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Forest Pathologist of. United
States Government Gives
Out Result of Experiments;
Pruning Ineffective,
Of especial Interest to Albiuitierriuo
citizens at this time I n letter re
ceived by the Journal from District
Forester Arthur C. JiitiKlniid, enolos
Inir 11 lot'11'' tram Forest Pathologist
V, il. hong, ot the United Mates tor
,Mt stivice, giving the result of xpcr
Inieiits conducted with a view to elim
inating the flying cotton nuisance
which at this season in always so ob
tci'tionnula: "Kdltor Allu(ueriie Morning Jour
nnl: A plan to abate the 'cotton'
nuisance in this city and ut the same
time obviate the unnecessary de-at ruc
tion of Imperatively needed tdiade
treea should be of Interest to every
eitixen. Dr. Long In his report pre
sents a suggestion that meets this con
dition. "In my judgment, however, the city
niithorlticn should do more thnn
merely abate the 'cotton' nuisance. A
tree ceiiaus should be made and ft
plan for an Intelligent system of street
ifie planting determined upon. The.
cottonwood is a short-lived tree, bo it
would we he well to give considera
tion to the planting of more enduring
xpeciCR, such "s the elm, ash or lo
cust. (Noto the fine young elms on
the Alvarado hotel grounds.) How
cvi r, I wniiM not advocate the entire
replacement of the Cottonwood. As
you know, It U a rapidly growing tree;
some of cur streets are so lacking In
shade or beauty thnt we can hardly
afford to wait for other species to
reach the necessary sisie. This sug
gests the planting of the Lombardy
poplar. This tree will grow as rapid
ly ns our common brondleaf cotton
wood, is free from cotton, and Is one
of the most beautiful trees known. It
grows tall and straight, forming an
aisle of f,rcen on the streets whero
nbnted. (Pome of the most beautiful j
struts In Washington, 1. C, are lined
with Hie I.cmhardy poplar.)
"AlbiKiucriim needs shade trees!
Even if we do nothing In the way of
plum intr. let us not destroy In a day
nature's work of years.
"YYrv iruly yours,
"District Forester."
Mr. I,ong letter Id Mr. Uingland
is as follows:
"Mr. Arthur C. Ttingland, District For
ester, I'nited States Forest Service.
"Dear Sir: In response to your re
quest I am glad to submit a report on
experiments to prevent formation of
cotton on the cottonwood tree.
One of Albuquerque's greatest as
sets in drawing tourists, homeseekers
and others to locate here are her
streets lined with many beautiful
shade tres. This is an asset that her
citizens apparently have not fully ap
preciated or appraised at its full val
ue; otherwise they would never per
mit the contemplated destruction or
mutilation of so many of her lnrge-t
and finest trees. All of the cotton
hearing trees on the streets of Albu
querque have been iixe-marked and
the owners' are expected to eltlierViit
them down or prune back the tops
until only (he trunk and a few large
branch stubs are left. It Is claimed
that these trees bear such an abund
ance of cotton that they are a pub
lic nuisance, and should either be de
stroyed outright or pruned back so
severely that they would not form cot
ton for several year. This severe
pruning it best Is only a makeshift,
for after a few years the new branches
commence to bear cotton, thus neces
sitating a rrcond severe pruning. Each
limning seriously injures tho vitality i
of the tree. It was to prevent the for-!
mallon of this cotton nn thereby j
save from destruction hundreds of
beautiful cottonwood treei that an In
vestigation was undertaken l.y the
forest pathological laboratory at the
forest service hetidiiuarters in this
city. -
"Cottonwood trees are usually of
two kinds. One bears the flowers
which later produce the cotton; the
oilier, known as the slaminate or
"male" tree, does not produce cotton.
The statninute blossoms or catkins
purplish in color, while the pistillate
or cotton-bearing: blossoms are green
ish. It is, therefore, easy to tell which
ni'e the cotton-ibearing trees ut blos
soming time. i
"If tho blooms which later produce
the colton are destroyed, then natural
ly thtf'tft will not bear any cotton
that year. The only feasible plan for
killing the young blossoms la by the
use of sprays which would destroy tho
tender flowers and yet not lnjuro the
rest of the tree. This Is made, pos
sible by the fact that the cottonwoods
bloom before the leaves unfold. Very
strong sp:ays can, therefore, be used
on the blossoms without danger to the
future foliage of the tree. Naturally
the sprays would be capable of de
stroying tender vegetation, or weed
killetiH, as some might call them.
"Several chemicals were used in the
spraying experiments. The most
promising, all things considered,
were: (l) A saturated solution of
common salt, (2) crude oil and (3)
1 per cent solution of sulphuric acid.
The salt solution did not kill all the
flowers. Th crude oil did, but It in
jured the trees to some extent as well
as the luwiv under them. T 1 per
cent solution of sulphuric acid when
thoroughly upplied to the blooms
killed all of thoiii and did not Injure
the tree, the men doing the spraying
nor the lawns or adjacent houses.
'This spring, the cotton-beaiing
trees were blooming during u period
of from four to six weeks, and the
length of time in which any single,
tree could bo sprayed was about three
weeks, Hinee all of the trees do not
bloom at the same time, there Is am
ple opportunity and time to siirny in
succession all ut the trees as they
"A good power outfit with high
platform for spraying trees, like the
outfits used In the east for spraying
the big elms for the elm-leaf beetle,
would easily and rapidly destroy the
blooms on all of the cotton-bearing
trees. The expense Incident to the
spraying would not be great.
"While the experiments iso far con
ducted are by no means complete or
conclusive as to what may finally
prove to be the best and cheapest
spray, still enough has been done to
show that the cotton nuisance enn be
controlled by spraying the trees dur
ing the blooming season. This meth
od Is feasible, practicable and cheap.
It will save from death by the uxe
or mutilation hundreds of beautiful
cottonwoods which are not marked
for destruction.
"Which is preferable, to spend a
little money annually and save our
trees, at least until we can grow oth
ers which do not have this objection
able feature, or to permit the pres
ent methods to continue, whereby
many trees each your are destroyed
or severely injured by severe prun
ing and still have the cotton nuisance
with us?
(Signed) ''V. II. I.ONY!,
"Forest I'ulhologist."
In Spite of 'All That Can Be
Done, However, - Smuggling
of Contraband Into Ger
many Continues,
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tires are buckles, gum
pinches, fabric separations and loose
treads: n it to mention the usual trou
ble with the beads on straight-side
tires. These are some of the invisible
weakness0 which cause blowouts,
even whero good material is used.
None of these defects can occur In
Kelly-Springfield Tirea which are
made slowly and painstakingly by
hand In small enough quantities to
make them right. Kelly-Springfield
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of pure jijrn.
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lance and the "adjustment" nuisance,
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foot trouble.''
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jeiuier, raw, burning, blistered, swol
nnl' UZ?'1 aniell' tvet.. '"VIZ" and
n, "Tli;" takes the pain and sore
ea out of corns, Callouses and bun
Ions. "Tc8onn as you put your feet In a
ni bu,h. 'ou Just feel the nappi
es soaking in. How good your Poor,
1r?. fr,tifp"1- w-ant to dance for
rtr' A" ia Brand. "TIZ". instantly
"raws out all the poisonous exuda
'ns which puff up your 'feet and
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"rnelly feet '
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tnJ? !,?rc or department store. Get
i.ot rrllef- Luuk at foot suf
fni 0 con,Plain. Uecause your
J" nrv". never going to bother
make you limp any more.
(AwH'latnl rma rurmpondoiirO
Stockholm. Miiy, SI, There has
been much discussion about the smug
gling of contraband from Sweden to
Germany though It Is well known that
the customs officials have been alert
to prevent It. The suspicions were
Justified apparently in the case of
the steamer Kolve which left Stock
holm In January loaded with plaids,
copper, rubber tiros and a miscellan
eous cargo of other articles. She was'
bound for N'orrkoplng where addition
al cargo was to be put aboard. Then
It was Intended to have her go to
Malmo nnd off the const where It
would be outside Swedish waters have
tho ship seized 'by Hermans.
In February there was another at
tempt. Three big steamers loaded
with maize came Into Landscronu har
bor, the bills of lading signed to or
der. A German presented himself as
the owner and ordered the ships on
the same day to go to N'orrkoplng
around Falsterho, evidently with tho
Intention of being taken by Germans.
Hut the government declared that the
ships must unload in Lnndscrona.
In the first week of April there wns
another striking case when the steam
er Kngland, belonging to the recent
Swedish minister of marine, was cap
tured off Falsterho nnd brought to
Stettin, where much of the cargo was
unloaded ns belonging to a German,
rt was another cargo of malxo and
came from America, being under the
authorization of the Swdlsh govern
ment for use In Sweden. During the
journey one of the interested firms
sold its part of tho cargo to a Stock
holm firm which In turn sold It to the
(iertnnn government. I
As a result of such attempts the;
Swedish authorities now demand that
every vessel bound for the east const
shall call r.l Malmo for Inspection. It'
niny bo thnt some tons of copper may
have been smuggled across the fron
tier, but there has not been uny sys
tematic tride in contralinnd.
- l it
(aaiciM. eoaaaaorota to uoikin joummi)
F.Mst 1-ss Vegas, X. June IS,
Tourists eomlnjr into this cilj report
the roads In good condition lor auto
mobile travel. This highway Mre ex
cellent except in one or two spots,
the travelers fay.
one or two kicks huve been regis
tered on the roads to the south of
AlhiMicrtii, which seem to be pretty
rough. From the Puke city hortli to
Santa Fe, the highways have received
nothing but praise. In the vicinity of
the t'apital city, the roads could stand
u good deal of repair, according to
the Information received here. Sev
eral of the nutoists are "sore" at the
highways In Santa Fe county, the
roads being reported hud as far as
the San Miguel county line.
In tliis county the (Vetin-to-Oeenti
highway is reported to bo in line
condition. North of this cily, nnd
through Mora and Colfax counties,
the tourists say that they have struck
some of the best roads West of the
Missouri river, gome trouble has
been experienced on the Scenic high
way from Itaton to Ttlnldad, more
than one car being stink on Vtalon
puss. .
Many of the travelers sre disap
pointed with the highways through j
Colorado und Kansas, siev ing thill Ui:
roads throughout New Mexico urefari
superior. j
:fr -' ",,jiriv tTy
ttPICIAL OfimittPONMNCI tO MOHNINtt joumh&li .1
Furwell, Tex., June 12. This has I
bocome an Important grain buying'
station. Several hundred cars of I
grain have been marketed here In-j
eluding wheat, kafflr corn, milo maize j
and Indian corn. The acreage planted j
this year is larger than a yeur ago and)
the outlook for another banner crop I
Is promising. 1
Tho toAii has decided to Improve
the looks cf things. A big grader, op-j
crated by a traction engine, began
groding the street lending cnsl from
the depot this morning.
The Santa Fe railway Is Improving
Its water plant at this station. This Is
tho Junction of the Galveston Hue and
the niH in line from Chicago to the Pa
cific coast, and many trains pass here
every day.
he Doctor,
Yjfir. lems BaAcr
The quotlonii snuuerrd hlew sin itrnnal
In churiiripr. Ihp pymplt.mv or iImipum.' nn
i Klit-n ncl tho rniinrn will aiiply in suy
ctin nf hImiIUi nniuri.
j Thou wUlihiK further lull ice frre may
fl1, hex- III'. 1.1'ttU Kukri', l'i.llfi III. 111..
' ('iillrgp -Kll.iil Sir. lunl.in, i)., m-l.alnit
' Hoir-mUtri'impil atiimiii'il mvl.vp fur reply.
l-'ull mime, unci mtdtrnt mut tt slveii, hut
nlN Initials or lUiltkou nam will br urU
In my annwrra. Tho iiri'mrltitlonn ran ho
lllloil at any well nt.u-keil itru tni. Anv
Ji uKKlm nn n ih r i.f w ImI. unl. r.
On Hoard I. S, S. Colorado, Off San
Diego, by I'adlo to San Diego, Calif.,
June 12. Yao.nl Indians, it was re
ported today, have burned the small
town of Yuiul, Sonora, nnd havet
tightened tboir besieging ring around
a, farm where six civilians and fifteen
soldiers are holding them off. All
communication with tho surrounded
party has been cut off,
Tbe burning oYnnuis included the
destruction of a hotel and warehouses
owned by ti mining company.
Cumin.a officials, It was reported
today, have made full reparation to
the British consul at Colima, state of
Collma, for prop'crty losses there.
I'avment has been made for hordes
stolen nnd an apology offered.
A. Ochner, an American who has
been molested, has been promised
protection along with all foreigners by
the military commandant at Colima.
The queer little character who has
recently been appearing in advertis
ing under the name of Mr. Squeegee,
seated on top of a Diamond Squeegee
Trend Tire with an umbrella over his
head to protect him from the rain,
has attracted a great deal of attention
and has caused many people to won
der where such a name as Squeegee
could have originated.
Storo owners have long been accus
tomed to clean their windows with
the edge of a thin piece of rubber, in
serted in a &ino holder, and in some
manner or other this utensl" became
known an a Squeegee, although the
word seems to have no particular sig
nificance. When Diamond Tires were mado
and it became necessary to provide a
name for the tread the word "Squee
gee"' nppeured to express the Idea of;
the tire, makers exactly. The trend
consists of five bars of rubber which.
circumscribe the tread, the three In j
ths center being continuous and thei
two nn the outside broken at regular;
intervals, an noiinii logeiner oy cross
bars. The non-skid which this tread
gives results from a sqneegee-likc
workitm of these five bars.
When the ear begins to skid tho j
outside nar wipes away mo muq ami
slime much us a Squcegcr. takes the
water from a wet window, nnd per
mits the other bars to grip tight to
tho pavement. In fact tho principle
is exactly that of a "Squeegee" and
the tread has been well named. Mr.
Squeegee wns originated to typify the
Squeegee tread in advertising and to
tell car owners about the virtues
which his tread holds out for them,
especially In wet weather. Whenever
he speaks It is raining, for he always
has his umbrella up whenever ho Is
"Po.trly" wi'Moh: "Pionr pronerlhe f..r mo.
I have cht'uttlr r.iiixtltiniti.M ami my heat!
n.'h.' all tho tlnift. I am norv.iua ami don't
leoi Mill. I have fever and my akin la
nni.hty ami my tongue coated. My eye nro
rtull and t feel llred and weak all tho
Anawer: Wlial yuu need la a sood laxa
tive and blood puriilai'. clean your ayntern
Ihorouuhly with thre rain aulphprh lah
tela mot aulphur.) Theaa tnhlota net on tho
Ix.wela, aid .Uuc-tH. n nnd purify your blood
Their use will drive away the tired feellns
and other aymptoma.
"Proud" aaya: "t have alwaya been proud
of my hair until late, when It haa acquired
an iibIv, greasy airlntry appearaiii e, and
my aeulp la covered with tmiea and Itihee
lerrll.lv. What may 1 d.? My hair cmnba
out In handaful."
Anawer.' You aiiould una plain yellow
inliiy.il to relieve the acalp of dandruff and
liohlnc It arta n a tonic to the sculp and
hair atranda and promolea a beautiful
luxuriant sronih of hair, clip the enda of
tho hair all over Ihe head about half an
Inch, to got rl.l of broken ends.
"Model" write: "I hnve been n perfect
thlriy-elfrht In al-e until the last few months
when I have fralned about '.'. poumta too
much (l"H, I'leaae pioacilhc." j
Anawer: Vou will Unit a very harmleaa
and auccoKHrul tlefh reducer In the ue of
arbotone Ishlete, aoid In tea led tubee with
directlona for home ue. -'
o Uoarfci
on siow zx
J&w lour
i mm
"NVrviMin" write: "I nm bruin worker
liut now 1 am nfrvuua in ti wimbl
In npl'IV inymlf tn my UAn. I runn.M fn-
tntr-itfi my mini. ltav n cnnMiwu fc-lln(
l f fatiuut- nnd rtnwiHniH. 8tn (o hwv
)mit u II niny , in tiih.-r word. 1 duii'i
Koi-in titi lo t Miiiw myself (itKcthcr' mns
Imw. Wltiit will rt-nt-w my KticnKili, lru:
mo vi p. und niukn im fc-i llk a iiinn?"
Amuw Yinir onnilltl'in In tho im o
Unit or I iH-tinum! of tiiUfi ui'ii, tmr
horn rmoroti to new mronRth antl i-ni-ijry,
whon from wiMty, ilisttiviuiion or ovorwtrk,
thoy wir forlltm tho itin as yuu. Tlno
cvaiit cvhIhiik nf tnlititi slntultl rolnviRorntf
ymir nvnlrrn, give ynj lww iroiiKfr. and
lifo and intiho ymir liVnln rltmr and ablf
tu rtp will, iliiily rMinli. in-ntu Himi UKlnir
thorn nw. !
"Runt" mvi: ' I'm tired of b?lnir fHllod
"runt" .ut lipcauim I'm thin. 1 wnnt ti
wolnh rnoro. How may I dd about 25
pound t- my oli;ht?"t
Answer: Thir fi th uh of three Rrnlnj
h pno-noclun ttihlot to Inoroniio )imr
woiKht. Thfy are the nurost, aafeat and '
boil hraltli, fiiiMtHlh w n tl tloxh prmiucor 1!
otttild miRtft't. Vou nhould onnlly gain twon-
t -tt e pun in In tn weight tn a tola lively -ihort
time. Many htii Inrtf-ut-d moto
"Anna 1.." write: "I lmve kidney trou
ble and have had for some U mo. I hava f
hnhy three monthi old and nlnc ih wan
too n. 1 have been b'tthorod. I have been
taking- rnt 'licine. but It don't aeem to act j
on my I.IiIiumh aa It should." 1
Answer: Quite often kidney and bladder
it'oiiMe follow i hild-birth, and If your ymp-l
tottia are the uual uies, Much n pwetllnvl
of the fiet, putTH undur tho eyi-n, chlllH mid
fever with headache urid palnn in the hark. 1 H
would HUKmut that u umo bulmwort tMh-
leta. Tlicv me a nplondid all-rtitund kid-
ney mdl(lnf. They tone and liven the kid
ney to proper natural ai-llon.
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ra ftH
(Aaani'lutril Trraa CorrfapondDc.)
London, May 31, W. It. Monro,
head of tho Irircso Bastiline pnglne
rrantifut'ttii'lner company, "Potters.
Limited," has resigned from all oon-
tiPftlon with tho firm lieeause Ihe dl
rertora votpd to place thflr plant at
tho dispocal of the. government for
the itiiiniifaetnre of lniinltionH. Mr.
Moore's letter of renlKniition says:
"Deep rellslous convictions will not
allow me willlntrly to take part in the
manufacture of munitions and I
.should not have become associated
with the company had I thought that
anph a contingency would arise. A
It has oriHen there Is one courfe open
to me, and I reslsn therefore my po
sition as chairman and director of the
(v MoaNiNS jouml if icuL lcabco woai:
Yuma. Ariz., June 12. General W.
L. Marnhall, In charge of levee work
alohR the Colorado river, asked of
ficials of the California Development
company today for aid In checking a
caving of the river banks near the
levees where a serious break oc
curred In 1907. No levees have been
broken, however, according to recla
mation officials, and a serious break
is Improbable us the river Is very
low for this time of year.
rteports of a break In the. levee
svsteiTi today probably wire based oti
the fact thai a portion of the railroad
embankment . along the river had
fallon In,
Dentin;; Armory Assured.
Sanln. Fe, June 12. Adjutant Gen
eral Harry T. Herrlnir was notified to
day that Deming had raised $l,G0O to
pay for a sito for the proposed nation
al Buard armory for which a bond
Issue, of J17,fl0l) had been authorized.
Tho law tiiithorlJiliiR It In similar to
tho law which appropriated $.1(1,000
toward Iho replica of Ihe Cathedriil of
the Desert, making It contingent upon I
Santa Fe donating the site. Dnnilntf
has beaten Haiila Fe to it, as far as
bolus1 the first in paying for ntHl do
nating a site. However, tho building
at Kmita. Fe, involves an expenditure
five times that nulhoris'.ed for the na
tional guard armory at Dcining.
(littnilKTlnln's Colic, Cholera
JMiirrlioou Jtenicdy,
This Is a remeny that every family I
should be provided with, and espft- i
clally during the summer months.
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ments for a long time. He fell off In
weight Hnd took treatment without
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Becomes a Pleasure
It will save you so much time, energy and
moneywill do much to lighten your work.
You will rejoice to see (lie hard work, the
heat and fuss of ironing day wiped out.
No funning back and forth.
No lifting of heavy irons.
We hope we have said enoiiph to show you
what a splendid thing it would he for you to
have one.
A Cool Kitchen
in Summer
Our gas ranges arc built so
that the heat stays inside.
Dread not the Jiot weather with
a gas range in your kitchen. '
No "all in" feeling to users
ot gas ranges.
Order now and avoid the rush.
At Your Service
Albuquerque Gas, Eleftric Light and
rower Company
Phone 98
424 W. Central
' f

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