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TI'1RTVmKo. 20.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, Friday, October 20, 1916.
Dally by Carrier or Ma 11,7 (I
a Month, hluulo (.'olden, 50
t I r I
nr DRPfl-H HUM
yt unun uuiiuum
Contest for Governorship a
Mystery That Political
Prophets Find Difficulty in
Solving Satisfactorily,
Friends of Democratic Nomi
nee Working With Might
and Main and Express Con
fidence of Victory at Polls,
Denver, Oct. hi. New Mexico: Fri
day anil Saturday probably fair;
warmer mirth portion l-iiday; warmer
east portion Saturday.
For twenty-four hours, endinR at
S p. m. yesterday-
Maximum temperature, 62 degrees;
minimum, 3v; range, 24; temperature
at 6 p. m., 4M; north wind; clear.
Pecos valley roll up for de Baca the
big- majorities thai were Riven to Mc
Donald In isir. if thorn) two things
come to pass the present lieutenant
governor will be the next governor of
New Mexico, hut they are two things
that cannot he foretold that must
await the count of the votes on the
night of November "- Therein lies
the big puzzle of the state campaign.
SelijiiiiHii's Task.
The fact that the democratic cam
paign was slow in getting under way
and that not until the last few days
has there been injected into the fight
the amount and quality of "pep" that
rocs with a well organized and well
conducted contest for political offices
is one that has been commented on in
many quarters. And thereby hangs a
When Chairman
was placed at the
central committee
check book with
Arthur Seligman
head of the state
he fell heir to
nothing: to check
Santa Ke. Oct. 19. The most in-
i diverting little pastime
t(.rrsllllK "I'll " I
, ...mural circles in New Mexico to- of organization there was only
. -Button, Button, Who's got the. barest skeleton. Hope and enthuslam
('overrun-ship Mutton?" ! were the only tools with which
' , ..... .... i.tunil 1 un- i...: - .1 n L
Tt.i.rn lire liicniy ui nuj'i'u'j new cnairituiu nau iu t..o
Kiirious gentlemen who have made! Being a practical
, ..,,,!, of games like this and who business man w ith a
r,,fp's to be expert at playing them.iwiea of running a campaign
Militarists Win, and Army and
Navy Are to Be Objects of
Supplication in Worship of
Episcopal Church,
Rev, Dr, Melish Sees Probab
ility of Catastrophe to Unit
ed States Similar to That
of Europe Today,
against and a large collection or buoy
ant hopes and roseate predictions of
victory. Nothing more. The till was
so empty that it was ready to cae in.
Berlin Admits Kaisei's Foiees
Are Being Giadually Forced
Back on Western Front by
Constant hessuie,
Austro-Germans Claim No
table Successes at Certain
Points in Volliynia; Ruman
ians Score,
business man's
Mr. Se-
' u. ...in toll vou that this particular , ljo-,,,..,, about to acquire somoming
little game is the simplest ever I)Utn,ore definite than hope and enthus
out for solution, but in every i'aseiiism with which to fight the battle
they are gentlemen who have a strong tnat i,iy ahead. It was no easy task
..,-ot In having the game won by; that lav before him. He had to build
one or the other candidates for the
,-nmxhin in New Mexico. Cold-
. . . ... i - ... ...1 . . . .. 1,. ...lO, ..)iii-h
blooded politicians w no nave mume.. j ne nan 10 secure me ........
..... ..,.ii uolelu with a view to as-lm ,l..r,-uv the e.xnonsrs of the cam-
TrU" IL!II"1I "-j -- ,
that lay before him.
up his organization from the very
foundations, and most essential or an.
St. Louis, Mo., Oct, l'.t. Militarists
clashed Willi pacifists in a delude on their front closer
prayer in the House of Deputies ot i ,.m(.fi After W
Anti-Wilson Banners of Na
tional Women's Party Are
Torn Down by Angiy Spec
tators; Small Riot Develops
of funds,
be forth
the first
ccrtttlning the pronaoie outcome m , puign. He is sun in uecu
the election and who are not afraid j but these he believes will
... n von lust w hat thev think, con- ; ruining in due time. For
fens that the question is one of tht time sine, the nominations were mada
m0st baffling that has ever been put,,,, ,, has a compact, working or
up to the political prophet. j ganization and is in a position to carry
month ago liursum looked lik the fight into the enemy's country.
the one best bet on either ticket. At j
that time he was conducting some-.
thing of a still mini ior me mm.,
was meeting the voters in his affable.
..nil genial way and was making de
cided headway on w hat seemed to be
UniKWt a -clear track. Bets on ititr- j
sum were freely offered in any amount,
ami at almost any odds, and there
wore few takers.
Times Have Changed,
id,. Hoi, was a month ago, and
times have changed. Mr. liursum had
not. at that time been handi a--.el "';
a ciimpaign committee and a press j '
bureau that seemed to feel it incum-j
bent upon themselves to earn ''lr ! SlJ DUia t'l H G bet UUt I" 10111 bra
-, : .1 ..milling :
money t,y lining w uuhk "--j "j
to kee, him in the limelight. Also,,
tlu ennui gn for De r.aca mm no.
o ....it,.., ..-,.11 on.i..r wav. IC
uit-ll gucu " n ........ .......
ic i,u,i not cotton mi steam and
kid not really begun to run.
bui'suni's friends now privately con
cede that his chances have been in
jured by bungling management and
by bad advice on the part of his well
meaning but over-zealous and inju
dicious supporters. The incidents at
si.r.iiTn when u d coi ocrat ic nosier ad
vertisement was ('overed over
iiaper and a moving picture uie.n..
nrnynip inniiiT
I nuunuLi LUUI
. I
merhaven for America and
Should Have Reached Port
Middle of Last Month,
was prohibited from displaying slides
containing nolitical advertisements
i Washington, Oct. IS. It was admit
ted that Herman officials, not only
j in this country but in Merlin, were
I without information as to the fate of
,,..,on Ml llinv know is that
Willi' a from lireiner-
; Se sev ou i , oi mi. inn
haven and that she should nine ai
rived at an American port soon after
the middle of last month. It is re-
aro specimens of the poor jmiMiicm i KHr(((, ,loui,,fi that accurate in
that has been used in furthering Mr. j ff)mmUon ,.,. (,,.llinK the fate of the
llursnm's eaiididaCJ'. I vessel will be available until after the
remaps ttie most conspicuous
ample of this sort ot ban manaj,. ,,iuM,o,crancc of the llremen
mpnt, however, is the attitude taken! abandonment .of the
hy Hie .epnblican candidate regard-1 .rchant submarines
ng attacks upon his record as su,,e -, I 'o ' he lTn)
iiaenuem or me iiemu'iioiuj. i.... ; - , Tt ..
' close of the war, if then.
Tin. disamicnraticc of the
Tim1 regularly from C.ermany
i n.i States was sain. mem i.,.
: pea red to be reason to expect that an
other .submarine sea freighter, either
the Deutschland 01' some other would
reach an American port some time
within the noXl month.
! Herman officials in Washington do
believe the ttreiiien couni it,n,-
the hands of the luniso
prevailing opinion is that the people
of New Mexico were pretty well tired
of the sensationalism that character
ized the first state campaign in 1911
Knd that a resort to the same sort of
tactics this year would have reacted
upon those using them. lly putting
the world on notice, however, that not believe
m.. x.i.. .: i ,,l osl fallen into
" " itn-miice ,u lis dim ui, ... . -
warden of the territorial penitentiary ; unless she had some accmcin u, ,
would involve the penalty of a libel j machinery. They pointed out ma
unit, Mr. liursum has not only man-j unlike naval submarines, '''"' nt
aged to attract attention to that rec-1 submarines avoid all localities
ord hut has given his opponents the j qiientcd by shipping and thereto! e are
opportunitv to argue that he is afraid j not open to the same risks,
to meet the issue of an attack on that When the Hi ciuen was a week oyer
recordan opportunity that they have I due no anxiety regarding her was tell,
not ,een slow to take advantage of. j Tile Deutschland was just a week
De Hut u's Health. overdue when she came through the
Hopublicnns who have been count-! Virginia capes and the weather con-
iditions then were much better man
j those which have prevailed dining m
in? on the alleged poor health of Lie"
tenant Governor de liaca as a cam
paign argument for Bursum have been
compelled to confess their disappoint-:
"lent. Mr. de Baca is about the live- j
"est si. k man that ever took thoj
"tump In a political -campaign, and if j
" 's true that his health was failing j
at the t' r,e of his nomination the only i
derf nil
self in:
M any
In look:
1 lorn
last month and a hall. Mien me
vessel was two weeks ownluc anxie
ty was apparent in various Teutonic
(piarters and word of her arrival was
anxiouslv awaited.
Since then h that the submarine
...t Ko ut.ta has dwindled each 'lav
to be drawn is that run
"ice agrees with him won
for he has thrown him-
and today she
ing been lost.
was spoken of a.1
ght with as much vigor, nDC IT MADTUFRM TO
other candidates and
iter now than he has for I
ie past.
nature of things Mr. de
"jen's candidacy is affected to a con
"laeruble extent by the fight that the
MoioncHiis ur(, niakinc on the ail-i
ministration of Governor McDonald,
r the democratic candidate has been
4 part of that administration, has
R,Vf,n it his whole-hearted approval
is pledged to continue the Mi-
ies if elected governor.
St" I'a"u"l"Vnnn., Oct. 1 :.- Plans ar
I . .. : 1-...I I.v the ( real .MO-
i ,...ilf,....l r,.inii:itl' oi III, "
trification of more than :!0 miles of
i main line between Spokane and S.-at-
, ..tlinr mountain di'i-
i te, o fi.-n- '
f tha west, it became known
iodav. The project as tcntatlveh
the Protestant ICpiscopal general con
vention here today. The issue, which
arose over the proposal of the com
mission on the enrichment of the
hook of common prayer to add
prayers for the army and navy, di
vided the body inlo two factions.
The prayer which was adopled
and upon which most of the discus
sion was based, was recommended by
the commission. It asked "Lord, Hod
of Hosts, to strengthen and protect
the soldiers of our country: support
them in the day of 1 attic and in time
of peace keep them safe from evil."
It also pleaded that "in all things they
may serve without reproach." A sim
ilar p layer suggested by the commit
tee for the navy, was also adopted.
Clash Over War.
One faction, led by Uev. John How
ard Melish of Brooklyn, held that any
war is un-t hristian and that no sol
dier can serve without reproach. The
other, of which Uev. laighton Parks
of New York, was spokesman, while
not championing war, argued that b
is the duty of.the oiiur-h to pray for
those men who forsake civil pursuits
in which the remuneration might be
greater for the service of their coun
try. Previously, several delegates bad
urged the inclusion nf the ritual of a
prayer for world peace. The Uev.
V. H, Milton of Wilmington. N. '.,
introduced a resolution to this end,
which was referred to the commission
If approved by the House of Bishops,
the prayers for the army and navy
will be in tentative use in Ibe next
three years and will be ailed upon
finally at the next general conven
tion. Injury to Youth.
Dr. Melish said that if these pray
ers were adopted, an irreparable in
jury would be done to the youth of
the nation.
"I do not desire to participate in
a debate on the question of national
preparedness," he said. "But if we
adopt these prayers, we should be do
ing an injury to the youth of this na
tion that i4 irreparable. It is true of
a nation, as it is of an individual, that
whatsoever a man Ihinketh in his
heart, so is he. If we put a prayer
like this before the youth of our na
tion, and make the petitions which
this prayer makis, you are bringing
upon this nation in the years ahead
a catastrophe similar to that which is
now overwhelming the nations beyond
tho Atlantic.
Offers Substitute.
Dr. Melish said he believed in pray
ing for soldiers and sailors and urged
the adoption of the following sub.sli-tute:
Oh Hod, who lias taught us to love
our enemies and to do goon unio
tbem that hate us, bless our soldiers
und sailors for their swift obedience
ind their willingness to answer the
call of duty, but inspire tliein none
the less with a hatred for war, and
may they never for love or private
glory or advancement, provoke its
coining. May our young men still re
joice to die for their country with the
lor of their fathers, but teach our
ago nobhr methods of matching our
strength and more effective w:iys of
giving our life for the flag."
Dr. Melish was supported by the
v. L. Parsons of Berkeley,
Calif., chairman of the commission
which made the recommendation; the
Uev. J. B. Dunn of I,nchburg, Va.,
and Francis I Stetson of New York.
Washington's I'rtijrr Out of Hale.
The commission reported the
prayer llltele.l ny i.eorge i .1 jnu
when he laid down the supreme com
mand of the federal army, could not
iu their judgment bo substituted for
the prayer of our country, recom
mended by the commission. I he pro
posal was recommit led.
The joint commission on
books of Knglish and Amen,-!
t.,v icpot'teil to the hoilsi
tics today that it had
achieved sonic
II) MOl JOllN, 1MCIU 1 IIO W,tl
Hradually the Punch are drawing
to IVronne, in j " earn
luesday's advance
along a mile fuml between Biaches
and I.a Maisonnette, west of the
Somme, an attack launched Thursday
was rewarded with further gains, J i, aduuaricrs. He left at midnight
which virtually brings them to the i and will ai iive at Long Blanch, ..
bank of the stream, j J.. at midnight tomorrow.
North and east of Sallly-Saillesel, 1 n speech before the (imago
where the Fieich have advanced ! n-ss club, the president predh led
last few days, the
ade a violent roun
vv as repulsed I y t lie
their line in tin
Hermans have 1
ter-alta, k which
Admit British Haiti.
Berlin admits that in their attacks
on the Sars-Morval front the British
captured Herman positions: but says
these ttele later le-laken. lixccpl for
a slight gain by the British at Buttc-de-Wai
lencourt and the repiibe of a
Herman counter-attack there, com
parative iiiot prevailed.
No decisive result has been
achieved in the violent fighting that
has been going 011 for several davs
iu Vnlliynia 'and Haheiii. Pet nigra, l
says that near Kiselin and Sviniuskv
in Yolhvnia, attacks, by the TeoUojs
were repulsed, while Berlin records
the capture of Kus-ian trenches on
the western bank of the Stokhod.
and in the repulse uilh heavy casual
ties of Kussian atlacks near Bubliow.
l ighting in (.alio!,,.
South of Zhoiovv, in Haliela, sev
eral enterprises have 1 11 carried 01 t
siieeoHsfully by the Ausliians, while
at other points Russian atlacks were
put down.
1 In Transylvania, Uumanians have
taken the offensive at various points
and now are declared to be pushing
back their adversaries. Berlin, how
ever, controverts this statement.
There Is no change in the situation
in Macedonia, although In, lb the en
tente and i'euliiiiic allies make claim
to minor successes on various ,,, tors.
Artillery dm Is are taking place in
the Austrn -Italian theater.
crease on the contract price before
they would begin their duties. The
advantage was theirs and the Increase
was granted.
Mrs. Wilson accompanied the pres
ident. Drc;::,c,l in black and wealing
u b'ige bouquet of orchids and vio
lets, she drew almost as much ap
plause as the president.
Kit t Headquarters,
Between his speeches to the Women
and Ills night address, Hie president
went to the western democratic head-
on, liters and lor the first time wit
ness, d the details of the mnchinerv
used In an efl'oi t to re-elect him. Sen
ator Walsh, cliauiuan of the head
,Uartcis, and Senator Sanlsl ury of
Delawaie showed him Just how the
campaign Is being can led on, and
iheli the president and Mrs. Wilson
stood for half 1111 hour shaking hands
with all the headquarters clerks, In
cluding all the stenographers and
mailing clerks.
Afterwaid the president had a
brief coiil'ei eiice w ith Senator Walsh
end was told that a decided "swing
had set in 111 tile west for the demo
cratic ticket."
At the meeting of women, the pres
ident win introduced by Mrs. Kiln
l'bu'ii Young, former superintendent
Pl,l,,f rv.-iciilic, folic o U.ct 1 ot Chicago's schools, who declared he
J IK I LMVUlUt; VJUIIO at V V v o l , . . , , ,. , .,,
I I O I , I ' 1 III." 1 I IU . I ,-lUIII
lit peace. Miss Jane Adilams occu
pied u seat u a box.
SHiiUs to Women.
The president defined his message
to the Women as follows:
"Society Is now olganizing Its whole
power in order that it may under
stand itself. In oidcr that It may have
1: new organization and instrument
i of civilization, and 1 am ambitious
Mhat Ani'Mjea should show the wav
I ill tills great enterprise." He did not
I touch on voles for women.
I The president declared that some
! of the difficulties in Hie foreign re
'. lalionship of the Cnlleil Slates have
1 n due to the fact that other tin
' Hons have not realized that this
! tion was disinterested. ''When
latlons ot the world come in
America." be said, "they will
Candidate Quotes Cabinet Of
ficer as Making Disrespect
ful Rernatk About Washing
ton's Veterans,
cm Headquarters and Sees
MaUiineiy of Campaign in
Active Operation,
Also Calls McAdoo to Task 'for
Questioning Statement Re
garding the Lusitania Tragedy.
her,, today to explain bis
views 011 problems facing the nation,
lie delivered three speeches bete,
participated in several street deinon
str.ilious ami weld over western catn
I ni-'n plans with Ins managers at
the beginning of "a renaissance of
the sense of patriotic responsibility,"
and urgid the development of pro
gl essiveness. Speaking l.efui c a gath
ering of women later, he limed more
participation of women in theallairs
of the nation. ;'.nd at a meeting to
right of new citizens lie declared for
,1 fujled Vine, -tea.
I Act ill licr,. t hecred.
At his everv appearance the pi
dent was cheered I
packed the si reels
Youngstown, o., Oct. 19. Charles
I 10. Hughes, teit rating that ho meant
I what he said in Louisville tho other
j night about the course he would have
followed with reference to the Lusl
' tania, tonight replied to a recent ut
jteiance of Secretary McAdoo, with
the declination that apparently it
! seemed Impossible to the admlnlstra-
nn.itlon that one could mean what
love1 "Now rises the secretary of
nln-y I treasury 10 complain nun ints wa
! . ...,... t t, .,,-,1,1 i,,,t-
land follow America.- " ' " 1 ' ""","""
1 A dciiionsliatlon lasting more than '"- "" ""' sinking occurred. Mr.
: . 11. ...I..,.. .-,.1.) ,.r,.. it rt I n llinft tin
i five iniuuteu mooted the 1, resident at "" "" ' " -
j a new citizens' meeting tonight. Men
'stood on chairs and cheered, waving
i their hats. The president stood and
! bowed again and again. The up.
' plauso ended when a clergyman be-
,f its
,'ivfi-,,..- . T. ... ... , ,,,,tii,Ma is one or tne iui--esi
, ' iianinaiii is slumping mei-
hl" n behalf of Mr. de Baca, who! kind ever undertaken.
l.e considered the legatee of! The Great Northern, thri.ut. . 1
Mcbonahl strength and the Me- subsidiary cot.,,,any, controls vat
'"".t weakness in his own candi- rights on the Chelan river ... Wash
fla'V for ,ho mriini nd the nresent plans, it 1
"o th(
solution of the governorship
depends upon two questions'
natives want a native governor
OnOHtrVl tr .1.
rij . ' l" ,ao.v 10 me Huppoi 1
Hon of ,hoir rue eVPr to 1,e
"natej for ,h.(, office nn(, wUltllP
said, include the raising of Hie lcvc
, ci.Jan near which the mam
01 , ... i.
power plant would be established,
ft Is understood the actual prelim
tho nroiect will b.
111,11 .1 "1 r " -
started by next summer.
all bis-
f depu-
cont'erred wnh
rs of such textbooks and had
success in Us etlons
to induce them to 1 liminate from then
books the statement that the Church
of lamlam, Ibe parent of the Protest
ant Kpis'opal church, was founded by
Henry VIII. Some of these authors
promised to eliminate this statement
,11 revisions of their books. It is the
, bum of Protestant Kpiscopal histo
rians that the Church of Kuglaiid
traces back to aspo.-tolic times.
The Hons,' of deputies voted to in
cicas,. the commission to seven l,Hh
ops, sev en clei kv men and seven lay
men. The repot t ws presented by
Bev. John S. Littel, of Kun'', N. H.
rav MoHN.Na jnunNAi. rpiciau iao wimi,
London 1 nl. 1 '.I. Lloyd's an
nounces thai lh' British steamer
Alaunia lias been sunk and that hoi
captain and I 'i-t men of the 1 law
have been landed. Willi the excep
tion of a few men missing, the ship's
company was landed by .1. trawler.
All the passengers had been landed
previously. j
K SI k
mini; IN
i II I I.
New York, ct. HI. -The Cunard
liner Alaunia, which sailed from this
port October T. was' sunk by a mine
in the Knglish channel todav, accord
ing to 1 able advices to Ibe local
Cunard officials while pioceeding to
London from Ka hnout h. 011 Tues
day, the officials said, she landed at
Pnlinouth all of her 1M:I passengers,
including twenty-one Americans, who
sailed on her from New York.
The Alaunia. one of Hie newest ves
sels of the Cunard line, sailed from
Vew York on the day the Hernia 11
rub marine l'-.",:t arrived at New poll,
and must have passed Nantucket at
about the same time the r-',3 the
next morning began her opeialions
in that vicinilv against British ship
ping, incidentally,
was armed for dot'
The Alaunia carried a cargo of
about 11, nan tons of merchandise, in
cluding war supplies, but no muni
tions. Among the items lste,l were
, i;bb, r and , oppci goods, food sup
plies and chemicals
ot her cm go w as to
Built in I !H the ship was
long, with a -:'oss tonnage of n,4a
, throngs which
during Ins auto
mobile rides from place to place and)
iilh-il to c.inacitv the halls in w blcli 1
be spoke. He stood In his autonio
i de u-hil.. passing through Ibe crowds
and smilingly waved bis hal to the
I eople on the streets i.n-1 In the Win
dows of buildings.
An attemtped "siletil demonstra
tion'' by inenib-ers oT the national
woman's party in front of the Audi
torium developed inlo a near riot in
which banners opposing Wilson were
torn from the -leiuonsi ratoi s and
trampled and the women were roughly
), lulled. I'res'dent Wilson was rent
ed in an automobile a, few hundrcdl
feel away when the ,b inotlsi 1 ai 1011
start! d, but pas.-eil inlo the building
dinl was not a, vv itness to the ' cue
that followed.
Banners Torn III, Mil.
Shoutinv "Shame: disgrace!" and
(,,. I Hie banneis' " a crowd of scv
, ral hundred. ; U inkh-d w 1th women,
(barged Hi banner holders. I'm
I, rill. is and c; s were used in the
,iii,ii, tioo of Ho- placards. Many ot 1
11,.. women were knocked down
nearly all were loughly handled, es
pecially those who st lino to retain
I heir banners.
.... it
Tl vcllellicnl contllllieil tllllll
Hi., banners had been seized
ilishcveloil ball and soiled and tm 11 :
clolhing, the w omen man bed back j
,.. tn lioiiibioarlei s under police I
Charges that Hi,, police sympa
thized with I'm rioters and failed to
protect lli demonstrators were made
by Mrs. Josephine Pcaree and Mis.
K. L. .Mat the, officials of the local
woman's republican ciin-s.
I'olicciiien I ipi nt'clii'. j
There were all kinds of policciueii j
slaiidlng .ibout merely looking on. t
" . - 1 "
not moving a naini, sau. .01.
Pcaree. "Some of them didn't seem
I, want to help us. I saw policemen
deliberately stand nearby and laugh
cl us while we Were b'-ing beaten end
Hie banners lorn from our bands.
"We were merely standing iui"tlv.
holding our banners and not haiiuinc
1 nyoiie. .Suddenly there was a regu
lar riot. They grabbed our baluieis.
trampled on them, and knocked us
down. 11. was Itiiible."
Members of lb,
I'nioil compared I he
demonstration with
lade In Washington
President W ilson was
gall an invocation.
The preliminary speakers were con
! ( ,n,llni-,t o" I'iih 'Imo.I ,
unnnun n n n l tl ;
U y h U i U Mu I
' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I LI II U II I II I
in nmnni r uirnT
New York Tribune Prints Let
ter F i oni Subscriber Telling
of Piesident's Increasing
Strength in Central States,
would have stated his position, "une
(liilvin ally," in advance of the Kink
ing. "1 was under tho Impression
that when I said what 1 would hava
stated in advance as to what I would
do, everyone would know that 1 stated
what, In fact, 1 would have done In
the lies, rilied event. The secretary's
remarks shows In an UliiinlnstlnK way
this adiiiiuisti idlon'B conception of tho
value of words.
Means W hat He Says.
"It apparently seems Impossible to
lhisiulmlnislriiHou that one can menu
what he says. That is lis difficulties.
With It, a threat of action does not
seem to mean anything t.-,' wetrrta. My
position I - t-omewhat different.
"I mean wind I ssy uad beeuso
i this nii' ' bt.v, been well known uiid
i wo should n i ' ! hurt . reoila.
I lion for f I, to and lone, , pob, is.
repeat that Luslttinui wcumi not na u
been sunk."
Mr. Hughes spoko before an audi ence
In the theater here. He also re
plied to a statement attributed to See.
rotary Baker In a recent spec, h in
which Washington's soldiers In tho
I match to Valley Forgo ill the la.H of
the American revolution, were said to
bo Just as bad characters us the Mox
j b ans,
j "I never supposed, the day would
come, ' .it r. ungues sain, who. um
representative of an American admin
istration would say that of those who
Bends Lansing's Words.
After onoting the statement attrib
uted to Seeietary Baker, Mr. Hughes
read from Secretary Lansing's de
scription iu June last of the atrocities
in Mexico, contained In a note to tho
everywhere anljde faolo government of Mexico. Mr.
It. as openly as j La using s recital of tho civil strife In
Three leoliblicalis f roll. .1 . ? -co with Its attendant loss it I
who traveled on the train widij a rican life and destruction of
American property, and that portion
of the not,- relating to the Santa Vsa
bel massacre, were read by Mr.
1 1 uglies verbatim.
"An administration imbued with tho
spun of Hue Americanism," Mr.
Ihi.;brsr.aid. "would be Incapable of
New York, m l. l'.l. The Increasing
strength of President Wilson In thoj
audi middle west is again adinit'ed by the;
I Vi-u- Voik Tribune, the Hibrallar ol ,
ir hhonii.H. This sliilinchest of re- Uve our liberties.
I publican newspapers prints the f'd-
lowing from a subscriber who has
With ! j"--t completed a lour or several we.u-
ern slates:
Mr Hughes injure,! his own ,a,i
didaev on his first trip to I he Pa. ifl '
coast, i Hie hear this
I c 1 , u I.I Hi, ns declare
demo, 1 ats.
( 'ollgl e-siolia I
scene at the
he suffrage path,-
day before
the Cunarder
use against su'o-
be ,1 If
main part
charged at
fCJO feet
II' lo
sk of g,
i ha in. in n
hal nil
Similar to Capital Mob.
"The disgraceful attack upon
suffrage demonstration is mini.
Ibe attack by mobs upon th
suffrage paiade. Mr. Wilson
fort unate I hat be runs I he 1 is
lllg out of office to I be same t
which he entered," said Mrs.
Onlvin. Minnesota stal
the Congressional I'nioil.
Miss Alice Paul, national
of the Congressional I'nioil. cliarac
teiized II as "an attack by democrats.'
"The violent attack by democrats
Upon the. demonstration shows, the se
riousness with whn h they lake our
campaign " she said. "Kvnlcntly they
feel keenly the weakness of President
W ilson's sul'fi age p'
resort to such v ioleii
hostility to nalional
being revea It il lo t In
declared they would vole for Wil-
j sop of stay away from the polls, alter
i naving heard Hughes and Ihey assen
ted that Kansas was strong for Wil-
o 1 1 s Mini o. pence auo pi ospei , , .
'I left New York convinced that
Inches would be our next president.
I Now 1 am in doubt, my reasoi
; not seem very Important bin :.o one.
can go inlo the middle west jiwt r w
'and not feel that everywhere the flow j
i of lid,- is toward Wilson."
; I 'oniuieiiling on Ibe letter the .M'W
i Vork livening l'osl today s.s pios
! polity Inuring to the benefit of ,, ,1cm
i oi i'.i tie a d m 1 1 1 1st 1; . I um is tii'iura'l.v it s
tgi.sl.m; lo republicans. I'm is ilo
' ing them a lot of good. The n-publi-
can who w riles pessi in is p a II y about
I i In- outbcik for Hughes to Ibe TriMine
j ret in ns Willi a feeling v cry Much like
looking f -r the prospci ity v. hn h h ,
1 ihgullcd the middle westei ncrs. Ifl'
I Ibis piocess goes on th" pally s h.u
(will be singing the praises of povortv
j in sav ing that there is nothing like an
eioctv stomach to stimulate true p-d-Ijiolism."
"l ! the statement attributed to the secre
tary of war. II must Jiring the blush
,.f shame to the cheek of every Amer
ican thai apologies for the dcplora-
I bh- record In .Mexico should be mado
i alter this fashion."
I .Mr. Hughes speech here tonight.
! was tin- last of his third presidential
'campaign tiip. He left here at 11 p.
i ui for New York, where he Is duo to
luol i a
sp, id
i in ;
V o, ,-.
,w afternoon.
Iras cling, with
s at Bay City,
Mich. It was
, ,-at her affe, 'c
The day was
Ihree short ad-
Saginaw, and
raining and tho
I the iioiiiIihcl'-j
In Ins
here tonight, Mr.
nil .rnorv
i1LVV J L I Vj L T
(V MoaNIN iour.i. 1'in.i
liouglas. An., i " I 1
bcrs of the bilili New
Uj and two .eguiais (i
field aitilbrv waived
bearing todav and wen
lo avv.nl action of the s
in Tombs.,),.,-, oi, I be eh.
h said
president of the Pulled State
trustee of executive power.
lined 111 control "f our agencies of
inti i iiat mini I intercourse, he is tho
L-iiaidian of the rights of the Amc.i
..iii citizens. He has no authority to
-iineiider them, no rigid to impair
I Iiiiii. I'iiiiii his firmness in malntain-
ill the
pi '111
Six I h
bound ov or
iperu-r coin t
i g.- of st, al
lium when they
,- to prevent his
woman suflrag,
people of Chica-
to buv
Boiling SI'S k for Mexic.n It. I!.
, Aidoiii-, T'X.. net. IU. Six
tor me- hat, ies from Mexico were
. today. ' n mute to i 'olum bus. O ,
nn; stock for tin- National
Call ways of
beading tin
be spent at
ibis will fo
Jos,- llornanihz,
id 1 1 . noli. doll w ill
and thai I c or-
Negro waiters
utilized the pre
ilson at
at Hie Preps club
lice of Cleslllellt
lunch Iheie lo gam for
a raise in wages, without
investigation and without compro
mise. Just iefoie the president was
due to anlve Unity special waiters
who were to serve the luncheon put
on their coals, prcpai atory to walk
ing out. They had not asked for
more pay, but when stripped by Hn
steward told him they bad decided
thev must have a f i f t per cent in-
Ing two aid, , mobiles. The men gave
their n. lines as Koiuilli McHregorv,
Bobel I I I ,1 ISI libel g. V llli.llll .1. Max
Well. William l.achniun,!. Antbonv .1
Boiieiiin, Jaiius I-;. Moore, Al'-ert
.w ift am) Tho. mis N. I
V, ibriiur was a i . , st ci I on Ibe slate
highway between liouglas, aliei tak-
n,i,loi ip b it y 1 1 in k laioniiig
lllg a
I. , a l.i
, barge,
with I Iu
i a I li on
o i- in-.- I hat depends our security aim
i, tan lour peace. The democratic platform
four years ago piomised that the , on
stiliilional lighls of American citi
zens should protect them on our bor
ders and go wilh them throughout tho
world When 11 promised full p. olec
t ion for Am, Mean lives and properly
iluoad it slated all established
I Aniei u all pi Inctple.
"i me of America's greatest Jurists,
I speaking for the supreme court ot the
j Culled Slates Is to demand the care
and prole, lion of the federal govern-
im nt over his life, liberty and prop
led y when on th-1 high seas or within
loci eh;
- ot her
fi out
a .ev,
,f a II
w ere
- officers
e chaiued I
-passenger I
the luris
1 1 nil t
"Now we
liction of
foreign govern-
ater Tues- I ra I ion
irresled in
due night
Bl: bee.
While the men have made no
statement for publication. their
li lends say they took the cars for a
joy ride, inleudnn; to return then..
:ii told t hat Hie minimis-
has turned his back oil the
American doctrine of full protection.
That is whit Its leading apologist
finds its record in Mexico to mean.
If is :'. reversal without authority and
In violation of the specific pledge upon
whl, h it was elected, lllslvud of fol-
... ... P, tot tmum- I
, Halt's Br 1 fi
L t Jr N

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