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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, April 08, 1916, CITY EDITION, Image 5

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Ik run led
rflllUlU lAf H KC 1 1 U llllv" alternative of 'Vorijeotlng"
Hill II I II UUHIMI il "le ,('tl,r" "' fliowlnjr cause before
I MUM I 'I 1 1 1 1 1 1 U U the dial riot rourt at !t o'clock next
ITUeSlillV inlll-tllnii' tellv- llic Imer. .n
dune mi.
Clerk Make Affidavits.
Mayor ttoatrlKhl'a petition Is sup
ported hv the affidavits of r'rank
Ackerman, clerk of election; Col. J.
(J. A I bl-i tit. who suva he was pres
ent at the counting of votes; and Kl
Wood Albrlirht, clerk of election. Ac
cording to the affidavits twelve votes
, 'were not counted in the Fourth, eiuht
JlinOr nHllini nn b','u,i' ,h,'.v were deposited in the
Mil I- Hll I Mill IIS boml h'',ot ,:oxrH lin'l tour Localise
I Mil llH I llULUU ,h,v w,r" " f ,l,i ' to appear that
UUUU nn i iiwuMVi tluy ha(J lM.en CflJit by (wo votP)S
Injunction proceedings also were
" started by Mayor Itoatrlfrht. which
, , n, , ,i ., resulted In Jurist Kavnolds restraln
MlVOr BoatimUt (JOtaitlS Writ in City rk Hushes from canvass-Ivb'J"-1
k . i -vi i inir the returns iiortalnimr to mayor
alties until further order of
SIlOW CtlUSe in 001111 junction suit contains the allegation
iniu u ine returns were camasseu as
they now stand "the result of said
election would he chunked so as to
deprive this plaintiff of the office uf
mayor to whj( h, as he Ih informed
?nd believes, he was elected."
Rp(iu rme Judges and Clerks m Candida
1 . " n . ..'he court.
Next Tuesday.
Were Folded Together
if They Had Been Cast
Two Persons and Six
Were in Bond Ballot Box,
if ledl proceeding instituted yes
terday by Mayor I. II. lbatrihl are
Mitirelv successful he will at and eleot
.,, ,,n the face of the returns by the
,, majority of two vot-'S.
The niavor sets up a claim to ten
republican' ballots cast in the Fourth
ward which, he says, were not count
ed The returns made to the city
.lc'rk Tuesduv niht showed nn ap
imrent majority of six for Henry
Vfterf"ld, democratic candidate. If
the mayor is allowed all the ballots
lie lavs' claim to these figures would
indicate a majority of four fur him,
but according to affidavits, two
rt(.n'ioerat.r ballots were not counted
hv the Fourth ward judges for the
same reason that six republican bal
lots re not.
Six of the votes claimed by Mayor
Poatr'ght were found In the box for
load ballots and the other four were
folded together in pairs Indicating
ih-.t i licv m iirlvt have been cast by
electors instead or tour.
Antoinette Donnelly's Talks
to Women on Beauty Topics
Councilmen Switzer, DeTullio
Tingley and Haggard, Clerk
Hughes and Treasurer Gra
ham Ready to Take Office.
Certificates of election were issil"d
to -'i(y Clerk Thomas Hunhes. City
Treasurer Warren Graham and Al
dermen Altirelo do Tllllio. Clyde TinM
ley, Jerre Ham-aid and V. F. Switzer,
following the meeting of the canvass
ing board, made tip of City Clerk
MiiKhes and Justice JeorKe K. Crnljr,
late yesterday afternoon at the city
V...M Ki. .'i .... i ii
t.:.. i'iii. j no reiuiim on mayoral caruu-
lw electors instead 01 vm,. '""'! dates were not canvassed, the board
,.,iih)n for a writ of mandamus, pie- ,havi ,, j,, from so doinB
,,,red by John yonublo. atlornev , ,)y ()Ui dis(H(.t (,oun on on of
Mayor PonttiKht alleges: I Ma.vt.r l'o.itrl.nht.
The official vote for candidates, ex
cepting that for the heads of the re
publican and democratic tickets, is;
Hughes l.rtrt
Hot-til 7'J 7
Worry vs. a Fad.
illli old saying that It is not work
Gul worry that kills Is particu
larly relevant with respect tobi-Hiii
work. The brain Is an oraan which
Is capable of performing nn im
mense amount of work, provided only
that till work is of a varied'
and does not require a eorresf.ondliiK
amount of emotional disquietude.
The daniaite Mist depressing emotions,
euch ns worry, grief, and otivtely, can do
to the brain eannot be overi-Rtiniated.
"Writer on nervous diseases and beauty
doetoi have harped so much upon Ui
worry theme that It would seem as
though emancipation from the trouble
should be more genera I than It is.
The brains that worry most are those
forced to work In slnijle rut. Now,
since the brain Is nn orKan which never
ceases Its activity not even during sleep
In order to escape the worry penalties
you have to provide something for the
brain to do that will divert It from Its
sinlo rut channel. You must aim to di
verL Hs activity Into channels that will
afford a pleasant or soothing reaction
upon consciousness.
If you are a victim of the worry habit
you have probably roa1:Hf that a couple
of weeks' vacation doesn't cure the
habit. It Isn't rest your brain wants.
It ts diversion. How can you divert your
mind? By a healthy, wholesome fad of
some kind. Fads have been rluhtly de
fined as " perfect mental antitoxin for
the poison ffenn.'rated by ovet-acitivity of.
the brain." j
Your fad need not be an expensive one.
Nor ahoulri It necessarily Involve much
juice. Strawberry juice also makes a
good rouge. Witch ha?.el Is excellent for
closing enlarged pores. Ileal it and apply
with a piece of absoi Ixnt cotton. The
swelling of your eyelids andhe flesh
below your oebrows may be the result
of your kidneys not working properly.
It might be well for you to consult your
haiacter i family phvslclan about It In the mean
time drink plenty of water. This has been
known to correct many kidney disorders.
KITTY W. I'.: If your balr is tine and
tangles etisilv, lake time enough to sepa
rate the snarls with your flnsors. firasp
the comb between the thumbs and Hie
first two lingers and carefully draw it out
the length of the hair. Two or three
gentle efforts of this kind will generally
disentangle most of the snarls w iihout
breaking the hair.
IP.KKK: Urushing the tongue i essen
tial to mouth hygiene. Tooth powder can
be safely used on the tongue, which ac
cumulates tartar and bacteria, especial
ly near the root. A weak solution of vine
gar Is serviceable. The best wav to do
is to seize your tongue by (he tip with
your fingers enveloped with gmu-'or a
clean towel and pull It well forward.
K ATI f I AN : Tha dt ness and chapping
of the skin on your body may be caused
from tmtliing too often. The effects of
an excels of bathing are shown by sn
undue dryness and Irritation of the skin,
causing chapping or Inflsntma'lon. This
mostly occurs from excessive arm bath
ing, but U may be produced by the usa
of cold water. Thla condition usually
comes In winter. The reason Is that the
cmir ntioir In the prodtwrioo of rs-raplrs-
Ume. "The brain worker whose purse tion and sebum In winter results in poor
1 ton flight alleges:
llallot in Wrons Itov. i
tins informant is informed I
and verily believe that at said eioc- i
lion in said ward (the Fourihl there
weie east six (til republican ballots
winch wcl-" received by said judges
:onl clerks of election and placed In
the ballot box designed and used
fur the reception of ballots on the
honil issue, which was being voted on I
ut said election in said ward, but that 1
upon llie count of votes cast ut said
election ami the canvass thereof, Ou
sted six (H) republican ballots were
not counted and canvassed ny tue
slid judges and clerks of election;
that said six (til republican ballots so
cast and not counted were voted for
this informant for the said office of
'"This Informant further alleges
that as Ii" is informed and believes
licit at said election in said ward,
llicre wei cast four
ballots which were re
.Hakes and clerks of election. but
upon the count of the votes cast ut
suid election and the canvass there
of, the said four (4) republican bal
lots were not counted mid eanvifssed
1. V the said judges and clerks of elec
tion; that tile four (4) republican
ballots so cast and not counted were
Hughes' majority 4i;i
Trt-u Mirer.
Iraham I.Oufi
ardner ' !'(i5 J
will permit of no greater drain than that
which is involved In the fad of collecting
stamps on a small scalo has Just as great
a chance for nervous salvation," says a
nerve specialist, " as the person whose
hank account warrants the acquisition of
a museum of orl treasures."
This nerve specialist cited a case of a
young woman with overwrought brain
who averted complete mental prostration
by turning her attention to the study of
oriental ruga.
Hon't put up the plea of lack of lime,
If you have time tq prepare jourself as
a candidate for a sanitarium or a lunatic
asylum you certainly have time to evade
such a fate.
Antoinette Donnelly's Answers.
CAT HER INF.: This U a simple formula
for rouge thai Is easily made: Take a raw
Beet and grate It, then pr"? through
t tine cloth. Add a little alcohol to the
lubrbyition and dryness of the skin. Tn
addition the lowered humidity of the air
In wlntercauses increased vsporatlon and
Int.tl1es the dryness of tlv skin. And.
of course, cold a,ir i lte!f frrltst.ng tn
the skin. The obvious way of avoiding
the condition is not to bathe overmuch.
The ill effects can tie minimized and some-'
times prevented by using tepid w ater and
bland soaps nnd greasing the skin with
olive oil, or after a vlgoieus rub with s
Turkish towel dust the skin with a good
FINICKY: Vou csn iiinke s pretty
nifty little cap to cover your hair when,
doing your cneklng In this way yoii
csn avoid the odors gelling in your hair,
Yon can overcome the oily condition by
using a good tonic. 1 shall be glad to
send you my formula for hair tonic and
instructions for tha care of the nails
if yiii will send me a stamped, addressed
majority .
i 7 1
Majority for bonds 4:11'
Attention was culled to an appar
ent discrepancy in the vote on bonds j
m tne upcuna ward, j no poll boous
would indicate that only '1 1 3 votes
naa ixa ii last on this question, cott-
ili ei.iiiililliuii I ' " " " MneailiJll, lull-
i J ib ',alni"f hp "'"I"' of only 213 persons
' i i, , ,t HH voters. However, the vote was
State Oi ionization Favors
Military Force Strong Enough
to Protect American Lives
and Rights,
The upbuilding of an rni and
navy ndeiiuute to insure tin- prutec-
Itlon of Ani'-rie.ti! live and rights Is
I favored In the platform of the pro
hibition party of New Mexico, adopt
ed at the stale convention held yes
terday at tlie otl'oe of ln li' V. Kan
dolph Cook.
The platform follows;
'J'ho prohibition parly of New Mex
ico in convent ion aseenihlcd In the
city of AlliUiiiicnnie this ecventh day
of April, HUM, bcaitily endorses the
prohibit ion iiuiionai platform of liUJ,
and in'ikis the tolloHing dcclai atlotis
icgardlng its position on stale affairs:
our party, in all its history, has
slood upon til - pi im iplc that "human
lights are uperior to all other rights'
and thai "the welfare of the people Is
the supreme law." We hold with the
siipn mo court of tin- I'nited sitat 's
th;a. "No legislature can bailer nway
the ioihl-o ncalth, the public safety
or the public morals The people J
Ihiluselvcs cannot do it; much less,
their rcprosi'iimt i cs. inci nmeiit Is'
organiz (I with a, view to Ihelr toes-'
ervation and cannot divest Itself of
I he Power to provide for thein." j
J. We hold, therefore, that UiUi
govt mount was organized and -hould
tie maintained for the protection ol
its citizens; the protection of their
properly, their health, their morals,
iheir safety and their lives. it Is
within the knowledge of all thinking'
men that Ihc liquor traffic tiuitiplca
under its cloven foot every one of
these altered rights of Atnciiiun citi
zens. We declare that the govern
ment did tilt est itself of the power to
prol"i't these rights or its citizen
when it legalized the liquor traffic;
levin though the power to license mi
'..,')';.. ..on o.it.. I,i.,i I'.oii'eree.l liv
I im ii on... .... . . . -
'la inability otc o! the people, I
through th iigency of a political par-
t. We declare that "the divine!
right" of a majority of the people lo
do wrong is as (also and as w icked '
as "the divine right" of kings ami we
demand thai this monstrous wrong j
ahull be undone by stripping the pro-
fiction of law from the liquor traffic.!
j :!, As th" traffic in Intoxicating I
I liquor has been legalized through lliej
lagciicy of a political parly, only
'through such agency can Ihe sanction!
'of law be withdrawn. Wo call upon
j all enemies of this traffic in New
Mexico to rally to the slamlard of
the only political party that dares to
declare for the complete dc.-truclion
of the beverage liquor traffic In stale
Sixty Years the Standard
No Alum No Phosphate
Mexico but will not cost to execej
England Resorts to Most Riid
Inspection to Prevent Pack
ages Goi n a to or From
tav nr.ai.iN4 iiiiiinii. aoaciAl. llo wmi
London, April 7 (7:1'. p m. -The
di'tei iiiinol am of the I'.rit ish authori
ties to yo tiiioucii the mails "ttli a
fine-toolh com b. Is Indicated I y the
departure from Kirkwall of the Pun
ish liner Frederick VIII for New York
without mails, which have been seal
lo London for examination. luulr
ies by tin- Associated Press i.t tile
I'oreicn office today developed the
statement Unit the total overseas ex
ports if f.ermanv, now only from
four to six per lent of those of nor
mal vears. 1:11 exclusively through tile
mull.' witli the exception of exports
shipped to the I 'nlted Slates under
license ur,in.-d caruoes purchased be
fore March 1, ll'i:..
In cxplainlne. Pits. Lord llobert Ce
cil, minister i f war trade, said that
aiiv other hakime IIIIlM be infitiite.---nial.
The minister added that th"
foreign office lllelefolc felt til. 11 Ihe
examination of w est iva rdbouod ships
was necessary if Coiiuan trade was
to be stopped a bsolntelv,
it Wii. ni'i 'i-s.-ary to l.rinjj the mail.'.
to 1 dun for llioroimb exa in noil ion,
the Asmc laied Puss me told al tip'
forelun ollice. The assertion thai
letters seized aboard liners taken In
to Kills wall weie ood as evidence be
fore the prize court was mil formally
denied, but the a ill bn it ies were In
credulous concerninn tin- chaise.
Wnt hlli Kmfl mptnyt ur th
lie tier Krioln uf ervnnl? Milk una of th
a-, tO rnlnmni ..f tha Jmirn.
to stop dandruff
and loss of hair
with Resinol
Here is :i simple, intxjK'ti'iive
treatment that will almost a!ivavi
stop d.indnilC and sca'p iii.'niuc, n;ul
kt-t-pthc lwinliick.ovc.indiiistriKi:
At tiilil.sprcai! l..i'rari,.rt atnl
rub a iilt'.o JicsiRi'i )itu:t!c!it into
the scalp i'etuly, xvi'.ii ;!,e -in uf the
buyer. Kcjie.n this tuiiii t'.c whoie
sca!pliu. Ih ci. treat 'il. Next t:r irn
inj;, h.itnpiMi t!.irouuli'y with Ives
i i tot boat) ami hot wjtcr. Wurkllin
creamy li f-im i lailu-r wciiintu t!-c
llicsc.tip. Ii insrmitUttfiili'allyfiK.I-
r water, tlie lasl water lu inr; (oid,
leilloi Soap mt Kw.iw ' l.inl.m'iit cjsiiy
heal ct r.tu and mui.ljr jk.i cmi'o.iu, .Su:d
ly jll dri'jfi'iU.
31!0 Host Cold
HI lift ROSA
T momninu journal bpccial liaiko winc
'Stockholm, Atrll 7 (via Ixuulon,
ll:3i) P. 111.) A cabinet crisis In
Swollen is th rent "lied. In announce- ;lld nation.
ment toduv by Ihe socialist and 111,-1 ;t- 'e pledge the people Unit
...- .i i.eu u,.,,i.i.u ih..un ,...,.i:..o .kii. I w bere el the iil i.liltiitii.il party Is
(certified as 188 for the bonds and ! SeVeiltfifill I If 10111101115! Are Ke
lt I ngainst them, making: a tola! of
official vote by wards follows: :
I list Ward.
HukIii'h :'(il !
I Horn! Ill
turned, but the Names of j
constitute a majority in the second
chamber, are determined to oppose
the government bill reulatliiK war
liadc, despite the threat of Premier
Uaiiimarsklohl that he will resign if
tho bill is not passed without altera
tion or amendment.
This hill, as introduced, would nice
the government arbitrary rights be
yond parliani"iitary control i cKardini,-j
placed In power, whether in uUiikc.
township, city, county or slate, wo
will abolish I lie drink traffic therein
o far as It fs possible under certain
existing state anil national laws. Wo
further promise Unit all laws will be
rigidly enforced by public officials
who are elected on the prohibition
ticket, that private citizens will not
be under Ihc necrvsily and expense
liiill-s Plan lii-lilulloiial ( linicli.
Sanla I'V, April 7. - The P.aplist
congi'i ualloii al Las Cruccs lots com.
plcled tlie idai.H lor an l nst it iinona ,.,,,, (K (Anm Malol)l ,
church biiildinn A l.iiil.liiiw iun.l tnjt hm1 IIiiIIiIIiik-
people trrespecllve of (i.noiiillui! ion 1 1 J. C. BALDRIDGE LUME
liffiliations. The new . huroli is l.i PnMPANY'l
lie one if the mos; complete in New "umr V
Dnlu PUPIl nf tllP ArrilPf)1"1' ''aiiKements for foreign trade orMiinixlnK and flnaiicinu law en-j
Ulliy Oeveil Or Hie rtUUbtJU- thp tr.()1Hlt (lf forHn ooJforce.mnt leagues, good Hovernmct
lliniiil'li Slie..0..r. It I.e.. ,1,1... il.ul ClU )S. C C ri'IOIIll II SSOC III I PUIS, eic.
Men Are Made Public,
voted for this Informant for th said
l fiie of mayor.
To Show Cuiise Tuesday.
"That said returns of said election
were imperfccily made and were de
posited in the ballot box with the bal
lots cast at said election in the said
ward, excepting the aforesaid ten
(I'll ballots irnd the suid box lot-kod i . " . '
imi.1 sealed no and returned to the , rtBd"lsr
elerk of the city of Albiuiuerque, and
thiil the said judges have not oppor
tunity to inspect or correct the same
for that purpose. That the paid
JiitlkVu and clerk.; are unable to cor
rect ihe said returns, in accordance
witli the fact, without an order from
th , -.
.lllillll. I!ninlrl. ii'im n.lii'rl I.e. i lisp I B'C' " "
nf Iheuo ,ll.;.,..,1..,. .. I........ , ...ell .LilhgOW
" i. mi . n "ii.-., ir-:-iir ii mio v.i
innno.'inius njipnring the judges and
clerks lo ''cornet the said imperfect
returns so as to correctly state the
result of ild election." The writ was
Treasurer .
Gardner . .
! (Iraham
, Do Tulllo
Saw telle
! For
Second Wnrtl.
I Clerk
I Hughes
("Ira ham
(ef ciai. conaiaaoNDPNCi to mohnin journal.
1,,s ; Hast Las Vegas, X. AL, April 7.
j Seventeen indictments were returned!
""?.hy the Guadalupe, county grand Jury j
durinir if h sessions ut Santa llosa this,
week, but of this number only seven
K2iw-pre made publie. Among the tie-'
-fljeusod persons arraigned before Judge j
David J. Leahy were men accused ofi
I knPl intT rti.lmil.al aiiullllll 11 11 H
Illiiliiei, iiui iai ,., . i i iiiiii.i . ii.--.'.u
mniT -riiu,,, .,,. ( undps,irHh,0 conditions
had been called, and all defendants , .. .,.,,,., ,,,.(
person may enter Into unv sort of l'u- nuuig ueicmes ...o. .1....1 ... ..
ugrceinent with a foreign nation re- '"d In other ways assuming the func
garding goods unless the arranjf- 1 1 1111,1 power.4 of public olflcials.
ni'iit is first, approved hv file govci 11- I The enforcement of laws, the apprc
menl. Severe penalties for any ! 'lension and puiilshment of law
brcach in an iiRreoment that the gov- ' bri'akers are the sworn duties or otfi
.'rnioc.t approves are provided for in: cutis elected by the people for such
tha bilL I purposes; and not ihe duty ol private
1 ss
Third Ward.
s- Hushes 274
lioehl 182
I Treasurer
jOralinm 251
Gardner 2 0 1
20 2
Tells of Her Long Suffering
and How She Found Relief.
Husband Joins in Com
mending Cardui.
VVaynesville, X. C.Afrs, Joseph Fry,
f of the Pastor of Jonathan Circuit,
entern North Carolina Conference,
' nureii South, writes:
''About 1S9!1, Rbout fifteen years af?o
' had a severe case of Typhoid Fever
"id a relapse, which left me in a very
hd condition, which got worse al! the
line. Was 80 nervous, could not stay
the room alone for five minutes,
'd I was Irregular . . , My nervous
n( was an aw'ful worry to me and
J"5' fli,,ds, anj 1 couldn't sleep for
i"ur or five nights at a time. The
to,'tors would often hav to give me
something to make mo sleep . . .
ould do none of my work and hud to
keep a t.ook
I then began taking Cardui and af-!
I had taken half a bottle I felt ji
J" 'ml'foving and not so very lonft
"norwards I was able to go to church
flea Vt0r 1 ,"Kl lak"n four or five bot"
I wag able to turn off my cook
and d inv own work BnJ j Kot b;u,k
my eorrect mental condition, for I had
en so nervous and absent minded.
mv "Hness ... 1 was also able to
urn to school and resume my
;udie, and my pttn e.SBOnR flt Trinity
oM'-Sf. where I was in attendance."
.,il.V ',r Fry wr'tf: "She cannot
Praise Cdul too- highly, n is well
o,r, lt "" I IU rtcom
",e",l lt l" lady i poor health.-
" Af Cardui, I
;iv it
I ourili Ward.
cfughes 447
Hoehl 2H
iraham ....
For 2 1"
Against ' til
4 01
2 9.'.
Sau Francisco, April . Proceed
ings to disijuulify Judge William C.
Van Fleet, of the I'nited States dis
trict, court here, from presiding fur
ther over the, foreclosure suit of the
Western Pacific railway were con
tinued today until tomorrow after the
judge had denied charges of bias and
prejudice preferred by the Kipiltable
Trust company nf New York, trustee
of the road's first mortgage bonds.
That Judue Van Fleet would ignore
the demand for bis disqualification
was indicated by nis siutemein m.n
he intended to proceed as soon as
possible, with the decree or sale and
the winding up of the Western Pa
cific receivership. He admitted that
at one time he had been the own'r
of several Western Pacific bonds, bui
he .said he had disposed of them be
fore the present suit was begun.
Counsel for Judge Vnn Fleet ar
ged that the charges of bias were
based improperly on ihe court' rul
ings. It was announced by counsel for
tlie Kiiuital.le Tr.st. company that it
tomorrow's hearing Judge Van Fleet's
right to pass upon the merits of th
charges involving his own alleged
prejudice a.nd bias would be con
tested, , '
who foiled to plead guilty will be,
obliged to furnish bond or to remain
In tho Guadalupe county jail until the!
latter part of next September, when I
tho full term of court will be held. j
I.IIUUIlll .llHIl'.lli HU 111.-1 ...... t,. .
with the murder of Juan Sandoval in
a saloon at Vaughn on liecemlier 22,
11)15, agreed to plead guilty lo a
charge of voluntary manslaughter.
The plea was accepted, and Aluno.
was sentenced to niH less than nine
nor more limn ten years in the slate
peniu ntlaiy. The ' man previously
had staled that he was a native or
old .Mexico and had 110 money with
which to employ counsel. Frank
Fulreloth and O. A. l.arrnzolo were
appointed by the court to represent
M uiioz.
Lino I'acheco, against whom Dis
trict Attorney Charles W. G. Ward
had filed a criminal complaint charg
ing him with assaulting Candido Gar
cia with n pistol on November S, 19 lo.
.leaded guilty and was sentenced to
not loss than five months u'nd not
more than six months In the county
jail. As the man bus been in Jail for
five months awaiting trial, the court
suspended his sentence during good
Kdwurd Dodge and George Allen,
accused of burglary and safo blowing,
pleaded not guilty and were held for
(trial tit the Scptemner term. 1 uey
were, unable to give bail and will be
obliged to remain in jail. The men
'are said to have robbed the store of
W. 11. Angd, at Vaughn, last Novem
ber. Harry Herbert pleaded not guilty to
a charge of breaking into a Santa Fe
freight car and stealing therefrom
twelve bottles of wine. He will be
tried in Septemlxr.
hraiicisco llael, accused of criminal
ly assaulting Itami.ncita Shaw, a girl
14 years of age, n-ar Alamo. Guada
lupe county, pleaded not guilty and
his bond was fixed at S ri . 0 M .
Thomas Kiddle, indicted for larceny
of three head of cattle belonging to
Louis I light and H. H. Dobbins, plead-;
cd not guilty and gave bond for his
appearance in the September term. j
other persons Indicted were Jiff!
Woodward and F.dward Silers. larceny
of horse; .Mrs. J. C. Ilarleson. malic-
buisly maiming and disru;uring one
head of neat cattle.
Judge David J. Leahy decided the
suit of J. W. Morgan agaiiiHt Jose
Mercedes Caratwja I, an appeal from
the instice of Ihe peace court a!
Vmighn, involving title to a house ami
lot belonging to the defendant, in that
town, in favor of Carabajal.
The judge granted a divorce to Airs,
Henrie Leo Thurston from Charles
Kdwurd Thurston, giving her alimony
and the custody of her two babies.
Mrs. Thurston lives in Antonchico and
her husband ! Santa Rosa.
Til" socialists and liberals approve.
Iho measure in principle, but find its
coaiio iei too elastic and fear that, its
passage would take out of tlie hands
parliament any legislative action if
should arise.
premier as having definitely comioll-
The, liberals and socialists regard the
ted himself as liuvlng definitely com
mitted himself, but declare them
selves unanimously decided lo stand
for Important amcndmenls to the
bill. The first reading of the
probably will take place in a
du s.
Chicago, April ,7. Additional in
formation us to the anarchistic plot
agahiiit lOui'Opean rulers given out by
Slate's Attorney lloyue today was
made public tonight by F.dward J.
Fleming, one of Mr. floyno's assist
ants. Neither official divulged the
name Of their informant, who, how
ever, admitted that lie was ( lie of the
Headquarters of the bund, Mr.
Fleming said, were in New York, bul
meetings also were h(U in San Fran
cisco, Patersoti, N. .1 , and Lynn,
"Kven now t'm anarchists un
making collections lo finance their
campaign ut murder," said Mr. Flem
ing, j
Mr. Hoyne said that he Mumbled
ont. the plot in connection with t tn; j
search for Jean Crones, Ihe anarchist
who put poison in
a banuunt here two moid lis ago to
Archbishop Mundclein and a distin
guished company.
I. We hold that il is the duly of
government to protect the lives
and rights of citizens not only at
home but abroad. We therefore fu
vor the , upbuilding and maintenance
of an army and a navy udeiiiate to
secure and insure these great cnd for
all American citizens.
ii. We stand for the adoption of a
constitutional amendment giving
women the same political rights as
1. 111 men.
few I '''"r ,h' "doplion of the Auslral
Mun I allot syslem and for a complete
j primary law governing the nomina
j titan of all county and state officials.
7. For municipal ownership of all
public utilities,
S. For prohibition of the watering
Of corporation stocks and the sal" of
worthless stocks or bonds.
V. For rigid Inspection of mines
and factories to properly safeguard
the health, and the lives of employes.
10. Fur compulsory arbitration of
all disputes between labor and capi
tal. JI. For the 1 omplete suppression
of Die social evil and Ihe white slave
12. For the abolition of the office
fee syslem.
I.'!. For civil service laws applica
ble to all departments' of the public
S'-i vice.
13. For the e'ltial and I in pari id 1
enforcement of all lais, In the end
that justice shall prevail and the
general welfare of all the people be
The prohibit ionisls decided not to
pill up a slate ticket. Three pi'esi
denlial elector s Were chos' ii. Mr.
Cook Was selected as state chairiiia n. I
the soup nerved at iTweniy-sIx delegates
I rencli UHoi'CO ISefust'd.
London, April 7 (3:14 p. n.) -The
decree nisi granted to Alls Ida Mari
e!Ie French. :t daughter of Robert J.
Wynne, formerly American consul
general at London, was rescinded to
day by the divorce court. This means
that ilrs. French's application for n
divorce from Captain H. K. French,
formerly of the Seventh Hussars, is
count ies
w .1 1
i-f pr
seiifed by
Porn to Mr. aud
her this morning, a
Oscar l;lu
liadish Seed
Crimson (.imil
l-larly Scarlet Wliite Tip.
i:arly lied Turnip.
Scariot OlMe.
I'l-encli Itreakfast.
Improved ( haitlcr.
Long Scarlet Short Tip.
Illack SpanNh.
While Slotlgal.
White MraustMirgli.
All iM-autifnl well. I'er packer. .":
ounce, tile: two nni-es, 15c; ipiarwr
f ound, 20c : l.alf fw.und, :tllc: s.iniil.
r.Oi ; Imo pounds, tlllc; five pounds. 2.
11. W'. I'K.i:. Seedsman.
212-21 1-2IH West ld vemie.
Thee nrec! wtl be M-liverel nny
part of tho 1I.V.
rav MaxNiM joiiftMAi. aakc.AL itAaao waai
Washington, April 7. I'neasiness
among the some 200 Americans in ami
about .nazal lun, on the west coast of
MeXiio, was reported in official dis
patches received late tonight. lie
ports or bandit raids in the country
sill rounding Maz.it bin were said to
have alarmed the Americans and
caused them to reiiicsl the constant
presence in port of a warship to be
in readiness to take them aboard if
necessary. Tlie protected cruiser
Chattanooga is dividing her time be
tween Maz.allan find C.uaymas.
official reports from Nuevo Lare
do, opposite Laredo, Texas, fold of
several Americans who had arrived
there from the interior or Coahulla
district In a destitute condition.
Officials of both th'- sta.i and war
deoartments said tonight there was
no truth In insistent reports from the
border that (ieiieral Carrair.a had
given the I'nited States a certain time
in whb h to withdraw its troops from
Mexico and that the. de facto govern
ment had massed lf, and soldiers at a
point below the border.
1HI. figures which show
Goodyear Tires to be
equipment on 21 per
cent ot the carscounted
in 71 cities can have but one
meaning, and that is decidedly
Goody ear h the favored tire with
the gnat majority of tire buyers.
Tlie basis of this emphatic prefer
ence cannot he price; for many
brands, sell for less than Goodyear.
It is Goodyear quality and Goodyear
features of construction which
make Goodyear Tires go farther,
last longer, and so cost you less in
the end.
iVl O N
tasy lo gel from CooJyearScrvlct Station Dealers T:.veryahert
Goodyimr No-Hook Tir.
sie fortified against ;
Rim-cutting By our No-Kim-Cut
Blow oufi By our On
Air Cure.
Loose Treads By onr
Kuliher Kivets.
Insecurity-- By our Multi
ple Braided Piano Wiie
Punctures and Skidding '
lly our Double-Thick
A'll-Weatlier Tread.

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