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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, October 18, 1915, CITY EDITION, Image 3

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Roswell, the Beautiful! Land of the Big- Red Apple, the . . .
. . j YOU
Automobile, Splendid Drives and Fine Farm Houses m, n. m.
Some Observations Resulting- From a Recent Automobile Trip From Albuquerque to the Queen City
of the Peeos Valley and Its Surrounding- ( Orchards.
i iimu s from Albuquerque I
moliili . provWod you (M keep '
ity-five-mlle pace, lies the
ill nil rich KunNM . i) ill r
Irj that Mu mesa ii nt v;ii
d thai new ii the e.n il' ii mot I
southwest. An a) re n fields
, s i .l, pt l 1 1 1 life is the'
i:sw, ii. with ., population of
fell I i mnhatlcally an Anglo-!
in city. It brawl streats an
iiif nlfu
picture I
rill lif.'
on tlu 1
tented Is
In their
changed nine then, ami t '
three-delta r-n-aofe land Is huh
clns mon than IS an acre
in urores hi orehardleta.
.1. .1. I Merman' ii..
thai pari at New Mexico, lit
Kimw how sin ii development
r 4
a fef :'l
i hi
rul wol knu
rchards m
uliy ,u if Uftcl
I..-. n I ready d
llan nt an Hum
lurcluuUng th l
mil. h
, ' ' 1 '
i IM n.li" '
'HHNVIHiiVsWg flBHBiiii"' HgggggpgggS
LBd . . ,.
toi lai ion, ctiniposi .1 of i h. ow nei
the Ki'irini trneU ol land undei
h well, Kuch ai re ill l at 11 -
.portionute. . ..si di irrigation wltli
I other K i B, aiul HO inoi e, Tin i '
f no xtrju
I lies in Vine, Ian, c.
ife plUhletl, wnen II
I Die. highways and
ipitj m ttnswell w n
ml' s o! HlladP uverlMi
netnoai in i nui
Mil" siiiiinii'i-.
Inolie- Slanillni. Ih
his ihi'i
Dated mi!
or Hi'' recla
ded Mi'
man for iin development ol jam area of former!)
ii. uliiii.il ami liorti. iiltutnl n ,,,.
I . 1 I 1 V
I. hi.
nterprtee was 'o.. big ft
rtake provided there wan
s ethlna worth while al
tmn of ill..
na lo his
'a for,, fin. i
ough Invei
bs Prof, i
mil .Inilin nl
vr i" -I'
'hlsuni i.i
iard. Th companj was an adaptation
nown as tht beat met is employed so
,. , ....... i. i fnllv hv .Mr. I'liilln.s m h.s i
I I Ol Hill' II
aiul enterp
hit had '
planted some
The Btggcsl Project ITct. ,.i't WIlterloKRlnK nl Ihe
Tin' blisen d velopratril ever utt-ithe rommon experiences
ilertakfn however, in the Pacoa val tour in brrlajatlon.
Im ia thai ol the Pectw VaUey Ittveat-. a.Io thern musl he a
ment torn puny, known as the "aouth out the dcivelopmenl
iprlngi ofcharda," of wbioh i'- chnrds and thrtr ' i"
thnuxand -ail.
,1 will take oi
initalled. Xh
,j fuel oil yh
il'.a ail'fs of
inoi ii i
..ml, i in.
iade their
, determl
The Pro Mi - ro i arfi
mall. I' of la- prof 11 Was
.1 i h, tat 11 as. i rle of tlu
trees lla veuri 1,1 a mi l
more than 600 an
K.i s .1 AiuKnoi
T. II Slrate. MeUd
anrh, I fltv of
Charles K Holland, N.-ton. rwi. .
mi.. ,i.. trroyo, Sirv i v'it . i
Kut.ai. Ml.sa itaoar SalliplrO. Kl-
i. im Mrs h .i I ui hat, Mis. I. l'.
Vehenhuch, Herberl Flfatfr. Albert
, ii am;. i , Mr. anil Mr .
Iarai . iin. .11. Vara Artmau, Phila
delphia Mi Rarnaey, Mlaa Wrtglii,
Ore ia MISS Hullo, k. Oinrii'
,i . i; i., Qltaen, Portland, nn.
,,(il 0t. ! l'h.- as,, of
arih, with tht date now avail
iv ...ii, ti, in in .Him .,..iis.' uliniv
i... i irea a brw hure b) Warren i p
nui i)i Be,, arrhaeologlst of the Mia
a t.i Hlsl ai society. The tnun-
phlel is entitled "Geologic ami Ai-
haeotoffii' Time and was ractHvad
mdas bj the musaum llhrary. Thai
in.' writ i presents evidence to show
lhal man lias heen roatnlnsj on ourth
nun,. 300,000 t. tHV,0M years. He
ii i. si with th ini' Major Paw I
thai tin- red man has attained hiK iIIk
ttnctlvi eharacler Mime his nrlKlnai
Immlfiatlon to this continent.
The lenath ol the seolotlc period
iv nmethlni less than a hundred mil
lion yearn, the archaeological period
mmethlna' less than a quarter million
i . ,1 - mid the historic pei lod snme
thlnn nk- T.ooo veais. At the same
lime, the llbrnrj has received a rapli
lo In Mnthew - unique of "Wrlghr
. M Kin sad AntHtult) ol Man'' from the
i rnl ' ; Krederli k Wrlgni h
recenil) visited the museurh. Wrlsjlii
lisereiilts the evidence of TertWt)
man ami too believes thai tadlftttl
times do nol exceed 7;,.ooo,00o yeure
in vVrlHhi holds that evidences of
primitive man have been dlwovere,!
Ii, imarli a. conclusion hlch Bttiei
si lentlsts dispute.
i ll, ms. N M,, Oct. 11 Thats has
mil heen a nni. in the past five KjWrs
thai flOVlS was In as I a shape
from a bustneaa standpoint as It is
linn i Tops in curry county huv
been unusuull) aoiM thia cur, as u
i . all of which the fin mere are pine
porous and nuturully this ptospcrits
extends t" the elty.
There are perhaps Iwenly-tlVa nee
s under ediititruetlon nowih-l
inure lo he hullt. Rverj mlltable
house In town Is neruptad and a kooii
mam pcplii vvho have wanted to rem
hoiia have been unable to do su on
" .".ii of ihe searclt) ol dWelllnMt
Tin ri Is not u vacant bulldlAI .alSnu
Main itraat,
There is no boom on, but ,imt u
nice, substantial growth, one in it will
of A I
itid general munttger, i ne irai i i on-
I, .ins 8,000 acres, must bl which was
tiunnased from iioveiinu- Hagerman,
and ad loins the "Hagerman orchards,"
The Inception1 ,,i ihe Pecos Valley
in . sum nt company's project was du,
I., ihe foresight of .Mr. Bchwentker
countryltg productwnesa, lis favor
able location for Ii anspoi lalioii and
markets, lis , . d ent soil, superb di
'i at,, and abundance of water.
In order to Pr.rj cut the develop
incut planned it was liecessor) to in
icresl outside capital. The propoal
i "ii was plac d before l.ee A. Phillips,
vice president of the Pacific Mutual
i-iic Insurance company, whose judg-
i'" nl was relied upon because of his
KUCcegS in (lie de elupinciit Ot tin
California Delta Farms company,
as to in
I'ope io I all IHifkets.
-nni i FV, , id I , 1'edCfal JlMtgS
v ll Pope u ill , alt the civil iftd
criminal dockei on Thursday, Octwtr
-I. nt J p m
muni On-lmrd ami Irrlga inn IMteh ol Olti I
IBgeffw? . IgflHgBBTBgfiiglr'
llankci s iissu
gpiimninK plant!
Wchnrils ,
i i Mr I'hill
Ian' Irrigated.
I orchards w ere
back ami forth
uotlntrj iiisiii'
I Tile I l ip
through nillcs
I led apples. )J
fill fa and mil"
iplarles I di
farm i
i bungalows of
where garages
1 barns through
' pii
pa an.i ah.
Ma n j "iin
Islted durlni
to.KosWi II tl
n,i i tat) '"ii
I be 'n, ifi, ,
al" as co mm
iii,. sgrlcull
n V
"',' " "Jl tn Tut: Tin:.-
. . yr(J A tailor's work Is sedentary. That
;us Mr! . 's why most tailors suffer from conwti
,,, i , v patlou ii w. Roberaon, U'li'hitii
.I,!,,.- (Tails, Tex., says: "1 find Foley ta
llnvei tlmrllc TuhletN the must delightful,
'hrlsfliie j rlearislnii cathaitlc I have ever fallen
II. Aau-jThoy are Just Ihe thing." Tny'Ha'
ih. Klomiieh sweet and the liver in -'
l'J',,'le. I,..,, ,nve ii ay beiulaehe, dullllCHS.
" 1 ?!?'' iii"l feeling, blllousneaa, bloat,', 4m I
' ' ' i m - "! I" results of clogged rxW'l
Prompi mid effective, wtthotl! girlpe
, i pain Htoui people praise thatn ir
I uutitei iba light, fres feeling they ghe. Rold
ii svsrywhara,
3 4 '
II is lie. ai.Se of this ani l. 'Ill
velournonl Ihnt the banks u
perity of ihe luiuic d prods upon a"
l b lilt me. Within Ih" tneinori of OUT
fore tin- end of il
M, x l, o al t hai nl"K
nting Terrll
,.r Various
Uttawa Vaib
nlogleal publl
:wi. v.jrc. .
- ii . , i &
i 4T
n o- all, I I i
i. neml Vlc of Thrw gnd hglf-ff f''s "" "s""(li springs orchard.
Ids Tree and Mr. Summers' I llth Son In (Vllli'nt
Dr. haul nhe.

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