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Albuquerque Morning Journal, Sunday, July 9, 1916.
1 i&liilljkiZmd
fr'fiiliiSitik i
(pwtiE1' f w'3I'l?,ii" Wi.wn'iifii'irfviPMi
Prince Edward Albeit of
Wales, It Is Believed, Would
Marry Daughter of King Vic
tor Emanuel of Italy,
Absence of Much Needed Ore
at Home Compels Italians
to Seek Relief From Treas
ure Stores of Historic Island
ucip Tfl PRITICU lipnii Mimrc'nr "in
IILMI IU UlllllUll illlUIV IVIINLJ 111
( m-liitet Prrm C orreinnilon .)
Koine, J hup 21. riuiiiiftrineil re
t.H hut Prime Kdwunl Albert of
Wale, heir upimrent to tlie Hrilluli
throne, weeks the hand of l'rinerss
Yoljui'iii, the eldest daughter 'f Kihk
Victor I'.iiiinuniiel of Italy, have e
widespread disW'iinHioii here. Tlie
runior is a mirpriw to Itiiliiitm nener
ally, for It had lieen supposed that tilt;
jiillish prince would man y one of the
ilaimhters of Kniperor MeJjolas of
Knssia, liut there are a nunilier of ln-
ciileiitB I mil nine, iru un: uuiuiu p1 o- ' harriiiK
pe to IH'lieve inai. iiiure ramum
Hill uiarrv the Princess Volauda.
U 1H l -mi. ...... . y.i- .. ,..,.. ... .y,.,ulv pidduCCM over 4lUI,IMI0 tolls lif
tin. usit of the Duke of l otinuuKht to , in ro .,.,, , ,,..,, r
lh, ualian King in May was to piesen j ;,,, ,,,, t)ns , , ,.',,,, yu,,e,
,,. formal retiuest of the Kin ami , m. ,Oi00(M, , ,.;,,,., :,,Hl,mol
i;iu i a ui , ' . . , 1 1 ierniany, and ..'iiuMi.iino in Austria
rrllli'es.H 1 'Jiauu.l. i nr yiim-i ra in mil.
( .Woelulrd Yresi Corrri-iKindcnrf .)
Come, .tune :ii. The lion mines of
the Island of Snrdnr.a, worked In the
time of the Koninn reinililli' to ot tain
metal for the arms of her legions, arc
today belnn worked liy the Italians in
th'dr need for artillery munitions.
Never In her history, ueiordlnur to a
writer lit the Idea Nav.ionale, a daily
newspaper, has Italy felt the need of
iron or so reeuKiii.ed the lack of it in
her soil.
if the larue countries of the world.
Japan, Italy g soil Is the poor
est in iron ore, despite her care in de
veloping the mines she possesses'. She
Hungary, the country with Willi h she
is ut war.
I inc progress or Italy hk an iron
'producer has, however, heen rapid,
i In the year kiii she was producing
i hut 15,0011 tons of g iron, as com
pared to :i,.".,oiio tons In till.'. In this
is said j ear u is rsi iiiwneu mai tier pro-
,umuou. siimuiaieii ny tne neeus 01
her artillery and the high ocean
greater than m nor-
1", years old, ana tne pi mop is oniy
She received an Kniirltsh ediua
tani from hahyhood under the tute
liice of an Ktmllsh governess, Miss
Itiown, and tho.se who know her inti
mately have spoken of Ivr u one of I
the hest inarriaceahle prospectl! in!
European royal families. he
to he an extremely sensible anu prac
..I k.il'inir livitll.rht nr. In
a ?.mlv that i peculiarly domestic, ! freights from the fnlt.,1 State
mid Ileum the oldest Kirl in the fam
ily, her royal intimates say she has
hren refill riled as the "hoss " of ihe
luaisehold. She has always acted as
the protectress of her younger sisteis
anil her hrother, Prince Humbert.
Sometime!! she has extended thin ro!e
, veil to her mother, the (linen. The
lullfi on one' occasion recently, when
Fliealiinjt to the Aniericriii wife of .in
Italian journalist, said: " rarely at
lritilit to speak KilKlish because Vo-
liiiula insists on correcting my
til lies."
Princess Hescinblcs Mother
w i
l be cousidi rably
: ma I years.
i The mountainous country of the
mainland of Italv 's territory, incliidnm
ithe Alps and the Apenines, yields but
I little iron. The best p,.rt of jt tomes
I from the Islands of Si. tly and Sar
jdinia. The mines of raltanisetta In
Sicily produce some $6.(ini),iui0 worth
! of ore. Another t.OOO.Ouo worth is
mined in the districts about riorcnre.
jan.'ith-r million dollars' worth comes
j from l!oloi;na. while smaller values
conic from mines near N'aples. Koine,
j Milan and Turin. The next l.n .u.-st
The princesii stromrly resemldes per ; va iue couit s out oi me aocieni mines
mother. havitiK dark hnlr arid eyes, aiijof Sardinia, which prodme a value of
(ihe complexion, and the slow sinil" I over $1.' .onn normally. In peace
mil cnlike tlie famous one in tlie Mon, i jvears, and which .are Ileitis; worked
Lisa paintings. She has been v,l en , iiruler picsMire this year. It Is stated
even more of the modern outdoor ed - j 1 hat If foreljill capital niul American
ui ation than many of the I tnlian tflrls , machinery were introduced on that Is
who have followed the Kni:lish and land, the mines could be made still
Ana rican cus'.om. She plavs tennis more pi odm tile.
well, rides, swims anu is an cxceiieni .
I.isl nl and rifle shot. Since the warj
temin she has been the constant com-!
naiiion and aid of her mother in the I
The Golden Rule D
mmmumi ii i, man i mini i i" i
Generals of National Guard on Border' body ofmrrizal ()m
' I M
: : 3
ry Goods Company
j in,f ,r fif- " 'r-r' Y ' --'' '"- ..... ...., -,.....,.
poor families of sol
hospitals, particiilar-
wurk amoiif; the
(lieis and in the
ly Ihe latter.
The princess is a Catholic, and the
Kii'-'lish law does not allow of the oe
Ciiianv of the ltritish throne by I'alh
olic, hut amoiiK those who wish tu
ee the ini'l'lianc carried out it is re
callci! that in recent yours ceriain
I'lincisse.s have changed their religion
in order to become iiocns. The
'.iii'cn of Spain beranie a Catholic on
her maniaue, while the gucen of
(liiice alluded tlie religion of the
tnintl i for the same reason.
Should the inaniaw'e not take place
lllc fact may some day develop that
it was because the princess so willed.
The Italian royal family is known to
he sufficiently converted to dcuio
crutic ideas not to insist on a wcdiliiiK
which the princess fails to view with
tall approval. As the throne of ltnl
cuinol be inherited by a woman, the
marriage of the royal princess lias
not the far-reaching political import
nnee that Is true in the case of the
Prince of Wales. The war havini; ap
purently eliminated both Merman and
Austrian suitors, if tlie Princess Yti
laiula marries in neither Knuland or
liiissi.i, she mav after all marry in
Paly, where many of tlie princely
houses consider themselves unite as
r'ood as I he House of Savoy.
The Italian royal family in far
wealthier than tlie English royal fam
ily, heiiiK rated only second to that
of Russia in wealth, and much of this
wealth Is cold cash not in undevelop
ed lands.
Santa l-'e, July S. A moxcineut to
endorse him for superintendent of
public instruction was frustrated to
day by County Superintendent John V.
Conway In the Santa Fe county teach
ers' institute, lie Implored the teach
ers not to pass the proposed resolu
tion, as he ib enied it reprehensible for
any bounty institute to become active
partisans for any candidate or party.
Superintendent Conway for an hour
today addressed Ihe Institute of Indian
teachers and employes, I ein,4 inter
rupted nuaiti and UKain by cheers. Ml
next Wednesday Ihe Santa l-'e county
institute will allcnd the Indian insti
tute at Ihe Indian school, participat
inj; in the class work and holding a
1 asket picnic on the shores of the bb;
lagoon on the Indian school grounds.
L t
1 ' I
lV HOaNINC JOU.N.l WltlU I '!
i:i Paso. July V The I o.h ol
l.ieut. llenr Ail air. Carii.al ictini.
was sent from beie today by expie-s
to his former home at Poitluud. I'l'"
That of I ev n I iiiieker. Ihe oiilv
Hooper identified, was shipped I'
llai'trtell. Ma. Those of the six other
troopers are hcinir held here peniliiut
Insli iictlons foe their disposal.
! II was stated at department hend
I (i i in rt ci M thai iweiilv one of the UM'll-lls-three
IroopeiH captuied ai Carrl
' -,al and releas. d June !. probablv
would b(. M n to Cobnobus. N. M , to
1 ilny. euroiite to their commands in
i .Mexico. The (wo wounded will be
j held here for Ireatiiienl .
The Tenth infanllN. Peiiuv b. ania
I luilloiial i4iAid detrained today at
I Fort ltlisd.
(MY MnHNlNa JOUHNftk Frii LttO Wl)
P.i i Un. .1 1 1 1 v i '.oruiiin t roopH on
both sides of the soiome in Ihe Held
of the entente offensive nlontf the
Moslem front lone repulsed wltb
heaw liis-ci re(ieiiled ultacks by the
Hrltish ami French, tlie war office an
nounced today.
-mJt1ll -v46 f-;. i
r j-MjMjwpiii hiibmiiwimii n in unit nwnniiiw irwmTmnnmniwir ii wmnn w in irwtwiWTl'"" t Wtifa-
i.'i i,.
Constipation and liuliKestion.
"I ....... i ' 1 1 n in be r hi I n ' s Tab-
lits and must war theV are the best ijproin
have ever used for constipation and
iiulisestion. My wife also useil them
for indiseslion and they did her
nood." writes Kugene P. Kuicht, V'il-taiiii-'ton,
N. C. Chamberlain's Tab
leis ure mild and gentle in their ac
tion. Give them a (rial. Vo:i are cer
tain to be pleased with the agreeable
laxative, effect which they produce.
Obtainable everywhere.
abiarv l und.
;. In an effort to
c library e ei y day
ommittce of Ilie
Hoard of Trade ap
coum il last even
a nioutbly appro-
of the levy that
iuic .ij;ii be
The republi
cans who control the city administra
tion from top to bottom, bad pted'.,ed
themselves duriiu; the sii ini; caio
paii;n to active financial support of
th - librnrv. The cily council declared
I hat for the present it had mi funds
to diver! for the public library, hut
ised informally to im pute the de
sired funds in the biultfei lor ii
fiscal year.
Women .sk
Santa Fc, July s
keep open the pul b
las in the past, a c
! Santa Fe Woman's I
i pea red before cily
iliR and asked for
i nrintion of $jn in Ii
' had been cut off some
'cause of its illeualitv.
1 - I '
, iff"''' "
v J t" - . .
t- -
JOHN P. O'&Y&fs
f unpe.it w ao d Oc
livestock Compaiiy lull ca-s Capilal.
Santa Fe. July v-The Navajo Live,,
stock and Tradintt company, of Mal
lup. today increased Us cajiiuil k
from JfiO.OOO to $100, ooo accordinu to
a certificate filed today with the
state corporation commission.
lc.,-n,l,-,l,l... Durable. Mailable. .Pu-1 the lvil "r I'mnilure Hull
W ill Make Iviti Uen "I k a Plelisui e.
Geo, C. Scheer Furniture Co,
Illinois, Pennsylvania and New
York have sent the lamest numb, r of
national uardsnieii to the Mevican
border, an 1 they are commando,-! by
these generals. Kach one has unite
an army in his chari'.e. an ai my suf
ficient to meet am force Cairana
has so far mustered in his .cionn
Stale ISiaiiil Uler IPalcrs.
Santa .luiv s. -The state board
of health is relentlessly prosei utnm
lualcis. in addition to several con
victions scciiiid rcieiitlv at lloswell
IdPiriM. codnBapoNnNC TO MOr
Mount. Hiiair .M., July
del to pi Mill! CI alioiiiyls
auto outiiia.s and have nm
s.- - In or
lo enjoy
e lime for
i-esi than at form ' ha iilauiiia
sious. the inanaKi inent or tin
chaiitaieiiia lo opi u .1 uly I I i
tainair have in ranged to h
Ibiae luoniaia sc?
of six ni more. 'I i
ijniv Ha, .Mont
ICuarai will be
ivlsiled 1 y Ihe it'dellls of
, can A n bai olo'-i
fin of the Inli
i !i;ht out id ev i
1 rain e county i
ii iv ill be
tlon i
I lona
t pra. 1 it ionci s without a li
lt has iusi seeiiied Ihe convlc
f Luciano Cordova at Anthony
Ana i-imm.v. Cordova was sen-
ses- .
Moilll- j
- only !
ions (In 1 1 instead i
rums of La ban !
.iima, Ta ihiie and La 1
i, ..nits of Intel est I a he j
the Aiiiiii-
al school and I' in li-
miniv imdltule. As
, leu lai no i s oi Tor
- :i lil to own a "fliv
i easy ma 1 1 1 I ( u' v is
1 1 1 ; i to an ini!1' to
the ioiiiiIi.v and not
pro; I a m sessions nt
j imced lo sixtv d-ivs
j jail. Narciso I 'adilla,
j Ibe same offense, was
j case itrew out of the
parish priest w ho bad
j call for I ho last iinctii
I sioti bin was put out o
the son of the woman
j tunned h un. 1 'm dov a
of a heaieis" club ha
i hers in the Mesilla
i pledL-i-d a ta inst i a Hi
i pbv sician and believ e
' of haiuls as siifl'ici- r.t
1 d is"ase. In I ! io ri (!
in the ci,
arrest of
wit h
to a
nd coiifes-
f the house by
win, I
is the
illL' L'lUI
who are
K in a regular
n t he lav Iiir on
for i he cure of
and Taos conn-
j ties, too, an .'n ine propat-'amia is to
' be made at;ain-.i. herb loeo-s and un
I skilh'd uiiitwi. ci. who have flourished
in the iiast because of the lack of
i ri L'ii ar ph sh i-i ii:
I settlements.
' i I 1 1 s lii chant:
; fhvv er" ai ou
! tuterfel c wi'b
1 he lahernai !e
! A ' a i. rer from AH ti-ri ill
! likely have i li.n " or Hie diniiiK hall
and the rrl'it shim ill parlors. The
I four coin enti. or lo meet for a prohi-
bition ru llv .1 uly I '' ut'il tlie state coii-
veiitlon of Wuiiiaii's Christian T' n-
perance I'nion -Inly ami
fu a w eK a lively one no
ol prohibition. .Mis. Mary
Harris A i nn ur the silvei -I oiu;iii d
"cv.aiiKcl of the new crusad"." is lo he
one of the naliouaily known speaKeis
.luiv l!i L'd and -L The annual
nieelinij of tl
d 'siim-i'""1 lhl
.n, n.o- ' 1 hi' ea usi
the mm e rclll'
way assoi la lioi
lalinbcr of loa,
eba ula 1 1 i
I '.ecu use the
Will be in sell
Ihe last Week I
t .' l i i " I d.'ci'h'i!
si era I da '- in
Interslate Abo HlKh-piomi-es
lo briiiK a
booslelK to the Slate
ssesvii,.i FtnlU
Sirita Fc -luiv
roll of Sanbi Fe
pli'tnl next week
mils has ini; been
Sear oinplel inn. ! I hose
s - The assi ssliietit stale
iiimty w ill be emu - i
t w o ot In r coan I v i
ilready 'e eived bv
who ib. -ii.
and the I!'
Ilclnalh attractions i
al New AI. xlco cities
i July the state chim
in move the dates up
,nier to a ' con -ninda t "
lo, attend both the
Ipath i liaulniuiias.
the tax
lion r
incut of
conimissimi. In tins
s of iclerest that 111
M .zona. wiHi ' w
mi of N, w .VP i.
Ii railroad
art a. ii ta;s $ 1
assessment on
been i'icrea.-l -I
i oil lit of the el
come to co 1 1 pi I
lill Ui'C ! he Si III' '
to tu cents on tin
ii'iil conoid
a, loin, nut) 1 !
mutes ah
tLir.it- tb '
one. third
abb. I--'
yi a r, the!
.- ha i m; .
It pP'Spl
tax i. Hi
f I ell.
lo la
Kalm lim llolen l!uslnc-,s.
Ill lell, . M., J'lly - When
leal was closi it today I . which
lied Kill II took mil' the l IlllV
.f the A. inilii r .M.-reantile and Mn
erv i onipan -. on" of t- oldest fun
f i he i if wi ru oat. of I ac-ii.e'-s
ivll make II. i fourth .-tore to
iwricd In the stale ,v .Mr. Kabn win
ilso has general i iei carl ile and vro
V i iius.-s in . s : . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I 'P
.ml :-'an l'e lio.
the ;
'ice- :
lock I
'I h':
:i M li 1
( and dale lladly P.eati n.
Santa l-'e, July x. I' rout .Mora
comes the n poi I t h. t l.eaiulro
i l.uleta a n .il.!ii an . aiiilidaie for
loutitv office, who hails fiont lioy.
was so badly beaten up in a p.eitlcal
a ratinient with anotinr rcpuboenn.
that Ihe report that he was murdered
LI Paso, To.
battalion of
gained wide circi. lation.
r- vaiueiit. 1
cuaid. arrived
1 ' i onsisii'd o
punas of IIM)
I c'i.ii ,s -aid
Second closely
fore mornlnq:.
i aoian-
... .luiv '
Up- Six!
.-lill-- I
pile tl
l o F,
t.. be
and j
i una
- '1 In
nl h in f nit ry
i national
die in LI Paso.
M a ml 1 1 1 1. in -The
Third bat
liillowtni; ihe
expia ted m be-
Three , Million Auto Tires made
by GOODRICH, in year 1915
I TITDY thf; rrico-Tilpt publicly printed bolow.
Compare with tho Jd.- t-l rinM f J nthor J iron mmic m
itJ V olinnr.
Observe that romjtin: Trices are In'jlicr in fthtiost the exact proiiortioa
I jtliat VOLUME of production u tunalh r.
This, wlien Quality ripproachoo tho Gomlrlrh Standanl.
Cr.t our VA", Tire Output (of ...ODO.OOO Auto and Truck Tires) to Onc-lhlnl;
' and it would still far exceed the Avermre of all Comiietino; Makes or r.rands.
liut, that iui re reduction in Volmnc MIGHT result in every Tire wo mado
cosfiiif) you, Onc-thini MOKE than present prices. (
They would not. and could not, be liETTEU Tiron, at this necessarily,
1 higher-cost to Us, and h'ujh- r-vricp io Ymi. A
Tlecause. (Jeodrich Tires arc not made up to a price, nor down to
ta price."
I 9
WE, first of all. make the I;EST Fabric. Tires that our -17-year Export
once in Uuhher-WorkinjT. our Imue 1'urclia: iiiK-IVuver, and tho)
nitist Advanced Eijuipmeut, renders possible.
Then we let ( .". fall where it will.
To that Cost we add a moderate, and fair, l'rolit for Ourselves and fur our;
Then we let YOLUMi: risc,-as it. will.
The morn Tires we Make, the LKPS each Tire COSTS ? to produce - and
flho lens it costs YOU to buy them. , ,. . , , I
i . Tlie more Tires we .St , tho less profit, per Tire, E NEED, for dividends. I
The more Tires we make, tho better we KNOW HOW to make them, the,
iinoro we have at Stake on Quality,-- and Satisfaction to Consumers.
And, because of all this,
The IiEST Fabric Tires that Skill,- Experience, -Oood-Faith, and Maximum,
Vohrmc, can build.-are now available to YOU at the I lUl Y MODKUA TU Fair-Litt
I'licea hen- quoted.
Why pay more for ANY Fabric Tire ?
Tin: r.. f. cooueicii co., Ai.mn, o:
NOTICE. TliesP Tires are os pet '"' t fi't I'itlu ii: 'I i-vi can l m-'e.
Put. nhnuld :uiv ili'i ati .irlion v.'!!ab. vei' an-', vi.h my C lo'a-'i Tirr
nnd RKQLTvS'J'fCI), to tut the rm'.'.b-r up tr",H'"V w itl-; i.- t'-e Vr'.. i t.
lie will find that Pair, .S juaie, tm.J LU.iMAL I r .'.mint v..l alvvnyi
proper ailjustiru ulv.
its Owner l'i Inviteil,
extended, on all
r-ir. n. r. t-noDiuai co., ah-oh. o.
Ford Sizes
31 vA
vJ x '
(Snfely Treads)
$22.00 37x5 j . . .
u ni M m J K m A i
-Black "Barefoot"
TVc.nr longer tlma Lcatlicr!
In V uternrtiut!
3lh,cs for your SHOE Soles what black ''Bare-fvvl-Riibbir"
dues for Goodrich Tire SolcsJ ,
Vi.n.slinr.ervl U mure Mcxilile tliin I ratlierl
Is LAMt.K ua your i mi
-l Liglitcr thi;a I.cu'hcr!
Ask jour Shoe Dealer, or Shoe Repairer, lor Tcxtan Soles on (.ur next pair of Shoes,

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