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Che Albuquerque
morning journal
IMWIahul by tha
D. A. MA'TIIKHPOM rrotld.nl
W. T. M- ItKluMT Uualnnw Manarr
R. U I). M'-AI.I.ISTKIl Nrws h'UUr
A. N. MfilnlV.M VUT K'Ut.T
If. U KOX Killl"f
nXIrm lleirrantnflTt
Marrpiella Building, I hlrno, III.
Toofrnt Rprearntiillia,
l'rk Haw, !Sw lurk.
Fnt.r4 wonnd-cliM matlur it tha
poan-fflea ef AMiuiiurijiiff, N, M., undr Act
if Conirrraa ,if Muri-h I, 1871.
I r.r rirciilatlf.il Ihnn anr th"T pir
In Nf W Mnmm. H only ppi-r In Nrw
MmIiu l.aur'l vry ilny In Ilia y.ar.
Dally. hy urrl.r ur mull. una month. ...I0o
Mi'lli'M TO BrilXi 'HI UK 118.
Biit.ai'rlb.ra to Journal, whi-n writing
to hava thrir pnp-r changed to a n.w ad
ttm mu.l lit aura to glva tha old dlrrat.
"Tha Mnrnlng Juurnitl hua a hlajhpr rlrcu
Utlon rami: ihan l roorrtrd to any nlhnr
pap-r In N Meaico." 1 ha Amarlian
Kanar'r Klraolorjr.
Tit R JOl K AI. hikea and print
lily lii. itra anil thirty ml
iim nf riftiialt, AaaiM-lNled I'raa,
0Md alra arrvlra aaill ayaek.
t tlirr naaiiiHr pitMUIird la
Nro Mrtlrn lakwi mora than
twenty-fear hmira f Aam,lnt4
t'rota aerobe during Ilia awk,
r ppsda v jink 39. litis
Tin: inn Kirs mi itui it.
i mi' year iu;o yt'i' rdiiy, Hw Aut
Irl.'iti mi hdulu', Kihih Ih Kcidlnniid.
mid IiIh iniii'uitiiatic wife writ- 111111'
di'it il lit H't iijryo, AitHlrla nllcui'd 111 il
thi' I 1 ' t for Hip fnm ) ' W;ih h n I h i-'J
ill Ki'l'lii.i mid imih pint of n 1 1 1 1 ii to
lot-in th i--t 11 111 of Hocnla 11 ml llcizi
Kitvnla. lo Hu ll' folliK I' Hi'l'lilau lill'K
linii'i', Auvli la, III lli limi ilayw of July,
lliiidi' ili'MHinds upon ,S li:i Uliirh 110
hi If -i i'Mi-i t MiK tin I ii l 1 mild Kl iint,
liowtyir VMak II inli'lit In-. However,
iiiidir pnniin- front ItiiNnla, Kiniief1
ii cut llrlliiiii and Hal.v, tin- H-i'llnnH
giaiili'd cw-ry di'iimnil nf lh 1 im 1
Monarchy cxcppt nin that an Aim
li'liin comini-xldii hIiouIiI pall Iclpnlc In
tin- lilal of certain Hcililan oITIcith
aicn (I of complicity in llu coimplr
nry nt!aiiit tho life of the nrchdnUe,
tivi'f th inoliHlH of all tho other
lrciil jiowcih except (ierinany, Aun
I1I11 d- lured Will' on Xeililn,
HiixhIii 1 .1 ' Ic lii 1 11 general liiiiliili..i
t Inn, iiinl Ocrmatiy, an the ally of A 1 1 x -Irla,
(lei liircil mil' on kussui, Imt In
vaili il Krance ax her Hint mililaty op
ernlion. When Hie (leininn army vlo
liiled the neutrality of lieU'luin, flii'iit
1 till u 1 11 del lared uar on the haWr.
The next di velopnient In the war
Kunio wan the declaration of war on
(ierinany hy Japan. Soon Ihereaftcr
Turkey iicKaii war on ItuwMia, and the
luli'Ht acceHion to the riilikH of Hie
helliKerent nations came with Italy'
(leclaiallon of war UMainut Aiinlrla,
Th iim, iim a remit of the loiirder of
Alclidoke Kt'anclH I'lidiniind, hy a
hoy who wiik sentenced hy Hie Aiih
trlan court to Imprisonment for
Iwenty yea i'k, there all' now IlKhtiiiK
ijiih other, Willi all the I'cnoiiI'cih
wllliin their power, ( lermiiny, Aiih
I1I11 and Turkey, on the one Hide, and
Ureal llrllaln, Kiiinre, Unssla, llel
Kiliin, Si l'I'la, .Moliteniiiio unit IlalJ
on the other; Willi Japan Mill con
Mrnetlvcly at war with tlermitny 11 ml
AuBlria, thoiiKh Jap ni't i It li'H ceimed
when (he Teutons were expelled from
ThiiH, ten natioim are IIkIiIIiik ac
tively and one Is at war pimalvcly.
AImi rortuKnl. a" the ally of (Jreat
Ihitaln, haa heel) opelatlilK aKaillHt
Hie Hermann In Africa.
Hut (til!e iib HHloniiillnn; 11 h the
jnimhcr of nallons at War Is the nl
iiiot Inslniilflcniit territorial propor
tion of II Hint In actually at peace.
Month America In not Involved, except
)lie Mlnuificalil coloiiieH. I.iii( on the
All.inllc coai-t hclween Venezuela and
!ray.ll, hclonKiiis lo Creut Hiitaln and
l'rance. lint in North America, the
Hiiinh ion of Canada In lai'Ker, terri
tiiriiilly, than the fnitcd States.
All of Africa in In the war except
AlisMnin and Liberia, rractlcally all
of Akiii, except China and the Philip
pines and all of Oceania, including the
continental Inland of Australia, except
a lew Amei'ii an ow ned and Hutch
Islaiidi, Ih alTected,
It I now cvtlio.iied thai III, una, ana
nun .'ire mliiiilly iimlcr iiiiiih, nearly
all of them koioch here on the tiKht
iiiir linen.
The cost of wir In life anil inoiiev
ha flics ItnnKinuHon.
lnslead of measuriiii,' the inoncy
outlay In hundreds of niilliuns, the
talk always is of hillions of dollars.
Also, what appears lo he actually 11
coiiscn ntUe esliinale places the
liumlier of actually killed on alt hat
tlefieliin at 3.1iin,0(ifi( and the numl'er
of Wounded at S. 000, 000.
The war was hound lo come, soon
er or later, (ierinany was in "mIi 1 1111 in
armor," equipped duiln.it forty. four
years of constantly growing war talk
and carefully fonienled war senti
ment. How loiif? the War Will last, none
can foresee. TIip triumph of (he Aus-irn-OermariH
Is not seriously slKnifi-r-.,it
except (hat it tends to put fur
ther hack possible pence. The Itus
slans have been defeated in all Wars
except with the Turks, but thev never
have yielded any Important point ex
cept to the Japs to whom Port Ar
thur was lost. 1
It now- appenrg certain that the
war will to Bt through another winter
possibly ihroudh another sprlnK
und liw much IniiRrr, nod alone
Soon Hfler t h war hcKan. the 1 ti's
slnn chunked the name of I heir cap
Hal from HI. I'etershuiK to prtrn
irrad; a dermaii resident "'banned IiIh
tin me from IicimIhiik to Urrmuad pnd
advertised, tho Joke. The next day he
nun escorted by a lilt' of soldiers to
the dermrin border.
wothkh i!iu:K nv ititv.w.
After a conversation with Secretary
of state llryan. Or. Ournba, the Aus
trian ambassador, cabled the German
government ""'t the strong nole of
protest from Washington reKurdinif the
l.usitniiia Incident was not seriously
meant and uan io ifal.ty iiieiely a
"sop o public, opinion." So seriously
was the report taken In (lermaiiy that
Heir Zimmerman, of the foreign of-
llce, stated to Amerhan Ambassador
(leranl that he had been ofli'iully In
fornied that the note wag not to be
regarded us reflection the uchiul at
titude of the administration.
The Herman newspapers got hold
of the story and the news soon spread
to the 1'nited states. Mr. J-irynn has
Just Issued n staleinent In which he
ilenles that he said anything to give
smh Impression to the Austriuii utn
bassador. Or. Oiimbii has informed
lleiiin that he did not mean the mes
sage us It wag Interpreted In (iermany,
So the mailer stands.
llul the main point is that former
Secretary llryan, In his expluiinilon,
vents his spleen on the "JinKo press"
(hat Is trying; to "force a war with
(iermany." lie does not deny the con
versation with Or. Oumha. Also lie
has had no hesitancy In reveallnR
nlate (lepiirlnient matters to thn pub
lic, since he retired, I hat he never
would have thought of maUInK public
hail he remained III nlTicc, hut in Ills
slalemelit rewarding the Dumha. ca
hi'i?ram, lie nlves no inkling: of whal
he really said In the conversation with
the ambassador.
As to lac haieH against what he
twin" the "JliiKo press," Mr.,lti)'un
knows there are hut two kinds of
newspapers In the ('lilted Stales: The
first and many tlnii"i the larner cliis
Is supportliiK I'resldeiit Wilson loy
ally. If he Is u JliiKoht they are jiniro
Isls, If he is not a jlnKoist they urn
not Jlngoisls. The other class Is own
ed and controlled by hyphenated
Americans who owe their first alleg
iance, to the kalsi r w hose cntspaw
they wish to make the president of
the fulled Stales.
The New York World notes that at
the recent llryan peace moctln In
New York a'honR the prominent per
sons present were Or. Oumha, the
Austrian timhaswidor; (iirmilll At
taches Hoy-ed and V011 Pnpen, and the
Turkish consul, O.lclul Jpy,
The (ierinan-Ameiicnns of (.'hletign
want Willlain J. I try n 11 to lecture In
them on the sin of shipping ammuni
tion from the fulled States to the
belligerents. Seems, that Mr. liryali
gave (In 111 a very full lecture on that
subject in his address to the tierman
Ameiicans a day or two after his re
tirement from the cabinet. Then ho
declared that such an embargo would
be contrary to Intenmtlonul law and
an iiuneiilial u'i against the a 111cm.
In the face of that declaration,
every word of which was true, the
Nelnaskan can hardly he expected to
take the (ierman viewpoint Just yet.
The newspapers mv printing; pie.
tureg of King (ieorge in Ills uniform,
lie looks aboi.t as much like a mili
tary hero i h our own Josephim Oali
lels rcs mhlef. ford Nelson or AOmlral
All MiMHonii lias been invited In
tho Champ chirk family muliiugo,
but there Is no likelihood that the
Honorable jou folk will he unions
the guests.
(ieneral lluertii may he quite us free
from conspiring" uKainst tho neutral
ity of the fulled States ,1H he pro
fesses, hut he fell upon a had time
to visit Kl Paso,
It seems that wo have finally con
vinced the I.atin-Anieriian countries
that we are their filends. They are all
trying- to borrow money In thefnlt
ed States.
The submarines are not dolnB quite
such a rushing business In the Kn
HhIi channel, ns heretofore. Possibly
the Iliilish traps are working;.
. A Harvard professor has invented
a substitute for sleep. If he wishes to
become really famous he should ln
veni a substitute for work.
The American farmer is now busi
ly engaged, as usual, In not mixing
politics with his farming.
It seems that nobody in Europe
thought the other side would take
Hie war so seriously.
( Ataodiiled 1rM CnrreaiHinrienra.)
London, June ill High meat prices
threaten to rob the liritlsh isles of
their breeding stork, farmers, tempt
ed by the high prices offered In the
markets, are disposing of blooded cat
tle. Cows anil loiter calves are
slaughtered In large numbers, with
the result that the production of local
meat will be scarce after the war and
high prices kept up.
The board of agriculture has issued
ii circular t'lOiilt'inidiiu' ihln iliiiiuei-iniH
thinning out of farm slock. In a recent
meeting the Lancashire I'armers Hu
miliation appealed to the foresight
and patriotism of members to prewtil
what it termed a miicldal waste. TMie
agitation Is being carried on in otlu r
;art. .
i k i a 1 j mm m -. ir . . - iff .v ..-t k r v , , i m
With Scissors and Paste
As I riiminaged ihrough the attic,
Llst'ning to the falling rain,
As il pattered on the shingles
And against the window pane;
Peering over chests and boxes
Which Willi dust wete thickly
Saw 1 In the farthest corner
What was once my trundle bed.
S.i 1 drew it from the recess
Where II had remained so lone,
Healing all the while the inu.slc
(if my mother's, voice in song-;
As she sung In sweoHst accent
What f since have often read
"Hush, my dear, lie still and slumber,
Holy angels puurd thy bed."
As 1 listem d, recollections
That I thought had been foreot
Came with all the gush of nif ini y,
.Hushing;, thronging to the spot;
And 1 wandered hack fn childhood,
To those merry ilay, of yore
When I itnelt beside my mother,
Py Ibis bed. upon the floor.
Then It was with hands ho gently
Placed upon my infant head
That she taught my lips lo utter
Carefully the words she said;
Never can they be forgotten,
Oeep are they in mem'ry riven
"Hallowed by Thy name, o father!
father! Thou who ait in henvi n."
Years have passed and that dear
Long has mouldered iienth the sod,
And I trust her sainted spirit
ltevels In the home of (iod.
Rut that scene at summer twilight
Never has from mem'ry fliil,
And It comes. In all lis freshness
When I see my trundle bed.
This she taught me, then she tisiil me
(if Its import, great and deep
After which 1 learned to utter
"Now I lay me down to sleep."
Then l was with hands uplifted,
And In accents soft and mild.
That my mother asked "Our father!
father! do thou bless my child!"
"I'nder my eyes," wrole Mistral In
his vein of antique tolerance, "I see
the lucl isnre find the white dame
where, like Ihe snails, I shall He hid
In the gentle shade. Supreme effort
of our pride to escape voracious time!
This forbids not that yeslerduy or to
day quickly Is changed into a long for
get fulness. And when people ask of
John o' fig,-", of John the gniteied,
'What Is this d..me?' they will reply:
Thai's Ihe tomb of a poet a I'1"'!
who made songs for a biautiful Pro
vencal maid called Mireille. They are
like mosquitoes In the Camargue, sc ut
tered far and wide. Hut he lived in
Malllane, and the old men of th
countryside have seen him walking in
our paths. And then one day they
will say: 'It's he whom they have
chosen King1 of Provence. Hut his
name lives no more save in the on
of the brown crickets.' At last, at Hie
end of their knowledge, they will fay,
' 'Tis the tomb of a magician, for of a
lii-rayed star the monument wears
the Image.' "
Huston Transcript. 1
There are six residents of Canaan.
MV., whose combined agis total Mil
yeifrs. Henjamln Priest on May 12
will be OKI years old. He is still in
good health and moves about each
day. Peter Tower, who is !):) years
old Miv 4. has been able to saw wooil
ilurimr 'he winter with a bucksaw and
eats thrti' square meals a day and ap
parently has no constitutional ill and
can read vithout glasses Mr'. Trade
Ituxell. who will he s!i in Julv, has a
flock of hens that she cares for, en
Joys good health, never has hud a doc
tor and Is iTieatf:riijidmother to lii chil
dren. John Hinghtim, who is !'ti years
old, Is the oldest member i(,a Masonic
lodge in this county and ul a recent
meeting given by the order he sat
down to a baked-liean supper and ate
with the Irtish of a youm, man. lie
is in the hvt of health. .Mr.'. Lucinda
farnum, now NJ years old, is able to
walk several miles each day, i.-i the
oldest member of Canaan grange and
alends each meeting1. W hen she was
VS years old she was married lor the
third time. Mrs. Mary Holt, Sii years
old, lives uprtii her farm and each
day cures for the ilaily products1 of a
large herd of rattle and rooked and
land for c crew of nun recently who
came to thresh her grain.
Tlir: TO AliCAIIY.
(Sallii.lv Kan., Journal. I
Where winds; the roiid.'e to A ready?
Is It through a valley which hovers in
the protection of snowcapped moun
tains or u path on the mountainside
which mounts through pines to the
very dome of the sky'.' This mythical
land of Arcedy may be in the land
made fair by our imagination and its
road may lead between rosy rustics
built of uir. Yet there is a road to
A ready. It may be the path from the
gate to the home where tho humblest
dweller knows a baby will lisp "papa."
It may be a walk of rough boards,
there may be no walk, but that . phorl
dislaoci'.! may be the highway to his
greatest hai)iiii!s lneau.se il is his
home. Then there may be another
roa'! to Arcaily. That yoiigster early
In the morning trudging' nlniiij the
country road into (lie very kingdom
of the sun, is traversing; (he Arcadian
highway. ( in every side ho sees man
sions. Along this road he cannot re
strain the whi 'tie of a nature-intoxicated
boy The very youth in him
sing's out in song that almost rivals
that of the meadow lark. He is happy
In the happiness that a May morning
brings to the heart of youth. We may
visit the famed highways of( the old
and new world and clliub Hie highest
mountains to find this road of roads.
Hut the road to Al'cady we build our
selves. It is the highway built by the
happy heart and l the high road of
Yllfll lT AM) X ATI" UK.
( Hmerson. )
The league between virtue and na
ture engagis all things to assume a
hostile front to Vice. The beautiful
laws and sulistance.i of the world per
secute and whip Hie traitor, lie finds
thai things are arranged for truth and
benefit, but there is no den In the
Wide world to hide a rogue. Commit
a crime and the earth is nuole of
glass. Commit a crime and il seems
as If a coat of snow fell on the ground,
such as reveals in the woods the
track of every partridge and fox and
squirrel and mole. You cannot recall
the spoken word; you cannot wipe out
the foot -tracks, yon cannot draw up
the ladder so as to leave no inlet or
Ah! but with morn tho world begins
Again the sea shall sing up to your
And earth and all Ihe heavens call
you sweet,
Yon all alone with me, 1 all alone
with you,
And nil the business of the laureled
Sly ly lo gaze on that bethrothal rinjt
of ours.
Hkiiard I.e (Jallienne.
ami: itK A's n nr.viri'.s.
( London Tit-Hits. )
As might be expected from an in
ventive nation such as America, fncle
Sam's soldiers and sailors are equip
ped with a number of Inaenioiis ,1c
vices, which are likely to give many
surprises to an enemy. American s.d
dins wear uniforms which, for the
purpose of making an unity invisible,
are said to excel the khaki of the Krit
ish or the gray of the Hermans. The
color is olive-drab, which harmonizes
very effectively with most landscapes.
Kxpcriments have also been made hy
painting' American gun butlerie.i with
vertical stripes of red, blue and yel
low. Iiurtuious devices for disguising
warships in lime of war are included
in America's naval plans. They con
sit of screens of wood and oih loth so
fixed that they can lie lowered over
board and fastened to the ship's side
They cover and hide the guns, and
are bo painted at exactly to represent
- t tJA . V- l.r-" jai1jrr t
lB?W"-'4'--rt'A . '
some particular vessel of one of the
commercial lines plying between New
York and Kurope. The advantage of
these coiilrlvam es is that they enable
a ship on sighting an enemy of greater
power of sliced to d.m a peaceful and
Innocent satire and escape pursuit.
America's naval guniKis rank
among the most expert in the world,
and the country is' also noted for its
roast fortresses, which are filled with
huge shell-throw ing; mortars. A for
midable battery of such weapons has
been constructed, iir the crattr of an
extinct volcano on tho island of (lahu
in the Hawaiian archipelago. Hidden
behind the crater's rim, these weapon.!
can discharge explosive shells toward
the sky at an angle of 4." degrees, and
,1'iin throw them withyinh acuracy as
tc nrop w'lin fair certainty upon mo
deek of an enemy's warship six miles
I'mli' Sam has an Ingenious plan
for guarding- his coast by means if
wirele.-s telegraphy and submarines,
which It Is likely that he will put Into
cxieution in Hie event of war. liough
ly the idea is for numerous sub
marines to patrol a few miles from
the roast and net as advance guards.
W4ien a hostile battleship Is sighted
the unilercriifl will send a wireless
message to the nearest coa,t station,
which, in turn, will bring- American
ships to I he scene and prepare the
shore batteries f r action. Providing
that sufficient submarines can be se
cured for this purpose the shores of
Amerii.an should prove almost invinci
ble against the .-hips of a hostile na
tion. Tin: i.rra.i: .i:i:ln tlxtk.
The little grt en tents where the sol
diers sleep,
And the iqinbcamn play 1 ml the wom
en weep.
Are covered with flowers today.
And between the tents walk the weary
Who were young und stalwart In
When they went to the war away.
The little green tents are built of Hid,
And I hey are not long and they are
imt broad,
Hut the soldiers have lots of room;
And the sod is part of the land they
When tlie liaw of the enemy darkly
The .symbol of dole and gloim.
The little green tent is a thing- divine,
The little green tent is a country's
shi inn
Where atriots kneel and pray;
And the brave men left, so old, so
Were young and stalwart in "sixty
two," Win n they went to the war away.
Walt .Mason.
cnivvs AscKxniNt; kitout.
The last t. years in Cliina have
been in particular one steady course
of emit i 11 no us and ascending crises, a
drama of unsettled forces driven from
without by complicated currents of
political adventure and economic
greed. Yet in the face of nil these hu
miliations, which have comprised the
deliberate policy of our generation to
capitalize and perpetuate her feeble
ness, look with unprejudiced eyes on
the China of this year 1915, and what
111 you find? Not merely a new pa
triotism and a new nati.maliay born In
the selfrevc lation of tho revolution,
but a firmer and better consolidated
authority over the IS provinces than
ever before in the history of China.
A year has just passed in which
China has done two amazing and ab
solutely unprecedented things, which
ro ,1:1c who des not know of the
Sisyphus-like hardships against her
can possibly appreciate. On her own
national credit and among- her own
people she has floated substantial
domestic loans, a financial Initiative
which has brought her a fund of al
most f 3il.niu.00l). And she has come
through the last financial year not
only with the sniggering burdens of
her foreign indebtedness paid up on
the nail to the last penny, but with an
actual surplus of cash in hand that
has been helped by no foreign loan.
Such tichievt menta are not due to
mere clever financial management;
they are the moral answer of a peo
ple protesting agaitvt the extinction
of their political life.
Strict " Prohibition by DUtch
Government Fails to Pre
vent Smuggling of Animals;
Fancy Prices Paid, ..
(AaanrlHtrd Prma Oorreaponilcnr.)
Ferlng-n, Netherlands, June IS.
Strict prohibition by the Dutch gov
ernment of the export of horses from
Holland, has not by any mfiin stopped
tho horse li ade bet w een Holland and
(iermany. Dozens of horses have been
cau!;ht by the Dutch frontier guards
ns they were being- led or driven over
the (ierman border. These, however,
represent only a small proportion In
comparison with the large number
which have succeded In evading- the
soldiers on duty.
The military autnorltles of Ger
many are so desirous, of -obtaining"
stood animals thut they are willing to
pay very high price;', and the bleeders
a iid , dealers on the Dutch side of the
line do not hesitate to take the risk of
being- hit by a stray shot while trying
to serine the ulluring' profits.
one of the tricks often practiced by
the horse smugglers is to bring a troop
of animuls across country and through
the smallest by-ways dining the day.
They then tether them in a wood mar
the border-line until nightfall. Mean
while one or two of the ;-'mtiggieis
hide themselves In trees or thickets to
act as scouts, and at a favorable mo
ment, when perhaps I wo of the fron
tier sentries stand together talking.
1 ho scouts -give a signal, the horses
are tintethered and the animals rush
ed ncros the line with the suiuglers
In their midst. They after receiving
their money return to Holland at an
olher point. Sometimes. however,
they are caught and the punishment
milfd out to them is severe, while the
horses are ennfiyested by the govern
ment. Holland's horse-breders have In
general suffered considerably from
I prohibit ion of (Xp.irls. They have
been tieeiistoined to the enjoyment of
II large trade wiih (iermany. I.ail
fall, al'ler 1 he beginning- of ho.'lilil i s.
and before the piohll Itory order went
inlo 1 ffict, ilic.v sold lo (iermany over
17,(1011 two-year-old glidings.
I'.rccilluiX Important IndiMry.
lforse-bre ilinx has become an Im
portant branch of industry in recent
years. There are about Hdo.OOii horses
in the entire counlry, li.'i.liiul of which
are brood-marcs and a large number
pedigreed stallions, mostly of tin
cold-blooded Pelgian draft-horse type,
although in friosland the breeileis
pay most attention to the raising of
pacers for carriage work.
The Dutih governuu nt look.i with a
kindly eye on the horse-breeding in
dustry and subsidises the breeding so
cieties to the extern of $:(!, 000 a year,
while the various provinces also en
courage the trade by subscribing
money for prizes at thf many horse
shows. A national society wa, reeoitly
formed for the encouragement of the
breeding of the Netherlands draft
horse, a descendant of Ihlgian sires,
and pedigree books for stallions
mares and (oaks have been established,
to which all the provincial branches of
the society contribute.
The socbly, at a meeting- in The
Hague in June, resolved to petition
the government to abolish the prohi
bition order again.'t the export of
horses at any rate for a short period
this year, so as to permit the hrtcders
to make legitimate profits from their
Industry instead of, as at present, do
ing an illegal trade and running- the
risk nf being' shot in the pursuit of
YVashingtnn, June L'S. In anticipa
tion of the advancement of Lieut. Col.
Chester Harding', of the army engi
neers, to be governor of the Panama
canal, upon the retirement of Major
(enernl (ioethals in November, Lieut.
Col. Jay .1. Morrow was ordered to the
Isthmus today from Portland, Ore. It
Is understood he will take up Colonel I
1 larding's duties.
K C is pure. K C is heal th
ful. It really does make
lighter, nicer biscuits, cakes
and pastry than the old
fashioned single acting
baking powders.
And you pay only
No baking powder
will heal
No matter how lonrr vmt hnce kepn
tortured and disfirjurcd by itching-, burn-
nig, raw or scaiy swn nuniors, just put
a nine 01 mat sixitinne;, antiseptic
inol Ointment on the sores am
suffering stops rijilit there!
begins that very minute, and in almost
every case your skin gets well so quickly
you feel ashamed of the money you
threw away on useless treatments.
Reainol Oiulmrnt and Rcsiiml Soap clear away
pimplM, rrdiicsa, rougluiew d dandruff. Sold bf
all arujiuu, CouUia no hrjh or injurious drugt,
Things Quoted in Famous In
terviews Were Never Said
and Other Statements Were
Gaibled, Says Cardinal,
Pome, Italy, June 2S (via p.,,.;.
p. 111.) An interview publish,,',)
In the Corriere ditHlia this
w-m wiiuina, 1 icirii iiusparn, the
papal secretary of stale, iliseussej o.
inlci'vlew oblained last w cl Py l.,,,,
l.alapie, a member of the s'a'i iiftho
Paris l.a l.iberte, with Pope Jl,.1(.
The secretary of state says;
"M. l.ataple Invented entirely n.nrv
grave assertions. You nrist r, m, uiber
that a phrase Isolated from i, ,., .
text cannot reproduce ft lit ii fiijly n
thought, or what is worse, it i:;V(. ft
meaning entirely false.
"for Instance, take the 'j'lint it ion
regarding hostages in Peiiin. vMt
confusion! The pontiff is mini" '1
the Jews of (ialicia, the A n-t riali
priests at Cremona and the ISeU'ilm
prelates, all of which, ueeordin to
ljuttipie, was' covered in the. ;i 1 1 -11 -tion
of January 22.
"With regard to the Jens, u
111 March that A list ro-1 1 iinga ry sent' a
protest to the holy see. The protest
was not mentioned as the vntic.-ui
could not condemn Hus.i.i on the sole
affirmation of Austria-Hungary.
"The pope was informed that Italy
had taken some parish priesis of the
towns occupied as hostages, but the
bishop of Cremona informed him that
they were being treated with eviv
regard. Indeed, the pontiff furnish, d
them wilh funds for masses. The pope
knows all this perfectly. Ilnw then
could he put Ihem in a category Willi
Ihe Celgiati and frcm-h hostages or
uilh the .lews of Russia?
"Wiih regard to (ieneral van p-.j.
sing, the (ierman governor of p,..
einni, neither the holy father nor Die
secretaryship of stale ever received 11
Idler or a communication from luin
dii'eclly or indirectly. Minis the pnpe
1 011I1I not rcf"r to siu-h a letter mul
born of
M. Labi-
Instant Relief for
Arltititf, Itnrninr
nml hmrily l-'wt;
ritriiM, ( titluiiKsfa,
ItMllitrllM, HMft tun
nihhiiUiiU nt ( til
m'Ule in foot b.illi.
iM'kilKl' ."c. lit
hut Hrttg wtorr,
(kUO'ddeJ For aU
UsaBYMiLLigfT ootlt
10 lbs. Best New
Potatoes . ,
il lbs. Iicsl New Onions 1 tic
2 cans ;tio,l quality linked I'.eans. . I.V
.la-s pure Jelly 10c
Walker's Chill Con Carnc, ran. . . . Hie
ii c ans Sxvs t C( rn 2.V:
Holtle fumy Swiet Pickles hie
l.'ic Kin s I am y Dried Deer Me
I nUc i nns California Peaches. ... I. V
I'rcsli Kansas fggs. ,loz ilk'
I rtsli Heine ICanch Igs, do i!0i
I'rcsli liaooh lliitirr. Ih iiiki
3 pky. Soda Crackers 'j.v
iil) His, lMf-t, Mexican Itcans ji I.ail
(I (ails new Park Sardine 2V'
(iooil quality Itoast Coffee I"c
Son quality Itoast. Cufrrc 2e
;'.(!( quality Itoast ColTec 25c
U large Tin Cups 5c
Outing; Mills 1l!c and up
lieiniiiiiits of l.v Dress (ioods, it
yardi 25c
Men's Summer liulerwcar. .25c and up
Men's Summer liiion Suits. ."ac lo SUM)
Hoy's Summer liiion Suits. .",5r to 50c
Children's I niou Sails. .. .25cand !l5c
210-212 South Second Street.
Phone r.fll.
a fair price for it.
should sell for more.
your skin
1 he did not i In. IctP'r v.,
j ibe fei id Imagination of

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