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Texas Invites 1916 National Democratic Convention to Dallas
Texas Claims That Dallas Is More Accessible Than Denver, Where the Convention Met in 1 908,
and That Dallas Is Better Able to Handle the Convention Than Kansas City Was.
Untouched Phototfraph of Dallas Sky Line No j
Longer Cowboy Land
HEKRT D. TjTNDBI.EY, chairman
ft th Texas national Demo
0 ratio oonventlon committee,
v. hlch proposes to hring Hie 1916
BatlohI Democratic convention to Dal
las, ha had a varied experience In
climbing hfo'g ladder. Bagrnnlng as a
tashboy la a Dallas department store
and being- br advancing degrees ste
nographer, schoolteacher, farmer and
banks?, ha has accumulated a large
fortune and has, although stlfl a youag
nan, retired from active business I If?
and Is devoting his anergics to the
study of and participation In municipal
Governor Jstneg K. Ferguson, or
"Farmer Jim," as his Intimites call
him. held his drat public office when
elected to the office he now holds. He
Is a stockman and banker and a strong
advocate Of labor unions.
Waging a Mighty Battle.
Texas Is waging a mighty battle for
tie convention. The banner Demo
cratic Mate claims recognition for the
southwest. The committee Is herald
ing broadcast the statements that
Texas has elected more Democratic
presidential electors than any other
state; let the next Democratic nominee
be given that honor In Texas." "Texas
constantly Democratic" and "Texas
majorities are twice aa lurge as other
Aside from the claims that Dallas has
adequately and satisfactorily accom
modated larger conventions, the Texas
committee Is advancing the fact that
Dallas Is the fifth city in the country
hi point of telegraph and telephone fa
cilities and Is on the direct main line
at travel between the eastern and west
'Tialrnisn William F. McOombs
r.f the national Democratic commu
te has announced from New Vork
t ,t Dallas Is the leading candidate
for the convention.
The votes of fifty-three national
eonmiitteeinen decide the location
uf the . -'fiivenl ion.
Thirty-two of the fifty -three, have
h.dieared that thoy are IncliiieJ tu
r I Dallas
Twelve, have stated that they will
vote for Dallas
One has declared for either Chl
eo or Bt. Louis
1 h others reserve their commit
si tl until the committee meets.
' Iter re iwenty-elght Democrat
le Rovrnor of the United Btstes.
fifteen have declared themselves
uneuun.0(.ay for DallaH and are
aetinij on the advisory committee to
further the success of Dallas.
Eleven United States senators sre
"ti record for Dallas.
Twelve chairmen of state nemo
eratli. committees ane for Dalles.
Six Justices of state supreme
eouris are for Dallas.
An honnraiy committee of 1,0)
Teuns from every section of the
state Is working for Dallas.
An advisory committee of 10,000
prominent or representative men In
ether states Is nearly completed,
having aa members such valuable
helppTs as Hon. Luke Wright of
Tennessee. John Burke, United
8,a'es treasurer; John Temple
flraves of Georgia, Irvln B. t'ohb,
"ar correspondent and writer.
Texas commercial organisations,
r.rating tl membership 100,000
business men, have passed resolu
tions Indorsing Dallas.
The New Orleans chamber of
eoimuerce has taken the lead out-
. the Me. tla n- I- tay........
rr -SS .( 4
I ttP-.A: B fh :Z &.-r:--:.
(ha Baa- o- orata ara eoinp' to havt a apr ...j as
1 tl; a-: fr k--v ' fT'
smm' 1 If 1 1
. 0
-- is - . n a o a i
j Li4 zk jto- :--jM
It - - i fL
ern coasts. Texas claims that Dallas
Is more accessible than Denver, where
the convention met In 1S0K. and that
Dallas Is better able to handle tho con
vention than Kansas City was.
South Solid For Tsxas.
The national Democratic committee
It composed of on man from each
state and territory. Twelve of these
committeemen declared themselves for
Dallas UPOtl receiving that city s Invi
tation, which the Texans regard as a
happy beginning. A total of thirty-two
have Indicated that they will vote for
Dallas, according to the Texas commit
tee. Texans belteve that their state Is
more nearly representative of the en
tire country than any state in the
Union. They claim that the population
of their state being homogeneous the
Democratic party In meeting In Texas
will not only accord recognition to the
banner Democratic state and the ever
faithful solid south, but will meet In
the most truly American section of the
United States. In support of this Tex
as Is pointing to the cordial reception
which the north, east and west huce
given the thought of meeting In Dalias.
The national committeeman from
Massachusetts has stated, "Nothing lint
good could come from such a meet lint
In Dallas." and this seems typtos oi
the comment from other sections. The
south Is lining up solidly for Texas ami
seems to consider that when this gath
ering meets In Texas it will plainly
show the rest of the world at war that
every remnant of sectional feeling has
disappeared in this country.
Of course, one of the greatest dlffl-
P p r i ed
side of Texas In Indorsing Dallns
for tin convention, and this lead la
being followed In other cities
The traveling men and totirlttl
from Texas are registering "Dab
las, 19W" In hotels all over the
country, thus advertising Its am
hitlun by word of mouth
All past Imperial potenfstes of the
Shrine, us indiviilimls. have stated
that lialias can satisfactorily ac
commodate the convention
Common sense and I'ulted Btstes
Weather bureau statistics prove that
Dallas Is vastly more comfortable
In July than previous convention
Past and present grand exal'sn
rulers of the Klks. in aiding Dallas
candidacy, have sent In a certifi
cate stating that the IMS national
convention of Klks. which met In
Dallas IN JULY, was splendidly en
tertained end that III attendants
Were comfortable.
The country's big and Influential
Democrstle papers, such ss the Ilai
tfmore Bun, the Cleveland I'laln
Dealer, the Washington Htsr, the
Memphis Commercial Appeal and
others are declaring for Dallas or
commenting favorably.
jcyery editorial comment thus fnr
has been favorubli. with on In
significant exception.
The Associated Press has written
the Texas committee for Informa
tion regarding tha fight.
Dstlas and Texas never have and
likely never will receive such wide
spread and favorable discussion
In this great undertaking of s
national chsracter, unless
all signs fail,
ctiltles of Texas M
widespread Impress
er In July. The T
two plans toward t
have secured a gi
ion of Texas weath
exans have adopted
hHt end. They first
eat number of ex-
o i
From the begin
ning of time battle
songs and battle
cries have been 'a
part of political
campaigns and po
litical conventions.
In the fight which
Dallas is making
for next year's na
tional gathering of
the Democrats the
nln-uta, ... UlF, Mp.' Beo-
. ttf B 1 ' a8 T! : ZL
Texans have adopt-
as their battle
song a rollicking
tune which has
been called, "At the
Dallas Democratic
m f Ki fSv r i rnit- i rw U
1 ei-nn' V LII'WJLI- ,
lt; MyOR Of ),Ll.6 , ..J
I n
are familiar with July vnther in Dal
las and In Kansas fit v. St i.ouls, Chi
cago, Daltliuore und other previous
i i nvsjntlon cities. These sjcrtal0Au
tai,dJ rat-tarn ara not
in It,
s- 4
Lv. . - .
lal.loa altll sraai
llarot-lng sa ta
1E3 :i :
in' the easier circulation will -h the al
gets In Dnllus and also the lack of hu
toldlty. The Texas committee u II
also submit statistics to the national
The chorus of
the song is shown
on this page. The
song has aroused
a great deal of en
thusiasm over Tex
as and Is being
sung this fall at
the fairs over the
state. Very much
the same spirited
adoption of this
song has occurred
as witnessed the
"taking up" by the
Texans of "Come
to Texas!" which
J 7
ta-- x l
rwi rt h-
ly popular some
years ago,
ILSovr.noiior1rxA.s, -a
.Hrrsiisw f
Texas Says Dallas Has Handled Larger Conven
tions and Can Easily Satisfy the Democrats
Democratic committee, secured from
the United States eat her buieuu at
Washington, which show that the iv
erage humldltv In Dallas In July Is j
fr in fl ve lo llfto. n degrees less than It
l 111 preMous Convention cities and
that the brcexe velocity is from two to
five miles an hour greater. As the
great I fa tore atfeiting summer com -fcrt
are humidity and breezes, they ex
pei t these weather bureau statistics to
correct the more or less general Im-
I presslon that l'altus pas iiuusuuny
I warm weather In July. The explana
tion of the iiiperlor bodily comfort
; probably lies In the steadv bice,: from
tin gull stream, which aerKes luelve
j miles an hour In 1 'alias during the
i gumtntr.
Big Conventions Well Csred For.
It Is bellevod bv tho well Informexl
that Dallas . an take care of the Demo
crats satisfactorily. Dallas has a Jag
ged sky Hue. plenty of hotels und has
liucoessdillv enterlnined many large na
itlonal mnentlons. Th Shrlnels huve
I nan twice In Dallas, anil the Texas
j committee has u Cgrtlflcat signed ny
'nil the past Imperial potentates of the
Shrine, who are from all pans of the
I country, which stati-s that these men
believe Dallas can easily measure, up to
the occasion. Statistics which the
tlontmlttM has Indicate that the last
hrlnera' oonvufltlofj had ns large nn
in tendance n past Democratic nntlon
nl gatherings. A criittlcnte that the
Klks were satisfactorily accommodated
and were comfortable when their na
tional (invent Inn met In Dallas In
July, 1101, has been sent to tha Dallas
delegation by past grand exulted rulers
I of that order
and I'll
mt Jon thr
' m
Q b -
gat Tl a
01- lf,
n .
first National
May 20 Bsltimoie
M o 20 Baltimore
May 5 , . . . . Baltimore
May 27 BaltlniOr
May 22 Baltimore
Juns 1 Baltimore
June 2 Cincinnati
April 23 Charleston
Jims 18 Baltimore
Aug. 29 Chicago
July 4 New York city
July 9 Baltimore
Dallas, Tex., was the first city to In
vito the Itlli niitlonul Democratic con
vention to meet within lis confines and
Is waging a lively flgnt for that honor.
An active organization cnmpoKcd oflJ.il
bu fillers, bin Iness, professional and
public men, with ll'iity I). Llndsley.
mayor of Pallas, us chairman, and
(loveriioi James K. Ferguson as one of
Us hardoat workers. Is carrying on the
Texas loves a scrap, and Its senators,
congressmen. Its com men oil organiza
tions totaling 100,00(1 members, every
mayor, every city, town ami hamlet, urn
Intensely Interested In the muccbsb uf
Dallas und have nun: I Itoted themselves
n determined army In the onmpult'ii be
ing wiiged Due. it may be, to being in
the biggest state, It Is characteristic of
Texas psoput thul lny uauaJly go
Another evidence of Dallas' ability to
handle large crowds to which the Tex
uns are pointing la the state fair of
Texas, which Is located In practically
the heart of the city. This fair, which
Is the largest permanent show place ol
Its kind In the ountry. each year
brings, a floating population of SO. 000
t i tH,H people. In dally attendance at
Dallas und explains how lhat city was
able to satlstuctnrlly handle the nation
al meetings of the Klks, the Shrlners,
the Associated Advertising t'lubs o(
America and other organization. The
coliseum. In which these .inventions
met, seats IO.H0O people and MM be en
larged lo accommodate :'.', 000. Al
matter of fact, the railroad and the
street railway facilities of the Texas
city are probably uneunaled by n city
o: lis pupulutluii 1180.000) 111 the coun
try. "Texas Always Wins."
Slogans whli li the Texans hart
adopted are: "The Ltll National Demo
cratic I'oiiventlon Shall Meet In Tex
as," 'Texas Always Wins" and "Behind
Dallas Stands Texas." The Democrat
of the country aru being told that "If
,tu cotneiitlon Is to bo a lova feast It
should be held In the heart ol Democ
racy," and ' If It la to tie a family cm. -tel,
as national conventions usually are.
let us hold it atound the heart MM
I melt ribbed Democracy and not
write our platform by the light of tin
enemy's eatiipflre" The Texas spirit
Is also seen In the promise made that
"the Deniocrata will receive i mors
genuine and cordial welcome ind more
bountiful hospitality when they innet
in Texas than thoy have experiences
btorl in the history of thu party."
baa, , 'Caaaa I
nri- 1 aan't far-
1MB ft-
ru- tl' Tut- 1-
7 L
It ta
Convention 1832
1876, June 27 St. Louis
1880, Juns ?2 Cincinnati
1884, July 10 Chicsgo
1888, June 6 8t. Louis
1892, June 81 Chicago
1896, July 7 Chisago
1300, July 4 Kansas City
1904, July 6 St. Louis
1908, July 7 a Denver
1912, June 24 Baltimore
I9I6 . . Dallas?
whole mulled und In a big wny Info
proposition of this kind M not nt all. A
eomntllMt Of Ui. which la directing
the campaign. Is nssisted by an honor
ary committee composed entirely ol
Texans, the nutmbershlp of whlrh to
tals 1,000. Hupfilntiieiitlng this flgtitlng
foroe la an advisory oommtttfjfl of 10,
000 members flrom nil sections of ire
onUBtry, This titter list Ituiisfles tW'alva
Culled Ktates senators, flftew. gover
nora and a givut iiiiiuber of national
representHtlves and men of, prominence
both In prlvatn mid publlci Uf.
The business and public men of Dal
las and of Texas have pledged $100,001)
as u cash coidrlbutton to the funds oi
the national Dei ratio rommltte
should the convent loai meet In Dalls
tad have pledged a coliseum seating
U,0 people mid atifwerlug every coaf
veutlon ruugrBinL,

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