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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, June 26, 1915, CITY EDITION, Image 6

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tl)t Albuquerque
Itlorntttg journal
Tuldlalird by tlia
T A. alArrHr'USON. .. PrMlrtaal
W. T. Mrl'ltKI'IIIT Hiialiioai alanadar
B. U 1- AI.I.IUTKK N' K'tllor
A. N. mi hum N City K.iitor
U. Lb KOX Rdltur
KmUh Haprrawilatlta
MaryualM UllHn, ( Ii leafs, 111.
Fn.lrm ttcprmnHnllva,
HA I I'll II. Ml I 1 llMN,
tl l'rk How, fmw lord.
Knttrad rr..nd-flM Rialtr l Iht
pnmii'iU" nf Ailuiiirriun, N. M., uadr Acl
of Cmierrx of Mured I, 171.
IRAKI KM II i:llllf.T "A M IMI'llll. V NUiV
I'l Kd UF Till; IIKI'I'lll.K'AN I'AIITV l.l,
l.aritr airi'ulall'n lkn aiir ulnar papar
In N w Mrii 'I ha only papi-r In N
al.il.-u la.urd rvrif ilny In Ilia yaar.
Dally, by carrier ur nall. iwia monib.
NOTIOH T W'HNlllllIlillrl.
auliarriliara to Hit Journal. whan wrlltna
ti hv iltrir prnwr ctmwu-il to a arm ml
draaa mini ! aura In tha nld adilraaa.
"Tpa W Tiilur Journal haa a hlnhtr clrru-lall'-n
rwliiiat Iliad arenrilad lu any olhar
a-aprr in Nra Mi uco." Ilia Ainarluan
Napapr I'irarti.ry.
TMK JOI KNAI. Iaka and arlaU
alily hnura an.l llilrly mla
IM ( irlu.lx AaaurlHlMl I'raaa
laad lr aoriiia) aaih
Na alhrr na aiir ulillahl la
haw Mrili. lalM mra lhaa
Iwrnty-fnur bunra of Aawxiatad
I'raw ark durlu Uia waaa
wi i.roMi; to i in; i;inoits.
A dpetial trulii lifuriiiK amno hun
dred of hevvapaper people incli,
women hihI children will reach Al
btiiiueniuo ItiiH evenltiK en route to
tlio expodlllond (ill the Pacific, coadt.
It in the inodt Iiiimii ti ii t editorial uh
dochillon In llii' World, becaiide, In
mlilitliin to ii'iirfHinlliiK t lias largcdt
iiiiinlicr of in-wa i h. It Ih rolupoded
of country edltnra almodl entirely,
editor wliu liolli iiiiiiiIiI uiiil tehVct
Inn ai-ntlinentd nf I h bone and Hlnew
of the American nut Ion,
In llin affair of tint country the
I ) I t J ) 1 i 1 11 1 1 lleWdpHpiTd aWdllllie H II
iiiipui trtiiii1 to wlih'h tlicy tiro not fii
lltli'ii. ThfJ IVp Wol Id iit-WH, tlirniiKh
tho imdiiiiii of tlio AhkocIhIimI ITcnh
und Ni('clnl ioi'rfHionilonir, iirnmptly
it in t'tTlili'iitly, lint tlny luck, filltor
lull), thf Influence oit tli oplnlonn
of I hilr rciiilcin Ui.it the country
idltor htiH over li Ih. Tlio iHHtor of Die
city cliui't It Ih chiefly viiliinhle uh nil
iitertHlner for hi", flock, TIiohc who
lieur him I ('Kn nl hlM Hcrmon iih one
of tlie iitiHlhK I'VetitH tluit no to MUiUc
U the life of the lil It v. Ho with
thu hl c ity iliilJy. Tito iioijntry..iiiiUr
In piirt of the lire of It Ih (lock mul it
l i iil ilt Html lender Und guide.
The liofillloii of the country nil
tor, who given once it week hlM 1'ent
thouhlM to hlx reiiilerit, Ih much UKc
that of the country preacher or the
country doclor, lie Ih u v'tul part of
Ihe i mi 1 1 1 u ti i I y , IniN time to talk with
furiiiern, the men InttitM, the live-
tuck (jrowtrf, Ihe uliiiol letichem,
the InwyiTN, thej doi toiH, the Mack
miiIIIih. lie tiliHorliH from all of them
unci kIvch them liitck each week their
own opinloiiH, mill IiIm, worked over
to unit hlx ami Ihelr IiikIih.
TIhih, the coiinlry editor Ih In touch
with and touchcH vitally the foumlti
tloim of hiiintiii hoc It ly. llm work It
miioiiK the mill and the women who
coiitdltulo the real KteiltneKH of the
country, llm newnpuper lellw of the
lmppeiilntt.i nf the coinmuiiily In
which It In piililiHhed the lilrtliN ttml
the tlcnl Iih, the cropH and lhr litilld
ili(i!i, the m IiooIh ami the loud ami
hi'ldae coiiHlruelioh, the churched, the
iiiurrlnKcH, the KointiM und the colii
inn of the people.
The iiiunli'v editor tiNii.illy i lu
l penih nt. He oW iih IiIh dant, alnl
while he in litiihlliiK up ciictilatlott
Mid kjood will and liuprovlnu his
tUtilpmetil, he Ih (;cnerally timklnK
i oiiHidei iildy mol e money than the
"hired run n" who dlreclM the new
ttnthcrliiK ami the nmke-tip and who
writeH or pumH upon the editorial
imilter of tin pi eteiit ioim dully.
The louutiy editor i a little king
in IiIh own ruilni. 1'nder hln own
"vim and (IK tree." no one can luu-I'-ft
or make him afralrl. He in Ma
own Ihikh, und Ki lierally lioHHea tlie
opinloiiH of IiIh ri a del without 111
temlinn it and wltiiout their know
ing it.
Although .Mr, lii-yan dcclired thut
thin nation could not Ktop Ihe tilllp
liicnt of iiminunllliin to helllKerentu
bo Ions iih tlie wur i.i In iu'ohichs,
w- ru'lii e thut every peui e oiKunlXii
tion addrcM-i-d l.y the ti.riner necre
tary of nlale linnicdiii lely paxNCH a
icHolutinii culling upon the pi'chUIciiI
to declare an embargo HKuilint the
exporliitioii of liiuniitmiH of war.
ComililHsiloner of 1. din alien 1. I'.
C'luMon in urglnii thai the 1'otiiih of
July he tiliHoi vcd hh Ainei . 'animation
day. The nunneiilioii i a nioj one.
Like that neeti by John in hiit vision
of the New JerUHulctn, Ihe Imputation
of Ihe I'nitcd Ktaten m made up from
every nation mid from every trin
Mid from every toimur lieople ilraWti
here in the hope lif liettelinK Hull
fiituitclal conditions und fi the en
joymrnt of reliKioua lihcrty antl
greater pei-Hoiml fieedom.
It Ih not e.vpeeted that ImiiilKlsnta
will forget the land of their birth, or
Ih.it they will freo thenmelvei. (It
mac from ranul iiiejuU'cea und j'ref-
erericca, or that they will lie uhle to
appreciate ut once nil of tho tulvunt,-
aiiei conferred tiion them byAmeri-
cllii .clliieiii-hip. Hut It in CHJioctod
thut they will be loal to the nation
of (heir adoption no long iih they en
joy Ihe prelection of IIH hellion InMI
IuiIoiih und UHt! for their benefit
1'ie superior udvuntaKcn it uffordH
An'de from tho people Who were
holn under the rule of Mexico in fit
areit (f-ded to the rnltod HtnteH, there
Ih no fi'ieiKn-liurn )ierioii llvliifr with
in the. boundu of I'lilteil Htatea proper
who Ih not under the American flax
hecHUKe of hU own cliolce'or from
the choice of bin pa renin. The porta;
ftrn even more open for IiIh departure
tliHil they were for hlH arrival. If he
love tlie country of li Ih birth morn
than lie d"i a the country of li 1m adop
tion, no ono here will hinder his re
patriation. In certain of the lexibnnka of the
I'ti-ago city KchoolH there in n ulow-
ItiK eulotiy tif the prcHcnt emperor of
(U rinunv. It wan placed there throuKh
the Influence of the larne tJermnn
population "f that city for the pur
pOKe of liiHtllllUK Inlo Ihe mind, of
the children reverence for h rnon
urchlHl form of government uiiil love
fur Ihe "fatherland."
In every city of Ihe t Milled Htuten,
In every town and vIIImkp, In every
rural commiinlly, thn next Fourth of
July nhoiild be employed to Inculcate
in the nilildtt of thn people, old and
)onii)f, love of tlie lnm in which
live a land where there In thn inont
nlmolutii t-l ua I it Infill e- the law und
in which the pallid to hiiccchh in every
line of human endeavor lire Jiint iih
open to one peiHon iih they lite to uli
other. The rich famlllcH of today were
poor, at the farthest, three nenerii
forluneH were made by their Mreat
KitindlallierH dlHHlpate llio Inherited
wealth. Three m iiertillonH friou
"uhlrlHleeved to uhlrUloci en," Ih
borne out In tho history of thin coun
try. The way from the hovel to the
While Hoiide Ih far Ickh oliHtrm ted
than Ih the way from the muiiKlott to
Ihe White limine.
Hut 0110 man of grcut Wealth ever
hud been elected to the pieHldency.
OeorKO WuhIiIukIoii lone, of all tlie
prcHlttcntH, wan a inllllonalre, Mont
of them huvo been poor, nm neveral
of them were born in cuI'Ium. Aiore
than nine out of ten of tlie men who
have uitalncd ureal dWlnclInn in thin
nation liuve made their wuy from
poverty. Huch me thu recordn of
Itockei'eller, t'aniele und Wanuinak
er in tlielr rcHjiectivu IIiich of llnancliil
uchleveinent. Ko It wan with Lincoln
and liraiit. Ho It Im with Woodrow
Amerlcnnlrallon day uilylit be used
for the promotion of urcnter putrlot-
inm In the hi hool ImokM of tho coiiu
Iry. In the readerH of the olden time,
We had the Farewell AddreHH of
lleollli" WiiMhlnylon, Webnter'a lteply
to lluyne, Hie "l.llcrty or Deulli"
Hpeeeli of Patrick Henry and tlie (let
tyalmi'tf Address of Aliruhum J 111-
They are not In our school readers
of today. Textbook authors have In-
Hi'i tcd literary proiluctloiiH beller milt
ed to the iiilmi of the child, but in
so doing: they have Hucrlficed un In
valuable opportunity to lniprewi upon
Ihe oinm, Ichhoiih of patriotism not
PohhIIiIo to leurn ho well lu uny other
In tlie hintiiiuH tiNed, It iti well for
the pupil to leurn of the buttles
fmiMht during the revolutionary und
the civil war, but it Ih u thoiiHiind
limes better for I1I111 to leurn why
thn coIiiiiIch rebelled iiKitlnnl the
mother country mid why civilization
demanded that Die kIiivch bo freed.
It' UiIh Ih to be the melting pot of
the mitloiiH, the work miiHt bo done
better in the future thun It hiiH been
dune in the punt. We cull be neutral
between tlie Kuiopcun natloim ut
war, or we ran wlHh that 0110 hide
may win, but no American none en
titled to live under the protection of
the American Han can bo neutral
between thin nation ami uny other,
nor can he prefer tho other.
Hrvjin uciitiiied the title of colonel
during the Spniilwh war. He Khotild
cm h t II uHide now, an he lm n lot uf
other iui anmiiiit Ihhuch.
There ilouliHcHH will be somo op
poHltioii lu the next conkresn to in
ireatilujj the urmy und the navy. The
piopoHiilon to plae 1 1 1 i at nation in a
poHltlon to repel attack Ih ono of the
olijectH of denunciation by Mr. Hrytui
lu Ihe hci dies he la now niuklug over
tlie country.
Secretary I'larileon Hityn:
"Thin country has never hud a well-thoiiuht-oiil,
wronnht-out and agreed
upon military policy."
'Admiral Knlxht, prchideiil of the
war college, km id during the hearing"
before the house naval committee:
"The thlnir that Ih must radically
wrong Is the fact that Ihe nuvy du
tKirtinent lake no account of the re
Imlon of the rn.vy to war. War Is tlio
tne thing for which no tirraugement
id made."
When Mr. Hrytin miyn, and he nayn
It often, that If tho I'nlted Stated
were' attacked, million men would
spilng to her dcfeiiHe the next day,
he fpeakH truly of the palrlotlHm of
the country. Four or live millions
possibly ten milllonn could be counted
upon to rcHpond to the president'
call in vital crinta. Hut Mr, Hryan
does not tell ua whal tliHt million
men would have to tight with. We
have neither the mi nid nor tlie ammu
nition with which to eijulp two ban
died thousand men for one diy" bat
tle nut for one Iioui'h battle, judged
by dome of the e nKagctv.i'itt of the
h'urupeaii war.
Wi- haven't one hundred thousand
men 111 Hit) i'lilteil Smtea uhn knnn-l
fa 1 1 ,
. III'. . I .V tLft.N.
JV if
I al'sr, a ii u . I I
111 l.lir cl.t I M jf 1 I I 1 T i 1 .'ji -ii I 1 m M 9 U . ITV A. J
how to handle the mcchnnlHiu of a
modern rifle, not live thoiiHund who
know hoW to operate a inachlrTc gun.
So fur iih our navy Ih concerned, it
Ih a good one, an far 1114 It goen. The
only tumble about it Ih that It Iiuh no
rffei live fleet of Hiibnutrlin-H. Of the
twelve lu tho navul inaiieuverH off the
Atlantic couHt recently, lx of them
became dluiibled In the mimic war
during the (lint three d.iVH. It him been
rtati'd over and over again that we
have only a few torpedoed, and that
we luivu hIicIIn enough for a buttle
of JiiHt one half hour by the whole
Hm h in the equipment of the urmy
and navy of the I'nitcd HtaleH, n na
tion of one hundred million people,
th rlchext In the world. Mr.' I'.ryun
refeid to the urmy and navy mh "lax
eaters." So ure the police officer of
our iilliH und the nhei!ffH (,f t)nr
con III led tux-cutem. lint they ure
tiBCOHHury. to arc the army und the
navy nccedHiiry.
The Hiillan of Turkey hud liiHt had
IiIh appendix removed. The nllieH'ure
trying to remove tlie appendix of Tur
key. Willi Mr. Lansing on Ihe Job,
douhlle.is the president will sleep
easier at tlie Hummer Willie House.
General AngelcH doiil'tlcss decided
Ihut the United Hlntea Is a good place
lu come for 11 summer vacation.
No humane bullet will be Invented)
until one can be found Hint will go!
around us.
The Solid South ami
"Grandfather" Clause
Hibior Morning Journal: I feel that
yon have the wrong idea about llio
"ernudl'iither'' clause Willi leferenee
to political future of the southern
Minted 'in lsuo of June 22. In which
ou say: "Hy wliii h a nuinljer of the
southern stated huve kept lu the dem
ocratic, runlm," and I hat "there may
lie dome 1 hanged in the Hull I solilh
diion." I do not feel that declaring the
"clause" lie federal courts miconsiit u
tlouul will heli th o ru pi d it y of t lie
change. 1 have ulwayn questione,! the
diilicncdd of such clause, but wllh such
cluiiMe dud educational qualifiialioiiH
WhU'h dale buck ubout (en years in
must states, 1 here has sprung up 11
new republican puny In tlie doulll.
The do'illi has never been, dime the
bussing of reconstruct ion days, solidlv
democratic in principle, in name only
and for their local protection, for It
wus looked upon, tin 1 1 1 a few years!
ago, us n disgrace to belong to other
thun tlie ilcin icratic parly, I
Wllh the coming of the educational
iliutlifii alloii together w iih (lie "grand-!
father" clause ii niiiiln a new republl-l
enn p.irty in the south In mime us well!
an principle, for it vliminnted from the
republicun parly u class who liail not j
adv am ed in education d'll'flclcuUy to I
do other than follow- their leader,
Now, since Ibis d iss Itnw been eiimi
uuted, tlu; best blood of the Mouth has
begun to lull into the ranks of tlie
ri publican party, and tlie risint' gen
eration, both while and black,-In tlie
future will ln qualified voters in fact
nd well uh in name, Hnd for that n a
don there will be 110 mure "solid
Kespectf ally,
I'll AS. T. KHSS.
Silver t'iiy, June 23.
With Scissors and Patte
tmk nti i;k or w rot i: cy,
tW. i", Abbott in Vale I'.eview.)
Hy its vi ry nature, an autocracy Is
Incapable of entering not only into
aymp.ilhetU relations Willi other peo
ples but Willi lis own subjects. That
orni eu iiii!lltu hi ini.,1 li im ,,f ii,ii. i 1 1 .1 .
ifon and compromise; and these word
cannot, in the nature of, tilings, find
place in lis vocabulary, lis business
Ih not to persuade but lo direct. As In
the field of military affairs, whence n
dprlngs, the province of tin- l ommmul-
er ih lo commui-il, that of the soldier
to obey, so the business of Ihe auto
cratic ruler is o rule and of his siib-
JectM to submit. Jntillcetiially, to
Wf . WJ WWJM mm n W lib . T a aaarraaaaiaaau. .Aa--
... aw4a" -a
i is- v &
V rW' " , .' &
( ill
X. tm ak 1 .
I ff1
V ' , I .1
f itmt:
I J. I
mlmld Hte. pcd In inllilary and bureau
1 rmio auloerucy, no other elluation id
poj-Nihlo .11 coin i Iv aide, nlnee even to
qiieminn authuilly in to destroy 11.
In certain clrciiniHtnneed anil tip to
a iK-rtaln poiul, muh a conilllion Iiuk
mrenglh beyond that of popular gov
ernment.. Hut in the field of world
polillcd, Whether it lie In dealing Willi
recalcitrant natives or wllh civilized
democracicH, It full to uiiileiHla ml dit
uallonH um pdychologled beyond the
limited range of lis experience
Whrro Uh 11 ut h oil t y, .deprived of, Uh
only weapon, force, finds IlKi-lf quiK
lloired, il claims Investigated or ig
nored, lis orders iliwi.-a nled. its mere
word doubted, it heroine'; what we
have Been! It ridol'ti to threats, to
force, und worse.
And it Is of 11.1 avail to denounce
Hitch maiilfi stations or their authors.
They are the inevitable rt-Hult of nin h
a slate of mind, ami of Hie hlntory
which has produced it. They act as
they do, btcimse in their veiy nature
they must. We miiiyit comleiiin tlie
effect, for It Id the cause which is ut
fault, If fault there bf,
( Youth's Companion. )
f'o you realize how hard waler is
when a bout sails tlirfnigh it at full
spied? Wuler passing al fifty mile
un hour Is not ihe limpid liquid we
are Accustomed to buthe In. If you
Put your 11 rm overbourd from a hy
droplane, running fifty lulled an hour,
and strike a wave crcsl, the probabil
ity is that you will brink your urni 01
vvri4, because at Hint speed the water
bus not time to give, or even change
shape, and sinking it is llko striking
so much metal.
If a swordsman should enter one of
llio great hydraulic quarries, vvh 10 u
at ream of waler, under enormous
Iliad, is used In wash ibiwu hilhiidcM,
uiiil attempt In cut inlo one of Hickc
streams, lii.i sword would fly In pieces
without being able to penetrate the
water. The stream id like a bar of
IMcholus .Murray I'litlcr In Leslie's.)
There is a gnat difference between
lining inlelleiliial and being intelli
gent. Not a few inlellecliial pcij-oim
ure quite niiinlciligi ril, and very many
intelligent persons would hardly be
classed as Inlcllcctual. line of the
chief nianilislaliiMid of intelligence Is
iipen-mliiili din ss. The liilciiigcnt
man U opcn-iiiinded enough lo ace. the
point of view of ihose who do not
agree with him and to enter in some
1111 iisure into (heir feelings und con
victions.1 He is able, also, lo view tlie
conflicting arguments and phenomena
In proportion lo each 'other und to
rank the less dignif ioant of I heap be
low tin' more signilicanl. II is quite
possible to be Intellectual und to inalil
t'csi, the closed 111, in I ; but it is not pos
.Hiblu to do do und to .v inteljigant.
Tin: u am. tir di;imvI;.
;( Phllad. Iphlii ltecord.,1
Ax "a siign of the times the (act thut
fourteen local salouiikeepers who had
been granted a n nevval of their licenses
failed to pay (he required fee, t litis al
lowing the privilege to lapse, ia both
interesting and significant. It shows
how, without any violent wrench, the
liquor business is adapting Itself to
changed conditions, such as the com
petition of the moving-picture thea
ters, the oressin-o nf bni-d limes ami
thut. Kcutimciit In favor of greater ab
stinence wlilch is turning no many
states to local option or prohibition,
while 111 Luriipe a complete ban has
been 1 nforced in yomi; counlrled be
cause of war conditions.1 It is the tes
timony of all Ihe liquor dealers who
failed to pay tlielr lb ease fees that
the business had become unremuner
ativc, and the,-aine statement is made
by many who did pay and who hold
on in hope of un Incrcuse In the popu
lar thirst. It may well tie doubted,
however, whether this will ever be
seen ngain. The whole tendency Is
toward a reduction in the consumption
of liquor.
Ti:.MPi.Aits ai;i: ;inst hoozk.
I Philadelphia Ledger.)
Knights Templar in penn.-ylvniiiii
have voU'd against liquor.
Hy un overwhf lining majority the
members of tlie grand enmnmudcry t
jtbls slate have decided that in the fu
ttur' no man connected, either direct
ly or indirectly. Willi ihe liquor busi
ness should li,. iidinlittd to member
ship in this I ranch of Mummy.
The blow at the liquor business was
taken at the final business scdioiis uf
tin grand body. Ad ut ull sessions of
the gland coinm.indory only members
of I bat conclave Were admitted. The
resolution that culled forth this action
ifJDlGAJflTONlT !vl :
fO0$ BELOVED &':
f pflTH5 OF THE
.ri;Wr'--'v"'ri-"-'1V'-... ii,'- v .
1 rt-rPFRSON Kili.n "f
--"..-,;.(- 1., 1
wad presented by Williuni Kodter, a
member of Kudos)! Coinmundery No.
29, of Philadelphia. It precipitated
dlrong illsciiH'ion, for u similar motion
was presented a year ago, but wad tu
bleil. Thid time ltd advocates refused
to let the matter lie downed. Led by
Walter M. Stafford of I'i nnsylvunla
Commaii'lcry No. 70, a number of
knightd made speeches in its favor.
When thn roll wad calhd tile oppon
ent of the rcdolutlon were outnum
bered neurly three to one. A bare ma
Jorlly would have been sulficii nt to
carry the resolution.
ih:atii or a it vr T( 111:1:.
t b'urm and l' ircside. )
John I Mlli. 11 made a fortune us u
rat catcher and died wealthy at the
age of !U.
For -00 years til" Dullon family
have been rat rate he I'd, and were
awarded many fat contracts for rid
ding whurves, ships, wureh.iuHCd and
other premised of raid. They claim to
possi ss u secret method passed down
from father to joh and carefully
guarded. Mr. Dalton rode in a fine
carrlagq und kept a eouchniun. H
could occasionally be seen coming out.
of u building currying a bug of rats
In his hand, which he handed to his
coachman, and, it may lie guessed,
washed his ha mid of them at once.
(Woman's Home Companion.)
1 shall bo sorry to se the day when
the c oil ill ry woman thinks she must
give u guest grapefruit wllh acu Hoped
edges, und .salads made after an em
broidery pattern, rmaioes boiled with
their jio kets on, and eatin with salt
and butter, a slice of hum from your
own .smokehouse, a Jar of last sum
mer's preserves, a loaf of homemade
bread und 11 pitcher of milk form u
nujal that uny country woman can of
fer u guest, with a minimum of labor
anil a maximum of pleasure for the
guest.. Don't hi us superimpose clly
lUHhlons upon tlie country table.
(Consular lloporis.)
Tlie Kur.ipean war has seriously af
fected Ihe demuiid for Canadian Inh
alers abroad, und in consequence in
cm used shipments have been made
from .Nova Scotia to the I'nitcd States
wit Mill the last lew months.
On April 2t und 27 five schooners
arrived at Huston from Nova Scotia
with ill, nun lobsters, und on April ill)
a wliipmr.nt of 214,37.") lobster reached
Horton from Yarmouth, Nova. Scotia,
by steamer. It is underslood . that
Ihi'se consignments me the largest on
record from a Cu nudum to an Ameri
can port.
"(JO I t) I! I'll. MY SON. AND III'.M'."
( Kurlpldea. )
Thou hasl heard men scorn thy city,
call her wild
Of counsel, mad; thou hast seen the
fire of morn
Flush from her eyes in answer to
their scorn?
Come toil on toil, 'tis thus thut mukes
her grand.
Peril on peril! And .common atatcs
that stand
In caution, twilight cities, dimly
Ye know tliem, for no light is in their
(Jo forth, my son, and help!
Ml '.NT.
I Hartford Con rant.)
The anion .if the A.'ylnm Hill con
gregational church last week in lid
ding two women as members of its
pruibtiiliui committee is a recognition
that should receive universal com
mendation. Women are no doubt a
majority of practically all churches.
They are the mothers whom the op
portunities and the duticd of Christian
nurture naturally fell. The. Christian
church could not survive without
thfm and as a rule the Christian
graces ure best illustrated In them.
They belong us naturally in the man
agement of the i lum-li'ii.i of the home,
Our friend St. Paul was a lilt ustnty
in his views on this subject.
(Mother's Magazine,)
One of the tragic injustices of
which a great many parents are guil
ty even in this age. Is tlie bending of
children to their will ' through the
power of fnr. There is a large class
of parents who are positively brutal
with thrir little ones. A child quickly
Coined to understand readon, if reuson
Ir applied. He is keenly receptive to
truths, and to right wayd of doing
things. He deserve In have mysteries
esi'luuiea to bim. He is entitled, to
legitimate reaHoim when he In told that
he miiHt not do certain thlngn. It Is
unfair to limint that ho miiHt not com
mit f urle act nolely "liecau.te papa
tellM yuu not to." Tli" child miiHt be
taught not to be nfruid.
(Axwielcleil l'rea Carreannniirnee.)
I'aris, June 15. The canipalKii In
favor of the prohibition of the truim-
i 1 i 1 ti 1 1 1 11 and ale of alcoholic hevcr-l
agi'H in tho military disirictH, with thej
cxeeptlon of llaht wIiich, ih making
coti-niderable headway. Two generals, ;
Humbert and Kimiuch, have recently 1
Ifnued ordeid to thin effect, governlm,'
their forced. I
Teinieranco uilvocalcH find much
material for their cmiipiiign in thP,
ieiuoiulixntlo.il rcporied from con-
cenlralion poiiHa where tlie troopdj
find that time hangH henvli-r on their I
lituiila than ut the trout or at home. I
At llouen, filled with troopH, the
mail of tlie general commanding the
Third urmy corpa. rontaliiH numerous'
cumplnlntH. Knglish and Fremh eol
dlcrn ouarlered there are forbidden'
access to drinking dacoH, but ac
cording to Madame- TexhT, of tlie
t'nlon Francnise, find ways of miiug
gllng brandy and whiskey Into camp,
FOnietlnieit eiiipioylng" children uh in
termediariei. When theie Ih no chili'
at hand there Ih generally n woman
nvHilable for the iurpon' adding an
otlvr element to tlie Uemorali.ation. t
From other Jinlntn, MaideilleH pnr-j
tlcularly, come reportd that many I
women, living on the government al-1
lownnce and free from the rcHlrdint 1
of the head of the house off to tlie,
wur pann tneir tune In Ihe cuion. 10
remedy this ultuatlon Ihe government
decreed that Hie allowances Hliouhl
be withdrawn from tlie wIvi-h of mo
bilized doldiel'H who dnnt the money
at drinking placed. This Ih only par
tially effective anl more dtrlngent
nieasareH are ilcnia niled by temper
itict. ailvocuti'H, among whom Jetuii
I lnot. editor of the Kevue. makes an
I appeal for a "t'lviliuu Joffre
to copr
wllh the situation.
The mayors of sixty communes have
taken the mutter arliliraiily in their
.. . ......
itliat I'ernlstH In Helling n!coliolic
drinks). Trof. Jules llayaux, necretary
of the Alarm, reports that certain
! ( hemihtH are netting a powder which
eilulileH drlnki-rn to make their
nhMnthe out of pure alcohol, l.e
Comtois. a local paper of the Frenche
Conle, declares that the sale of ab
sinthe continues in that region.
(Amuiiiiilrd I'rexa rorrenpemlmcf.) j
N'i wcustle, Jinn 16. As street car '
1-ondin I n s women have done so well
here, that many people believ e tin y j
will be retained after the war. or tit
bast that tiny will
equally eligible with
be regarded as
men lor siich
At, the last meeting of the tramways
colnmiUee the general manager re
ported that forty-eight women con
ductor,, had hi' 11 traim-il and half
that number wen- now in lull charge
of cars.
'Tlie employment of women." he
said, "has been an unqualified 'suc
cess. They have done far better than
the most sariguiii" expectation when
we first ventured on Hie experiment."
Tlie committee decided to employ
I more women conductors and an an-
11 111 in 1 iiiciit wa:? made thai applica
tions for the s-rvice in that
would lie welcomed.
Fresher, cleaner, bettor. Kvery one
candled,, dtumped and guaranteed.
nlrt by Jaffa. Alaloy. Hawklna
La Msjor a Coaipsr Precio
No hay otra levadura
en polvo que produce
mejores galletas, tortas
y pastelena. No hay
otra tampoco, tan puro
y saludable.
K Levadura En Polvo
m iwarSVi 'niii fij&imZ
Spec. 864
jarawiMinuaatilniKiB , m m aimmaim)aa
Use it like an ordinary oven
if you wish. Or pull a dam
per, and the oven of your
iiaoun sauo.- iw. v a Mores
lc cooker. PERltS10N where
(Incorporated in Colorado)
- Wi.
a a It . r' .
Ki I i jNptaMaraaWniiarrlaay wwmjmrnreyiKKtM umm mj f
i . " j
V ai.1111 .in i aaaM aa aaaaaaaMar a i lui an n an i aiaiaia
Resinol clears
away pimples
Pimples and lilacUicads disnp.
pe.ir.unsiplitly complexions become
clean, clear, and velvety, and hair
health and beauty are promoted by
the regular use of Resiiml Soap and
an occasional application of Resinol
Ointment. These soothing-, hcaline;
preparations do their work easily,
quickly and at little cost, when even
the mosr expensive cosmetics and
complicated beauty treatments fail.
Retinol Ointment and Kttinol Sd lu-al
ecrema and other akin eruption., utop itching
IniUntly, and are mm! valuable for ilamlrulf,
ore, wounds, etc. Sold by ill drugnuta.
M-lir.trr IMnmntfTirMairfA
I'lU. In ltd tkI Uoiti tiiMitli.'
i n ., waini itu r,tl4 KiUi
l Hh no lhcr. Hut f
'i.fiiiip iiiiinn 1 1 i.i.n, (it ViV
- n 11 ri , ,
OU IUS MlUn 11 i" OUf S .8b
I cans gocil qualify llaknl I cans i!.-
No. 2 can hi't I'llteil CliM-rlcs. .. L'Oc
No. 1 jar hist Strmvlirrrv 1're-
IUt iuality Sliii-d Pineapples
inc. .-(
l aryo uiiis ( alllornla JVni'hi'd
No. 1 in im iN'st ( alilornla lams
I arje can-, of llomiuv
I Or
ow n 1 lHra cans of Sauerkraut ....
Petit';; i-ana hcr Tiiiiiiiih
;l 1 hum Sweet Com
: inns l.aiiv .lime Peas
Irish (ream nf Wheal,
I Urge ilka-. I'osliini ..
. I'Oe
i liiruo :k-js. Ivellogg'd
I Illkl'S
I i'-t l ream heese
111 lie, Mexican lle'lns . . . .
I 'ri'sli kmeus I ggs, do;'.en .
7 burs l.cilov Soap
h Ikiin .M iuIc Washer Soap .
.SI. 00
. . -Oc
1.I-I1I1I1 Strap 1 1 1 iilivs, pair
l()-iniii Strap lliugo-. pair .
:! good iraalilv Tninlilri's 0c
'1 large Tin Cups So
100 good quality Paper Napkins. . Ille
Outing Huh
llio ami op
Men's St rli M' lints . . .
Men s S1.2.- ami DiLSO
i tints
Men's llciiw Ovi'rnlls
Hoys' Overalls
Hi ys' PdiHi-i' W uisls . .
( biblri'ii's 'l(oiopi-r- .
Utile t.irU' Ili'i'-M-s 2Si
Women's Oxfords
( ills' Ovfonls
, 2S' to SI.7S
. . .2.V lo liOi'
. . . . 2Sc to SOc
. . lu SOe
, ".So and sue
Kl. lo S:!.0(
KI.00 In
.Men's SI. (Ill inn Oxfords
I'ovs' I- Ik Online Muk-s SI
210-212 Soutli Second Street.
IMiooe mil.
Al.Ia GOODS I)IJJVi:jti:i). ,
iv J V, 'trss.. ' 1
itt, .. "i- t;
Ad. 165
sold in 1, 2, 3 and 4 burner
sizes. At hardware,
W furniture and general
.... . - urnres everv-
Pueblo Albyquerqua Ckayanna
Bulla Boiia Salt Laka CitF
i rn
ii n. a

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