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vol.. (MIX. N. 2.'.
Dully by Carrier or Mjk.ll. eo
Month. Hlnlo Cuplea,&a
Denver, Jan. 21. New Mexico:
Cloudy with local snow eust. portion
Tuesday night nr Wednesday; colder
eust portion.
1-ocAli Vt:atiii:r itM'OKT.
l''or twenty-four hours, ending at
C p. m. yesterday:
Maximum temperature, 01 degiv, -.;
minimum, 24 degrees; inline. .IV de
grees; temperature at 0 p. in., 4! de
grees; south, vest wind' cie.i".
Point to Promptness
Which Carranza Authorities
Visit Justice Upon Offend
ers South of Rio Grande,
Conflicting Stories Regarding
How Wound Was Inflicted
Upon Alejandro Soto Near
City of El Paso,
$.'3,27 i. ;.s.
t:i Paso. Tex.. Jan. 24. Gen. Gab
promise of agrarian reforms was u
prominent feature of the constitution
alists platform.
The embassy also was advised that
the National Railways had effected a
traffic agreement with lite Southern
Pacific, railway for diversion of
freight from Laredo and Fugle Pass
and for use of Soul hern Pacific roll
ing stock in the National lines.
Stute department advices today
from (iuanajuato announced that un
active campaign against bandits had
resulted in the capture of several
bandit leaders. This was the, first
indication received at the department
lor several weeks that the rebels
were (pirating in the state.
Legal Battle Over Technicali
ties Precipitated When Al
legations of Petition Are
Offered in Evidence,
Noted Murder Trial Continues
to Engage Attention of
Rhode Island Jury; Attor
neys Have Heated Discussion
Providence, K. I.. Jan. 24. The in-
Washington, Jan. 24. Granting In-
Washington, Jan. 24. Senator Nor-
I ris, of .Nebraska, republican, today!
'introduced a constitutional amend-:
Guvira, commandant of the I ar- ment to abolish the. electoral college, i trod net ion of the divorce petition of , dependence to the Philippine Islands
ranzu garrison at Juarez, prosenieu iu" jt proposes that voters cant tneir ; xrs. Elizabeth F. Mohr against her tin not less than two years and not
the American military authorities heru ballots as heretofore. The candidate 1 , . P k, , ,..,. i Imore than four year may be favored
Hitchcock and Clarke Confer
Witii President Regarding
Program for Granting Inde
pendence to Islanders,
Borah and Thomas Agree That
Best Thing for United States
Is to Get Rid of Asiatic
Possessions Quickly,
2i,ioM, fifteen thousand seven hun
dred and nlnet; $ io,oou-S 1 :,ooo, thlr-t-foiir
thousand one hundred and
lorly-oue; J5.0tni-$lu,ooo, one hun
dred and twenty. seven thousand four
bundled and forty-eight; $ t.Ot'0-lf.-OOii,
sixty-six thousand fiv,. hundred
and twenty-five; $3.ooo.$4,00,i, eighty,
two thousand H.'vcn hundred and fifty-four.
All Objections to Law Aie
Swept Aside and Way Is!
Opened for Raising Addi
tional Revenue,
Sixteenth Amendment to Con-j
stitution construed in Unan
imous Decision of Far
reaching Effect,
today a request that a United States receiving a majority In a state would
lie certified to congress to receive as
many votes as the state, has senators
and representatives. The house
soldier named .Harrison be punished
for hovlng fired on and wounded a
Mexican civilian late Saturday nfter
nnon. At the same time representa
tions to 55. L. Cobb, United States cus
toms collector here, were made that
American cattle thleve.H were stealing case of no majority the house would
cattle from Mexican owners south of elect a president from the three, can
die border. A demand wan made that diddles receiving tin: higher number
the thieves be apprehended and pun- of votes.
.Mexicans Ask Justice.
The Mexican authorities made a
point of this in view of the prompt
punishment they meted out to the Du
ran brothers. Mexican cattle thieve,
who were executed yesterday for the
murder of Hert Akers, an American
husband, Dr. C, Franklin Mohr, In
the trial of Mrs. Mohr and two ne
groes, Cecil Drown and Henry Spell-
man on charges of murdering the doc
would pass upon the returns and the. t,,r, precipitated a legal battle today.
candidate receiving a majority of tho
state votes would be elected. In
Jtcfor,. It was over, testimony Was
produced that there was nothing In
the records to Indicate that the di
vorce suit was down for u hearing in
September, 1915, although George
i Healis, the doctor's chauffeur, who
has turned state's evidence, had pre
viously testified that Mrs. Mohr had .trillion's nppnrt.
urged him and his alleged accomplices .Senator Hitch,
by the Wilson administration, Sena
tor I'lltohcock, chairman of the Philip
pine committee, discussed with I'resl-
Uient Wilson late today a provision to
thai effect which Senator Clarke of
Arkansas has introduced as an amend
ment to the pending Philippnc bill
After conferring with the president,
Senator Hitchcock, while be would not
say what the president had told him,
indicated that it was prol able the
ami ndment would have tin, ndmlnls-
oek went
Washington. Jan. 21. Adoption of
killed last Friday while seeking to the ncriai-cnmroiii a loipeuo niwiucu
recover stolen cows ironi a rancn m
the vicinity of San Lorenzo, a few
miles below the boundary.
Mexican authorities al Juarez said
they hoped prompt action would be
taken by the American authorities, as
there was apparent in Juarez a pro
nounced feeling resulting from the
shooting- of the civilian. Alejandro (
Soto, by tho United Slates soldier,'
Harrison, last Saturday.
How Nolo Was Wounded.
bv John Hays Hammond, Jr., was
urged today by Secretary Garrison,
Major General Scott and lirigudicr
General Weaver, at Jin executive ses
sion of the house fortifications sub
committee. .Mr. Hammond also was
present and explained the workings
According to the Mexicans, Soto was, H h T A IN IN U I I U rULLUVV
shot while aiding a carranza. sooner j
to water some horses in the Hio:
f...a.. -;,,-.,-A 1 ,-v luveyti-1
of the torpedo. The war department against her, and that th'Te bus been
estimates contain a proposed appro- hearing on an equity suit filed by
priatlon of $iH5,000 for putting tlie j Mih. Mohr to recover certain real es
torpedo into use. Male from Dr. Mohr.
matters could nave ueen
to tho
the night ofiwhito House at the request of Mr.
htHt chance" I Wilson to discuss features of the Phil-
before her suit came up for a hearing ipplne bill and the chances of ncc.ur
"the first of next month." nig Us passage In the near future.
This Information was given by Kd-1 The Clnrkc amendment would direct
war, C. Knot, assistant clerk of the ,. president'' to Invite the co-op, ra
superior court, who had handled the t,, (lf (n,, powers in a pledge to
papers. In answer to questions put ' maintain the sovereignty nf the is
to him by Attorney General Hlee, Mr. lands, and If such an agreement
Hoot said that the divorce petition of ,.oul,l not lie reached, would authorize
Mrs. Mohr had never b.'en heard, that li,lni , gunrnntec on behalf of the
there had been no final disposition 'f, United state. alone the Independence
Hie ,.'oniempi proceedings orougm.nf He is amis for a oerlod of lour
I "And these
! put down for a hearing at any time.
Ih.i , 1 1 Li'ii.te or tl. p., I tmUnil
PRESIDENT'S MEETINGS . ,.,,0,, motion.- the wit-
Collector Cobb reported to Washing
Ion today that the Carranza authori
ties were doing everything possible to;
aid Americans. He was advised this;
af;, -rroon that the Chihuahua state i
officials were shipping to the border j
$25,000 worth of silver bars belonging
to the Yoipuvo Mining company, an
American concern.
The bars had been seized and prep
arations were being made to mint
tin-in into money.
The bearing of Manuel Medinavi
etia, formerly Villa's chief of staff,
on his petition to re-enter the United
Slates after he had been deported,
was 'continued until tomorrow.
lion, however, Mr. Knot admitted that
there was nothing in the records to
; intimate that the divorce
down for it hearing in
1 9 1 "1
President Wilson on his trip through Petition Is Head,
the middle wcM to make speeches in j ,.s ji(ihr'i) p"tiliou w is read in as
answer lo the president m prepared- ( evidence bv the attorney general
ness. He said he would leave tor ,.arlier In tile da,v. In its amended
.Lincoln, Neb., February -'0, to attend fonn ),,. a;kcd for separate mainte
:a birthday dinner and would make a Maiio and charged the doctor with
ifew speeches on his way, but that the . wrolll? doing in his relation with other
trip would have no connection wit h ! Wonien and with the use of drugs,
(that of the president. j An effort was also made bv the til-
gation already mud by army olll
eers on this side is said to have shown
!..., u,... t...u ,,i A t-tii.ften i, torriiorv
(II. IV "IW ' i ,, ...! :. I ul.iluini.1lt . T
r...t1 mg he VrZtenUon of fldiowmg
to use his own rifle when Harrison
opened fire, shooting twelve times. A
doubt was expressed also that Soto
had been wounded. General i Gavira
said that Soto's wound was superficial.
Harrison is held in confinement.
Chituiizu Men Aid AiihtUhiis.
Miami, Fla., Jan. 34. William .T.
1 rs.
Senators IMmu Amciidiiiciit.
Senator Clai ke's amendment was
the fnbjeet of an imiiiiiitcd discussion
in the senate during Hie day. Sena
tors itorith, republican, and Thomas,
democrat, both expressed themselves
as believing the good of the United
States lay in cutting' off - from Hie
Philippines us soon as Misiri)de.
Senator Thomaa agreed Unit the' Is
Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. -1. Dele
Kates to the convention of the Culled
Mine Workers of America lodav lis
tened to an address by Flank P.
Wats-h, liii.limau of the new commit
tee on industrial relations, while he
coin!, iiiued the Itockefeller plan lor
deiilinu With the employes of Itie
Colorado Fuel and In n company,
heard V. 11. Manning, director of the
federal bureau pf mines tell of Ihe
progress untile toward making the
ioal mines of the ('ailed stales more
:nfe places to Work III, iind Ulliinl
numsly adopted a resolution declar
ing the i.nlon as oiiposeil to the ap
pointment of former President Tal't
as a member of Ihe supreme court of
the United Slates to succeed tic late
Justice Lamar.
The committee on grievances and
appeals also occupied sonic of tho
attention of the convention. Wlih Ihe
exception of one coming from Ihe Il
linois district, the grievances were, of
minor character. The Illinois case
concerned the publication of a report
exonerating Adolph (leiiucr of that
stale, of alleged official misconduct
in Col, rado. Pi.seusslon on tills mat-
lar MORNINO JOUDNAL MC,AL LIAltO IMI l,.f took iu two liourM time hllll was
AVashlngton, Jan. 24. -The Income, referred to the International evecu-
tax was declared constitutional today live hoard for action during the life
by the supremo court In a unanimous , f the convention.
oeclslon which swept aside every con-,
tendon against It and In the opinion of
oongres: lonal leaders opened the way
.for Increasing the rate on great for
tunes to help pay for national defense.
i Proposals are pending In congress
to tax Incomes of more than $l,oou,-
, 00 U as high us SO per cent. Leaders
on all sides agree that mil of tho im - !
petus which the decision today Willi
giv,. such proposals is likely to come I
;i definite movement to levy on the;
revenues from great private fortunes i
for some of the millions the govern
ment must raise to carry out the army
and navy in, Teases. j
! "The supreme eonrl's decision has
absolutely unfettered thn Income tax
us a source of revenue," said Itepro
scnlatlve Hull, of Tennessee, author
of Ihe law. "All doubt Is removed and
congress Is left much freer to uct. I ;
believe congress Will take advantage'
of ihe opportunity lo amend the law
materially. Without any unusual or
unjust changes it eau be made to yield
XI KS. 000. noil to $1:10,(10(1.000 a year as
agaiiiHt $SS,000,000 or f'JO.ouO.OOO nl
i present." !
! PrcpHi-iug Amendments.
Bernstorff Submits Another
Proposal to Lansing De
signed to Settle All Ques
tions Regarding Lusitania,
Believed in Official Circles
That Satisfactory - Conclu
sion of Eight Months'
Wrangle Is Now in Sight,
"iiriA iaamto rvni iioinu
amendments to carry the tax Incomes rMJU VVMNIO LAvjLUOIUIN
below $;i,ooit and make graded in
creases In the sur.tnxcH on Incomes
exceeding $2'), duo n year.
Ho, fur the problem of raising the
revenue foi nallolial defense, nHlui;gli
approached from many angles, has not
beiu carried toward any d, finite solu-
sult was , i. ,,i,.u .,.,. ,,i ,. ,.. ,. ,,ir.,r,iv. Hon. because with the constltiil ioital-
Septcmber, .,. ,.,, t. -1 d,, not hclleve lliat if the ity of the income lax undecided ud-
t'niteil Slates kenl Ihe Philinniiies for- minisl ration lenders were reluctant to
ever with the sole
inn them to t;ov,Tn
we would succeed," he added,
could, 1 do noi think then
: . , i . . . .1 . .. .. . . f il..
Mliesuou oi loo IM III,- Mil, II ; . ."irf., ,.,. ,,,,v .....l .. uU,.r.l
lay KoANisq journal arteiAL liaiid w,a
Wssliington, Jan. 24, Germany hns
submitted to the Unite,) states through
Ambassailor von Iternatorff another
The scale committee lo which has written proposal designed t bring
been referred nil the ileniands sug- about a settlement of the conlroVersy
gested by the local unions, will hold over the sinking of the steamship Lu
lls first session probably tomorrow sltania, with a os of more than 100
night. I American lives. There were Indlca-
' Jtlons tonight that the document might
Rllll n I M fl PHI I APQF ibring ton satisfactory ternilnntion ne-
UUILUIUU VjULLMI OL 1 not im ,,ns which have been In prog-
NOW MENACES YUMA oiu.,, m..ii,.
i Although tho greatest secrecy sur
i round the net ot billons, It was stated
i,i,.,N,M.imMLo..n11.,i lonlght mi excellent aiilhorlty that
i lima. Ariz., Jan. 24. The water Uermany finally lias agreed to fllml
had completely reeded today from n.,h. f.ln ,hl, lPXt ,)t ,ht, agreement
the business secllon of Yuma and the nny mention of Ihe morning Issued by
greatest menace now apparently Is t. (jerman cmba-sv the dav tho Lu
daiiger of collapse of several large htn silL.d m ,i-r last trip from
buildings. The Candair,, hotel has MeW York. Mention of tills warning
been condemned as unsafe, The )H understood to have been contained
foundations of several stores uppcor u,,. hist proposal which was re.
to le Reining. ;Jected after President Wllso had ciil-
The body of Mayor Charles I'. fldered II.
Moore, who died of heart failure dnr-j n K ftlso understood that Germany
lug Ihe exelleuient soon after the lev- , left out her proposed general res
och gave way, was taken to Klks hall, .ervnllou of ailmls.Mioii of wrong doing
It was viewed by hundreds of resi-jon the part of the submarine tnm
dents. Funeral arrangements will not 1 man, lor to which the L ulled States ob
oe completed until after the arrival of .Jecled.
relatives from other cities. j' Mention of the warning Is believed
l io nave i.etm mosi oiijeeuonaoio to
the udmlnliilratlon. . In effect ,lt as
retarded mi ronvevlnu the Idea that
HARFFIII I Y POrMinFRFfl no American lives would have been
1HnLr ULLT UUINIULnLU, hilll llm wlll.lltUK btM.n
Wauls rrtH'dom of Sens,
iar MONNiNa journal ac,AL LtAaco wiar, ,, , . , . , ,. ,
AVaM.niglon, .1,,,,. 24,-lf any of he!,, 1 J""!,, V""" U - '
,, ,,,, , 1 1 1 i. u. bnt In Us Idlest Communication Gor-
coiue to President. Wilson containing
oriental exclusion features, they will
be carefully considered by the stale j
depurtinent in the light of existing!
many makes some reference to it le
ire to see the Unltod States take no
tion hi regard to the questions mvolv-
,'oi.n i i ak a i e i :
Washington. Jan. 24. Oetermina
ln.ii to house his official family and
congress where they Will be free from
Hie influence of professional politi
cians ami eanitalisls both native and I
foreign, are unofficial reasons given !
bei-e for General Carranza's unwill-,
iiiKiiess to set up the capital of his de t
facto Din i.rnmi.H, I m med In t el V lit I iihcial dispatch to mohnino journal)
Mcxie,, city. It is believed he will j El Paso, Tex., Jan. 24. The trial of j
maintain the seat of government in aiElfego ISnca, the New Mexico attor-1
coiiiiiaratlvclv obscure town, until af- ney. for the murder of Celestino Uteroj
t,-r senators iinrf ileiinlies have been i in this city on January 31, 1!H
elect, d and have held their first ses-I called on for trial in the TI
siun. The oresldelitial election will
' torney general to introduce Ihe doc-
tor's cross petition. Hoth were offer
led, the provision states, to see what
I the mental attitude of Mrs. Mohr waa
i toward her husband after be had
I made certain allegations against her
j In his cross petition for divorce.
I i no hi giiiiicnis in.-ti eusiieu oeiween
; counsel were lengthy and heated.
I Mrs. Mohr's lawyer said she had
! nothing to fear from disclosing the
! contents of the divorce papers, but, ho
i objected to the statu asking a question
as to whether Dr. Mohr's cross bill
shows any time states at the date of
the marriage. Jle charged the prose
eutlng attorney with "attaching a sin
ister meaning ' to his question.
In Mrs. Mohr's petition she. says she
was married "on or about May 15,
Tl... a.m... fin,,,,.. A 1...H. .4....
. .,, . r 11.- nil I iiim.i.v i:ai tnui u IMKIl uuv
WlUOW Of ! "i11'"1" HM exhibits, leaving on record
i ,UUllmr... .,!., ( I,.
. . I i,,- Idl i II I'-'ll.T l,lllT n., till III MU
Dead Man lakes OtanCI. !'" reading of original petition by Hi
; attorney general.
' .
"If w
U any
Stales Involved. I, tie duly Is to let
them go Just as soon as possible for
the advantage and for the safely of
the United States."
Ing I he freedom of the sens.
pose of cducat-. pbic,. too much dependence on it. '" treaties and foreign relations. I T'm German ami iismulor and Sucre
themselves that "H decision the supreme court con- .,.,,, ,-, .. ,.,, tul'y Lansing probably will confer re-.
l l t- x lev ,1 in I W'' about the bills a. the Viatel r- . """'"'J T 'T 7,'
whli li the tax is levied, and gate ll ,,,,.,.., ,,,, ,,,,. ,..i . ,,ur,,il Ih ,;nl''. ,n"1 ,llp torpedoing of tho
the broadest interpretation ,-osslbie, I' f " ' , . ' . l.iisllunU was an uct of roprlttl foi-
rejecting suggestions to confine Its , ' ' V ,,!'V 'V.. V.r,.!.' ! Critlsh blockade of the German
i'piiiiK in ivirrnu' ' hit f ip k nil 'n,t i'mfoi u (.i n , . . i.vi
w as liiinoimced by Chief Justice White j " w,,lt t11'' president.
A Un ,r. i irt , ri i irt Mon Fnpnc ltil'l
niUuquuiLUU tviaii i uiio JI-,IJ'
in El Paso for Killing of(
Celestino Otero
" " i
district court here this morning. Spec-
not take place until alter election of a ; ial Judge Walter U. Howe presiding.
O'-w congress. liuca appeared in the court room with
Neither- ml. ui-iiB il a-imi'iil nor his attorneys. T. A. Falvey, Harris
'he Mexican embassv has received ! Walthal and K. 11. Klfers,
"infirinution of retiorts that Car ran
za will establish his capital at Do
lores Hildago and officials express
1"u't that, the little town of fi.OOO will
Hie place selected. At the en
bassxy it i thoiiL-ht orobable the gov-
i nment will renitiin at Oueretaro for ; selection of he Jury from the
tsoiiiu time. i venire of thirty, draw n Inst
Carranza has made no secret of his
antipathy towards Mexico City, hav
ing declared publicly that the resi
''Ols of the city should be punished
f"r failure to support the revolution
more earnesLlv. He and his adher-
lle wore
the coat in which he was clad at tno
time of the shooting, and which he
will doubtless introduce as evidence in
his behalf. It shows a bullet hole,
iinmediatelv across the stomach line.
linen took ii livelv Interest in
. - .. - . i v il hi nir i f Ml in il ri r i.
HI. 'I- " 'n
Wl,,.k '.(,,. contributing to politico!
luiui e.
jury was sworn in at tne anenio,,,,
session and four witnesses for the
state were put on the stand.
The principal witness for the pros
ecution this afternoon was Mrs. Otero,
the wife of the murdered man. Sh"
''its regard the capital as the home of ; was on the stand w hen the session
"Plenrm , i ....u ,h iwiliiicnl I .,,! ii.e ,-n...l ibis evening. Her testl-
'iii'ossphere there to,, reactionary for
reorganization of the government.
Further stens toward rehabilitation
nr announced In dispatches to tho'
J,,'xi,-,ni embassy Loday telling of the.
establishment n( nn agrarian com-
"minion ti effect restriction or com
munal lands to municipalities, to
"tody the tux law .with a view to
formulating, a taxation system com
eellinj owners i f large estates to cul
tivate their land or sell them. A
. , ,k .. ..ri..-.
inonv, so far as miroou, -u
noon", was to the effect that Haca de
liberately killed her husband. Only
thn iireliminaries were brought out
tar mornino journal rrbcial LtAtiao wiaa '
Sulphur Springs, Tex., Jan. 24. An
agreement was entered In district
court here today in the brewery oust
er suits brought by Attorney General
j Looney by which all the seven de
fendants, nave the Dallas Hruwimf
j company, pleaded guilty, agreed to
I pay penalties aggregating $270,000
, pay expenses and court costs and ulso
to forfeit their c harters and aceept
tun in.tuni-i.iuii restraining iiieiu iroui
iviuiaiing me siaie unii-irusi laws aou
funds in the near
Tiie state unnounced willingness to
accept tho agreement but declared
trial must go on and that tho luiRO
mass of evidence gathered must be
The Dallas company will carry its
ease, to the United Stales supreme
court if necessary.
and was unanimous. It wus rendered
in the appeal of Frank It. Ilriishaber
from the action of the New York fed-'
u-nl court in refusing to unjoin the
.Southern Pacific, of which I'.riiHhaber
was a slot Kholiier, from paymg tne
tav. The case raised substantially
very point involved in all the five
income lux cases before the court,
l with the exception of the effect of tho
prevision allowing mining corpora
tions to make, a five point deduction
annually from gross Income for fleple.
tion of mines. This provision is re
garded as being an amendment io the
old corporation tux rather than u
feature of the Income tax.
New Ijiw Construed,
The basic error of those who at
tacked the iHlltulionality of the tax
Chief Justice While held, Was in re
garding tin; sixteenth amendment as
empowering the Culled States to levy
n direct tax without apportionment
among the slates, according to popu
lation. In substance tho court held
ilvtt the sixteenth amendment had not
j empowered the federal government to
tav hornino journal anciAL LiAaao wiRti jlevy a, new tax but that "the whole
Chicago, Jan. 24. "Preliminary j purpose of the. amendment wus to re-
plans for the republican national con-'licvtt all income taxes from a eonsld
vention to be held in Chicago at the I eriillon of the source w hence tho In-
Collseum June 7 were approved today i com, , was derived."
Hilles Declares There Is No
, body at Present Who Has
Better Chance for Nomina
tion Than Anybody Else,
Delegates to Big
in El Paso All Prime-
Should Be Done Across Riv
24. A
mishap df-
...., it.. i .ri.n-'aerlb.d as slight engine trouble has o-
utis an-, oo, 'V, leurred to the Allan line Me.
i-rallv well known to those who fol-
Poinerian on her
voyage HerusH the
was -Atlantic from Queenstown and she is
returning to mat port, according to
an announcement made toduy by offi
cials of the Canadian Pacific railroad.
which controls the Allan line.
lowed th,. trial of the conspiracy cuse
I .ii Sinil,, Ke a few weeks ago. It
to the effect that General Salazar had
been secreted at Otero's home at Al
buquerque, and that Manuel Vigil and
Ilaca were to pay him for his serv-
i :.. .1, ,,... t,f ihe Vfevlenn nf-
i,v in m.v , l,, u,i, I,..!, i..u
Ificer. Til- money was slow in com- " - ''" '"
liiir-i. . . ... ., ,. flnl; was last t-eiwirteil n liiix lniy l..fi
ing she said, and ne niui niuue "- --. - -
,ut.. ,, arties. lie was told Holt la nd. Me., for Glasgow on Janu-
'... l-i i-s,. unit the matter would I "''y '2- h- probably
H" -- ". , . . I IXltM i
huMnke,, , are or. J Ills ne uiu. u,,,i
SK.WTI". ion the day of the killing lie was d'-
'"rigadier Generals Crozier and Ma- ' lil.erately inveigled to the place of the
fn'l) discussed urmv reorgunizatlon shooting and put out of the way.
hH,r mlliian- affair's committee. , Just how far the present witness
lii,nrneil ni 4-4X n m. to noon, i will be allowed to testify is not cer-
The Day in Congress
was nol far out
from oui-enstown on her return voy
age when the accident happened. She
has been in use as a Canadian trans
port ship and a carrier of munitions.
! tain. The defense
j statement made.
is fighting every
,;"iiii,)(.d debate on Shuck leford
--.'' ii gl 0d roads bill.
x'i'ilarA and naval affairs coii.mil
"'' eoiulnurd hearings on the nn
I!"0hI jfenfiP.
A(JJfl,iirned t 5:15 p. m. to noon,
Wauls National IhleiiM- Oum il.
Washington. Jan. 24. A council of
national defense, composed "f con
gressmen a nd others to establish a
definite pennant nt policy, was pro
posed in a bill t,b,v by Representa
tive ltrill. n, republican of Illinois.
Who Warns to I" Mexico?
Galveston. Tt-x.. Jan. 24. The Mex
bun consulate here was notified to
day that General Carranza had pro
mulgated a decree which would re
quire all persons entering Mexico to
have at least $".0 in their posst ssion.
This will apply to all toreixners en
tering the country by boat or along
Ihe American border, says (he dispatch.
ty members ot Ihe sub-coilimltlee on
arrangements of the national commit
tee after a series of conferences with
Kred W. Uphiim, chairman of Ihe lo
cal committee.
Under the sealing plans prepared by
Julius Kioto, an architect, seats for
11,595 will be provided In the conven
tion hall. Seven hundred more seals
than were available four years ago
will be provided by the erection of a
mey-zanine floor.
Republican national leaders who at
tended tho meeting expressed thoi
opinion that the convention would be
open-minded and deliberative in the
matter of naming a candidate for
president. They indicated that they
would favor any a valla hie com
promise candidate excepting Colonel
Roosevelt, and said they believed the
delegates would be able to select a
leader who would be satisfactory to
every rlemeiil of the party.
Nominee liiceetuiu.
Charles D. 1 1 1 !b-s, chalini.'in of tiif
republican national committee, ex
pressed the sentiment of the party
lenders wlx-n be said nobody kn,-wi
who would be nominated but thi.t the
cu.-oidti.. v'i old be "born in tile cel.
veniiio, "
At noon tin- cotiiiviiltee was enter-1
(allied by (lie Hamilton club tit u
luncheon at which Chairman Hilles
delivered an address In which h iril
i' ized the administration of Presidenl I
V ilsuii, and outlined features and b
sues of the republican national cam
linigii and predicted victory for tie
Party next November.
Those opposing the tax had urged
that the sixteenth amendment provid
ed thai Income "from whatever souri.'o
derived," should be (axed without re
gard to apportionment among the
MuttM. They argued that the Cnder-wood-SlmmoiiH
income tax provision
bv reason of exemptions of certain In
comes from taxation had not come 1 induce the g
within the meaning of the amend- ! piesent. utlili
Kl 1'uso, Tex., Jail. M. That the
Mexican question is likely to occupy
a conMiI'Mviblo Minic of ih
of Un, American National
convention which opens lure tomor
row, was Indicated loday when the
executive adjourned after a session
behind closed doors. Information in
Ihe hands of ihe livestock men con
cerning c lit lens in northern Mex
ico It was Mild M lo be transmitted
lo Washington for um- In an effort to
iiiiuenl lo change its
P Ward the tin bill, -nt
coast. Kxtreme regret again Is ex
pressed that Americans lost their liven
ilu the commission of the reprisal and
I Germany freely offers reparation ill
, the form of Indemnity.
The attention of the United States Is
called to the fact that such forms of
reprisals have been discontinued ash
the rcNull of negotiations with this
government and to the fuel that broad
assiirance-H for Ihe future have been
I given. All discussions considered tni
peifliious have been Mrlcken from thu
Consideration of public opinion in
tills country and in Germany wr
said to have played an Important part
In Hie drafting of thn document.
Tin, German government Is under-
p , , -Moon io lie most anxious in seme uw
v.0nV0,l'!0ll inultor In a manner mutually sutlsfuc-
rr v lory, it is sum. now ever, mat mo
1 0 1 i proposal now before the nilmliiistra-
AI-w-uit M I Hon is considered to be final. Ger
HLHJUl VV 'l C- I many Is said to hold that she lias gone
r'as fur iu site possibly nn honorably
I 'to meet the views of the United
i The negotiations are t rented as
highly confidential in official and dip
lomatic circles. Fur Unit reason It
has not I ecu disclosed Just how fur
attention Jim new proposal would go toward
livestock finally settling the controversy, An
plliulsltlc feeling seems lo prevail.
ment. rcpuniie.
Chief Justice White said the power j President Dwic.bl P. II, -aril, presiil
of the federal government to levy uilj'il ' H'' cNcciitne commute,' meet
Income tax had never been questioned. M"K on, I made ,, brief report of Ihe
( io i.l iotr nt lenulb fiiiin (be f:,i,,iiu in. work, of Hie year. Korty-two ineill-
leome tax decisions of IS05 be (pjclared ' rs of the eoiuuilltee were present,
iihe court then recognized the fact that ! Commlllce .Meetings,
r tuxallon on income was In the nature I Dol ing Ihe afternoon there Were
I of all excise entitled to be enforced as , '" etings of Hi
ir-.iuii unless and until It wus concluded !' ing logethei
i thai to enforce il would amount t
IwccoiiipllHlilna the result which t h 1
. 1 1 1 1 ii -, , , i 1 1 1 us to apportionment of ,11-1
I rect laxnlloii was adopted to prevent, j
I in which ens,, the duly would arise to I
'disregard the form and consider the,
I Mibstamv alone and h nee subject III,'!
W ashington, Jan. " I liailrund reg
ulation rather . than government
ownership was , iuinipioneil in ihe sen
ate today by Senator Newiands", demo
crat, in a speech urging adoption of
bis resolution lo eieate a congresslon-
jal etiininlltee to Investigate tile wholo
I subject of I raiiHpoiiutlon legislation
!!,,.- President Wilson suggested In his;
iiiddress to congress.
commute,', on mar- ' Under raihoad regulation," he t'jld
llh similar commit-j t he senate, "we have secured a most
lees appointed bv the 1 exas (.utile perfect railroad system with moro
Kaisers' association, the Nat lomi I ! i-, nsona 1,1,. rates of freight and fa.r,
Wo, 1 Growers' ii.SHoei.itlon to consider j t ban prevail elsewhere In the world,
plans for securing more empiiitlon a.tj while there are Mill Imperfeellons to
-various public .nark, -Is. be remedied, il is evident that govrrn-
President lb aid tolgbt aiiiiou need i ment ownership elsewhere has not
lb,- appointment of lite following cx-jcvolvd a t-vstcm at all cnmiiarable to
tax to the regulation us to apportion-! cent l coioioitt'-e; jours."
ment which otherwise us till excise' Join, P. Ki ndrick of Wyoming, j He opposed an amendment by Sen
woiild not apply to it." chairman . 11. A. .bistro of Ca llfornia, ; - t - poi ah, republii-iin, to imiude ov-
I n, tune Tax Ntathllos. i Kred T. Colter of Arizona. Victor Cul- 'eminent ownership In the invtsttga-
According to last year's relui n lln-re . bery, n of New Mexico, Isaac liaer of.ti,,,,.
were .'!.",7,r, 15 incomes sublet to th,. , Colorado. N. K. Parsns of t'lih. M.I Action on Ihe lesoliil lul, WHS le
f mi ral Income tax. They were divjd-! '. Campbell of Kansas. C. Itrlle ; fcrred on insistence of Senator Xor
cd as follows: j ,u' Texas. W. S. .M'-l'i ea ot Idaho, Dr. h is. republican.
$l,(iofi,(ino or more, sixlv: J.'tOO.OOU- M. Wil-.,m "I W yoming. 1 1. M. , . ..
$1,000,000, one luindrcil ami fourteen ;: I'himux-r or , n-egoii, I , l .ii.it ,.r .
! liio.ooo- iiOO.ooo, sixty nine: $:iOO,- J Michigan. It. I'. Her f Montana, ,
miiiO-J loll (Hill. mi.. Iiiiniln.ii ini.i fi.i-n- t M. Newman of iex.ts, ! 1,
Would Tav High rvpi,.,l.v.
Washington, Jan. 24- -Scliutoi l.ob
inson of Arkmisas today, introduced a
bill proposing a tax of two e,nt ,
proiind on all high explosives manu
factured In the Cniled S'lates ai d ,
tax of ten per cent ad valorem on all
implements of war, ranging from bay
onets to battleship, It would not
apply to materials for the Unil-jl
seven; J.",o,0i,0-nuii,iMi0, one hundred
land thirty: f joO.uoo-iZ.'Ai.Oiio, two
bun died and tbirly-three; $lf,o.ono
iSL'OO.ooo, four hundred und six; $100.
ooo. $150. noo, one thousand one huu-
t drd and eighty-nine;
i Olio, one thousand five
of Ni
soul i
br.-oli.i, W. I ,l.,li um, n of
liihl Labor Pill Alia, kcl.
Washington, Jan. ;(.- A minority
$75,000-1 loo,-j report on ihe Keating a ntl-chlld labor
hundred und 'bill, attacking i'ic iiee-oie as iineei.-
; $:,il.0oo-$7,1,000, three thousand Istitut iona I, was in.,,'
hundred ami sixty; lo,0f,o-$'i0.- ! house, .v majority
ihe e
000. lliri thousands one hundred and
einluy-fue; $:,,,000-$(0,(i0a. six thou
sand wild eight; $2."i,000.$30,0U0. five
thousand four hundred and eighty
three: :'((, 000-$:,, 000, eight thousand
six hundred ami seventy-two; $15,ouO.
approves lb," bill.
Supreme Court 'lake- lUtesi.
Washington, Jan. 2 4. The supreme
court today announced u recess from
January 31 to February 21.
Wmdiluu-lon, Jan. 24. The old
nival ,-olller .liolin. at Mure Island
navy yard, was sold today to John
llothschild of Sun Francisco for $2'-',.-2o0.
more thin $l."i,i,U"0 over what
the navy estimated she was worth.
The bid was taken to reflect the
shortage of ocean-going tonnage.
.1. G Hilt ner, of Philadelphia, bid
$i:,.2S7 for the old frigate Franklin
used as a receiving ship until shJ
sunk in the Norfolk navy yurd.

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