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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, February 27, 1915, CITY EDITION, Image 6

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r six
an i'rKPrN'rKT newspaper
tbt Blbuquerque
morning journal
' I'ubllatinl l.y tli
V. T. Wd.'llKUIHT
X. I., ll, M.AU.INTKrt
A N. MullUAX
U. U KO.
liunlm-a Mfltmiccr
, . . , ... Kitllivr
Ciy ! it or
llni Nrprrnlnlll,
', J. AXIflHsIlM,
Mnrqni'll Hnllillnii. I hlmfo, III.
Fatli-m H.rMnllitl,
Ml I'll H. Ml I I, lli V,
UK Vrk Hi.w, w liirk.
Kni'i'"il M mriiil -i-Iiim matti-r t 111
t.r(,'inrricc .f All.nurfni. S'. V , under Act
uf (..(inr.M f Mr.h I. turn,
will he Blmiilulvly neveuuiry to put
thnniKli mnuo noil (if a lux nienmirn,
llii-y will In' no rniitllati'd a to ellml
i)Ht their urnst HHcful irovlxliin.
An In tlii" iiH with rvcry Ii'kImIu
lure In every nntv In the union, a
nunilier of utterly ftlvnlouii unil
wnrlhlfM hill, have hrt-n Intruiluretl,
Imt It In rii'i!llubl to the meniherii
thiit thfpe fri'uk bill have Ix'iu given
Hi iint t onnlJi'iutl(iii and In only a few
liiKlnm-m have xotten out of commit
tee. Th'Te la plenty of time yet for
the eniictmerit if the ponatrtirtlvc
li-RlHlatlon whlih Iiuh liein proinlaetl
the pi'iiple, nnil It la to he hoped thnt
thla time will he utlllfd to the beat
poaaihlt BiUiinl.'me,
J-arnr lnn;iilMn than n nth.r pPr
In !w Mi- Th utile piir In Nw
Mnl Imui.iI nfiy 1m V In Hi your.
Itaily. ht rmiiir -r wnil. mm muiith
Mil li'K TO CI ItMi'lllMKIIH.
Jillii-rilM-ra Hi Hi Jmil'lml. llill Wrllltif
tu hlii th.lr mt'r I hiiiiiint In a n il.
Ii-ms muM ii nil"" I" 'I' lil lli
' Tli Murium JinirliMl ha hlhT elrril.
latin ratlin. Hum I ii..rili4 In ny ollmr
larr lit " Mi'iitu."-' Tli Amrli'n
Na-wapM"'' t M r t i.i v.
The heat argument for on oiMltlon-
ii 1 oppriiprliiilon for tlio New Mexlro
exhlhlt nt San lMi'iio in corituliw-d In
Ihe Hp pen I of th citizen of Quay
roiinfy and limy he aiimniarlzcil In
the Prlrf aetilence, ''Kirilnh what
soiivc aliiitid."
Til 'T IH M VS.
w n wit stviiv vnov.
Hmiie hint of Just how nhaally are
the hoiloia of War run he Kalneil
Jimiii Ihe fait Hint the pundit lon
Hiit In Kiiiope him notten to the
point where Hie hilliuiTi'iit niillona
I'ommentlnn on Ihe deatrtC'tlnn of
the ateamer l.'vi'l.v u hy a (lei inn n
mini', the New York American calla
aliiiilion lo the fact that the oecur-
iciice waa on Kiimlay, ami uihla:
"Ihe iiffalr iiiIhIU have lieen moat
hi rloiia hail It occurred on a hnalnena
ila), when tin' afternoon papers lire
uiiiif:iroiu iivft'v ffw initintea ami
I " i pulilie opinion la formi'il fual on Ihe
HlrcelH and In the cju haimeH. ' lie
fiiiitinale iiiileacence of Hiinday nml
the en hi- with Which reunaill'IIIK ile
taila were ohtillneil to he Klvctl lo Ihe
puhllc In Ihe morniriR, itvcrii'i! nny
aeiiHatloiial or ditiiKiroiiM tlenionalra-
Two lenaoiia may he drawn from
the uhove: In tho ft rat place, the
American people ure ton nun h itlven
(o haaty Jiiduineiit ; and In the cr
frankly admit that l hey tire ntlempt-
Im lo Htiirvo each other Into miliiTila- ju,, ,,1,,,. ,np n,.WH which la alammed
11 ami ili r. iil, I lie kiiihiii i no , , , ,n wniiout ri feii'iu e to Ha
itcciiriicy, la woi'M-' Ihnii no newa nt
The chief niKtimi'ht In favor of the
afternoon paper la Unit It glvi'H the
newa "while It la freah." It ran not
he drilled that frcHhncHM la mm h to
he ilcalred III newa, hut n at III more
impollaiit I 1 1 ti-i 1 1 1-It t Ih that It ahull
he true. In Ihe iiiah to net the alory
lilt print at the earlii Mt poHHlhle mo
ment, InacciiiacleH mid f reipielit ly
lut 1, iiiii-i.liiti'iiii'iilM of fact lire lliev
llahle. II la the morning newapfiper
which mlH the atoiy In iletuil ami
Keta It rlKht.
The F.veljn went down on Hiimlny,
hut the war la not Jet over, and them
will he olher oci'iirreneea thnt will
lake place on other daja which, If
handled In the aetiaatlonal manner to
which many of our newapapera uro
ton much nddlcled, will tend lo ln
llame puhllc opinion end allll further
I'omplicali) a tnont delicate and em
harraHHiiiK aittuillon.
Our people ahould he mora ralin
and our newapapera more rureftil.
longer i onf ini'd lo ihe men In the
llctictiea -ll haa heeii i xleiliM to the
old men, the l.ahea and the women
lit home. The reply recenlly made hy
Icimany Ihe American note eon
tame a thinlv veiled aitmlaHlon of
vinlaliou of lull I Hiil I'iIih I law nml a
Jnalificallon of h'T condtict on the
ground llmt tins ieaerale need of
final Juailflei tmvlhliiK. except for
her preeeiil naval mipl'eiuacy, IOiiK
lnlid would he ill Ihe name poaillun
iia geiliiuny.
The Kituallnn HIiiHlralea more fore.
Ihly than niiylhliiK else coulil the
elate of ileHperallon which the liel
liisercnta have nuched. Modern War
fare la lerrlhly, aliiumt lillhellevahly
cn nilve hoi h In human life and In
money. It can not uht Indefinitely.
The moi-t deadly of ''in Rima have
I n met Willi the moat jierfeet tle-
Vleea of defeiiae. A alluallnit el'
proin hln a ileadlock haa virtuully
heen reached, with llllle other than
lempntiiry ami iiiiiiinl"i'lal advunt
aKia mi either aide. Hut atlll the war
fcoea on, eMii'tliiueach day Ita fright
ful lull of tteiiHiire and hlood.
Chalrtiian Italph (, Kly expreaaea
In this eomlltlon eai h army aeeka j hlmaelf aa lu lnx highly pleaaed with
to cull hmiKi r to Iih aide aa an ally. lhe record of hla party In the preaent
TlK" great war-god mul he fed, and j leglaluture, Another evidence of the
Ida appetite la Inanlliihle. The people I Irrepreaalhlo opllmlam of the ehuhhy
at home - iiiiii-comlirilataa. wotuen i r mi i r num.
It nil childii'ii loiot nlao he fed, Hlar
vn i ion is Ihe ipilcUiel and moat cer
tain meana of hiinnliig ahout peace.
Jt la a noteworthy fact which haa
frequently heen oiiimi nted upon
that of all the waning Kurupenn mi
nima, liuiwiu alone la aide to feed
tietxelf without the aid of other coun
trha. Ueiituiiiy, Kiiglatid, Trance,
Auatria and Herhlil all ninat Import
fuodHtiiffa or aiaive. Neeeaalty knmva
lo law, and It la llllle to tie wondered
at, therefore, thai Internal ioniil reg
ulations are thrown lo Ihe winds In
the fiatitlc effort of each belligerent
lo aave ita own food aupply nml
Mane Ihe eiieiny.
With the wolf at the door of ell her
l'nuliuid or liirmany, Ihe end of Ihe
war will not he far off.
llupplmaa la comparative. When
we muteii'tiiiHl that every tenth Hilt
on haa ciillNlt-d for Ihe war, that ev
ery tenth Frenchman la now nt the
front and that every tenth Helginn
Im dead, we ahould thank Ood that
we live In Ihe flitted States and have
Woodrow YVilwin for piiMilclll. While
i oiulltinlia might he belter, they alao
might he n lot worae.
A lt lMlilN or QIWI.ITV.
In aome iiuurlera theie baa been
t Meal diHiioNiUon to ctltlcize the
lireaenl leglidatui e aa a ilo-liothlng
bndv, an,! allenlion baa been called
to the email number of lawa enacted
In apite of the fait that tho aeaalon
In now far udvaneed.
Wtuiiiner other eiru may be charg
il agalnal Ihe lavvmaUeiH, we do not
ciiiihiihr lb la i ilticl.sm a Just one. It
U not the number of bllla, but the
kind of hllla luo'ieil in which the
people of the elale ale iuohI vitally
InteleMtiil, ami the nnclelil niuxlin
I hut thai people ix la st governed
Which ia haHl goveioeil, waa never
more alrikingly Hue than today. As
n matter m tact the leKinlatuie la to
he -iiilir:iliilaleil f"r making haute
elowly, and It ia lo the credit, of that
liody thai Hie law a an far enacted
pave been Uiien careful cooMdera
tPin, and whether right or wrong, ore
the reault of the mature Judgment of
Ihe lawmaker.
Jt la ii c I ort una I e thai much Im
portant legislation haa been put OVel'
until the luel duya of Hie aeitnlon
, when there will not he aiiftlcienl time
lo give Ihem Ihe Ihoroush diaeusion
in which thev are eniiilid. Tills la ea-
iei -billy 'rue of the la commiaalon
lull, which la uniloiitiledly the niOKt
vitiilfy Importunt nteaauro that the
legiehmire will hve to lb al with In
nmtiy jeara. l.lllle haa been beard of
l hla t ill or H companion measure
tfeoigned to perfect a modern taxini:
ev alein .ince they were lull oduced.
and there la grave danger that in the
tloeing hour of the aenslon when It
In n apeech delivered on WanhliiK-
ton a birthday, Rpeaker Champ Clai k
called attention to aoina decidedly
human fralltlea poaaeaaed by the
Kill her of bia country, which brought,
forth the following editorial cNprea-
ainn from the New York World:
"Chump Clark waa foredoomed to
failure In hla attempt to rehiimanlr.n
ileotae WuKlilngtori. Aa 1 ngeraull aa Id,
U'aahlngtoii haa become 'a aleel cn
gravlng,' and Ihe Anierlciin people
refiiKed long ago to conaider hint a
creature of tlealt and blood.
"I!ut how did the apeuker hope to
gel anywhere by referring lo the fact
that Oeorgn Waahington aoinellmea
Hwore, that he drank mint Julepa uiul
Hint he bet on borne racea? Why did
he neglect that great hlatorical occa
Nion when lleiieral W'liahlngtuti tun)
Mra. Nalhuliiel (Ireene darned three
bourn without atopplug?
"Julepa unit nice horaea and ciiaa
worda leave thla generation cold, but
a Kut her of hla country who could
have fox-trotted nil night, a. Father
ol hia country who could have tan
goed until the hat llroadway lobater
palace waa cloacd by the claiuorona
eopa, a Father of hia it ry who
could have danced the Vernon Cas
tle off their feet and left Ihe run
time orcheatra hanging limply to ita
hunoo-lliHl la the kind of lleorge
W'Uhhiugtoii the apeukor ahould tell
about If he wntita a al mputlietle
American audience.
"Chump Clark meant Well but be
failed to hil the light note."
When Jntnea Hamilton I.ewla rlaea
In hla aeiit and takea a acrap of pa
per from hla veat pocket, hla brother
aenatora ahlver. He baa ' the gooda"
on aomehody.
If Ihe Tiaelii nctiinlly gets Into
port wlihout any Inlcrference, won't
aomeboily feel uwfnlly foolin over
all tho row that wan kicked up'.'
What Every Woman
Knows, but Mustn't Say
"I don't pretend I'm rlever." he re
marked, "or very w iae,"
And at this alio murmured. "Really,"
with Ihe right polite aurprlNe.
"Hut women,'1 he continued, "1 niuat
own. I uiideratand;
Women are a contradiction honor
able and uniiel hand
Conalnnl aa the star I'ohiria, yet im
(hangeable na fat a.
Alwuyaj flyimt what they long for, al
ways Biekina what they hate.''
"Don't you think," begun the lady, tint
be cut her abort; "I see.
That you take it perwuiallN women
alwa a do," gald he:
You will pardon nu for anyinpj ev
ery woman la the same.
Very greedy for approval, very sen
sitive to blame',
Sweet and pasnlonale pre women'
weak In mind, but atroinr of
liven you admit, I fancy, that tbey
haven't eelf-eontiol?'
"No, I don't admit they haven't," aaid
Hint patient lady then,
"Or thev could not an and lixten to
Ills nonaenae talked by men."
i New York Tribune,
lillilJfiMfw " ' ir-
ii ivfMiiWfff? or0,! ft
f. ff w w , rf -w zr
V'- ,
V 1
el . ft.
in the
meetinga of the CI rand Army
J. Ham Lewis '
Rainbow Glow
. Back in Senate
Very best Full Cream
Chce.se, lb. . . .
. 2.1r
. !!:!
. It.lc
( M jiuieapo'lis Journal.)
.1. Ham lycwla haa returned and the
aonute once more blazes with color.
The pinks and the browna are ito
deftly done into the picture thai one
never can be a tire where the .1. ll.mi
whlakera have off and the J. .'lam
I'renh New MoaIi'o I'jiga.
I Home Hunch Fgga
Ii tan Inst Oil hnrdincn,
I :! I'ut .Norway AlHckcrcl.'.
' I test quality Codli-.li
l arge kit lacUcrcl $1.4.,
I New Onion Seta, iutil ot,
i Highest iiinlily cgelahl,. Seeds,
packusc . . Sf.
Hlghihl iil.ly, l lowcr Kcils, jikg .'hi
(laid oualilv lEcaat Co flii'
tf.Vceiit ipiality Itoast Coll'e'
I'.ll-oenl qiuiliiy Hiaist of fee
:i."i-cent quality Itonat Coffee
. '.'lie
necktlo lu gllia. Troiiaera nluule Into i l.cil 'U t iiiui ........... .
uh.n.a In Ihe rll t m.m I .e r . i I'.Csl (lllll lit " i llll I'l lIlT 'I ca .
Hair beeotnea coat collar. Kleevea im.' I (ui'lit KhkIIsSi llrcukfiiat Tea. I.V
modified into cufla. Heal quality .lupiui leu. 4,-,
In the construction of a J. Ham
With Scissors and Paste
uon'T Hid voritKi:i r is.
(It. N. Caaaon, In llakalooHa, (Iowa)
What la tho nuitler wllh the t'nited
Aa I have been residing In 1ondon
Ulrica the beginning of the war, 1
havo been hearinif Ihla queation naked
on nil aldea. I have never heard any
Mitlefuclury anawer. No one aeema to
Why are the American fin toriea
not running night mid day? Why are
the rallroada. not opening up new ti r
rllorlea mid getting ready for the mil
llona of Immlgranta who have already
made up their inliula to leuve J'urope
aa anon na the war la over?
Why are there not fitly American
drummer In London right now, try
ing to aell LMMi, null. (Mio worth of
American gooda In place of tho gooda
that were bought front tlermuny and i
Anal ria?
From Ihe Knrnpoun point of view. I
Hie I'uited Hlalea la it haven of pence
and Bocurlty mid proaperity, It haa i
tin troubles thai II dare mention In !
Ilelgluni or Austria or France or tier
many or Servla. or Ureut llrltain or
Kvery lenlh Hrllon Iihh enllatrd.
Kvery tenth Frenchman la lit the
front. Kvery tenth Jlelglan la dead.
W'lm t diiea (he L'nlted htulea know of
trouble ?
If 1 could Afford It, I would charter
the Mutirc tanin nml I.ualtanla, and
convey a purty of 5,10(1 Ameriian nd
verllaera to F.orope for a trip of edu
cation. 1 would give them a week in
London, a Week In l'arls, und a week
in Antwerp.
I would let them look nt the l'nlt
ed Htntes from the acene of war. I
Would gixe them a look nt real trou
ble; 1 would lei them aen Irulna, ten
nt R time, five miniitea apart, packed
with the maimed und dying,
I would let. them hear, from frag
mentary aurvlvora, Jhe ' incredible
atory of buttle ficlda, lull milea wide,
and armlcK that are greater than the
entire population of Texan.
I would let Ihinn aee gruvea 100
yarila long and full, nml Helglinn, the
country thai waa, nothing now but
I 2, "0(1 Biiuare miles of wreckage.
Then, when they begin to under
nt fi mt, to aome alight extent, the mag
nitude mid awl'ultieaa of thla war, f
would any to them:
"Now go back and appreciate the
Fnlled Slulea. Iteiili.o your oppor
tunities. Don't aliirt digging trenchea
when nobody In firing at you. Don't
fall down when yon have not been hit.
Don't he blind to the moat glorloua
chance you have ever had In your life,
"let ready for tho wont tri niendniis
buaineaa boom that any nation ever
had. Iliilbl your factories bigger.
Train more salesmen. Horrow more
money. c!n uhead, and thnnlc Hod
that your ale alive and that your fam
ily la tillve and that you are living In
.i land that Ih at peace, at a lime when
nearly the whole world la nt war."
man, much too inli llito nt not lo see
Ihe value of publicity al fiii h a lime.
He win no alavo lo precedent. lb'
tavo Creeloiiin ail excellent iiilcl'l lew
f n. flunk und reiiMruiring character, i
man H now n n t.mr of 'Ihe world,
and he has found New Mexico tt fair
Held from winch In cull inlormation
i.l a biil.inical character I liat being
bis favorite at udy.
.. i.l ..I. uv.u o. ii... Ii.IIi.ia iio.' as evening A liniiioi'.ue lOMSinii
Humbly New York Heiabl. II was a ! No. 1, Holm of Temperance, oled to
great 'aoonp, und Hi" London papeia Hold on open meeting on I huradav
..i.n. .cv frniilicallv on cable lolla. I e yen ill. March 12tll. in Ihe Highland
getting I'm-ia nil their own ail nation I .Melhodiat church,
from Win v. n it r.r I )i. i r Monday I constat of aiieeebeH,
I lions. .Nor
inornlng Inane.
A precedent waa act, and aince that
time Kngliah financiers have been
more appro,. i liable. H may lie aal-1
alao that publicity Hide, aa in Wall
utreet, haa done touch lo ilean up ad
mitted evils and to ait honest finance
right Willi public opinion. 'The atory
la well worth n call inc. for it has an
obvious tnorui whirh .should never bu
'The prog nt m will
music ami recita-
tho friends of tem-
n re cor-
(l'Toni Willi direct Journal.)
Jamea Creelman'a death 111 Oer
niuny while allll in the prime of hla
Hie recalls an exploit of which any
newspaper reporter might be proud
He wuh in London at tho time of the
Itaring crisis In lsso, und pet formed
Ihe unheard of feat of aeclirlng for
Ihe New Ymk Herald, an exclusive In
terview Willi the governor of Ihe
Hank of Knglnnd.
It la a matter of history how the
governor, the Itight Honorable Wil
liam II. l.bblerdale, handled that cri
ala. i'.lt lived to aeo the ISA ring auc-
ccsafully liquidated und atronger than
ever, with the financial aituatton In
Argentina restored. The 13,000,000
gold which he borrowed by mean of
acceptance from the linnk of France,
returned In due courae with the aeala
of the packages unbroken. The Lou
don market waa tided over u. desper
ate emergency, wllh the minimum (if
disturbance, although there were
aome forty failures In. the atock ex
change. Lldderdale died not long ago, leav
ing an estate valued nt, i:000. He
wan a atrong niuii and an honest one.
Hut the tiivii of interviewing him waa
ao remote that only an irreverent
American would have thought of it.
Creelman had no pass keys or letters
of introduction. He Dimply Went to
the Hank of Kngland und atarting
with the astonished "beadle" worked
hla way up. He waa aent from de
pstrtmenl to department, to the, aeerel
amusement of the varloua heads, un
til he actually found blnis-elf in the
pieaenee of Ihe governor.
Hut tho Joke failed to explode.
Liilderdula wua a long-headed Scotch-
(From (lie Albuq'irriric Morning
Journ il of February 27, lsiii.)
Albuquerque Is just now honored by
the presence hi Uils illy of Harou
Wllhclui Landau, F. U S.. of Jiorhn,
(icimany. This distinguished gcnlle-
perance but the foes lis We
uially Invited In attend.
K. W. Hopkins, aecretary
I. ll. U. I'., calla u ineeHng
lodge Hiis evening.
It is hii.li linio somebody waa look
ing after the buildings and fences at
tho fair ginniuK The native popu
lation have been siipplviug themselves'
with doors and window to a large
extent. Doora have been burst open
land almost everything la ruined, or
, nearly so.
'The Wbat-is-it house on liallro.id
avenue has clos"d up find the inmates
have flown to parts unknown. It
should never have been allowed to
! Judge W. D. I.ee nnd wife arrived
i from 1.UH Vegas b' -t night. 'The Judge
has been here often, but this la his
j wife's fiiat visit. She auj a we have a
livelier town here than Vegas, which
! remark we consider strictly correct.
Judge I.ee is ml orator of the old
' sehoiil, and w ill certainly be heard
there Is the aame unobtrusive working!
of evolution thai one meets in thej
partridge when It makes Itself the,
color of the earth for the greater pro- i
tectioti. It reminds na of the aqulr- j
rel which sh.idea so gently Into balk ,
that the hunter tloea not know
whether he ia shooting game or Juat
Method I'.cblnd Scenery.
Not that J, Ham producea hla mar
velous ellecta to escape notice. Noth
ing ia further from his thouxhta. Hla
Idea appears to have been to convince
his fcllowinen that in audi a get up
there could not rislde a real man, and
that thereupon they would be em
boldened to attack him and be Die
less prepared when J. Hani let loose
hla well-known ex.alihur nnd snicked
off the head or the leg of a broiher
senator In pure sport. '
1 have watched J. Ham perform
now several times. I have acen him
enter Ihe arena with diiHiiiger, not u
slouch on language, with I'enrose,
whoso gill is deep aa Tied river loam;
with Weeks, whose New F.ngland esti
mate of himself wards off ordinary
it Hack With ease.
Ammunition ill Vest 1'ih ki ts.
I have Men all of these carried off
the field bleeding' nnd gasping while
.1. Hani held his ground unacalhed.
Ijilely J. Ham haa Viken up anoth
er stunt. lie has bigutl the veat
pocket method of confounding his
brother senators, let any senator
advert in tho least Unfortunately to
aome matter of current fact. J. dfain
rises, bowing nnd scraping. Might be
have the extreme felicity of Interrupt
ing tho able senator? '
lie might.
"The able senator hna said ao nnd
so. Allow me Ihe honor of giving him
the credit of rei-civiii;; Ihe exact facts
in the matter."
(laiinenls I vude Cold I'm Is.
Thereupon the J. Hum prison
ilruwa from bia vest pocket a -clipping,
ll coultailicls the brother senator,
shows him tu be a. bum reporter, n
careless naturalist and a hopeless nut.
From one pocket he draws newspaper
I urge, cans t aiuorina. rouenex. . . . (.
large cuna California J'Iuiiih .v
llcsl Comb lionet 10c, 3 for :!.
Host California Honey, pint Jar...r,(.
Cot our price on I "litur.
Sweet Oi'unge, ilo.cn Iftc to :!0c
ali-lh. Imi houiiiI Apples, K.Vnnd $1,00
JWii'iit quality fancy Cups and San-
cer "lie
c have hcvcriil doen fiiaal Shoes
for men to close oiil.
I K.-I.IM) Men's Dress SIkm-s. ...'.,. 2.m
I c -.a (..ii'a lii-esta shoes HI no
Mens best (pialitv $l.0 Inilcr-
wear "'a'
Men's last quality $1,110 Villon
Soils .81o
Men's well made Work I'aiils. . ,$t.im
Men's odd Vests .IbV ami Ml"
I, ood quality Apron (ilngbam, yd. , .c
Kl-ccnl quality KlhlHin. lion,..,,. Tic
I adles' K7.M) New Coata '.:i.7.1
ladles' .Hill. HO ev ( oals X.VII0
Ladies' $1..IIII New Ciails 7...u
(.IrlV Coals $1,115 and up
A i.ii goods i)i:i.ivi:ni:i). '
210-21J South Second Street,
l'bono (101.
clippiiigs. From another he extraetg
supreme ourt dcillnna. From
sleeves and 1 ts he excavates his
tory, geography, aslronomy, ( hemlatry
or political economy.
It is wonderful how J. Ham knows
what the other senators are going to
lit He about nnd has' the clippings
ready to make them run. Hut ho
has them, lie uses them so fluently
that other senators tremble when they
aee him dip into a vest pocket and are
relieved when he merely brings up u
loolhpii k or a match.
Surah Doing Well.
irdeant. Feb. "ii. -"The condition
'arah Itcruhardt continues lo bo
uH satisfactory as possible," says the
biilliliii issued today by. Madame
IlcrnliardTs physe-lana.
of !
Tho Dcsf Food-Drink Lunch at Fountains
. 1ST Ask For
Avoid Imitations Take No Substitute
Rich Milk, mailed grain, in powder form. More healthful than tea or coffee.
For infants, invalids and growing children.
Purenulrilion.upbuilding the whole body.
Invicorates nursing mothers and the aged.
Agrees with the weakest digestion.
Keep it on your sideboard at home.
A quick lunch orcoared in a minute.
"W BB?t3B
-sv m m m w wmm m
To help
you to remember
for the kiddies
yourself; its
benefits to teeth,
breath, appetite and
digestion; its cleanli
ness and ."wholesome
ness in the air-tighted
sealed packages; its
two different and
delicious flavors and
the gift coupons too:
We have published
a unique little booklet:
Introducing the Spearmen!
ara good
You ought to see the merry antics
of these little men-28 pages, litho
graphed in handsome colors! Fun
for grown-ups and children. Send
a postal today for your copy!
1202 Kesner Building Chicago, Illinois
ringing Stmsltiinie to the
$ Way

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