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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, May 30, 1915, CITY EDITION, SECTION ONE, Image 7

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- . J .ii.il
Double Holiday and Uncertain
ty Regarding German Reply
Make Transactions Only of
Perfunctory Sort,
v... York. May 1!!). In the face of
. holiday iiml
strong lntlnm-
f. tiu'.t (Icrmuny'H reply
to WllHll-
Inutcn'H note I" the mutter of the l.u
Hifinla nilKht le niHile public liefore
the retiiiinptlon of biiHlnew on Tuch
,Vy tooav'H hriff xegsitin "1 the stock
..xi'l'ianKP was itltoKcllier a superficial
affair The tone at the oiitwt was
irrciiular, Biadually venting towariln
licivincss on rumors thut Germany
hit iMsiied' another marine wai-nlns.
eailinK ntoekn made full recovery on
the final dealliiKS, the market cloning
with a firm tone.
Hhnres of the low priced railways,
nu'ilulv I'uek Inland and MlsNuurl Pa
cific moved i ontrai'Uy. Hock JHlund
win iignin under moderate preMure,
lu'it Missouri l'ueljie iliHliiyed greater
xteadim'MH on announcement that
more notes had been deposited tinder
the plan to extend payment for an
other year.
Th,. Canadian Pacific railway sub
mitted ltn report of earnliiK for April,
Phowiim a lows in net of .r.7,lHt and
a total decrease since last July of 7,
liH 000. Canadian 'Pacific wan firm
in London, but Inclined to further
heaviness here. 'Jhe Krie railroad's
returns for April also showed the ef
fect of Increased operating expenses
with u decrease of J.ISO.OOU in net.
Honds were ' irrenulur on moderate
trading. Total ales, par value, ag
gregated, I'.iDX.OOO.
I nited States coupon 4's advanced
a point on eall during the week.
Closing prices:
Alaska Oiild
Amalgamated Copper . .
American Heet tSuKai'4 I . . . .
American Can f
Amor, Smelt. & Kef'ng . . .
Amer. Smelt. & Kcf'ng, pfd.
American SuR.-ir Kel'inins .
American Tobacco
Anaconda Mining
Daltimore At Ohio
Krooklyn Itapld Transit . . .
California Petroleum
Canadian Pacific
Central Leather
I'hesepeake Ohio
Chicago Omit Western ....
Chicago, Mil. & St. Paul . .
Chicago & Northwestern ,.
Cliino Copper
Colorado Fuel & Iron
Color.ido & Southern
Denver & Hio c;rande
1'ienver & Hio (!rande, pfd.
I Mst i Hers' Securities
Ceneial Kleetric
(Ireat Northern, pfd
iln at Northern Ore ctfs. . .
Guwnlicim Kxploration . .
Illinois Central
lnterborough-Met., pi'd. . . .
Inspiration Copper
International Harvester ...
K.insiis City Southern
Lehigh Valley
Louisville & Nashville ....
Mexican Petroleum
Miami Copper
. . 34 '4
1. 6514
. . 40
.. 30
.. 0514
. .10314
. . 100
. . 223
.. 31
. .. S914
. . 71
. . 87 !4
.. 15
. .155-
. . 35 1
. . 39,
. . 11
. . 88 'i
. .126'i
. . 4m
. . 29 li
. . 28
. . 7
. . 12
. . 16 14
. . 25 14
. .152
. . 1 1 C Va
.. 3114
. . 49
. . 105
.. 7214
. . 2914
. . 94
.. 25 14
, . 0714
. . 2514
. . Ills
.. 11
. . 47
. .116
., 59
,. 1514
. . 84 li
. . 61
. .10114
. . 104 j
. . 22
. . 28 V.
. . 2314
. .142
. . 27 31
Missouri, Kansas
& Texas .
Missouri Pacific
Montana Power
National lllscuit
National Lead
Nevada Copper
New York Central
N. Y N. II. & Hartford
Norfolk Western
Northern Pacific
Pacific Mail
Pacific Pel. Tel
Hay Consolidated Copper . .
Heading .
licpublic Iron & Steel
Hock Island Co
Hoi k Island Co., pfd. ......
St. Louis & Sun Fran., 2d pfd.
Southern Pueific
Southern Hailway
Tennessee Copper
Texas Company
Vnlon Pacific
Vnitpd States Steel
Vnlied States Steel, pfd.
Vtah Copper
Wabash, pfd
Western Vnlop
Westinghoiise Kleetric
Total sales, 130,000 shares.
. 414
. 88
. iU
. 33
. S4
. 6514
. 6514
. 92
Chicago, May 29. Some apprehen
sion that the Wind-up of trade. In the
May delivery of wheat would be ac
companied by nerve-racking changes
of prices turned Out today to have
been without much warrant. After
sagging the greater part of the' time,
the market rallied sharply in the last
half hour and closed unsettled at 14
to 2 lie under lust night. Corn showed
a net decline of '4 y 14 to 'ic, pats
finishing unchanged to 114e down,
and provisions varying from a shade
oft to n rise of 22 '2c.
Although, a decided majority of
dealers appeared to believe that 110
sensational developments need be ex
pected In the settlement of Mav wheat
contracts, a feeling of uncertainty
was clearly evident. As a result, busi
ness in new crop months proved
Minn Her than usual.
Better weather predicted and the
asence 0f export demand had a good
THE rric&t brilliant writers
in America the artists
whose cartoons and "comics"
make the nation laugh are
working exclusively for
America's Cleverest Weekly
Everybody Loves Puck
,, Just for Fun
for 40 years this paper
das retained Its position
as the best all-'round
humorous periodical in the
country. It ts better now
than at any time in its
10 cents a copy
Ask Your Newsdealer
flenl to do with nuking new crop de
liveries of wheat fall In value. A fair
Mitantity of new Texas wheat was
hedged here by sales of July.
' Corn reflected only to it moderate
extent the weakness of wheat. Flood
conditions in some of the' thief pro
ducing states acted us ait offset when
sellers lecnme aggressive. levelling
ti)i of trades In oats took plaeo quietly.
Crop reports were favorable on the
Huylng of lard on r generous scale
by a big pn king concern gave back
bone to provisions. Miscellaneous
holders, though, seemed disposed lu
realise on pork.
Closing prices:
Wheat May. $1.39: July, 11.25'
Corn July. 70 ('; Hcpl., 7714c
Hats July, 4!lc; Sept.. 44 V.
Pork July, $18.1fi; Sept., $18. KO.
laird July, $.:; Sept., $10.20.
nihn July, $10.07; Sept., $10.92.
Kansas City, May 29. Who'tt -No.
2 hard, fl.SIMi 1.41; No. 2 red, $1 M
1 ; My J 1 . 3 h Vi, : July, l.ls,;
Se;'t . $ 1.1414 f 1.14-V ,
t orn No. 2 mixed. '73 lie; No. 2
white, 7V, No, 2 yellow, 7B(i' 7fl lie;
No. 3, 7!'V4e; May, 7.1c; July. 74 14c;
Sept., 74 );.
Olits No. 2 white, 49ji 60c; No. 2
mixed, 4 6 i 4 7 le.
New York, May 29. The statement
of the actual condition of clearing
house banks and trust companies for
the week shows that they hold $183,
3.12,440 reserve In excess of legal re
quirements. This Is an Increase of
$3,01 7, 88n over last week. The state
ment follows:
Actual Condition.
Loans, etc., $2,437,358,000; Increase
Hfserve in own vaults (H, $437,
786,000; increase. $7,603,000.
Heserve In federal reserve bank,
$117,430,000; decrease, $1,201,000.
jteserve 111 otner oepositanes, !,-
V t a, -nl :i;: i"V7 IS
Net demand deports $2,7,652. -
uuii; increase1, 2 1,162,000. '
Net time deposits, $132,545,000; In
crease, $767,000
Circulation, $37,857,000
(H), of which $367,205,000 Is specie.
Aggregate reserve, $540,514,000.
Excess reserve. $183,382,440; ln
creas", $3,017,880.
Hummary of state banks mid trust
companies In Greater New York, not
Included In clearing house statement:
Loans, etc., $574,744,500; increase,
Specie, $49,281,300; increase, $271,
000. Legal tenders, $9,432,900; increaao,
Total deposits, $720,732,000; In
crease. $14,048,200.
Hank cash reserve In vault, $11,
098,800. Trust companies' cash reserve In
vault, $47,615,400.
York, M:
y 29. Spot
uplands, (9.60.
New York, May 29. Th metal
markets were nominal today; electro
lytic copper, 18'419.
Iron unchanged.
New York, May 29. Mercantile
per, 3 14 'ai 4 per cent.
Par silver, 4 9 He
Mexican dollars, 3Xc.
Government bonds steady; railroad
bonds easy.
Kaiihas City Livestock.
Kansas City, May 29. Cattle Re
ceipts, 200. .Market steady. Prime
fed steers, $8.75 h 9.00; western flteers,
$7.2541' 8. 75; calves, $6. 60ft 9.50.
Sheep Receipts, 200. Market
weak. Lambs, $8.50C(i 11.25; yearlings,
$7.50(1 8.50.
Hons Receipts, 2,000. Market
steady. Hulk, $7.60 U 7.65; heavy,
$7.60t 7.65; pigs, $6.75 7.25.
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago, May 29. Cattle Receipts
400. Murket weak. Native beef Meers,
$7.00,W 9.25; western steers, I6.75W
S.l S ; calves, $7. 00f'9.7S.
Sheep Receipts, 2,000.
weak. Sheep, $6.75 4 7.75;
$7.50 Hi 0.30.
Hogs Receipts, 10,000.
steady ut yesterday's average,
$7.60if7.80; heavy, $7.20 (U) 7.7
$6.00 U 7.40.
5; pigs,
1 'Oliver Livestock.
Denver, May 29. Cattle Receipts.
1,100. Market steady..
Shyp Receipts, 100. Murket
Receipts, 200. Market
Few here sold at $7.60.
i steady.
From and after this date a charge
of ten cents per Jine will be made for
publication of cards of thanks, reso
lutions of respect, obituaries, etc. Thig
does not apply to notices of death,
time of funeral and similar ntitlces,
which will be published as a matter
of news. Persons desiring to publish
cards of thanks, etc., will please write
them out and send or bring them in.
Commissioners' Proceedings.
Adjourned Session; April C, 1915.
Present; Hon. Alfred Grunsfeld, chair,
man; M. li, Springer anil Policnrplo
Armijo, commissioners; A. E. Wal
ker, clerk. " '
The following claims are allowed
and ordered paid:
C. 1J. Meyer, assisting county sur
veyor, $4.00.
W. P. Ciouin, assisting county sur
veyor, 4.oo.
V. J. Templeton,
asslstlnif county
surveyor, Ji.ou.
Floyd Shaffer, aasistlnir county mir-1
veyor, &.ou.
Pitt Koss, survey
Atrisco, $27.50.
, Pilt Itoss, supplies
in llanehos dc
account flood
work. $.94.
a Pitt Hoss, payroll, flood work, $0.50.
Pitt Itoss, payroll, flood work,
. Pitt Koss, payroll, flood work,
D. J. nankin, premium on fire in
surance, $164.
Adjourned to April 14 at 2 p. 111.
Attest: Chairman.
A.( E. WALKER, Clerk.
! Adjourned P.egulur Session. April 14.
Present: lion. Alfred Clrunsfeld. chair
man: M. ft. Springer and Polkarplo
Armijo, commissicners; A. E. Wal
ker, clerk. -
The following bids are received for
excavating -canal through sand bar
above the P.arelas bridge:
C. Si. Boren, 15c per cubic yard In
dry work, and work In water at cost
nluH 10 Per cent: Frank K. Hill. 14c
1 tier cunic yarn: J. u. nnncnez
cubic yard, Mr. Hill oeins thi'
$2,200 Four S-roonl heulthseeKrr'B
Collagen on two DO-fool lots, com
Jilctely turiiished, gross Income, $06
per monh; a fine Invest ment.
$3,000 $-100111, frame dwelling, mod
ern, fine shade, good outbuildings;
3rd ward, close In.
$1,650 4-room frame, liath, sleeping
porch, good outbuildings, High
lands, close In.
$1,000 4-room brick, bath, waah
house, chicken yard, North Fourth
4,f00 -room modern brick, hot
water heat, lot 75x142; 4th ward.
$1,800 4-room frame, buth, etc.,
shade and fruit trees, fine location,
K. 11th street.
$2,000 4-room frame, modern, com
pletely furnished; large chicken
yard, good outbuilding!; 8. Edith
atrect; close in.
: lire Insurance
Fourth Street.
Ill South
lowest bidder, he is awarded the con
tract, and his bond fixed at $100.
The Mountain States Telephone &
Telegraph Co. Is authorized to set a
guv wire Inside the court house yard.
The B'nal ll'rith Cemetery Asso
ciation of Congregation Albert la
granted a right of way for a three
Inch pipe line on Harvard and !ar
field avenues, us shown on plat at
tached to their petition.
A petition Is filed, praying for the
opening of a public road from Iis
Candelarias north from the public
road running east and west through
Las CumlelnriUH to Los UricRox, to the
publl'i road running east and west
through Los Uriegns; suld new road to
tony (40) feet wide and to be laid
1 , . th ..l.trud ,U1W MnK
Out along the Intruda ' noW being
iied from Las Candelarias north as
far ns the hind of Klfego Haca, and
which was formerly open us far as
Los Grlegos.
It Is ordered by the board that Justi
nlano Gutierrez, Manual Jaramillo and
Placido Padilla be appointed a com
mission of three freeholder to view
and mark out the boundaries of Said
proposed road, and that said viewers
meet on the 28tli day of April, 1915.
at 9 o'clock a. 111., to attend to their
duties as such viewers.'
A resolution is adopted authorizing
the payment of $000 per annum for
the years 1914 und 1915, to the city of
Albuquerque, for fire protection out
side the limits of snld city.
Claim No. 1779 is disallowed.
The following claims are allowed
ami ordered paid:
Pollen rplo Armijo, salary and ex
penses, $331.
A. K. Walker, salary and clerk hire,
! $1,575.
J. S. Heaven, coal uiul wood, $lu.u.
City of Albinmertiue, account fire
, department. $750.
A. K, Walker, recording, $231.35.
Pitt Itoss, payroll, flood work,
Attest: ' Chairman.
A. K. WALK ICR. Clerk.
I ' Called Session, May 3, 1915.
' Present: Hon. Alfred GrunsfeM, chair
! man, and M. 11. Springer, commls
, sioner; A. K. Walker, clerk.
The following claims are approved
and ordered paid: ' . " " '
j Erineo Martinez, services. State vs.
! Arriagu, $95.00.
I A. Montoya, postage, $;i.0(i.
j Pitt Ross, payroll, flood work
! $19.50.
F. K. Hill, excavating canal through
sand bar. $386.40,
T. K. V, Maddlson, to apply on sal
ary. $100.
L. M. Harris, salary, $75.00.
Floyd Shaffer, assisting county sur
veyor, $6.00.
F. W. CalklnN, assisting county but--'
veyor, $4. 00.
Strongs Hook store, office supplies,
C. I). Ili'orcin, assisting county sur
veyor, $4.00.
Gabriel Armtjo, assistant Janitor,
Moore Really company, premium
on Insurance, $121.80.
W. W. McDonald, premium on in
suraiiee, $60.00.
F. IT. Kent; premium on fire Insur
ance, $156.
Pitt Rosa, payroll, flood work
$201.75. '
First National bank, documentary
stamps, 10.00.
H. C. Jtoehl. stamped envelopes und
postage, $37. 6s.
The treasurer's report for March,
1915, Is approved.
The butcher bond of Florencio Za-
mora Is approved.
Rev. F. P. Schiller, on behalf of the
Civic Betterment league, t.sks th
board If It Is possible for the county
to take charge of John . Itidley. at
$30 per month. Taken under udvlse
ment. Adjourned.
(Approved) '
Attest: Chairman
A. K. WALKER, Clerk.
HAfjK-VulcuiilzIni; ah,
ia f. " VViaf Central.
p.' Cull or ad
WANTKO I'aruiei- to luke Hip, plioli,
ru,!iin; prefer one who hna uuioninblle.
For ptirtleulara luiiulre "or, Weat Central.
Prill nrcv'i; Tin kit.t.- 1 .,,,..'1 -TT!7t.
bull'llnK. Box 1 00. In u town of 2.000. A
railroad 'renter and liirne furmiiiK eom-
ltlillllty. Stork hna been reduced to li, 000 On
which can be boiikht cheap. A!o l,r.uo.,lo
(I nioibrn llxturea. Apply ul oftlcu for fur-
Ihs-r Infortiintion.
BUY Ol ti STOCK Oil well drilling, inuy
mean tnllllona to Inventors; new enpltul
needed to puah work; company baa eighteen
producing wella. New company, puld twi
ilUHrlerly dlvblenda: 100 per rent dividends
0 dnya poalbla: ir, buya $.",00 pur rnlue
aiock. Item t now. wr t fot- fri.p tifortim.
I 'ton. Amalgamated Oil company, J 7 III Col-
pnrd liUlltll iik.
tiklalionm, ciklu
..I r.i,,b.,inilu... r..t- I1..1...
, tirand le niKklnik and refrigerating ma-
eblne. Eoally attached to any Ire. box, l'or
re8ldonrea, ' hotel?, butcliera. grnrem. hns
pltalM. Clean, noiaclc8. fool proof, no trou
ble, little expense, HtO .00 up. Volunhln ler
litory available for respoualble party. Itef-
1 ereheea required. Ad3re Leonard Hefrlsr-
eriitlun Bulea coirip.'Lny, Gl Hluck build
Inlf. t.aa AtiKelea, Calif.
TO LOAN aloney
property. I iOO.00
Box S.13. City.
ranch and city
up. Addreaa P. O.
MONUiiTO I.MAN' on aalarlea, bouaehold
good) and llveatoek. without removal.
Union Loan Co.. room 11, over flrat Na
tional hank. Phnna is
nSWAItU of 5.o will be pnld In anyone
returning bicycle atolen from 402 Waal
toad avenue or giving Information as to
Ita whereabout.
If yon (all to get your Morning
Journal, call
-v Phona 14H-147. - a
- --"-"- - -----
Five-room modern brick, corner
lot. east and noutli front; the besi
buy In the city for $.lAo. Jf you
want a nice little home In a good
location, Ibis will suit you. See
PorlerlEieltf Co.
216 W. Gttli
M'AVI'hll -Vim mill lli'. k
tftuiiloynii'Tit Agi'ticy. tin
livpl. HIimiih ,1,',4.
.l p.,
WANTi:i A k I fann.i. .Mu.l I,
lent irtipalnr. Intiulrc i-.iom 1,".. N.
T. Ar
rrii' ImililiiiK, A llMMiner iiit, . M,
I I.N UK It (.'II. lTiTitt i-QiTrt l 4l' Killl'ins
ga"llin', .Ni'w i . 1 11. I. in in . ti. l,-u by
iI'U-hI HiiionieliUe anil sioiloi eiiKino nuin-urrteiuri-m.
I'uniiH'tctit nu'ii vuntfil, i.x
ehlilvt! U'l'lilcil)' kIviii. 1 v 9 111. I ,1 - M I- iti 1 1 . r
M,K. I'e. I trull. Mlill,
UASli:i A limn for l.i kliiH iHio ( bin
lawn. .Mimt have kirnm li ilgf ,,f funiiln j.
Karili'iihiK or cui-e i.f lawn, jimri uMk fur
UiIh J.ili unli.tis you havi IiikI nhoi. i-itir
rlici'". (lyml nuiti'li. Bti'llil.v ' Uulll. A M-I'y
ill sil'illilv I'Hx i'. But Biillrunt must lu
p.ihlr. I V IVe, HK'-nt
WAM'EIJ Kmn'1-UiiieeU Kill for llllllnil
r ti nnil Kni.rnl lu'iim . -.t k. I'h,ni' 1C1!
W'ANTKli Atniiiran r 1-; iik I IkIi -m.im Ui jim
(111 as i k; giHia amn, iij Hunt Hllvrr.
I'h. ni- iil'I.
V Ul ri-i motii.n pli'lurt. iiIiivn. ,', iaoli, Kn
pfllloiH'ti tiiinfre-.iiii'y. Iictaila m-nt free In
ti.-Kliimrti I't iilurcia I.iunui'. IS Wuln-
i t-; lit. HI. I.oula.
WAX TF.I Salesmen.
WA.N 1 1,11 ShIpkiiii ii, axi'iila. n oryu hi ru;
ntv uulo fuel: Ki'mun.'iit, proflulile.
Tntikil. cii-rcliinit. oliln.
ft'AN'flU rialeamen lu aeil eur up-tii-dal
anil eiirualva lino. Out fit free; cnah
weekly. Addreta Caultul Cliy Nuracry Cu
Huletn. Ore.
SAI.i:HMA. for seilelul nun runt I lo trade
lii .Nw Mexico to aell a new trojo"ltiou
of nierll. ueiiney .limn lat. At tt 'active com
111 Irsl.in contruet. :! weekly for exiienaia.
Milea !'. llixler Co., Wlioltanle JinrUra.
1M-'." -11 1-1 1 n hlilit, CICM'lHtiH. Ohio.
W A J' Kl Salt mnll, experiellreil ill any
line, lu aell Iteneral trade In New Mexico,
fnexeelleil Nliet-lklty proposition contruet.
$.15. HO weekly for rxpeiiaea. Continental
J.-welry Cu.. 1S4-23 I'tuUiieutai bullUliiK.
1 'levtilanit, O.
'I UA N'l'il.l.N'tl Kul Mill 11 w Im Will uri'ept
el, -then ninde to I heir" tlleuue. In pay
ment for plnelng with mrrehuiita "the line
Ihuta different an all-wuul tiillorlmt line
iiuollim lx apeelul prices; 110 exlrii eliai ea.
v 1 in- or ran lor p.irlieui.i ra. .1. v . Joitra
41 Hens. CO Mid-lily Unnk builUin. Chi-
MK.N' and women In mlilte from i.iu tin
per imy in tionia tovtn; Woe clean work
I'nlveraui TextllB l!o., Jlox .'til, Uru.-nilllo
Ohio -
VA NTl.ll P.Kltlons,
MJAT Ainerleun hov
work. Phone lrlyV.
wliti wliuil. wiinta
AMKitli'AN winnuii waulH-. iualuntf
draen. Imitlife HI Kuat Plielfle
'ATL; A sooil cook or tiouacke,-iic
w-unta position. CUill 1000 South Second
treet. ' "
bookkeeper and
i ' I. City.-
worl. by eriei icm-i
slcliuurup'ief. P. o; Hi
WA.NTKU Position by
cur ur lu aboii. .lumci
liverv, Cliy. ,
I'lliuilTeur, dribilt
llosa. Clelicral ill
WANTISU 1'oalll.ili by M-alMered ilrunult
ejitht yiura rxpelience. JU-fereiicca. Lntig
t.'b'1'K. ,1-oit'iinl.
i'AN'li;u A tlral -eluaa uutomoMIe ililvtr
wuuta toMltlon. prlvalo fumlly stv tiana
for. Cull 31.1 South I'liHt.
aitluli; brat of 1,
,lonii. hol,. toilny
WMinuli cook wuuta pi
ferelicea. Cull III , Vl J
,r Momluy.
V.'A.N ITuU PoaiUon by leKiaiercd pbunna
rial, acven yeura experli nee. Now em
ployed. Whiit liave you'.' Write R. W. Purk,
Council 11111, Okln.
WA NTf ID Mlsoellaneo.a.
WA I'Kli -I'riwli
I'bona UlilW.
Hl'BCIAl. riunday dinner at Whucumo
Hpringa. i!i centi plain,
WANTKlJCheiip 4-cyllmler autoiilobllo.
2J2 .N'. 11 Iter. Phone 7 '.'4,
ti llule aiiiitll liouvu. ulli
I ll.i Houlll JIlKh.
CAlii'l-.l' Cl.rSAM.N't;. fumltura and aluva
repairing. W. A. iloff. Phone fjds.
I nr phone min.
711 Kaat
hotiea paint-
Hell avenue.
WA.N I'Kll Hlankela lo wimh. I muke
sprclulty of - wuahliiK line blunkels: SO
tenia puir. Iioiulic a:i' Weal lion, or phone
UO.V'T atrulii your vjon, buy new electric
nxlure lliiudy I.IkIiI. r. L. Ibiwlltlg Hpu
ctnlty & Manufacturing- Co., :;4 Soulh
VANTi;U I'eranlis lo copy lettela, lo
tviM-kiy. Send atiiinped envelop for
piirllKiilara. liuterpi ie copying Co., 1'oln.t
City. Mo.
BHUTUKU-Acclili'iilully ilincuvei e.l loot
curea tobacro liubit and ' ImllKeatloti
(lliiilly - Bi nd particulars. L. II. b'tokea, Mo
howk. Klorblii.
.AUIKHTalluia. I.aii.i ra. Cull at fi 8uuth
Pccoiid. See new- aclnaora or ahear with
aprlng lu rivet, l'oslpuld 75 cenia. If dla-
aatlai'led. money refunded, v. X,, fowling
Rpeelalty Ttlanufiietiiriiii Co.
WANTICU Koika lo ua bievoe ready paint.
otio gallon covera sou aiiuaru feet, two
coals. Krlo Carbon roof ralnt ttopa leaka:
laata Ave years, t' all kinds of roofs.
Thomas F. Keluher, 40 west Central ave
WA.N"ITi;i(;uiiny aii'ka. Can unu plain
sacks, corfen nuckH, suitar sacks, any kind
of gunny suck. Wn pay 3 cents each for
"ticks without hobs or tears. Hacks with
small liolea ranmit be accepted at this price
aa they will not hold grain, we will buy
uny amount, one suck or a thounund. E. W,
WANTII Hoarder..
liUOU table board,
tti per week, al 4.1
ft Udlth aireet.
WANTKD Boarders at Whltoomb Springs
(naulra at Hill a ahoa.
WA.NTKU To exehungr. a do-Mot lot
wonh liljo. for furniture. Phone Ki22J.
FOR. RKNT Three-room furnished flat,
with sleeping porches; modern. 211 Soutb
Blath. Innulre Pavor bntal.
boll ItK.N'T tn.oo. .-roimt . fiirniahed
apartment, tight and water paid. Tele
phone and bath. P'H .North Flrat.
yoit K1SMT Oftbes. Apply ib A. alaopbar-
in. Journal Afflee
VOIl IlKNT Oiflce suite In Woadiprn build
ing, after Juno Im. Inijuite l. a. Mile-
phoiaon, Join mil oltice.
4 -loom
4 - room
1- rooni
5 - room
2- rooin
cottage, unfurnished
cottage, unfurnished
adobe, unfurnished .
modern, unfurnished
modern, unfurnished
modern, unfurnished
modern brick
cottage, furnished . .
modern, furnished . .
.$ 7.0U
.$10.00 1
. $lo.0H i
.$20.0t 1
.$17.50 1
.$'.'5 00
.$12. 80 i
. . . ,$:o.oo
modern Vrlck
lur- i
fur- 1
$:lti.Sft ;
1 'a i gain.
Ranch at
211 Wot Gold Avenue.
iiu.i.iA i : 4 (in .(.i:s.
Three rooms with bath, com
plete. Neatly furnished; sleep
ing porches, double plumping,
perfectly Military. 1524 EiikI
Central avenue. Phone 31.
Fi'R SALIC -500 S. C while Leg
horn beiia and pullets and equip
ment on 10-acrn irrigated ranch
ticar F.l Paso; chea.i, Iinpilre In
vestment 4 Agency Corporation,
F;ast Uis Vegas, N. M.
t'CII HLS.sT .Moilem roulua; no al.-k.
Weal Central.
'till IttCN'l' lloiiaekofiiiig rooiua. nicely
f'irniiheil. tli Not-th fourth wtren t .
KUt HUNT Mely fiiriiilieu fioio ruoiu
for ant' or two KemleiniMi;
North Seeoiot ptreel.
Ilu alrk. ti-'l)
full KbJ.NT Twu unfurniahud ruuma eb
aecond floor, New Yorit avnu. olua In.
Alilrea J. IV. Journal.
I'UU ItlO.N J -Uy lh day or week, lata
modern, wall fut ttliheil toenn. and
2.fil a week. Grant building, JOS 14 Wct
fOK KIJ.NT 'I'lMi lalae lioUHekeepiiK
riioiiia. ty renionalile. leeplna loom,
flom l.!'i to $100 per week. Nice quiet
pluec; electric IikUI anil Uaili, cloan In,
1JIU. Notlh Thif.l. .
Boil III.
i-'VU IIK.VI' - I'm iulietl tooiiia for
heilelfeeplliir KoUlll Keeohd.
Ilk lit
rOli KliNT
roonia; no
alee ping
h k. 41 XV
foil ItKNT Sitmio room for imhi hoime
keeplnii; riaionalile. Call bI'3 Weal Cen
tral. Ideal
iUll Illi.N I - l'llllll.li,d Ioi-iiik, II I HO
aleepluK porch. I'liouu I Hi:. till
Full lllil.N'J' llouaekeeplnit reoilia and fur
nlahrd cottunea, alaepmi porclira 1(
Waat Coal.
I'lIK HKXT till mailed troll I 1 11 for
Keutleuian; tnoilrrn; aepuriite eiitruuce;
no henli li-erki r. 4:,,l South l-'ifin
I'MII UKST- Tbl'or
und elcepliiK por
lulu rooms unit bulli
-b; nicely lornb.lu-d tor
rn. lilii W'rul Colli.
bousi ket-piiiit ; modern.
Full l;i:X T- T in Im
and alecplhu; porch:
hotiaekeelllllK: lliodcrn.
inn u it It Im ib
nlcily furnished -!'
.Mi7 West :.cinl.
KOIt lllU.NT Kui lllshed nwius,
Walter, Phone 202.
-IS Soulh
III-: XT - Kui lllebe
11. tno.b i n. Ill 1
I. i.uae uh
..ut ll Walter.
l'"OK Itl'i.NT Atoilcrn furnished rooma, with
aleeplni; porchea. fi 1 0 ' 10 ii t Central.
1'tlll lti-;.T Tuo tut nlslied l.toiiia
sleeping porch for light housekeeping
modern South Walter.
l''OU Uli.NT -line o..in uiul one suite
rooms, with buth, for llahl housekeeping
mill 110. r,-!a Souih K.lllh street.
bull ItK.Nl Modern housekeeping rooms.
elegit nt sleeping porchea; splendid looa
tlon 410 Kust Central. Phone 1imh.T.
bltlftUT, clean fin nislieil room in piivai
runiliv, ci'iurully I'icate.i; no other room
rra; no sickiuss. Musliiess iuily or couple
lirelerreii. Phono lul::W
XK HF.NT liwelllnics.
lull li IJ.N'T - - I'i ve-i ooiu bliik bouse, mod
ei n ; no sl.k Itionlrn 7:':t North Thlnt
loll HIC.N'I' Two-room
lare tench. 2l'1 West
bollHO, tllolieril,
tlraiilto avenue.
lull I11..NT Mx iomiii liiinirli.-d I in t f
siimiuci' miinllis; no sick. Hut ilitood floors.
817 North l-'oiii'th.
KOIt HUNT Curt "f prlvlile home to
sllfihle couple, I II II West Central.
I'tllt It K.NT I'm iilshcil two-room bungalow
Willi hirue glass sleeping porrb, lti
in-,n I h tilli Wi st Coat.
FOH II K.N'T Four-1 noiit bimaiilow, two
scl ei-mol pot-clics. modern. Cm ni i' Fourth
and I'.uil I'liot. e nit ,,r r,a;
)l! HISNT Three-room fuiiilslied bousu
four-room furnished bouse, all modern.
Phone 175.1 or eull 1:.'H7 Hoiilb Hocondalrnel
FOH ltK.NT 4 rooma and balh, partly fur-
nisneii. inn south Arno. ciiona n.i.i.
I'Olt ItKNT 'I'bree
oin fbii. fur
Kaat Central
tilshcil or unfiiriils
Foil II K.N'T Two-r
fiirnislied house
$12. uO molitli. mi
with sleeping porch,
South Fdllh slrcct.
Foil 11I..NT Nicely ruinislo.-l iwo-r
Lent cotiuiTe, blceptng porch; nest and
lean. 1019 Hoiilh Walter street
lli,.N'J - I-
out -I ooiu modi i n. $ 1 k. 00
moil fiirtilshiol. 2u.o: nls-i . other
Frill iiiIhoii. I ml South Hrtllh,
S'oll HUNT Nifty linen-room inodein fur
nlahed bungulow. 118.00, Light and wuiul
nnld. I2S" Souih Kdlth. Phono 14r,.W
t(ilt ItKN I rlvi;-rooin modi-ill housf., un
f uriilsiieil : three porches, basement, laun
illy, tubs, etc. Nearly now. 401 Boutb High
SI reef.
Foil JilCXT Three-room bungalow with
sleeping porch, 1'oniplelnly furnished, in
til IllRlibiuds. Call 22. Boutb Second
feeet or phone 4?2.
Foli UK.vr All
1,1- purl of h f uriiislltol
home. West etlll.
(or June, July and Au
gnat. I'hone
Full IIKN'l -Four-room.
tlloderu brick.
sleeping porcli, lawn, tilnii
trees, shrub
ii hou.ics, burn,
ticry, Iniite buck yutM, chlcki
te Cull plume 1 1 '!.
Foil HKXT oil WALK New log collage,
facing upper recos liver at Cowles. N.
St., lifly-llvn arris under retire, flno pas
ture, big tiees. House, seven i-uoma, tout
utetely furiilshrd, piano, waterworks. Irrl-
uated gardeti, barn, atublra, suilitlea. wood-
use full, servants house. V. Ooodrlch
lone Teotpte. Tex.
FOK RKNT Roomn With Borfl.
Ft; I'.N'ISII Ivli rooma
with good board.
Smith Fillth.
oiable rule, 4:1
Oll I : I-; X J" - Uoouis with or without board
elope in. 3'Ot West Iron, phone i;1.1
fillAllO AM! jiOOM for bealtilseekers.
sleeping porch or cottage: shade. Jersey
milk and fresh eggs. One and half miles
from illy: free conveyances. I'fuff s ranch.
hone KifoW.
I.OCKIIAItT KAN'CU The moat attractive
health resort. One mile north tit town.
milk, cream and egr.s produced on place.
Free carriage for gueats. Electric- lights,
ilty mall service. Itoonts or collages. I'tione
t0". Mrs. w. II. Tteed
HUH. Vllilil.NIA HI llTSl.Tt, formerly if Kll-
ver City, announces that she has located
high-class boarding and rooming estab
lishment at 210 Hoitth Waller street, and Is
prepared lu nvr the finest table hoard In
the city at fl per day. Tolephoiw ID02W.
J. M. MOUUt;, I're.lili nl. It. T. MIMllii;, ttnrri-turr
J. SI. .MlltlllK, Jit., f I'traiiirut mill Alnmicr.
LOAMS K..s.....hru ihm. HHSUKiMfjaE
Our Hlogan "A BgUARE lEAt."
Save Your Money and Huy Lots on Monthly Payments. Two Hood
I'lltST r.X. IMSTI'UV AIttTIOS sn foot lots nrar Sntiin Ff hui, miloinlld
toi-atkm ami jt---t riulil. Wliy not antlilii iia a honm or . ur in?
WOOtVVItti IIAI.l' -Ai'llK THAi'TH Thrw hloiK fi"in iii-.. inr, aillolnliiK
ll)ucht-r fttirilt ii. Itlrlunt lnail In valiiv. lirli half-airf to aoiil on my
noiitu ami ih fnnt tmi aiio.it rt-udy tti lieur. We will culllva'.it lauil for
pure let hit mt utiari-M unlil iiecupliMj,
SI'ltli"l'l,Y altll-:il IHiMK - If you uant alilttly rtiiHli rn wi'vpn-room home,
cv,'f UllHif cotiiikli In lil. ii I o, ntloll, without Ihr worrv ,.f liulliilllg, let U
allow j,ou Ilea propi'My. pricv fr.l iu. t'oat coimlilTlilv more.
(If MM Kit tilTINU liino I'm niitnl of the Loir I'liliin l.oilco of Jutuei
Wlllanl Seliulu, Author, mull l:'lil. I. imii il 1" mlli a fn in S,i inio rvilin,
Arn, s mil) a ert tint hithii (o-i i. i ii m llitluMly. niilo r.onl risht lo tin. iloor.
Altlluilit g. r. no. Slnunn iiIIm' wild lioul. Verr, Kllil luilo-v uiul iirouao ut
iiti'tttlt'iil ami ti.'t a few afiEUea and linn touinliijf Ihp litu i n'ta, h'tinilahnil
amt wilt eually aet'iineuuil.iitf a duett ptoiH-.
iv.wv.t hot m'kim;)
Y'V Itrtit foitnaia fuinUlii'it for
hoim, ki'ciilMK tltui hrnltlt ri-noit In New
Mrlno. Iioiulro .Mil. VAlO, .lluillrr
il uc, ur J. II. UMK K, Irinrt hirlii(a.
Pui'KUiits, Houses und Lois.
room modern, $'.MMI; paxiueiit1
-room, $1,600,
. EI. MtEmilON
211 West Ciold
KOIt DAI.K Kma, S ei
ttaa. Hrlanilaoft. l'.'llt
'lita eaitti ti-ii
H. Killth. Ph.
1SK0J. f'OH HAI.K 10aa (or
I. Itada, alio 8. C
South Kdlth atrt.
Iiatchlna. U. C a.
W. Lhurn. (14
fox tiAl.hl Itruuau lurkay mil, ,,i,d aa
tha brat; III oanla aach. Ideal Poultry
Ranch, Old Athmiucniue. Phone l.tr.ll.
Full riALU Six hioiiia ChiiiIi,
Whlla l.rahorn laylntt puiuia
tilooii )ona Comb 11. L Had vock.
lull-blood I
Alan full- I
1114 South
Edith alreet,
Til UV TTV. the) Mill, Uley p.ll. Ilial
enouuh lo Nay. NlHU.Io ltK 1. ltmla. Hie.-k
iiTK"a and lmhy chick. L I-;. '1'holnaa I'oul
li) 'unla, 717 Kual lliir-ehllue uvenue, .i
l :nnierine. V M.
roll HAt.li faney toed Plymouth llock
puna. 15 ranla par aettlnn. Kaney bred
Huff Orplnirtun enita. II per arttlng; Hliick
Mlnorcaa, II per aetllnit Call at 4ul North
Thirteenth nr plmna la'i.
HAt.li filley
1 , 1 ,
I 11 111 1 1 LAND POUI.THY YAlll'S, 7 IU S.iuth
I Hroudiray. H. C. Ilrown LeKhortu, B. (1
Buff Orplngtona Pfi wlnnara at Albti.
querqua and Hoawrll aliowa. hitua and baby
chick fur aula. A. F. Blank, Ibuuuuruua,
N. M.
1'tUI HAl.K-S. C. Willie l.i -ghol il. ibiy-old
chicks, Its 110 per loo; 7." per Oo, mid
f t i.". per ;.i, V.tun for ItatchltiK Send for
eil'culur and ei:g record table. W. J. Yott.
I'.' l. llox llli, Albuuur llUc, X. M. ITioih
Ki!ioM, tin 101 a is ti.Ni; 11 mt
belln. is I be record of (lenit y's
.I'Uborna. llubv ihlrlis. 1J.H0 pel'
booklet descrlbi-a our pluvu uud
I n n ti;
10o. Kn
Sto It
ibntry'a poultry Hunch. AlliuiUl'-
on-- X.
"rlunehtne" Buff orplngtoiia. Tha kind
that lay. win and pay. The finest table
fowl and the beat w inter luyrrs. Baby t
ehleka, 11X 00 per 1"" "r 50 rents each.
TCggs. .'..00, I3.1U). II. CO for fifteen. At
the three big 1014 poultry shows. Athu
rftiero,ue Stale Fair, Hoswell State Meet and
El Pn an Poultry Show wc won the Amerl
cun Poultry association medal; four specinls,
eleven nrst and thirty prise ribbona. U It.
Morgan A Pons. III'J Foutb Amu street, Al
buquerque, N. M. Phone
l Oll KAI.I': Livestock.
to mow
ows and one boar.
H A I.F -Fine
ike. I'tione
H . . ' - I H , II
bull tulf. O. II
Fill! S U.F .
,11c .'.I : w
Ft lit ha t.ij -
10 11 1 - TllTl l
lllle pour
Tllerna n
rltciip. Also
l clllle,
- Tilo
ltb .
Ft lit HAI.K
gi'ill hure
ICC llclis.
IIS U es
Full HAI.K A fin,
illu liorsei biiMM.l
I I li'.i.
OLlll dliv IOU Ulol Slid-
und harness. Cull plionc
l ull M l l.i;- - A l best orirr. IIIV flntl slime
In Hie Oeiniiiii coach sinllloii iiumed
Amooi. No, l.tci,",: ul.-io N iiioiiiiiH obi
I'V Ainoor Hint sliiml.ird lo'cd mare.
Chauvlu, 4nl Wist Central.
Foil HAI.I:J--i'eitar posts. I'hone Ki4 :iW.
l-'llll HAI.K "Ciilollc
Inch .-
Norlh Filllll sunt.
Full HA1.K-
-Ailot.e t
13 .North
I bllllil lo
Arno strt
uhiis. tiilliol)
Oiii'eiii. I::
Full fi.U.i; Oil I ItAI'K --M'it-p nl niiiri
Cull K'l MoiiiiiMln road, II. Hendry.
FOIt SAl.li--Two good inolois,
power each. Inquire journal
Full HAl.i:- A l.!xl leiil, ill good iondt-
Hon. Apply 211 North Seventh Street.
Full KAI.K -'llcket lo loptliu, bun. Ad
drews A. M C Muilloli phone iiitnitM'r.
Poll 8 A 1. 14 Under wood
typewriter, good
si reet. rhone 77fl.
order. Ilia. 1IH Second
lull HAI.I'! Coiiipullitg
soiilcs and I H ci
Highland Meul
meul gl'lndifs, cheap.
Full HAI.K
tine 4 burner git
oi porch i tier;
ourth street
I mike ,
one llilssl,
07 .Voi 111 (
FOR HAT. 10 Model T Ford touring car,
300; model F nvo-pusaetigc-r liuieg, a
htirgaln, 1100. Mcl'loshcy Auto company.
I 'ttlt N l.l I 'lil'Mlllli'C.
FOIt HAI.K --One genuine hluck lealliel
diivelipoll. one genuine lilmk lent her big
"balr. one brass bed, niallrcss ami sniTiigs;
Hie golden oak ilreaaer. one golden oak
iliifl'onler. ope golden ouk library table, win
bleu I'llk lubolltcl, one golden oiih peui -
Ig I, one golden oak bull ell, one golden oaK
i. und liming tunic, one siunu tinue, sis
lining chillis, golden oak; four melting
bulls, one large minor, curorts. one
I'Snge. one it.is rnnae, linoleum, uimoen imj
bl and chairs, on" smiltiiry eoiich. Will sell
nil or purl. Hoods are sulci iv siinltury. 1120
in li Itroudwiir or Fhoiiit 14,1.1.
POH RAM" Hons..
Oil HAI.K Four -room inoilein In It k, sleep
lug porch. Ian. shade uud fruit trees.
shrubbery, huge buck jaid, chicken bouses.
born etc. Kuy terms, ' all plo-ne ni.u
Foil HA I, E Modern 4-room frame bouse,
In Highland, on street tier Una, closo to
Sent Fe shops; Ideal lorallon, Newly
papered throughout. Two screened porches,
large enough for beds. Terms reasonable.
Inquire 114 tioutn ttoitn street.
lXllt Sr,1 Hnncliee..
."llll KK.N I1A IMCItS-HcvclllHCU anil one-
half acres, eighteen hens, three plus, ntty
fllllt trees, twenty-live grnpv , vines. "lie
thoiisiiiul strawberry plants. nice
Near Iroinlalc, M.
Cash i: itiontlih' ll.so.
St, Louis.
Motias. 7o,i Olive
IXR SAT;K Real Fstiite).
OK HAI.K -Two bus on
I'urk avenue, op
; noitbeast corner
sirei-t. loilxl.,0.
First atreet.
posltn lb park. H.MiO
oinu and Thirieniih
ll.noo. Inquire t'10 .N'ol'ill
ALU KINDS, both nsw and second-hand,
bought, sold, rented and repaired. Albu
querque Tipmtrlter Kiehunge. 4'hona til,
Ul loutb Second street.
nut fAl.i: llroan i-i-iilioin Liaiiy clujA 1
ft Souih U1II1I1. I
Minna 1M. Ill I. Thirl.
VlMi'a aultt praaaad , ..n
Man'a tit olranvd and prraa4 .
Laitlaa1 audi praaad 7Ih1
t.adlrg' aul'a ilnnml and preMid II Map
Pare) Pnat Urdara llandlad Promptly,
Modern 6-7 room Hat. close In;
also modern cottatteK, 4 to 8
rooms; ;i-4-S rooms, furnished.
W. ffil. McMSkm
111 West Gold.
Alliuiuetiu Ketall Merchanta' Amoclutlon.
I.'. U. Ai koriniin. Secretary.
h.ina au.1. ja Uahwlt Bid.
UK. K. It H AH
Drnliil HurgauB,
Rootna 1-3, Harnett Hlila, Phnna 744
AlipolntmaDa Malta by Mull.
SOI.OMO.N I.. Ill KTON. M. I).
1'byslclau anil Murgenn.
rhone 417 Harnett Rldg.
OU. T. I . TA.N.MK
Hiwelullat In Kye, Far, Noea aid Throat.
Santa I'o. N. U.
I) ItH. 'I I.I, HAKJ '
I'rui'llra IJiullnl In t re, Kar, Koaa aa
bHate National Hank llldg.
OK. f, A. J' RANK
1 .. M-ni-iAUrrr.
Phono ln? 19-S0 Harnett Bldg.
A. (1. SIIOItrlK. M. I).
Praellee l.tinlted tu Tuberoulosla.
Houis 10 lo 1J I'hone 11TT
224V, West Centrat Avenue.
Albuiiuiripie fanllaiTutn. I'bone 141.
Tu ben iibiala of the tliroat and I. lings.
City iirtice, nni, W.sl Ceiilrul Avenue.
OfriiH Hours: 9 I. It a. 111.: 3 tu 4 p. in.
I'honn G:Ti; Hiinutorluut Phoiia 401.
W. T. Murpbey, M. l., Medical tilroelor.
1'ractlea t.lnilled
Genito Urinary Diseases and
Diseases of the Skin.
Tba Wasacrmann and Nogucbl 1'eats; Bat-
vars.-in "806" Administered.
Cltlieiia Hank llldg.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
H. t'O.NNrll, M. II. II, l
Osleoioilhle Rnerlullst.
I Trent all Curable I Usr
tlfflee: Hlern llldg.i Tel. (At-ltl.
VI 1 I 1IIN AIIV III l.l'.t.KM.
H. F, VFTtilllNAIty COI.l.FtllS begins Sept.
IS. No proicstdon offers equal opportu
tnlly. Catalog free. ('. Keaue, President, Hit
I Mnrkei street, Han Frnnolscii.
HlltOI'ltAt ItlltS.
414 West Hold.
I'hons fi:il
I.A I'I FM - U hen
ib-liied or trrei.ulur, nan
nlways dependable, "He-
'I'rfutiiph I'llls:
It. j llcf" and purtlculiiis free. Write Nutlolibl
A I Mi.li.nl liihlltule. Mlhvatlkee. Wis
FXi'Flii' IiFii:i"IT u m:i;ici-; Tho
llevcluro lulernat loiiul Secret Service Is
prepared lo bundle nil klnda of legitimate,
ilclectne work. Altsolutely rellul'le nnd con
Iblenlliil, I', u llox J Albiiiiuenilie.
Koswillll-Csiririsiiu. Maiiil Mm
Dally pnsseutjer service leaving lbiswcll
and Ciirriitoito at M:0'l a. in.
Throufjh fa re, one way !0.r,u
Intermedial!' polnis, pi r mile It)
60 His. bauitui.'" free Fxeees curried.
Owners and Operulors i'bona 121
Solver Cild '"H . Ooub
Blx-hotir I'aaaenger Servlca.
Leave Silver Cliy 1:S0 p. m.
Leave Mogolbm 1.00 r.. m.
Cars meet all trains. Largest and seal
squlppsd sato livery In the southwest.
Shiver City. N. If
WAT Ct).
Nik Clas. Arrives Depart
1, California, Exprea TMOp ll:0p
I. California Limited ll:0ia 11 Sua
f. Fast ICxpresa '' Ml Ua
Fast Mull 11 6np 12:2na
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