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Jacob M, Dickinson, Former
Secretary of War, Appeals
for Better Preparation for
Country's Defense,
Henry L, Stimson Points to
Necessity of Preserving
Neutral Rights and Inability
to Enforce Them,
New York, June 14. Batter mili
tary anil naval preparedness on the
part of the United suites wan ured
DMt tonight by speakers ot national
prominence at a maw meeting at
Carnegie hall of the NaUoBgJ ftaOttF
Ity league, whleh today beKan a Iwu
days' peace and preparation confer
MKM at which twenlj-rlve states were
The speakers tuiiiht included
Jacob M. Dickirowu, und Henry L.
Ptimron, former secretaries of war;
Charles. J. Uotiaparte, former attor
ney general; Judge Alton 11. Parker,
who in honorary Vice president of the
league Mid lr. Lyman Abbott
In Introducing Jutlt;.- I'mber us
chairman of the meeting, Staiiwood
Menken, pn siileni of the league, out
lined its purposes and said the con
Icrence desired tO Inquire into the
'necessary steps Which should be
taken for an adequate national de
lense." Judge Parker declared that the
present European war has taught this
0 N TW
.."in..: "on wiiai was P'epure,incHs,nrm,im(,m ,,, abandon will
io jeuis a : is nol jireiiareiinesH ;
No fear of Mllitaii-m.
"We are now faced with the ques
tittn," he suid, "whether we are in u
position to protect our rights. We
ncd not fear a growth of militarism
but we must have an tinny and a navy
large enough lo protect us in our
"We arc nol prepared to withstand
a larger power. An attack may be
long deluycd but now we are follow
ing the president with bated breath
while he makes his demands upon
Germany and Mexico."
Judge Parker said Unit this coun
try has learned the value of airships
and submarines and usked If uny rea
sonable person could object to our
spending enough money lo protect
ourselves from any foe.
"This movement," continued Judge
Purker, "In to awaken the people to
the fact that we need protection lo
avoid calamity, to show congress that
the people of this country hav e dcler-
inlned tu preserve the country for!
Htelr children und grand children."
lo Miurc Lasting I'caco. .
Dr. Abbott declared thai he was in
favor of adequate prepureditess as a
means of securing lusting pence.
"The people of America.'' lie said,
"desire peace to enable them to ajo
on with their business and to perform
their duties lo themselves, their ehll
dren mid the world. Sell -defense is
perhaps the Hrst law of nature, hot
the highest Is defense of others. Wo
organize government that may pro
tect the Individuals. If it fails lo do
this, il, fails in its fundamental duty."
Dr. Abbott said the people ought
to organize a council which could lay
out a policy that would ensure per
manent protection to the nation.
Joseph II. t'hoale, temporary presi
ul !,.. I....U,... :.. ,. o. i..,. i,i. i. a.
was read al the meeting, said he fa-
,.,,,i ,1,,l,,.i.,. "' JV.i .,, I
inoi gency. "To be prepared for war
is one of the most effectual means of
preserving peace." Mr. t'hoale wrote.
Idktreaa by Dlofclnaoa.
It would be the blindedl folly for
this country to regulate its eon
duct upon the assumption that
I here will be no more wars
or intrust its destiny to any temporal
power but its own. said Jacob M.
Dickinson former seerclury of wnr.
In an address here tonight, advocat
ing better militury and naval prepar
edness. At piroHent, he aatd, the ,irm.
and navy defenses of the United States
were wholly Inadequate for war with
any lirsi class power. He added that
"the Idea of our getting irtto war ;s
not altogether chimerical."
Judge Dickinson was a sp- aker ul a
lUaaa meeting In Carnegie hall of the
Peace und preparedness conference,
In session here today and tomorrow,
under the auspices of the National Se
curity league.
"Whatever we may think "f wars,
their Injustice, or their folly," he said.
when we know Unit there h ave hl-en
but few periods throughout the cen
turies when they did not exist, when
we know that within our short na
tional life we have had but few de
ludes without war of some kind, and
lour wars with foreign countries, und
when v have before us the spectacle
"f the greatest, bloodiest and most de
structive war ever known sine time
began, it would be the blindest tolly
for us to regulate our conduct upon
the assumption that there will be no
more wars. It would be hut little con
eolation to us if proceeding on such
a theory and suffering disaster, we
could commend ourselves fm being
guided by humanitarian vtawa in ad
yani'e of our time.
Condition Worse Tluni War.
"There may be a condition Worse
than war. Such a condition is abject
JUhmisslon to aggression. Was Bel
gium wrong to resist invasion, or
should she have supinely submitted '.'
She paid a fearful penalty for national
independence. There she stands the
veritable Niobe of nations, more glo
rious In her desolation than she would
I'e If flourishing by the grace of a
foreign power."
Answering the "chargea thai there
are deliberate efforts now under way
for foisting upon this country the
same militarism that lias been the un
doing of Europe," Judge Dickinson
cited our action toward Cuba, the
1'hilipplnes and at Vera Cruz as "ob
ject lessons of pacific purpose. I" say
nothing of our long record of efforts
for the promotion of peace."
'Must we Mop talking altogether
about armament and preparedness
'lid avoid all steps in thai direction
lor fear of alarminir Kurooe?" he
usked. The keynote of much
pacifist prapagaata is that talf-prae-
ervatlan is not the final law for na
tion!", nor for individuals, and that the
progress of numaatt) may demand
the extinction a! the Individual, snil
also th, example and the inspiration
of martyr nation What the future
may bring we do nol know, but We do
know thai hitherto the history of na
tions baa been such that we can in
trust our destiny to no temporal
power but our own."
Quoting Dr, Nicholas Murray Hut -ler,
president of Columbia university,
as one of those opposed to agitation
for Increase, i armament and us hav
ing asked "for what war and with
Whom" the country should be pre
pared. Judge Hottlnaoa said:
Peace Not laaawad,
"Parbapa today nr. Butibr oaa see
that the Idea of our getting Into war
Is not altogether chimerical. My uii
FWer Is that we must nol prepare for
war with any particular country, but
that we should, until niitloiia change
their attitude toward war, prepare to
resist (In- unjust aggressions of any
country I say this without regard to
the present war or present condi
I he speaker refi rred I recenl rt
ports by Major tlenernl Wotherspoon,
former chief of staff and of Secretary
f War Harrison.
"I'nless we rejeet this evidence as I
untrustworthy,'' he said, "It is per
fectly patent that So fur as our army
Is concerned we arc wholly unpre
pared to defend ourselves against In
vasion by any first class power.
"Without going Into detail we know
from recent Investigations which have
been made public, that our navy Is
not up to the relative standard that
it .it one time occupied, and that II Is
seriously deficient. The fact that II
has alwaya acqalttad itself in every
way .. as to reflei I great honor upon
cur country cannot blind us to the de
"Will our people never learn t
traal piaaa questions In tenM of so
ber arnaataaai a ad with a raallaa-
tlon of what Is involved? There are
no more Jerlclms to he demolished by
blowing of horns.
"If these things be militaristic, then
1 am militaristic. I have endeavored
to show that the time has not come
when w.. eao ilfsoense with arma
ment: that at present, without regard
to the attitude of the warring nations,
our army and navy defenses are
wholly Inadequate for war with anc
first class power; that at all times of
our history and especially now. In
view of the developments in the sci
ence of wnr, reliance on new troops
for Inimadlnt'
it will requir.
vun is ioii. .mo iiii'
much time to train!
troops lor efficiency, and to prepan
the materia for modern warfare.
"Non,. of these things will set ua
against disarmament, whenever the
nations can be brought to seriously
ontemplate it. A nation that has an
have a fat
more potential voice In a council ot
nations considering disarmament than
one having none to abandon."
favors strotnror Army.
The enrollment und military In
struction of ,.ery available uhle.boil
led man In the 1'nlted Slates between
the ages of 1H and 4,1 was recommend
ed In the report of the mini., com
mittee of the .National Security league
at the first session lale today. Na
tional :nd state luws to this effect
should he passed without delay in thu
opinion of the committee, which is
headed by Cod Charles ES, l.ydecker.
Oouraaa in militury education and
nciu nyaiene enoaia ee. emooaieo m i
me curriculum oi every college, in tin '
oOmmlttet'i Opinion, und the huge en-l
rollmeni "f cttlaena, H ii urged, should
i" if filiated aj a reaerve, mor rely
with the regular army than the na
tionul guard now is alflliutcd.
A school for officers to truin
citizen soldiery is also advocated.
Stim-oii I nrea Preparation.
Immediate preparation for a
tionul defense adequate to meet
eventuality was urged tonight
nny by
Henry U Rtlmaon, secretary of war in
the cabinet of President Tafl, in his
"The main danger of war today."
said til,, former secretary,'' lies In the
fact that we have so acted in the past
ns to give good reason for believing
that we do not rcall mean lo protect
our rights. The surest way to get into
a light is to use strong language and
than stand with your hands In your
pockets. Is there a man who doubts
that President Wilson's note to 5er
inany would receive more attention I!
it were known thut our navy was in
readiness and our free people,' In the
language of Washington, 'disciplined
und trained to urins'." "
Acute Issue llus Arisen.
Mr. tttmaon opened his address by
'" Sf ' "l" ,uu"
as the acute issue thut has
irisen be-
causi ol the destruction ot American
lives on the Uttattania." lie disclaimed
intention of saying anything that
might embarrass the government but
declared that he considered it his duty
and the duty of every Amerlcun citi
zen to help Create an intelligent public
opinion. Mr. Stimson asserted that
the development of the right of the
I neutral has been the means of "put
Ung the brakes upon savagery" and
then continued in part as follows:
Reversion to Barbarism.
"Today v.'e are lace to face with the
European War to which one of the
cc inhalants has reverted to the thorough-going
logic of primitive warfare.
Finding force to be the ultimate fac
tor in war, she has declined to recog
nize any inconvenient restrictions
upon the use of force which Interfered
veith lier purposes or methods of war
fare. The neutral rights of Belgian
territory lay between her and her goal I
end sin trod them under foot, unable
to harm the fortress or battleships of
her island enemy she has not hesitat
ed to bombard DnDroteCted towns and
lvill:iir,-u or to toroedfi nnarme.l ltipr-1
j. chant vessels. It was inevitable that;
sin h an attitude must sooner or later
bring Ucrminiy into antagonism with!
the right of every neutral nation j
dwelling in or doing business in Btt-1
i ope.
oi Concerned About Cauaea. j
"We were not concerned as a na
tion in the origin or causes of the
war; we arc now vitally interested in
its results'. We cannot stand by and
bte centuries of progress swept into
the dust heap without vital Injury to
our national rights. From the marl
time code which regulated sea trade
in the middle ages until
today, It has
been beyond dispute that the lives ot
neutral passengers, ,-ven on the mer-
haiitmen of one's enemy, must be
protected. This right of our neutral
citizens sanctioned by centuries of in
ternational usages, Germany has trod
den down on the plea that It embar
rassed her methods of warfare, Just
as last August on a similar plea she
trampled on the neutral l ights of Bel
li am. Only the width of the Atlantic,
pot tlermany's forbearance nor our
power of self-protei tlon. made the
loss which we sustained less than that
ot Bebzlum,
FoCDe May He c, , ,nr.
"If the government of Hie 1'nited
flutes is not to omit 'any act neces
sary to the performance of us sa
reil duty' it stands pledged by this
declaration In President Wilson's note
of May 13. to the use of ion , if tier
many persists in her attacks upon our
citizens traveling on the high seas.
"Under these rireumstances with
matters in this condition what ought
we, the American people, t" do'.' What
have other neutral nations done when
placed in a similar situation'.' Oa the
in us of the invasion of Itclgium. the
h public of Switzerland nil the king
dom of Holland al once ntoblllaad
Ibelr troops and gu.irded Iheir hot
deis. xdvcriUc lnimai i ilaiaa
"I llfiO'tlllintely We have lull slender
ton lulu I ions upon which to build u
pi icy of temperate tiliiineas like thai
of our icilow neutrals Praatloalt)
not on,, step has been taken except to
uihertlse to the world our Impotence."
Mr Stimson discussed at some
length the military resources of the
United States, urging the training of
youne men to be officers in volunteer
armies .and advocated the prepaid-
t on with all possible speed of sup-1
idles of aim mill munitions, lie gav'c
it as his opinion Hint congress should
now I.,, in extra session, "making up
for its failure to heed (hiring regular
tfWloni the recommendations made
t(. It by military und naval official."
Supreme Court Refuses Re
view of Findings of Sixth
Circuit Court of Appeals,
Reversing lower Court.
at MONMNa .ouasai apit IAI iaaao wnaa)
MTaahinKtou. June 14. -Kcltmul of
lha HUpteme COUrl today to l'e lew the
action of the sixth circuit court of np-
peata in refferarna the conviction of
National t'axh Reglater officlula of
vlolallons of flic Sherman law. spelled
j unotbet defeat
lor Hie kov i nineiit lu
oltiies regard us the
what its legil
most imporxani proaecuuon "' ' , opportunity to mdiro a copy, only 7P
stitutcd under the criminal section "'!. . ..,,. ,lV, Z'. .-
the unti-trusi law
Chief Justice While announced the !
ourt's decision ulung with the an-
iiouik einciil of denials of applications
inr review In a uoztn or more eases,
v.. reasons ,. assiarlieil. and no 111-
naations given as to whether Ihc re
fusal was bused on lack of Jurisdiction
to review a criminal case noon the up- ,
plication ol tiie government in on an
! approval of law aa laid down by the
circuit court judges und by Justice
Data, who sat in this case.
At the department of justice today,
j while no olfieial statement was Issued,
lit was frankly admitted that the gov-
eminent had considered the cash reg-1
lister case the strongest that eould pos I
islhly be brought under the criminal I
I provisions of the Sherman low and !
j that failure of this case was accepted j
as meaning that criminal pFoaecutton I
I under the law would almost ccrtiilnh i
! fall.
Under the decision of the circuit
j court of uppeals the government now
I may take the case back to the trial
I court in an el torl to make effective
the remulnlnsr counts In the indiei-
mi nts amiinst
the cash register defen-
nrerDTmc mi itadv
UtbtK I tn O M I LI I An T
B, C, Jones, who was arrested lasi i
night by Sergeant I'M Donahue, admit
led to him thai he was a deserter
ll'Ulli the United Slates army. Ho b ft
his company al Kurt Bliss, Texas, four
days ago, lie said. Doliuhue picked up
Jones on suspicion thai lie wus u de
serter aflei noting Ills erect military
carriage wh'ii We walked.
perhaps the most remarkable case
ever handled by the local police
arose late yesterday afternoon when
a report was received at headquarters
that a young girl had been found
bound and gagged lu a ( best uf her
home in the highlands.
The Investigation which followed,
disclosed thut the girl, appitrt ntly
uboul. la years old, had been left at
j home in charge of a year-old child
suffering from measles. Dur'ng the
absence, of the grown-ups the sick
child missed the older one, and a
search followed which resulted in the
girl being fO Mad in the chest with I
tOWal tied about her face am! a rope
bound around her body. There was
no knot in the mbe however, and not
only were there no marks ol violence
to the and but her ilofhcs were not
even disarranged and her eye-glasses
Were ut their accustomed plucc on her
nose. She told a stall ling story of an
attack by a tall man who hud called
ostensibly to deliver a note.
The physician who was called ill
to see the girl gave us Ills opinion
that she was suffering from hysteria.
He found no evidences of uny vio
lence having been done her.
As previously announced, the Jour
nal is offering a completo collection
of all the old favorite songs brought
together In nn,. bcuut l'ul bipr volume
tailed "Songs That Never Grow Did."
All of these songs have been com
piled un, selected with the utmost
care by the most competent author!.
"es unu" ar printed and bound ull to-
gctli r, ,11.1 king seen Mm., books In
one volume. There are two sty leg of
bludinu, one in paper covers and the
other in heavy lOrigllsh cloth. The
contents arc the same, but, of course,
fhe cloth blotting Ul mora durable und
with ordinary cure should last a life
time. An Innovation in thl edilion are the
magnificent illustrations. These con
sist of a rare galaxy of sixty-nine won
derful portrait! of the world's greatest
vocal artists, many in favorite cos
tumes. The list includes Caruso, Ti t
lazzlni, Melba. Sieznk, Karrar, flonci,
liorlU, Stottl, Fremstad and almost
fifty others. None of these portraits
have ever bean shown in a work of
thUj character, and tl'.cy are all repro
duced from copyrighted photograhs
which have been approved by (tie nrt
ists themselves. Kvery reader will
want to possess this rare and unique
Thene books can now be secured at
the Journal office without coupons, at
7S cents for heavy Knjrlish cloth style,
und 4H en( for same bound In art
paper. ,
No Excitement Caused and Be
lief Prevails That Institu
tion Will Eventually Pay
0A Dollai for Dollar,
laaaciAL Ditaao m ro auaaiaa juumnali a, aoaaiaa jdunno aacc,L Laaau wiati
silver CRT, v M., June 14. The j Waahlnaton Junr u v ltfw
People's Hhviiium I lull U ti Trtmi Co., I'uinlnettl loni Ii i 1'IkIm toda) In ll'
With u IMibl iii capllul of $70.0110. 1 mipri me court foi a nviewol Iiimoii
doMed IIh doors t h in uflcrnoon ul I faction In the f.ilei il COUtl :n San
o'clock, ii natlcaj in i UK puatad oa the I Franolaco ol rlolatlai lha Mann w hitr
door leading Thin hunk In In the )nv law The rourl dralcd the ap
hanilw of the Klulc bunk examiner." plication without opinion.
The MUn'cnulon of the bunk, which j t'umlnrttl, who iM the non of An
nas a chartered itate Inatltutlon, who thonv Cumlnptll, commlnnloncr an-
not due to iiny run, and cmiihimI no
I articular excitement The lust state
ment, which was untied ieccmber III.
mi4, Rave the dapoaita at approxi
mately 171,909, and Umihh and da
count an $14:1.000, with ii total IiuhI
neaa ftajurtaf lft,44t.l i.
I if fuel's of the bunk declined to
naive an) atatameni paadllai th ar
rival of the state bank examiner, who
Is expected here tomorrow from Sunlit
Ke. It In believed, however. Unit the
bank win pay depoattora in full, the
liiuidution bains voluufHiy und the
i resent amharraiamenl balntf oauaad
llj tin (Ml that the bank has on llund
a larite amount of slow paper.
The dOHlltK of the People's bunk m
no waj affects either of the two na
tional bankH in Silver City, both of
which are in u tlourlshinK condition
' Cud) rnn bo otit lined nt the Journal
now w ithout , poaa, DOB! mt this
and 4! eenta each, respectively
JUNE 24th
Ti. lavaatara:
Th,' meal pri'ilial'U' ijiialncfn tn Aim ilea
in the eroded tag, radnlag and atarkeihaj
ut "It.
'I'lu- ell aieauajeli did net have ua Henri
ii itarl in; i nr. the that fi-w jeara Ha thu
facia Sim 011 Compear hu BOW,
The oil and i;ua lniiimpi'ly liua itr'ean
drunk with (feed uml the Hpt in B-n -erul
reeeal the Inti'ift-iiiiee of tlila tully
that aei'ka ut thin a to lUanlnale the "v
, thin. at, beat atato ami furfural, whan
ever lia fool by further optireaalen uf the
aeoale can bo haareebbt.
Tin. fieele sum mi Company woa m
laniaed by ateaeeV predaeara ubeut ten
yean aao. during the Kunaua "it uur. Ita
tflg'ltll plana Kill finally he eaMpMed.
it aea hna a chain "f three rt-lln-rh'ii.
Reaaeay a i ia tecatuii ut chertyvalei
Kue., nnil haa bteii lu niaatlaaal attaratloa
fm nouiiy nil yeura.
Rtflntry No, i la lucatcil
Okie., nearly the heart of
nt Watt Tillau.
the rich ul, i i
llelnu oil 11,-lda. Thru. t
runnat-teil Mlih the nil II
Waahlngtan, Tulaa. Oread
euuntha lis uiir nan pipe
n ri'fhii i l,a lira
lelda uf Oetde,
und Pawnie
line now asar
pleted for lil niliea. The
pipe llllce uf
The t'ni'le Sum Oil Company liuve been
exempted from the commnn carrier Ho -lillltlea
by the Suprumo fjourt of I lie United
Metaa, The i:nole Sam OH Company built
the Ural three rednerien In Kanaaa und
Oklahoma Uullt the llrat I n h p ml. n I
I'lpc Hue we.-i of the Appuluchlan niuiin
talua. KaUibllaaed aod hua auppliril for
peara tin- Brat marketing agonta to reach
tiir people tllr.rt in Mlojioui'l, Kioieaa, Ok
luhnma uml N'i'braaktt
It has aulmiiintUil dim, ilmllii,; (tallUUI
In ncurly till th,. hlg eltles la Kunaua.
Oklahoma and Wtatern Mlaaoui'l where it
bus tunka for atnruse and lis prodiieta ur
lU'Ilvered ,lr,n l tu the peoph- from Ita led,
white and blue tank Waaoaa unit autci
nioblle trueki Th( 1'm.le Sum Oil Com-
puny w-ua the flral bona fide , potltor "f
the oil ami uua " monopoly that In forty
yean dared . lavade the rich ncuketa of
lit, Middle Wait It haa inei with vleloua
n i II utloli la tbe pHat, but hSI
BUtiOD lo the paai, but ban filvviivs
mil Th. a.. Baffbeenttdna many tlmaa
li'Mai toil'-it by mlagulUetl m ronupt
and federal ufriclalu, but the Uncle
IM! I'nmi'iiny hH8 ulaua miuli ' n ,a
by i oiiilnaauy laeraaaimy ita uaaeta
we i ii.v value our eotnolned prop
huv e
erllea, Including our extmpieii pipe line,
(nod iil and eatabllahad trade, at four
million dollar.'.
Hetlnery . S la at . Kaneaa City, Kua
We have fifteen acre of the most voluahle
factory Isndi in the Lip apmonrdule ,11s
trtet In Kanaoa city. Kua. This lioner
la hoi ull hi "natation. Out we opecile
preaae plant and h hip dlstrlbutm- atallon
hire, We have lii oil end a;o ell
tl tank cura, several ihouaand ucrea of
oil uu. I sua loaaoa; over Afteen hundred
cre of deeded land. We want In In
crease the tapedty uf ea,-h rednery to
8.000 barrela per duy. With mifllclrnt cn
ital we can i n, i Hue. and market O.eeO
ti.irr.ia per 'in." ut ma. three Fennortca ami
make u poaalble proftt ut jojK.odo tin
llialiha ibis, we hat at Unlet ten dif
ferent propei nea In tbe oil held win re
Pat wells alt . aid be etartcd al ode
drilling of "lie well on any nf. theae ten
properllea mlsht epep a dew oil pool
where we cuald uulckly drill ...iliei wella
ami pour .ml iitllttoM for tbe etockholdera.
The itreateal opportunlllea In America are
In tlm Oklahunui oil llelda at tin- prariit
with new capital
preaant pi 01. rttea
e cen ae"
and si 1 urs
P new propei lies,
ti I-1 'vi it thousand ali'ckliolders
mpany ownliut iftt.ooo.uov shales
There are 4s. 000. 000 shares yel
VV want Are thousand mors
as 10 pay In from ', I
rsby eeopripg ike belai
an. I pun a.' enoiish eaeh
u, "..mpllsh bin t eaulls
If lite new
Itu the put
'dpltal raised
base or nrudi
nil ui
per barret
11.1s brought
The oil
and Bus
el liiala
about a
Son of Commissioner General;
ut Immiuiatmn Must tJ.iy
Fine and Serve Term
'Ml ol
iinmiKration. n.r loiinil xullty
with Maury I DIkks of t raiiKportlntf
for Improper purposes two Mlrls, from
lacramaato, Callf.j to Reae, Wav, He
v an tilled 1 1, .100 and seufenee, to
eighteen months' Imprisonment.
This was the first ease under the
Mann law to reach the supreme court
It- which the commercial element was
abaantj The rex lew wan nuked on the
(round thai the law is not applicable
to i ases In which only Immorality In I
involved, and
plli able. It In
I'pon the
oaunaal aaked
the refusal tl
that furthei. If it Is n -
couri's aaaouncement j
tor a I eeonslil era t toll of
review the ( 'a millet t i- j
hlRKai' conviction. HlKK" was een
ti need to two years' Imprisonment
atid a fine of $i,onn.
Ifyoefell to.at your
jr,arni an
I'hon 141-111.
In Hie ll fli'lila and
The I'm Ir Hum Oil
pood prepeetloi uuii
i la lliu
'"II 1 1 n n y In
eatead iu
bay up
and make the Company I'li-li . uml aver)
Margd pteebbebiar ahra rleb, ami i apb miit
Prodt " lha amuii atoekhoMere,
lialleil uml II
t reaajpalae
III litltubl,
Iiiiliialtlul atu
you will aaml ,,ur raaUttaaea al
anita uulck for full tmrll, ul.us,
.i ml
rurp olir atock It, -"if i'ii uiU.lure nl' If
per eeaf mi Tburaduy, June 14.
t i re m i' prebabt) ti rt y ibeueaad lareetoia
fig uiliiar on u pint of ildn ataek. Kmaiab
Ionia are puinlliig ! Hell all lb, re la left.
'iTiia eatlea , in apaear in rawaala nmr
papajpa all PVpr the 1'nlted Htataa ami
ruuudu. It will reach vr bbJPJ PlUlioa
readora. Wo are solng to ratal this heeded
tali ir, .aper i v en uiuler tiunh- t'll-ea.
The t'nelo Hum lilt Cempaap ulwuya rule, a
Ita new capital direct from tin- prupf,'.
Wo ofTer the Amelleuii publla u rful op
portunity to In- tin- promotera.
fOvt-n' a few Iniure oflentimea ntebei a
big dtrrereiic, In the oil llelda Tlila I'om
paay la doing lldnga. W'e know Hie "II
to Ma tin, I will, a quarter uf ii million dol
lai a In caali now can Benet and , lev, lop
arapertlef Ibul can eually produce in 1 1 -lb
lit could have purcbuned tba CaahiBf
'i. aa- at from 13.00 tu 1 0.00 per acre by
r. arrant v deed t, few yeura atto. Now It
hua alaaady "' a I nearly one humlri'd
minion (loo.ooo.oooi barren of hiab prada
i in!,' oil. ami la atlll proihicliiK uboul
3110.000 barrels per day.
Thla Htot-k
live eellla pi i
I'iK'-lliIrd Ua
iiulrk ao thl
"f the many
abolibl nelt light no
ahare, but la mTered nl
value tu rulae lieu
oontpaar can take udvjil
real tnoKulna In 111'
Hilda. We have In view sown, I pni,'i 1 lea
lu line for fortune imtklna n oduclloii. We
ran combine 11 row hundred small romll-
tanepi und eeoura priiperiiea that can
eually imreaae in value iwenly lo thirty
lltmu. Be on the aufe aide and remit foe
a 1(00,1 hl.ick of thla atock before It ad
vaneea :'0 to UU tllnea.
Tbera win be other rich oil and gaa telda
lu ukluhoma and Kunaua. You will have
to take u bertain chance on every Iiiv.hi
mini, but thla Company la already u big
eppevrn, and It la bound in hp 11 rlrli
enoAer1 or later. Better take a ftpaAoe wini
ua ai onoe, before a big oiler la struck
and the stock tucreaead ten tbnea Of entire
ly vvlilidrown Tin- rompiiny la ceatrolled
mors la a provision pi the charier that
piniecla the Company from oil iruat coo
truJ, Muny of ihc laadlag otocktiohb'is
believe there la 0 goud 1 bailee for thla
si 1 k to gain In solid value to a hull dollar
per share lu a few years.
The IVilersl guv 11 mucin controls about
three million acrea ,,f oil an'i't sua land! In
In the paal th oil mid pas
111 rough Hie auhsldlaetl post
pull, has been ablb lo control
11 per
of the pruduellnu from
gjuvornnH tn
1 .lii" lands The
Ham nil
Company tma proven in
al II boiteatty aeeund a
ciauue Indians uf if8,tH)0
federal court
lease 1'1'oni III
smes. The Influence "f II HRsnpol
llius fill- deprived our Independent Cone
puny from the velidatlon ef thla laast 11
can b, validated either by Congress or the
le, retsry of the Interior. A but has been
Introduced In the lusi three sessions of
rosgress in vslldata ibis Istagp to Th
IfRdle Ham nil iniiipuiiy. We are ,r
Ipnleipi n..w for h nnlsh light for ibis
1 'auae t.'n, le Hum I, aa,-
IVe want Hve thuuaund more led btepded
A not L una tu join our independent army
tu help toTOS Justice In itda big corneal
II. Vi I It Al l. I VI, 1 s I lil 1
s l ot II
Vim will in ike a illutueiul mtStsN
you delay bocutuifiK a al oekllotder ttt
V0111 pnimpl 1 emllluii.'i- may entitle
10 a 1 on, in Innal allStmt St j lghl 011
Institute Already Most Numcr
misly Atlfinlt'ti Ever HcM
Here and
lore Teachers i
The Ueriiulillo e t institute op-
i Hi d (raatardai nioi ninK at the high
nchoot with scveut-one leach. i and
raduataa who hop.- m be teacheri in
iltteiulance. This Is the blifuest Instl
lulc e"T held In the county and prob-
ubh the largaal held by any count)
111 the state.
The attend. lin e rlghl now is 4J p, r
.iiii greater than it was last summer
More Htudents are expected to come
Inter. At least, communb atlonH re
ceived by County Superintendent A.
Montoya about the Bernalillo normal
gave promise thai several WOUld B
roll who have not yet appeared.
Prlawtaa iaaaVaaj Gha Keya
I'rliiccton. . J., June 1 4-The'
keys of Princeton were ulven loduv I
the KnulualiiiM class who relL-neil1
1 Uroine on the campus The exercises
"I' ' lavs da Included (he class oru-
tlon, the plantinj of the class ivy, ami1
the uulhernu "I the i lass ui'ouiid the
cannon. Atiiotm the speakem at the!
cannon was Joseph W. Bailey, Jr I
I MR PR Class-Paint
LUIYIDLn Cement-Plaster
Albuquerque Lumber Company
423 North First Street
al". k
ailll I. fl-,i
,lb I, If ml
areuter yoill
ymir bene
Mnhlliimil lllJatu
Sunk AUnlmeut
a aloi'liliotihr
W'luili yen In
v oil
ii a proper! lotuvt
Intereai in all thl
arlla rellnerlia in
nil ..r iu,- Oaei pa
W- have one v
leaeM In Pawn,,' l
l'r', In ,, shut
I up
li'W ,1
U fi
ll- I,ltl
iv rt,, v a
A nil,' (but will puh "II up bvi
huir mil,, may davelep i ten itmu
barrel w, ii at the mm loeatlott,
Tiii pertieulaf leuae atretidita ui
Puvvtice I'.iunlj liuiii farm In fiirm fm
and one-half mil, -a. W'u alinuld
iliiri' nr four drllla on tlila propaftl
ttriiliv l; in flint swii iiii
n . n vitltKi. citniil t KM
iu 111,'
litnoli ei
alaty ucrea In
townahlp that
areeai Cueblnp
barrel well on
menu ti fti i rnn
m tu h ui, center
iimtalae nearly nil
nil welia Bvaa i
thla new propert
i iIh
r tin,
Il la
lo our eniiipiiuy
rl'iai' In nil,
drill a tpitleii
our i'ii" lilt
,l"i am uml vv
wells iirouml II
ii uml re fine i lea
i ruald aoeu
(ml aoen put
ul Im-reiiaeii
'I'll., t'hancea pre Rood for from a JOO to
a "unit barrel ell on our Itaiiih Creek
properties why should .1.000 to 4,000-
biirrel walla he found In Hie Iloslun 1 1
five mil, -a ttwtiy. unit nol some of thu sums
in sar Meon. I'rok poollf
We toe determined P. drill In the Imm,'
dlaie future three wells on Hunch Creek
ami Iwn 1.11 lite t'uabltiK properlv. Win 11
Ihe ''uabltig ileal la enllretv eloaed, and
theae live wi-lla lire to 01 plel eil, The tlliib'
Hum (111 Compear may huve a teli tkoueaad
barrel production daily.
'I'll,' fates aeem lo huvq fuv .red The
Uneifl si" till I'ltmpuny Injuailt-e ami
peraeeutlnn. when bseked by tile brute
power "f criminal money, erkebca Ua way
throiiKti f"r a while, Inn lulu peaei till
rlsrs lit lis inlaid and utvvuya wins In Uih
end Therefore, Tin- Uadls Sam cm emu
puny mi) aoon eaeeeel on n big basis and
Ita (Iftaen thnuaun.1 Roekbeldere may ke
nble to living auffleiellt pilblblly tn fore,,
iuatloa una tbeeebr tk validation of tins
vast Oaagi' t'ncle flu, 11 leuae.
TBS '"I und Ktis monnpule a the Ida Mb
sieve pnwer "f the prea',tl UK'- In the
povernmsnl ead nation todai
RlSiny up in Ilia .Middle West, bulldtM
in 11 stent district with unlimltod poest
bllltlea lo make millions. beaRSd lv I
peupls Hint I'.ov their knee null I" Hull
(inil. I he I'm le Hum mi Company is
battllai fur jusiii'e for both pyedaoer ana
e piiumer,
If you are an honest eltlien wtillnir 10
becoma a useful memiier in u efortky "
gailtaallnn for a sood euuse. then eOmbtBs
in oil I with pi iu.liil''. uml Jnlti this liipldlv
growing enterprise ihst you knovi la of
great merit. Wriie toduy for full partle
itlui'H, nr cut out the fiillnwlitg order blulllc
and .iii.e Ii your lemiltunue for u atilialau
Hal sniouni before ntber tv)deawske in
viatnis aeture what yea know you ahoubl
utl It.
Our spaoe la llmlled m we would uludly
furnish u mecli soevihelng proof thai nil
11, la advanelag oil stock wnultt be an
,-epteii by retura mall. The non- wells we
will drill will be only a Tow hundred f.-.i
tree! --il wella. Send your remlttame t..-
id hetoa
mi itr.s
I II 00
I, egg IB UtM
1, sat mi tu -
Il.v II. II. tl hl.K .III.. Crea.
Deafness Cannot Bo Cured
oral nppli, aliens. n tUrr annul mpti I In
Mtd pnrtlon of the "'in Then l eni. 1 "
w.ty lo elite deafness unit Hut is of inaslll III. n
I ti renfdiea, Iteaftiiaa in csuaed i". in laumrd
condltltio "f tie1 euieoea lining of the Bettarhl I
1 Take When thin lube l Intfa I fe N''
1 tuwbliut sound or iunerre.-t hearing, and Whet
I II In entirely closed Deafness la Hie r mill, nr I
unless the Inrtanimatloti tin be taken out nail
I till" lllbl' restated I" II" " TH, it condition lii .11
lug will ! destpwed forever: nil H '"I i .
trfl rauo-il in caiarrn. wim-ii le ii"i'"n
Iiifhime, condition of the inncnin surfaces
We mil itlv Otia Hr.idred p..iira f .r an) cses
llrarm - I no. .1 ." . i.imii 111.11 ' "i "'
ire, I" Hall s i ,t in ii i ,ii i- ! i 'I fa ' Inn
lara, baja
T J I II I'M' Y 10., Toll-do, (I.
som by pmggista. To4-
Taka Hall a l uuill) Cilia for (. spsllpatkin.
j Hudson for Signs!
Wall Paper
HUDSON for Picture
Pearth Ht. and Copper Ate.
Roliovos CATARRH of
(and all
Discharges in
'iiii ana ,11,1 ibis lad, pen, 1, nt i nmpuiiy
cover ihe middle west with Ita red, white
onl blue l ink wacuna und sulmevblis dt
liven irueks and help prove thai under
Hi, Htus and Stripes t, real competitor of
Hie "II ,111,1 ici iii.pidy 1 ,11 irsHi anil
pay yood illvldsnda to tta stockholders,
uml i.e hleaiihiK to ihe Heneral public and
' In protwl ilm Indian Mb thai bus
been i..., ii.nl n, tlits nil and hub Irusi in
ihe past. Voor remittance inn be amull.
out , inineii win, i.iiu.is will
eon, pllsh apini.lnl results
KsmemUer, in,. sdvertiMd price or uua
""'I' "ill ba ogTanrad on Thursday. June
4,'nd rnn nfiisi 'sthvt ftfiur i-emltisnce
al "iiii- f in tl liter Hint Unit .lute. Of It
win bars p. in returusd uihet adeaaeee
win ... certain sunn to fallow Tin- future
will prove that lids Is a real opportunity
offer lo you. There will only 1,,. ,. real
opponent ..r lit, nil nml gs n poly 111
America ead ihut will be Thi IJacie Hum
ull Cetapaai
I in re are Ims of honest p. ..ph
norm uiiij iin.iistmis of Irne m n
nesaa of corporations, Tin' blp ninioipoiies
do not want the people In combine In biir
stock companies. They we.nl Ui, psopl
divided so they can Irlm you one at a
lone A tew i-lll do bill Utile slOOS, but
twetUl tlniiisiiml Amerl, alts blinded tn
Kidber under the t'ltcle Hum flaa. can it"
more tu resulate Hi 1 and yns mvnep
ii uml make a blp proftl al lb aunu- time
than an ilm muokraksra ami rake re
formers ovei it, 'to it of.
We an- meklat a practice! iihIii Kxp-et
to he Ued about una sec nut Company
belittled and slandsred, Why'.' iiecHiise
"iir pluoa are sue,',, dins ami nor nrsan
lanllon la reared by the Iruat Tin knee
Hint iwi nt, ihmiaaud al.., khuldera .-ui,
a""1" t the bis poiniiai KiufiiTs pad
force Justice in poveruraeBI Indian oil
land srahs Twenty thousand aloekbeldera,
"iiii their relatives, suelal uml bualBees
easoclatss, win be a pnsrsr for riifbt tii.it
s ill command cossid. rittlun ami reae 1 1
eaii in lime will 111 ike The, Cnciei bun till
Company u Nuiinnal bspeQeotai
Wist Investnrs will s"un seu Ihe gredf
future of thla Compsn) uml will be esSxioUB
fur lb,- sl.nl, The ,,ll ami sua 111 1,11 ,,p. .1 v
bales in lose million prnfttuhlu trade
uml si their bis praft cut down lo legit -Itnatf
prnftta and annsifnunili' will "atiaeal"
but pay 110 stlsnnon I., ibelr suhshtlsitl
press, no. 1 paid investment lournelsi but
serure it u I block ef t tits stock und
In lp yourself tool it sood cause when p real
iippnriunliy beckons you mi 10 preeberlty,
II able attorneys! bunkt-ra in.. nit. mis.
fanners und laborers aiV tin. lettillnu
stotkholdeiB Wide-awake etiiseua rlsht In
III,' nil tl.l.l. Inn fills. - I, ,!,. Well-to-do
land owner 1 K within iw mllea of
tlte Wnsl Tula. 1 I'mio- Ham Uelltury n
,ivail his boldlnKs over iwn huntin I
thousand shares tide inunth. The tatur
will prove that you Will ova a real oil sl.nl,
whan V..11 become a siockhobler In The
Itneis snot tin Compear, if you have lean
10 other Inveatinenta make 11 bach mi this
advancing oil stock while this nfrer nf
merit is within your reach. Follow Hie
leadership of investors who live vlfhi by
nut pii.p,-i lies, w ho can ace und know that
Tin. i n,),. Sum 1111 Company la pnshlna
ebeed to good fallb and hua a real future.
Tin. stock Is pen-aesaseettje, and ihe ,-uah
puymtmi. tnKether Willi ynur um lemeiil tn
ramain loyei t., the v pam is accepted
by th.. Company ua full pav nienl. If the
Compaii) spprovea - ..11 ua a sioekhnld, 1
11 wants none but loyal, patriotic, tlberty
lovins cltlsena aa lis stochholdsre, uml
therefore reserves the iIkIii in npnrovc or
1. et 1 aa aliiihrrlptli.il
f" IIS stni-h. K .1111
sheuld ma b" appro, 1
1.1. promptly returned
"i "nn money will
I" von.
1 'in Reference v ..n
tan write lo either
of tin. bin Mercantile
Agencies at Kansas
Hock as n.. ci Used
I" i
5,000 MI.Mtl.s f mi. on
10.0(10 MlARr UNO on
.'o.ooo IHitKBH s

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