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Dully hy Carrier or Mall, 0O
Month. single cnie Hn
VOL. (At 1-
'notguilty; is
Slayer of Celestino Otero Ac
quitted in El Paso Court;
Plea of Self-defense Is
Sustained on Hearing,
Much of Evidence Introduced
in Conspiracy Case at San
ta Fe Recently Is Reproduc
ed at Later Trial,
El Vasci, Tex., Jil11' 25. -ElfeRO na
ca former district attorney of So
corro county. New Mexico, was ac
quitted by a Jury hero tonight, on a
charge of having murdered Oelestlno
ntero, in El Paso, January 31, 191 j.
Much claimed scir-defense.
Otero was killod In front of a sa
loon nt the corner of Seventh and
Santa Fe streets in thin city, after
keeping " appointment -previously
made with Baca, Haca went to the.
place of meeting in an automobile
driven by Dr. Kotnrrn, and immedi
ately after alighting from the car the
difficulty which resulted in the death
of otero began.
Haca was attorney for Jose Ynez
Sala.ar, the Mexican general, recently
acquitted on a charge of perjury in
connection with a ha boas corpus pro
ceeding resulting from Salazar's cross
inn Into the United States.
Haca, with several otner promt.
AVK.Tlli:it l'ORECAKT.
Denver, Jan. 2!i. New Mexico:
Wednesday and Thursday, occasional
snow north, and rain south portions.
For twenty-four hours, ending
6 p. ni. yesterday:
Maximum temperature, Ul decrees
minimum, 24 degrees; range, 3T de
green; temperature at fi p. ni,, 4'! de
grees; youth A'cst wind; clear.
on lying some ten or twelve feet from
him after he fell. Haca was stand
ing beside the automobile, and my
recollection is that both Dr. Romero
and Mr. Raca got out of the car and
stood on the ground.
Eye-witness Testifies.
Jesus Frias heard the shots, but did
not know who fired the. first one.
He heard three or four shots, but
could not tell who did the shooting.
He saw otero fall and "the. men" get
into the car and drive away.
Th testimony cf V. D. White was
read to the Jury, it being the same as
was given by the witness at the ha
beas corpus proceedings just after the
arrest of the defendant. It was to the
effect that he saw an automobile drive
up and turn around near the Santa
Fe Fuel company's plant and a man
going in the same direction; he later
saw a man .lump into the machine and
drive off. Ito went to where Olero
was lying, and he saw a pistol on the
ground, near where tho car had been
standing. A knife, closed, was in
Otero's hand.
J. 15. McFaddcn's testimony was
also read, he having been a witness
'nt the habeas corpus hearing. Ho
thought three shots were fired, pos
sibly four. ,He did not see a pistol
incur Otero, to whose body he went iif
Iter the shooting, but saw what ho
took to be tho handle of a knife in
the dead man's hand.
Dr. Romero testified he took liaca
to the saloon designated by otero in
his car, but not finding (Mern there,1
they started toward the city, when,
'close to the Santa Fe tracks, he saw
Otero approaching them. Ho stopped
000 IN
Carranza Officials Admit Prob
ability of Whereabouts of
Bandit Chief but Deny
Stiength of His Following,
Bars of Silver and Gold Valued
at $25,000, Taken From
Train in 1913, Turned Back
to Officials of Mine,
El Paso, Tex., Jan. SR. Francisco
Villa with a force estimated at 1,0(10
men, was located today by advices
from the south, in Hanta Clara can
yon, on tho Santa Clara ranch of the
Tcrrazas family, about forty-five miles
wet of Chihuahua City. Carranza of
ficials, while admitting the probabil
ity of Villa being at Hanta Clara, as
serted he could not have more than a
few hundred men.
Twenty-five bars of silver and gold
bullion valued at approximately $2.'.,
(luo, stolen by Villa April 9, 1913, at
Santa Ysabel, the scene of the recent
massacre of foreigners, were returned
San Francisco, J.ui. 2". Thousands
of tierman and Austrian prisoners of
war In Russian concentration camps
In Siberia wero described "us starving
and dying from exposure hi thy hitter
cold of the Siberian winter," by F. V.
Wakefield, a San Knrnclsco business
man who nrrlvd today from the
orient on the 'steamer Sliluyo Marti,
lie traveled through Siberia after his
marriage In Honolulu, T. II., last sum
mer to the furirir'r Mrs. John D,
Sprecklcs, Jr., f San Francisco.
"When 1 was in Tchita, Siberia."
said Mr, Wakefield, "last November,
300 prisoners In a tamp there already
had died front exposure and want of
sufficient nourishment. Their condi
tion was pitiable ami the Russian gov
ernment, I warf told, could do nothing.
"There were about JtX.ono prisoners
there, shambling about with their
Oermun and Austrian uniforms in tat
ters. Some shielded themselves with
aulir.;il skins. In all of Siberia there
were hundreds of thousands of pris
oners. They in list be given aid or
thousands will die."
... ..!.. f.... , W'.r..
out of the car and asked (dero what ' by Carranza officials to Charles
he wanted, and immediately requested
otero to tell him what he had in his
right hand pocket. Otero took sev
eral steps backward, cursing Haca.
r- . II. ..1 r'.vri 111.. twit.llMl
o ' en t ,e hen' drew' a shipment of 123 bars taken from
J v. ... ,-...... ....!.. I,,.,. i n,i train by Villa. Ninety-two bars were
s 'm-n, s o, " but Zol dlve'rcd recovered from Villa personally short
.u.. i.. .11... ttnuunil t lirnnirli Vi I tt 'y
(Jualey, representative of the ltatopl
las Mining company and the Yoqnivo
Development company of the Minaca
district, in western Chihuahua.
Tho bullion recovered was part of
Kollloii round hi ( lilhiiahna.
nent men of New Mexico, waa acquit-
tert several weeks ago at Santa Fe, '" ' ., "."J- v., lv after they had been taken, but
N. M., on a charge of having aided ' ,7 , Villa Insisted the remaining thlrty-one
Salaz.tr in his escape from Jail at A : p ' , bars had been buried and their loca-
biiquerque, where he was , new pena- j a(.ro...llntr ,0 nomero's testimony. JJuca,"0" l,,Nt
ing trial on the perjury enarge. . !..,..,, hls w,,,(I,on in hl8 m.k,.t and
Mrs. Oteros I'.vineiKi jthey came to town, where liaca noti-j The officials or the government
The prosecution closed its case in fud "th police of what had happened : found the twenly-fiVe bars stored in
chief this morning. Mrs. Otero hadjand glive himself up. jchihuahuu City by Miss Marie Corral,
testified that she. and her husband i ,snw hu-ji In Saloon. 'sister-in-law of General Villa. They
had come to El Paso to collect money ' Trinidad Znmora, a porter in the were brought to Juarez by Enrique
from Klfego Haca due her husband j 8Uloon where Haca was to meet Otero tor, tie, recently and their owners uo
that they had lived In and near Al- ; ftt tm latter's request according to the tified. On identification the bars
liuquerque for several years; that she j HRtetnent o the defense, testified that were turned over and shipped to this
knew liaca by sight snd. that sh, had p f,ad seen lwth ' ImIk-x ami 0,en city today.
semi him and her husband In con- i B. ihe knloon on various occasions and r B.V an agreement between (leneral
versatlon on a number of times. She 1 hud seen Haca there the day prior tu Pershing, commanding the Eighth
was with her husband when Manuel tne killing. On the day ot the shoot- iTnlted Slates infantry brigade at Fort
Vigil gave Otero $40 U, go to El Paso . jnK( V!1H in jh,. vicinity of the p.liss. and (ion. ( iabriel (lavira, com
and meet liaca; she knew General , saloon and on his way toward the cily. mandatit at Juarez, all guards at both
Salazar and was living on the Vigil saW the automobile containing ends of the international bridges were
ranch when he was hiding there after Baca and Dr. Homero come up to the removed today as the result of the
his escape from the Albuquerque jail, tracks, which were some distance pasf shooting of u Mexican by an American
All testimony in reference to Salazar th,. saloon. The cur started to turn ju-ovost guard recently,
was objected to and the objections nnd retrace its route when he saw The customs officials at the interna
Were sustained by the court. ia man who was approaching the ma- tjonal bridges bite today requested
The testimony of several witnesses , ,.nine hold up his hand. The car tnjl American guards be restored
for the prosecution was to the effect st,ped. The man was otero. Two tf ,M iridg,..M. (General 1'ershing look
that they heard shots, some one, olh-;lir three shots were fired and the ma- (noil. request und. r consideration,
ers as high as three or four. One ,-hlne moved away. lie did not go. jIaiu,el M. Medinavietia, formerly
claims to have seen Haca throw a t0 th,, scene of the shooting'. 'chief of staff of General Villa's army,
pistol in the direction of the body of j Manuel V. Vigil is present as a wit- officially admitted to the United
the man on the ground; diners su ; ness for the defense aim juoges r. v.
near the body what seemed to he a j pm ker and E. 1.2. Medl'T and W. II. II.
knife: none seemed to know who fired Uewellvu are here as character wit
nesses for the defendant.
The jurors trying the case are:
William Meisel, T. M. White, S. V.
Ueum, R. V. Klerner, William Alberta.
T ,11.:'....., A 11.,,,.. I'.wLtj.I! If. Vnn-
J. J. K llll'l'n, .-iiiM-i t - ...... v ... ,
drtiKcen. C. N. Hassett, M. H. Lenieu,!
Samuel Hill and Colonel Lewis.
CoinMocK, X.i V Jan. 2!. Joseph
Cnssldy, formerly prominent in New
York City politics, who was convicted
of bartering for the nomination of ex
Congressman WJIllum Willed us a su
preme court Justice, wait released from
Great Meadow prison by the parole
board today and left on a noon train
for New York. Willeil s case was con
sidered but final action was deferred.
Majority Leaders in Both
House and Senate Urged to
Speed Up Machine and Get
Action on Pending Bills.
Chief Executive to Speak in
New Yoik Tomorrow and
Then Start on First of Trips
to Explain Defense Program
Resolution Condemning Ad
ministration's Course in
Regard to Mexico Almost
Sure to Bring on Hot Fight,
4 $$$4.44j$4 ?
... , .
any of the shots. Luz Alvarez testi
fied that as she was coming from her
work she saw a tpan killed. "1 heard
the first shot," she said, "but. I do not
know who did the shooting. I heard
three shots. 1 never saw Raca until
lie stood up In court here."
licked I'D Pistol.
Jim Briggs testified that He picked
up a pistol close to the boay of me i
(lead man, Otero. He phoned the po- I
lire alter putting the weapon in his
pocket. Later he took it out and it
discharged while In hts 'hand. It
Was the seventh cartridge that dis
charged nnd there were six others in
the magazine. While he did not see
who fired the shot jie heard, he saw
a smoking pistol in linen's hand.
Ira K. Taylor, a Santa Fe conduc
tor, who was on a switch engine' in
the vicinity of the tragedy, sold he
saw Mr, Riiea, standing near an au
tomobile nnd he saw him throw a
pistol away, get into the ear nnd go
up the slreet. The witness phoned
tlie police and then went over to
where the man was lying. He did
not see a pistol. He saw blood on
(Hero but had no idea of how many
shots were fired, or how many times
the man was hil.
I!. A. McCoy, a switchman, testified:
"What attracted niy attention was the
automobile coming from the south. I
heard some shots and immediately
turned my head, but I do not know
who fired the shots, although T un
derstand Mr. Haca fired some of them.
1 know there were two men in the
ear which turned right on the Santa
Fe track, but cannot tell whether or
not there were any more. 1 did not
see Otero shot. I saw him right after.
He was staggering, kinda falling. I
saw his hands, and he did not have a
pistol that I saw. There was a weap-'
States today liy a special board of in
quiry of the immigration authorities
here after three days' hearing in con
nection with his alleged responsibility
for the killing of Peter Kcane, an em
ploye of the Hearst ranch' al Rabri
cora, western Chihuahua.
iimn mil i I mur !
wnn w rHvr
III B 1 ""
El Paso, Tex., Jan. 2f. Tnree Am
ericans who arrived here today from
Chihuahua, City confirmed previous
reports of the murder by Villa ban
dits of five Americans between De
cember 22 and January 9 last. These
were given as Henry Aeklin, a ranch
er, living south of Minaca, his son-in-law,
Walklo Maibtim, Tom John
son, a ranch hand; Peter Keane,
bookkeeper for the Pabricora ranch
of William Randolph Hearst, and
Bart Kramer, son of David Kramer,
one of tho iVmericaus driven out of
western Chihuahua by Villa, la.st De-
. rr,... ..l.l. n T- f i it i t u'lie
I I I'lllUn. 2111. -i,,, I .....,
, ., , A r D I wounded and latest reports from
MlSSOUt'l Senator raVOI'S hCa-; Mexico stated that. two surviving
. . n i i i soiia, John and Roy, had gone into
SOnabm riepareClneSS DUl.tho mountains near Madera to bring
rs m j. Tl 1 I Tl lelt"''ir father out of his hiding place.
DriPS NOT I h IllK ilCre IS Whether they had returned to Cusl-
huiriaemo Willi men- ratner in saieiy
' El Paso, Tex., Jan, 2!. Late
fc tonight the .executive commit lee
of the American National Live-
slock associaCon approved the
se resolution .'V.4"tVjiiding a change
in the Hilmii.isii ation policy In -
Mexico. Tlie resolution sets forth
that for five years Ameiuans in
Mexico have been held for ran-
"' wini and olherwise foully dealt
wilh nnd ileinands lhal northern
Mexico be at once patrolled by
I'nited States forces in order that
lives and property of Americana
s may be protected uml that such
patrol be maintained until peace '
' is resti reil.
The resolution especially dis-
i- claims any demand for pulled
States intervention, f
? A committee of three wash up
i1 pointed to go to Washington and
x furnish full Information concern-
lug conditions In Mexico, tile '
-V statement being made that neilh-
er the president nor the senate
' committee on foreign affairs has
? been fully informed on the sub-
ject. nor tho conditions on the
border e
IBr MonMisa journal bmcial liabio wibb j
El Paso. Tex., Jan. 25. The close of
Washington, Jan. AK'ltalion for
greater congressional activity on tho
administration legislative program re
ceived pew impotus today when Pres
ident W ilson asked Majority Leader
hVb'liin to "speed up" work In the
i house sld of the enpitol und uiadil
j arrangements for discussing the sub
I Ject w ith other leaders of both houses
.tomorrow. Tile president Is anxious
that congress finish Its work and ud-
Join n In June before the presidential
i conventions.
Representative Kltchln gave assur
ances thai there was no disposition on
the part of the house to delay legisla
tion pointing out that within the next
few weeks action would be taken on
several Important appropriation and
! other bills. 'I'he president has been
told, however, that there Is danger
of long delays In the senate In de
bates over national shipping, tariff
and revenue bills.
Features of 1 "nigra m.
i The outstanding features of the leg
islative program for the next few
months, ns Mr, Kitehin foresees them,
i a re :
I A tariff commission hill will b, re
ported by the ways and means com
mittee, j No revenue measure is likely to be
reported until after the military and
naval committees bring in their bills.
! 'Ibis may be weeks or months.
No new waterways, projects, am
,110 new public building bills will be
i An iintl-dumplng clause for the tar
iff law may "he reported latr,
j In addition to these measures the
shipping bill and the Philippine bill
are expected by other congrcNalonal
lead 'is to attract the most attention.
j Slmlvliig Iti'vemie Problem,
As the result of the decision of the
supreme court upholding the income
tax law, I lie president Is studying anew
the problem of raising revenues for
Reports From Turkish Sources
Coming Through Berlin Tell
of Disaster to Troops Try
ing to Reach Kut-el-Amara.
Vienna Declares There Has
Been No Resumption of
Hostilities in Montenegro;
Aeroplane Raids Continue.
preparedness program.
Seiiaie committees contributed to the
speeding-up program today reporting
favorably on the water power leasing
and postal saving deposit increase
measures. Senator Kern, majority
leader, said tonight that conservation
measures would be taken up us soon
as the Philippine bill was passed.
; The president virtually has com
pleled his plans for leaving Washing
ton at midnight for New York where
he will sp.-ak Thursday afternoon and
night. The program of addresses as
well a hgislative plans were discussed
with the cabinet during the day. Ho
said that all of the speeches In the
mldd'e west would bo extemporaneous
, -
Indianapolis. I in!,, .la n. '.. The
policy of no suspension of mining in
any field after present agreements
have expired so long ns there Is hope
of iieg'U luting new contracts was given
strong support in Hie convention of
the I nited Mine Workers of America
All the leading officials of (he union
favored the non-suspension policy an, I
it was predicted lb.it the convention
will endorse it when final action
conies up tomorrow.
Employers of non-union miners
stood ready to Jump in and take the
markets away from the employers of
union labor in the event a suspension
takes place.
President White, In advocating the
non-supenslon policy, said he could
not see why men should not work,
pending negotiations, declaring there
was amide ttine to strike when there
no hop,, of getting an agreement.
Among others who favored non
siispetision Were Martin ,!. Flyy.ik.
Seattle, president of (lie Washington
miners; A. G. Morgan, Sheridan,
Wyo., president of the Wyoming coal
I miners; John Gay. Alhiu, la., sci re,
tary of the Iowa miners, and R. D.
(ollver, of Rock Springs, Wyo.
Vice President Hayes said that sus
pensions in the past had not been
profitable; that they had emptied the
.union's treasury and declared that a
non-suspension policy would confound
the union's enemies.
I lie committee oil officers reports
besides endorsing President White's
non-sUHpeuslon policy, also commend
ed his altitude on preparedness and
recommendations made In his reports. os,nh joubmal bmcial. ibabbs wibii
These subjects will come before tho' report from Turkish headuuar
eonventlon before the iion-suspeiision , t,,r coniini hy way of Merlin r ex
poliey Is disposed of. '"'t' 'he llrltlsh forces tl Mesopotn
Th scale committee of the enliven-i '"I suffered a somewhat severe re
Ron held Its firt general meeting to-1 verse In their endeavor to reach tho
night and will make a report In a few hesleged town of Kut-EI-Amara on
days I"" I'lKtls river. Some twenty mile
. east of Kut-EI-Amura. the Turku In
; counter-attacks on the Rrlllsh, drovn
them severs! miles and the Hritlali
I I have been comparatively slight.
Vokohama, Japan, Dec. 25. Tho ; ed six" hours, lhat General Avlmer is
'Japanese mall transport Knhoshlma' declared to havn . requested and ob
Maru, which arrived yesterday from tuined a truce of one day In order
the South Pacific, brought ten deport-. that the dead might ho burled,
ed German missionaries, five men nnd' The llrltlsh advancing from Mun
llve women, from the Caroline Islands, teflk on the Hhatt-El-Hal river, south
which are now occupied by a Japanese "f Kut-EI-Amara,. toward Korna,
garrison. The missionaries were de-jWcre also compelled to retreat befora
; ported for acts alleged to be contrary!11 Turkish attack, says the report,
to Ihe Interests of Hie Japanese ad-i leaving 100 men dead, The llrltlsh
1 ministration. , reverso tit the hands of he Turks.
! I pon arrival here they were hand- i however, Is somewhat offset hy th
led over to the American consul gen-l Turkish losses liv buttles with thn
'etui through the local government iiu- Hussians In the neighborhood of Kr
! thorllies. It Is expected lhat they will zerum, a. new agency dispatch from
leave for Gernainv by way of t he I Petrograd asserts that apart from tho
1'nilod Slates. ensua it les in actual battle, the Turk
tost nriy otneers and four thousand
men taken prisoner, ami ulso scores
of machine guns und quantlUe of
ammunition captured.. -
Aside from the usual bombard
on ills mining operations and aero
plane raid llllle fighting Is going on
In any 'of the other theaters of war.
Vienna assents that !herc,.ria been,
no resumption of hostilities In Mon
tenegro. Tho king of the Montene
grins, with his family, has arrived at
Lyons, France. The disarming of
the Montenegrin army aucordlug to
Austrian dispatches, Is progressing
without Interruption and without resistance.
j Allied airmen have again dropped
! bombs on MotiHHtlr and Olevgell and
la hundred persons are estimated tn
I have been killed or wounded In the
latter town. The Germans, on their
part, have dropped explosives from
fllr cruft on Dunkirk, where five per
sons were killed, and on the aero
drome at Nancy and factories In Hac-
! While no battles of Importance
IBr mobninii joubnal bi-boiai. LSABBo wibbi jhnve been reported from tho Russian
Washington, Jan. IT,. Some Idea of ', front, Vienna says the Russians have
what American army officers are: shelled geveral sections of their line
tlie battle fields of Eu-i u,ul "' ncuveiy reconnott-
rope, was given the senate military "' , '','" '
the Russians have hrotight them to
I P mm - i
the problem of raising revenues for 1 n , . ... r 1
the government, particularly for the, Hepresentativc ot War ue-j
partment on Every Battle
field in Europe, According
to Evidence of General Treat
the first day of the nineteenth annual , alt Hough he has carefully thought out
convention of the National Livestock I the general tenor of his remarks.
association found the members and
commllteemcn wrestling with two im- PREPAREDNESS OAMPAIGN'
portunt questions, the noutlons con-! TO MEtil.N Till HSDAV
damning the administration policy In!
Mexico, and demanding protection for. ew 1 orK, Jan. zs. president
Americans in Mexico, and the. report Wilson, It was announced tonight, has
Occasion for Alarm.
hnd not been learned
refugees left Chihuahua City.
' ; AH of the men were slain hy Villa
,.,MoN,N.jOU.HL.c,-...w,B.i I iwii , prior to t h o ma ssacr e a t Sa n t a
"Washington, Jan. 25.-Americ will Ybel January ,1". Manuel Medina-
from abroad at " '":.,." V...i
The Day in Congress
Public lands committee reported
"iter power bill recognizing Jurisdic
'on of both state and federal govern
ments over water power sites.
Postofflce committee recommended
deposits of postal savings funds in
federal reserve banks.
Military nnd naval committees con
fined hearings.
Adjourned at 4.23 p. m." to noon
Military and naval committees con
tinued hearings.
Rivers and harbors committee heard the
Representative Sumners on "Trinity
river project."
Republican Leader Mann made
speech advocating preparedness.
Representative Rennett. New York,
defended German-Americans in u
Passed t),p Shackleford $2.'.(l00,fl00
p"d roads bill, 2S1 to SI, three mem
bers vntin(f "present."
Adjourned at 5 p. m. to noon Wednesday.
be safer from attack
the close of the war In Europe than
ihe last fifty years in
the opinion of Senator Stone of Mis
souri, chairman of the foreign rela
tions committee. He voiced this be
lief in the senate today while dis
cussing the pending Philippine self-
mvrepnmwit bill, debate Oil Which
tin ned into a general airing of views j
op foreign relations and military pre
paredness. "The close of the war. 1 said Sen
ator Stone, "will bring greater like
lihood for lasting peace with the
European nations than has existed at
any time in the last half century, I
H not wnt it understood that 1 am
conosed to a reasonable preparedness
but 1 think there is
sion for alarm now
sJieniMTrt Apprehensive.
Senator Shepperd asserted that the,"
failure to prepare for any eventuali
ties would be to court humiliation
and defeat. '"The Monroe doctrine
-.,. i. increasing antagonism and
opposition in Eurcpe," he said,
slate land laws have brought
verge ol war wun jiipuu.
something to do with tho disappear
ance .of Keane was admitted into the
I'nited States today by Immigration
authorities who stated that no proof
of crime had been adduced against
Acklin, Maibiirn and Johnson Were
slain by bandits who raided and loot
ed every ranch in the Cocomerachlc
district, January 4.
A, T, & S, F, SHOWS
much less occa
than before tlie
us to
Umlnn border IS in a lurrnon.
fall it was generally recognized we
did not have a force strong enough
to cope with the situation on our
southern border. Our economic ex
istence demands mat e i""" "i""'
fair treatment on sens and in
ports of the world.
In l'tW O f these facts. It Is
nv we are Immune from war and
folly not to put our land and
forces on a strong basis."
Chicago, Jan. 25. The net operat
ing revenue of the Atchison, Topeka
and Stata K,e railway system increased
$,2X(i, US In the six months ending
December "I. 1 It 1 " over the saint:
period in 1 91 4 according; to a state
ment issued by the railroad today.
The increase for the month of Decem
ber, 191.j over the same month in
4. was l,2r.O,X77.
Operating expenses increased in the
six mouths 2..r2,rSS. "
The Northern Pacific railway earn
ings for December showed a gross in
crease of $2,02, 0Q0 and a net increase
of $1,715,0(10.
For the first six monlhs of the fis
cal venr the gros. increase amounted
to $'n,S2l.000 and the net $4,Sf.5,ti49.
of the committee on marketing, which
is to be submitted tomorrow by A. E.
de Rleqles, of Denver.
Governor J. H. Kendrick, of Wyo
ming, chairman of the committee on
resolutions, who is lending the fight
to secure a modification of the pro
posed resolution on Mexico, tonight,
expressed the hope that, a fight on
the floor of the convention might be
"1 do mil I elleve a resolution will
bo reported criticizing the Wilson ad
ministration," said the gov, rimr to-
when the three, night. In the event I should prove
mistaken in tins belief, 1 will deem it.
my duty to oppose It."
Vigorous Course I iivoml.
Tt is known, however, that there is
a strong element,' both in the commit
tee and the membershlp-at-large,
which favors the most vigorous de
mand that, means may be found
whereby the I'nited Stales can police
tho disturbed districts in Mexico or at
least extend the police protection of
tho American government for u hun
dred miles south of the border.
The terms of the resolution on marketing-
condition to be presented by
Chairman de Ricqles, call for govern
ment regulation of some kind de
signed to prevent violent fluctuations
In the market for livestock, a condi
tion which, it. is claimed, has operated
so adversely during the past year to
tho interests of feeders and finishers
of caMle.
consented to begin his campaign of
spccclimaking for national defense
here at noon Thursday, by address
ing the clerical conference of the
New York Federation of Churches.
The president will bo presented
with an address signed by thliiy
live hundred clergymen In apprecia
tion of his efforts for pence, The
Rev. S. Edward Young, pastor of the
Hedford Presbyterian church of
; Rrooklyu, will preside.
! Dr. Young said tonight (hut an In
vitation had been extended to Cardi
nal Farley to open the meeting with
im Invocation. The address lo the
j president, he said, would be presented
by a Congregational elergynmn, a
I vole of thanks (o the president will
I be moved and seconded by rabbi,
land a. umversalist minister,
lively, and the benediction
pronounced by a Church of
clergyman. .
will be
Road Gang IiK-miscri.,
Santu Fe, Jan. 2". The number of
men In the good roads camp on the
Tijeras canyon road will he Increased
from eighteen to fifty men by State
Engineer James A. French.
Pleasant Leads for (Jovomor.
New Orleans, Jan. 2.r. Scattered
returns tonight from today's demo
cratic primary indicated that I! G.
Pleasant, attorney general, was lead
ing Thomas A. Marred, lieutenant
governor, for the gubernatorial nomi
nation. Pleasant made bis campaign
on a platform calling for the reten
tion of Hie present local option laws
ami Marret i advocated statewide prohibition.
Killed by Pallhi" Mock.
East Las Vegas, N. M.. Jan. 2fi.
Frum-isco Gonzalesi, age,! f,0 years, was
killed late yesterduy afternoon when
a large rock fell upon his head while
he was engaged in work at the Wil-
j liam Wells si'.ne quarry west of here.
The rock ten a uistanee ot several
feet, striking Gonzalea . blow that
felled him to th ground and frac
tured his skull. Heath was almost instantaneous.
war department has definite informa
tion as lo the famous 42-centlmeler
I howitzers which the Germans used to
j crush their way through French
j frontier furls. The gnus can be fired
without mounting tliem on concrete
I em placements, be said, and made
ready for use in less (ban hii hour
and a nan ain r nicy m,,. ,, a
point. Roth he and General Crozler
told of plans for similar guns now
being pr pared In the war depart
ment. Primarily (hey, will be used
In coast defense work.
No Tit h Warfare, Here,
There Is no reason to expect that
trench warfare con, III ions will have
lo be met in this country, Colonel
Treat stated, and therefore the pro.
portion of high explosive shells and
shiaiinel for field guns Will not be
altered as radically for (be American i
army as the French und Mrltlsh have
found necessary.
The American il-lnch field artillery,
hc colonel explained, duplicated the
Chicago, Jan. 2.1. H. L. Ostium, j pidily of lire and experiments are In
superintendent of the ear department i progress, which, it is believed, will
of Morris ('.. testifying: to, lav at; Live the nuns ell the advantages of
Ihe Interstate Commerce commit-j the Fr h weapon.
slon Inquiry into private car lines, sa Id j General Crozier s examination by
a refrigei ato'r car should not be niem bers of Ihe house committee In
( classed as a special ear because It isiilicatol that efforts would be made
kept in ('militant traffic. He said hejto write Into the army bill definite
approved railroad companies furnish-j plan for iililizing private munitions
ling refrigerator ears If the cars w ere factories in lime of war.
kept In proper condition and supplied , The only other witness beard was
jto users in sufficient quantity. Adjutant General McCain, who re-
I b j pealed before the Senate commit t ee
his belief that the t nitcil States could
! . II. . ,.,.eii..e i, I'm,- ttiore
i, .(mil i ni-ii a year under any clr-
learnlng on
committee today hy Col. Charles O.
Treat, of tho army war college. Much
ot what thn colonel said was treated
as confidential, but It Is known that
he told the committee there was nn
American observer with the nrmies of
each belligerent nation and that their
reports to the war college hud been
of greut value In tho preparation of
new army plans. DISARMAMENT OF
llrigadier General Crozler. chief of ( MONTEX I'M KINS l'MEK WAY
ordnance, discussed In detail iuloro
the house committee the war depart
ment's plans for big guns.
Colonel Treat disclosed that the
within less than three miles of the
town of Plnsk In Volhynln.
The Mrltlsh military service hill Is
nmking fast progress In the house of
lords, after Its passage by tho house
of commons. The upper house pass
ed the second reading of the measure
without division.
I'llulit of Nicholas Confirmed.
Rerlill. Jan " O'i.i Wileleun In Kav. i "
ville.) -An official statement issued
by the AuHlro-lliinsurliiii headquar
ters .ilaff niib r dale of Januaiy
".Ml f reign reports stadin. lhat the
fighting has been resumed in Montcn
egro are pure inventions. The report
jth.it King Nicholas has left his conn
try and his army Is confirmed.
, iimstatn'i s. Asked what the chief
(lift null ics in Ihe way of gelling men
were, lie said:
"Well, they Just don't enlist."
i Vienna, Jan. 2 4 (via London, Jan.
2!, .1:05 p. m.) The disarmament of
tho Montenegrins, It Is reported here,
Is Progressing favorably. Lack of
communication, the nature of tloi
country and unfavorable weather
rendered It difficult for the Montene
grin government to reach the outly
ing districts. It was necessary that
notice of the government's Intention
lo capitulate should reach every hiui,-c,
because every Montenegrin was armed,
an,) this task, In the absence of rapid
communication was found more dif
ficult than at first supposed.
The Anstro-lluiigunan military au
thorities, it Is announced, are showing
much consideration for the con
quered people hiiiI have permitted the
members of 'public safety , organlKa
tlons lo retain (heir arms, although
Auiqro-lliingiirlan troops have already
assumed police duly.
Measures have been taken to feed
tho population, which Is greatly in
need of Hie necessities of life. Fifteen
hundred Serbian soldiers who had
taken refuge In Montenegro were tuk
en prisoners by Ihe Austrlans.
Trustworthy reports from northern
Albania say that many Albanians are
joining the AUhii'o-Hungarlans and
that the supporters of Essud Pasha,
the provisional president of Albania,
who has been opposed lo Austria, are
dwindling steadily.
' Nothing Is known by the public,
here of tlie terms of peace between
Austria and Montenegro. This ha
not even been the subject of specula
tion by the press, which treats thi
as a mailer of secondary Interest until
lb" country Is completely occupied.
There are Indications, however, that
the government Is not Inclined to he
severe with .Montenegro. Through the
occupation of Antlvarl and Dulcigno
I Austria has established an effective
'control over the major part of tho
leasleru Adriatic coast.
Explosion In German I'lO'lory.
London. Jan. 2a (2:37 p. m.) A
Merlin dispatch forwarded from Ams
terdam by the Central News says that
great damage was done by an explo
sion In a paint factory at Offenbach,
Germany. It is said a number of per
sons were killed.
i New lauds lEesoloi Ion.
Washineton, Jan. 2 5. --Senator .Vor
rW, r publican, prevented action today
on the Newlamls r solution for con
gressional Investigation of railroad
legislation, suggested bv President
Wilson on the ground that such an
investigation might serve lo prevent
some other Inquiry into railroad af
fairs. He declared congress was suf
ficiency Informed to net and charged
the administration with seeking
postpone responsibility for action.
lloitwc Committee pprovcs Mill,
Washington, Jan. 2"i. The adminis
tration bill to increase the number of
midshipmen at the naval academy
today was ordered favorably reported
by the house niilliury committee. The
bill increases iipix lntments allotcd an
nually to each senator, representative
an,i delegate In congress, from two to
Hue". It Is estimated that under this
to 'plan DflO more appointment! will ha
made annually.

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