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Phone 251 4
g'tsd, reported on January s, the ur
rival there of Ishluam Pasha, com
mander of the. Turkish Ninth army
corps", four division generals and oili
er officers diptmcd I y the Russians
ut Pari KftniK'h In tlm Caucasus
l.xtikrtt in 1'iishn, cording to 1 1 1 . n dis
patch, admitted llirt loss of r,.'ioi on ii
of the corps.
Previously (he offi l.il wlal iin-iil Is
sued hy (hi Russian war office an
nounced thnl the ili fi ut Inflicted on
the ottoman tinny ill Hurl Kamysh
wns complete a nd thai th .Niiilh Tur
kish corps us completely iiniiillll.il- I
rd, thn Tiirkirh low In killed and;
wounded being enormous.
Everybody Shows Disposition
to Be Fair and to Work To
gether for Best Interests of
cAirn itKh nv m si s i
Prtlogllid, Jan. 12 in.r. i. m. I -Noruny
Hey, hief of the general staff
of the Third iiltnmuii lit my corps,
who mm miit hy the null. in to the
raieiimm to Investigate the chump of
the ih feat of the Turku by the Kus
shiim ut Hurl Kainjsh, Im been tnp
lured Iiy f'nwiii'kii nt Kara I'rcnri. ac
cording to the Tlflm correspondent of
till) Rourse (laatle.
j New Presiding Officer Pledges
Himself to See That Rights
of Minority Are Respected
at All Times,
TiKKM Km i i ' r ih i; or
IM.M'r It Air. Kl .slsTWn;
Ijmdim. dun. : (1:0,1 h. III. J A
dispatch til the Tillies from Its I'ctro.
fiTBll Correspondent, says;
"The viceroy In 1 1 1 Cuuoiihus fmiti
Ids difficulties ly lo, ineiuiN reiiiov-
ed since the crushing (I, 'fen! of the)
Turku. The Turk hno assembled!
in large force 'and It In believed thai I
there nre 10(1, mm between Kurs audi
I'.rzcruiii. At Kara I'rgun, where I
they have succeeded for five days In j
holding the KuehinK hack, they Mill j
show no sign of RlvliiR- wnv. The
Turkish resistance here Ik facilitated!
by proximity to Krcrnm, hence the j
Turku nre utile to draw suplifs." I
IxiiiiIiiii, Jan. l;t (3:I."l s. in.) The
Pellegrini correspondent of the (in lly
Mall reports It is the general belief
III ltussW that the projected hew In
vasion of Servlu In due lo the urgent
lHeiL Dl.!CM TO aOXin JOU.NL
Santa. Ke, Jan. I 2. - Speaker Scrim
ilino Romero emerged from the Imp
tifin of spec, h-mukiiig at the opening
or till, first session of thn Necollll
ft ile legislature loilay with a halo
Hint It will tiike snpei hamuli clfnrl
lo keep nn KtialKht.
Il wiim a veiilalile lnvrfein'l anil
finuiallvcly HpinkltiK, repulilicaiiN
and democrat, proreh -en a ml no
claliNtH fi ll upon each oIIiii'h xhoulil
cr und wept like Ioiik lost In ut hei
tli" at lnct foiinil each otlo-r and
ho, to I elehmle the event maile the
election of llomi.ro for speaker un
eiilnioiiH, If the plnlxen of the
Hpoki-Kinen for the two meat part ion
are kept, the oppiwIlIK poliliilil pur
lieu will meet each other more than
half way to give this miiiHre ileal and
the HcMxIon will he n tnoilel to all
jwlute leniHlal lire to eoliie, If the
homliialliiK eiieecheM can he taken
wrioiiMly, nn era of ;ood fccllliK IniM
dawnci for the mate,
"Aa. with political hoil'ipln v,"
declaimed NimIoi- Montoya In notnl
natinu the Nun Mlmnl coiinly leader.
"Let iim treat each other with con
sntcriition and work toether Holely
for the pnlilii' kooiI." (in liehalf of
the rcpiihllciiiiM Mr. Montoya elo
iiicnlly oiilllncd a proKram of nilu-
ilenmndM of IIiuiKiirliin otatcHmcn ! Inry IchIhIiiIIoii that ahoiild iniike
that MomethttiK Khould he done to every taxpayer' heart rejoice. He
cleTcnd their country, ollierwiHe tlnyldrew a picture of the candidate of
threaten thul KuiihiI) will look ufli't'lhe repulillcan cauciiH that wan inonl
hemelf, jalliirlnK. A. 11. Itcnchan, In Hec.
It U ftu'.ed, iiccoldinn to the dame pndlliK the nomination, wiih eiiially
dlHpalch, that nn rxpedllloii of ii(i,-ai! rliMiiicnt and eipinlly an altrnltlc
Otio nu n In helim made ready under in me nentimcnta ho cxprcMeit. -witn
thu hniiilniil command of Archduke
ICUHetie of Aueliia, to which will he
littuched H Oerman ncnclal an the
real leader. The expedition will In
clude two tlavnrliin army i oi pa and
a coi p of I'mwdrtn li nen lulu and Ih
expected to hein tipei'Htiomi uhoiil
llln middle of 1'chl inn ,V.
(HpltuliMo loniul (iiilllv.
Ne York, Jan. 1 -The hour. I of
iliicitois of the 1 uliihoi ouuh Itiiptl
Transit iimip.inv, which liu luih h for
licllun Vuuderhill, AiikukI II, Inioni,
Tlnoilore I'. Simula, Tlioma lieWM
t'ujler Hint Frank lleillcy, were found
liuilly of crlinliial imKlttteiice today hy
the coronet H Jury which ln heen
holillng art 'mjiiefit on the death "f
two persons killed in a rei'iH coili
rinu nf eh'valcd truing.
let MilHi't' l)pepsj 'IahlcU A-Kt
1 iiir Moiiiiieli Wlieiirter II NifiN
Help. Hie) Aei-Safe and Mire.
A Irliil I'm-kiiuP Tree to All.
If oti really waul to diuit a meil,
til.-' a Stuait i)kpcpHtu T.il.lct alter
catlni; H
If Mm i, ally w.uit your old-tine"
hoy appiliti- t,i rei ni) to ou once
iiTtire. r 1 1 1 1 1 i (he practice of eatum 'i
t'tuart Ipcla Tahlet afler
iiiKllnvt our vote for epcaker we oast
partleiiuahlp lo the winds, '' ha prom
ised, "and will woi li coiihi ientioimly
lor the puhlle (iooil,"
I. Itcprewenlallve Henry Han oi
jWiiuy w an hi Icier, hut equally un en
I lliiininetic ill li..r.li.iitii:K She vrter
I ii. John V. lieu ill, of Lincoln coun
t.v for Hpeaker Hi Hie choice of the
: ilcliiocrallc i n in iim He paid it ,1c
jwrved trllmle lo the (Senile, old
dcpiocralic Warhol'!'. (J. ('. Smith
lof I'riion county, In a necondlnit
! speech Dial fjlvon priuiilHe of forellHic
; f new hi liH rrom him iliulnn the nch
-1 . 1 1 . hi l.l ea and amen to all that
had preceded us far us promim-H of
! democratic i o-operatlon 111 placlnifj
liencflclal law upon the Ktalute hook
I la concerned.
j There were no further nomlniitionij
or secoiulliiK npeei Iich anil the voii
wan n 1 , hi u Hlrlct party linen except
that lioineio voted for Hewitt and
I Hew lit for Itomero, while W,
jTharp of furry counly, the lone so-
'ciallnt In the lcKi"latuie, declined to
'vote at all. Hewitt, after the vote
!iik announced, niovid to make the
jchoice unanlinouH and thai wa done
I wiih HtandlnK vote.
I TliC KcymMe Spiai-h.
j Montoya, Hewitt anil Tliarp were
i mi 1 1 1 "! a committee to eacmt the
from wher
npcakc to the ihair.
luct I
Kcsnlls will uMtouud ou,
k' i 7 1 1- -1 -1
't.iM.,1 nd Miioe lie like Moilice
-d I" Mak. . " '
'1 hr r. m i : ,-,,, ,1,. .
Id it. p. i nil i.. in I., il ,,r
IHM ii,.-., i i. i c. ,n:.- , , .1
of lln.-c t .'i,c h w,,,,K. ,,, ,.-
1,1.-1.' . ' -I- Ill I.,-
I , . . , ; i w i . . . j , . . I : . .. ,.!..( ...
K' t i I.i,.- .,, I i ,,, p. I 1
'I 'nil . -,. I; I ,. , , . . ..... , ...
klld f :l -- . (.. : .,! I, . il I
lo I ,f. . Il il I., ,. i ' !
),. II M..I11 i , .,,.,1 .,, ,
..J i I ' , .1 I... I ,.. ,
ho U I ,! , ... . ,.( t , i ,
Jl'ip lll, I tl I ,1 !
IM.-H j 1 1 , .I,. . 'ii, ' l , ,
I'l.luil- j.-
II ,1,1 I :, ,. . V ' :
I .1 I ' I',,'' I I I - , , ,.1 I .lis 1
, i-1 , . i i I j i 1 1 i ' , , . ! 1 ,. , , , I
t -I 'I.I.I- i . ,
.. I . -
I . h - , .
i-iol I I ',... IT ,
t I , i . , i;
I CI. i ! I I i ,
. . ' t . - I , j
I ;
jdcllM'i'ed the keynote npeei II of
I Hesaioii, hilefly. fonihly, mIiici
!h ml chariot, 'lihtica lly, "We, tin
1, ptililican parly, will he held repon
'fihli' and we cannot share thin le
' Kiioiinllilhtv. We unlet therefore ai t
people lii rarrylnic out their loxitl
mate l,UMlne uffalrn mid Hchten
their luirdenn. then nil the credit for
urn h l.'Kinlation will he licKtowed upon
u l.y a KeneroiiM and nr,:to!nl people
ami un conildenee In which oik
party Ih now held l.y the people of
thin Ktate will continue for man ear
lo come.
What in dein.iiideii ,,f i;,e icpreK, n
tatlve Ik that they ,1,, their full dmv
toward the people. And. my fellow
repreaent.it hen, reiiieinher the eyed
of our collate iniilj Vf,. i'i , ni-ta n 1 1 V
upon uk. (Mir conduct Ik heiun con
itantly und carefully permit; ized ; inn,
I hi lleve that piihlic Hphiled citizen.
hIiib deinnnda that nil juihll,- i.filclalii
shall he hy the Voter colli imjuuxlv
kept under oliHerMitlon. In ne other
way can the puhlie official he re.
warded or condemned iik he merit
Failure upon our part, the majorlls1
party hic. will certainly hiiiiK down
upon our Ilea (In the Just condemnation
which failure nierilH and deserve Ak
I al, hefore, w, the repiilillciiria. tie
ooijiiiiiy puriy licre, nave trie powr,
hecause we are In the inn Inritv. lo
control the tlelllicratloiiK of this houM
In nil thiiiK, hut we iniiHt not uae
thiK power riithhmly and In dl.ire
i:ar, of the rlirhlK of the minority.
The minority iueinhern have tli"
riuht to preent their viewa upon all
HiihJeetK of li'iclslai loo which may
come rcKiiluliy hefoie UK They Inivv
the tikiit to a free expression of thoe
lewK and lire entitled to n courteonf
und respectful lieininir. want to
assure you gentlemen of the inliyirlty
that n far fiK Hch within my power.
your liKiiln and the iliitliH you owe
to your constituent will he safe
lillarded and protected.
' I hope the rules thin hotly udopln
for our fiuidance will tanfuiiy un l
Seen rely preserve the Huhls. of the
"In Anierlcau politics, from time
Immemorial, It ha heen the practice:
of political partlo In their appeals to
the voters for support, to present what
is called a pliiftorm, emhotlylnir ilo;
principles of the parly. l!y this pint
form It la (julte usual for the par'v
represeiitatlves to pledge the pel for
malice of certain mailers and thinm.
In keeping w ith this tune-holioie i
custom, the rcpuhllcan parly of Nr'V
Mexico hy It representatlveK ussem
hled il ('(invention. (hiihei,iti.h- en
tered Ir.lo n solemn compact with thei
people of this state to liiidcrtalte the!
pei inr-iiiuice of certain thlngK.
"We have hy our party pliitforoi
prommed the people that we will col-I
rect ci'i'taln utilise which have ex's!-j
ed since we achieved statehood. These 1
iiluise have Kl'own out of the udmia
Istr.ill in of our laws und have become
Intolerulilc. We have promised the
people relief from such abuses and
1 reward these political promises
made to tin- people as lieln as :
creel as a pi K ale contract entered Int J
between Individuals. We must carry
out our promises hikI pledtiis to the
people, (if all the platform pled'.is
made ly our psrty, the promise to
reform the taxation ami revenue law
Is by far the most iiiiporlunt. The
subject, taxation, holds more direct in.
Iciest for every member of our slutt
than m,y other (tiestlon. Fiery one
Is directly aflecied by It the capi-
lal'st, the runner, the stuck; mower
and Him laborer. We havii In Nt w
Mexico a Kieiit state. dur natural
destiny s to become the peer of such
Kleat common wealths as I'eiiiisylv.i
nlu, Illinois and Missouri. Wo have
the natural resources at hand li be
come as (treat ns the powerful states
1 have Just named. In achieving this
greatness we have s pari to perform.
It Is up to um to assist our people In
building up our stale and ixpantliiiM
her industries. We tun render this
assistance by enacting an e,uitah!'
und fair revenue law, a law which w.ll
by Its enforcement not discourage en
terprise and Investment unit not bear
heavily upon the masses. A law
,1, lli.lt ulll I. ..I. I.. ...,..;, ...
n"i c,1,,,iuoi' uistriiiuie iim v, (
ouriiens or luxation umoug the people
Is what Is demanded. W have in this
mutter of cnai tlngi a proper tuxn
Ion and revenue law thu opport.i
nlty of associating our names with u
reform which will endure an, I live.
If we enact a law upon this sub
ject which will prevent tin, taxing
power from being used as a politi
cal cluli, : law which In Iti admin
istration is kept entlicly lice from
politic niul the provisions of which
require It to bo enforced Willi dig
nity, efficiency and without partlal
Hj, we will win the largest iiiimhuic of
gratitude I confidence of the peo
ple of our slate."
Speaker I
due deliberation. You were elected
to the pisltlon you re about to fill
by the political party of which you
are a mvmtier, It Is true, hut the re-
suit having heen declared, you ure
now the presiding officer of your po
litical opponents us well nn of your
P'tjitlosl friends. To reiler the pub
lic such service as will reflect credit
upon your party and do honor to the
position joii are about to occupy hut
one thing is ne, essary, and that Is
that you free yourself from all polit
ical bias when It comes to deciding
'luesllotis which affe.t the general
welfare and In which the rights of the
people ire the sole ipjcstloii to be
, "Let inn hope, thru, my friend, that
your administration shall he sm h ns
will enable every man, woman und
child In our dear old county of Kan
Miguel u point to il with exuberant
Illas Hanchei of Mora was nominat
ed for chief clerk by K. I. Iiavics In
brief laudation, and was elected Iiy
a strict party Vote. Vbar Cencrul
Antonio Fourchegu was nominated
for chaplain by Nestor Montoya, J. V.
Mullen seconding the nomination, and
the election wus unanimous.
Representatives Sena, Hewitt and
Uenehan were appointed a committee
to notify (he senate that the house
had organized, and Representatives
(ionzales, Miera and Mann were ap
pointed to notify (hivornor M, Don
ald of the s.cmo fio t. The house then
iulj,iurnd until It) o'clock tomorrow
The afternoon was devoted by the
republican members of the house to
a caucus on the employes question,
alitl the longer the members caucused
the more hopeless the entanglement
cause t by promises made hy the
memheri. Finally the caucus ad
journed until 9 o clock tomorrow
Itepresentnlive (!. T. lilack of Itos-
wcii, who Is III with the i hu kenpox, Is
reported Pinch better and expects lo
he on duly next Week.
Members ,r Ihc House.
The membership i f I hi; house Is
as follows;
Abeytu, A bra it (It), Socorro.
niack, li. T. 11).), fhaves; I'.lood,
F. (i. lit.), San .Miguel; lloJoriiiez,
F. M. (I ), Sierra, Iliyant, It. (i. t D.)
Cnsaus, J. M. (1).), Cuadaliipe;
fhaves, Fedrico (II), Torrance.
Davles. !:. I'. (If ), Santa Fe and
(iuatlalupe; Dow, II. f. (D.), Kddy.
Laton, Nestor I'. (It.), Socorro.
I'leming, J. ,. (It.), McKlnley;
Frauds, .N'urcisco (!'.), Valencia.
(iallegos, frescenclano (It), San
Miguel and (iiiadalupe; (iallcgos,
IVrfccto (It.), Simla Fe; Carcla, Ku
lacl (I).), llernallllo; CumiloK, Jose
(It.), Dona Ana.
Hewitt. John V. (I).), Lincoln;
Holland, T. W. (I).), (Irani.
J,nii,z, I : ti i ii. (Ii ). Kio Arriba.
l.ucero, Alfredo (II), Mora; I.u
J.in, J. I'. (II.), Kio Arriba; Luna,
Teofllo fhaves y (It.). Valencia.
Maun, K. A. (It.), llernallllo; Mar
tinez, Mai. (It.), Taos; Miera. Sera
pln (D.), t'nlon; M Ira ha I, Kcmigio
(Jl.),.l,iinley; Montoya. Mariano (J.
(II.), Km Arriba and Sandoval; Mon
toya, Nestor (It.), Keriiallllo; MiillltiM,
.1. W. (P.), fhaves; Medina, Antonio,
(II ), Mora.
Nea I, (!. T. Ci.), fhaves.
rainier, J. M. (It.), San Juan.
Ken, -hnn. A. 1!. til.), Santa Fe:
Itiinberg, J. f. (It.), Dona Ana; Ko
mero, Seciiiidino (I!.), San Miguel:
Kutherford, W. I'. (I).), (Hero; Ky
an, It. K. (1).). (Irani.
Sandoval, ftiso (P.), Sandoval;
Sena, A. A. (I!.), San Miguel; Skcen,
M. 1'. (D. ). Kddy; Sltidmore
(!'.), folfax; Smith, (J. f.
fiiloii; Smith, S. C. ID.),
Swan, Henry (1).), yuay.
Taylor, L. I. (It), folfax;
(S. ), furry; TruJIIIo,
( It ), Tuos.
Vigil, Flalo (It.), Lincoln,
and Socorro.
Welch, J. II. ID.), Quay.
1.1 CI I I 'NAVT
(.'ItiVKTN .'
cox i i:oit
i; roi:.s waumia
Santa Fe, .Ian. 12, The opening of
the legislative session in the state
senate this noon was devoid of the
speechmaking which characterized
the ceremonies In the house. Lleuteti'
ant (inveinor K. f. ilcKaca spoke a
lew words of hearty welcome and
then the roll was called. Slate Sen
ators Kva,. and Miera. were reoorted
".ne,,. n iii ncco greeted i m .. i.n . u..,,.. vi-..i i
, , , III, ,111. l-l IIIH..I.. IIIIIIHII ,1,111 1.111104,1-
with npplauM. and his udd.es was ,,. wt,1(. ,,,.,, pres,.,,., artiving
abiti cheered. ,., .. ., .
oon alter on the noon train.
The opening scenes In both houses Floor Leader II. I!. Holt introduced
Were pot different from those which s,.m,l, ren,,liili,iii No I t,r,.vi.li,,,r
AsslstMtit Ihiorkei per--Manuel A.
(Hero, $3 per day.
I'ostmiisU r M. Keyes Liu ero, t
per clay.
I'ages Diego Valdei and Kaiiion
Sanchcr, $1 per day.
These employes were sworn in by
Lieutenant tioveriior dellacn. and
on motion of Senator ttatth, Senators
Walton, Kuril and Komero were ap
pointed a committee to notify f.ov
crnor AlcDonald that the senate wai
in session, and Senators Holt, Doepp
and H;irth a committee to notify the
house of the same fact. A recess
was then taken to uwait the pleasure
of the house.
Session lit'Miiuccl.
The senate resumed its session at
l:l" p. ut. The committee that had
notified the governor that the senate
was in session repotted that the ex
ecutive was ready to rend his mess
age, stating Wednesday 11 u. m. us
his hour of preference for the rile.
A committee of the house appeared
to notify senate that the house was
in session and adjournment was tak- !
en ror a Joint session ut 11 a. an. to-I
morrow. Kcfore adjournment there j
was some good-natured raillery, such
as net asionally marked the nroceed.
lugs ut previous sessions, ISurth and ;
llinkle taking the lead in the. fun-j
mukliig. The house adjourned to 10
a. m. tomorrow, evidently anxious to !
get down to work without further I
delay. j
The following me the standing-,
committees of the senate; j
Itules 11. 11. Holt, chairman; K.
f. frampton, Isaac llnrth.
Judiciary 12. ('. frampton, chair
man; H. It. Holt. L. f. llfeld, K A.
Miera, H. F. I'ankcy. Cregory Iage,
W. K. Walton, f. II. Aldieclge, Isaac
Finance John S. Clark, chairman:
T. D. ISuriis, Kolcslo Kcunero. f. J.
Laughrcn, II. K. Holt, James F. Hin
Ule, Joseph Sulzer, Anicelo C Abev
tla. Itallroads (iregoiy Page, chair
uian; Juan Navarro, K. f. C'rampton,
Fred !'. Doepp, James F. llinkle.
Slate Affairs K. A. Miera, chair
man; John S. Clark, K. (.'.'frampton,
Juan Navarro, A. J. Fvans, C. J.
Laughrcn, Fred F. Doepp, Anlcetc
f. Ahcytia.
Private. County und Municipal Cor
porations L. f. llfeld, chairman; K.
('. frampton, Juan Navarro, Squire
llarlt Jr., f. It. Aldieclge, II. IS. Holt,
Fred F. Doepp, Anleetn Abeytla.
Kducutbii William McCoy, chair
man; L. C. Hleld, Fred F, Doepp, C.
J. Laughien, f. II. Aldredge, Kuge- i
nlo P.. (iallcgos, A. J. Kvans, Squire
llarlt Jr., Thomas J. Mahry.
Public Institutions T. 1). liurns,
chairman: William M. McCoy, Thom
as J. Mnbry, L. f. llfeld. f. II. Al
dredge, K. A. Miera and Isaac Harlh.
Slate and County Indebtedness
f. J. Laughrcn, chairman: John S.
Clark. Joseph F. Sulzer, V. I!. Wal
ton, C. II. Aldredge. i i
Irrigation and Water Kights Juan
Navarro, chairman: Koleslo Komero,,
II. 1!. Holt, K. C. Cramptoii, Fred F. i
Itoepp, Janus V. llinkle. !
Mllllia K. It. (iallcgos, chairman;'
John M. Kowiuan, L. C. llfeld, A. J. j
Lynns. i
fouiilics and County Lines Holes-I
lo Itomero, chairman; Junn Navarro,
U O llfeld, K. A. Miera, John M.I
Itnwman, W, II. Walton, James F. !
llinkle. !
Public lind I! F. Van key, chair-'
man: L. C. llfeld, A. J. F.vans, K. C.
Crainpton, James F. Hinkle, II. 11. ,
Holt, Thomas J. Malay, Koleslo Ku- 1
mero, William K. Walton. i
dnsurance, 'Ranks and Hanking
John S. Clark, chairman; K. A. Mie-i
ra, C. J. Lniighren, Juan Navarro,'
James F. Hinkle, H. II. Holt, John i
M. Row man. I
Livestock, Agiiciilttiie and Con-
M'l'valioti Squire Jlartt Jr., chair-j
man: R. F. Panke. Koleslo Komero, !
10. A. Miera, A. J. F.vans, J. F. Suizer.
Otero Mines und Manufactures C. J.
Laughrcn, ' chairman ; (Jregory Page, j
K. (.'. frampton, K. R. (iallcgos, J. F. I
Sulzcr. W. R. Walton, Thomas J. 1
Constitutional Amendments L. f . ;
llfeld. chairman: K. A. Miera, IL R. i
Holt, Koleslo Komero, F. f. framp-!
ton, Thomas J. Mahry, Isaac Rarth.
Priiitiug Knrollcd and Fngrossed !
Rills John M. Kowiuan, chairman: j
William M. McCoy, Thomas J. Ma-
hry, K. A. Miera. A. J. Fvans.
Roads and Highways 1 1. R. Holt,
chairman: C. J. Laughrcn. R. F.
I'ankcy, Roleslo Komero, Fred F. !
Doepp, Squire limit Jr., Thomas J. I
Mahry, W. R. Walton. j
Privileges and Flections Roleslo i
Taylor's Famous Tamalcs
We guarantee these
to he
t lief, in
finest 'fannies, put nn by a
sis d less factor v.
Tlie proof of the (iialily is in the eating.
The Jaffa Grocery Co.
"Good Things to Eat"
Mail Orders Solicited
Phones 31 and 32
responsible. My life
as my personal Inter,
j work so far
t Is concerned.
has been completed."
The governor recommended smaller
appropriations for stale institutions
of higher learning, and the abolish
ment of all free scholu rships. I'rging
the legislature to provide for immi
gration, (inventor Rbase declared
bility lor maintaining order, and us nn
Chinese troops were allowed in (I,,.
war zone, he feared disorder might
an unchecked for months.
The b tter says that w here grain nr l
supplies wei,. spared Iiy the summer
floods they have been taken, tliiuigli
paid for, by tlie troops. An agency ,,f
tlie Chinese Ke,l Cross society It. is
fTc! "did not agree with the polic y that '"','" established at Welhsien, win, ti
men should be highly educated in or
der to be immigrants. We want a
laboring citizen," lie said.
'pes to do something to relieve the
de-spread destitution.
MmMielated Pre Correvrpoiidenre.)
Peking. Dec. 10. A letter from n,i
American in Weihsien, in the war
zone through which the Japanese op
erated against Tslng-tau. says the ar
rival of the Japanese so demoralised
the ordinary government, that rob
bery Is rife and certain roads have
been abandoned by all traffic.
A large teinpie, plainly visible from
the railway, he said, had benmie the
headquarters of a robber band. The
Japanese had disclaimed all responsi-
St. John, L. I'.., Jan. 12. -Koufi;','
Hull-' buoy, which wth ,ts anchor,
weighs a.OOO pounds, was carried
a way l.y a whale, according to on
cers of the Canadian government
steamer Lit usdowne In port tod iy
from a search for the missing guide.
The Lansdowne found tt dead whul'
fifty feet long, entangled In the chain
of the 1, 4oy, which had been clrugg. I
:i long dist. nice. Tne whale apparent
ly died from exhaustion.
JiMirnnl want aria lirlnaj Quick rwnilla.
, J. K.
Luna ;
A, II.
leaiicssly to ctiirv out the puny "ie cnaraeleii.ed previous sessions that the iliiti.fs of the employes of
, pi, ducs as made III our platform.
,'l'hat "as the gist of his message
' Which w tis as lollow s;
! '( ;.--:it N ni'.'ii of the assembly, a,li -
j and fellow clllzcns. "I certainly a','
procure tills eapression oi iiuinu, -me
111 having selected me as our presnl
in u I'll, cr I feci that
honored In an extent tar I
I shall ever he able to
friends who bate exalted
position I hope I shall
point oii My c,
be to try manfully
1 ind tlie p it;. here
il to l.-.ii ics-lv p
I see V.
pel lot milin my
,1 shall he JliV ,
have leen
yoiid what
repay IN"
me lo llns
not iH.-.ip-
i endeavor will
and honestly lo
my duty lies an I
Ifoiili that il'i'y
-iiully small, among' them
ioveriior I.. I'ratlloid, Prin
on crnor William J. Mills. .Mrs
and the wive
lis and legtsla-
..I,, i
,. i . i
list. I lit
e- i
f t
f mine I
ti-e i ci v no an;
till, 11 iil'Stl'lli t t
tlnoigot .ttnol.s'
k. , 'II b
i.il.l li,
l .it,d
to It
.i,r il to
. w ill ,,r tins i
b any worn
II. I M it.
lil,',!:t lie
ii' fl , e c i h.,
t lie 111, lltb, I s
!! I
oi New
, A fl I .
MeM. e
' I I . I
H I ll
..s I Ii ,
.1- p. I
s I
Il li-
iln late years. lioih houses Were
i,iode, with an audience that in
cluded thif state and other officials,
land many men who nre known us
Headers of their party. In the house,
j 'A-Coimressiiian W. . Andrews was
sicet, -d with especial coldiulitv. The
; number of ex-governors present was
, aim
c I
M, I ', mo lil, Mis. Prince
of a number of ofihi,
l,.i were present.
, 1 1 Was but a few minutes lifter the
I noon hour when Secretary of State
: Anton!,, l.ucero formally called the
! house together Supreme Court
(ieik Jose D. Sella acted af Inter
iPiet.r. Kulstaril Secretary Komero
look u place at the chief deck's desk
j.tini captain .v. i. inn ot tne secre
ital'l'f office. s,it by his Side Willi the
official roll.
j Vi, in (iem-ial Antonio l''oiitchegu
f I n 1 ly asked for dtciue goidaucc
(end then the roll was called, cu-ry
ineiiilii r eAccpt In. ( I. T. Seal of Kos.
iwell, W ho 1" 111 Willi ill, k, llpox, e-
ito- ro,,e rciiaie 1111 cue same us otit
liniil ill the senate rules adopted at
previous sessions and that they be
under the supervision of Chief Clerk
lsidoru Arnu.lo.
The committees are to remain the
same as two years ago." except that
Senator Rowtnan was added to the
being jcoinmiltee on insurance, and Senator
and j Suly.rr lo t In
Komero, chairman; K. C Cramptoii,
K. R. C.allcgof, John S. Chirk,
Kevlslon W. R. Walton,
man: L. C. llfeld, R. F. Pankc
MbU. f. H. Aldredge.
Kxectit ive ( 'ommun lea I ions
licit, chairman; 1'.. A. Miera,
lo Komero, Cregory Page,
frampton, James V. llinkle.
:. a.
-tt. R.
The Mill
Grinds the Coffee
imniillee on county
iiulf htfdiic
I passed.
I Senate I
! thai Seiint
The resolution was
I ut ion No. 2 provided I
Miera he president pro
li'iii who would preside In the ab
sence of the lieuienant governor and
In committee of the w hole. Hurt It
moved to substitute the name of Sen
ator Walton for that of Miera, but
the amendment wus lost by a vote of
K to i and the resolution was adopt
ed as originally put.
1 lie I jiiploycs.
Resolution No. 3, which Was adopt-
e mm
And then
Coffee he'iiis 1 1 S fj'riinl
usually turns out irtvousucss.
flutter or some of main- othii-
vith the human system, and
sleeplessness, headache, heart
aches ami pains,
It's caffeine in
cumulative in it s effects
to thoroughly eliminate.
le co flee that dues it a poisonous dnio.,
d (no powti'.lul tor most systems
Perhaps coffee hasn't fmi.shed with
it he wise to quit it hefore results are serious,
you, hut wouldn't
and instead use
u .ti ,i an
pondiita aid taking a
In Hi, ale I s I osli am,
l.tfe l.u, , ,, uillOllli l
tl i.MiOi'll I 1 el y mi III!'
d Ih loll, a net le,
So I ei
ins Oi
i i Ih. i
i... i ,
,11 a .i Hoc
,1 b
1. 1
iiy of
' oaih
, . ,o an
Ma alv
I u. . i
I cd. pt'OV Ided f
IPli.ycs with tit,
j follow s:
I per day .
ista lit
la, i
I geanl
day ,
Jta lit
l a. , I,
of wages.
f lot k - Isidoto Armijo
A S!
tai I
I Ilia il, ii,'
,,l Mi
f fie
i day.
rii,H - l i!
Si t geanl ii'
i per ,i.,y
i, 1 1,
Solelo At.
Halt!, ID
Arms lit-
Misia I
lit. in a!
A -
I i -a
I '
.., It
i I, I i i
.) M
Columhiic, S. (., Jan. 12. In his '
farewell message today to the South
Carolina legislature, (loveiiior Rlcase I
commented upon what he described
as lite ' encroachment hy the federal ;
g,,y ei nil , nt upon slates' righls,"j
in, my ,,f which, be asserted, "had been i
Stolen. " I
' c'.Hl it be pohMl.lc,"' lie
unlet the led ,.f a mini
a i . 1 1 1 i 1 1 c i to r
s I o In i iim,
... !. Ill,
end K.yii.g I
lo ii ..Hi I li
.ml, I tin 1
ah, ,1
is 'si
I i
ill hi,
iV I. it ii,
,i., pa.
I be
! I!
,1 el
id. ' that
II sonic! illles
' .1, an,., lull,
p.itlt Hint
liiiiu the
tlie I ei, I a i
, i , pah In an
.. illislnS ,,r.
II 1 1
I .,
-I ri a II,
I In
i l it,
Oi 1
I ) . , I
,?'M. 'Il-' II-
p CI
i i, . I' I'.l.k to. I,i .... .e ,l . 1,11. ,
I I- I ' i i. ' I-,.- lo I, tl
. I - I , i... . ,f i , i. , el i..i I
i ! I .in , , i i fr l 1 1 I
-the delicimis food-drink.
made from prime wheat
ses. It tastes like hih
tree no caffeine imt a
1 wee hit of wholesome tno!a-
;nule Java, ut is absnlulely
ainiini limit
Posl Ulll
msla nt ly
p, r cup
1. 1 1 , . I ; .-
nines in two forms'
lllllsl be bn lie, I ',,
IiiOiiiiI po-iitm
the cup uilh let
and tins.
ml I If s.,u,e
.1,1 lo
and 2ac
w.ucr- -
for bolh
I ,1 oi . 1., , I l W ho! .
A I f .1
ll"' ""'ni ii In I du i I., alii, imiii - , hauL
"TlitTc'ti a liYason"
i i i

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