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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, September 27, 1915, CITY EDITION, Image 4

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morning "journal
M II I Mll
You'll Have to Go Back to a Derby.
arvhs v
tJin-Mbiii- IHffr. nil In iis.or.
W. T M
W I- D
A s M
M u wc
artjurlta Null4tnt ( k.eaga B1.
R I I'll K Mill II. N,
M rark Hum. Naw Tm.
pop. If
atrrad aa Sat I mattar at thai
m..ffir. .f AlMauarqua. N at. anlar Ar . "':- ". end, hfl'lUK the wind w i
a .Vnsraaa f Maich I. Ji I
larrrr fuU'l.n i 'i a a, anf Hirr papar j ' ' '' ' ' ' I '' PM ' HpfCI
la Hd M.i' 1 ha on'r papar la Haw ,,,lt, ,i a B, .
Mall.-., laauad trara Oat la tka 'r
Dallf. kf rarrlar or mail .aa .... Me ' " ' 'J"'1 ,'t'" '
NiyricE to ' HiHKita. I Bant, hi , surged vi iki ruuntn
Sul' rltrra la I ha J urnal. a-tito wrltlaff
to kav th.ir paaaf eaagM 1 a nw ad- " 1 ""' 1 :" ft 1 r wal
Jraaa id us. U aura la ia tha ..4 addrasa Thej talk (II . ,' ' , , ,.f
Tk. M rt.inf J. urnal h.a a blfk.r clr.a- of deslra Im tha benefit of
tall,, a latHkg ihia la aumigsl tu any otharjthe pour, downtrodden people but
paprr ta Now M-in " - Tka Aiaaru-aa t ... -
Tllf HM I- V I lakaa inil prlala
allly h.iura and Ihlrlr Mir
uira afl saetsatte less. Mini ivmi
' i wire earvtea. east rek
No ..llirr ltrMB,:tprr pulilUllril la
n Mr lakra nn.rr lhan
hesat) ..ur hour. ,,f A mo. laird
I'rraa serilia clurlus Iba aaak.
ml 1 l'
.M i i V I p V
' I
I V have In ih
ITIVI. 11 II. Iti I Itvi l . panalon that txlets in the.
Tha people i.t Albmjuen lavarLf Bui . Tha want to ice
liny Win lh .iv , 1 1 'i d,,
"ill l' III Die I'lK i ill. ..I Ih.' hlgl
school auditorium toalghl to land en
1 1 1 1 1 . in. r i to iiir nexl campaign
ih. in... i v Ital ol ail ttti palgn
inin i it) has bad foi tha uie
aiuauii day ii. ki ii. tat tha .im
I '1 i . , mpla in. i a i. w paopla
j f.iiliiiK in ink. into . onaldaration thai
teiin an doing iinv aould tound tha
.r ih.- paat, and tHa
i would aoon hava
la IMOaratimil IIwi.hkIi'.iiI Hi. oiai. .' ,,. n,
an! dovernoi MoDoRald, HoB Itltj ol Chlhi
CrMtrSaa Ipleai iad Hon Holm n. iniiimii inhiiintiiniH,
BttrauRD .in- i.. I..' inti a ii. i kddraaaj Whal .ill aactloni ..f tha Dnttad
tha iiiaaa nwatiag. Thiy will tall tha ! ahould want if raatoratlon el
m . I
tha nun ran ut tha atuta fair,
moat win he aakd from ini
teg- -ook .... t.rta ; axT witm yoo
I aamL fN ( onb J j' -STAriort snaiLD
r LaazS!T V " 'V ,s - VrV HAVE A Nesr )
I MaVH Ak. A. y 'V lSaO'T- HAT
I ARE, vv love i neve, 1A ' t
( J.Ul.lH-
"l!ut it is to la rami in lier-
ii hf r n
-Flrat Th.u th. eaa
me. t with auch oppoail
tha part .if the Chtaaaa pi i. pie or
j ton -ii p.iw er as will U d to the r
cuirance .if the diaordara whiih ti
present rapuhlicafl sovarnmant h
aucccaatully put down. Tha praaa
'paiueful conditio aa of the count
' (hould ..ii in. account lie initierileil.
to monarchy would be of littla avail I ' "!
If the ;i ..I v .. ,-., in IS nt s IIXi'U '
t ...:',
Mrs. Baker So Weak Could
Not Do Her Work Found
Relief In Novel Way.
Adrian. Mich. " 1 suffered terriblv
with female weak ne..;.: : ., l1ai.(.
got so weak that i
could hardly do my
work. Whan I
washed my dishes
aad t.i sit down and
when 1 aroold iwaap
the ftotir I wuuid get
i so weak that 1 w m.J
nave t.. get a nnnk
every few minutes,
and iiefore 1 did my
dusting I wouid have
to lie down. 1 got
ao poorly that my folks thought I was
"t. I he si: ceaaton anould pot going into consumption. One day 1
lo la, crowti to dettralnMot found a piece of paper blowing am-.m.
th at lencl h ' It la '..'i oh ibi the yard and I picked it up and read it.
rat, true th 't the authority ..f It said ' Saved from the Crave,' and
1.1 would more respected told what I.ydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta-
'' ' itnorlty . t preal lent. The ble Compound has done for women. I
,r': xtmy nardly'know what a 8h0Wt''l il to my husband and he said,
nt is. At the aame time it ; 'Why don't you try it ? ' So I did, and
eem doubtful if the Increaae ol after I had taken two bottles 1 felt
authorlt) reaulting from the hanc. tetter and I said to inv husliand.'l don't
from president to emperor would be , , alld he sajd Yoahad
auffil lent in lustlfv the rh. lUKe. 11 tile J , ,. . ,
iiueal in of the aui eaalon wen not ao better take it a little longer anyway.'
ntcurely fixed as t., permit nf no So I bxik it for three months and got
doubt. For this is the one greatest well and strong. "--Mrs. Alunzo V.
advantaga of the monarchy over tni Bakkr, 9 Teeumseh St., Adrian. Mich,
i i ,,r iinubtfni Bcaaafti, So Well Rnoufra ( Work.
'Third. It is very doubtful whether In these words is hidden the tragedy
the change from republic to monarchy of many a woman, bouaekeeper or wage
tv.'iii'i be of any Mating benefit to earner who nupisirts herself and it often
China, if provision is not made for the helping to support a family, on meagre
development under the monarch nf; wages. Whether in house, office, fac
some form of constitutional govern- tory, shop, store or kitchen, woman
mem. if China ts to take her proper ghouid remember that there ia one tried
pla. e among nations grea ar pi and true remedy for the ills to which all
pXleMd the government musl .''. women are iirorie and that is I.ydia K.
' mi st "i until In order to resist I inkham s Vegetable Compound. It
fori gn aggression Her i pie will promotes thet vigor which makes work
never develop the necesaarj patrlo- easy. The I.ydia K. 1'inkham Medicine
jtism unless the) are given greater par- Co., I yna. Muss.
Ltlcinat "ii in the government than they
lauppori "t the people, This it will m
have unless again the people feel th.
Attacks of Indigestion
ll -111 MM n
Ht been pill
ibutlon ti
IMOI.I l.lll.iW j .,, i i n
Tttla inn. ib ni. an net to baiatateamaaahlD ol
naked fin i. mill. nth. ii.. h that I SpU'UOUS meMI Of Hie Hull. Is thai II
fhc inn season tlckeia al l.lt each. Wkes something of dtatlnctlon b
With Scissors and Paste
' rt 1 'JtiNrfAMOFp.
i been set fm th as Decesaary tor sucn
a change from republic in monarchy
in i:i I u i
Mr. TittmanlAppean
ax .vfrff hxpvrt on
Itnnil fnr iidiiilaalnn in grounds mid
grand atand (01 iis The) will
are an exhibit thai il ha VI COSl hp"
proalmatel) fifti n sand dollars to
I wi ii men w b
"in. ii and
i eh,, lav
Tb. tweei I ik I
tram the men and moke ihe aatmu
iii.n ttOa after the wai should break o
We shniild i... helnleai and i
to think of the government as an or- saved my life, writes Mrs. Maggie Coll
miration which is trying t.. benefit j Golden City, Mo. "I had pains in my
nuns in- a- 'aaaMMam stomach so .a,
thomrht 1 conld not
live, (tar doctor said
it was congestion nf
the stomach . I would
goto bed perfectly well
and wake np in ti e
night as had as I conld
be and live. Our !",
tor said it would do
no good to give medi
cine internally. He
had to inject medicine
inmvariu. Since tak
Strategic Question
HUH another phase of the situation
Morning Journal: state I ,nH comment thai has been aroused
' act i pi ad meaning ..r tha lei m,
Ms., in I h Ih i.ik nf s.nm. i
And I asl h(
hiator) I HEIIBBHT QCICK. I ih
I I N M I s, Mill- i n vil I I.
ih,, i Turkey has plenty 1 rpta the document somewhat suspi
tble and tbat Ruaala a I cloualy as ii" other Chinese newspa
t he Kiaie tan of gouth Dakota j Ohio real!) great man. ami nui Pre
oloasd u fen days ago On Ihe laatlldenl Tun. nor Prealdeni MeKlnl
day ha re wan ti than ll.i paid I01 Prtaldehl QaHlaVd nor Praslda
admissions n is held la Muroai, ihej. indeed gpertnan is com par
won james u, mania, Hie ureal pn
hilar leader mid Shermans rival wn
if John Mbei m it, in. im doubt
population nf Whltfh i leai than d009,
and Ih. papulation Of Ihe stale is
le I has ilouhla thai of New Mexico
The total paid admissions to the South
iiaKma nui noiii,ei, .i nn.ie i, , ,v, ronstriictlve statesRian
inn. i. of his time, a man who realty shsned
The bMpayari of gouth Dakota b deatinies "r the Vnttvi Btatea aa
chaerfiill; paj H year fnr thai"" other r his contemporaries csme I
malntenancs ol the fair, and the pao) '" ' '" 11 ' " "aaop
.. I presidency, thai he died dlsap'
I'le lmlb( fis v,,i I'.il.K "1 dispells-
pointed In his ., inl'lln.iiv. ult nthera
ins wdh th- ti agricultural i ..ilene aaj. . laraei in u ioduI si a
they Would nf discontinuing Hie State Lp. ,aj , r ,M,,,htlKv lha Boll. I
fair. Tins know what 1 1 Is doing for i, i. nohlna i" ti .t
thing I want wil limit
P hurting me.'' Th i
form of indigestion i
extremely painfnl anil
often danger ins, By
taking ( 'liamlietlsin
Tablets after eatinir.
i 'H uermiiei) over, will In ago tnat tne TurKian rieet naa peen ,.,.,:,, ' f ,.,,, ,j double view of in-1 and especially when you have f nines
' !1" ', "' . ! V'' "" ' '' s ,,V"'i f Vt'" m not a i tern al paacs and foreign opinion and and weight in the stomach after eating,
I, Not onli will' the artificial sUroSruHif U"le one of their official atatemenu i i-ude actimr it la not - be doubt- j the dtoiH may be warded oil and
th,- pi..iiii.,ns government exnendl 'has evei been confirmed by subse-1 d thai If the honorable men who are avoiaeu. Chamberlain a Tablets not only
i mi yiu be!ie , st, Peters
innouncemenl nf some monthi
pels. I he Inizetle s ivs. ,11 part.
Otltev VlewnointH Huggeated.
I "W,. venture t.. suggest fnr the con
alderatlon "f the Society fnr peac
Da nevei before ore- events later mi. The fust bombard- cul ""' v"ry roota of Internal peace
in ..r brinaina back men! nt n,e Dardanelles and the aban- MI order in the country and expose
Tho most economical, cleansing and
111 mi'i " me l ema i K - '"; " ' -'..ill ' .--, , ,.1 lha ....- -n iaM , iPK u
uli,,.i ir ihe itussian lieet tM so sir..nn ..... ( tvlu,n.,u.,
in. i e. ncj axpedli nls
I al the vers wha h is 11 been doing for the pasi
nil .-'ii i . i i i
has ' ..in ,i,
"f plumes
six niniiihs.' Wh) have Treblsonde. ot their policy
tnd the rest nf the Turkish Black sea I
treat change that is now ihe object!
ni. knowing the countr) us the)
whv hav, ihalmuat, is there any reason i" believe
from the Rita-1 thai the extinction nf th,- republli on
the morrow nf the Japanese coup,
last summer t hat
if S h i
It, 069, ami was delivering
e.tnils. HioilX falls l.u.'Ws nm v
ii misaed, ami the p, ..pie nf that
now spend mm h than tm
i survej "' the national legl latlon i'l I i I n I I SITKI) STATES BE were exceptional, and cannot poselbl) ' v.'""' sympathies,
fnr thai i" 1 1" i aemonstraici Hhei t 'Njt i itrn be duplicated n Europe In these days. 1 he horae really '.n
was ihe phrase maker, imi Sherman I this graal ami miKbiv nation in gra nai onal Itainlitiea, payment nf which
', was ihe dear, Conkllng was a dirt I preaenl stati .-t uupreparedneas. could Wja suspended on ihe declaration of latlnuilated i the
that re.sp.it''1 'Strong and united China
t'e.-i hlah I then what about the promll
i-hoae advlc w as mvaluuble; I shores, eaat oi weal and U would be vall
rman w is the originate! and i,M i" land them once our rupt
in themseh es. bat
Ipendous s. ale mi
A soluble Antiseptic Powder to
be dissolved in water aa needed.
!'' '' As a medicinal antisrptlc for doiiotiPS
' In treating catarrh, Inflammation or
i hi. h ulceration of nose, throat, and that
i 'i ml caused by feminine ills it has no equal.
For ten years the Lydia K. Plnkham
. I, ' Medicine Co has recommended Taxtinn
man- la their private correspondence With
vn!i women, which proves Its superiority.
Women who have been cured say
It Is "worth its weight In gold. "
1 1 1 11 II III ( ill IM t'lil. ill II,IM! t'l II 1 I Sill . . . . - t,
n ihe alleged dictum ..f a distinguish, oruggists. otic, targo oox. oi i
i American." Tho Paxtou Toilet Co., Hoston, Mass
city nf mie - foul I h I h,
.lint Sherman Worked and thought I thing like Ihe situation
. ,.,.. ,,.1,1 Iri,,alrl,n,al Their ballle fronl WOttld be
1. 1 hi extent oevt
e n :n i.ankine hiator
I has never had
I nmn i n i us 1 1 i,l
which mtghi .-lapse before the) land-1 gem ) credits ami government ki
.led The) have landed, let us auunoae. I anlees are arranaed in and vita
m, no Instinct , lo n
Haiti- in i
ipate Din
for popular sentiment as had McKin as a foreign eneitt) successful jaett lament, return ..f pe muat (Continued From Huge Two.)
: iv did in i
Ih I
v I N
ma) I., ma
ill Ihe mas
Wat excepi
the woi k ingmen
blgbei waKra Ml tin
fWtlon men than lip
fnie. . . i than tipy
and ins record in offiei wax I miles back from the sea Tttej would j recoup themselves from their foreign
lag conatruetlve work Blaine ; haouni long range artillery j correap lants, who will themselves
n i Bh i
, getiai
men We would hn
u w il h '
is null
(Olivi i w icil Holmes i
capacity "i the Chinese people is not
large, The change from autocratd
to republican Bnvernment made four
ii i s nv imuieUiale aticceSS, Haill
ihe Taing dynasty not been an alien
tar Slut s v nu'al II
win m il ' v . 1 1 Heal eatata prntilams purchases
ilia: Mill;
"' ;,."l's '"" ' "" 'urnpate gate ... I i power and gradually "to lntroduw
lllle tll.vt vli. ,s ptellv .ill,. In t v Ihel . I
"'"bs, 'f,,', diverging J pose, itut the hatred "f alien rule
,1"1"' ""' :nl'" e" 11 Trua I made this Impossible and the stat
ft ..a Ih" banks
I" I hat ..Iher i).
"It cannot; therefore, .a- doubted It
.1 China has
ih- last few
er and I
MAKINti IM I I Mills n I t
llsTIU U s
i" auapt is tnan would have
tin- ease h ui there bean a r..yai
pri'Ment win, h the m-mile re-
sal Mr Taj or. nf Philadelphia, haa I were loyal
we I reached th, conclusion thai children j presidential i
in:;; i fit , hysiciih ... iv ,J !; ""r.'V!' Th.- 'rr-"
I seem still
sgsi dei
..... lumwi ui pieces men sleep, 'ini a rew saui iney .-..iilrt ttisiil. m.n sernnislv imperil the in
Command of the sli- hai.ilv gel any sleep at all at niitht I depend' ii, e ,,f the eoinilri
gr it ganger thai the diffbuitias
Which are usually incident to the sue
disnt'tlers who h, if InnK ion-
Commence Fall Sewing
Smart Fall Modal
MaCsQ rutrrni Bfll-STtT,
w in ilulu many oiaar
rifw ad . . : ,, Ociobar
New Fall Styl es
with their touch of
quaintness from 1 880
are faithfully reproduc
ed by
The Fall Fashions show
more simple lines, which
makes it easier than
ever before lo construct
a dress trom patterns
see the new
Book of
It is filled with new
ideas and beaulilul
Lain! Fall Stria
IfcCill 1'iiuro OSS f
lha ami ntw Octobar da-
i,i i ;,n w... bt ol ' aalas or trade- are easily solved b ual
, Journal want ads Head them, use A
lack oi patriotism, - ,k,

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