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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, November 27, 1915, CITY EDITION, Image 5

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I 1. 1 mIh,
rtfc mm
Xew Summer White House
and the Hostess to Be
KeHernannu. knuv n m VmerWe hi the
iiuhoi of The Tunnel
lie says that after four days of In-
ItritWh hesau a ksh ntta k en the
morntni of fteptembei 11 Foul n-i.-srate
waveg "f ;.i, atteeaatel whhe
nd -lark iray, wee hi,, w, i forward
toward the Qeraaan Ifcaet and i the
same tune the Britten artltterj wag
hurling aati lionihs upon the ii.-rm.tiis
The lattei .oimhed and In Id their
Kioi.nd as long as lie could, hoi
miiiiy tell, unable la le-ast the fumes,
in die midat ot all thhi tin nermann
Were grsParlBa for the epe. Sg In
fasjtr; ntt.' k Ftnall; ih BrHlah ap
piaied. einergiug s'lldenlj fro re
now h. re. behlhd cloud ol K-I-. and
weajrlag masks They auras at) lr.
thi, k lliii's and "torming columns
The Him line ot th,. attackern wai
OjUtckt) slo t .low n lo the had at i ill'
and machine gun imiicts that ralnet
Aim rica had dBt for iliem m th
past ami evm few! or of the iiiir
rv B
I lb
i :r
I Of
1 I.
. V,.I
America had tl el.
ippine. If ill, Fi
growing disloyal.
Anii'i i' a, . havr :
pure Ives, tor wr
during the last i
.. Tl.a!
inn hostile io strong
( s
an high official
wars lias taught
1 !b bom
Hulk Mmcf Mi
and r rd,- i thai attitude.
Xnieii, an- Hi ml. -d and lu-alicd
l ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Krr Khmvm
. .... Mill,-,, ivf Mov iq .
Mmm iiV ili-- thousands of I.
l asaLi Mr!
( i i ell I 'lull
,0niil cooMiaii mniti ,ui mui.it, ,:imi patriot!, ' merles n who had ded i
a, Makes Savage Attack ! u u lv w "' t1h"v'
oV'iU( 1 55 lam ot Hi m swoa 1 np-it to Alio r i
on Governor General Har- aitruisti. wrpam t u phi ip une, am i taimd u
r p- M'T
JT r 'ell T I
Charges Graft, Mismanage
ment and Contempt for
Government of United States
oashlaaton, Nov. I. That two
v, ;ir,. ,,f .I. inciratli rule in tiM Pfctl
Ippib islands is brought about
complete govaranaantal chaoe" I tha
, harue made by Congressman C. H
Miller of Minnesota in an Interview
today. Congressman Miller spent aev
rai weeks last summer in the islands
u .in independent inveatlgator, ami
will make sensational and detailed
itatemeats about conditions In the
oriental dependency of Uncle Sam in
i set speech On the floor of congress
Midi in the coming session.
I.iyes Change in ltail.
previous interviews Mr, Wlliei
nutllned the things he says he
the 1'hilippines. His state
ithorised for publication to
I int.. details and gives many
n ins Indictment aarainsl the
Harrison ;
s difficult
who has
i tern
ml h
ni. to spertk
tigated condl
Phillppinea," th
l ifieeii Vears Effort Wasted.
"Krom a generous Impulse the I
American people started out to Rive
the Filipinos, the neat government !
American Renins was capable of de-
vismsr. and at the same time to edu
cate them and train them for self-;
lovernment Fifteen years of effort i
rirn.liii'ed tremeiiilous sueress in all'
ittpeots save perfecting the capacity
(oi self-government These years of
sRperienae clearly revealed that per
fected eapaeity for self-Kovernment.
Instead of beinS realized in yearn,
vimM re4tttre aeteetaUaaa However
advancement would he constant and
trelutlon unfaltertnc.
Destroycil bj llal'i'ison.
Then cams th.' regime of (lovernor
rnorant ot
Filipinos and everythli
Harrison landed iu Manila in October,
IHI '.. I was there when he arrived
anil witnessed the great outpouring of
nativei who joyously Inaugurated him
I was there this summer and Instantly
observed a complete changs in the
K' i" ral attitude of the Filipinos. For
merlv all was rejoicing; now every
where (he Situation is strained: hus
piclous, nmlnoiiH ai times, arising.
I hose tragic moments when fierce
slows art received and given.
o Oovceeuuewi Left,
At on, ,, the governor general pro
teeded in knock down the govern
mental structure. Not Attila of the
Huns nor Theodora- of the Colhs ever
luicl such destructive hands upon hu
man institutions. The result is eom
plats "i.v i rnmental chaos. Today one
h'oks in vain to find responsible gov
ernment in the Philippines; II is not
there, g fg jdace me some govern
mental Institutional moving Blunder
ingly on, driven by their own inertia,
'mi for ihe most part ihe government
has fallen like a house of Hand. This
etHnmer one went from bureau to bu
reau, hut nowhere COtrtd he find a re
Sponsihl head.
Hosillis rU'Waillod With Office.
"There are some conscientious, cap
able Filipinos holding public office,
nut a great many of the appointments
Were criminally unwise. All the ele-
' among the Filipinos that are
Pro-American, including those who
"" for American retention, were
peedity eliminated from the govern
ment and shut up hy methods that re
mind us of the middle ages. Appnr
sntlj eh nee consideration was given to
Ashamed of her
bad complexion
l ' yon, too, arc embarrassed hv a
J' '"'ply, blotchy, unsightly ttsnplex
w'n, nine cltamles out ol ten
Resinol Soap
will clear it
Um trv Resinol Soap for a wee
s;,d see 1 1 it docs not make a tilesatd
omerence in your skin. It also
help to make red, rough hands and
irms s, ift and white.
h m or utiibbfsm aaSSa Rimvl Siap
V"7,li sidii see Halt Pirtnnl Oteaasst,
rr mid brill Dnigfioi. K.,r lei Iiff.
" lo Dept. 1-p, RMiool, Bili,mo,t, Md.
i:aTaifftmeaK' '- iiSSUiN '...:..',.. - . ----
When presldem w
the oiler of a Comml
Nee Jerseej , Ltiaeni i.
ow Law n. ' former he
IfcCall of Blberon, i.
the summer and maki
white House, he had 1
who was lo preside ti
lime next summer n
e in "Shad -
.,f John ,
BrfcacM iu
tin summer
Ind the lady
It lt the
around and
in. house,
the time comes to occupy
Mrs. Norma u flail will in
Mrs. Wilson, the ftrsl li
land. The photoifrtiph hei
her is th.- last on tak n
The estate i epn sents an
of more than 1, 604,00ft,
mses, iieheid ineir worn nri
ami then destroyed while tl
selves, .lis, barged with inau
themeelvea scorned and huir
those they had labored to he
resulted ;ni assertion of nai
lority over Amerlcaas, an
V here throughout the Chris
inces Americans and their
ernmem refused to protocl
soon became Known to the
thai whenever an Anieriiii
Filipino clashed the govern
sup. i-
i arov-
own u.o
them i
n snd
witn the rmpino.
I ,,, einimiM
"Abeat halt i!
lauds stolen,
land ana Of the
oil land and this is
i. All th. Immense
he government, a
islands is governnieni lai
the richer half. too. AH
lores ta belong to the gc
splendid land and forest?
depll I till. 'lit
ser h has heen
department was
Jecti of attack,
began the v illain
one i
up. Tlie land
f ihe ft ret oh.
Illplnu dlrectoi
irk. He had not
it was charged
he had stolen
something like
land and had .
tlcally all his r
far as to 1 hanj
that he or his
from the
gov ei nineiil
of the hesl
Wiih II,
I prow
d to tl
light political Pal
He was allowed In resign and the
I read. ll was sent In America in this
form and Washington was led to he
'll, ve our government had i"si the
! sendees of a most sxcellent Official.
Health Work thaiHloncd,
"The iiiggesi a, hlevemenl of Amert
!ch, I ihink. was the conquering "t dts
euse in the islands -a land afflicted
I quite a- badly as Panama ever w as,
'and Infinitel) hardei to clean ui
vvn.i a marvelous triumph "1
medical skill and AmeflCai
tratlon. Many goiid Fliipin
A mericHii
d oct ore
had heen (
in the wor
Filipino nu
safely to Hi
animals w
disease and
insect pesf
heen turn,'
it,, I
ops VV,
pli d i
I'e shield
a disease
d sanitary
"lint man
lattonl wa re
Itavaue CoUlttrj
of the UlW ail'
ot popular beeau
ran counter to customs and prejudices,
so ihe efficiency of the whole struc
ture was sacrificed, Rinderpest is
slaughtering work and domestic ani
mals throughout Ihe provinces, while
hordes of locusts for I wo veal's now
have (levaslated vast anas "f i Tops.
The appearance of every barrio and
city at once sho'ws vvhal has hecome
of the excellent sanitation that for
merly prevailed. The detail- WOUld
only shock. Now ami then, however,
as in 111'' 'ase
if Ihe city
appearance of the owy has verj ma
terially improved
, "It would In interesting, i" ascerluln
i what beoomet of the mom v appropri
ated f'T municipal purposes WUI
i told many tltrssg hy those whose dutj
' It is to know how money is spent thai
of lute a common practice is for Ihe
'officials to do as little as possible of
j municipal work and appropriate all
Ithe rest to salaries. If Utter they
nnipal iviiir, inev prompuj in c
their salaries. One man was pointed
out to mo who had thlM raised his
own salary three limes In one month.
I anions Hospital H' recked,
"1 must sav "lie word shoul the
fate of the great general hnspiiai.
Thi' yva completed a few yeurs ago.
modeled after a famous Berlin hos
pital, and physii inns pronounced H
one of the finest, as II is one of Ihe
largest, In the world ll was of the
utmost I moor tainCS to the government
and to the people. Two years ago II
was Ihe pride of every Filipino and
everv American III the islands T nlnv
it is a dead inun s ( hanihei The hos
pital force hoe heen dlnirgunized and
of the "Id force there remained only
two or three, who have heroically
struggled on hut now have given up
"The goeormneal institution which
! feet with an imi
It a entj -In.' t.ii w i.
i ending to tbe me;
branching mi,, . p
I surrutindlng an opei
lp taking Shad'.v
I denl evidently exp
i xample of Pi eel ho
i in pa i n i ng aroui
r. Wilson will ma
(i tte I
te his !
Home of the .use-, i observed Int
ih. loss of several thousand doth
Nobody's Letters sale,
"i know from sad personal ei
i mail was safe In Ihe
i ment. I w as slwayi
e w.-l ' SCOI es ol I hem
their destination. I
i extended reportSi all
certain Americans In-
iwing the trgth aboul
and of all.thosi I sent
only two ever reached
sent hack man
confidential to
tercsted in km
the rhilippines
I can I i ml that
iins country.
"1 wrote
j the island'
n ml
n the
ifficials iniiMt have
Interesting things
Hut I Was wai m 'I
ih.jul iheniselves.
. Ill
, ha'
mid i
e that
ihe pot
not I
me bitter
I When
Ihiuk of the
'f ll
upon life Itself
Penal Ook
"Then Hike
. pens I colony
an RxiHS'lment,
look ai the iwahlg
1'hls was a great hu-
manitartan experimenl
! On the distant island
I 'a la wan.
in the nallolial pi laotl at M
hag sened I third of their
and had good refolds were
this colony. Here there
guards, no soldiers, no nffl
taken Io
Acre no
o of fleers, save
splendid south
South Carolina,
the superintendent, I
ern gentleman from
was a 10 an officer
In ih'' Philip
mid three or foui
The government was m in.
of ihe colonists ih' m solve
made th'lr own rules and hal
own coprl, before whb h thel
all nffendera, ami themselvei
ei punishment. Here wai
freedom and abundant oppoi
t heir
i trie,)
I 'risoasn
Is ,, hi
vv en
allow, i
urlna tha
Whoh -ale .lull Deliveries,
"Hul the arrival of this new i
.hanged things abruptly. This,
ists heard everything was going
lo l"
lice now, and showed symptoms or,
unreal, The governor general prompt-l
Iv pardoned 100. those Ion havlng'l
friends "f political influence In Ma-'
nils The rest quite Work and stop
ped a" development, The superin
tendent leal all control and In dis
tress resigned. The governor general
heggid him I" wllhdniw the resigna
tion, promising no more would be
pardoned, o the superintendent call-!
gd ih loiilsls together, Hhoiii 1,200
i,t them, and told I horn no more'
would he pardoned) thai all must go
hack to work They sullenly Started
to carry out his orders, when a new
batch of f'ltv pardon- ai riv ed from
the hnds of Hie governor general.
in dee gall the superintendent resign
e, for good.
prisoner Torn BejiMMta,
"What happened lo Ih,- colony can
he left lo the imagination, The most
tragic feature occurred when a group
of colmiihis 'scaped, turned bandltaj
and descended Upon a l"iie American
school lea, her, who out there Hi the
wilderness was teaching the wild na
tive children a r-al, eelfsacr'f icing
hero. If there ever was one fell upon
him and literally cut him into liag
menta, With news of this fresh upon
his doMk, the governor general blithe
ly sent his cusloniory telegram lo
Washington, 'All Is peaceful, quiet
and well.'
Criminals r
"Manj Ffflplnoa
Island to escape
crimes and some
c Wi'lcomisl.
who had fie
makers who hud
long heen carry lag
trom th'- safety of
n seiiiiions worn
such place as Hongkong and thani
'tis, a a, i'Ulul",u,c i i ' i i - ", puuuim i-,,- ...,
b) R8 grime. to lei me pni thi
1 1 w .. 1 Th,. ureal ettttm ftHf offered i" ih.' been accustomed to
hes. as-1 preeWent at elssblutelj no eipense piece. I would fei
..or end I whatever, except thai sttwdnui . pun even if you dewl
this and with such
and im Ite me hoin
ring up
worst, V
a pardoi
Solo, n i iu 111 ' on
needed for a
When he had I'ommille.l an. I ..I
he had heell eollvlele.l in the
some wars before. Appurcn
governor-general g led him,
pardoned him ami wel ned
Manila. These men do nol
sent Ihe ri ll I KUMlUlo people
thej represenl the worsi
that people. The Filipino
a had element, the' same til
The governor gengrtil app
element In
people has
I ally other.
irently HH
i..Hlse th
vv i ri
VI- 1
on I
iii-A merican
of Xmci-iian
the arch em
SVe have alvva
i en
He I far
in lug
ol it v .
,1 I"
He was ma.l.
signed I
over lion
i 'In 1st I.I
i.v rnment of the wild!
i. si deli. ale .oh Iu Ihe
I.- i. egan i terfere
even touch he Igtl aj
w ild tribe at fairs. He,
; only an infinite Qogj
I In in Iser v a ml suffer-1
Philippines, I
lit mil e and at
lepl nils g)bt Ml
has nut Stat ted
win ever know
eath these
the hands
honest Iv
of tl
people must i
Is man. ho
.' il'iuill
i I.
tenor iu a m e. i
machinations ol
lite.., tint jUSt n
given up and h
years ,.g" 1 jon
wild trihes ami
istre nml Ins i
"its Ih
-.hi. Kill
111, in. led
i Amor-,
I ho
I'mii'd Stales.
Wild I'eopl
in Ocspali
"This summer
I found them
; vviiii i they
and apprehensive
manded to be fi
from wai
upon them. Tin ii official wh
on the)
knew and trusted wci. taken In, in
Ihem, killings again appeared and
Ilea, la Inul begun I" fall The sec(-
i.itv of ihe interim ami hi aafiltant
really tiled lo Check the evil B10V
m nts ana planned many good things
for Ihe wild folks, hill lo im- it was
plain that Illusive was too si long and
Willi a pliant governor general ihe
worst thi
soon he I
wild in
ion th
if 1 1
the '
is of non - Chrbt -
and lo some
e's vicious p"W
Had RffUlenl
are under
in having
"The Moms are fortUhal
a n exi eih iii gov ei nor, Mr.
He Is far and gWttj the hest in Ihe
Philippine service n, has heen there
ever sin.c the Spanish flag caine
down, and no on" knOWS Hie FlHplao
heller. As govern .r, he has very c'iIi-
sidernide power, mo. whenever he
has I ii allowed I" work on his own
judgment he has wor keel wiaeli ami i"
the very great advantage ol thi Mo
rns. Some really inspiring things have
In Sfl ac 0m PUShed tRI i (luring Hie
last two years. Hul, ulas. he has bti n
obliged I" yhdd i" Ih" p.dliiios in
many things- - son v ital, ami ever)
time with very seiioiis Inluiv Iq Hi,
Two yi'iii.1 ai, i I visited uil sevUOna
generous noogn
ii mi thai I have
pa let i suMmer
i eneb r about it.
d the money to
e I ll is mil thai
moment to ai cepi
se) people, hut l
omfortable if you
i in i , ntal thai i
ih, rummer time:
that I Was doing
s Contributed hy
KeHermarti Weil
Deeded i
and fiiiin III, 'H i
n II i
w ol Hied
w i iv kept from
archipelago only
pain could put
weii' Mohainine-
Into Ihe field. Th
dans. Ihe civ
Hans W llh oi
i Filipinos are Chrla
a i in v we disarmsd
ihein Willi our army
holding I hem while tin
is oeing lammed down
Ynu ivlio believe in V (
governi ,i pause here ii
TWO Knees ire
we are now
' Filipino rule
their Ihroals.
oisent of the
'Reports come from the govern
in in ih, Philippines thai the Mo
wel' '.me., Ihe l illplno I llle - Hi III"--
sks for ll.
I have
Tins is unqualified'
ii i visited i he Moroa
reived their expressions once
TTnv I , ggi tlx. as I bey dill
u s ggo, i if course, by propel Iv
g Hi,' matter the Moro iii time
osc his prejudl, es and Ihe two,
ii, l Filipino, i meftted
people. But II can never he
in. I .i method, when-
tin mi 1 1
VV "lllll
Itavaged hy
e is "ii, Ira
I hoi, la.
si fealurt
i 'om-
ev i l .
llluslre placed he,, llh an, I
lotion in Hi, Molo country under
ral yoiilhs, soim of them relative
lis, whom hi '"ui down from the
isti. iii provinces. These Inexeperl
,1 Incompetent, Impossible youths
In-1 g hai ' .oil, I he "pc, lei ihe
-I p. .-slide Having In mind the
u die like for Filipinos, having in
! dm
mind fierce, fjery gature, iihr really
trembles the audacity "t the move
But the Morn alone suffered Ckail-
ere a ,, n e.l II is mathematically
'.'Main that vvhal followed Is due lo
these youth i'h"lera swept Ihe Mum
counti . , Hi. misi rahle people dying
te f. 1 1 eil would lb) 111. thOUsanda, The lives of these
IpSOpb lest upoi) Ihe head "I llluslie
ii 1. 1 1 ii ei 1 1 and re and his fellow polltieos.
ding prin iptt lej (lews is Ccnsoeecl,
gov i m il. The j Tin goviTlimenl maintained n
million of Ihein, sit let censorshli over all Moid news,!
I and even Manila wus astoiimled w hen
11 returned from the More aonntry ami
told somethini of the cholera horror,
PracttCHlly no information respecting
it has reached Ameiica thi governor
i general sees to thai
Worst leaders Preferred,
Again 1(1 me slate thai the evils I
complain of do nol spring from the
gfeal mas- of the Filipino people
They stuliig from false pollelea, false
bft ' mi tttcompeteni of ihe high
American officials there and from
ihe gottvltles of a nelltieal cUque
which practically runs th govern
nu ni The great mass of Ihe FlllplnO
paaple an- a kindly, peace-loving. 1"V
abkt people and among th hest peo
ple In Hie world If nol led a si lay
Thi s,, pi opl. arc wot thy the hesl gov
eriin,' nt of which America is oApable,
..nil in.w (hey certainly have the
H "I -I.
upon ihein from I he shattered tler
man trenches the hand grenades n
pectall) wrought terrible havoc, some
Of them . lilting down -i Of eight Ines
The dead ami w . in, led soon lay like
a wall iiei.ire 1 1 1 flermati position
The second and third line of Bag
I tab suffered the saegt (ate II
was estimated thai the numbei of
British killed before this Qermaa di I
viMon alone reached H.Oftft to 10,048
llrsyei of t.ei man
Th,. fourth line ,,f gttejCkers, how
ever, liuaiix succeeded m overrunning
"ihe dec legated frtni line of Qermaaa
Who itOOg h Ihrll gnus (0 Ihe VOTJ
last; IssaM of them who hud SOI fallen
were untile prisoners Not on. "i them
returned to tell what happened in thai
ten if i. lighting up iin- neighborini
.from, too, the British tucceeded la
breaking the Qermaa first position.
an.l named here from .on (.. -'.mi"
yards of geotutd Al the second Qer
man position, where theli reeervei
Wei,- in waiting, ihe attack was com-
pletel) lieeked. The fighting lost
something of its fierceness as ihe fl
ein,,"ii waned: and Septeniliei J . end
ed with hand to hand encounters and
Hill grenade
lints ahoig the
adr an attack
'gained a part
attai ka in arlous
front. The flermam
dining Ihe nighl and
(he josl ground
I h
Hi ittsh renewi
ir attempts i
rman lines.
il th
w kill
in this vv at ll w as a I lung vv holly mi
expected; ami ihe stall officers look
e.i ..a with opea-mouthed wonder
Shortly before noon H was observed
thai the Hrillsh lllhklv massed and
hi echelon form it Ion of eight ranks.
wel.- advancing from Loos at tuck
us Their artillery was sending down
a hull "i shells io pea) oaaai a
for these storming masses. ,i ihe
sum,' lime the en, toy umunled arid -
lery, m broad dav iighi. rode up to
a position upon
hill Tn to Ho
I east
, than
: Mcup'
l oos Which is nothing
siighf elevi illon in th.
hardly noticed m riding across
ihe Meld The batteriea were carry
ing hrnlge material with them to en
able them to make crossings ovei
I trebchea and natural ohstruetlnne
Htlll lllnle- nil,' ol two uuilllllcd cav
ally 1'i'gl me lit h were observed mi tin
plain far to Ihe r, nr
' icigiu ranks ot infantry i mounted
, artillery,
- Hint was
' ll,. plan of
le ha, kgroiind
i veritable hat
ihe product of
past age
a mind in
its dotage
and a half cell
il Comma nderi
if dale ill our
inventions and
lesson taiighi hv
lives of soldlera
only to the inosl
lury hehin
tile time:
of armies gi i mil
limes as rapidly lis
si leliccs, whereas th.
Iilin war is that Hie
should be enti usied
1 modern, the most elastic,
highly en, lowed nun, Is th
and moat
very pick
of natton'l bSSl talent. The Fiik
h Ii should have sent Inn k then old
celebrities to take charge oi oom-
mi atlona,
Splendidly , with admlriihle i our
uge, the Bngllsh troop cams forward
to the attack, They were young
wore no decorations, they carried out
wiih hiind courage what their senik
c, ,, inn, uiviei s onieren null mis in a
period of mortars, inarhlne guns, and
ihe telephone Their behavior w is
splendid, imi ail the mors pitiable
was the breakdown of theli attack.
"The eight-rank columns, before
they had advanced ten puree, gol Into
our mixed lire of rifles, machine guns
and .ii ;.. v all at tin
lllll "f Hie
telephone, our
awaiting Ihe lgt
cellelley Was II"
I'lesh raaerve
only lo he mow,
fife from .mi ma
iish mounted am
nil; ll not only
i.ur machine gu
time our heavj
telephone) rake,
thoroughly thai i
have time to Hp
batteries were onlj
a i His Kngiish ex
prepared for thi
ere put into a. tlon,
down hy the cro
h In,- guns. The I'lng
U i v h ul a w i etched
ail into the rang ol
I, I in at th 'nine
mortar alb ,1 by
it so rapid I ami
ii men del mil eyeti
her llii'h guns. The
cavglry regiments waiting in the hack
ground for the
greeted with w
sabres from th
'iiiled the battl
down in from
in cuts
"Ac cnoriii Mi
hef, ire our Uci
losses for Ih,
to attack were
salvos of heat
ibbard, That
he attack led,,
r wire enlangle-
idles, The ei
W" (lavs hefor
i alone umuunl
fjrl i man
a low Mtlmate, lo .'" I men. '
lesson lhal K' I l i in, inn i hn k
be learned from the righting h
ihut "war Is nol u spoil m iin
of a dose n pi iv llegerl dilletantes
TOO I. VII IO ( l,ss v
Foil It K.ST f Hi light Ii" i.
keeping rooms, sleeping port hi
children. Iin Eusl Central, Pho
I S I 7,
FO K ha UK Dressing table, chnl
heds, refrigerator, Jjj ,u
pounds, ii to J
Kvcisior laundry.
Foil HAM-: Wanted parly will
IT,, film I,, 115,000 I" purchase Inter
est In one "f th hesl hardware firm
Iu the BOUthWegt. Addi ct', hoy (i P
Atbuquei que, New Mexli o
WANTBD Position aa hoiiaekeepe
hy middle-aged Woman, I'hoii
If Mi
WANTI.I' flood girl for
him , work, family of I xv.
mornings, li Sorth Twelftl
gem ral
WAh'TRII n gem i
woik. Phone 1J N'n I'.asi iliahd
, , ,,,,,.
i tttM (
(I Hal
c, pet
' K . .
4 .
Phone, I!
2l(i WES1
fcrtus Dry, Hoarse or
Painful Coughs
A Slmyle, n, i,.. i. H, ,.
I t III I,-I , , lllll I ,,. .,,l. ,1
The promt. t an. I positive results eiven
I by tins ahbtaal tasting. hiiw -atgyr
I cough tyrup fats caused it to he aged in
lajore homes tlum sin othci remedv, lu
Uivi'4 uliiioul instant reliel and will usual
Tj overooms tin- sverage cotigb S U
, bours,
tiet -'j ounces 1 inev i "al cents wort lit'
from urn ding store, poui it into a pint,
pottls and all Tine bottle with plain granu-
iiileil nil'. ii smiii. in.s iiuikes ii iiiii
..; I il.. , I. ...( ii
fti ve cough remedy at a cost of only M
j,.,,ilH or less. You ioiililn'1 litiv as inueh
lead made cough medicine lor
, ra-ilv prepared and never spoils, l ull
dlle, llulis vv llh I'm,
'I lie i intness, i.'it.untv and ease
'will, wlilrll this Pill,' Sv l-llli 11, IIIIIIMII
I. had couuh. chest or ihnisl cold is trulv
' i. .. , i . i . ..,ii i i-
remnrKsuie, n i tii ki. v
Hoarse nr tight teutri, ,,i, .,. ,i a,,
soothe a pa infill roitgli , Inn, v. M i
a persistent louse nun i stop
mat fnn ( phlegm in t' i I
rill. ,' lllli'H', O.I1S i II
liiney is n liiglilv saweeegMted " v
pniind of genuine Norway put, ....
rich in una nu "I and Is famous tin- world
...ei tin iu splendid died iii broucnltls,
wnooplng rough, hroncnlul ustliiun and
w intec eoiigha,
't'o avoid 1 1 iaanpnlntment in m.ikuiLr
Iliii. ask vniir ilriggat for "-tj ounces
"f Plnex," and don't, aeeepl sarthlBg
else. A guarant if shsnlute satitfae
lion, or monev proilintn iclun'ed. gis'a
with this peepgrglwn The Pirn Da.,
Ft. VI ayne, Imi.
i , ,
!oo much meat which
Kidneys, then the
Back hurts,
Most folks forget Hint the khlncv'-.
like Ihe hnwels, gel sluggish and (log
ged and need a Mustiitig oceasloiiallv.
jehM we have hai l(iu he ami dull mis
ery In the kidney region, severe head
inches, rheumatic tWlnfee, torpid liver,
'acid ttoraach, ileepleisinesa and IH
soris of bladder disurdei
Yon simply must keep your kidney
active ami clean, ind the moment you
leei an nche or pain in the kidney
region, get about four ounces of Jad
Salla from any good drug store here,
take i i iblt ! i I'd In a glass of water
hefor" hicakl.isl foi i few days and
your kidney will then gel fine. This
famous lull Is made 1 1 "in Hie acid ol
mi . imi lemon mice, combined with
hi hia, and Is harmless lo flush dogged
kidney ami tlinulat Ihem to normal
activity, i' also neut rallies the acids
i Jn the urine so it no longvir Irritates,
thus ending bladdei disorders.
Jad sails is harmleoa; inexpensive;
mil.es a delightful effei yesent 1 1 111.,
water drink which everybody should
tuk BOW and then to keep their klil
Iney clean, thus avoiding serious com
plications A well-known local druggist says he
If-cIIs; lots nt Jar) Sails to folks who he
lp v Iu overcoming kidney trouble
w bile it Is only Irouhlg.
Harness, saddles, Heine f lint-.. RooC
thos'. 'f.' keleher
Palate, oils. QJaan, MaHhoad Rgaf
lug nml ItiiililluK Pa gefl,
Big 6
res! .a 1
Will mil itrtstir. rfvW .unist.oo.
r.r, fZutZt'Z i n m Yi V". VeVilw ,
I'rFpired hy

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