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Albuquerque morning journal. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1903-1926, September 03, 1916, CITY EDITION, Image 7

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jQEgBWragg Morning Journal, Sunday, September 3, 1916.
Hesitation at the Outset IsDis
nplled Before the Day Is
Over and iradmg becomes
Active; Marines in Demand,
ia oii" - .,
rt "iK. oepi, - j . '-
hPt hesitated 81 tne ouisei, nisi quo-
laicaiing bouwi "n "
f ,n, professional rieniem as m me
risnlfl nnee r overnight develop.
jtg in the railway labor situation. 1
. indition wave way later to gen-1
erai Mrength, the advance being aid
,,, 111 I XICnSIM' MUM 1 Hill lirij,
...t.iu .'niiut
h 111 marinei
I'PI " . .
, ..I 111,. I, ........
I'll 1 1 1
was the noli
PWUiUlJ leaillie
,,,;;; n .ine preferred, which ad
1 , a nolnts to 744. Coppers
,1 other metals
uoro line In wn
l"i 11 " . ..... ,
,s ulvani e.i anom as mucn ana
tor, mad.- u), some of then- recent
with additional gains In ac-
IjSted states steel came forward
, .k 1 he last, heinu extensively
taken Up to !"l7. extreme unin Of
, and placing it with the quarter -
.illil esira liniueuus 01 Hie lneiuiuT,,
within polni of its hinh record.)
Reading and Canadian Pacific led ',
th,, advancing movemeni in rain at;
Willis (if almost two pnillts. Tntiil i
Ktlen amounted fo 274,000 shares
The forelirn exchango market was:
a nominal affair.
Bonds were steady, but dull, Anr;ln-l
French 5's being largely dealt in at I
ihn nrevailing Quotation. Total sales,
1 ai
tine, were 1 1,445,000.
United states coupon 4's tos
n.,ii on call during the weea,
I'losiiiR jirlces:
Amerti an Beet Sugar
American 'n
Amet Ii an I 'ar Ai Foundry
American l.ocomotivr
Ann re an Smelt. Hi KefiniiiR . .
American Bugar Refining
Ainern an Tel. Tel
American Zinc, Lead s
Ana. onda Copper
Baldwin Locomotive
Baltimore St Ohio
Brooklyn Rapid Transit
Butt Superior Popper
California Petroleum
I'aiutdian I'aeifi.-
Central Leather
Chisapeako & Ohio
Chicago, Mil. & St. Paul
Chicago Northwestern
Chicago, R. I. - Pacific Ry . .
Chin, i Copper
. lolorado Fuel A Iron
Corn Products Refining
I'rueihlc Steel
Distillers' Securities
7 ; t
1 a i -'.
1 7
14 s
188 ',
1 1 1; :',
fleneral Electric
Oreal Northern pfd
flreai Northern Ore Ctfa. ,
Illinois Central
Intel hormiKh Consul, orp.
Inspiration upper
International Harvester, N
Int. Mer. Marine pfd. Ofs. . .
Kansas City Southern .
Kennecotl copper
Louisville & Nashville
Mexican Petroleum
Miami Copper
Missouri, Kansas .'i Texas pfd
Missouri Pacific
Montana Power
Natioral Lead
Nevada Copper
N't-w York Central
X. V , N. H. & Hartford
Norfolk & Western
Northern Pacific
Pacific Mail
Pacific Tel. & Tel
Kay Consolidated i topper
Republic Iron & Steel
Bhattuck Arizona Copper ....
Southern Pacific
Southern Hallway .
Btodebaker Co
Tennessee Copper
Texas Company
iTJnlon Pacific
Union Pacific pfd
I'. 8. Industrial Alcohol
United States Steel
United states Steel pfd
TTtah Copper
Wabash pfd. "B"
Western Union
WeBtlnghouee Electric
Tolal sales for Hie day,
1 I's
. 1 on 14
. 2 ii
. 33
. 244
. r,:',i4
,4 i
. 23'
oa 1
117 1.
' Si i
' -,':i
27 4,0n0
( lilt f.o BOARD or TTI Mil
Chicago. Sept. 2. Confidence that
a aKdaaiMl e lk-aa(anaa vail- I
way stiikc would tie effe. ted led tO Af rJ" ' ' . ''; ;., , .;,
i decided upturn today , wheat. The ',.:j :n., Z f.7To? win!
Hose was strong at the highest level I Uf lMK , M Thompson, phone WW. Me
of ihe session, a net advance of 27m',;,,', saiLsf,-
lo 414 c, with Iiecemlier at $1.4,- to
81.48. and May at $1.4H'4 1 il-4'.i'V.'
inin-r leadinir staples, too. all slioweu ;
gains- corn Vt to
oats to 1 'H' ' j .
mill provisions la to 50c.
Disappearance of anxiety over thl
chan. . (hsl K... ..I. .,t. hi. or til misrht I
fee defeat nel avManl from ths out I
set in .u.. ...i ill umi.
- ill. nr." n, ... - n ."
mi,, ...... . i I..I..J
in si- was lose it an. i i mm '-.i i , i
, , . ' . . . :
ggas aeveioped that foreign ucmanui
...i-i o.-ciini.. 1 1 IK e 1 1 1 . lllili-co, c...-i. '
pr.-iiiiiinis paid by exporters were th
highest ,,f any time this season
Notice of a ccncral nullification of
railway, embargoes seemed to in
chn fiy responsible for the activity of
fcrelgnera tlthnuvh at Intervals dur-
tog th, day realising by holder wash"
o a uoerat scale, tne ensuing uown-
turns in values proved brief. '
1 orn like wheat showed a hroad
general demand. Dais displayed In-
. acpendent strength owing to an- I
h" im i in. nt .(,,.. ,h,. Ci iii-n -
Blfnt had taken 1,000,000 bushels
8pi lators and packers were ac-
tlv.- inuor-s 0f nrovisions i iiitimism I
reaardto tSe IM s'i.i "..., '
1 ' o man an onset ior a m - ,
nine which took place in Ihe hog
ywSng prices:
Who,-,, - I),., ember. $1.47 ; Ma)
f ' - t .,
rn Dejc., 73. : May, 7S4c
Datj Dec., 48Hc; Mav, :.i ',-.
Pork-int., $2.75; Jan., 324 80.
, ' 1 'ci .. 1 4 . 4 r, : .latr. $14. 00.
K 1 1 k:t., $14.37. Jan., $12.17.
1 ' KLT PIS ( I l. REPORT.
W Voik, Sept. 2. The statementi,
of the
....... I
L"o' s, discounts, etc., $3,292,SST,-'
actual i ,-nwlito.., 4t f nnir ' ' ' . ... . . ... .-. n-i . ' - I .
ht, .;., i , " ', : .... gni . -M -1- KAMI..
"mae banks and trust comi-anns for ... v---v,
"'' l-hows that they hold $:.-; . . -, Reference PV fts : ir - i, R " "J t
.14fl reserw in excess of legal re-1 . ' -
qtiii. inents Thiu i.. ,t ..f-: ' '
-"":... f,,,,;, fast week Th' MONKV J"2ea-aa-a-
-ta'""""it follows- i-"p'r-iii.'e-rr-:i"" " '"'. !
ti-in.i i. ...... ..... ha, ..had . ;. : . s -iiiu.u-
0O; Increase 141,435,000.
Reserve .in own vaults (B), $441.
' y4 000 dex iviis,. $1 4,740,000,
Reserve in federal reserve iu nU s.
$itii.".vt..ofl; decrease 10,180,000,
Reserve In other depositaries, .:'.. -197,000.;
dt crease J I 089,000
Net deposits, 3,2S4,361,000; In
crease $ 4 2. 2 1 7,000,
Net time deposits, 1170,401,000; dt
crease $9,182,000
Circulation, $:; 1 ,:;sT, mil)- increase
IB) 01 which $874,408,000 Is specie,
Aggregate reserve, 1666,367,000,
Excess reserve, $96,839,1401 do
rease $30,001, 2S0.
Summary of state hanks and trust
ii 1 1 a 11 i,'s in ureater New 1 mi. not
L,B,!J5 'ftJJS'S fuY,,"iiS??:
Loans, discounts, etc., $7l4,88i,suui
Increase $798,700.
P. $5.4ai,T0j ,le. reuse
Legal tenders, $8,041,300; Increase
I $-ji .stun.
T-itnl deposits issl fupifi.iu. in-
1 crease iti.izn.auu,
Hanks' cash reserve in vaults. $ll -
1 Trust companies cash reserve m
vaults, $66,5!
1 1 in 1: i 1:1 sua 1 REPortT,
Washington, Sept. 2, The com -
hlned resources and liniuiities of the
. twelve federal reserve hanks Beptom
'i .!., ........... I b. S.r.1
I hoi 1 ar ,ii fallows
j f -
, ?oM '"" 1
und, $104,601,000
1 -.iini
(lulu redemption fund with t'niti
! 1 . i . . ,i , a , v 1 i . 1 1 1 , 1
.'-- . . . .1.... . . ,
Total gold reserve, $361,7.1,000,
lgal tender notea, silver, etc., $11
I 805.000,
'"'utai reserves, $305,370,000,
i Five per eenl redemption fUl
III Mllinsi leueiai reseiie iiaiui nun
1 $500j00(
lldl- I u-i on iiii-.l ami Itoolit.
Maturities within ten days, $1!
From 1 1 in 30 days, 123. 671, one.
From 31 lo 80 days, $42,6T4,000,
From 61 to 00 .lavs.- $21,250,000,
Over 80 days. $3,342,000.
Totals, $106,070,000,
United states bonds, $48,821,000,
One vear treasury notes, $8,107,000,
Municipal warrants, $21,302,000,
Total earning assets, $181,888,000.
Federal reserve notes, nel $20,890,-
j Due from federal reserve hanks, net
i $36,607,000,
ah oilier resources, $3,031,000,
i Total resources. $607,402,000,
j I lahilili. s.
i i a 1 1 1 1 a i pun! in. iiii,.iu,uu
- Government
loposlts, $50,918,000.
gg Member haul, deposits, nei 4X4,
s,r, i 697,000,
102 Federal reset e notes, f I 4,4 I 0,000,
;5 " i Federai reserve hank notes In cir
gKK I ' illation, $1,680,000.
aii other liabilities, $2111.000.
Total liabilities, $607,402,900.
Hold n-serve against net deposit and
nolo liabilities lai. t; s . 4 ucr cent.
cash reserve against nel deposit
and note liablUUes (a), 71 per cent
Cash reserve against net deposit I ni
hilities tfter setting aside 40 percent
sold reserve against aggregate net lla
hilltles. ( n federal reserve notes in eircu
lot ion. 71.4 per cent.
Cllicaga Livestock.
Chicago, Sept. 2. Cattle Receipts
;; ' "i , l L'.ooo. Market weak. Western steern,
l i I i6.30tfe9.0O; (dockers, $4.76 D 7.80;
"U'c'ows $3.40tJ?9.25; calvea, $8.S0fj
f'T'-t lg.25.
- ii:;-K lions Receipts 28 ooo. Market
'" ''' dull, 20c under yeiterda.v's nverage,
84 Bulk, 810.25tfilP.8ri; 'i"lit. $lft'.36B
49H U.00; mixed. 89.9510.50; rough,
.138 $o.8510.0Si pins. $1.0009.40,
.102Hi gheep Receipts 13,000. Market
Mweak, Wethers, $6.15 ti7.50; lambs,
,10 : $0.25 fl 10.80.
Kansns Cltj Uveatock.
ias City. Bent. 2. Cattle -Re-!
Market steady. Wentern
Steers, $0.50479. DO; COWS, 4.bUgji.gD;
heifers, $8.00ff5 10.26; stockers, $8.26
7.7rc, cnlvc.'i. $8.504911.00.
' Hogs Receipts 1,500, Market 10
to 15c higher; bulk, SI0.:s5k 10.66;
heavy, $10.35t 10.88; light, $10.3087
1 in.70: pigg, $8.5041 8.50,
siieep -Receipts none. Market
steady. Ij'.mhs. !(.. 'u lo
lilies, $7.25S.O0; wethers, $7,onh
; 5 ; ewes, $6.50 f 7. 1 a.
i""i' i'
Denver Livestock
. Denvor, Sept. 2. Catth Receipts
1 93 2.000. Market Iteadyt Heef steers,
18744 $6.O08.O0; cows ami heifers, $5.0049
7074(8.75; stOCkari and feeders, $6,003
I.. on; caiv.s. ivimn I'-.'i'i
Hogs Receipts oo
Market 25c
lower. Top, $l"..l
. .....
hulk. IHMlO'ii
.oeep i.i-i -in
steady, Uimlis,
$9.25 rj 9.
w W i l li Poaltlons
WANTED By middle-aged lad
houeekeper, small family; no
North Eleventh street.
hlldren, :":
-Him lady -
i an furnish i.
'I'Sltea peglllol
( ; i .,.,.,, v, ,,,,. man mteml
In unlverslt) deelres work In aftei Bs
sji m .ta... funnsii
WANTED Jananeai s 'ung man wanti l
sit Ion as chaffeur IB private famlli
eSDerlence In Log ABgelea goi
inlc. ,
careful drlv
w.,; help garden work. Prank I
Pred Harvey w.i.iaBie.
, ,
I'Ml-l I iv :ii in a aataei- hat dealt
,.;,..,,, ,., Nu- m,.x r Prisons can j
handle any department, electrical and Bl- trade in Sea Mexico, to sell a Bew i .;-r-anlslng
Included; eight years' experlewia; I ait Inn ..f merit . vacancy rum . attraetlvi
i, .-si of references furnlahed. I itm-i ((. "- i
.,. cni-.n Tel. I
OMPETENI bookkeepei ami stepographel
married; able to
opt n
books ami reader all statementi ei
experience ; empioyen n w
ran ham in- correspondence; ex-
r.... ,, fil.,, ,,,M, ,,,,,. sliatraoi
hank ami a- commercial
,1 .1-
i., recommendations
"II"" Man ar.
J urnal
evil ,,1',,'J2 .a-a.,1
in TRADE A no f land lor a us", i
' t ne Murt in- u, good '-.-I. .. Vat'
Realty Comnaflv. I
- ". V- Z I
, WANTf:i-RK,n.a UJih JWmrd
w ntkh-Hi bedroom ami sieepina l
Kub beard. In private family: in m airahl
.,, ,,f tosrn. I'h..ne ton
I 2.
TO I II V(.l Heal I -tat. .
I to EXCHANOK aplendld farm.
cor BBN1 Foor-rooea fart . ' '- "od
era. with sleeping porch 01 Boat Sixth
I slr.t Inqtllr
H-tel "fflee.
Private part
..I.. h,ai..h
....... w-
Ms a.ageeei f, a eg 088. fttf.
B If owi lave Wsiffiift
M 1 Tlk the
3 , r, 0 0 Three 4-rooi
houses, furnished,
rental Income $
$ 1 ,300 1 ash, balaiii
s per com
00 7-room, 3-.toty, ailohe, slue-
ooed, modern, furnished; also I
room adohe In rear; ail on i"t fli
I 12; Third ward, 0I0M In
$i,8no 4room frame, bath, fine
liaile mid fruit trees. North Kiev-
I ,,nth strew; fine location.
4(000 .roomUn$mlow, hardwood,
tloon, built-in features, good loca-
uon, nortnwegi gertioa.
$2.M'0 Ki o-rooni frame, modern,
giassea-in steeping gtorvo, osm.
i go.ni ouiIuiiIiIIiiks. fine sluide ami
1 fruit trees, lot 100x14:, Fouttn
$1,600 5-room frame, tiath, etc., la
Highland-,, close In; very easy
M.ir.v other bargains in improved
I and unimproved property.
Real Batata ami inanrwim
1 1 1 south I mirth Stn-4't
1 1 McHpaddcit r 1 McHnmltlcn
TIE lEXC)D(iyflK
s ( oMi II M (.(Mills l(il (JUT
l s(l l
r.i. id,- Headquarters,
I'llOUC 1 i , I. ISO H e-l (.old
w, XTfTi ' m. . 11 .-7 i-. . WMtei
t'nlo Teleartph Ca
WANTKl) KipTrleBred . In t k. c 1
A-aufi , . 1 1 1 - Pullman j afe.
W'N'l'i:ii A K"'"l iiiUkTr nl mi. M.o-.'l i
ens I ,i! 1 1 y, MagUalapa, N. M
WAN'rUO Itaiiiei . nea.lv i -i' W W
j'.iti.-i But n Magdalns, N- M.
ii;l: .uliiiil aut" i.-Jinil lni; V"illlg Mi-n's
Chrlitlan Am-icIhiIoii, l.ne kuveli', Cils-
kiguc free.
WANTKl) I ; i " 1 1 1- n i - - 1 1 ilenogropher sad
ufflct in. in. htillhy tad at I haldU
C I ,..-I1I,K II-. X Xi. ,.-ll-llll.
WANT8I1J hi pi nU m Mint ISbuMIS, H'liid
in. hi i. . experienced rat. fcl u.-r. Km
pluymenl Asen. -. I In 8 Thlnl. PljoneSH.
1 WIDE-AWAKE eneriell, nslesmiili foi
in NfW MSXICU I-llll'il. Bc(iwiii
it llnwsrd 8lga Co., '( Hal
'in- oin.iti, i Ibto,
l,Al!i:R msuiifscturer wanti rspr.
nil. 111. a
s.-n eiiin ondarwaar, boatary, iin-aaea. i
wnlai". sliliia, direct to limn. -a. Write for
free samples, Msdltoa Mttia Droadway.
NtW V-.rk. c'lly.
buaineai man
rdware liualneu In
I uon
N'eii Itesico Capital furnlahe.1
galaat yout lime aBd iii.iliii Neceaasry o.
ravst. writt. aiiins referancea i
teal Ware Co . Plitihurgh, Pa,
WANTKl) Men to learn iha harlici trade
Pew week) completea Actual experience
careful laatruotirisa; a method tbal hai
pi,.. 1 1 1 thoussada in g I poaltlons. Cat
.- help i"ii'' Willi- Holer Bai her College
I -. in . i (.'"In. Eatttbllahed ISM
i I n le Sinn
11.. la 'i,- '-. - - n
:a acatloBS rapid advaace. rbouaan
jobs "pi-ll tills year. I will I" !i - "I
,.- Write for my big free I k Ot i:
day Bsrl Hopklna, WaahlBstoa. D 0.
Tit i
w. i
11 all
1 ! 1
1 eraate.
1 w NTEIJ tWoi
II nili I'll-mi
III 111 all .
WM It. una.
t t 'illll'-li'Nt CiMil
11 .N.dih Twtllth.
11 UKI-S, 1 ,'l "-I
WANTED Oood k Inquire Itnlian
Scl 1 Club, Indian School.
e.k. Apply Mis. M
I Stein, lil'4 Weat Copper uienue
WANTED Girl i" aHsiat In linuaawork amt
, klllg. Appl) 1 '" ' 'i-'la. si re" I
w ANTED Woman to k and a.
bouge work at Trlmhle'i ranch.
WA NTED I 'onipeli in wonn n for
, 1 a I
I liouaework Apply mornings, l in South
i Poui leant a itreet.
i -ma n for g. ii. ra ;
a ugework: t.ntitu- - f tour; s I uaea.
pply 33KI ,'.',.iiii Seventh Phone ltllJ.
WANTED At unpa, ten
di raoagtrste n't'i aell n
iHtliee ti
stabllghed lino
n. ..ni- daalara. Prevloua eSperleBce nel
neceaaary ; good pay; rgliread fare paid.
a Irlch Drug Co., Dept ((n, Omaha, Neb,
WANTIiD Experienced seleslsdies. Apply
IA' I I I ,
business necessity; retails 16 to IKK); en-1
i. rnn.ua profits; ii" competition! exi-lualve i
territory; tree gampiea veyeri u... i
WalBwrlght, tit. Loula
WANTED Salesman, young man, Ameri
can; must spenk Bpaniah; etperlenoe.l
elothing ami shoe salesman. Write under,
signed regarding salary, etc Nathan 841"
m a. Hants Fe, N 84.
sm.ksmkn-Sideline, make money s. II.
iiih' .-nt' in-ii- five-cent ;ot pii-iute knife
punch boards Big commission, Write for
exclusive territory Address Dgn Quails
ill, i'... II, . 41'., Kmixilll.-. 'I'.-i, 1 1
WANTED Salesman excellent permaneal
noaltlon "ii. ti September 18; capable sal.-a-
man in New Meitco staple hne f..r general
tlUI,i trade; in. .-rid commlsslot.g; ISS.WI
weekly advance Ralph II Lie. .vag U ill, una
1 1. . i ip
w-AViKl.-.-Mieman r. general mercanlll
commissi. m . .ntt ei. W.w weeaiy i
penaea Mi lea P Blxler Co., Whole sle I
' 11
iiis. I'.i. ,; ii ions' , i le.i iami. im
-lili pi, lit
I I,., lira, have
lUliigue. It-
( r. (r,,,,.
thlily ur-
..it. i at
Will.- I'
Kal . i n.
. ....,,,,, .. , ' ,
I ' '.. i our Magic Washing Cryalal; ncr.led
,. ..... Ilahas rubbing, wash-
,. i ,c I . .. - Does not Injure 'in
- .
' rporatlQB. Box 1174. DeBver, tJolo,
mini tk.s pai dollars demnnatrstlBiU87.Ia1
adding marhlm wonderful Inveajtlon,
...i .
Where; en-.rm .l.-mano eiery sale i.-av.-.
Rapids II.-li
11 I'l tt RITKRS
iAi.l. KINDS, both new aim e. KiBS harm.
bought, a Id. rented and repatre.i Ainu
querqua Typewriter Ex- nange. Phone M4 i
. a I uth F -it t r, street
chines. First class rentala Repairs and
high grade rehulli typewriters Expert me
chanic in charge - f sh p. 121 West Oeld
OS r- iH CnOrw, Te--l ,.mnti
i f-,r Imlian 11 i beta r rags.
Siiiiees I3U N jrtn Senad sueei.
I'liiii-room house, lot ,ixl42; -
menl walk, clooe 10 ear line. Gnb
$850, This is a bargain if you want
a small home,
Rt'.AI. I I A l t:.
216 WWt OOLD.
on have Ipiisihiss pnopertVi
-. ai ant lots, .a business foi
' wle
i monei to loan, houtes or rooms
rent let? me ba 1 hem Ha e , ou
I'nlverslly rleighln lots foi oale
ii good bu) I ft o, 1 ,.,n sell thom.
I al
It. Met I I U1IAJ4,
210 West (lold. I'hone $07
10 blWUI
i in
Embroidered linen hag inntalnlug
sltl) -ihi-i mi. I ithei .uti.irx l-'.si
a.. Bwsrd "a- u ir.j.l.
I.lll f.illt "II I tie I'ilsl ...Oil .rll""l
xindi i ants I at a it Labor day ih.nce
Iteturn to sol North l-'am. roofs ---
Phone it' n
uf furnllure.
("I N.rili 'I'lilrie.-iuh itraet,
I'M Hi s I.I" iini- lcti -
vseanm eleaaer,
In, rili, v m rl. an II. a. I Phone Ml
I 1 1 ii SaTTG i-' in m .oi. si v i, . in I k.
new; bargala, Call bm s -uiii BroiMlwsy,
KOR HA LK Underwood i wewriier. s""d
order, lao. IB Qoilth fuurib I'lume.
I i HI HALM Id u an 1 1 it"- of pi
msrmslsdea .in. I aickldi r.li W
ii i . nue
l-'i ill BAI.K I'l.nnliiK tomatoea,
Prying ohlakeaa dlraol from fai
Mil I I
la ip. a vi.i: l'"ii i-'.iiiiin
- : i. ih.-i pel
.-in ...ii ,i b.
r bound, pnekol
i-'onii touring oar and othei makes Buy.
I aiTl or trade, Auto Clearing H'-UHe. ('(
rtb Sim-,, nil alri-et
I poll KA1.K A dandy outfit : Sdtldb. bay
mare, eight yr' old; buggy and Bar-1
i tos -:.u.i . Sliver.
POR HAI.B inn- pun I
K iod ,.e nes t efi iaei ,i i
(ompleti I'll. me '-'i."1
i birds; one
and baby bad,
ri't: kai.K una hitiidred simn-e Amaricss
TelegraphoBa at'.ek (par 110), al 13 share,
f. ii Dug Lit".- ft ., it. ,i k.
' Hie HlX e;,l,.n . ,,fl II II
one f"iu gallpn u ater
ipiii-k Bieal raage; n
:,i i-i- w.ili
i . .
IMniBu i"
,(.) iv 1.1I1I
roll (4.1 ll'. Ron ace
III I'lllltl
M.I-: 1 -ii-li,
'all l!'.'.i,.l
Knit BALE A k,,.i tune home, near ear
lino In liialilalnla Inquire - I l-.aal Hi I -
vi r. Phone. ir,'-J
Mil! gAUE Modem fi.'
bnoH, good locattoa.
1 High or phona HIT.
1 "..in oameBl blocs 1
'uli a( l:3 S..11.I1 ;
i PoH svi.r: P c-i :n brick b"OUae; glsagad-
1 in aieipuik' porch mogsrihj kagtment. .see
nw ner, 430 Wett Oi out.
mil located Aokei
Third ml. i
lnnh g CO., I"
POR BALE- Pol l.-aa iiuni edit, foui room
liniiBal.... i, ill. rl.ias aleioill.tf non-h A.-k-
I r ok sauk ii.
i in "iiei n bouae, la ii a.
r iieat, eight rooms,
I POR HAI.K- ijuli-k, Pour-room bungalow.
Mciiteni Prettiest Dlaoa lu nllvi will a.-tl
furnished ir n.-an.-i. See Owner nt :n.i
s nit ( Ninth street.
POft SALE Poui room ic.uae, modern,
goreencd sleeping p. .nr.es: on car line,
Close I" sin pa. Am leal lug elty; sell rle-np
for -a'li. an South Edith sire. i. phone
I I'll?.
It .uai l- i iOglSft, near Pli in and
ted in . splendid home at . bai
, 3lj Wi Qold. Ph. .in- .'in
gain pi
Realty Co.,
pfTp s l.r.
I ik h, lose
l Ida HI l i e' .
i r
4.1 I
place r
lil ti
a nr. in. nl. I ll
ee us in on1
idd Phone
'Ill BXCilAN'lK I "tty acres ' Mllf .rioa
food level land, shout one half mil" from
railroad. Pries I.(HKI( clear, win gaaume,
Addeeae oni,.r I e Jtmtnm
Kilt HKNT Office tl'Miuis
Wllxiw Worth n " "ai ..r t e, will mat
iv "I Oai-i- you write." Simere, SfiaalfHJI
H(IN(jl(A UI.K sa man, worth . .(".
will mail , Wrlli oi" 'im. k. la w, a. 87
Fourth street. San Prancteco.
I 'DIEM' Cloi
an-. ii bs latei
.--ias. Dreeses, made to
- o. Hosiery, Millinery,
!- Catalog mails i tree
..; Rylta Address leapt
I tDIES Cloeka
Mi asitr. i m
Dent "i i - "
When irregular or delayed nee TrluHph
I'llla. Safe ami alwaye U pendant... Not
...i.i m alneaa li. ,, t eimrlmenl
w) ,h ,.v dissppetntmenU Write
for "RellMf ari'l iiarll.-ulara. It'a free. Ail
dreee Metteaal Mdieal Inatlttita. Mllwau
W tl'.e
A wilt' iW iai
hot ..mm on
I lie. el I hep ee Hl.h' IS
Ing ' provided i '-oi. I- -1 "
a , not honoi able, lady
, an v '..
i . i - i u it n a i
1 1- a i l-l ' .
set then reply tu a m. it., can jnur
I. .ii, ,.l
i oil s vi.i'. MtjCTjlan'ous
i I . i . v i HI (HTtriBd UrilllMt
l.'K s KIM -Soms K I I
ft) i - 1 1 i . . i i n A
.. -
Shaeaew .leurnel "ft
(TOR QUICK svi.i: Thlrtj evn
and one half feel on graded street In
tne of the besl neighborhoods of Iho
Highlands, Sidewalk in, Eae.i trim;.
1 Mil) 1(00
' II 1 1. B Y Tt ' 1 1 1 A ,v "
L'l I W. -M Qold Ave
Large yard, rhlckens, Bkiger sewing
machine, Vlctoi playei piano, floe oak
furniture, (everything nearly new,
Rome loinpleie, $3,200, Bee owner,
:; 1 1 South Ninth al 1 set.
nut llfcXT Rootna
l-'nli IIRM1
nhe ,-i tw
TdH ttBNT I - yiniiis lady, ho llUI
Rums a . . inn- Phono aid
, n wet
FdH REN1 1 i" f"lil room lI'Hrtnienll.
furniiine. tisepini i ti. nuttsra,
tlti i - It" 114 North asenaj
full KKN1 Newly fiirnlThTd "utiiil.-
rooms and ! Ilahl h-'u.-keepini, m.i
Naaonsbts, Phona Ht, LiloaalM In tel, Hi
Nertb Clrsi itrsst,
nicely fuiniHhe.l
irtsM i.e. i aouoru i , , uj tr,
n.i ateh, HI I I West central.
Knit HKNT Kurnishod roon, in. as
ai. k. in, . hlldr. n (l( Weal ,-IU . r.
rim RKN'T NIcoTi farnlsbed room for!
2llil I a, k.. piiar. ,-'( s.i.ith Weennd. i
oii RKN'T I'uroUheil room with board In!
prlvati r-i i .V' lok. ;i( Weai silver. !
KOII ItRNT Ni-. ri-nii -. .it, MiMilerni fib
alck; a.. er.lldreSi "' V?esl gtlvor svesiri
i buns M48
foi : TTk nv S h-eiy fiirnliheil rn.ini, Ti h
li. iini f dealre.l In private famll) Appir
if. Weal l.i-u.l
PUR RtSNT Fa i -if)a alaeplng poroh "il
bath, rill in: l.i.l I T llahl l...uaekee.lllg.
tot Weal Iron Phone IMW
AMKRICAN lloleT; nil "Utalde rooms (ran"
ei at, mil. by lbs weak. Ffcoaa Hk
602 I-: W.al .'enlial avenue.
POP. RKJfT TTI.7J(.. iTi7y r-..,ni", n!,.-l
tarnished for hmitekeenlng; modern; dmir
able loeatlnn. mil Will Coal.
I nn li l. i
lahed roomi r-.r ic-uae
labia for railroad pn-
I. .'all ph. -in- l,..:i
ri front 1 n. up-
POH lie: -1 Purnlabad n one
Waller elr.et. I'll, lie 868,
ill OoUtO I
I- . 1 : 1:1
Iini ri-.hl I-.. ,111. BO ali'k,
Baj 1 Central
I '11 nl-'i. -I 1 1,1 H
-in -t room ai.a iisepini
nor .,'ilhli.
POP 111' T iTealrable iBoderB r....in. and
Foil KENT Two 1 ii.m furnlahed whh
a in. a'-p
l-'Oi 1 1 .-. 1 .... ii 1 v r.in ,1 1 0, ,i,,,ii-in, rur
nlabed roome. with lieeplag porehea. -'' 1 I
Buel ''.iitral avenue
i iiii rent- Newly furnished front room,
leg. no sick -sir South Bdllh
i i, . i
biatrd in private fstnlty, gentleman pra
FOR RBNTNlee housekeeping room, with
kitchenette and large aleephtg potcl. in-,
i.iii. its Also room with gtseplni pereh
Jin li . South Are-, n 1 1 1 1 1
POM RENt i n" furnished rooms, large
sleeping porch, use "f kitchen; electric,
lulu telephone, bath, fuel for king;
lit, mi South Walnut, adjoining Highland
ro k
p i . 1. KS - Walnul at, n.-i.r sanitariums,
por RENT Modern rooms, mn furfllshad
...til or without board, mi South lirou.t
l-'olt RENT Furnished rooms and sic, plan
porches; board, " per week, l.'t Hnutli
lalllll .tin I
POR RENT Room ami sleeplag porch with
board home c.n.i.in.: ami baklsg, Mia l
A Hunti . 'a.: Kmaii Bdltb, Phone NOj
shmiv I k iiuni ii i.rfi ta excellent room
amt I ...-.nl. .lust ll,.. place t" kc( eir.mu
I resh - a.:, milk ana butter, For rules pbeag
84111 P (. Mrs. II. H. 'I homes,
i.i ..'it it a kt ha vt ai i a., most attreotlva
health resort, 'me miln north of town.
All milk, en ion ami eggs produced "li lilto-e
Free carriage f-r g.n-.ia Rleetrle iishia.
illy mall Bcrvli-a. Rootttg or cottages.
I.li..ne I0M Mta W II ll I
i i ' lluslni
Wll sill
i-i ii a- h
on i I" le. M
ll.l I" ,
, I
Orand Cen-
1 1 .. I Hotel
lint SALE A it I paying hotel business
in growing (nun ,r Holbrook. For tufa
niatlon, price end terms, address II A
v, i - ni Hotel Holbrook Holbrook, Ails.
farm ami
ii Journal
.-I gentlemen
m. t - ni n small
I IM III -IM SN (11 1.(1(11 Vfl t
(',. ... .) ,
I II I. 1 I 1111
.1 i lllli', foil It ll
I l'l H I-Il4.se-
VI I . t ' I Wl H l Mill, I . (fl III
mo i inn , i)(t! ipnj f r yi'iir htihgn l w ,
CltEHM In, 7i blnck; re-nl h tistuln Imish of
t t in $ Inquire Oriit PriBttiti Ot.i Slu
h ' .'Ml t Ph mm -tv sag imi
poll ha i.i ! f Ih i-i! ralt1iir4j o?
pitrimvfii i uptw lotti i" hp IM, in IIM
Mlf h In mil t si imi an in If lfU-n al MHh
t'ni i pfi im nt i uph Im ln'i in l tmt !.
on Borttitr Hini Dtii block trom publle iihraiv,
tW il". MB from hl$lh Mfe)l AiMreM
fl-4-lF I P4lft
1 fBU I'lalti .mil tan.-i se
lulu Siill.r,.. .I.ii emu an 1 Mo 4V I
Weil. ; Wael l-tuii avaaae. I'h .ne
I 1 ' t
Ms,, goine fffeat iMirgaini in Houses in ;ill parts 61
the city.
H you waul a nice rancli, either large or smalt, or extra
choice Building Lots; ii yoti waul I i u- or have Money to
l.i i. in i di ANo, I security, see
IMatlferoiciill Hroista(8rgift CMpiiiy
102 North Third Street. Phone 635
Centrally located i"1
In disc.
Rlcganl . iin If 111. 1 1 rt on
brick, -lili wartl , rinse in ;
1 I icalllisct ii 1 1 iin irtuu
ii . K'c.iM mablc investment
( Inai antcetl inct due
Itottscs, t.ots, Ranches, fof
Siilr "i Rt-ttt,
K rNEV T 1 1.1
(Co,,, KlulC.
102 N, Tbird. Phone 635
Kill Itl M IrMflllugs
1 nit HKNT Plve
model i . no gick
aum Ininlaheit IvoUSO.
:n. 1 N. Scoond at,
I'm: it EN 'I Plve room 1 lern brisk house,
iiiii N, .nil Potirth atreeti
lull It 1 t-'iie I 11 . :i tilt liihhi'l
modarl houae, .1., u Marquette Inquire
POM III-:' I in 1 u bou i- null p-i.-li;
in, ii.- i.ii.i Used up for chlckena i:mO
1 ileeplltg i-
oemi in btoca tctiae
month ph. .ne
.li 1 11 Bleep-
1 '
1 1 ill hi:-. 1 Plvi 1 -ii. house, lite Norm
fifth itreati range, also wstar; furglahad,
1 -i 1 ulaiTai ...
a a nah 1
rouaia up-
W'oold 1, ,, , ,,, .,,',. , , I, ,
l'l,. 11, . 1 -1 .-, ,. . North Eli
i 1 . el
nil RENT
two-rri.ua i. I nan. loan
leeplng ii-a.il. It., p.-r nth.
postorrbe; ateo four-room
nl ".ni. pa I palmed
snad i has all si
i. ii. Phoni n.-.W.
brh k
i h
Fiilt nr. 'i
l"iit-i""!u i I.in cottage,
lurnlshed. nquhe i.-... smiih K.iuh
inn RENT ta i furnished house.
ali-epaia parch Apply ia Broadwa
l-'iti RENT, lii" room rni niaheil lent ...a
lage nlth glgeplag p.. nil. lo 7 H.ailh WaJ
,1 S- -a i h
It'll RENT Furnished, two-roara bouse
Bleeping perch, glassed in, i per vaoain
run llt.Nl iin.. room ii"HS" nun so i I '
i I I I
mn rent .iin- tin.. a modern fu
i - i hunguli iii, iii. ..ml arater, tti
Soi Ii Kill III. I'leuie 146
unfurnlfelied city wstet ami eleolrh iiaht.
Inquire i.'"i Kan Copper
poll RKNT ,m an Si. tun Walter FTvi room
lern houae; lain.' porches ..mi garage
ippl) r. Wesl Hold I'hone B01
i ,. i i ; Central 4pply mornlnga oi ph.""- Ill
noli, living t o. clothes cupboard,
aiienen nam ' -m. ateepina porcn; on uni
11 "' inn Bast Central. I nel
"" ' :
i-i hi tit
" 1 M
i i hi it i : , i i ii i nti i
i . . . .
m whop ;
l' M- Htltlst. II '
M I l -MIsi Mnni-dMifi
A N I r l
In Mcki H u i
v i; t i I i K.i tUM t.hrihlm nt Q 1-9 liittlll ,
i in .'i.i..hiiu u
CA I PET cleaning, rag an t fluff saada
v. -a -I. , w a rioff phone "-
. . . . , V
I P I'AlNTlNQ Ml I I so pa leak, ami
I" .' ih l""f. 1 1) me .1. T V. nns
I !4F I
WAS I l'l" I,, Ion second hand furniture in
lata.- '-r amall 'luanlltles .1. 11 Knoonna
lis Weat it. .1.1 annua '
. .... , ...
i i, .
IIIII S M l INv.isa nii B
)( 41 O 4 nil Ma
Ruff and While OVptagleKI and Ttlark
ami M-nM 4n. .-nee Prise -winning at ,r ,
and esc n( reduced prices U P. Thomas ;
Babt Hi t' S aienue Albuquerqte-
,,-, .(.-1 ABC
.1 ii
W 1:
liustqess lots,
it-room hou-es,
I ll, IT lilt'
Mn.NFV l.i l.i IAN.
2it Weat Hold.
.(1(1 N H I I slIN
Roesag II. II ami II I r mwell Building.
Phone UTt
Attorneye al l.aer.
Suit.. J l .n 1 ila ,0 , llullillng
. M. HTROI r
ll",'lle til Ijiw
I Rails 4 Whiting Bids., 1 tei QokJ ami
j 'i-.-i.a Prsetlosa in nil ooqela State and
j 1 edaral Notary Public la ufftoa,
! QavaiTMiTa
n.oi ii SurgeoS.
1 It". one " J llni 1011 iiiaa I'hoae "(
Appotatmonti Mela he Men
11 I ( DfV
Ro ma 4 I. Mallni I i
: ier Penney Staea rbona
I " rifv'airiai"H ami silKauNe
illlinlllV I . Ill It 'I (IN, M. II.
l'l. i 1 ,, and Nurgeaa.
I h-rne 117. . - nidg
8raatle limited ta Rye. Kar, Noee a ad
'I I1r0.1l.
.' ite s'm.i -.mi ii.na HM
lilt m 1. t(N Al Ml S
I'ra.ll.e I. lull ted In lye, r,.i. Neae a ad
OfflH ll-mra: hi to II; I to 1
Hit l-l Weat Ointeal a u PhedMi
ll(. T. P. I'ANNl'i '
Npeelall! 10 l ye. tar. Nnae and ThroaL
Hellai BullilliK. Altnaiuerqua
ll'iurn l'l a 01 Ii. i 11 in I'b-oie TH
"(III m la-ill SAM V nulling
Tuberealuela of ika fheeal and 1 aaga,
i iiv --in,... Ill 1 :' Weal ftntraj Avenue.
Office Hours In i" '.' 0. in-. I (" I p. m.
Pbyatelanai In charge.
W T, MI'KI'IIY M. ll
b. HUYtli, fV
if flee - Whiting Hull. line; Item, Ml
1 I XI . ti rilHNKVS AMI '11111111111
PITT l(i, r-s, ivianiv H.nvtyi.r: EdTnuaii
RoaS I' s Miii-i.iI surveyor Jill West
I (1"ld nun. 1. p. (is Alhuquerqee n. M.
JOIINJ II M 1 1. 1 1 . Pli ' Ii V M
Pharmaceutical Chemist nn.1 V.-tei Innrlnii
. a .-ml Phone i. u ... MT4W.
f VETKlllNAHT college begins s. pt.
;:jlrMrk.-str...i Ban Pranelac-
j " (M IK IAI. MAI'H
, R, n WITTMAfi
sasla IV, N. M.
Copies made --f tin- nfflclal gnvi-rnmenl
,, I- u .,,..... ot ..m uh
I IIII S l I iM-vl.H l,
. , , , rr- 1 1
, lull SAI.h Mm, gumi .leiH.y inncn enwe.
a,ii,..n i o,,.-. I ml
I Ut NAI.K Kami, ulllit lams; large.
j gmonth, heavf aooled, ranse raised, Qhafa.
I sinnshlp ai Arlsona sun.. Fair. Sen-i for
fur ther Information t" Aulaey Inveaimem
Co., Present t, Atia Ranch address, .
i A. la
roll HI NT Mtsoellanesaus
I iili RENT
ami laiKMy, l ens-iliflhlc.
l-iilt RENT Warehouse, corner Tlleres and
ISStg i i itiw.iv tracks. Inquire 4U4
I sinelh s.- ...t
I i Ht itl-; NT nit SAI.U llnrsra ami rig t"
r. ni ni sell. Simon Qerela, 1108 .North
i.ui i: i vi Hiill.llng aiillnhle for carpen-
iii shop or nut n back of via West iileer
svenur I' t: DelWIIer
lltll (Mills
i on no it i ii -iia ii 1
it if, V M
Trlpg in Any Point tny Ttma Wire or
a at My Kxpense,
-. N M
wmkiir Hotel, 8
i , ,, , n ll
CRIVM4l.l4m 41 AH AUK f.lVMI
Reoeonalile nrlres Mania I e, Mu.lri.l, Bum
see nun Trlpg n Time ( I it it 1 1 I os.
Silver Qtty-M$ta
DAI1 V AUroMtlllM.F VA4J.
HI hour rrttt-iMiKtr Sfrvlc.
1 .1 ;i c Bill .i ' it i rin p m.
IiMTI M 'HoitiHi I v a m.
('urg Itlox i H trulhsV l ,;m. t htA
tiitpl'il fttito !i.'i In lh- a ,, ',.A,,gi
ror ' t n-w vi. 11, v
IReeveECaimiexo lioiil Lane
Opsr ilfil U Henurll to Co.
I "u n.
Weal ll.iunfl.
I ..lis
, . , . trM a. m.
. . . . I -si a. m.
I i" . m.
. . .HI i'- a. m.
II ('. a. m.
11:81 p m.
. . ? r", p. in.
... 1 :3j p. m.
I! an ell
I c
Cap, lan
fa i rtseflg
I it p m
fa 1 " one ii ii I 4". 1 ntet inedl-
i p. i "" Ilaio in , - a I I led up
nds Pifiy poands rree. Km at
4V( iuatN, roi i k t a santa fk i-vii..
44 44 (ll
44 esllH.und
i .',. Arrl. . a ' . -uta
I ''alif.Tnla Kapreaa 7 tip a tap
4 California Limited ll ooa it Ma
7 Past Express a 4.a ID lis
I. Paai Mall ll tap 12 Me
PI Paeo Expreaa M:Mf
i- Pas i ureal
I aal hound.
' Atlantic Fipi.aa T-ISa I'tge,
3 Eastern Kxprcsa t:Up l:4op
4 California 1. united I:t)p T.Stp
R i A Chicago Es T:1H TaT
I rem Ho.tlh.
W Kansss (Tiy a Chicago. .. ,TS
' Kansas iSty 4 Chicago. ... I:

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