V.ff...-,l..'.i,..ifl imi,i
Iglm,,!,,!.. jT.-A-fnj UWlaS, ,fciSV J
- f
Threatened dissension m the Santo
)( r.n Inn i li'i i i l over Ihi' assignment
mI' (lull's l" Denver, Just admitted, was
avoided a! Ilic mooting lii'l I In I'ui'lilii,
Colo., last Thursday by giving Ihi'
yncen t'lty Trinidad's week, as the
I. an Animas county fair assort, it tun de
, iihsl not to join (hi1 n-soi iation.
The report won circulated in i'it:'
of the circuit that Denver sought nil
ihillance ami that the Denver Knlr
i ti il Iddng a ' "" kit Ion wanted to liolu
ilitee wiiks of mdng. Tills woiil.l
lave i(infllcle,l with Alhuqiieriiue's
licet : lid one oilier city's, llellee there
was some i ppiisition to assigning
nates eovei inn ii three-week i( rhul to
(lie met ri .) 11 il is of the Rockies.
Kohert D. I.oichtoii, cccrctnry ol
i he Di nver association, in presenting
mat i rgnnizatloii's tipplii ation for
uionibetsliip said he wanted It under
stood Itiat tie' assoeiailoti dill not de
sire anything Hint would cause lls
sensh n, 1 1 1 1 1 did want to do tiny
iliiug that would in any way
cm mirage and promote the interest
of racing, according to a copy of the
uiinuics of last Thurs lay's special
ao'eiim,, received yesterday hi
Thomas F. Hinkcrl, seeretary of tin
New Mexico State Kali' as-uauil lop
.Mr. Finken was una! le to attend and
Chicago, .March L' 1 ..lames A.
no " and Lloyd Hicka rt, oresidoiit
and secret. M'V if the Federal league,
will leave tomorrow for I'ahiiiioie t.,
alo ud a iiuetltig of ihe Selledllle oilll-initl'-e.
Tic y is ill lie Joined at In
ula oa polis i.v .1. IMwnril Kr.in-e, and
in I aiiimore hy II. H. Ward, of liroolt
i.n, Ned llaiilon, if I'.a Ii imore, and
Charles Williams, secretary of -the
iTih-ano clnh.
1' hi t 'v,i wi eks mem lie is of the can -.nitiee
iao Ii .-en trjlns I" ariane a
: , In iiiiif I hat .mid ret! in e til" Inllll
Iter i I' enni !iets. The federals w ii!
d:n- in opposition to four leamie-j
Die National, Ami-iitan, American un
social nm and I nt i roal i""H 1 1, and Mr.
ilihiiere adnillted it Would probaldy
he illlpMSsilile to avoid cut iictinv
It lia.s ahculv lion determined t"
open the : : a: ;i,i (. Apt it 1 ;;, and to
close on ( ici.iher I, and to play I " i
La iocs.
I Among the Bowlers
city i i (.ri: stamhni;.
W. I.. Del.
Colls Di 2 .Wi
Sanl.i l'e DI S .iii'U
Drmnmers Dt X .r.."ii!
lil'oeers II !l .."itlll
Dutehers s la .411
r.a;:ker! S la .4 11
I' orest. rs ii 12
1 on. I id Co .' I I '
While Weidinuel' and l.umlin held
on o first and second place in the
lial'dloap li'ii.tMU, ut,io,li,,o (,,.- the lasi
v ecii seeral sensa I iolla I chili'.os oe
i ui red. J. Wilson, of the Hoteliers,
lose iroin st venlh jdace of the we"k
lefnre to fourth, and liniv Alordli, of
the Colts, from twelfth place t fifth.
I'ailadino iiuw lioid:- third place.
Here is the St II ill I i lit! :
Nairn liiini i. I'lns Ave.
W i iiliiiKer- 'olts 1.. I'sti.' 1 1 T!
I. iiiidin-Coits is :i 4 r. im;
rallaililll.-e'l Its IS aMIla IK 4
J. Wilson-l.utchers ... is :!lal 1?'.
.ioieiii-coits is :t I nr. m
lieschler-t'olts is miTri 171
lai-eh-l'oresteis IS 2h: 17i
IV Wilson-Diitchi'is ... is HII4T Dili
Hiissell-Driinimeis ....is 8l Die
II. irns-llankcrs H '.'I'" D15
M' lionald-Diinkers . . . ! 1 ty3 1H;1
Hhea-tiil Co ! 1 47 4 1 61
Thoniis-S. ." IS 'r2 12
laKerlieru-Diiiiniii'is .IS 2S;!:J 137
I m une-iiro is 2SD1 K'
Tierney-ISiirikeis I ' 2 SI I 1 '4
l'raiit-l;iiti hers 1 2:i"." 1'
i,iuackeiil'iisih-Ciro. ...IS 273 1 l-''2
lle.iiKlt-S. IS 2721 I a I
1'iti hl iin-Koresters . .. ;', 1 I
WiKto't'-S .- is 2, 'di 151
Al,,.-S. IS 2ti'i!l l'.O
ti"ine-C.ro ii s!7 lo"
Mi Daniel-Drummers . il SIi:! 14l
Kouers-ltanUeis 12 177H US
I'eili y-ltatikers Is 2Ha" 147
Shi is, n-l'orestels .... i Dt 2 1 147
!' t.-l'.iit, In rs 15 :17 1 1
Whit, ,,mli-I it iimmers .IS 2H12 14a
Camphdl-S. V IS 2HH4 14.'i
"hn-ull Co II 12HH 144
Moiilz-I'.anki rs 12 I Tim 142
Mi Tilers m-Hni i s Dili
l! iinihor-1 inimiii'Ts ..12 D!7:i DIM
It oh, n-i ui (',, 12 Dim; U9
Kraeiner-i dl Co '. I 2 1'.X US
' 'dl -1 ' iimmers IS 2 It,.! 137
I'eltoii-i;n, 12 l4ti 137
1 low a-( ii a. IS 242i! 135
I'.ohr-lhiti litis 1 2H2I) 135
liill-l'orcsters 15 2H02 133
Woolsey-I'nrestels .... 3 '! '. i 130
I'h aid-Daiikeis 771 I2
VaKnci-( ill c, is 22Sti 127
VI iiiis-1-..i c.-rci s !i 1141 127
! : i-'oil -1--, , . sti rs 1. 71.1 127
I l.imiu-i in c,i i; 74 124
Waha-I'ci esicis il 7 4 a 123
1'iilou-iiji (',! Is 2171 121
HandoD-r,, !,.. (, is .... 3 312 114
Koi'stmn-l-'orMsti.fM .... '.i I n In 112
!l:h la-fraioc s, on : Wcidimicv,
21S; l';i;i.,,lln,i. L'i7, Ku.-si II. 24 I.
llU'h :!n-fraine score: WenlinKer,
i;: ' : I'ailadino. 113 1 ; .7. Wilson, li 1 4.
Midi team Di-fia'ime: Colts. DM4.
HiKll tiBin 3H-rrani:': Colts, 2.1S.
(ariliicr lclals IJrown.
N Yoik, March 21. l-al wa rd W.
'"ardiier ot this i itv, wop the na'ion
1,1 amateur IS hilliard 1 hampiocshlp
here tonmht bv defeating Morris D.
'aottn. of Drmiklyn, In the play-off
''f the tie for lii'st place in the niniiliil
'"nrnatiHiit lv 4h0 to 3 KG in lifiy-nine
! VV. J. I'.rown n presi nied New Me-I
! bo. Denver was admiiled.
' The baton Fair assoeiation, whii ii
has dates in the week previous t
A 1 till pieniue's, v.anied to withdraw,
.1. I.. I ten nm n, socretarv, however, was:
j Instructed to write the Union ussocii-j
lion, "report the adieu of the incd-i
I l:ig and ask I' to , out nine :
; I IT.
' The iisslghnn lit of piles ,.n tli
! r lilt, us a mended, follow s:
I I. uinar--August l'.l-:l.
I I. as Animas August ;'li-:'s.
Hoi ky Kurd Sepieinhcr 1-1.
Sugar t 'itv September s-1 l
1'iielilo--September 1 l-l :'.
Denver September Hidl'i.
i llati n Sepietnlier .'iu-i icioher
A 1 II Hi llel, pie - I I, toher I ",
Ml xi pi i;si;s siioi i d
j The purses offered hy the New
! .Mexico State I'air association limihl
I fiPt a blK timiiher of entries. .1. W Haiti ries: Alarililirl. I'loiiiine and
I Drauer, official st,, rier here lor years, I e ers, Johnson; strohcl. Scott aim
I wrote Secretary limkert. Mr. lira nil : -v ''tietee.
alien led the meetini; m I'uelilo last;
i week and saw a N'.-w .Mexico ,,fKi:im ; Yaiil.co, I.',; lltilMoil 10.
Mr. Mrauer also said he hclieved the' Doii'toii, Tex.. .March 21.- Hy d.
Selection of .Mr. lUnkcri as secret, ir ' I'eatinu the H 'liston 'l'i as lenKiie team
! w Uld please the hor-ei. n. ' .today the New York Americans look
.. , jtwo out of three yames of ihe set les.
iTRAFSHOOTING CLUBS 'l!'';'" ; '"'j!"':;
1 , New 1 ork 1 .1 Di 2
ARE TOWN BOOSTERS:, l!, '"'"'v, ,vu ,s- Allin
f Kitchens; rich, .irhoi and IP
That a live tra ptdlootiim club whl
t'laee a town on the sporting map has
lolli lieen I'ecotlli.ed, hut that an ol-
Kanization of mm artists should he
used as an important factor in a Hen
oral publicity plan for a city is an In
novation for which credit noes to the
Wilmington, Del., Chamber of Com
merce w hich has raided $ I .(bbi.iiiui to
advertise the citv and offer I main ia I
aid In industries desiring to l.nate in
the Delaware metropolis.
Incidentally, U niit'lu he slate,) that
the Wilminnton trapshooiiiie. , lui, is
tlo larai st in ih.. inirld, its imtnOer
ship of 7IKI formini? a iritalilc reiti
miTit of eun hues. That this eaib is
up and doiim is shown In main way,
anions which are standinK lutvert ise
iiients in the loiail newspapers invit
Init everylindy lo join the club or at
least, li,, present at the recall;. r Thurs
dav and Saturday shoots. I'.bdters
with .a photoip ai phi . view of the
trrounds are placed in the roi.ms of
every hob I in the itv, and an active
publicity man supplies the local
-porting columns v.iih a hulk of stoi
ic that would do en dli to a circus
!: s iiKi-nt.
During the 1 '. 1 2 -1 :d .! season, the
Wilmiimton uiiiniien Miiimo'd the sev
en other clubs nf T'i rns b. aula and
N'i v, Jersey Dil'lcinc Hie I'bllail 'luhi".
Tripsiioi'ti r' league, a:., I ai the prc -'iii
time, with l ut one mine iiiabh.
ami this mi their home grounds where
the:' have im i r been oeatcn. tile Dd
1 vara duck liuolei's" arc ready to
land the ill 1:1-1:1 1 4 pennant.
Illinois Wilis iiiileieiicc,
lavanston, 111 , Maicb 2 I 1 i liin.is
athlet! s won tile c, uifi relic,, indoor
chinipioiiship of 11114 I mi 11 lit . with
thirty-su points.
Coin of the Realm Is
Plentiful in Baseball
1 I!) Kr.it,!; ;. M.-l. V 1
New Yolk, March 21 . Is there any
money in baseball'.' I'll, n"t hiucb for
the stockhi biers of a winninc club
thai K not mole than d.uib mis laiif
iiiK i'roin lieu to 2. "mi per cent each
year. That's all.
tul as tar as the ball player is con
cerned - well, tin re isn't much 111 'I
for him; not 111. 1,. than $2'ui,auo or
:;iiii,niMi Hint he can run up into a
million in ,1 few years hy careful in
vestment under the Ullidallce of busi
ness men who know an opportunity
when they see it anil Who dadly slip
tips in star ball players.
The .National F.xhihition company
is the corporate name of th" New
York Kiimts. It s ittoorp irah'd under
Iho laws of .New Jeisev. which laws
do not compel a corporation t,, pub
lish or even file a list showing earn
ings. Thercfoie. the es.'o t profits
mtincreil each year by the Hiants are
a mutter of speculation.
Hut thosa n the inside of baseball
declnre that- th.- (liatits for the past
tbice years, Im hidinn the world S' ri"s
Icvipls of eour'.', hale elcii'e.l close
In $ 1 , '" 11, II nil a !,.,,,. 'p,u, , p,i, t! , :ip.
italrcil at laii.il'in. which meai.s that
the club has paid dividends each year
of $2.tion on every 5100 Invested.
The CincHKo Cubs, next to the
Ciiant. iiiCm been recardeit as the
hiKtfiHl money maker In the old
leaiziie, Aceoriliuu to Charles Webb
Murphy, demoted prexv of the out
fit, he started in baseball in D1115 with
one cotton shoestrintr and merged
with '"ever a mi'Mon." Tim; mean
that Murphy alone "cleaned up" an
average of close t,i $ 1 50. nun nyir,
which Includes the marvelous increase
in the price of the stock which he
Murphy cot nearly JDi.Oim for every
$Dbi share of stock he had in the
Cubs shi wiiur that his stock had in
creased DKI times in value in some
thtriK like seven years.
The llorton Red Sox in IHI 2 when
they won the world's championship
are said to have cleared nearly liiiMI,
(ifln. The Cleveland Nails last year,
although they finished third, and were
practically out of the pennant race
ilurl;i? the last six monihs, cleared
about 1 5n,flUl, 10 c,,rdiiiK to icporh".
The Athlctlcx in Hi D', Hi 1 1 and 1 '.i I 3
ale said to have il aicd over $l.'nia,
00(1 an average i,f $".011.01111 a season,
and in 1312 when they failed to Hrnb
the peutuitit. tt.( y earned somcthitiK
ovi r $21111.01111
Kvery lime anyone intimates to a
baseball magnate that there's a for
tune in baseball Ihe said noiitmite re
leases a wail of anguish and asoircs
the populace that "t here ain't no mon
ey to be made in baseball; baseball
is 11 losing proposition unless vmi have
a H c I) 11 o 111 winner each year."
Isn't it odd then in foe of this
statement, that even the mar.nates
of tall-rml teams stick lo the name
et a death Mi'ip on the K'oi.k of their
club and b't go only when pome or-
lil-iii Ii: While So No. 'X.
San Fratii No, M.ii , It " I .- Tin
Chicago America ns N". .! tailed I.
i voreoino an early lead taken ly tin
Sail Pi a ndsoo Coast league team hen
ioilay and Iftst to the Seals by a si ol
, I :, to li.
Score k lb II. F
San Km n iseo i', 1 u i
Chicago I I I
liallerles: Toser, Standndgo an'
('lark; Koggo and Sullivan.
(.hints III: I hi Ha- I.
Dallas, Tev, March 1' I - -The .Wa
York Nationals defeated the Dallas
1 Texas leimue team heie today
II, II. i:
New York
1 Dallas ...
I a II
; White Sov o. I, 7: Venice 5.
I l.os Angeles, .March 21. The Chi
li ano Ameiiians No. 1 team made il
1 three slraidit by wUniiii the final
inline from the Venice Coast IciiRuels
' today.
i Scoie: K. II. !'.
i'hica;:o 7 In .'
I Venice , .". 12 '.
j Haiti l ies: Johnson, Fnher and
IS. ha Ik; 1'owell, Flaherty and Kiiioit,
Culls Memphis
, Miniphis. Tenii., March 21. Th '
jChleiiBo NatlollalH defeated the Mein
'phis Soiuhern leaguers today.
I Score l.y inmnus: I!. II. 17.
M'lllcauo ml! Hill thill- a HI Z
' M ( in) hia nihi mill 21111 2 4 1
! raMoiics; Kocatner ami Uremia -ilian.
Ilartirov ; Sane, Merritt, John
son and 1 iibboney.
Chicaeo Ceils ll: sltrote!ii'l 1.
Shtevepoit, la.. Aiai.-h 21. --The
I'll1 a If 1 1 Feleli'b it, I'calcd S ! 1 le vepi lit
Score l.y in'id.LS : I'.. 1 1. 1".
I 'hh a::o nr. 1 4":; x 1 ;t 1 ;,
shrevepori mill (inn I - 1 1; :'
i'al, cries: Mdluire an.l Williams.
Sch:l!' and Valentine
( old Mops Hi aves' (.nine.
Ma on, 1 la.. !a', h 21. A licht rain
and col l weather today prevented the
l osioii .National In in play Iiik the
hi' i n S,oii!i Atlinlic Iciinue team
SiillU Slais n s' ;.ii!to.
All. mill. ia.. March 21. --,v mow
I storm pni inled the Clou land Auiet -1
i' ans mid Die Atlanta Southern leaKiie
I team 1101:1 pi , :i.f here.
minl.cil fa. (inn ,11 lin n ow n organi
zation forces them out?
Skiddiim off now in the ijetieial di
rection of the ball player one finds a
lari'e number of m-tan 1 s to .chow that
niiniliired amcni: the tu t ireiiernlum
of millionaires tiiete will be duite ,i
crowd of ex-ball players.
fliibtv .Mathewson ,,, lb,, Hiants,
started in baseball thiilecu ynttn iikh
with a wise head, a i;ood aim and a
pair of shot strings. Today .Malty Is
worth between $2011,11111) and $300, nun
and the inoiiev is comim; in so fast
that he tieeds a wheelbarrow to cart
i It off to the bank.
' .Matty hasn't made his fortune sim
ply as a player. I'm th., (jatuo nave
him the start - and 11 gave him the
fame that he is fojmnv; Into dollars
now. .Matty's Income for the past few
years has been soinel hiiiij between
130,000 and $10,1 Sonic of It has
come from Die exchequer of the
Hiants. Me has made a larije pile
: "w riting" articles for the new spapers.
He has "written" a honk that brinus
hint a nice royaity. He Is co-author
of a play that brunts him nice re
turns. Hut one of his bluest sources
of Income Is from his invest nients,
Matty, diirlin; his years as the idol
of New York faiubitn, has Kalro'd the
friendship of many of ,Xew York's
Imsini'sH men, and many of the Wall
street brokers. Whenever these men
learn of "Mood 1 hinn ' by the way
of investment they "slip the tip" to
.Matty and .Matty "Kels In" -and us
ually he jiets out with a nice bin profit.
Frank Chance, maiumer of the Yan
kees, Is worth about 2no,OOti.
Larry Lajoie of the Naps, who was
a Wnoiisookott hack driver fiboul
eighteen y.-ars aco. and tnlKhty hap
py when le earned a day, is worth
in the neighborhood of Jioo.ooo to
' $150.(100,
Monli cil Drown, once of the Cub.,
and now of the Feds, has ubout J5n,
000 store away ill the fooler. Fddlo
Collins, the Athletics' second -:aeki',
is worth around $5o,000 today, ac
cording to reports.
The Meiiaul s Imol niim yesterday
of'eri,,oii at Assoi iation park" defeated
the high school. 7 to 5. Flayers of
loth t'atos showed fairly well oonsi l
crin'4 Hie fai t that this wu.s their firs:
'appearance on the diamond for Hie
a as. ,11, The Menaul-hlgli si hcol game
was, !,, have h m o a preliminary to the
d'nivei iio of .Now Mexico-Ill linn
iciitisi. The mam event, however.
! was culled 1 ff because of cold.
Mordee.il Drown no lonirer walks
with a limp. lie says he will pitch as
iwell us ever fni the St. Louis Feds
HI113 seasijn.
Chicn'o, March I 'I he s, hedub'
of the American assn, iaiioii, made
public here today by l'ie.,d,nt Chiv
iimtoii, containt. a iiumhcr ot unusual
The addition of Cleveland as
home town of one 1,1 the clul
I place of Toledo was responsible
soi ,f them, pariieolarlv for tin
I ranueniciit of dates winch nlves
a r-
n. w Kiircst citv le.'iiii ri r home
j Karnes than any otlnr bam in the
1 leamie, Deeul'se the scries provided
'lor Cleveland conflicted in sixteen
I dates with names of the American
lellKIII' there, these sixteen contests
were transferred to other towns ami
are mi indicated In the si hedulc. The
Cleveland association learn will not
plav nt home until May 11 -a month
afti r the oienliiK of ihe season. The
ui hedulc for the first tune has not
been drawn with the idea of avoldinu
conflicts with the Louisville laces and
the league will eonipeie for luitronaue
with them. This feature was also at
tribute,! 1,1 0,,, addilion of Cleveland.
It was said that the schedule t;ives
Columbus a decided advnillaue over
its three eaxtern neighbors tor the
Cleveland loam must plav a larne
number of Its names a win tiom home
and mast create a new uroiin of
friends in a new home; the Indiana
polls club will have some competition
at home from the Federal leacue.
The league has another innovation
ill benliinluM with a hoiiie-and-home
or Inter-sectional scries, 'Ihe card
provides for lour trips and Ills name".
Mi:i!M SS I ' ()
Chicane, 'March 21 Six of the
I mill umpires who will oficlaie in
jthe American association the eomiim'
l-a ason Were announi dl today by
j I're.shleiit I'hiviiiKtoli. They are ,1. 17.
1 Johnston, JamcM A. Murray, Fred
! W'estervclt. Joseph ii'Hi icn and I!,
i 'oiinolly.
1 The llrst four will be known as inie
iln.s in chief Mid will officiate be
i hind the plate in must games.
Picking a Pennant Winner Not
a Cinch, Thinks the "Old Fox"
j Washington, March 21. "Tryltu; to
; dope out a baseball pennant chase is
i a mol e ilatmerntis pastime than at
jtiinptiiiK to pick them, one, two, three
I in a horse race," said Maiiaecr Clark
idrilfith. "and I would a whole bit
rattier Id the Nationals speak fur
theiiiM'bcs during the oomme, cum
paio.n In Ihe American hauiue than lo
mane a predict ion.
'There all' so many thui'is that can
crop out in the meat national name to
chance the rosiest sort of ptospei ts
into almost dismal failure.
' It is practically impossible to enu
merate Ihc vai ions , unties yuii would
have to consider In tlhmiin; the
ehanc's of Ihe Washington club for
t he I !i 1 I stnmt: I" I or diamond lion
ors. Last jear we w,re deprived of
the Kt-r Ires of 'third Itaseman l-aldi"
I'o.-tir for in, uly half of the soeim,
and Hit fli Mors Mueller and Shanks
failed to bat to an whi le Ileal' their
ana lula I'd.
"With all the members of th" team
in first class shape from Ihe start to
the finish of the .schedule, our outer
Kiii'ili'iicrs hltiim; at what micht be
leiiucd their normal iiver.me, our In
field duplicating its trout worn of the
DILI lace, ami om nr two of our
yiiiuiK pib heis coming throiiiMh a 1 s
pictcil. I would vihtui'e tn a-scrt that
we have an outside chance to fly til'
D 11 11 1 i ti if this season.
"It Is really up t tr pibhers more
than anilhin-r else, especially if We
lose 'Hob' ilroi.m. While there r.. a
Ki nd many folks w ith v Imm the tall
iwirb r does ma have the m. rit. d
slandinu, he would b" Inl.-setl hould
he decide to eo with the Federals.
There are a lot i.r ball clubs that
lUrooin can heat, and he would come
jin minhty handy lo nandwich in with
the yollllKstels of the Staff.
"Il il: .lU.cllltell ess,.., Hal tb.'.l .it
least one of (he youthful pitchers de
liver if we can expect to be In the
tipht from the riniHmr of the flist
uoiiLt. This, loo, is taking it for urant
ed that Joe ItoehliliK will hold pretty
closely to his winning form of last
year. You know we can't pitch Wal
ter Johnson every day in the wi ok.
' Why the Nationals got as far as
second last seasiiii was became of
their ironclad nerve. I doubt very
much if there was a mil hi r ball dob
in the history of the sport that could
have pulled itself louether III the face
of sin II persistent adversity and earn
ed tin- riinm 1 up position to the
greatest baseball combination, barling
possibly Its pitchers, that has ever
been assembled.
"Il Is needb ss to say that I hav e
Just referred to the Athletics, and in
mentioning their name I am al-u tell
ing of ihe woist stumbling block t"
the winning of the pennant in the
American league. As 1 said before, it
is almost an Impregnable team, and
no matter how things may break lor
the Nationals In I I'M, you can't pos
sibly lent out a club that Is winning
more games than vou are. So t:o mat
tor how you may figure it, hew
strongly good fortune may smile on
1 an, vou always have silent Connie
Mack and his charge!
"A I'd of fans will td yon
Hi ihIit and Flank fir" fill 111
can't po.s'ihlv lad Him h longer
a ml
n lid
w ithout tin so f o veteran siabmen
th,. Athletics would not lie aide to
stand the pace, Tin", 111 my opinion,
I" all wrong, M;o l has a great coterie
uf young pitchers, some of whom have
alioadv shown the', mettle, and oth
,.i, that appear to be in the making,
libit atier all is said and done, Vou
id' ii't need miu h pitching with a bat
1 1 1,1,1 flout bk" 'hat presented ly the
World's ehamploii!i. With a Huh gd
'ling an averai" of six runs a game,
I pit liinv bceoim s a secondary eom'.id-
I I rat ion.
I "(if coarse, there is Cleveland and
I lint-ton to be con siil , r I'd , tint they are
im.t'or in oompurijain with the Ath
lletics. Cleveland's chances are mmii"
jwlial minimized bv the desertion of
ll'iichei" I'alkcnbei g. K'ahler and
I Handing to the Federal league. While
i Kalk en lie 1 g was the only one of the
Itrio lo set an ex. ept.onal record last
Jyi'.ir, t Iks other two are (. xpelieucifd
Darls. March VI - In 11 flfteen-t'ound
hunt here tohlijht Joe Jeatielte, the
A nierli an lioa v w eldit imiiilist, won
the decision over i!iiri;i Cariienl Icr.
the French champion, on points.
I Jcanctle . arrioil the fiKht to his op
I m 1 11 111 1 throuxhnul and piled up a
I good lead in Hie opi nhiK rounds,
1 which were m, nked h almost eoiilin
! uou.s in-fiKht Iriif. Ca 1 pent ier met the
; neuro n rushes cleerly, and put up
'splendid defensive fluid. lie had a
diiiile the hetlcr of several rounds, but
could not overcome the lead of the
1 American whose heavy inncheH In the
fierce milieu at close ipiartei'H slac,-
I'led the Freni Ii champion more than
I Jotlliette olilwelched the Fretichmii'l
i sliithl ly, mid was the inmv hhmI'ChhIvc,
I All unusually larne crowd cheered the
efforts of Carpetitier, who U Ihe
I Ideal of the French cpnrtlni; luibllc,
jit ml ureal (llHappointnient wnn show 11
I over his defeat.
Marlin, Tex., March 21. - I'ltche.
"Ilontu" Will;,. U t,i 10.., 'I -oil ball
I delivery this year, and 11 southpaw
Slitmer of tlio damp pellet Is mime
'what ot a rarity. Wlltse, npprcclnt-
ilii- that his old style of 1 1 i t . ' ti 1 r 1 14 was
11 back numl 1 r as far as effective
ness RiicM. has decided to take up
the spit hull, actlnn' on the advice of
Manager Mcilraw, who reci niiiicnde l
il to him while they were together
en the triti around the world. Wlllso
: tried his new scheme iiKulriNt the
'rcLMilars on Monday and found it
wciked effectively. If he makes u
permanent success of It he will last
scleral more years in the game, than
he ot lie rw ise would.
men who 1 mild he worked to advan
tage. If we me going to led Ihe loss
of ilrooni. the Naps are bound t" 'lif
ter to at least double our extent.
"Then there is no reason whv Hus
ton 'hould ind be In ihe light. II ap
pears to lie ju t as strong a club an it
was in winning the world's title In
l!i 1 2. II hail its share of hard hick
last year. m. link through the iiidbpo-
slihui of its twirling Mali', and the in
I cnpacltatli'li ot the members of Its In
1 field. It should lie hotter 111 both de
i liarituciits (hi.! season, and it Is liiiiil
j Iv necessary to leter to the caliber
j of its ouillebl. I certainly look for
Ihc Ited Sox to be Very much In the
"I'liloii'ii should not be entirely
.overlooked. It showed great Improve
! nit nt in tin- latter stage of the I jl 1 :t
campaign, and If lal Walsh should re
gain the prowess in liis pitching arm,
itln ic is no I'l'iioiii why the Whit"
Sex .should not make 11 Id, I for the
flag. I let 1 1 it appears to contain
'considerable more slieiiglh. and while
il may not bo a leal contender, will
;.oirely make Us presence feo t,, those
1 w ho hav e high aspiration
! ".New York, under (Tinner, will
ihave a loam that will not tie rated as
hi 'Joke,' and St. Louis, with Hrtindi
Dickey In 1 barge, will pre-ent a II', dy
loi of youngsters, led by a prlnceiy
pitching stall'. So I don't mind saying
, that I think the class of ball will In'
even heller In tin- American league
than last ar, and 1 teit II will be uiie
of the lullllcut struggles ill the his-
' tm y of Ihe circuit.
"Whichever team v ins tin- pinnant
will lima
1 Washington. March 21. S orilU
KOK out of a possible 1,000, a new
; world's record, Hie Warren, Pa., Dfl '
loam, the present t It leholdet s, won the
sci unit international inliT-cluh ihain-
'pio!iliip tills week, not n defeat hav
inir bein legislei'ed against it 111 the
thiitein weeks' match. The shoot,
'will li was held under the nuspicrg of
the National lilflc assoeiation, Wit 1
' com Imlcd tod ly .
; The DM lid of Columbia team took
second place with cloven victories and
i iwo b l'i-uls; Cleveland, third, tell
victories and throe defeats.
; In the final match with Cleveland,
the Warren team put l',t out of I on
; shuts into a Inill.si ye the size of a ti n
11111 ,1101 cat 1 distance of seieiitv-fivc
I'-cl. ,22 1 alible lartridi!, rifled being
used. Cleveland's score was Ids
'euiialling the perfoi niiince that gave
: that team a new world's record last
w eck .
In 1 lass 1! the first honor, go I 1
; Kings Mills, (i., with thirteen straight
1 ii-tm les, Huston, Siuhvaler, Minn.,
and Wnhlon, Colo., tied for se, obd
d ace, en h with eleven wins and two
, Ideals.
' The imn miiki ,'.' the highest per
il mage In then,- mutches ami in the
national individual gallery matdi will
i he selected Hi represent the I'lllte I
Stiit' ;, In the Intel national f;,nall bore
mat eh of Hi I I.
j S, or. :
Class A - Warren, flfll, vs. Cleve
land, id's; I'.lrmingham, !i7, vs. Mil
waukee did C.liard, !iS!i; Hi iiUjepnI I,
HH'i, vs. Adrian, Mich,, lo'.ii; h, Paul.
' !'X7, vs. Milwaukee Kifle, iCIX; Dis
trict of Columbia, 1,1:10, vh. Manchester,
; N. II-. !"; Dbklnsori, N J , M ho, vs.
Yoling.slow 11. II., !lli.',; II111 yrtis, !.,
i!i!b'!, vs. Ta -orna, Wash., defaulted.
Class I
I'della, Mi
,:ilin., lis',,
Colo., ;i ."..'I,
fslllted; Lo
Wis. a,', S,
K lugs Mills, 1 1., lis,', vs.
nt., defaulted; Hllllwater,
vs. Itoslon, !iT:i, Will, ten,
v: S. n l''ranclc,eo, ((,-
ulsvUle, Hill, vs. .Madisoli,
Fritz Maisel, who hulls from Haltl-
m,,,. I, ,!:,.., .1,,, y . ..... I.,.. r
luirt of Itis-r HUiiinu r, suffi red an In-
llll'V to one ,,f bis fiio'. i e ubll.. rn.
Il,.,.,il,,r 1., ....... I i.,.. .1... ...I .1.... 11
, p,, ,,.., ... p i ,, i ,- .Hll'i llil.l, Jt
j is not scrlouu.
M t I SSI l I, MI X
The men who fail In hie and who move in the
1 otiimon grooves would have us Icheie that
clrc'ittu-Uncc,! make the man" ami that 'posi
tion" end silo-res are lb" result d hid, ol
good I net line. In same cases this la true, hut the
,,v ci'w helming 'iciority ol the w 01 Id s sue, ess.
id men are wmkeis. not men vvab exceptional
natural abiiiti ami peculiar and extraordinary
liiletii, ion Miim.k workers and suvcis. They are
liieli v, ho in 1 1 be then- lime ciiiiil. who have not
sought ease ami .ouiicr; as the best to be oh
I.UPi'il ill llf" Let aliv ol o look up at abler
and more succ.ssiiil men, ciisidcr Hie lime we
wasle III az ease and III 1. Seles ly cXpemllllg
euergv aril uiotiov Tbetc we see the eansc of
our own inlet lortti. Tl t vvoikcrs, the pel -i.istent
and intcliigeni plodileis are climbing Ihe
ladder and passing while we ale- stopping to
new the beautiful scctu-tv imm a round half
v.iv id' I'd ( " i i.i 1 ' h . the gnat majority of
hopelul lilies need olib a start c open Wide
Ho- gale Ii, Hi,- right road You must save.
The Citizens Bank
Open Pay Days and Saturday lAciiins.
4 1'er t'enl on Time t'erliriciites ami KaUnud
r " 1 " - -
T M0MNIN4 OUSNiL rtri. Lf A.KD I N 1 1
Clndniiutl. March 21 The Nil -11'
nil basehall coiiiiiiu o.ii toi;iv is
sun I a iiiilio' to ail aii,, mil agree
ment clubs lelalivo to a new para
graph ol Itule Hi. ,d t a,, National
igleeinent. It ioilows,
, "I'aiagiaph II. of Hole 1 of the
N'atouial commission, pn crlbliu: one
ol I he condii ions under di h an up.
lo mat agreement V, III I approv cil, le
corded nod m o'" i ff, , ;., has hen
rescinded and the following' substilitl
ed In lieu Hi, reol .
"P. A major haglie club will be
pcimitlcd to iclcao- lor a siibseiiienl
aeitson, under optional agreeni' nt.
two, but not more of its plav ors who
have bei n rei ailed under optional
Plodded, however, thai the num
ber or dull' approval optional adee
ment, including those envoi lug play
els teh used under optional agree
ment.! for two successive season, si: i
Hot I Ma i d eight for the same ye."
Chrlstv Matin wsin. the on'v marl
ever abli" In throw Die I. moil -i fade
iivvav. mal i a public or the tn : time
the .h i c: i id l his great . If I .ea rn
llOW It l! dotlc, tllelt lid II )i'- it ad
' ' .1
' tff'2- "' "!
- vA -'. 't
t, i
U-.- - - g Iiir 11. M'Moi
Th F,l.wr Grip
Pull ilf .11. of All thr no,,, Oirrn II
the Cneiiii'te Cjiimc ai In.lructiahK
that is licci 'saiy Is a little peipever
iince and n three months' paid In lid
vanci" ubseription to the .1 1 1 1 " I i ,N A 1.
Hievv i' ohll, and Vint will become the
owner of this great seirel. inlv e
limited ii ii mbi i to be given away
Wll'inm S. Ilohlns Diis.
M bid Mow ii, N. Y., Mori h ;M. - W il
llaill S. Itobbliis, a widely known
horseman, dle.1 to, lav al his home m
(loshi n afler a short illness. He was
Hiiperiiitemlent of Hie llarrlman sta
bles at Ardeii.
Baseball Briefs
From lircsent indications It is evi
dent that Infielder Itootie of the
Vnnkees has made a favorable Im
pression oil Malinger I'liiiin i' lo date,
llnoiie seemingly din in nicely around
holli secoiiil and third, the Peerless
leader falling to find iinv faults so
"I may have to icli you for sunt"
of your players," said President link
i f of the Phillies to t'nd,, Hen Slilbe
of the Athlethd during a good natuied
chat Ihe other day "You'll have to
see Connie Mink," replied I'mle
Hen, "for I don't know whit players
he has, I never ask hltn "
It Is lilody (hat Charley llerzog will
keep a HtrltiK attached to every young
bull player going to the inlnois from
tin. Hel camp ID' Is planning as
much for i 13 as he is for the ( omliiK
season. The youimstiis. in camp al
present look too g 1 to discard eti-
A suggestion Is to be made M.mn
fcer HerzoK of Ihe I tills lay I. eon
Ames, conilng from the (hunts, that a
si teen hi Inilll on tup of the giutid
stand at Heolalid field for the coining
summer The failure to see the butler
ut only u difficult angle Is the cause
Klvoriiby Attics, when the sun gets
.Manager .Modravv Is free In admit
ting that if "Tillb ' Hiaf.-r does not
retain to the 'Hants, Hie loam will be
weakened greallv. Ilotzog h gone
and he has hardly a big league third
baseman. Jvldlo (Han! likely will get
the .lob.
(itto K'nalie. manager of the "Haiti-
...r.-.- - . , l .CO
, i.l ..... . .....
scasoii, but will manage from the
bench, assigning Hack Simmon j. to
th" kev slono sack. K undo )s suppased
lo draw an annual salary of ID, OIK!
llll ' nil II V I
and may prove an expensive invest
ment to Ned I Pinion.
Amu her has hi en added tn the Fed'
list, tleorge Siitiiuons, lately of the
Yankees and Tigris, has cast his lot
with the Hfiltltmire Federals. ID1
jiiuide .t lair showing ns a Yiinkee. Ili
I plays I he infield.
I Larry Schlaflcy, malinger of tho
j I'nt lo n Feds, has signed more ilayet
; for tin. outlaws than any other audit,
I il Is said. Schliilley turned down sev
:ernl good offeis to return to oi'Hati-
Ir.ed basehall.
HTftG Snort
7 or
Lvcrv ci&sx
verV week
Tra psho ot n
I'lullip SoiHa, (g Cliinf lien
iler end I t mi. tiutth me
r!1 b .ip saooters.
Uti lor tree tn.Llet ''The hisirt
Allutuiij" and addi rsi, ot neineit cli.tj.
Ua Pont Postdar Co.
Utttwm .
i fit iiimeiai
Steam Washer
Best in the World
A Combination Washing Ma
chine and Laundry sto e
Washes and Dolls a Tub of
Clothes In In Minutes
Just think of It, washing In
(die-half the tunc it lakes other
washers. Hvory piece of Roods
Is thoroughly washed and ster
ilized by boiling' water and
steam. .No hot water to carry,
en scaldiiiT of hands, no dip
ping of water, as the two,
washer and heater combined In
one, no ai! (his.
S, e Ho in on display at our
Sil lesro,,m
Itlll Voii Ii I list Street,
lijlfiili!l,X,'Sv'"li.1juSi SkB8&liM
Furniture, t UrpcU and Stoves'
Drummer Bowling Alley
505 v. c.oi.n .
isowuNO AM.r.va asi
1 1
1 , r

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