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OX ive. 1012, a now play open
' ii now theiitcr intrndminK n
ncwstMrtotlieim'troptillc The
(hwiierwrnithprort. The piny
..ivl- o' Mv 1 If" rt." Tim ar was
was i 1 "
Laurene Taylor.
j, is said that up to thut liiifht truly
producer, Oliver Ioros-o. then
kll0,vn us WW" MiMB''r: t,,(! l,l!,y
vrik'l't ' 'liir"e' Ml,lll"ni' n,ul ,lle
mt to he believed tliey bad n chance
or8,.,ccss. The rest Is history. They
...ke t. tint themselves famous. And
hpv have since become very rich, fr
L' MiW'H" little pla.v proved to be the
rsi successful In the annuls of the
A'ui.TH itii st"i-'e ' twenty-one years -BOt
the Hae-l. nor the greatest, but
(ruin a I"' "llu'e tandttoliit the most
kUtV,,nl. To U lieltiiiK record of
Over(joo consecutive performances, mt
u,rokei, run of seventy-six week, or
...jrly l J'ears In one theater.
Like that of most successful theatri
cal ventures, the basic Idea of this play
Is a simple one-the eternal nppoul of
vuuiii and love. The "tag" line of the
n. s eh that riims down Hie
tiiiil 'unain-"My father says there's
nullum: half sweet 111 life as love's
Toiiiiirtlreiiiu'-ls the hey to the whole
The I'M of "IV- ) My llearf is
ulther complicated nor very uiiuhuiiI.
ftp's father was 1111 Irish patriot. He
iwiried a member of an Kurdish fami
ly M.iiiL'iiic t" the "classes," the oth
members of which regarded him as
out if the "masses" and not to lie
tolerated. Thus IVs's mother was ilis
iiiliet'ittil and died of n broken heart.
Tlii Kill father takes her to America
ami is both father and mother to her.
La i er her mother's brother on his
dcmlilied attempts to make amends.
Hi bf'ineiith to Vi g the sum of ilOO.
pui. with the stipulation that she shall
i0 hi Eiinliiwl and live in the house
hold of her aunt, Mrs. Chichester, who
is a widow with r son and a daughter,
Aluric and Kthel. I'eg is to be kept in
Unurnnee of ber legacy, and the
Clikursters are to receive l,0tM) a year
In return for her maintenance and ed
ucation. This arrangement she also Is
unaware of. When she first appears,
with the faithful Michael in lier arms,
the is sent, to the kitchen by the
v. 7l v". ; S ,
ftt ' J t v t
L &r . r Wn .v- .
4 l
- vS
I i ' - ' t t 'V V, "
l v;
Impudent, Immortal. Qlowin?:, Refreshinj; Ycuth h iimbodied In Peg
haufibly Elbel. Angered by the co'i.t
formality of ber aunt's grot'tlns ami
the narrow conventions nf Hnylisli so
ciety life, she determines to take Mi
ehiii'l, who lias been rclcualed to the
stable, and return to ber father 011 I lie
next steamer. She is persuaded, how
ever, to remain and "try U" for 11
month by 1 friend she meets at the
Chichester home w hom she knows only
as .lei ry.
Klhel is oiirrylnc on a secret love af
fair with a married man, with whom
she plans, to elope. 1'ck discovers ibis
plan and with treat shrewdness imi
only saves her cousin from its wroich.
I'd conseiiiences, but from the other
members of the family leariiliiK the
trtiih. In the meantime iug ami Jerry
have been rapidly falling in love. He
has befiinded ber from the lirst. anil
she !s very fond of him. but at the
last moment, when she discovers that
he Is in reality Sir Corald Adair, a
wealthy landowner, she believes that
he, too, has been making fun ot lief.
She once more decides to return to her
father and leaves the house, but 's
driven back into it by a sudden thun
derstorm. Jerry soothes her childish
fears, and In the end, of course, , they
both realize that they have been play
inK at cross purposes, and he clasps
her in his arms. Thus little lVi: comes
into iter own.
Yes; peg is more than yoimc, fho
Is Irish, which is very important, for
ll bestows upon ber added to I lie wit,
the poesy, the willfulness, which arc
the companion inheritances of Celtic
bloml-that strain of eiuislle sadness
thut mellows Krin's sweetest melodies.
The irresponsible romanticism ceholnj;
in ber cry, "Must J no when the mu
sic's comln' across the flowers anil the
moon's so big ob, tis a lovely 1u.m11,
Jerry!'' after they've come home from
the dance; the sly, bubbling humor
typified in the remark, "You can't raise
the Irish on a lot of books-It's never
been done they'd die on your huiuK"
and the warm Uearlod loyalty that
breathes forth in the asseiveration:
"My father can do anything at all.
He's the most wonderful man in the
whole world. 1 get very home
sick for my father" all these are
Irish and very human. Maybe that'll
the Hoerel ot the play's plieuomenal
appeal, its bumanness.
Demurrers Tiled in Cases of
Twenty-six Other Officials
of Teire llaulc, Includm:',
Mayoi Don M, Roberts,
' Mnsterole Clc Delicious Comfort.
1 Wtcn IhoHe sliai p pains no Htnot
ii' Mroi";li i:r hrml. when your
- .-K 1 1 1 si eiiiM as If It wmlil ipUt, Just
111I1 a little M I'STKlti U.K on the teni
'!e: mill link. II lililUM out the
ir t hi iiidimI intl, xuotlics ii way the piun
- RIVI S llll. k relief. ,
.l CSTKIti H.l'! in 11 .1 an. white
mm 1 11 1 ii t , iiiiolt' wiih ml of mii-iai'il.
Kill IJi
Is Snivel
le II
I Railroads
V v I on vim K
til Piolilcm
1 1 : . -1 1
.1 . .
I ihI:.ii,;i puiis, Jun. 1 L". - Thai a
coll.-piracy to corrupt the election of
November :!, HtH, limt evivteil. u.is
ailinltti il by elKhtv linn who before
.helue A. I'.. Aiulerson in I'niteit
Stutis ilislilct coint I01l.1v plc.'olccl
uuihy In nil Inilli Uncut rclmticil bv
the lederal rallil Jure ihc il,i be-
liTe I 'lll'iM IllilS. I''. It; lit olhel i of I he
114 ih Icuil.ilits pleailcil in t KiiillY
ii 1 It Oeiniii l et s were fileil for the
icnialnlm; L'ti prisoners, incliiillnif
Mat or D nil M I'd" rts, fircnil
.IihIkc Kli 11. Iteilman, t'lty Jmle
Thoai.ei Soiilh. Sheillf licnnis Shea
ami 1 ther cilV nli'l county ottielal j
o liiiiniinllv I"ti niUeil. 1
While It was Renerally Limwii that
some of the id femliinls w until plead
guilty, the l.tl'Ko ninntiir thai nil -wiM'cil
"nolc.v" twin n . 't'.lert before
tlie court (ine-.'il tni.ch Hiirprlse.
These who mlnillliil uuill did 110
without the promise of immunity.
They were inn sentcnivil toil.iy since
they nrc iMiooicil to 1 . s 1 i I for the
Koycrnlnelil ill the eases to lie lllcil.
Willi few eeeplloli Ihc prominent
1, n il in the allc;;c( oae piracy h.n
1 1 ciii 1 1 il 1 1 liuhl t!ic .baizes aielj
have etnliloyeil l!i pir viilallve A. 1 . 1
Stanley of Henderson, Ky., a-' chief;
counsel. In aiblilii n to Kohtrts.
r.eiliuan. Smith Hint Elicit those for
win in ilcmiirici's were filed rtre:
William Pi. vie. tlcorjie Krnluirt, ;
member hoard public works: Arthur1
t'.illis. t'liarles llouKhton, John Kane,
diehard Kniu ltcy. I'crlie McKay,
.l.din M.iMsclinli, former suite rcpre-j
sciitative and Inspector of seals and (
ineasiires; Ihury Moninomcry .r.si ;
lent board of worK.-: i'rcii .tioriisoi,
l.i wis Niinlcy. AoiticW ti lli ien, Wil
liam 1 'Dotincll, Joseph H'Mara, Hil
ton lleilman, tieore Hoverill, Joseph
Straus, Miner l- r.noou. t oy coino- ,
trollcr: ileorue Waodall,
v -nm- ,oiiBNt trtriAL ii.iid ef i
San Kraiic.M'n, Jan. 1 1!. Jitney i
bum s -common automobiles w lib h i
1 onipete nuain.u the street cars for,
fiVc-ccn; fares have become a tnc-,
nace ihnl is ciiKaitintt the "ei i.ms al-i
tcntioti of ..ttcei ra i! 1 . 11I .Iticals in;
Pacific c.i i-:t .'it h s. 1 hal l, s II. I'daeK,
Ketn-ial matia;;er of the 1'ni.e I Hall- 1
roads of s.in l' l'iiio 1 s. ... announced to- !
day that 110 1 xtcnsions of lines .0
H.-rvi' e would be 11 ad. r, a ken I v his'
1 on-iialiy until the pi ..lilcin w as '
H'lvtd. Tiiis ii 11 1101 1 n rt.. ui followed
;i reported cancellation b a l.os An
teles slie.t railroad conli.:n of an 1
order for :'Mi new .11 '
The liinev bus oiitinated at l.oiu; ,
I lle i-'h, t'al.f.. invaded l in- Aniseb-s ;
I and then found its way to the San
I Ktain is. o hay 1 iti. s. There arc about '
I t.'.a operating In this city now ninlj
I the prediclion is made that the num-
'her will It Increaseil lo ;,iin within 1
1 four wceUs. The jiln.ys usually scr
j Vict able a. c illd halld car.- follow III.
! tonics of Ihc i,l reel railroads, cany
j In iv a pa seui'.cr as far for five iei.li
1 as he ' a 11 no by a Mrc. 1 nr.
than 1
does not Id ter'
I io. lei'1 and h urs. s f 1
no nd .Ml': '11:1:1 il. i: f..r
I t on. Ii itis, 1 roup, 111'
01a. 1 111 .1 'ia, I 'one. -si
I : lo u real " 10, I .u 10 1. a '.at
. lies ot the lan k or
Ma-M leM Spiains, Ciuis.
Frost.- I I c. i 1 '..Ids "i
oi l 1 n t o w nis I 'neiitoo
At i.ai' tlrue,i.',.i
Jat s, a n.l a p. cia I
lor SJ.-'.a.
niu . lard plasti r
Sole Till'.
Nc ii. "
oil, I ' I ' UI i S ,
I'ains and
.loinls. Sole
, t 'hi 1 Ida 10s.
Hie ('lies! Ill
ii.i I
in l'".c and ".nc
at- hospital s.z
v.. II K't III.
what oii
1 'oicpam .
1; nil 1
M mil 1 role
fl. . land. ( Hi
I ( '..in. .Ian. I t (II
; tile lelisi) 11 I el V.
China us a 1 . suit o
riki .O.inwiM
III.) Ml. II
el by
.liinev Oioiri- Oruaoic.
The rush I., eiiler the liinini ss has
l.ullcd in 1 It 11 11 1 it vt "I. f 1 1 ii- slocks
of secoiid-haiid cars at several auto
mobile atsetielcs. iiwm rs of the so
1 ailed buses are perf.ftinK a stale
wide ot'saulalion mid laklnj; steps to
fiklit proposed .'.laslic license nicaa-
t 'hiua lo 1 Ii eat I'.i it. 1 in ami .la p 1 n. an
j iiounei,',", I an I 1 'Inn. 1 In;- :u. t lo-.l I
1 , ai- on 1 1 1- :'!ia ui ..ue p- i.l ic ol 1.
H Is not i.l 1.10.I I 1. t .la I an Will
.mi.. 1 I he not it .. al 100. II s not I..--:
beted thai Japan will wild. 'law ic r
I Hoops 1 1 ..in 1 1..- Si ii.Ihii' l.aF'oa.l. as
'the w,it between an. ib-rieauv
, has not ended.
I ores.
IMin.ali i n,;
thai I he liVeta
' for Ha. If in a y
- iui; iis owner
1 mould.
I tllle el'n-cl (
j am e has been
! slreetn a fleet
tin bib r. such
Mnvandee I Fll'lll avenue,
ie by drivel s
.1.1 1 1 1- car
11, no anw hih
salmv of
a ill pay
1 .". a
Combing Won't Rid
Hair of Dandruff
Timothy Conway and John
HflRIrn Tabor r.rand in Imivi r, the llocky . bomis count, the i ! I-1 J--' belles and a
Mountain News of that city says: A ni.-rtcan hero (rem IMH111-
"The Kival niiiltitudc il.al scan Ik- ; "H"' ' ' ' "'I l"'. s. t,t, just as if It was
out the funnies' in the n. u -sp., .,.-is 1 a C0I1.111 show. With plenty of siiiK
were present in numbers that made I in;; and foolinu Hie liiece moved
it almost imiios-ible to yet a seat yes- ; '"'iskly nlont? and radialcd joy to a
terday wh.-n tlie cartoon play. Hi inn-1 " "i1'" ''"''ovcrinu' from too much
!mr I'll Father,' opened at the Tabor. merry t'hristnias.
j "This latest ,1ailati..n from the; llatti'l.i's Unfile Is lt.nl.
nrillirn nrnni r iconic wilMilement W bread and com-: "Tom Jlavctly played Jiijcs Mahol
1 1 r HI II JK'' H I" 1 1 Hi P "I prPttWHlTT. fr It style mt hunn.r mill ne-. poor father, Willi vior 11 n.l vim
ULIllLII I LUI LLIrn;ll's 'f approval allended Ihc ad-'atid a hio-ue that wonl come olf
j ventures of the unfortunate Jiysis j with his makeup.
, iMulmney. who was in the nnonioa of I "'Mother,' in the petsoti of Sadie 1
j tic inK made ot.r by his ambillous -, iniff, was inspiring in si;-.e and color.!
GeOrCe McMailUS' IniinitablC1 u"" "''",' ,'"r!!el t Ji.vs:.sh nide over father like h lurm- red 1
Iliad started nie as a sccie.u iu tonrlni; car over a ciiernniar.
fense," Mr. Harrison added. "And I
hope thai there will mow out of that
M'catrr respect for the army."
Thirst "rentes I aiilitci'.
"Alibn M.rioskie. our hero, had ai
Character Wins a Happy j
Home, According to Rocky f ;.;-f;. ju. - 'v;1-;,,--;;, ,"V,;::;;:nv:, himEggnog for Medicinal Pur-
MOLintam NeWS, contractor, and the pursuit of iij "Thomas Swift, who played in j nQSes BaH Cd Q H Cl NO AlCO
iloamititf .liaiiKin "nun m- ..,. nil I ' Dnllnrr
' - I jn everjllimi? from a rinu pot j nulhots of the pi. . .There Is) DC USCCl 111 D a K I It Z,
to a hotwalcl' bottle, c"ea!cd niueh ! enough Iraln in tl'.e pic, ore ol tnc te
of the uproarious fun of tin- piece. , ccnsii in tion process of the Mahotiey
"The two old Irish comedians, thel family lo make the piece aniusim;."
The eilil who liechled to malte
their fiwlns on ideas of not guilty are;
Harry Falker, Thomas Hradv, Wil-
'liim Crockett. F.dwar.l nrlscoit, 1 u
employes; H rt Hill, Charles . Mil- j
, r, Jack StinuhA' and Maurice j
Walsh. I
KiRht of the einhly who pleaded j
mi Ilty were employes or former cm- j
ployes of the Ten e Haute city ad- j
ministration ami included J. Kdwai'd j
Holler, within the last week deposed
us chief if police; John F. Nunent. j
former nluht chief "f ' police: Fnno ,
Harms, custodian city ball; llohcrt i
I.lcyd, ioiiccm:iu: Jos.-po jeu.-in.
iiieclal iioliceman and
heck und Walt'
enildo-s, The
bartenders, nib
sons without
The entire
the court room
K. ! nave
chai Kcd
t the jitney's a.. car
lo drive from lb.
of douhlc-d. cl;c I anio
ns ale common in
New York, and which
1 len-ceni fare.
I Tin only mrc win to y -t 1 id ..I' dan.
ilri'M' b In dl'-ohe it, then ymi deslroy
il enlnelv. 'I o do this, . t about lour
oa in es of old 11:1 ry p'iul.1 arvcii: 1 1 1 1 ' '.
'it al tin lit wli.-n r.lirint;; use -uou"h
' to moisten t'e !.eal. ii ml rob It ir.
, M'ui ly i t li 1 he f inner tips.
l'o this I'.nlMit. and I'V nioruini;
most, if not all, of your dandruff will
; I.e rone, and three or four more np
' pllcatlotiM will eoiiiidetely dissolve mid
' ent rely destroy every rlnnle ".Ikii and
trace ol it, no mailer how mm h dan
' di iiff 011 may hat e.
I You will t nd, loo, that all 1 1 1 h mr
and iliMKini; of the scalp v-W stop al
once, ami your hair will ne tinny, iim
Irou, mIossv, silky and soft, and look
and feel a hundred times better,
Voii can K'el ll'iui.l niton al any
dt'llif slot' . Il is Inexprnsu e and never
fails o do the work.
Spcakiiia of the reception accord-i
fil "UrbiRiTiK I'p Father," which re
rntly played an enna;ement at the
r GCNeRAa- L t , -s
f ... N wa, richt: J To CO SOME TO , ' S S ' .'ii
Harry Fore
Coordes, city hall
.titers were mostly
;ed numhlem and per-
an 1 ecupalion.
hiidt of defendanls left
at Liberty to ret urn 10
their homes, those who entereo pious
to uwail a smnuioiis from the district
nltnrnev and those for whom demur
rers were filed I" return January 20
for the al't'.umcnt.
. ainBNlk joul IPICIU 1IIID lfl i
AV'iishiiiKloii, Jan. II'. A favioralde j
trade l.alance on foreign inerchandise
transactions at the thirteen principal1
ciiNlotim norts in the t'nlted Stales!
of JU."i,fl!iL',4.'i:! was iinnonnced by the j
Tnlnf Ills', (.ralnlnir, I'npcr lliiinrlni;
.IOII HI Klttilll
1'lione IIII.VI L'01 Lewis Avt.
BinEE is "
fiihhiiii c in
1 n nn m n mi
ly MONINO JOUML PCU Lian mtmwl
Phoenix. Ari.., inn. 1- Wiley
Jones, attorney Retieral of Arizona,
rendered an opinion today, that tin'
1 new Arizona prohibition law coiili!
j not be suspended in favor of eUK'iu K
i to relieve a will's weal; ho.rt, or of
; lemon extract containint; a little al
! oohol, which a woman needed to fla
vor hakety cakes. Concentrated enf
i fee also came under the ban.
I Tho attorney Kt'inral rendered thr?
I opinion In rely to a larne nuniher of
! niiiiric: concerning the scope of the
law. '
! "XolhitiK II"1' ""V ,H" c" ,,f"'e ns
'a beveraffe which may Intoxicate can
, be used or introduced Into the state,"
i was his sweeping rubrm.
! The first arrest under the prnv'.
i sion of the law prohibiting the Im
portation of Ibpior occurred today at
1 I nuiglas where Francisco MartinfZ,
I a wealthy Mexican cattleman was la';
! en Into custody for huvini; a ipiarl of
whiskey in his possession when ne
Ciilliibi.il llu-lne-s Miimittcr.
CbicaKo, Jan. 1 1. Inmes Callahan,
former manager of the Chicago Amer
ican league hall club, Will be business
manager of the cluh Ibis year, 11cc1.nl-i,,.-
to 1.11 iinnouncenn nt today by
Charles C miskcy, owner of the club.
1 department of commerce tonight fori'
the week ended January !l. 1 Ins was 1
an Increase of $ 1 4.720 over the:
balance in favor of the Fulled States
for the week ended January 2.
Secretary li.dfiel.l said be consid
ered the showing one of the mo.st re
markable ever made by I ho 1 niled
Kin I oh In a similar period. He laid the
figures before the cabinet at today's
Kxports for the week of January
amounted lo $(! 1 .XliO.lM 7 as
against $t'l,4s,r.ii4 for the previous
week. Imports tola lied $ Jl,7-T,T!t I
against t :':i.nr,(i. x:i I . The exports for
the week ended included Hal, Hal!
ha li h of col Ion.
ii.ii: i:xi:i:iisi:
Try a panic of ten plus.
205 West (.old.
Albuquerque Foundry and
Machine Works
I'll lit ncrrs Founders Mclilnlnti
Castings in iron, Hnia, Kronaa,
Aluminum, Kleelrle. Motors, OH En
gines, I'utnpH and Irrigation.
Work und Office. A Ihiuiuerqim.
The nut est wav to slop 11 cold Is lo
liven the livei and cleanse the bowels,
and the nicest cathartic to do ibis Is a
lu-eenl box of 'nsea rets. Take one or
Ivvo CascatelH lonlghl and your cold
may he gone by morning.
t 1 in: in Ao.M t;iiM. a.
lO'Mral AU your liig ial ( j
i M-fU-1a MtwuitniJ HrHnlxN
riium n i i' ii inMouiAvr
ort, Kfuii tih hi'ie KiiUm. V
'l'itl. ti l l.r. Im at Tftur "
tr ii tir tat.
I crorse.l the internatioiial boundary.
He w.M held under $.'dl0 bond.
O I MS, lissing the I'iii pi
Llt'iaiv fit Wnr Fyi. .nils . .i-a.iion of .1 10s.
j 1 1 it 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' t :
Pill , h 1 r 1 ' I'""'' '' '" '
Ncpmnd for hicioassn ,iia,.;e .,.n.i.. i.m .... ,
ff,i,,';nry of Standing Army ! ::;":.',' '.V,
oill f'J('t ', e(i ald I lo pi Ill ' 1
"' ba t pi e ... 1 l"i 1 e
III.- pi.. U, I "' f.l
III. JIM , I ! - el 1-
I contending that it would create nuir-'of the .oast aililleiy bill would bring ,
! y -, thousand vacancies in the trade! imu arm of sen Ice up to fifty per;
! of si con. 1 liculenaiit and provi.U d fr ! e.-n.t of the ntrenglh !l would have in
disproporlloii of colonels and h.-ii-'war. He sa.d be considered this the)
! '.., ,w , W '" ''ur" ma I lr. In cause the Imu- j
Secrelan Harvis,,,, said the bills j l-.l l'"l'-'" '" the I nitod States'
I , , , ,' ;., Hie u -ir collcg. 1 Uia.le its n.asi ib l'lises of ftl'eillest
O'OJ "" "' : 1 I,. uh,.l I'.-.,.,, ,, I
and that he ba.t in-: -" "" ' "" I
,.,-,- .,. V of t I..- : t-iyV BIHl, he S.II.I, V.ollld Slllk M
. 1 ...... 1 ...... .a,.., 1..., .... ...,1.1 1
like challles IIK'IHISI I lie eon si c- I
lenses ill 01 1I.1 !,, di op a tew 1
,- h -iis ill',. . itl. :.
I ). 11,1 a I Wi av er, ebief of I h
ellillen. told lb
bv his dir. cli.m
I ulna ted that Ho
lil-e-a iii ai tl 1 v should I
t songlit. He said lb" MalellielUs 01 j
! ,e reasons I or ill" t iiiounieiil s,-
! I, clod would I"' diafi. ,1 al on, e f"l !
', li e . ollllliii:. .-
1 ,.l .s
I II v
for llo
gi ml
ty monim ..ouhnau 1.PKC1. LCAtcn Wlf I
Chicago Jan. H. The iP'luiict I .a
ndnm 1 Malle street Trust & Savings bank, ot
j which William l.orlmcr Is president,
coast will he lucky to pay M per cent of Its
omiiiillce that oiitatindin;; liabilities, aeeni.ling lo
tlie I niled ,-iai.i bad expended $ I 7.'.,- ; I est i ninny given today by William ' .
m il. nun on its i nii.-l d, . us, s since ' Mblaek, receiver for the bank in an
v., and 1. an iii 111..1.-1 nil they n.rcjnclifcu for us ih. 'solution brought by
"H.e b. si 111 (he wori.l.' He Mibnot-j Htale Auditor loady Mr. Xild'O a
0,11.1,1 f i,,n. l.i i- or trni.H soiled that ll I""1'" ''
l...;hU l fc, '-!, LOUD Pk
-' .I..11. I S ,1 d- piil
I 1, -M l i, gill ir Ion is in chi, would be le-.hzed I10111 nie lenuiuui
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II i ll, I'.I III o I lie I ,i ,
I of i.l, .'.an, iitiu.
' . : I i 1 11 i, ' l. tile lei e.t . r and
i I laui. I . Hal k in stale bar, I, .ill.
"'''"' I ,01, nidi, an d Ih-'l bl'icli 01 the hank
,;. e . pad li, 11 loaned .l (lie ll .10
1 nt, ., : of l.oilia, r iila) C H Mu'l
I Look, Mother! If tongue is
i' coated give "California
! Syrup of Figs,"
i Fvery mother realize, after RivinK
iher rhiblren "California Syrup ol
iKIliS," that this Is their Ideal laxative,
Ihecause they love its said, taste
'and It thoroughly cleanses the tender
Millie utouiiii h, liver und bowels wlth
'ont arijiin pr.
j When cross, irritable, feverish or
ihreath is bad, Ftomaeh sour, look at
jthe toiiRiie, mother! If coaled, Klve n
Iteaspooiifnl of this harmless "fruit
ilaxalive," anil in a few hours all Hie
ifoiil. constipated waste, sour bile and
iiiridiKesleit food passes out of I he
I bowels, und you have a well, playtul
'child wjaln. When ils lillle system Is
.full of cold, throat sore, has slnmneh
jache, diarrhoea, Indinesl ion, colic
Irenie'mber, a kooiI "inside eleanslnn
jshonld always be the first treatment
IKlven. ,
I Millions of mot hern l,e-p ' aliroiiiia
'Svrup of Kilts" handy; I hey know a
lleasiioonfiil today ituvest a sick child
I I011101 row. Ask N out ,lruuel for 1
;r,il-ceot holtle of "California Syrup ol
1 Kilts," which has directions lor babies,
johihlr-n of all imu and "lown-nps
Ipriiiled on the hi.ltlc llewai'e or
li olllllel (cits oh here, so don't h"
ifooled. Cet the Keun.lie, made I'V
I "i 'nii ., ruin I in H I up 1 'oinpaliv."
I ipiu rM 1 iti. i.u.HH i'i ( 01 1.11
j 'l oiiubs lloil hank,' on d, in, Hid
I I, ealoo Id rdol and I hlnk ' II" ,i"-"U
j ,,...1 . oll-H.o.i ... 1..-. I, II ...I ll-il H
I ,,ll ,. e'l Ml "lid I.. -H'l ' I l.'-c I'" I' -
Curtain Nets
36 to 45 Inches Wide
Values Up to 45 Cents,
On Sale Toduu
. I II. II 111 .. I 11
, ,. pa . I-- l.i I., li !
I- III ll.llll-X "I" I 1
"... 0 1-1. ,- - -'I'll.- Ih.
l.i : , li - '- " ' I'll all ol Hi 0 al,
,,i i oil ii 1 1 .1 1 ,l ., I ,;in c l 1 1 m 1
. .p..
I . , l I I .'land.. ,, I , I ' I
, 11, , !. ' I'll , 1 Ih, ,i
1 i if if- ,,i i 1 ui I . ,11 -
i ,.; I , 1 1 i., , i.uyli . il .,1 v I I" 'I o
-I I'
I I , , , I ' .led ,11. e ' ill
I I lo l.li , i U III lie, I
.... I I' .11... Ill
II, i.l oh j ..
I I,
i. ,:- , .11, 1 Id III 'II I , ,M.V .-til' (
I., in,,, i 1 l a 1 ' --.'''- I ' . . d . I no
, I , . , .... I I ..... I.. ."II.
1 i .1.01 .1 1 1 . : . ' ii,.' 1 I --
I 1 1
i ,1 !. -, ..l,,l
I - I u I : . , .
I 1 ii I !
1 l.i
I b
I I I , W I f l Idlal
I I ..-).. I l.l'Uit.'
- i ill In .), l!0
I ' i ' 1 i I o o ...
- 1 1 1 . - . ii a
. . I , , . ,v . 1 . .
,-i . I .

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