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Albuquerque Morning Journal Wednesday, October 18, 1916.
and 1,900 men prlnonern. Thry ul.io
ruptured ton machine nun.
"South cf Iornn-Wutra (nouthern
CriiHlhlnn), our troop won aoine
heights riiHt of tho Heurm aireum."
i:.m:mv iuuvi: n k
Iturharcut, Oct. IT (via London).
Today official titiitcmenl follows;
"In the I'sul valley, tho runny had
leh driven back heyond tho frontier.
Our artillery cmit-M under It fire an
encniy rwttitllon dvruliiK In iiiiinkoiI
formation, Anions tho killed of this
battalion haa heon found tho hody of
It rommander. We captured fifty
eight men and cno machine gun."
perlin, Oct, 17 (Vlit I-ondon).--Itu-nianlnn
troop In Trunaylv aula are
niaVlng a aland In tli frontier pimae
aKBlnal th Teutonic etinli's, Oerinan
army headquarter announced today
n notiihle i h lit' e In tho Hlliuitlcm 1h
reported In the tiitcinent, which fol
' The Rumanian are offering re-
nlntance on tho roads through the
Mono on th eimtcrn front (Tr.mnyl-
vanlu). South and went of KroiiMtailt,
the poaltion generally I unchanged.
111 l l l.Sl l HY JTAIJAXS.
Home, Oct. IT (via 1iiulnn). fte
j.cnled attack hy the AuHtrlan on
Moiito 1'aMiihlo, on the Trentlno front
on Hundiiy and Monday, were repulaed
hy the Italian, thu war office un
lipunced today.
"On Monto r.imihlo iltnitiK the nlnTu
of Ontoher 1 and on tho following
rimming, the enemy attempted at
lnrkH which wer checked promptly."
the statement any. "n tho whole
front yesterday had weather ham
pered operation of tho artillery.
Heavy Niiowfiill In tho mountains arc
lluchareat, Oct. 17 (via Irfindnn).
Auslro-dirman utlack In Tranayl
vanlu have been repulaed hy tho llu
luanlan. tho war offlco announced to
day. The Rumanian nro holdliiK
their pOHlllon went of tho frontier.
I K, ins ovr.li mimi;
I'm I, Oct, IT.-- Trench itnd Oor
nmn aeroplane ycMterd.iy fouBht
ality-flvo eiiKiiKementH In tho rei:lon
of tho liver H"mmo, euy today' alate
ment. l'tva Herman ttinehlue were
I ronicht down. The text any:
"Our aeroplane carried out runner
on fllKhta In thfl riclnti of the Fom
ine, They foiiKht nlxty-fivo mikhko
ment, In the eouiao of which two cn-i-my
machine were hroiiKht. down and
thren other raino to earth will, in our
MAItlM H Mi:iti:i,v
to Ki;iMnt( i: I'olk i;1
'then. Oct. 1(1 (via Iuulon, Oct.
Vi--Thn llrlllall legation explalna
,,vth landing of mailncH at Athens
.(nl'lraeu wit merely Intended to
i,.Yorco tho police. U I ncnerally
IhuuKht, however, that, thl iiz-llmi
was taken to prevent (lemon"! rations
ik thoao of this morning-.
to hi: i(;i:itors
l-ondon. Oct. 17. A Router'
patch from Athena aaya:
"Tho altuatlon appeal to he dan
gerous. There hnvn hecn roVallNt
(lemnnatratton In the atn-et. Ad
miral dii Foiirnet, coiiiiiinndi r of the
llitento Hilled fleet In the Medller-
Look, fvlolhci! If tonsuo is
coated rjvc "California
Syrup of Pigs,"
Kvery mother reallnea, after rIvIhk
er children 'California Svrup of
Mna." that thla la tlu'lr Ideal laxative,
becaaso they hve Ha pleaMant t.iHte
and It thoroughly cleanaca tho tender
little tomach, llvrr und bowels with
out rrlplnir.
When cross, Irritable, feverish or
breath I bad. alomaeti amir, look at
tho tongue, mother! f coated, lve a
teaspoonful of thl harmlea "fruit
laxative," and In a few hours all the
f mil. ronatlpated waMe, sour bile and
Undigested food paa.sea out of the
fiel. and you havo a well, playful
child again. When It little system t
full of cold, throat sore, haa gtomach
Brho. diarrhoea, Indigestion, colli'
remember, a good "Inside cleansing"
ahould alwaya b tho I"--t trcutment
Million of mother keep 'Tnllfornla
Fyrup of Figs" handy; they Know a
teaspoonful today saves a alrk child
tomorrow. Ask your druggtai for a
M-cent liottle of "I'allfornla Syrup of
Klgs," which has direction for babies,
children of all ages and grown-ups
printed on tho bottle. licware of
counterfeit o!d here, to don't he
fooled Oet the genuine, made by
TallfornU Klg Hyrup Company."
Fuel Company
Gallup Lump
Gallup Stove
Native Wood
Sawed & Split
Mill Kindling
rancan, wn IiIkm cI and a ch-tiu hment
of French pallor win driven hack
hy a hontilo crowd.
"A irocenlon of omo 4,fl()fl inal
rontenta, headed hy I ho tirei k and
Amellcan fl.iKH, atopped oiitxlde the
American legation, proteated iiK-ilin-t
the landltiK of foreign murine, and
demanded the protection of the Amer
hiin mlnlxter, who wan i,l,cnt.
"Tho deinonatrnlor then paiaded
the utreeia, hiiikIiik the Greek national
I'OIM) Ti l TON 1.IM
txindnn, ( u t. I .'. '' m both tho
northern and aoulhweatern fionta of
Russia," says Renter' Petrogrud cor
lespondent, "heavy rains and (oKa are
Impeding the opei at ions, but the l!u-
alaim are not giving the enemy a mo
ment' rest. Many trenche have
hi en captured bv hand grenade and
bayonet attacks In the dark.
"Tho mrvousnisH of the Oermana
at this etlo of fluhtlng haa been ex
presaed In panicky burst of n suit b us
gunfire. The Itusdan attack on the
new r ; - n i ii position of Svinlusky
Korjtnlza, southeast of Vbidimlr
Volyntskl, resulted In (lie capture of
first lino trenches on u wide fiotit,
ilnjilto the con ce n 1 1 a 1 1 'II tlnte bv
Ociman of some of their best regi
ment, The (leimans I roni-hi up ie
llifoi ceuienta from In Ighboi li:g sec
tor and freah reserv.
"Klve counter-nltack, lice(iiininled
by curlulna of fire, were ibliveietl b
llui lieliiians, inolaliiiu the R iik da u
trenches. In the fifih atl;n k, the
liiriiiana at some places reached the
hiciiKt win k and llireatened to bleak
the Russian line, The Russian haso
nela, however, weie loo deadly and
tho Hermans renounce d their alleuipU
Ut the recapture of their old positions.
"At Klillbaba, In the I 'a rpat h lans,
the Russian Infantry also ha been
scoring heavily In hnnd-f o-hand fight-.
lug. With a view to Interposing n
barrier to tho Russo-Riimanlan i
force, tho Austro-Hung.ii lana la gan
nn attack In considerable force Kat
iirdiiy. They drenched the Russian
i ntanglemenla and their maaaed gun-J
tire destroyed part of the Russian j
nt-fclisc befori) they launched llieir
Infantry attack, t'nder (over of the
woods, they reached nomo portion of
tho Russian trenche hut nfler a aharp
striiguhi they yielded before the Itns
alaii bayonet."
,., MdSMINi iOU.N.I. .r.,L H...D Wlt
Athens, Oct. Ki (via London, Oct,
17). Marine from the ship of tho
entento power to the number of about
a thousand, havo been landed at Rl
raens and havo occupied the railway
station at RlraeiiH and aevcral build
ing In Athen. Immediately, when
thl becamo known, tho at reel a of
Athena swarmed with Creek franti
cally cheering King Constantino and
(hauling tho Ci k national anthem
Creat crowd marched through the
street, thousand gathering In the
nelghhoi hood of tho pout office aiiiare.
Tho war minister, Ceneral luacoa,
ordered out Creek troop and marines
to guard every approach to tho suuiirc
and In older to prevent any clash be-
lw n Creek civilian and the French,
who occupied that aecllon, establish
ing a complete cordon about the
Krciich and tailing nil precaution to
,..,,1,1 ,.nv tneldelil 111' HCI'tdcllt CUM- I
able of starling alrife.
It I Impossible to predict whether
double can be prevented throughout
the night. The Creek government Is
fully allvo to the fact that Crcece'a
fate hang on the prevention of fur
ther ineiiHiuc on tho part of tho
Wrench coininander.
Kailler In the day a review by King
( ''.iit-l it i it I ii ' of the huihii'H belonging
to the vessel of the Cieck navy which
were taken possession of by I he
entente allies, was made the oci asloU
for an Immense loyalist deiiiolist ra
tion, crowd parading the at reel,
hauling life si.e poitialts of the sov
ereign and wildly (heeling for tho
Admiral I laniiaiios. minister of ma
rine, read an order of tho day, prais
ing the loyally of the sailors and com
plimenting theiu on their , onducl Uli
iH r most tiiug cii cumalance.
After the ceremony, the king as
sembled ihe officer about hlui and
addiessed them pel sonally, expressing
pi id,, that they had see, ned olfci of
money an I honors, and had remained
faithful to their oalti to their coun
try. Ilo gave his word that, he would
stand bv them to the end, regardless
of what their lovally ininht entail.
(V HDMMINl IIIIIINI. IflCllk llSp Wlflll
Red Oak, I.i Oct. 17. --The trial of.
two J2."..(iiiii damage suits recently In-1
stltiiled by State Senator I'. Jones
of Ylllisca, against .1. N, llkei s..n, a:
Kansas City detcitive, and eight We!!-!
known citi'cns of Montgomery o unity,!
charging libel, are oM" I'd to pro-!
iliiee intei csl ing developments at the
teim of the district court which j
opi ne here today.
The complaint charge the defend-1
am with responsibility for atone toj
Ihe c f f 1 1 t that Jones financed the,
iIIImh hi ii. orders ill CC. Roth:
Mite ivpicss anxiety for an early
licarmg, bin ll Is thought on account
of the luienve feebng among the peo
ple of the counts, that an effort Willi
hv made to obtain a change of venut
bli ago Ma vor mi Maud.
Chicago, ' ict. 1 7 William Hale
Thompson, mavor c( Chicago, and
repiihll' an national i oninul Iceinaii
for Illinois, wile pla cut on Ihe wit
ness aiiuid before Juste e olson. of
the iniinii ipal conn today In i onnec
tion with Slate Attorney Howie's
application for warrant against Chief
of I'olice C. c. Me. ili v and the l itter s
secretary, William l.uthardt. He de
nied v r t avliiK intei fered with tlic
vliiiT performing In dutie.
Strong Endorsement Is Given,
at Meeting of Agricultural
Congress, of President's
f orcign Policies,
Labor Leader Says Rough
Rider Did Great Harm to
Miners When He Settled
Anthracite Strike,
liol;)inapoll i, l nil., oi l. 17. in
dorsing in I ne most emphatic lan
guage president Wilson' foreign pol
icy and applauding hi courage and
patriotism, the Farmer' National
congicss of the I lilted States, In Its
I hli t y-atxl h it n ri ii ill session, today tclc-
giaphed hearty congratulation to the
pnhldent, expressing the profound
gratitude ami appreciation of this liu
poitanl body for the successful tf
IoiIm of the president In keeping ''Om
nation preferably at peace during one
of tho most trying period of it his
tory." The organization also ex;, lease
appreciation of the administration'
"eonsti uctiv e ami effective legislation
( nacted for the benefit of the lai mets
of America."
risinin Wil-on's Representative.
The president, unable to attend,
sent Assistant Secretary of Agricul
ture Carl Vrootnan to "convey to you
my personal greeting and assurance
of sympathy and good will. The loyal
mid effective support which ha'been
given by your organisation to further
the passage of legislation In the in
terest of the fanner during the pres
ent iidnilnlst i at ion 1 most sincerely
epptoclnteil." To Ihe president's tole
giuiu the congress today sent, thl re
ply: ''Your message of good will to the
Farmers' National Congress of the
I'niteil Stales ha hecn met wltlT'gre"it
( nthuslasm.
"Thl oongroas,
at the thli ty-lifth
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 session al
Omaha, ,'eb., Sept.
HO, ItlKl, adopted tho following reso
lution: "Resolved, that thi congres com
mends tho foreign policy of President
Wilson, while standing nl the head of
tho American nation during ono of
the most ciillcal and trying period
of It history.
"Resolved, that we exprcs absolute
confidence In hi courage, patriotism
and diplomatic ability.
"Resolved, that we. offer hint our
loyal support In his effort to proteel
the right of American citizen and to
maintain Impartial neutrality.
"The Fanners' National congres
extend to you a the executive head
of the nation it profound gratitude
and appreciation on your successful
effort to keep the nation honorably
at peace dm ing one of the most try
ing periods of history.
"This body note with grateful np
preclalion tho constructive and effec
tive legislation enacted for the benefit
of the farmers of America during
jour administration with the loval 'is
Mistance of those representative of all
pintle who have supported the presi
dent In his efforts to promote the gen
eral wcllaie, accept our ainoero
Ihaiiks and as.aii aiicc of continued
lov ally."
Itciinoi.ccs RoicCM'll t)n R. Ii. Affair.
Speaking officially for the I'nited
Mine Woikcix of America, William
lhaniond. statistician for tho union,
today denounced the attempt of T'ho
odoie Roosevelt to discredit President
Wilson's handling of the recent rail
road controversy.
Mr. hiamoiid makes it plain that
the republican effort to show that
Candidate Hughes would have dealt
with the railroad alnke Just a
Roosevelt "settled ' the coal strike Is
not milking labor votes for tho repub
lican candidate,
"The I niled Mine Worker I not
concerned a an organization in par
ty polities.'' said Mr. I Uainonil. "but
It Is directly concerned when a politi
cal speaker mh presents the facts w ith
regard to matters which vitally af
fei t the Interest of the union.
"Mr Roosevelt foieed a settlement
of the l'.iioj strike when the miner
were at a point of winning a great
victory, and when action such as
Roosevelt took w as the only thing that
could save the faces and pocket
book of Messrs. Moigan, Stotesbry,
et al, It is ridiculous for Mr Roose
velt to talk a he did at Wllkesbarre
bout mousing the antagonism of
these financial Interest. He vva
Iheii savior, coal was selling at $'-!"
a ton, the time had come when the
owncis could no longer refuse to end
the famine by granting the Just de
mands of their employe and the
union still had a million dollars In
It treasury
RiMwcvcll's liilorfcroiieo Rail on Miner
"I localise of Roosevelt's interfer
ence, the miners endure five months
of suffering and privation without
gaining ibetr object. The award was
not satisfactory, it was ten years tie
fore the nutters could get it modified
sufficiently to secure representative
committees to enforie the award. The
anthracite miner won more by di
rect negotiation last apring without
losing a single day's wages than
Roosi veil's settlement gave them.
"The anthracite coal miners will not
he Impressed yv hen Mr. Roosevelt a
that the recent lallroad controversy
should have taken the same course."
Want a hlib fmiln rmplojrrr or ttu hot
ter m! of ftermntaf MuL um of tht waal
column of III Journal.
fCintlnud From pa( Ow l
York had legislation in It fa tor by
wnicri iiie consumer of gas paid a
rate, a fixed by law and
by the courts, oft NO cent.
"Then there, followed an Inveati
gallon of much wider concern. It re
lated to the aecurlty of the homes of
American, It related to the security
of thoao who, through life insurance,
nan endeavored to protect iheir live
and their children against the hazard
of untimely death We had in that
a very laborious inquiry. It brought
to my iittenHon a gnat vailety of
mutters deeply affecting the Interests
of tho community.
"We endeavored to safeguard the
policyholders of Ihe nation by wise
legislation, regulating our life Insur
ance enterprise. Wo endeavored to
ace to it that public supervision should
be entirely Impartial ami wholly ffi-
i lent in the Interest of those con
cerned In this great enterprise.
"I was called from this to the gov
ernorship of the state. I went with a
great deal of Information with respect
to the conduct of public business. 1
went to the governor's chair with this
d, termination, that while I sat there,
I hoie would he no Influence or power
which should ni tiny way affect my
action so as to bo In the slightest de
gree injurious to tho wcllaie of all
the people in that .state."
Tho crowd interrupted uilh
"Who's all right?'' Home one
ed. The answer came from
section of the house, In i
a yell,
i roar:
"I I ughes!"
"Now, I refer to thi," Mr. Hughe
continued, ' because there has been re
fcnlly an extraordinary statement
made that in some way I have become
a sponsor for invisible government.
Such a preposlcroua charge need no
attention and yet I should like to take
advantage of the fact that It ha been
i. tiered to remind the American peo
ple of one or two things,
"In the first, place, during my
governorship at Altiony, there was no
barter of appointment for legisla
"In the next place, legislation was
considered upon it merit In the
"At the same time, we had legisla
tion dealing with the great subject of
the regulation of tho public utilities.
There wero men who did not at that
lime ace the Importance of that
action. We thought that It wa time
to vindicate tho aupreinaey of the
public interest. We did not buy
way through tho legislature; we
not compromise with principle.
Went at might, to the "people of
state, and the people sustained
policies and they were enacted
"I desire To say to my fellow
zen that no ono more than 1 aland
determinedly iigiilnat every Influence
of the Invisible government, agaiiiHt
every alliance of business and politic,
against every subversion of the ma
chinery of government to any private
purpose against every means of cor
rupt ion In our public life.
"And 1 should not want to occupy
Ihe highest station in tho gift of the
people, except upon the terms upon
which I shall occupy It If called; and
that I that there in no promise or
obligation to any man, and that we
will atand there with visible govern
ment, according to our constitutional
system, In the Interest of all the peo
ple of thl laud.
The nominee had Just about con
cluded Ills attack on tho administra
tion for the enactment of the Adam
son bill, when he wa asked if' he
would repeal the measure I elected.
'"My dear air," be replied to the
uuesllon, "you cannot repeal a sur
render." Tho crowd cheered. "You
cannot repeal what has been done by
thi abdication of authority," Mr.
Hughes continued, "and further your
ipicstion show that you do not fully
understand the term of the Adamson
'I'nder the Adamson hill It goes
Into effect the first or January, then
there I a provision that for six i
month or nine month, there shall be
observallons of its workings. Six
months i the minor period; nine!
month Ihe maximum period, and
then the wages which are to be upon
thi new basis shall continue to he
paid until thirty day after thu report
of the commission,
"Now sir, this will luive been In
operation for a very long time before
I should even take the executive
chair, If elected, and will have com
plctt d it purpose before congress
would have It session In the follow
ing lieccmher.
"1 do not suppose that any question
of n peal would be Involved, hut I
do nay, that when that question arise,
if It does arise, if I am elc d, 1 w ill
follow the prinlcple that 1 now state
and have Just stated of ascertaining
the exact fact and what justice would
dictate ought to be done at that time."
Mr. Hughe concluded his speech
with a reiteration of hi denial that a
vote for him meant a vote for war."
lar MoNNiaa journal aptci LlAaao anna)
l.'l l'aso, Oct. IT. Francisco Villa
Is now on the Hearst ranch at Rab
rlenra, according to the statement of
passenger arriving here today from
Pearson, a station on the Mexican
Northwestern railway below the
American on pod it loin, ry base.
K Idcnce from other sources Indi
cate that Villa I concentrating bis
troop In the Rahicora district, as
passengers from parral say that Villa
land are moving northward. and
from Torreon report thcin heading'
All report ague as to heavy Car
ran xa troop movements, indicatinj an
energetic campaign against Villa di
rected from Chihuahua City. C.enera!
Mayoottee started a few day ago
with a column from Santa Rosalia to
cut (iff ViIIu'h retreat to the south,
while another large force I proceed
ing from Villa Ahumada toward Ca
sas dra ndes.
It i said In Chihuahua that the
reason why no energetic steps were
taken against Villa after the atta. k
of September 16 on liiat city w is due
to ahortage of ammunition, handicap
now overcome.
Complaint Made of Inadequate
Measures in Handling Food
Supply and Preventing Ex
cessive Rise in Prices,
'v mokn.no jouonal araciAL ilAaao wiaai
London, Oct. 17. In the house of
( ominous today a debate arose over
the food situation, a number of ihe
member complaining (if the inade
quate measure of the government to
control food supplies and pri vent an
xcessivo rie in price.
Walter Runciman, president jif the
board of trade, in reply to the com
plaints, said he wa hungering for a
practical proposal which had not been
furthcoming' lor preventing evils that
were largely due to the inci cased food
consuming capacity, not only of the
army, but of munition and other
worker, and the decreasing supplies
of food.
Mr. Runciman, said there wa no
evidence of aerioii monopoli.at ion or
exploitation of foodstuffs, and if there
had been he would not have hesitated
to ask parliament for power to deal
wllh such a altuation.
In relating the measure the gov-
(ininent has taken with regard to
meat and wheat, Mr. Runciman said
every effort wa being inado to in
( tease available tonnage for Import,
and that tho admiralty had agreed in
many instance to do with a smaller
number of vessel. In conclusion, the
president of the hoard of trade said
there would be no extension of tho
principle of rationing, and that the
government hud no intention of put
ting the country in the position of a
blockaded city.
I lunula., Ariz., (let. 17. The first
field hospital company of the lis
liict, of Columbia entrained here to
niuht for it home station. The men
will atop over in Kl l'aso tomorrow,
to l issued overcoats and winter
The aignal corp of the I list l ie! of
Columbia finished Its field training In
Nogaloa Monday and started for Doug
las, but whether afoot or by train has
not -been learned. The company
marched Ironi Warren, Ariz., to No
gale. The Fifth New Jersey infantry, 1,
110 strong, wa not able to entrain
today, a expected, the Colorado
(loops, which arrived yoatorday, not
having brought sufficient equipment
to carry them eastward. Additional
equipment has been ordered and they
are expected to leave lunulas Octo
ber 2"b it wa staled by Major Can
non, camp qunrterrnnsler, today.
lav HOiNiNf joumiAl araciAl HASIO wins!
New York, Oct. 1". Four llelgians
and one man claiming to he an Amer
ican were removed from the llolland
Aiucrlcan liner Ryndam by Urilish au
thorities at Kirkwall and Falmouth,
according to officers of the ship on
her arrival hero today from Rotter
dam, The American passenger was
Frnest Young, l'assport irregularities
were alleged by Ihe lirilish.
Wireless advice that submarines
bad been active near the American
coast were received by Captain Kroi
of the Ryndam, aoon lifter leaving
Falmouth, and at night all light were
kept burning, Including name and nn
tionullty in electric letter three feet
hiuh. along the rail on each side of
the vessel. Nothing wa sighted, the
officers reported.
la MoaNiaa journal spkcial i b.ako wtai t
New York, tut. 17. Violence in tin
city' transit situation was resumed
today when strikers and sympathizer
made several attacks on surface cars
in iinner Madison avenue. I'.rlcks
were thrown through windows and
several passengers were Injured, and
a conductor wa assaulted mid robbed.
I'ollee reserves dispersed the trouble
makers. The striker apparently took advan
tage of the fact that 2, toil policemen
were parading to display the military
efficiency acquired at summer pre
pntedness camps.
Rayonne, N. .1.. Oct. 17. -The de
mands of the striking Standard !il
employes were refused again today,
when a committee representing the
striker conferred with Ceorge lien
nessy. superintendent of the Standard
oil company's main plant The com
mittee was appointed yesterday as the
result of u mass meeting arranged by
the city aiithorit ies.
Superintendent llennessy Informed
the commute)-, it was reported that
he would deal with them when they
dropped llieir wane demands. He ij
the company was ready to grant or
arbitrate the other demands regard
ing work conditions and rearrange
ment of hours.
low:! RhicUni.nl ( ase Dropped.
Chicago, Oct. 17. -It was learned
today that federal investigation of the
so-called "low., blu-kiuail case" has
been dropped. An b.vv.i man, whose
names Was never made public, in this
case was raid to have been victimized
out of JIO.OUO by two girls. Harold
W. Jirka, attorn,)- for the gir!s in
volved, said that investig.itn.ii had
shown that the girls ha. I a just claim
on "a wealth) druggist fron Cl'J.11
That Means the Supreme De
gree of Rich, Luscious
Tobacco Flavor
Nature varies tlic flavor she puts into
tlie (liltercnt graiks of tobacco leaf
'and the best of all is tlic flavor of
i ;liuive red Hurley that pleases vuu so
mightily when you chew Spear Head.
The delicious fruity flavor of a chew
of Spear Head is a revelation to the
man who lias never chewed or who has
been chewing near-good tobacco.
For chewing is the one way to get
all the wholesome, healthful, appetizing
flavor of the tobacco leafproviding;
von chew a high-grade plug like Spear
llead. "
No other tobacco can compare with
Spear Head in the wholesome satisfac- i
tion it gives. i
You get more savory sweetness in a
chew of Spear Head than in a whole,
plug of ordinary tobacco.
And you get it in its purest form
for Spear Head is made amid the most
wholesome surroundings, in a great, !
new factory that's kept absolutely clean ;
and sanitary.
Try this rich, nu 'lovv, satisfying, pure
chew. Such a chew cannot lie obtained
in any other tobacco than Spear Head.
In 5c and 10c cuts,
Washington, ii. t. 17. The fiist step'
toward Inaugurating In a score of'
leading universities and colleges a !
course along lines drafted by the war j
oep.i rt inent to equip students to be-'
come reserve officers of the army, ;
was taken here today at a conference .
between president and executive of- '
fieials of such Institutions and rank-;
Ing officers of the army. ;
A tenlalive piogiam Has ilisclissi u
and submitted to a committee for;
drafting along lines described by the
national defense act, providing for
military instruction in civilian institu
tions. It will be issued by the war
department in the form of a geiietul-
order. 1'ndcr the proposed plan, tin
governuii nt would provide army in
structors, equipment, and other as
I'enver, Colo., int. 17. -Hearing
before the stale board of equalization
continued today, with protest from
representatives of the Colorado Pow
er company of Moulder county, who
ask a reduction of valuation esti
mate upon which their tax asseinent
Wa based. Representatives of the
I'nlon Pacific Railway eonii'.in.y who
protested against the a -sc-ainent lev
ied on their properties in Weld
county, were heard early today.
No decisions, it was said, are to he
announced this week, as practically
all of the week is to he taken up
with the healings.
vsi:i it i:i.i:vi: m:rs.
There is one remedy that, for many
year has given relief from coughs,
colds, croup and whooping cough. It
is probably the best known family
cough medicine in the world and he
cause it contain no opiate i strong
ly recommended for children as well
a adults. Mr. Chas. Kielz. Allen
Mills, Pa., writes: "1 have used Fol
ey' Honey' and Tar for eleven years
and I would not be without It." R
promptly relieves hoarseness, tickling
throat, bronchial coughs, inflamed
and congested membranes and per
mits refreshing Bleep. Sold every
where. Reduced fac-simflc of dottle
and Package.
For your health's sake do not ac
cept a substitute for
MBit key
It is in a class by itself, as time has
proved, and imitations that may be
offered to you cannot possibly do tho
same amount of good.
You will always find the penuine
Duffy's wrapped in Duffy's Annual,
as shown in the above illustration.
After the Annual is removed the well
known "Old Chemist" trade-mark is
on the label and on the seal over the
cork, the name of the Company is
also blown in the bottle. Study the
illustration and you will be able to
avoid substitution.
8t Duffy' and
Kttp Wtll"
At most drug
gists, fTocers and
dealers, $1.00 If
they can't supply
you, write us.
I'scful household
booklet free.
Th DviMi't WhlWev Co., Rochntr, N Y.
1 Sweaters 1
I Shoes S
1 Hals 1
1 Shirts i
I and
i Underwear
-j ;"i
ii H
1 Clothing
""!l .uaai win aajanaavaaanf flr

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