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Albuquerque Morning Journal Saturday, September 16, 1916.
Mm--------------. TV. . -.
For Comfort This Winter
Get a Splendid Stewart Base Burner
There is no question lut what the
hard coal I'm-- I'.urncr i the Meal
Wati Move. Xu other Move j;ic
an equal jn-ivcntatjc of he.'it n in
the Inel fonMinMl. Nor i- any
' other stove as cleanly or ivc mu!i
ocil temp rat use and with
little care. A I'.im- Ihuiicr
li,i !"iilj!e the it i'icu ni'v ot the
l--t hot air furnace 'I'heie i-,
however, a v.'ivt !if iVrctu c in Kae
Ihirners and tiiis liil'feren.e atuits
the coal hin, ulikli mean-, the pock
et I",". Sc.
The Piffiiiihi' in .S7.-:,t I its in
what is done with the heat so nen-
erated. How much is radiated into
the room and how much otai'O the ehiinney.'
The Splendid Stewart Base Burner
The splendid Stewart i-taMMics a holier K'adc in P.a-e
I'.urners than has exi-ted heretofore. The eon-truction and
finish are not limited hy the qiiotbdi of ro-t. hut in muIi
as to make every stove mei hauicai'y Tliit. 'I he Sleudid
Stewart is not only the equal of other hih t;rade Ha-e liuni-t-rs.
hut is stqei ior to any and all. The Mow slnni!,! he -een
to k- appreciated.
Raabe & Mauger
115-117 XOItTII 1 I KM' M".
ir its iiHovAUi:, wi: iiui. it."
Little Kingdom, Already Tom
; to Pieces by War, Is Being
Preyed I'pon, According to
Statement Issued,
j One Man Has Been Taken to
; Aix-la-Chapelle, Where He
I Wears Prison Garb; Treat
ed With Greatest Brutality,
No Furthet License Will Be
Granted Now for Sending
Food to Neutrals; American
Shipments to Holland Stop,
imports, official confirmation has
been rfccivod that such an arrnnKP
mcnt has Iu'cii consummated, I'Ut un
til its effects arc understood no for
ni. il protest will I"1 made, l.cnal au
thorities of the ill:il( nx-nt believe,
however, that siu h a plan is in con
travention of the l'.ritish-Amrrieati
oniiin-n i;il treaty of 1 s J .", . which pm-
j x i.,r fnc in i.rf of nationals ami
i-hips of tli"' respective countries ami
unrestricted commerce unless plohi
iiiticiis of cotiiiiieroo apply alike to all
.Mexico City. Sept. 1.",. i.oncrnl
Cuianza's purposes in issuing last
iduht a (all for the election of ilele
satcy to an asatinbly to consider
fIV MORHIttl MUIINU lC,t lliIO ,' , . . ,, ,..,,,.,, 1 1 i O IV are Sd
Umdo.l, Sept. 14. Thin s,luv. t .-, . , ,, ,1(1t.
j lav ed.l The plan of rut inning the.-
iieiiti.il coimtricK of Norav. Sxv-: ( ,' constitutionalist's!
,len. l)en,m,rk ami llol 1. under.' .,,,., .,.,. ,n(,ir '
granted for the prrsint to Pntish ex
porters, has hc.n extended to apply
n account of his ailniini
A new thing for
a cigarette
to do
lav MnRNiNf jouna' IPICUl LlAtflO WMI
Havre. Sept. i:,. The llcUian min
ister of fmame. Alois von ,le veie.
Ikis issih the follow nik- note:
' .,rui ilini? to news from ;iut liori.ei
M.urri s, the tlii iikiii ant liorities of oc
Mipation me piirsuiiiK auaitist the Hel
L'ians a policy of spoliation of ccn
trairr than that ilcnouiiccl l,y the
r.cl:;i;,i niiuister of finance, after, the
Inst lepoiti in the Hutch press.
"The llelpian National hank is not
the on ly hank which they ihsne to
II acli.
"Tht. Cirnian coiiiiiii.-sai y at I'.i os
sein il III :i litis, Ih.-it a )oi,n he iinilr to
him not of 7.i, I. an, I fianc-;, as first -iii-
cause was t riiimpli.int ;i n I nimneipal :
:, lertlons ha, I Todi hehl, the first chief
II r.... ,1... rL.txin : in
to the I'liltc, Stales hs the cxpcli-r . ,. ......... I
. .. ... . ,, ... .,. ... i-r.-s, civ
, i h rciusini; ft ano ,,,c .tui'i- . ,. ,if;..,i
, 7 . . . , tral ion ami hae h,s actions l.itirieil
.ilnls (iverseu trust to accept fuithei, ., ..
, , ,. ' or mo,l:fi,.i hi nmuiv-s. He then was.
American cnnsiyn.iients. ami l.y ,1' -, , , , ,
to ,-Ml a pi , s I ( l e 1 1 , li, , t i " ' IMP,, .inn ' i
,.v, r exccut:ve authority to the cpall i
('lining to urant letters of asMiiame
for Aineticiin shlpinei't
these colllltlies.
In eon.se, uenee American
inents for Holland will I
st oppc!
elected prcsiilclit.
Cat rail', i's decree de, laics enemies
of the constitutionalists have omit'
absolutely while the reaulnr Irans-
oi tatioii companies
twci'li the (.'Mitt 1 t,il
rifit 1 ii n ir to pri cut
iiiplctmn of
! ..t ei, t.r.in.- r, lis. to 1111-
""h" '"'! ;, .,!.., f",U ,.l,l- i.n.l
and Scandi-
V and yt they're MILD a
nayia will not take cikocs without
j mlanf.'! r its sovereignty hy proyokin-
assurance of tin h' inim- out ilestina-
li confii, t with a nellihoring rcpnl,
lie. .seekinn' lo lu'ini; inl er nil ion
lion for lives and propt rty of Tor, i-n-iers.
They evi 11 pretended 1o seek
, intervention for hum., nil a ria n reason;.
20 for 10c
lion hy the liritisl, authoi it h s. Fur-1
tlKimore. tramp sleaimi s a re hardly!
likely to risk tin- incvitahlc landing
in the pri.e court of any ,,ro tiny
oiluht accept.
reasons induced ilio Ihitish govern-j SAYS MEXICAN TROUBLE
rv:rr started in America,
i cnal'les. the t;o ci nmcnt to control
pi ;
supplies, nt the source. The second I
in the u'rowinu lull with which',
ii'eat I'.ritaiii is 1., im; pre
Omaha. Sept. I " 1'roui my ol
l. .., ................ i..nu ve i l I, urmv.
I l.e ...... , M I ill ,11,1 .11,11 (..i'''.'''' l
I l.x lieu- i ... , , . . , , ,,. xi, ...,.,,
Gallup Lump
Gallup Stove
Native Wood
Sawed & Split
Mill Kindling
its 3
mm not ot ,.,., ,, n anc-;, as i ,, m, .ie.u i.iti.nii ir. k iofficcis and oth.-is on tile MeMcan i
mniiaed. hut of l.imO.lPHI francs ofjtial Koverniiieiit.s for ,1, murrano and , ( j ,1M rilVlllrri, t,at ,,)ft of j J
w Inch tin i c-f ifths is to he f ui iiished he (ither expenses . im m red t,y takinK j t. trmilde there orii.rinated on thisj 1
'he HeiKlan National hank, ami two- suspected ships Into KlrUwull andUi,,. of the l.oumliiry,'' said lies, .lohiij
fifths l y other hunks.
"All the director of the lielsiun
National hank arc threatened with al
ios!. M. Cull, r. one of the direct.-.;''.,
alieady has hen am sled and , k''n
lo Aix-la-('hapclc, anil is hciiiK tK'it
(, wnh the uieiitest hnitality. lie ha
forced to war ,risou K.irh. Such an
Ihe hatharoiis methods of iti'imila-
I cf the Mexican imlcpemh nee il. i. j.,
j Ihe parade here tomorrow leu ,vn.
j millimeter and fourteen of tin- f.i
! icons French ', .Vs will he I, .kn.-
other ports for examination. I I'. I'oucher. captain ami ailjiuani o
Another hlocka.le imasure is the the Fourth NchrasKa. no a'11"
ictiirned home liist mmn on a nu
ll cent, arrangement under which hti
icaus were set i v in Knnlaiiil and
France for uranium In ens, s for ex
ehanue of noods v. hi, h fmure on the
list of Mohihitcd imports. The
"The ttoiihle is nioslly over wa-e.-and
the treatment of .Mexican lahor-
ers hy land owners on the American M , , ,
side.' The kind wis formerly M'-
American uuthoi itns contend thnti j. mm territory and the ,ic;ins w ho , p , . , , Rnllnv.ic 4 lip
,.,..., the ti.itish-Ainerican eom-lhaye heen forced off the land on U) 111 LUII UJ btllGVCS TIIL
mercal treaty of 1 s i S such jo ohilii- j u hu h they have In ed from tin,,' im-
n I e 1 1 1 o i iii i , i i n in. ii.
.r, dived. It is claimed Mexican la-I
hoiers are treated little better in;,ii
hot I
tion to whih th,. (lelinan "ov, rnmei r
has taki n If'Ourse in attemplilf: tn tioiiM must he enfoiced ("iiiallv
insure the succ( -s, of Its fore,'' nan. i;t;aliist all countries. Consciicnt!y
'The ;eea minister of fin: re-' i any j,rilcKes ffiantcl to Fr.-ime and ,.V1.S .,,, w,en thev revolt an
deiioonei s this odious abuse of i,i'f r. m, exleiideil to the Failed Slates arc down without cotnpu net ion." J
hv the authoi It u s of occupation. The I l.eld to he in violations of that' Captain I'oucher is pastor of Trin-j
iiunnaiiaii Paiiiamc.it is their.. !r'j,,::;:;;:::urr7; ;.;T,":,,y-
Scene of G.eat E xcite.nent;
Body Adjourns in Older to
Quiet Count Apponyi.
lu to an Invention for lontc distanie
run He flndlnK, hy which i.hst i vation Is
Iiosmble. not Ithst.iinl me rain " humi. iiol iasin i
TlMt lw ,ffcnhlve. uliu h has h, en 1 1 ''Ud i p, -I . Sipt. II (via la run ami!
. It . . i . . t - i - .. ... . 'el... .
Volntr (m for four (Ihvh from i im Izia , 1 '" e-epi. m, . , p.
Ihi. 4t1rlnlie u t,ll , ll ft, Hunt;. il l. in parliam, ill auain today
ready so ma It ri al ed; her own fc un
cial resources to use m iiiakita-' war
upon h( i '."
I II. I AI'1 MN. KIX l"T
t)itin:i: or ;o i i:nmi; r
! it v Methodist church of umaha and
lis irominent in church, as well a
j Kiiard circles. j
CAUSES $2,100,000 LOSS;.'
New York. Sept. I In nuiK.na
plans for Theodore KtMiseeFs w'ii
e: n : i ii 1 1 ,.i i 1 1 1 1 ip in ;--sippo.-!
t'liarh s ;. Hollies. . 1 1 1 r n 1 1 1 1 . mr.
(ratios are hcin ciiiil( red. , m.c , I
tin m would oarrv I ho ,oii,nel to j-,i,i
Bandit Now Is Hemmed in n- itn speeches ;it .-iiice.,
, , r o , Ih incr and other speeches on iln
by a Cordon ot Government. -.-,y. ti.c :ii(.r ,t..n.i.tt.-, ., t...if
Soldiers and Cannot EsQapel.J.t.mlV::;,;
ithe way of Missouri :iml Ke'lfokj.
I t'olom l llooseM'lt, n was I' ,1
yoN!M OlKNll IfKltl. UltD , ......
Chihuahua, McMco, Sepl. la.-The '"day. told (hairman U ill, -ox ot li ,
rc,ui'lcan national cointuui'e in- " e
within' lo u to Califotnia if li"-
const il ut iona list force
l.oudon. Sept I ('i.'i.', y. m)
I I. or, Itnhcrt Co, II, minister ot war
trade, today explained the recent or-
f the I'.riti'h eovernin.'lit re-
fusim,1 to allow Holland to accept fur-
Hut consignments of American kooiI"
and retusini; b iter.-, of assuiance thai
i, ..,.-- i, .liii.iiiiii.N win, lit I'eafll
I liie ,.r.'l. rs ap-Mt' "." , i.l
of Coos l.a todav Willi a burned oiitjl'" " 1 "
... ,, ., ,, Michs and not to trade in general.
........ i Cordon of
inn i i it i us. sii i. a i ,
OV rorCHFI'.'S STAIT.MI'.M i """ ' " ... ossary
lias at last come into toni.nt wiin
Mai -I o ld. I 're . Sepl. l ...-- l he I'll, lilt
C....,t :tt, aui. h'.!, ,-ii!i'',a - liner ( on
( 'maha tiiat he w as , oitviin c,
I the
I hull .,- the I
j caused hoi' I" I'
lilKht. Ml the
iiitnilars of th
II of Ihe fir
e to this port la-t
pas-etit;ers ami I ,
(lew WI
t-tHlCe. with the AtiHtrialts entrenching i""" "lo f , lie ol K v-.i c-s swu m: at anchorat the ell 1 1 a lice J ' '' " '
tiiKl IdoekiiiR the way to Trieste al,m(! "i n i ouni .mui .v,poot,. i
t ho lino of Herimtda-Selo.Novi lo K..Vosk an, I other opposition ba'l-
I ii viirloiiH ellh'M In Italy ton iKht ' ,s attacked hv r Titv.a. who d. -
there n-ero ( ( in of reJoieiiiK, thei1,"l"'l hi ms, If hy ent i, h in t hem.
crowd mar, hlnir tiiroucli the streets I'timo r Tis.i iiceited a persoicl
rdnKlnt;. The tone of the tlalluii press into the discis-ion when lo- said
hopeful. I he recii'ltcd Ins "foolishness" in I
I oil, mend iiik lo Itai nn Ciirinn, the Ans-
ZMMIS IS M IMilM I, To iro-Huoe n i'oi. i,!n minister, that
SniMI H IKIMUOI' KIM. h, ot.iili.loiitiallv di-e.iv, the .talc
isk Th
!..f f fairs with C.ik'
AlllPllH. Sepl. ). (II (Ml n. 111.. Via 1 mi, . i called Hie ol III. IMli:
pi c-
: afely l.y I he ,11 flae '"l. I'. S M lehic.
j s, , ml memo, is of tl -ew. over-
collie b sllloke, were icportol to he
' re. ovci inif. Ca'seimeis were loud 'in
tilieir Piai.e of Ihe cool maunei in
It is said this ol'!'"i' pii'iiml, li
ke accepted. It has not ,- 1
San Antonio, Texas. Sept. I '. j rebels ahns the section held I y ti'ii- ,i,.ierniined how nianv spec lus
! Army uffici rs todav said tiny had j u a I ( 'ii a;:os. accord inn to report s re- ,,,,, ,,,,,, ( ... Appeals for k-
no comment to niahi on me s, .,.-, cei .,, ,oi,a. n; too,,,,, i,,.,,,,,. presence in iiiiiny parts ot ll- mhi..
mcnt of Key. .lohn F. I'oucher of. While (iazos is on;;.,uin": llio.,,.. , j recei,,l at i pnl'li-aii
Vil'istas on the ranch,, I .as V'-uas, j,, adqua ltd
cast of Nniiiiiiiipa. in the dtreetiou of, .
Ciistillos, th, (onimaiidi of (iemial, I ail hanks I f .- ,a-liili.
V;, i--:v; ::'! of Colonel '..iutn iire . CI,i..;;;o. Sept. I.',. Word reae -l
I'onehcr may be .ii,stioned rouard-1 nn. ina to oo-operato and ar, o- w , rn ! ep" n a n t aaipain lit .id
..... ..... .. i... ,..a,,,-,,u ,., in I , ... 1...1 ,. il... ai t one. ' onartel s totlav that Ch.'itb's . Fan-
' Hi nt I'.nt.iin has forbidden the i'X-, '"" " ' ' ' ' ,,, i ... . ,. i. .,n : hanks lopuldio.Hi candidate l"i M-"
iport of vari.-i.s articles to lsuiopean v.i.,:,,i... i- ,. ..,,.. f,- the I,,,,,,!,!.' president. ,
. . . neuirat on mo m ounn iii.n i o oae
l.'t n I ' r I , , , ., . .. :
tltea,l iceepcl 111 IOC ins, seven
il.iulant of !'
tain i v .
it t he armv J
l.niidon, 10 t,0 ,. in. )--Kmn Conslant-; le.olei ship ,y ike heads of Hie p I
Jne KUiiiinoneil foimer Fremit i- Ziil-1 .,,, s ,,,iitv ;,s "w.-ll pi.Kt.ninu."
which "'apt. N i: Cousin" managed
I t he y ess, -I.
lulu to Tutol, his Muiinii'i home, tin,
i-oinic Aii sin vi io is
VHIIY mi t II 1 Vo
, ' 'mint A pp.iiiv t dei lai c.l t hi. I t li,
jlhlee .111. I lolls llecdllu; discus
sion ale III. folenni poll, ICS. the llllll-
IbU'v ,-i(ui,t,o,i and the food supply
Athens, Sept. 1 4 ( Vi.i
if foriner Kinuiicfl Minister Inmina
month-- of tins year more than ordi-j
naiv v c.i is supply . Lord I;, dart said:
it was not logical to forbid such ex-,
ports from ; i t it t Lrilam and to per- i
mil them from America and other!
n, ot ra I sou I 1 es, !
Lord Coheit explained that .mei
led at meiitial nalii.ii. lakim: liormallv ls.-i
" II, 111 tons of col fee. Ill s ui moiilhs of I
ART CRIIIO INSISTS ON jtn,s ,.,, i..,iv m-s ...,p..rt.-.i :.. j
RICHT TO BEAT WIFE;,;!" that .oiuitrv arc looked upon as
" , likelv to i t a'li all eiieniv dostinatioli. j
i.i i.mii irin.iiti fioi,lAili)MI i 'l'he Ic-l ol prohibited articles, he said i
i Cliicae,,. Scot 1 ' William I'- varies with different countries, ac-
Th. h
'The hall iv and lillllv needed for
! ' oil ..idol il, ' I II. '-, t 111 ee pi "I.l. Hi. .
! , Mllllt Vllllllhll I UOI' I'lll llllUI I I . , I , . . ...
Kept. U. IL Hi, P. m.i-.lm inuhihtv . .,. , ... oms- rM"1" ' '"" .' """" . ' ' " .'. ' """ . V'..:n. T- M,r Un.r,',.lV
i la! Iieiiver. is ,'ic iicteii, lain in a so , ' p, i , e,l . all allowances nenii; iii.nn' i, , : ij i null iVilo, I I V VV c o 1
itloiis null ;o. 1'ie ' Ti....','s alt. nipt ; , i ,le , t he circuit court j , rlx made i., i. rii)..u n I ' I HV ,,1 .. D-,c IV
lo bind llio.alv . lonoiiiically to It' . , ...f.. ..,s nt I ...,. BciSK'lo U I Si I II K't 111 11 1 Pi tS- , JL
la s tor a loin; p, nod ol time. .a,.,, ... il, ,i .i,,. was oldie.,,! to i 1 .1 . I.. O 1.:,. . n,, I
1 , i i r 1 1 rs 1 i i u 1 1 . , '
leave him ill .Mav. CUT,, alter he had s KIOI s III I lOIVMCMS i "'" vvtnv,v,o uiAiiMiis
for St, Louis Sept, 20.
lll't'ei'MlU 1 1 nm ;l hlu
I i i j I if i i 1 1 Mm I i! ;i ! :i r
h.ro keen cut off hy coy, rntuchl ' .'',,,.;i u , T- m Atchison. Kan., totnsbt.
troops. ,,, eaiu" I his oilier dates am! iv-
Cluiiiialuia City is toniuhl celehrat- , lin, ,,, Ins home at Indianapolis, f"!
jut; the irit"." or fiesta on the evca few .1. , s rest.
i opuloH to lonn a talont l, as ie
i, nested hv tin, hiiir, Is hclievid bv
the Velll.cllsts ami nnll-V i'lll. lists
alike to have been due lo the hellef
that h" Intended to I, nil, I up a p. r
sonal .(htl,al parte. His iissiii a n ( s
thai he would ilo Ins best to blink"
!rce(0 Intti the war did not stem to
tustlfv the pi Ice demanded by the
hum p, nod of time.
Wants (.ii.ii unit , s.
1 1..-. os-niK Ihe 1 1 1 1 I i ' 'I 'li'l ion. , MS, ,, ho. ,iK,i to whip her.
Count Appi.nu. said II. of course. wu ,s ., pionnncut alt oillic and
oul of ihe inie.-lioti to think "t 1 ' iii,, , rial, I,, a lo, al librae. j W.
chance in the leadership of the itrniv. i A1! j,,,,,,. ,,!, . her husband as
now reCilllllli: Hie sll oni; oonndelloe . ,.u ni asM-rlcl flmt like soi, lit i s.
of the people. Win n. hovuv.i. the n , s , , ci I de-, iidinc." Since leauuK
in 1 a. In.-, he
Kiiiil an,.
il. had ni.nl.
al",,vs had Ih
ml -lie has siippoi led her
son. a - a model m the art uavian
entente. who asked a lice hand in
iii,i k In!, null inilitics and inline. It ' 1)1
, ,, Wllhslaodioa I li e i milllllM .,I",VS110 , s, !
f lOIIfie.l 111 II III'' Oil li,M S v.oiiio no. ; . , I r. I , l u l III ...
1,1' llcj -Mid he III .l-lo.l. tl, er, lore j ;
All'IIO HlllUMlV .ll.osh U.; LLLS HinV IU IMI hUVt
MH 11 I' liai i 111 , es j, , Itl.'llltlftl I II.II
, i, n ii. ii,.' t,, .a..
spc V , r
m w ni si it i i;t im t)i:iii:i:;
liial.tn. Sipt. I. ..--In the an-1
f info! nuition ib alinc w ith
t v Id, nt tllfficull Hi lu I he w a y
I ,l, Il a , nil! s,.
The political mi ait oul Is si ill v i i i
inn. Ii in i oh i .1.
what t oiiimodilies arc alfe, t, ,1 by thej i;,.,,,,, p, p. j , s,pi I I'rcsi
new lintish tost notions on A mei lean j (-(,M( V,.-.,,n's ciimpiic::! plans wen
trade with Holland and Scandi-. . ,,.,,..,,, ,01,:1V iN ,i. ,,.
t.lticials here are ,
i i "' .
, lie, I bis .
Stlcpv, IO ooiaill
(iciii btinueib oiAMixiii--, uait:;
New London. !
t he pi , in 1 1 r i . 1 1 hi
Main t iich i: u.i i a m . a -
fart I
oini t in
iinoenam just now m-avov ....... ( ,onn th.t hl(! Ml Alnli,.
cxporiers win Mlllel. ,-i. .s K(. w)( ,s ,.,,!, ,11 there. V
i'"'"""at .already had '--: .,,, (s U,si nivht. H
i.i-,.,. t.iinu l t u.i ii whs i n i u :i t ( i t . . . T
MARKETING CONDITIONS S tm,, s.,,.d a,,, s ,.in, 'lTZ f
ii.f nslii.tive inea-aires ,e rev ea led ill ,., i,. 4
jwoul.l be t "larded as a serious (I'',T., ' ,'in',, ,, ,,i,on i A.
I'. -.w-i. s. ,t K. - Wall,, I.. '',sl,.r. velopnient in 1 l,e con ov ., ,.,... ..,..,,. , Ws v, as received i t
from Mrs. Howe's be Isalc this morn
,....-.,., -,. . -..n w.-i-,. vvoill.l ee ia.;a,o,o -. a
.. . -. . ... ,
Wall, i I.. 1'ish. r. v elopnient in ihe controversy t.or tin
i i , t a i v ,,f the itit.'iior and .locality of allied blockade methods.
imri.an Livestock No re,. oil on the new orders nave.
I lor th
ilhned at a ,
.inference coin,
r .... t, news i in i. 'in i'--;., , ,, , ,os o i
i'ation and moinlmnt stockmen were called immediately to t he attcn-,l" im m-'iiat.'lv . 1 ...In h- the alt.,
I.ritish enioassv i..v sciie."- ,
!lil .vi i i .-r.
cilthWist here today, slips tioll of th
r it.hs ini. w r mi .it
.l.l(MN toll- A I' Iv M had t,. ,1,1.1 a leinporarv inlloin
- .. , iiinnt I,, Mice , Count AppmiU
1. tuition, sept. IU. (O lio ii. in I j tin icopcnim: of the sesMfii. K.ikoV- ' ! I
he inoniUU IK spl.pl is an llolr; ! kv alici id I'r. mi. r Tl'.a l I, pe,t- , ,,o
cant ovtr the Ciiniao . .... i ,.i U., - !,,,. what he had bain.. I in Ins con .ov,
yalii, whereby the fotniii , i , i -W j fi , , m , s vvith Laioii liunaii. a i,p-;.t
lllllV ('dip Sill l 11,1, I, ,1. lit. liClin, of the opposition and he as-,
The Teleurapli savs s, vei,l ints ,1 the l'..i.i.:n ..I I .. e . I , cm il
"Tins is an ..mi ot a . t.i . . i . i ,, .t,i : t.i',. n to iini'ioVe markitliiu eonili- depart im nt
,,,,! on,,,, ie. even In ,',, i n, a n v 1 Ti... ,.!.,,.. ...I m ii-i Hon-. He s..,,n,,it.-,i a report of the 1 ni, iinrns as !, the pui.o.se
l.e, ud. :iiid ceitainlv Is i.npi ,,,,,,, ,,, la Se i i , v i 1 ' ' 'u I hoaiiti. in Wasliinston of pro
ileiitcl in lustorc. An inure ' It . k , h;,t b, w a s ! n .v moa : I, v vv ill. I he pi o lets .maiio-t tlie puokliii: mdustrv.
tuny col ps lias been liteiallv I ,,l .(.,j, ,,f the opposi! eui, .md that I
napctl bv the (lerinami ntid IliiiRar- (had. th.i.l.a, vv n In' ra vv n from l!
u, im a ml piickcd off with Its arms and e,,n , p., 1 1 .
( iitilpiin lit to Ceriuanv. The plot,
'v::' """"''Nebraska caui.f are
illy I il.it Ihe p
de, it 1.11,1
W il-
.,,.,1 ina re channels but I
eiV'C.I I
Most of today was .l.vot,,l to re
poits on radii, in and marki tine
i.e. I . t iti.is i n v a t ions parts of tin
. .Oil I 1 V
s, .. i , i i..n .. a.iivitas was b i nt pre-I
,aic, p.nuiht
The l.u v of this Int. I uai ion.1)
,111,11 . i . i 1 1 , 1 e 1 1 Willi m. lidai lolls ,V
, us, s put loivind to .ii . tniiit for 11,
i onu s Mom Ihe W.d.f bin. a i and is
a mixt ui i of 1 1 a 1 1 1 and I 1 1 , Ion,. I
'T'le W elti l-oi i l si it. s tti.it
t u i , i u 1 1 1 i i a-.' ! ion 1 , , ! vv t . ii Mi , i , i e. k
a I in v . ol ps ami Al'.. it- vv a- in! . I -I
aptt .1 lo Ihe et. lit. ! , ! l 1 1 ' ! i 1
llint il ""I- cut I th.- ! i 1 . a; i 1 1 11-
The W.dfl lair.-a i t' at tl .
til'eek . ulntiiatab , wi ' itr. ' .nn
tiilli neutrality a pp. ..! ,1 !. : c , -man
command' i lor pi .' t mn 11.01,
the entente. '1 be I ut h is. 1 h. 1 h
aimy corps nil , . -ml, 1 , .1 ,.ulv mi .!. 1
the menace of the : ,l.; i , .- .,i.l
(iermans. t"l att-i 0 v ,s . ,,-
l-ouittkil ami at the in. i. . . ! , rn
IV M. inih. inim.u li.i.o
I. Ill' ..III . I- . St !! 1 - SI. lie , C -
I hi a I'l.iii . I o 1 1 I -oil h.s I . 1 11 , a I ,c,l ..
Mndl-oii, , I' . Winn ..liltn.ix h.i
I. token ....I n, .1 b. id .a : , ml.
Tile .llsease Is said !o I . sl,,.ol,li;
Hlpldlv .,Mii s 1 ! I la ids al XiVVIOall
Clove a ud Albion. N c !
S' Vol.. I II. -1,1 III, V e ill. .1 W li th.
d.s, a , ill t lie Moll- oil bud
noon, how , v , r, vv 01 d vv :i
f.i..i.,lt -i.l, ii.t',,1 1,1a i llliit sue was sii'miv 1. en
iitid s, ope j'. I'son 00 sip, ..leu trip. il'- is
ol Ihe proposal It was said a simii.ii j ' - " ' ' .
nivesiieation would be made throuKli j Now London at aiiv 111,1, I
th, American embassy at London. The preside, saw 10, ,-:,'l,-n clay. ,
min i.. Is cxpr. sscd much 10,11.111,0.0 .... . " 1 ."'- T
n,.. him leoort thai the onlci'olf -ind woikinu' on cur. sp,,a,li -nee. I
formal outline ,,f the as-(Would completely cut vtf tia.ie wiin. t on 1 inc., e 01 a 1011.1
Holland ninl setiou.sly , ripple th.,t;in ,, t'asKa was t xpros
vviih Hie S, and.nav ian countries. Iicuiiini from Scnal.r Hi! h , k. 1
some ,,11. Hills it was MllWestod that iceived Iv !h, pl..-,d,llt lo.l.iv. ''
Hie pies, nt was a particularly mop-senator said a sirvcv ,,f point- .-I en-' J
1 ...eti. 11.. time tor i.romnluatiim wic.i :.iitn.iw in his s,u.. had ilihiii. o. hiin
1 1 F (0 i F S FMC0H RAGING i.i decree, with Scerotarv Lansmu jthat Mr. Wilson is strum thor-.
1, tele-
lit w 1 --- ..
rnMifiv..''llS. MOW I S ( 0! l)
ol (.lllltv. Illt Sill
1 .,. S. ; !, I " I'lc. is
.... ;n w. ie , in.i 1. d 1 , I
J.i.Lr l.llliil- ladav 'a II, I. e
otf ..,1s "t the I'M -lid I r
I 1 n.l , .-in p 1 1. v ili.in.ol vv .!
Il.o !....'. t" .1. It 1.1 ,!. ot th
ud v in int riciicics of t !'
I.itimi und, r w Inch th
- 1
N w 01 ', S, pi 1
-I !! iii. I.. is, in tip. inLintile paia'v
- s , ,.id,.tii. was icpoite.l t.uliu by a'-ainst nation
!l,c h.akli a ,1 hoi .lies, the number of, lean trade.
!.s, 1 in, ae.i si 11,. triiiii; l.alcl a.n !
thittv-s, p. i.atv ivvo viilhin iweiitv
I..i;i Ina . :: ,d! 1.1., Is s,, 1 h.v sa w
0, ,. i-.,,., i,. ,,,i!e. akilin. anil plans
,,, ,.,;, ,., t,,i i,i,n inn if 1.0s-1 ''o. 11 attempted. inn-lit and did 1,..! issue his usual;
. I , , avail's! a tl,s, OUIbrtah. of the; Willie Mil, , I' all l''l" - .-llill, oainui -oi. eni;tltt In!' coil- IV
L. deal ,,....,s,. in,,,, in,. i.,,,,1- ,,p,n lierei..li,.,.lv have been -I catty curtail. .1 .,l. oil lf
ii.li.i.d s'.ii.ia.,! .' , I hy a s.ios ,.f LntoU out. is. a coii-j The iiiotmim hii.iclin s i.,! that
,. ' (M.l-r.l'ie tia.ie. cspcciallv m f.'.'.l- jMls Hoe, h.,,i -,M weak,:' m tin
1 rs, p.: Woman s 1 Olllllllllee. -Hills, is snu l-ll" who ,. " ..... , ;x. ! ft
,,111. basic ".Is and lo-l I T
........ ... . . , v.
yllhollisll aihiamh Of the eovcl'limi 111 is.iiipn.i-, t.l.wu -1 I 11,11 1 WOhM.14-4
ud to take drastic retail. , I, n v a. lion, ; i
N im. 1 ferine, vv .th Anu-r-1 N w Lontmn. 1 "ini.. S. pi 1 ',. Tin
'condition of Mrs Ainii. K. Howe
however, savm- 1 l.at I'l .,.!, in Wilson si-l.-r. '.'ho is ,K
nlv ceiiain unnamed ' ""' m'"t il ics , in; lore, mtw -1 . i 1 1 wor-e to.iav
would be all',, ted I. d offi. laN to hopi j I i . II. M I.e., I,!' phlMlaU. Was il
that no fai -1 .0 hms ltsli.. Hon had' constant attend. inc.- id il, hedsai. ..
. vv V.
pi 1
Will., .in I: 1 wi
(old WcKliicr In hak ui
Sioux Falls, s l. Sep
neiuttiiot as low as .H wt 1.
11, various pint"
1,:)iL M"M of the ...ill ,- p.,
ully Itf-.voml ilaiittei. hut unions !
liiato- H- I'ther K.inhU J.i-1 1
HiffcrtJ. . . . -
1 . in - , ! - " .
.1,01 a, It ! !., I
f th,. ,1 ,1. 1 ,1 loan .1 ' tin ..
. f 1 ..n.i ...h.
...f CI.,' ado S
I ai la al.
, . ! I I I".' ' "
. - ,,! r ,,. i.i , land Th.
1.1. 1., I l.v Hn-.l! I. la 1
s LI I ' ! I , V II Ifi, 1
..I-1 W I .1:., IO A
iii. all, I". C 1 ... I! vv .....! I I
01 in.. as,, a, .11. I. .1 .lei
The 1 1,1 1 id all ,p 1
I., r I. 'h
W lie ' ' .a rn:.', of Ihe ,, pnl.le a'
;!:.. .." a," t, . bill . Ill a l;i,o ill' -
1 le a p. , P' I' .'CI of .1 Weill I 1 . s
IH'I . ;.,!. . . o.l.llll. . lo a.s-.M 1 1 1 t I.l
. i. . , n. i ,.1 !. The t out nunc.
0 , I vv .a k VV ! !', st., t , 1 111111111,'
wi'h iht wem.n's .oniti.ilt.c
I. 1 1 . I . a ii'niu 1 1
' attl. I" HV selll I'll '
I 111 addition to the low 01
' (, ,1., I !i:,.!t! ol f o lals ,11'- .111
i 1 p illtll. lll.ill ' f i . ' t' d I
I .inpoitan!
1 (.lent
md j 111 :i , in and I'tiuic- lor -li.l'.id.inn'l
f the of bureaus f cite, t an . x.halie... ,,l
111. 1. Ii.ndi-v "ti th, iis, . f i 1 h.i. iU' l
1 km
i i,oi (lot for s, iiaii'r. :
i -oluuibiis. ,1. s, ,,i i;..j.,.-ol) A
1 '.'X' v . o! Vl .ss.illoc. 1 (.,, v, ho 111, ! e I I
il'.au 'w. l,f v, ,,is led ' C.ix.a s J
" ' ri'!'" o.l "il 'I l"U- j J4
!! Il Was'imfon. todn file, I V
I ' is wi'ii 11, . s. r lalv .! s!,,,. a ,
Hoi. o. ,., . ,11 . ,,,.i.a .... f .. 1
' 1 - 1 , ., ,
Good Things to Eat
The M-l Complete Mock of lalihles in the Slat( Mail
Older- r.eeoivo Prompt tleiitioil.
I'linl, Meat, U"...e h.
Chin k Koasl. Lie H.
lorn I'.'. VI' -i lh.
(ooked .Meats--Lair
d Ham, Coast la
L01I. d Ham, Kcisi l'orl
, a! Louf.
C (.'Ol II led I'ecf. I
I'.uk, Lamb, .Mutton.
N'oiinn Spi inn I links
Ynipiir Spring (TueUcits
Hlesseii Hens
i o --ed Tun:oVs
I' 'lie. 'Is ,,e holile -cool-.c 1 We .'.111 I'd Ol 1 1 1 1 1 e 1 1 d t 1 1 1 1 1 .
lip e us inn! i, ...-at busiiu.s. if vim want fieri. a I
s;i tisf.iol ion, I'i'ompi ilclivel'v.
I.'. bars Whit.- Liundiv
So;, 11 M'c
1 lb. limn Cookies, delici
ous Id''
i.iiiai 1 tin host ( ii e ( i! . - N"'c
( 'an Taylor's Tomatoes . . .
Can Wesson's CookiiiK ''''
Lemons, per doz "'
(loan bulk 1 Hives I-""'
quart bulk Sour Cu llies' "c
lbs. host Colorado Pota
toes Sl.r.u
..' lbs lane Ihilk Lice. . 2.".o
- pkes. fall poinai. Cais-
ins .-),
L,.i:;e Jar Ii.ii:, Apph- I:..t-
tcr ll.-.
Laia-'e jar .Mince J.-;,t . . N.V
Lai'Kc siorie ,r..,-K ', a. h
'hitter tc.c
i:.. r.in. v Colorado Klherta
I'eachcs . :.T,
l'inicv .atie Peaches
at .St.;;.-,
Wax I leans
Ci. 111,! low
' 'kra
W hit,. I'linne Celery
l.ari;,. Head Lettuce
k'i'esh Tomatoes
fine Xiilive ira pes
Native Sweet l'otatois
Honey I'evv Melons
( irailMc.s
Fine Kaliutr Apples
Ktc, Ktc.
'! i'.v a loaf of 1 ;,-,! r,,,..aa
L; isai Ill-old
llr.-'ii Muff.ns
Maple Loll
Anmd food
1'evil Cod
I'm Cakes
Letter s, ot. ii
Mocha Cakes
Sunshine Cakes
Layer Cakes of all kinds
,',( Kronen, Pastry
Macaroons, Vanilla Waf'-if
Hot I'.read and Itolls at 1 1
o'clot k
When Waul the lto-t I'.akoiy (ohmIs iot Our-.
luiM' .V saiihoin'-s leas anil olfoo l-'t' li Stock I Acr
Week. Hiets-i I ii.iii Hi,. Mill.
I'll' to a1 ;i:ul Jl'l-JJl West C'nit'ei

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